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     Our ENEMY is corruption – driven by the interests of Power Profit Control – which is incapable of providing the modern infrastructure necessary for Real Solutions to Real Problems. Only a REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT based on the knowledge of SYSTEM SCIENCE can destroy the forces of Power Profit Control to WIN Truth Freedom Health. Join US! – Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D.

Personalized and Precision Medicine

     One of the unfortunate things that’s been going on in this country is that there are forces which divide people by Left and Right, Pro-vax & Anti-vax. We have to start looking at who’s benefiting from this and how this process works. One side believes everyone should be forced to be vaccinated, claiming that vaccines are the cure and anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated is a public health risk. The other side believes forced vaccination is an attack on one’s right to choose what’s right for their body and should not be forced on people. To get to the Truth, ensure your Freedom, and get the Health you deserve, we must take a Systems Approach and identify the REAL Problem and the REAL Solution on vaccines or any other topic. Systems Science reveals the right perspective on vaccines which is the need for a Precision and Personalized Medicine Approach to finding the Right Medicine for the Right Person at the Right Time.

REAL Problems and REAL Solutions

     The vaccine discourse gives us an OPPORTUNITY to start recognizing that there are in fact REAL Problems, and there are REAL Solutions. The noble purpose of science has been compromised in many ways because the notion of disinterested objective third parties to explore Science is instead a lot of tax dollars to a lot of people in Big Academia. This has resulted in a situation where the methodology of REDUCTIONISM is used, which is not in favor of the future of science. REDUCTIONISM is taking a very complex problem and reducing it to parts of the problem. And when you reduce things to a part of a problem, you can create narratives. The future of modern medicine is personalized and precision medicine.

Vaccinations For All is Based on OUTDATED Science

     The science and model of the Immune System was very nascent going back to 1915. Based on a two-box model of the Immune System: the Innate Immune System box one, communicated to the Adaptive Immune System box two. Immune health was defined as the upregulation of antibodies. Based on the recommendation from Scientists of that time, and by this simplistic toolbox model the Vaccination Act was instituted. Today the entire basis of vaccination is still based on that 50–100-year-oldmodel of the Immune System.

One-size Does NOT Fit All

     A Modern Immune System consists of at least Five Systems; the Innate Immune System, the Adaptive Immune System, the Interferon or the IFN System which is a missing link between the Adaptive and the Innate, and the Gut Microbiome which interacts with the Gut-Brain axis to the Neural System. The Modern Immune System informs us that intervention such as vaccines can affect other subsystems, most of which are largely unknown, One-size doesn’t fit All, and the Science is not settled on the Risk and Safety Assessment Standards for vaccines.

Why Vaccine Manufacturers are Exempt from Liability

     In 1962 The National Vaccine Act was signed by John F. Kennedy to give rise to the CDC to create the vaccine guidelines. In April of 1961, Kennedy gave a speech to the National Academy of Sciences. He shared that the conundrum of modern democracy is that given that the problems we face have become so complex, we now rely on small groups of scientists and able politicians to make decisions. Kennedy emphasized such decision making was based on the assumption that the scientists were objective, disinterested third parties. Science has become fundamentally Pay to Play, and in fact probably the oldest profession. Lack of Understanding of the Modern Immune System The lack of understanding was reflected in the many observed injuries from 1962 to 1986. Till today, the 1986 Kennedy and Waxman set up the vaccine course to remove liability away from manufacturers. That was a band aid solution to preserve the 1962 Act, instead of simply repealing it. Since recognizing injuries that were occurring, another band aid on top of the 1968 band aid was allowed exemptions.

     People today are scrambling, begging to fight to retain exemptions to a mandate that was created based on outdated science in 1962. The entire 1962 program, the state imposing its will on the individual to something as sovereign as the bloodstream, should never occur. It is a very complex system. You can’t impose one size. This has to be given to the doctor patient relationship.

Right Medicine, For the Right Person, at the Right Time

     It’s time to enter the future of REAL Immune Health, Personalized and Precision Medicine, where science matters, and One-size does not fit All. All of these Systems interact. Sticking something into the bloodstream means the body is going to make its own changes, which will vary in each individual. Some people may be fine, some may have an autoimmune disorder, some may have extreme types of neuroinflammation because their gut microbiome communicates through the neuro inflammation processes, and results in extreme autism. Everyone is different. This has to be decentralized back to the individual. We should support the future and technology.

