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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, and four Truth Freedom Health® Citizen Journalists form Finland, Russia and Germany share their perspective on the Ukraine Russia War from a Systems perspective.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr.SHIVA hosts a discussion with Truth Freedom Health® Citizen Journalists reporting from Europe.
  • Boban from Germany discusses the plight of working people on the ground in Germany caught in the middle of the economic warfare being fought between the US and Russia.
  • Vilma from Lithuania discusses the historical relationship between Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Russian people.
  • Anne and Timur from Finland discusses Finland’s recent entry into the NATO alliance.

Rough Transcript (Auto-Generated)

Good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening, wherever people are at, I just want to let everyone know we have a very special talk today. But it’s not just me giving sort of perspective, but it’s going to be a citizen journalism. Discussion with two of our troops from health warriors out of Finland, and and two more, one of our truths or unhealth warriors, who’s Lithuanian, and then we have Bo Bong, who’s out of Germany, Boba, and I have you also here. So when you speak, the sound will come through, we’re having some sound issues. But anyway, what I want to do is, first of all, before I start, let me just give a quick background. Some of you may know for the last year, almost, our movement has been very closely giving a systems analysis on what’s going on. In the Ukraine, Russia war, we’ve given a historical analysis talking about the fact that four years, US and NATO going back after World War Two into 1991, have had a deep interest in essentially creating a hegemony in the Baltic areas, and in Europe, and particularly as articulated by Condoleezza Rice in 2013, have wanted to make sure that Europe does not depend on Russia, oil and gas, but depends on us oil and gas, this has been very well articulated. So if you follow the money, US equals NATO has had a deep interest, particularly the oil and gas mega corporations have had a deep interest in making sure that Europe is dependent on us, oil and gas. And this is counter and Russia stands in the way of that. So we’ve also shared over the last eight years, the eastern province of Russia, the people there who Eastern Province, the euro, Ukraine, I’m sorry, the people who have always felt that close alliance with Russia, were very, very perturbed when the United States and NATO executed a coup in Ukraine to put in a pro, Ukrainian Pro, and many people. There’s a lot of information out there, these people are essentially Neo Nazis. And that really perturbed people in the eastern part of Ukraine to want to break away from Ukraine. And that’s really been the center of this conflict. More recently, we’ll talk about what’s taking place. The Crimea bridge was just blown up. A couple of days ago, before that, several weeks ago, the gas prom pipeline, feeding Europe was blown up Russia’s Gazprom. So what we want to do today is we have some wonderful people who are part of our truth, food and health movement. Many of you know that the truth, freedom and Health Movement is a global movement of people all over the world and our movement, you can go to To find out more, you can also go to truth, freedom And you’ll find out that what we’re actually creating is a movement that is founded on going beyond left or right beyond this traditional narrative of looking at things pro or anti left or right. And we encourage everyone to go to Truth for and become a part of this movement, because we’re in a very interesting point in human history, that those in power wherever they are, don’t really give a damn about everyday working people. So our movement is the only force as we know. And there’s nothing else that comes close to it is essentially giving people a scientific way. A systems approach where we teach people system science, we give people the opportunity to connect with other global warriors all over the world. And more importantly, we have a community of people. We’re very resilient community of people who really want to go beyond this left and right narrative. So today, you can see sort of our community has have also become citizen journalists. So we have and two more from Finland will introduce them we Abobe on out of Germany. People know what’s going on in Germany, if you’ve been keep the level of essentially the Germans are the ones who are at the brunt of the abuse as a fallout of what’s going on with this Ukraine. Russia, Anwar Bobe on will share with us what what he’s talking about oh, Velma, from one of the Baltic, former Soviet Union states of Lithuania will give her perspective, essentially talking about how the Ukrainian people and the Russian people are very, very close. And this whole thing is unfortunate because it’s essentially created something that never really existed. So, let me first introduce our guests, our citizen journal was Bob on? Can you just introduce yourself Oban?

Yes, my name is Bo van Yovanovitch I live here in Germany, since maybe more than 15 years. I work at DHL. I’m the team leader and I in the truth, freedom and health movement since March of 2001. So I’m very happy to be in this movement.

