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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA discusses what IS a “Worker” and who is NOT a Worker to draw the distinction between Real Workers and Fake Workers.

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Dr.SHIVA LIVE Workers Unite! But, What IS a Worker?

Key Points:

• Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – discusses what IS a “Worker?” And why workers must unite!
• Oxford English definition of a worker as a person who works, especially one who does a particular kind of work. Something that involves physical or mental effort, especially as a part of a job.
• Marx defined a worker as individuals who sell their labor power for wages, say salary, and who do not own the means of production. He argued that the proletariat were responsible for creating the wealth of a society.
• The Lumpenproletariat are the people who are unemployed, typically. try to scam the system, live off the state. Robbers, thieves, gangsters. Marx called them the non-worker.
• Dr.SHIVA’s definition of worker is one who values labor and an honest day’s work. They value skills. They value advancing one’s skills and have no interest in profiting from exploitation of another’s labor. And seeks to fundamentally end all exploitation by uniting other workers.


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Dr.SHIVA: Hello everyone, this is Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s doing well. Today’s discussion as you can see the title of the talk today is “Workers Unite! But What IS a Worker?”

Many times, over the past many years I’ve used the slogan Working People Unite, or Workers Unite Beyond Left & Right, for Truth Freedom Health®. But one of the fundamental questions is: “What is a Worker? It’s a very, very important question.

As many of you know, we take a Systems Approach in everything we do here, and that Systems Approach – we encourage everyone to take the Foundations of Systems course, which you can look up right on the banner below, at Or you can go to It’s the same URL.

But in the Foundations of Systems course, we educate people on how we can intersect the aspects of the human desire for Freedom, Freedom of movement, Freedom of speech, the human desire to find the Truth, the Scientific Method. And obviously, pretty much everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. Health, and how these three things intersect and how they actually affect pretty much everything in our existence.

As a part of that movement, we’ve created the Foundations of Systems courses. Every Thursday, for example, tomorrow, at 11am EST and 8pm EST, we have an Orientation, which I recommend everyone attend. I run the Orientations. So, we do that, and then go to to sign up.

But today’s talk is really going to be about What is a Worker? So “What is a Worker?”

Definition of a Worker – Oxford English Dictionary

Let’s look at a couple of definitions. Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a Worker is someone who works. A person who works, especially one who does a particular kind of work. So, it’s an interesting definition. It’s a person who works, actually, they do something. So, it’s not someone who goes to work and does not work. But actually, someone who works.

And someone who does a particular kind of work. Kind of work seems to imply some set of skills, or some process, etc. Okay, so that’s the Oxford English dictionary’s definition of work.

And their definition of work, continues to say to do something that involves physical or mental effort, especially as a part of a job. So, you’re involved in some enterprise, some organization, a job where you’re working in, where you’re getting a salary, where you’re selling, essentially getting wages. So that’s the Oxford English Dictionary view.

Definition of Work – Physics Definition

In physics, if you were to take a physics course, some of you may have, work has a very different definition, work literally means moving an object, or some mass, a certain distance. And in order to move that mass a certain distance, you have to apply a force. And so, you apply a force and that object moves.

And that’s on the left side (presentation slide) you’ll see an equation for work force times distance. Or you can look at it as the integral of moving something from point A to point B. And I’m not going to get into the math here, but it’s force times distance.

So, here’s a guy, who literally is moving an object. He’s applying a force of 700 Newtons, which is force and he’s moving it two meters. So, you would say 700 times 2, you get 1400 joules, okay?

Work is measured in energy. So, how much energy was expended? So, if you go to work, and you expend a certain amount of energy doing that work, expending mental or physical energy, that is defined as work.

Definition of a Worker – Karl Marx’s

Let’s look at another definition of work that comes from Karl Marx. Right, he’s the one who made the slogan “Workers Unite” famous. But that slogan has existed long before Karl Marx.