Infrastructure Delivers REAL Public Health

     Eighteen years before the measles vaccine came out, 98 to 99% of measles was wiped out by infrastructure. Clean water, clean hygiene, nutrition, vitamin A, water systems, plumbing, new bridges, roadwork, all of those things. When bridges, roads, and piping systems don’t get fixed on time, they start breaking down, and all of those seeps into the groundwater. The plumber and the sanitation workers did more for public health than the pharmacist or the medical doctor. That came much later. We need to understand that public health really comes from infrastructure. That explosive infrastructure that America put in and invested in which the elites were forced to do. Starting in the 1900s – 1940s, all of these things are breaking down.

     Instead of focusing on that, which would be the REAL Solution for Public Health, they have us distracted with masks and vaccines, thinking then you’re going to be getting Public Health. If you truly care about Public Health, you have to understand that the generation that was born in this current generation is expected to live less than the previous generation. Lifespans are going down. 30 to 35% of young kids are obese, three out of five chances of going to a hospital, and 1.6 million Americans get hospitalized every year from an adverse reaction to some pharmaceutical drug.

What Is To Be Done

     There is a science to building anything.  Newton’s equations allow us to build bridges and skyscrapers. Bernoulli’s Principles define the engineering of planes and rockets.  And, Maxwell’s Equations are what give us motors, electricity and power plants.  Now, if we seek to truly build a revolutionary movement to WIN Truth Freedom Health, we must uncover, learn, and educate others on the science and scientific principles to build such a movement. Dr.SHIVA has uncovered that science – The Foundations of Systems – and it’s three key principles: 1) The interconnection between Truth Freedom Health; 2) Why we must build a Bottom’s Up de-centralized movement, and 3) The reality of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, a force – sometimes known as Controlled Opposition – created by the Establishment to distract and derail, any bottom’s up movement of working people.

     At, anyone, regardless of your educational background can: 1) get educated by learning the science and principles of SYSTEMS; 2) get connected with other like-minded folks in our off-line and on-line communications platforms; and, 3) get activated with tools so you may take action neighbor-to-neighbor locally and globally.  Sign up at to become a Warrior-Scholar, today.

Our Leadership: A Catalyst.

     Dr.SHIVA the founder of the Truth Freedom Health movement has been working since the age of 14 – in the trenches – building technologies to futurize our infrastructure. In 1978, as a 14-year-old kid in Newark, he invented email – the system we all experience today – when he wrote 50,000 lines of software code to convert the infrastructure of the old-fashioned interoffice paper-based mail system into its electronic equivalent, which he named “EMAIL.” In 1982, he received the first U.S. Copyright legally recognizing him as the inventor of email at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. He invented email before coming to MIT.

     During and after attending MIT, Dr.SHIVA created six other companies to deliver infrastructure like EchoMail®, which provided the AI infrastructure; and, CytoSolve® – a revolutionary computational biology infrastructure to enable the discovery of new medicines faster, cheaper and safer while eliminating animal testing. His personal experience informs him there are a lot of smart people in the world; however, the lack of infrastructure wastes precious human capital.   


     First, we must build a bottoms-up Movement. Our movement for TRUTH FREEDOM HEALTH® must be a movement by working people for working people. Celebrities, billionaires, and “influencers” will never deliver us victory. Our movement must be led by real people with real skills who solve realproblems for a living. Second, we must educate a new generation of leaders armed with the Science of Systems used by the Elites to manipulate movements since 1970. Third, we must build new infrastructure that must be free and decentralized. Our Movement has uncovered that Government has collaborated “private” companies to launder censorship to silently silence speech of every human on the planet. Fourth, The Elites want you fat, dumb, and happy. They feed you junk food, poison you with junk medicine, and fill your head with junk entertainment to keep you too weak and distracted to fight back, even after you realize what they are doing. Education and real science must be unleashed to deliver solutions for sustainable health. Fifth, the future is off-line: we must activate our communities and organize on the ground. 

YOUR CHOICE: Freedom or Slavery!

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