Thank you Bob. And thanks for thanks for being here. And we’re gonna bow bonds are going to share with us on the ground what’s going on in Germany. The reason we wanted to do this is our view is that the mainstream media is not letting really people know what’s going on. So we’re going to have to do that job. Let’s build my Can you just give a quick thing of where you are and where you’re from your Lithuanian and and then how long you’ve been a truth for them not worried. Go ahead, Wilma. Well, then we have to unmute Wilma. Let me unmute her. Hold on one second. Go ahead. Well, my

good. Good afternoon. My name is Vilma. I am I live in Ireland. But I am originally from Lithuania. I came in in Ireland 2004 When Lithuania entered European Union, and we were allowed, Iron Curtain was lifted. And we were allowed to travel and emigrate so violent. So yes, I am concerned about situation involving Russian and Ukrainian. And because they used to be very friendly countries.

Yeah. So we’ll come back. We’ll come back to that. Thank you But Bob on paper saying they can’t hear you Bob on can you just do a soundcheck Bob and just say 12334. Can people hear Bobo and better? Is that? Yeah, I think it’s because of the sound situation Bob on. So say it again? Boban. Boba once again. Okay, if you get all right, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll do the best weekend. And let’s go to two more. And Anne. And can you give us a little bit about your background? And you have to unmute yourself.

Oh, hello, my name is omnec. I live in Finland. And I am working with the geological information system. Doing maps and surveying. I joined the truth freedom health in back in. Well, 2021. And I’m very happy. I’ve been very active lately. It’s good.

Great. Thanks, Dan. Very good to have you. And let’s go to tomorrow. Tomorrow had some video issues, but tomorrow is also from Finland. Tomorrow. Go ahead.

Okay, hello, everybody. My name is Timo, and I’m from Finland. And I’ve been actually working with electricity for the last 20 years. I was working as an electrician for five years. And then I started to become an electrical engineering. And I actually joined the movement, I think early 2020 and become a warrior in 2021. And like answered with just kind of activated lead. When really activate it. Yeah. That’s about it.

Great, great to have you. Thanks. Two more. I just wanted to do a soundcheck. Everyone can hear me all right. Yeah. Okay, good. Okay, good. So anyway, let’s start by just giving an update, as many of you know, the, I think yesterday or day before on Putin 70th birthday, a a bomb went off, which actually blew up the the bridge which connect which goes to Crimea. Right. And that initially, people, obviously Russia said they didn’t do it. And and then the reality is that Ukraine has taken credit for it, but it’s unclear if they actually did it. Right. It could have been us NATO could have been mi six. It could have been CIA, no one really knows. But it was executed very much like the Gazprom pipeline. No one really knows who did that. But even the US former Defense adviser a defense minister says was clearly UK or the United States but again, we don’t know right? But what we do know is that We have people here on the on on our citizen journalists who actually have friends and family in Europe, okay, in and of Navia in the Baltic states. And I think it’s about time that we start sharing directly from people, because you cannot trust the media anymore. I, as many of you know, the US media has had very close relationships with the CIA, New York Times just have CIA agents working for them. You go to you go to UK, mi six in the media or one. So when a government wants to actually get a narrative across and manipulate people, when there’s trillions of dollars involved, you can’t trust any of these governments. So our movement is basically saying that it’s working people need to unite, we need to start doing our duty, which is to tell the truth, fight for freedom and and take care of our own health. You can’t it can’t come from top down so I want to start with Bo Bon Bobine if you can speak loud as you can because I’m gonna put your phone here are you unmuted Bo bond you are right let me unmute you. Because your sound that’s okay. Boba Can you try to unmute yourself because I know we had sound issues before Yeah, no don’t worry. Go ahead go ahead bob on the above on talk as loud as you can into the into your microphone over there but go ahead yeah get closer to your microphone you don’t the video is secondary I think go ahead bye bye yeah then you can come back god yeah as best we can but just speak as loud as you can go ahead Bob on your very low can you speak louder really okay go ahead go ahead go ahead Bob. We can hear you go ahead

okay this situation

because people are upset with government

politics and government because we chose coming prices

prices rising

is a movement now beginning in Germany people know already because they finished the whole system of I think will be in the next weeks next month and demonstrate I don’t like politics like the main economy prices rising

gas prices are rising up

Yeah, so a lot of people are having trouble hearing you Bob and but what Bob on said is that there’s a lot of protests emerging in Germany they’re the gas prices are going up and vote on I’ve heard people in Germany say that people that the cost of things for example, electricity has gone up by a very very high number can you confirm that?