But he defined a worker as a proletariat, as individuals who sell their labor power for wages, say salary, and who do not own the means of production, which means they’re going to, let’s say, a factory or a company.

They don’t own the company, but they’re selling their labor. And he argued that they were responsible for creating the wealth of a society, okay? So that’s typically what some of you may have heard about when you use the word proletariat in the Marx definition.

Marx Defines a Non-worker, the Lumpenproletariat


A lot of people don’t know that there was another definition Marx also gave what he called the non-worker. And he used the word Lumpenproletariat.

Broussard Expounds On Marx’s Lumpenproletariat: The Non-worker Easily Bribed Combats the Proletariat

And Robert Broussard gives his sort of translation of that, from what Marx called the Lumpenproletariat. And the Lumpenproletariat are essentially a parasitic group. They act out of self-interest. And the Lumpenproletariat … Marx is the one who defined this.

But this is a Broussard, sort of translation of it, was easily bribed could be used to combat the true proletariat, the true workers.

So, it’s a pretty interesting definition… again, this doesn’t come out in the mainstream teachings.

Did you know Adam Smith and Karl Marx Both Classical Liberal Philosophers of Capitalism?

And by the way, one of the things I want to say is that Karl Marx and Adam Smith were contemporaries. They were actually very similar. They’re actually classical, liberal philosophers. And 90%-99%, of what Marx really talked about, was really about Capitalism. He only wrote very little about Communism. So that’s something important to understand.

But we also are not taught that he had a definition of the Lumpenproletariat, the people who do not work who were actually parasites. And they’re the element of the quote unquote, working class, but they’re really not workers, who actually can easily be bribed and actually used against Working People.

And Boussard goes on to say that the Lumpenproletariat exploits societies for its own ends and was in turn exploited as a tool of destruction or reaction of the proletariat. So, it’s a very important point.

The definition here is that the Lumpenproletariat are actually used against working people.

Who are Lumpenproletariat, the Non-Worker?

Well, who is the Lumpenproletariat? In this definition, well, they’re the people who are unemployed, typically. They’re people who… typically try to scam the system, live off the state. Robbers, thieves, gangsters, that’s who in this world, who are considered the Lumpenproletariat.

Distinction Between Proletariat and Lumpenproletariat

So, the big distinction we have is you have this very sort of Oxford English dictionary definition. A worker, someone who works, you know, works at a job. You have the Karl Marx definition of workers as people who sell their labor for wages. They go to a place called a company or factory, though they don’t own the means of production of that organization, right? It’s owned by the quote unquote, the capitalist.

And then there’s also a definition of the non-worker in this original work if you want to use Marx as a person to define the proletariat. The Lumpenproletariat are those people who try to scam the System. Alright, so it’s a very interesting definition.

Reddit Anti-Work: Unemployment for all, not just the rich!

Now on Reddit, you’ll actually see this very interesting subreddit called anti-work, employment for all, not just the rich. That’s not my definition. I’m about to define my definition of worker. But this is what these millennials define as really doing no work, which is unemployment for all, not just the rich.

Think about what they’re saying. What these millennials essentially are defined as… not working, is that everyone should be unemployed, and you should get paid, which means do as little work as possible, just like the rich.

Definition of Worker – Dr.SHIVA

Alright, so when I looked at this, and was really trying to understand What is a Worker? Here’s my take on What a Worker is.

Let me give you my definition, okay. My definition is one who values labor. Okay, someone who values labor, an honest day’s work. Skills. They value skills. They value advancing one’s skills and has no interest in profiting from exploitation of another’s labor. And seeks to fundamentally end all exploitation by uniting other workers.

So just let that absorb a little to really sort of reflect on this. Because it’s a very important discussion, what is a worker.

But here in this definition, we’re capturing the sense of work, which is to work. But it also means that you value an honest day’s work. One of the things that’s going on right now is, and I talked to a lot of friends of mine, and many of you may see this, when you go to the workplace, people come to work.

