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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, reveals how Elon Musk has bamboozled millions of American Workers into supporting his rebranding of big tech censorship as “free speech without free reach.”

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Good evening everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We are doing a new format style that we’re trying.

And this is a private webinar style, we invited a few of you to be part of this. We’re starting a little late because we had to set up our whiteboard here. But we’re going to have a conversation here about the topic that I’ve identified.

If we go over to the whiteboard there, the topic of today is top five ways Elon Musk and his Banana Republic of sycophants have destroyed free speech on Twitter. So that’s we’re going to be talking about today, and we did this very, we only did a couple hours ago. So we have a few of you, that are gonna be allowed to join this conversation.

I think we have 10 or 20 people, which is great, because we will restream this out, based on the participants in this conversation. So what I’m going to do as a part of this is initially begin with a presentation and then we’ll open it up to comments and questions. John, I think in webinar mode, we can actually choose on people right.

Oh, they haven’t gotten the link yet. They’re they’re in the they’re viewing. They’re in the chat, but in order to get them to call them I have to message them to join the back end.

Okay, well, we don’t want to do that we can just get comments and questions. So So anyway, this is a small set of people that we want to have a conversation with. So if we again go back to the whiteboard, the topic of this conversation is top five ways Elon Musk and his banana Republican sycophants have destroyed free speech on Twitter.

Now let’s let’s look at this title. The title is very, very important because the nonsense and the propaganda really led by Elon Musk, and a whole coterie cabal of Silicon Valley people and a bunch of frankly, asked kissers to Elon Musk all the way from Tucker Carlson to, in fact, unfortunately, people like James Woods, and you can go down the list cat shit, sorry, cat turd, etc, has been to support this theory from day one, that he’s some fighter for free speech. And what I want everyone to understand is their top five ways in which he is exactly the antithesis of free speech.

And it’s time we break down this illusion, because for far too long, people keep waiting for saviors from above, to come down and save them. And this is really unfortunate, because it’s almost a bunch of abuse victims who keep getting used and abused and used and abused and used and abuse. and they keep wanting to get used and abused.

And using abuse. First, you can go back to recent history, people presented Obama as though he was going to be a Savior. And then it went to Trump.

And now it’s Elon Musk, and then it’ll be the next one or Goobie. F and Kennedy, the the elites have it very well planned, that they will create heroes from above, to manipulate people. And that is all that Elon Musk is.

So we want to really begin by understanding why I’m saying this, as many of you know, I have with all humility 100% track record on calling this stuff out two to three years before and that’s why I’m running for President because the American people really deserve people who have who come from you bottoms up, who have a deep intuition, and a sense of where the future is going so we could direct people properly. And that’s what people who care actually do. People are part of the establishment top down bamboozle people their full time bullshitters.

And the people I mentioned, that’s what they are. So let’s begin, first of all, by understanding why I say this about Elon Musk. But before I go to that, let me first give you a little bit of back background.

Many of you know that I ran for US Senate in 2020. And it was our historic lawsuit that revealed that the government, all governments have created an unholy alliance with social media companies, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And how did was this revealed was in 2020.

When I ran for office, we discovered that the way that elections are conducted, and the way the chain of custody takes place, is frankly highly flawed to say the least fraudulent to say the least. And as a result of that. We were forced to move our campaign to a write in campaign because of the ground support we had.

And let me play that video for you. So you understand the dynamics of that John will play that video of what took place in 2020. On September 1, the working people of Massachusetts rose up to elect one of their own for US Senate that you United beyond black and white beyond left and right to unleash a movement for truth, Freedom health 3000 volunteers 10,000 lawn signs 20,000 bumper stickers millions of phone calls massive rallies over 20,000 donations, funding highway billboards, ads on social media, radio and network TV making Dr.