Price price

come So what Bo Vaughn said, just to repeat, as he said, the Ukraine, I’m sorry, Russia and Germany had a very close relationship. They never had problems. Germany had very, very good gas prices. And now all of this is kaput, it’s destroyed. And move on. If you remember, when I did that video, a couple of weeks ago, I played, I shared the quote from Condoleezza Rice, who was Bush’s Secretary of State and the director of Chevron. And she said very clearly, in 2013, the goal was to ensure Europe no longer was dependent on Russia. And everyone knows it within the within the EU, within Germany is really the economic powerhouse that drives the entire European Union. So basically, what this entire quote unquote, war has done, or military operation has essentially destroyed Germany in a sense. And Germany was a powerhouse of the European Council. So anyway, let’s go over to two more to Morrison, Finland. Bobine, we’ll come back to you tomorrow. Can you tell us a little bit about how the Finnish people history wanted to be part a part of NATO go ahead boba tomorrow?

Actually, should I tell about the petition? But yeah, yeah.

Because, you know, the history as I understand that Finland never really wanted to be part of NATO. And all of that has changed. And what’s really going on right now, actually, media has saying it’s changed. Go ahead,

kills it. I think it comes from neutrality from the SEC, after the Second World War, when Finland made an agreement with Soviet Union, it was called like, friendship, aid, and collaboration agreement. And after the sort of fail, it was neutral, all the way to 1992. And after the Soviet Union collapsed, the agreement gets ratified with Russia. And actually, it’s still in effect until 2027. So Finland is trying to interpret, actually the government, not so much the people, the agreement, for its own benefit to be able to join Edo. So there was a petition earlier in 2022, in February, whether was 20 76,000 people signed the petition to have advisory referendum on joining NATO, before actually even thinking about applying to NATO. And it was kind of funny when the last elections in 2019, there was 148 MPs, or 200. That said, absolutely no to NATO. And only in three years. 188 out of 200 MPs said yes, today, though, I’m not sure what happened during that time. And this citizen initiative when it reaches, like 250 1000 signatures, they should be like, go through it, but they usually don’t. So it’s like, but people do something funny, and we’ll do something else. So they actually don’t want to have a referendum on NATO, on the show how that would end. But there’s lots of people who don’t want to join NATO and Finland.

So so so let me unpack what you just said. You’re giving a lot of very valuable information. We haven’t heard from mainstream media here. Tomorrow, what you’re saying is that three years ago, 140, let’s say 150 of the members of parliament of the 200 voted not to be part of NATO.

Actually, it was before the elections, they said that we’re actually literally against NATO.

Right. Right. So 140 150 of the MPs were opposed to being part of NATO. Now in three years, 180 of those 200 people want to be part of NATO. That’s one data point, right. That’s one Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The other fact is, what you’re saying is that nearly 76,000 citizens of Finland are together petition to have a referendum on the question of joining NATO, right? Yeah, yes, yeah. And after 50,000 It’s supposed to become a referendum. But the government didn’t listen to you. Is that right?

Actually, when it reaches 50,000 signatures, the parliament has to handle the initiative. But they

that they violated the law.

I’m pretty, I’m not sure. I think so actually why lending law? Because we should handle this. Yeah.

So Pete, the people of Finland wanted to have a referendum, they got the signatures, and they don’t even put it as a referendum.

And then they don’t even handle it.

They don’t even handle it properly. And the last thing that you said, which is quite interesting is that there was an agreement signed between Finland and Russia. That is still active until 2027. Yeah, actually, it’s called luck.

What is it agreement?

It’s actually it was used to saw foster Finland to sign the agreement, because actually, it’s it’s like, friendship, collaboration and aid agreement. And actually that article for says, in case of Finland or Russia getting on the military attack, other party of the agreement, refrains given military aid to the attacker. So if the agreement is still in effect until 2027. So how can we join NATO? Because NATO?

Yep. So what you’re saying is there’s an agreement between us, former USSR, which is still live, that ever friendship agreement. So how can Finland join NATO when that other agreement exists? That actually,

yeah, actually, that agreement had has been ratified 1992 with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And

I still got it. Got it. Got it. So even though the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the agreement was still kept alive after Okay, got it. So basically, in summary, the government, the government, elite of Finland, are not following any laws when it comes to joining NATO or not, right. They’re just making up. Now, all right, so that’s really important to know, I didn’t know. So there was an agreement with Russia. That was after the Soviet was re ratified with Russia. They’re not they’re supposed to have. In fact, as I remember two more during Lenin’s time in 1917. A lot of people don’t understand this, that when Finland wanted to break away, even the Soviet Union of the time, Lenin’s view was on this concept of coal national self determination that constantly wanted to break away. And so, Lenin did not oppose Finland from becoming its own country, something people forget.