In fact, this is occurring throughout the United States. 67% of people who come to work, actually do not work. People are watching pornography while at work. Because of all these distractions, people are playing on social media, people are watching Netflix, movies. People are being distracted. They’re doing personal emails.

Now, is this scamming the system? Do you think this is a way of getting back at your employer? Probably in some sense.

But ultimately, it is not valuing work, right? It’s basically saying, I’m going to scam the system. By me going to work, or a lot of people are working at home now, by me doing all sorts of other things when I’m really not doing the work that I’m being paid for.

And you can argue whether you’re being paid enough or not. But it’s about you trying to figure out ways to scam that system, that you don’t really value an honest day’s work. And you actually are thinking that by scamming that system you’re doing, quote unquote, work.

As this definition says, in this sort of enhanced definition, it says one who values labor, and an honest day’s work skills, and has no interest in profiting from exploitation of others labor and seeks to fundamentally end all exploitation by uniting workers. So why do we say this, in this sort of what I think is a much deeper sense of valuing labor. But it also says that when you go to work, you’re not interested in exploiting that situation.

Modern Capitalism Is Global Imperialism Exacerbating Lumpenproletariatism: Monopoly, Exploitation, Censorship, Systemic Devalue of Work

Modern capitalism has gone to essentially full-blown Global Imperialism, right? So, you look at companies like Google and Facebook, these companies have amassed so much capital, from exploitation, and censorship and all those things, that they can actually have people scamming the system so that they give people free food, free lunch, all these things.

And I was speaking to a friend of mine, and he was saying how he has a company that he works at, people come to work at that company, they call off Mondays and Fridays sick, when they’re really not sick, right? Some people don’t even show up to work. And what they do is they use their work time to figure out how to pass the interviews at Google and Facebook, so they can work there and get paid a lot of money. And essentially, you’re trying to scam the system.

In many ways, those people like this Reddit site. It’s a very interesting look at that Reddit site called anti work. And it says unemployment for all, not just the rich. So that concept is basically saying, don’t work, be unemployed, and take as much as you can. In my view, that is essentially exploiting an exploitative system for one’s personal self-interest.

Okay, is that being a worker? Is that really valuing work? What’s it really doing? If someone says, are all rich not working? Obviously, that’s not true. Okay?

Because there are people who start a company. They work. They build a certain amount of value. But I think what we’re seeing here is that when you start looking at Monopoly capitalism, where we talked about the baby formula shortage with Mead, Abbott, and Nestle. They’re these massive conglomerates in the media space, social media space, Facebook, Google, Twitter.

And in fact, there’s a video that came out, out of a Twitter employee saying, hey, you know, we come to work, and we try to work as little as possible. In fact, we don’t believe we should have to work at all.

Well, so what’s happening is because the imperialist nature of capitalism that we live in is really not what capitalism originally started out as. You have massive monopolies that have been created, where you do have this phenomenon, where those companies are essentially making money off their monopoly situation. And like we talked about Abbott and Mead and Nestle, and one of my earlier talks when we talked about the baby formula shortage.

Those companies have so much capital, because of the collusion between them and the government. They’ve created a monopoly situation that, frankly, they could probably have people play ping pong all day, and only a small set of people work, because they own so much of the market share that they can get away with that.

How the Lumpenproletariat Destroys Young Innovative Entrepreneurs


Now, what does that do? Then you have a lot of these small companies, young companies, entrepreneurs, who are starting. They hire working people. They see this phenomenon going over here, with working people sort of scamming, quote, unquote, working people scamming the system at these large conglomerates.

And they’re saying, Hey, I’m gonna go to work. And I’m not going to do a lot of work. I’m going to watch TV. I’m going to, you know, do other stuff while I’m at work. Maybe I’ll only work one hour. And they think by doing that, they’re being very clever.

And what that’s doing is actually exacerbating the situation. In fact, at my friend’s company he says people come there. This company has a data center that needs to be managed. They don’t want to outsource to Amazon’s data center.