Shiva for Senate a household name that people of Massachusetts are headed for a landslide victory. But on the eve of election night Secretary of State Galvin spread disinformation saying only 150,000 would vote in the Republican primary 100,000 less than 2018 On election night Shiva percent at one in Franklin County by nearly 10% but lost in every other county by 20% to an invisible opponent neither heard nor seen had no lawn signs no bumper stickers, no organization in short, no campaign in Franklin County ballots were counted mainly by hand in all other counties, mainly digital scanners generated ballot images tabulated by electronic software evidence comparing number of votes to voters revealed blatant fraud in Boston 4000 more votes than voters in Newton 1700 more votes and voters more votes and voters in every city for which Shiva for Senate received data mathematicians and data analysts discovered a completely improbable frequency pattern of voting revealing the software for electronic tabulation was set to reduce Shiva percentage votes by 50% and increase their votes by 20%. More disturbing ballot images were destroyed federal law demands all records documents generated in connection with an election must be retained for 22 months Massachusetts violated federal law the establishment does not want one of us working people to represent us when we when they cheat when we when they rigged their software to steal our democracy you now have a choice except election fraud except corruption or fight we choose to fight to escalate our movement for truth freedom health by leading a write in campaign for Dr.

Shiva for US Senate to unite working people to build a defiant movement to expose and destroy their system of power, profit and control join us right and Dr. Shiva for US Senate now are by November 3, it’s time for us. This is Dr.

Shiva and I approved this message. So that was the election that we ran. And that’s when in the middle of the midst of that election, I was thrown off Twitter for exposing the Secretary of State’s deletion of valid images which went viral.

And when we took when we went to federal court, where I represented myself against three lawyers of the government, we discovered that the government of the United States has created a backdoor portal into Twitter. I discovered that our movement discovered that and our lawsuit discovered that this is three years before all the nonsense of people plagiarizing our stuff and never giving us credit for actually doing the discovery. Okay, so this occurred and none of these people none of these Grifters from fucker Tucker Carlson, all the way down to all the other Grifters around, did anything to expose what we had discovered.

They didn’t use their megaphones. And they didn’t do this because we’re an independent movement. We discovered this.

More importantly, these people are part of the establishment they know this is going on. So we discovered that again in October of 2020, where we won a federal lawsuit, the conditions of a temporary restraining order that were issued by the judge, and that’s where we discovered the government has an unholy alliance with social media companies, when we were deep platformed off Twitter for exposing this censorship infrastructure. That is when I went back into federal court and we discovered the entire network.

Okay, which Matt Taibbi and all of these people have stolen from us. And they rebranded my work as censorship industrial complex, which we should probably sue them, shouldn’t we, John? Yeah. So anyway, that resulted many years later, where we did an interview, and John’s gonna play that with redacted which one of the guys Clint Morris actually covered our story to expose the fact that it was us would expose this before and how Tucker Carlson and others that conceal this.

Why don’t you play that, John? Well, two years ago, a man by the name of Dr. Shiva, I adore exposed deep collusion between the United States government and social media companies specifically Twitter went beyond that, though, to YouTube to Google. And the mainstream media ignored the story some independent media picked up on the story like the gateway, pundit, etc.

But no one else really covered the story at the time he was running in four states, he was running for Senate in the state of Massachusetts. And he tweeted some information that the Secretary of State’s office in the state of Massachusetts didn’t like when he tweeted, he was then shut down on Twitter, Ban D platformed. Well, a lawsuit unfolded.

And what he discovered was deep collusion between government entities and social media companies with a backdoor portal that allows government employees to basically censor and D platform anyone they like. This was just the tip of the iceberg. And then, of course, more documents unfolded during these court proceedings.

And again, the mainstream media largely ignored the story. And then this week, we hear from the intercept, which drops a bombshell story and people start paying attention. And the intercept published a report detailing a similar portal at Facebook.

But Dr. Shiva broke this story first two years ago, and again, the mainstream media largely ignored this story. And Dr.

Shiva joins us now. Doctor, welcome to the show last night on the show a bunch of our viewers said, Hey, thank you for giving credit to Dr. Shiva for having originally broken the story.

And we wanted to have you on the show because there’s a lot more here to talk about. Did I get that timeline Correct? You did. One of the important things to understand was I was running for Federal Office for US Senate, not for state senate for US Senate.