And actually, what’s funny that taking down statues of Lenin enough in Finland, yeah.

Yeah, it’s interesting when Lenin was losing that Finland was even created, right? Alright, let’s go over to Vilma. Wilma, why don’t know we’ll come back to NA. And I want to I it’s not an it’s Anna. Right. Sorry. Vilma, why don’t you share with us? You shared with us something when we were talking earlier? On how close that the Russians and the Russian people and the Ukrainian people were that you find it very difficult to even see these people fighting? Go ahead.

Yes, good afternoon. When I Lithuania was part of Soviet Union. I used to travel. I’ve been three times in Moscow. Two time in Pittsburgh. I’ve been in key two times in Odessa. We used to travel in Soviet Union countries. So I can I can I can, I can see. And I know, it was very friendly. All Soviet Union countries kind of try to be friendly to each other. But Ukrainian and Russia, it’s no problem. When I came to Ukraine, I was speaking fluently Russia, and everyone is speaking Russia back. There is a majority 5050 Or maybe one out of three Ukrainians is Russian. And so it’s it’s a very similar culture and very friendly people. It’s like extension of Russia, Ukraine verse and, and religion wise and everything. So it’s hard to comprehend that all of a sudden, they have such a hatred and anger and such a propaganda taking place. And the country is in a bit. I mean, yes, it’s hard to understand how this could be happening.

Yeah, I mean, what’s interesting Oh, my someone just put the difference between Russians and Ukrainians is similar to the different feed Americans and Canadians. All right. So this would be like basically America and Canadians having an all out war. I mean, their border countries, very similar backgrounds, very similar cultures, right? etc. Well, Bond Bobine Can you just say hello? Just wanted to sound test? Yep. So Bob on can you maybe tell us? What is the life of an average German right now with all the energy cuts? I’ve heard reports of restaurants having to shut down rents are skyrocketing. Just tell us sort of the devastation this war is causing to the German people just what you’ve seen not only can you speak a little louder robot? Yep. Yep. Right Let me repeat that again. So then this is really important. A friend of mine told me this a bakery. A small bakery that’s running the rent went from 707 100 to $4,000 a month right

the price they pay the price prices? Freight

Yeah, someone just said Selena just said, why are the press not showing the crisis in Germany? And boba and isn’t it true that you can buy woodstoves anymore? People have bought all the woodstoves up

many regions were. Buying

Yeah, so what what Bobe on again, a sharing again, we got to fix a sound. It’s unfortunate. We can’t hear your sound. But someone said can’t hear what is the cause of the rent increase? The rent, it would bulb on not the rent increase the utility, the utility price increase? Right? Bobine. Yeah, so if you’re running a bakery, so someone said, if you’re running a bakery, and you have to spend $700, a month or above on sharing the I’ve heard prices going up to $12,000 a month, but 700 to 5000 $4,000 a month. That’s ridiculous. So basically, yeah, this entire war created by US and NATO, in my view, right, forcing Russia to become the quote unquote aggressor, was essentially destroying Germany. And Germany is a powerhouse of Europe.

Yeah, yeah. So So what boglen is saying it’s from Germany is that this entire thing was planned by the UK and the United States. Let’s go over to Andy. And can you tell us and is also in Finland? And and can you tell us what you weren’t necessarily good at?

Well, it came to my mind about the after the World. World War Two. We made an agreement with the allies. Finland was to restrict it, weaponry or something like that. You can find it it’s made in 1947. So I’m worried about that. That has to be checked. So we had some business, very good business with Russia and Soviet Union. Like Timo said, and everything was fine, fine. But now it’s like the media is making up like, trying to make everybody hates Russia and hate Putin. And then they write like, Putin is sick, Putin is dying, we should build a wall around Finland, on the Russian border, which is 1003 kilometers, 300 kilometers long. And that is sick. It’s only forest. And there should be there. There could be a nuclear blast on the northern border was today, the media? So I was, I was walking today, and I heard some, quote people, like in the 80s talk about Russia and Putin. And they had the war. They’ve been they’ve been children when the war was here, like we were fighting Russia 1942 1945. So they have to go through this again. And there’s lots of trauma, trauma about Russia, but usually it’s been like, okay, and we have some Russians, young people, old people here. Also, I don’t know how many, or how many percent. So it’s been, it’s been under the cover, kind of, but now the media is adding up to the trauma all the time. And all the news comes from CNN, BBC, so we don’t have any reporters in Finland. They’re not going anywhere. They’re just copy pasting the news, you know. And about the Crimea. Brits, I just checked, the EULA news. They said, the Ukrainians blue talk. And the energy is quite low. You know, people are not discussing about the energy because we don’t see anything yet. So everybody’s okay with that now. But I didn’t know about the EU we’ve been.