Anyway, because no one’s working, he said, “We had to get rid of our data center. No one was managing it. And guess what we had to outsource to Amazon.”

The company essentially let go of their data center because of the fact people weren’t working their own IT. People weren’t working, their data center went kaput. They couldn’t manage it. So, the small company, which was trying to build its own data center, had to outsource their data center to Amazon, a big massive conglomerate. And then the competent IT folks essentially go to work at Amazon.

What we have going on, is that the advancement of real bottoms up, wealth creation occurred when entrepreneurs were out there building these small startups. They could hire people who actually wanted to work and contribute. And everyone’s productivity went up. Everyone’s wages grew.

But under the current imperialist model of capitalism, you have a few large monopoly companies, and the smaller companies, because of the Lumpenproletariat that are developing. And we see this everywhere. You see it all over the world.

A friend of mine has a small company in India. And he notices people come to work. And they’re literally not doing any work. And they’re literally watching movies at work and in fact, porn at work, same there and same in the United States. And then the same guys will show up and say, “Well, I work so hard, you know, I’d like a salary increase.” The guy didn’t work at all.

You have this phenomenon where small companies are struggling against trying to compete with big guys. You have this Lumpenism that’s taking place, the Lumpenproletariat. These are not workers. These are people who have in their head that if they can get a piece of the exploitative action, right, they’re saying, wow, look at the rich the quote unquote, rich, quote unquote, very super monopoly capitalists. Imperialists are making so much money, I just want a piece of their action. So, the way I get a piece of the action is to do as little work as possible.

Okay, that is not working, that’s essentially trying to scam the system. You see people doing this in the world of welfare, in the worlds of where people who were able bodied to work, can and actually are. They have no mental issues. They have no physical issues. But they scam the system.

They figure out how to get unemployment benefits when they don’t really need it, or disability benefits when they’re really not injured. And they think by doing that, they are being very clever. You know what I’m fighting the man?

Well, that’s why in this definition I put forward here the True Definition of a Worker is: “Someone who actually values an honest day’s work, values skills, they try to advance their own skills, but also, they have no interest in profiting from exploitation of others. And they seek to fundamentally end all exploitation by uniting with other workers.”

This is a much more profound understanding of what it means to work. So, in this definition, if you’re a Worker, you go to Work. You know the conditions of your employer, yes, he’s using your labor, but you’re there to Work. You’re there to give an honest day’s Work.

How Workers Values Affect Local, National, Global Systems

But you’re also connecting with your fellow workers locally, nationally, globally, to try to look at the larger issues. Well, why are we going and fighting imperialist wars? Why is there inflation? Why are we going and poking the bear in Russia or Ukraine? Right? Why are we supporting that? Right?

You start getting into the much more fundamental issues. You start recognizing that this quote unquote, baby formula shortage has really to do with a few, three companies, which have now colluded with the government that they essentially own the baby formula market.

You’re asking these deeper and richer questions and trying to unite working people to end that exploitation. That is what a worker does. A worker is not about going to work, showing up at noon time, lying whether you had some sickness, scamming the system, and then trying to maximize your own profit, which is what imperialism does or modern capitalism.

Modern capitalism is about maximizing profits at any costs, right? That’s what Abbot, Mead, and Nestle do, right? Because they control the supply chain. Or they can monopolize an industry or the banking industry, the few banks, so they can rig it in their favor.

My definition of worker is not somebody who also takes on that same value system. They say, okay, they’re exploiting me. So, I’m going to exploit them. Okay, that’s not a Worker, a Worker is someone who still values an honest day’s work, recognizes that there’s exploitation, and says, you know, what, I am committed to fighting exploitation.

I’m going to figure out how to build a movement, how, what it’s going to take to Unite Working People, because the latter definition of Worker, which is really NOT a Worker, but it’s really the Lumpen Worker, the Lumpenproletariat are not truly Workers.