And this is very important to understand because there are fundamental laws which were put into place going back to a law called USC 52 20701, which says that for a federal office, the every state is supposed to preserve all documents in connection with the federal election. So the tweak that I did, Clinton was bringing out the malfeasance of the Secretary of State relative to them violating that law that lead as you just shared with my deep platforming. One of the important things that occurred was after that deep platforming, I didn’t sit still claiming I had to file my own lawsuit.

No lawyer in Massachusetts really wanted to take on the government. And I represented myself in federal court. And in the first part of the federal court case, I had a major victory, which again, none of the news media covered on October 30 2020, Tucker Carlson knew about it.

Mainstream Media knew about in fact, people at the intercept were notified, and they did nothing. And why was that first lawsuit important? Because in that lawsuit, again, this is in a federal court, myself, and the judge cross examined the social media director at the Secretary of State. And she admitted that they have this portal between government, and in this case, Twitter, and that Portal was exercised on me a US Senate federal candidate, because they didn’t like what I was saying.

After that, the judge ordered them to put me back on Twitter. When I’m back on Twitter the second time on February 1 2021. I’m again D platform because I share the findings of this architecture.

Okay. That led into the judge saying he wanted Twitter to come into the courtroom. So now it’s me against seven lawyers, three from Twitter, Twitter, three from the Secretary of State and one from an organization called Nasod.

The night before that lawsuit hearing in May, I discover what are called playbooks, detail. manuals, created at Harvard originally created in Britain, which lay out the actual step by step way in how government will surveil US citizens, not only US citizen, for that matter, citizens anywhere in the world, and has a methodology for rating them as high medium and low severity, and then deep platforming them and continually surveilling, surveilling seeing them. So first, I was the platform first, for exposing government malfeasance.

And then I was watched, and I was I was thrown off because I expose this architecture. Now one of the most important things is that what we discovered in the May hearing was the playbooks and the entire details of the technology architecture, between government and Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The players involved the manuals, and the entire thing.

And this is put into a beautiful network diagram, which is presented in court and accepted as evidence in court. All right, everyone. So the reason I wanted you guys to listen to that is, again, we’re the ones who expose this.

And this is, again, in 2020, we exposed all of this entire censorship infrastructure. And you have to understand the foundations of this is I’m a United States federal Senate candidate and the middle of this. I am deep platformed by the government.

Twitter did what the government wanted to do and all the facts and evidence were late to court. And all the evidence is out there. All right.

So on October 28, of 2022, nearly over two years, two and a half years, nearly three years. After this took place, Elon Musk buys Twitter. Okay, so for those of you joining, what we’re going to be discussing today is why the top five ways that Elon Musk and now he’s got a banana republic of sycophants have actually destroyed free speech on Twitter that we’re going to be talking about today.

All right. Now, when Elon Musk took over Twitter, all the people who keep praying for the Messiah to come from top because they don’t want to get off their butts and actually build a movement, which is what we’re doing a truth for them health, which is what our run for president is about. We want to galvanize people to build a bottoms up movement, because I’m coming bottoms up.

I’m one of you. I’m not a guy who has golden plated toilet seats. I’m not a guy who lived in apartheid South Africa, I was the 1%, who was subjugating all the other guy, Marquis, brown and black.

I’m not, you know, a guy who uses his name, his family’s name, who murdered and killed people and who hung out with Epstein to get to where I was, I’ve built bottoms up. So because of that, the only way real changes come is when it’s been bottoms up. So our movement is inspiring people to go bottoms up and we are uncompromising, and very educational by the way of exposing the truth.

So when you take Elon Musk, the Grifters the mainstream media, the intelligence community and all the people as part of the establishment created this fool to become a hero. And he’s absolutely full. If you go look at him, look at my other videos.

But without going off on him, which I’ve already done, let’s talk about the top five ways what he did, okay. Why he’s absolutely someone who has decimated the first the first amendment and free speech. You have to understand Jack Dorsey, Twitter 1.

0 was very blatant. They would just they had a set of rules. You can’t talk about this, this, this this? And if you did, you’re gone.