And can you hold on? Can you tell us about Finland? What’s going on in Finland? What is the sentiment in Finland about all this? I know, two more shared that, you know, there was this petition? If you can, yes. Yeah. So let’s talk about Finland. Is that what you tell us on the ground? What do they average Finn view about what’s going on right now between Ukraine and Russia?

Well, the average Finland twin kind of thinks it’s, it’s Russia. It’s Russia’s for the roseus attacking. And they launched these kinds of words like a Russian attack war. They use the Russian attack war on Tuesday, I mean, media media. So people think Russia is attacking and it soon will attack costs. And it’s it’s just awful. I think half of people are in the desperate block. They don’t read the newspapers or watch the news or anything. And the other half is just raving about Russia. So it’s really mixed. Because we’ve had nothing but lies nothing but lies.

And, and how is it that you’re able to discern all this?

Ah, I didn’t know. I was I kind of woke up to the VAX thing. And COVID Yep. And started to look for things and find out what’s happening and what is this and kind of its expanding, and then I found the your movement and made tea more. On the other way around. I first met Timo and he told me about this. And I started looking for more and more information. And then I joined the warrior tribe, and I’m on that path now.

Yeah, so what I think and what you’re saying is interesting, because we now have about three. So what Andrew referring to is we’ve created a system. So people can actually start getting streetsmart and think beyond left and right. We’ve got 306 over three and a 60,000 people in 95 countries. But those people want to go to truther to You can hear some incredible stories, where people are at and how they transformed themselves. And you can hear, you can also read about our winning many, many things by the approach that we take. But to And your point is there’s, if you look at Finland, there’s lots of information out there. But people are easily being manipulated into complacency, division or desperation. And I think that’s what Boban was sharing. You were sharing in, you know, the Baltic states. And right now, in spite of all this information that’s out on the planet, it’s not like people are getting more truth or more freedom and more health. In fact, more and more people are getting anxious and depressed. 51% of our children feel hopeless. Two and a half billion kids and people in the world are obese 52%, are completely confused on even what to eat or avoid. So the information is not the issue. There’s lots of information. But it doesn’t mean with all this information, we’re getting better. In fact, what’s happening. And I think, and what you’re saying, as you’re witnessing right there in Finland, right? You have a lot of information. But the forces power, profit and control are breeding ignorance. They’re basically saying good, bad, right? Pro anti Russia, good. Russia, bad Ukraine good. And people are then into these LEFT, RIGHT divisions, they either go left or right. Maybe they’re getting desperate, or they get complacent. But this is what the system of power, profit and control is doing. And as we’ve shared, if people on the left or right there into this divided mode, right, pro Russian, anti Russian or complacent, or desperate, and many of these people, the gurus that Donald Trump’s and all the talk show hosts, they’re not giving any solutions, if anything, they’re hyping this stuff up. And our view is that the only way out of this is what we’re doing right here is that we have to take a systems approach. And that leads to wisdom and clarity. You start listening to Abobe on sharing in Germany, what you’re sharing what actually is true in Finland. And what Wilma said, is actually the realities of Russian people, Ukrainian people. 1/3 of Ukrainians are Russians, these people are friendly people. And the reality is that this, this, this

shows that the science of systems leads people to wisdom and clarity, and gets people to really start thinking about solutions, becoming an activist and organize. And that’s what we’re talking about. The movement is really about you becoming knowledgeable who designs the systems. So I want to encourage everyone, in the interest of time, I have to leave where I’m at right now we have a little bit of a deadline. But we’ll do this again, I think, Bob on when you get a little bit better connection, we should do this again, but to everyone listening, and has shared that basically what the media is doing in Finland, which is a bordering country of Russia, right to Morris, that the overwhelming majority of Finnish people did not want Finland to be part of NATO. Will mesentery shared people of Russian origins are the Russian Ukrainian people are friendly people, they they’re in camaraderie. And it’s all very, very unfortunate. So in closing, tomorrow, what would you like to say we’re going to do this again, I just have a time limit that I have to leave where I am tomorrow, why don’t you just share some final words? Everyone just give some closing comments. Go ahead. Two more.