And what has unfortunately occurred is that the quote unquote, “Left”, okay, the Bernie Sanders in the United States or the AOCs, or the Labor Party’s in Europe, or Australia, or India, these organizations, and the politicians have completely destroyed what the term Worker means. They’re actually out there telling people to go on unemployment, to figure out how to scam the system.

In fact, in India, what happens is the politicians on election time actually give bags of rice to the people, to poor people, give people TVs, literally give people laptops, bribe people, so they do not work.

You have a situation where you can’t even find working people, if you start a small business, to even build your business. The huge conglomerates don’t have to worry, because they can essentially hire as many people as they want. And it’s fine if some people don’t even show up to work, because they can still continue. But what’s coming out of this is the real entrepreneurialism, the innovation, all of that is actually getting destroyed.

And you have total monopoly control because the quote unquote fake workers who actually don’t want to work, they don’t want to actually organize people. They don’t want to unite people. They want to be as this Reddit subreddit says, unemployment for all. Right? This is their definition of worker; unemployment for all, not just the rich, okay?

Examples of this, someone just put Obama, right? Bernie Sanders, okay. AOCs. Most of these politicians, celebrities, and all these people do not really quote unquote work, particularly politicians. What they’re doing is they’re going to poor people and telling them not to work, go on unemployment, but vote for me. We’re creating a whole strata of Lumpenproletariat. Can you say that word Lumpenproletariat?

Lumpenproletariat is NOT a Worker, okay? That is NOT a Worker. Lumpenproletariat is NOT a Worker. We need to get our definitions clear, okay?

A Worker, someone who Values Work, goes to Work. And based on the conditions there, if they don’t like those work environments, and they think something’s wrong, they’re actually going to try to organize Workers, right? They’re not going to try to scam the system, they’re not going to be watching. And literally this is happening, they’re not going to be watching Netflix movies while at work. Because all they’re focused on is their personal self-interest.


Definition of Lumpenproletariat – Nikolai Bakunin

It’s very important to understand this definition. Nikolai Bakunin, who was another revolutionary theorist said, the Non-Worker, a Lumpenproletariat lacks discipline, and they have the impotence to construct anything new. Very important definition.

Working People actually want to create a new society, they want to create a better world for others, right? For their families, for their children.

The Lumpenproletariat, the non-workers want to scam the system. They in fact, have no interest in Uniting Working People. And most importantly, they will actually be used by the Elites, against Working People.

I want to really emphasize this, the Lumpenproletariat, the people, the gangsters, the thieves, the so-called people who scam the system when they’re not really disabled, when they can fully work, and they go on unemployment when they can (work).

This strata of people, which is by the way growing and who scammed the system, are the ones who will be used by the elites, against the people who are the hard-working people. All right.

And that’s what I think we should be aware of. When we say Working People Unite, we don’t mean those Working People. And I wanted to make that clear because some people are confused. And they think when we mean Working People Unite, that means let the Lumpen Working People unite. Let the scam artists unite, let the thieves unite. That’s not what we mean, we need, we mean Hard-Working People who actually Value Labor.

Chat Questions: Request Netherlands Farmer Protest Evaluation

John, are there any questions out there? We can answer. So, any questions?

John: Liberty says, “Dr. Shiva, I want to suggest that you do an evaluation of the current farmers protests in the Netherlands. Thank you.”

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, in fact, I’ll do a coverage of that next week. But I’ll talk about that.

Chat Comments: Real Woke Customer Service Consolidating Value Workers & Firing Lumpenproletariats

What else? Someone said, “No, they do not work. And they have no customer service. And all they want to do is punt you or the problem away.”

John: He was talking about the Lumpens.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, that’s right. So, it’s very interesting, because a friend of mine works for a very large government organization. And she was saying that, and you know, she does a lot of HR work there. And she was literally saying that among the 1000’s of employees there, how many people in that group literally don’t work.

And so, what they’re doing is they’re firing these people who don’t work, who actually don’t work. And they’re consolidating their activities among less, less, less, less and less people, they’re finding more work is actually getting done. And they’re taking these other people and promoting them.