Okay. Twitter 2.0 has created an illusion that you can talk about stuff.

All right. But one of the things you’re gonna see is when I call it a Banana Republic, a banana republic is these third world countries where if you bow down to the Lord to the king, quote, unquote, King, you get favors you get given this piece of land to manage, you get anointed to be a Duke or Duchess, and you get stuff to maintain as long as you kiss the ass of the monarch. Okay.

So when Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 28 29th, of 2022, on Facebook, as I still had some on my counter, I said, Hey, Ilan, this backdoor Government portal exists, call me if you want to talk to me. And I will share with you what’s going on. And I did a long blog post questioning his own integrity, okay, whether he was part of the government.

Anyway, shortly thereafter, I get put back on Twitter took two months in December 2022. And when I got back on Twitter, the first tweet I did was, hey, Ilan, why don’t you make me SEO? Because I’m actually a fighter for free speech. You said you’re looking for somebody.

That tweet went viral all over the internet, and got close to, you know, 20 million views, roughly about 500,000 views to my tweets were coming per day. So write that number down half a million views per day, in mid December 2022. All right.

Got it. So thereafter, I started tweeting. You know, in December, January, February, hey, Ilan, you’re going to take down this backdoor portal, or you’re going to take down this backdoor portal.

And I have all the data which I’ve tweeted previously, my views every time I started exposing him went from 500,000 views per day, down to 300,000 views, down to 100,000 views. Now, it’s probably around 5000 to maybe 10,000 views per day. Okay.

So basically, my reach has been suffocated. Jack Dorsey did this to some extent, but he did not do this if you attacked him. He did it.

Maybe you didn’t like your position on vaccines, or this. Elon Musk is doing it if you expose him. And I’m the only one with a significant amount of followers who’s exposing this charlatan? That’s what Elon Musk is.

Now what are the five ways he’s doing this? What are the five ways Elon Musk is doing this? So let’s go to the whiteboard here. And you will see these are the five ways Musk is doing this and we’ll go through each one. The first way Musk is doing this is number one, and everything I’m sharing with you is is facts.

Okay, number one, as you can see here, he is key thing you can put it he’s keeping the government backdoor censorship portal to Twitter wide open number one. So you can come back to me, John. So what does that mean? Number one is keeping the government’s backdoor censorship portal to Twitter wide open.

Okay, the first way he’s doing that if you are truly about free speech, and then you’re talking about who I found the Government portal suddenly after we exposed it acting like he’s fighting for free speech, why isn’t he removed the government backdoor portal to Twitter? Why hasn’t any of his sycophants? Asked him? Hey, Ilan, why don’t you remove the government backdoor portal to Twitter that Dr. Shiva found out? There’s only one guy, one independent journalist who did this. That was Clayton Morris, in an open live Twitter space.

He said, Hey, Ilan, are you going to remove government’s backdoor censorship portal to Twitter that doctors human discovered in 2020? And the actor known as Elon Musk, the person who thinks you’re a fool? And remember, in Shakespeare, the fool was the one who acted like an idiot, but he actually knew what he was doing. So when I say he’s a fool, I mean from the Shakespearean definition. So the fool Elon Musk says, oh, backdoor portal.

Oh, that sounds like big brother. I’ll get back to you, Clayton. That was in December, it’s been six months.

So number one way we go back to the whiteboard that Elon Musk’s fools you. If you bring that up, John, bigger is that number one, he keeps the government’s backdoor portal to Twitter open. Alright, now why does he do that? The reason he does that? The reason he does that is because Elon Musk and the government are one.

And any one of you who does not think otherwise, when I lay out the bare facts, John, you may just want to queue up that Remember that? That blog post I did. So the bottom line is I wrote a very detailed blog post, laying out very clearly that Elon Musk and government have always been an alliance, you look at SpaceX, which got $5.

7 billion in subsidies from the government. It wouldn’t exist without the government. Okay.

Starlink all those satellites. And his capability to do that exists because he’s in collusion with government. The second thing is Tesla’s value valuation of $600 billion would not exist if he did not get government’s $1.