Okay. So something I’d like to share is, like the three most important trade partners of Finland are Russia, Germany, and Sweden. Now, we don’t do business anymore with Russians. And we think we can manage by ourselves. But German is so energy dependent on Russia. If the cut energy, Germany goes down. And the implication is that the economy of Finland is going to collapse.

Wow, I didn’t know that. So Russia is to Finland, three big partners are Germany, Russia, and Sweden. Two out of three are essentially going to be gone. Yeah. We got to do this again. And closing comments from you on Finland

Yeah, I don’t know. I if I if I knew this a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed this. This is like everything is collapsing. You know, the the hospitals, the economy, everything. Everything’s collapsing.

Yeah. Thank you and Roma. Why don’t you give some final closing comments what you’d like to help people?

Yeah, I know that Lithuanian grassroots. People are not happy with government decisions. And I’m this Standard government is not working for people in this UN year. It’s someone else, ruling the government. And it’s this attachment for people and the government and their price costs rising gas elec electricity three times arose up. And very, very disturbing times. And yes, and I ended up of course everyone don’t know, because we very closely to weigh in yeah used to be transit country. And now they cut off transit. They made them angry with China, Belarus, Russia already personally made angry that Lithuania not anymore, frankly, basically self sabotaging. So, the government, people, they’re unhappy with government. I definitely know that. And we are in crisis. And companies closing, economic is crashing down. Agriculture is crashing down. It’s very sad that he said,

thanks so much. Just said Arthur Clemmer. It’s obviously a war on humanity. So a moment can you just share we I think we have a little bit Boban. Can you just give us some final comments on Germany? We will do this again. Go ahead, Bob on

Yes. Okay. What I can say from Germany, in Germany, wants to live in peace. So nobody wants to have war with Russia. Germany is in a special situation, because Germany is not a free country. So Germany is occupied, occupied. So Germany is today without freedom contracts. And German people want to live in peace, and they don’t want to live to have one with Russia. Thanks. People are not. So the government is doing it on their own case, and they are not asking the German people. So if the government government would ask the German people, all the German people would say stop it. Stop it now and go and talk with Raul.

Yeah, so I think Thanks, Bob. I think the net conclusion if you listen to Vilma to more and and Boban is that the leaders, these imbecile politicians do not serve the interests of people that people want to go in this direction. And the government leaders are going in this direction. The only way forward is for us to build a movement for truth, freedom and health that goes beyond left and right. The good news I just want to share with everyone is on my bro, bong, we’ve taken time out of their Sundays, I know it’s evening there is that one common thing they all have, as we are all including myself, we’re all members of this movement. And not It’s not members. Just to be clear, it’s it’s really we’re warrior scholars, we’re students, we’re constantly educating ourselves. But our movement is really about education. It’s going beyond left and right. And it is the only way forward at this time for people to organize independent of all of these imbeciles, and entertainers. They’re not going to do anything for us. And it’s time that people have self respect. And they take recognize that they are the agents of change. And so I invite everyone will do this again. This was great. Bobine let’s try to get some better sound for you next time. But Germany’s really important. But let’s do this again. Thank you. And thank you, Tamar. Thank you, Mama was very, very nice that you guys took time to do this. Yes. Yeah, but let’s do this again. But I think people deserve to know what’s actually going on Finland is there you’re from the Baltic state. And then Boban, Germany’s as the brunt of this. They’ve done by the way, the German and Russian and all these people in Europe, including Ukrainian people, Americans don’t know these people have actually had suffering in their lives one generation ago, Americans always seem to get away from it. They’ve actually had war on their own ground. So I think it’s important that we start really having massive demonstrations in the United States against what US and NATO are doing in Ukraine and Russia. Anyway, thank you, everyone. But to all of you out there. I hope you’re inspired by and more Vilma and bow bong and know that we have a global community. So you don’t need to feel desperate and alone or divided. Come Oh, I forgot to tell everyone. Every Thursday’s. We just share this every Thursdays we have a we have our warrior scholar me meetings here. It’s a orientation everyone is invited to come to it. So I invite everyone to come write this down Anyone can come to this. And please join us you will find an amazing community of people. So you don’t have to feel like you’re alone. And we can build a movement for truth, freedom and health. So every Thursday 11am and 8pm. RSVP at Thank you again, Wilma. And tomorrow.

Thank you.

Yeah, be well be the light. Thank you, everyone.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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