Increasing Lay-Offs of the Lumpenproletariat – White Collar Workers

And there was just a report that came out that said that, in this next few months in six months to a year, we’re gonna see a lot of layoffs of White-Collar Workers, because many of these companies are finally waking up and they’re saying, “Hey, I hired all these people. And they’re actually not working.” And we’re not talking about the Blue-Collar workers like the Plumbers, Electricians, who actually have skills. But there’s this whole strata of people who actually do the most minimal amount of work.

And like Justin says, they don’t really want to service anyone. I mean, try to call one of these companies up, you’ll get someone on the phone, who really doesn’t want to serve you, who forgets where their money is coming from, from customers from products being sold from the real rich entrepreneurialism, and they just want to as Justin says, “Just want to punt you and the problem away.”

Today’s Strata of Lumpenproletariat Devalue Work, Collude with Elites, Exploit System for Self-Interest


It’s a very interesting world to be in where we’re seeing. There’s a strata of the Lumpenproletariat literally devaluing what it means to do work. They have no interest in working. And for those of us who actually work, care about building a new society, want working people to unite. We have to recognize that this Lumpenproletariat are really our enemies.

I wanted to do this talk because I’ll be bringing up why Working People should Unite. Our movement for Truth Freedom Health® slogan is, you know, Beyond Left & Right, Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health®.

Beyond Left & Right, Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health®.

The Lumpenproletariat actually want to collude with the Elites. They really have no interest in working. What they want to do is, as Reddit said, they want to not work like the Elites do, okay? They want to essentially exploit this system for their own benefit.

What else John?

Chat Comment: Global History of Innovative Creative Value Workers


Comment: Alexandra Helling says, “The Union meetings are only attended by the “good ol-boys.” Funny thing is they’re Democrat voters. It’s a pat yourself on the back and kiss ass group. The other political leanings, people don’t attend.”

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, so what happens, and we’ve talked about this, and by the way, I recommend all of you become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. Take the course because we have a whole part of the course where we discuss this. And in that part of the course, we talk about this summary “is that what happened since the 1900’s?”

In the 1900’s is when globally, the United States, Europe, Asia, the Working People all over the world started Working People, which means people actually work for a living, did an honest day’s work weren’t scamming the system, actually started organizing to want to create a better world, to create Working People create new things. They’re disciplined. They’re organized.

And in the 1900’s, working people all over the world rose up. And that’s when the early Bottoms-Up Trade Unions came. And you can see between the early 1900’s, in fact, all the way to the 1970’s, these Unions were very, very strong. And they were working together. Working People united for eliminating things like child labor. They got the eight-hour workday. They created infrastructure. A lot of the infectious diseases came down because of that infrastructure. Long before vaccines came, they created a better living. They increased productivity. GDP rose. This was when Working People united.

And in the 1950’s one of the profound things that people forget that occurred in the United States was whenever you said Working People unite, that was equated to quote unquote, “Marxism. Communism.”

And by the way, Engels, Marx’s contemporaries’ colleagues said that the worst people in the world were Marxists, because they never even read any of Marx’s work and they assumed Working People meant that you don’t work. And that’s what the AOC’s and the Left and the Democrats actually believe. They believe that’s what work means.

John: Lucyna Elwira Tavira says, “Proletariat means My country was actually propaganda brainwashing mass workers of the Communist Party.”

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. Yeah. So that’s what the term Proletariat, Lucyna, ended up becoming. It ended up actually equating to actually the Lumpenproletariat. It’s a very good point. What ended up happening over time was the word the original word Proletariat, which actually meant Working People, who wanted to fight for the interests of the working class.

It ended up becoming the word Lumpenproletariat. When Bernie Sanders and as Lucyna said, these people use the word Proletariat. They’re not talking about Working People, those of us who work hard. They’re talking about the Lumpenproletariat.