5 billion, billion dollars in carbon tax credits. That’s what gave him profitability. Tesla was an unprofitable, worthless company until it got those carbon credits, and then it shot up to 600 billion in valuation.

So again, he’s dependent on government largest, and then of course, Twitter’s $40 billion valuation is directly connected to government and Congress giving Twitter section 230 immunity and in return for that section 230 immunity he has to keep the government’s backdoor portal to Twitter open. These are the facts. So number one, he has a backdoor portal to Twitter open since December I’m the only one who’s been exposing this.

All the other anyone who doesn’t expose this knowing this is a sycophant. What is a sycophant other gross you know, crude terms ask his sir bootlicker you know, you can go on that’s what these people are. Anyone who is not asking him why the government backdoor portal to Twitter remains open.

Census report on to Twitter, Matt Taibbi all these bullshitters are all sycophants. They’re part of the acid liquor community. Okay? No different than you have the alpha or even the ape out in the wilderness and everyone boughs down to him, and he asked him to kiss his n.

That’s what Elon Musk is running. And remember, let me repeat he grew up in apartheid South Africa, we’re point one or 1% of the elites subjugated 99% of the darkies. And we cannot forget this.

This isn’t as epigenetics. And that epigenetics mindset is that I am better than you and I know what’s better. And this is sort of the broad mindset we’re talking about.

Remember this word, I’m saying it’s a mindset. Okay, we know better than you. This is complete, antithetical to the First Amendment.

The First Amendment was based on the public can make up their own decisions. That the that the Creator, it’s a it’s a divine right for people. It’s a natural right for people to be able to speak, in fact, against their government, right.

Elon Musk does not believe that in effect, right. Forget what he says he’s a bullshitter. He’s a bullshitter Maximus.

Okay, so that’s the number one reason Thanks, John. So let’s look at the second reason. Number two is the shadow bands, his critics.

So first, he keeps it back To our portal to open for government to observe all of us. And this is done globally. The second thing he does is that he shadow bands, his critics.

All right? Shadow bands, his critics. John, can you cut? So what is Shadow banning is critics means those people who don’t know what shadow banning means. It means that you don’t allow the voice or tweet or post of an individual to naturally get exposed to if I have 300,000 followers.

They see it they share it with other people. Again, my tweet used to get 20 million views. In fact, during Jack Dorsey these days, I do a tweet and I’d get 30,000 retweets.

I’m lucky if I get 20 retweets or 100 retweets now, okay. Why? Because I am his most vocal, relentless critic, because I know what he’s doing this scumbag, which is what he really is, hates the First Amendment. He comes from the British Commonwealth, and he believes he knows better.

And he’s also bullshitter. He knows how to speak with forked tongue. So don’t believe anything he says.

The bottom line is he shadow bans his critics. So you can literally see when I did this innocuous tweet saying hey, I’ll be your CEO that goes viral. And the day I started exposing him my impressions, which means how many people can see my tweets has come down, like, you know, like a missile falling to the ground.

That’s what’s happened. And the data is embarr view, I went from 500,000 views per day to maybe 5000 views per day on average, that’s where I’m at. That’s called Shadow banning.

That’s literally called keeping the darky in the cage. And that’s what they used to do in apartheid South Africa. Right.

That’s what Elon Musk knows. Keep the black man keep the brown man in the dark cave in the cage. You know, give them the illusion that they have freedom.

Tell everyone oh, we’re taking care of these people. That’s what they used to do in South Africa. Oh, we’re giving them jobs we let them work in our minds for you know penny a day.

Oh, we let let him back on our ni great you know, he was he we put a Dr. Shiva back on but he keeps me in a cage. It’s a digital cage.

All right. So he shadow bands, his critics. Number two.

Number three. As you can see, he boosts his sycophants who profit from promoting him as a quote unquote, should be quotes under their John quote unquote, fighter for free speech. And these people know number one and two.

Let me repeat that, so he boosts his sycophants. Keep that up again, John. He boosts his sycophants, which means people who suck up to him as who kisses ass, and those sycophants profit from promoting him as a fighter for free speech.

And those sycophants know he has a backdoor portal open and they know he shadow bans his critics. So think about what I’m saying. So you look at Joe Rogan, the very short guy as own but Benjamin says, or you look at people like cat shit, who’s who basically he’s a backpedaling master, okay.

And he knows how to maintain and keep his views. You can look at Jack pisode IQ, you can look at all of these people, Robert Kennedy, Jr, fucker, Carlson, all of these in the list, James Woods, and I’ll share with you that story recently. All of these people literally get paid in more views, more traffic to their posts, tweets, because they bow down and they keep saying Oh, Elon is a fighter for free speech.

He’s fighting censorship. That’s what these bullshitters are doing. Because they’re all one swarm of ass kissing sycophants who are part of Elon Musk’s Banana Republic.

And all of them know, the backdoor portal is open. All of them know, he shadow bans, critics like me. And yet in the midst of that, they profit because remember, the more views you get to your website, you can promote your candidacy, you can sell products, you promote your brand, etc.

So this is very, very valuable. Elon Musk is also the reason he brought in this W E F four is because they’re going to start helping people who get lots of views if they do videos get ad revenue. So these people are going to not only get views, but they’re going to be given money.

That’s corruption. So you bow down to me. I will give you more views and I will give you money.

That’s called corruption, Banana Republic. So again, his critics profit from bowing down and promoting his bullshit knowing that he is conducting censorship, knowing that he’s banning his critics knowing that he has a government backdoor censorship portal wide open, no different as it wasn’t Twitter one point out. All right.

So that’s number three. That’s it. Fourth, he is now using AI.

And I can explain what AI is. I’ve done it for 20 years and predictive analytics to misdirect followers of his critics. To those people that Elon Musk likes, what do I mean by that? Predictive Analytics? Well, people want some of the sort of people want to suck up to Elon and don’t understand this, and they need to be educated.

Hopefully, they will by this discourse. And the facts here, one of the powerful things that has emerged as as existed for many years, most of us in engineering data science know this is called predictive analytics. One of the first contracting jobs I did was for a company called IRI, which we used to gather lots of data.

And we could predict consumer behavior. Once you get enough data on an individual, you could predict a lot of stuff. And I used to be one of the leaders doing email analysis helping in customer service do this, but I have 300, some odd 1000 followers, and by the way, every day is breaking, cutting my followers down, okay, it’s complete scumbag.

Um, so what Musk is doing is he takes my followers, in fact, he’s doing this to your followers, not only large, personal, large following for even people with 10,000 followers, he takes your followers. And for every follower, he identifies key variables. And for example, you can easily buy data today.

And I could say, okay, for John, so John’s my follower, I can say, okay, I can layer in data that I can purchase, I could say John’s a male. He lives in Massachusetts, you know, he studied film, you know, he spends so much per day, he likes dogs. And all this data is public data that you can purchase.

And, and sometimes you typically many of these organizations can get close to three to 4000 variables per individual. So now imagine a big matrix of 3000 people, 300,000 people in my case, or in your case, let’s say have 10,000 followers, 10,000 followers, and another access. Okay, the 3000 variables on each of those followers, that’s called a matrix.

And with that data, you can then do things like, I’m not going to get into the details clustering, pattern recognition, principal component analysis, you could say, oh, isn’t it interesting across all of these 300,000 followers, with each person, I got these 3000 variables, I’m noticing an interesting pattern all the people who follow Dr. Shiva, like dogs, they like to buy healthy food, they like to work out and some other variables, so you build a signal. Now, you know, you have a pretty good idea with a certain level of confidence.

It’s called a confidence level that this set of people with these sorts of variables will support Dr. Shiva, then what you do which he he is doing, we have all the clinical evidence of this. He then takes those people and instead of trying to drive them to me, he forcibly using these algorithms for those people, he drives them literally to my enemies, like these Grifters, like Robert fucking bullshit Kennedy, Jr.