And this is why I wanted to do this video today to explain to people that the word Lumpenproletariat gets equated with Worker. But the Real definition are “People actually create value, people do an honest day’s work and believe in uniting Bottoms-up Working People.” So that’s why we need to redefine or not redefine it but set the record straight what Worker actually means.

Now in the 1950’s, Lynn Hurley says, “The Lumpenproletariat are the Not-So-Obvious Establishment.”


That’s exactly what they are. They use the rhetoric of Workers you know, Bernie Sanders will say, “Workers Unite.” What he means is unite to be unemployed, unite to scam the system, unite not to do work. That’s Bernie Sanders definition of Workers Unite.

Our definition of Workers uniting Bottoms-up, not top-down from politicians, so we need to reset these words. But anyway, in the 1950’s as Real Working People are uniting Bottoms-up the US government led by the Right-wing branded anytime you said, “Workers Unite,” to equate with communism, or Marx, Karl Marx, what someone said to brainwash the masses. And this gave the opportunity for the Left to take control of those Unions and control them top-down. The vibrancy of Bottoms-up Workers movements, those legs were cut off by the Right-Wing, branding those people as quote unquote Communists, and the Left-Wing taking over those Workers movements, and really supporting the Lumpenproletariat.

By the 1980’s, so during 1900’s-1970, we had a vibrant Bottoms-Up movement globally. But by the 1970’s, globally, all of these Workers movements were taken over by politicians, and the so-called Left top-down. And anytime a Bottoms-up Workers movement came up and took up the slogan Working People Unite was automatically branded as Communist and equivalent to Marxism. Alright, so this is the dialectic that got created.

And so, by the 1970’s, all the Unions, essentially globally were taken over by the Labor parties of the Democratic party’s top-down. And between 1970 to today, we don’t have any more Bottoms-up Workers movements. We have Lumpenism. We have Unions, which have essentially become Wings of both parties. Okay, that’s what they serve the interests of the Elites.

And then you have these Millennials, who go into the workforce, and they don’t actually want to work. And not only Millennials, others. They think fighting the man is not working in the workplace and exploiting the system.

So anyway, that’s where we’re at.

Summary: What We Mean By Working People

When we say Working People Unite, we mean something very different. It means Working People; A) understanding to begin with the Foundations of Systems. We want to teach people how to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. We want people to understand the theory like I’m sharing with you what it means to be a Worker, what it means to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. B) We want people to understand that Workers movements, Bottoms-up, have to integrate to fight for Freedom. We have to fight against Censorship. We have to fight for Free Speech. That’s Freedom. That has to be combined with fighting for Real Science. So, Truth can emerge.

But you cannot have Real Science, Truth, without Freedom. So, Workers movements, Bottoms-up have to fight for Free Speech. We have to fight for Real Science. And we have to fight for Health. Because without Health, Working People don’t have the strength to fight for Freedom, they don’t have the strength to fight for Truth.

This is where we’re at, we’re at an important point where we need to take a couple of steps back, we need to get theory understood, what does it mean, what is the Worker? What does it mean for people to unite?

And those of you who have gone through our Warrior program, Warrior-Scholar Program? Where you’re at is not sufficient that you just learned the theory, you have to also become activists. We have 10’s of 1000’s of people globally who have gone through our program. But learning the knowledge is insufficient. You have to now also serve. You have to teach others this. You have to get off your butts and organize people Bottoms-Up. Okay.

And in closing, I want to invite all of you tomorrow, Thursday at 11am EST and 8pm EST. Go to And please join me because we’ll continue this discussion. RSVP and we’ll send you out the links to join us.

But our goal is to really build this Bottoms-Up Movement. And the only way that can be done is for people to get theory correct and why we need to build this Bottoms-Up Movement, why we need to intersect the movement for Truth Freedom Health®. And to get clear that we have to value Real Work, you know. We shouldn’t try to scam the system. We should value those who have skills. We should value those who put an honest day’s work in. We should really despise those who try to scam the system.