Okay, was a bullshitter or to Tucker Carlson, okay. And we have many, many eyewitness reports of people who do not follow Kennedy do not follow these people who in fact, have have no intention of following them, suddenly getting notifications when those other people go live. So this is the use of AI slash predictive analytics to take a critic like me, his followers, build a profile on them and use that profile to find others who may follow me and deliver them push the notifications to the, to the influencers of Elon influencers and supporters of Elon Musk.

It’s quite insidious. It’s worse than censorship. Because one is you’re just throwing me off.

This is you’re actually using me first of all, to keep me in a cage and divert people to the opposition, who’s people who are exactly opposite to my views. Alright, so go back, John. So that’s what we mean.

And those people profit from getting those views and it’s a way to misdirect potential followers of Mine to the scumbags. And then finally, we’ve seen must do this he blatantly lies that he is a quote unquote self sacrificing quote unquote fighter for free speech, when he is the exact opposite. So he blatantly lies.

Now when I say Credit exposing them since December of 2020, to 20% 30% of the sheeple, dumbass quote unquote conservatives like oh my god, Dr. Shiva, why are you attacking him? Who do you know? Have you made billions added up? By the way, the criticism I got from those stupid, quote unquote conservatives was no different than the criticism that I got three years ago by the quote unquote liberals when I expose Fauci the same set of vitriol. But as I predicted, I got 100% prediction rate on these scumbags and more is that as I predicted, about two weeks ago, Elon Musk appoints the leader of one of the leadership people in the W E.

F. worldwide economic forum, World Economic Forum to be a CEO, this woman is a master of manipulation from the Ad Council of America. She’s also the Group Chair of all of the elite entertainers in all of Europe and Europe and London, the sort of the counterpart to airy Emanuelle, who runs endeavor, right, so he’s bringing together an elite woman who, who knows how to bring in celebrities who knows how to do advertising, but more importantly, she was a key leader, not just somebody but a leadership individual in the World Economic Forum.

Now, when that came out, suddenly people said, oh my god, Dr. Shiva is right, because I’ve been hammering. But what you will notice is the sycophant, the banana republic of Tucker Carlson of catch it, catch it backpedaled a little bit, you know, he had to protect himself.

Oh, my God, this is horrible. And then he went back to supporting you he the the sophistication of some of these people are they backpedaled said something who I’m gonna watch Elon but never discussed the story anymore. That’s one type of backpedaling and the others like this full Patrick, but David, you know, he’s still promotes him.

Oh, my God, you know, he’s a great guy. You know, it’s protect a censorship. Robert Kennedy just 24 hours ago said Elon Musk is fighting censorship.

And Kennedy gets to 3 million views per tweet. How come he’s steals most of my material, but he’s part of the ass licking of Elon Musk, sycophant, Banana Republic. But most important understand is Musk as we said in this fifth thing blatantly lies.

He’s a he’s a freaking liar. He said he was a free speech absolutist he didn’t put on if you’re so free speech that he changed his tune, he said or free speech doesn’t equal free speech on free reach. Okay, free speech.

So he he warps the definition of free speech he’s not he said he’s a free speech absolutist he isn’t. He said he can handle criticism. Well, you can’t because he shadow bands, people like me.

Then he said that he truly he himself attacks George Soros who’s, you know, a big supporter of the W E. F. By the way, any idiot can attack W E F, any idiot can do that.

That doesn’t mean like he’s usually a fighter. The issue is who can expose people like musk. That is what I do.

That’s what our movement does. But he blatantly lies because right after he says all this stuff, and he’s exposed on appointing this WTF woman. Then he goes on this PR thing because we and I started exposing him.

Then he’s does this interview, a very planned interview, and all the influencers and the sycophants retweet it, he says, Yes, you know, I will say what I want, I’m willing to lose money. Are you freaking serious, you made all your money during the pandemic, you made all your money from the government, and you still continue to make money from your government, you have hundreds of billions of dollars you already made. So you’re going to sacrifice what you already have it in your bank, if you truly want to sacrifice it, give that money back.