And when people can actually work and they’re unemployed, and they can actually get out there in the workforce. And when I mean get out in the workforce, I mean, be a vibrant member of society. We want to support that; we want to really recognize that these people who want to scam the system are really not our fellow Workers.

Mark my words, when push comes to shove, they will become part of the Elites against everyday Working People. So, I hope this was valuable. John, is there any other comments or questions?

John: Gail Espresso said, “Some people start out being Lumpens. However, others started out truly enthused, wanting to do something and were interested, then got worn out from being devalued, repeatedly getting nowhere.”

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, Gail. So, you bring up a very important point. Very, very important point. A couple of weeks ago, I did a presentation on “The Four Buckets that the Establishment wants People In.” One bucket is to be in the Left-Wing, right? Another bucket is to be in the Right-Wing. Another bucket is to check-out, like you say, get worn out, get, you know, lose any interest, and just sort of not do anything. And the fourth bucket is for people to become angry and become domestic terrorists.

And if you look at those numbers it’s typically 25% Left-Wing, 25% Right-Wing, and they’re all fighting against each other. The other 49.9% sort of check-out. And the Establishment loves that when people check-out. And about 0.1%, roughly become domestic terrorists. They take a gun and start shooting people. And Establishment loves that, because they can use that to suppress Freedom.

Once you understand that dynamic, you have to, it takes discipline to recognize that is happening to one, right? Because it’s very easy, in an exploitative system, to get depressed to want to check-out.

And this is why it becomes more and more pre-eminent for people to Build Community among Working People. Because when you get isolated, when you feel depressed, you’re going to essentially become a quasi-lumpen. Okay? Because you’re checking out.

And that’s why the movement for Truth Freedom Health® has created this Infrastructure. It’s created this environment, the Educational environment, the Technology environment, the Community environment so people don’t get disenfranchised mentally, and emotionally, that people recognize there are other people out there that you can connect with, that you can be part of a vibrant movement, that we can have a sense of not only positivity and hope, but realize there’s a lot of people out there who are getting this. And I’ll do a video on this tomorrow.

But some of you may know a report came out from the University of Chicago, just came out. It’s interesting, a lot of the major media is not covering it. But it said that 25% of Americans, 25%, and they surveyed 1,000 people across all political spectrums, want to take up arms against their government, 25%. And the report also said that a polarization has been created, whereas the media, by the Left-Wing and Right-Wing media, polarize the Working class. Now, they didn’t say Working class, I’m telling you that.

But what’s happened is the media and the Establishment want to create a civil war. They want Working People fighting against each other. And the Lumpenproletariat will be part of that. The Lumpenproletariat will be coming after everyday Working People part of that Civil War. What’s happening is, the Establishment has created conditions where they want a Civil War. They want Working People fighting each other.

And the only way out of this is to first of all understand history, understand “What is a Worker”, why we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. That is why the movement for Truth Freedom Health® exists. It’s the only movement of its kind on the planet.

And I, you know, want to offer all of you the opportunity to take advantage of this Infrastructure that we built. And in closing, I’m going to play a quick video that I always like to play, which really puts it in context, where our movement came from and why it’s important that all of you take advantage of this Infrastructure if you seek to because it’s really a movement for YOU.

In my view, it is the only way forward. Otherwise, we will be serving into the hands of the Lumpenproletariat and the Establishment by going and fighting each other when there’s no need for it. Thank you everyone. Let me finish up with this video.


Dr.SHIVA: Alright, everyone, I hope this discussion was valuable, to really getting clarity on “What is a Worker and What is Not a Worker.” I invite all of you to join our movement, go to And by the way, when you take the course, which is only one part of it, and when you go to the website, you’ll see all the things you get. After you pass it, you have the opportunity to be a philanthropist and give the course to young people and as many people as you want.

We want to make adults really become the people who bring this course to others. So anyway, please join for your own benefit and for working people uniting. And also come to the Orientation tomorrow. Be well, have a good night, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Thank you very much.

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