Maybe you should give that money back to all the people you’re shadow banning Elon, because that’s what you’re doing. But Elon Musk is a bullshitter par exemplar. And he bullshit about him being a fighter for free speech.

And then his Banana Republic of sycophants amplifies this message. So this is they’re creating a false idol. And he’s a false hero.

He knows what he’s doing. The issue is Do you know? So let’s go back to that list. So when you really look at it in summary, you see these top five ways that he’s doing this.

Okay. Again, in summary, he keeps government’s backdoor portal to Twitter open, it’s wide open. He finally admitted to keep that up, John, he finally admitted it.

If you see there’s a tweet he said oh yeah, we were at least willing to admit that we work with the government and it was when that when he screwed on when he worked with government in the in the Turkish elections recently a couple of weeks ago. Number two he shadow bands, his critics may you’re looking at one of them. We have all the data three As he shadow bans his critically boosts his ass kissers.

And that’s the right term to use because that’s what they are. And those ask kissers, no, he’s not a fighter, and they know that he does shadow banning. And he keeps the back to our portal open, and for which a lot of people don’t know.

And someone like me, who was a leader in the AI field for many, many years. He’s using the reason he’s allowing people he doesn’t like like me back on, he puts him in a cage. But he’s mining all this data through predictive analytics.

And then he miss directs potential followers, existing followers, to the exact people that I’m criticizing. And then fifth, he blatantly lies the guy’s a full born liar. And that’s what he is.

He’s a full time liar. If you look at his history with PayPal, he didn’t start PayPal. If you look at his history with Tesla, he didn’t start Tesla.

And all of his companies are dependent on the government bring back full John. So he’s all dependent on the government. So end stories where government begins and Elon Musk nobody knows.

He’s not a fighter for free speech. And we live in a dangerous time. Because at least with Twitter, 1.

0, you know, you were being screwed. The fascism was straight. Now we litter in censorship 2.

0, which is more insidious, because you have the conservatives in the United States, the hard working working class conservatives are being misled, to sit on their ass and not fight for the First Amendment. As Elon Musk has, frankly destroyed it. He put the final stake into it.

And you see the left, quote unquote, left and the, the CNN and those people do not care about the First Amendment, the British don’t care about the First Amendment. In fact, most of 96% of the world doesn’t appreciate the First Amendment, only 4% of the entire world population has the First Amendment, which is the American people. Now out of that, the tip of the spear of that is a conservative working class.

Elon Musk was brought in to corral and sheeple those people and using these five ways that I’ve just said, so they lay down their arms, sit quiet, and think Elon Musk is their Savior. And this is pure evil. The guy is evil.

He has these five ways. Ponder on it. Bring it up again, John, and you want to really look at this.

I’ve shared with you the facts. And come back, John. So the bottom line is the reason I’m running for president is because you deserve one of you.

You deserve one of you who will call it out like it is you deserve one of you who’s smart, who’s a worker, and who’s a Street Fighter, you know, who will not mince words, I’m not a diplomat, the top down people are all diplomats. In fact, one of these guys called Patrick David was saying, Oh, why don’t you be like this guy? Vivek. Vivek is a Brahmin guy who comes from top.

He’s a bootlicking. Brown guy, and he wants me to be a bootlicker. Okay, well, I’m not a bootlicker.

And I’m not going to be kind to these people, because I grew up in very different circumstances than a top down Brahmin who acts like me. And that’s why they brought him in. They needed a brown guy to act like me.

But this guy is not one of us. He walks the walk. I mean, he talks the talk, but he cannot walk the walk.

He’s never walked the walk in his life. I’ve walked the walk my whole life. Robert Kennedy doesn’t walk the walk.

Okay, neither this Trump walked the walk, you’re looking at someone who walks the walk. My actions match my words, and my deeds. So it’s time that you had a real president who understands the power of the First Amendment and why it must be one back.

Elon Musk has destroyed the First Amendment. And in closing, I want to play my campaign video so you guys understand where I am, and support Shiva for President. You can donate, you can become a volunteer.

And we’ll end with that guy, John, who would have ever thought I’d be running for President of the United States of America. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression and racism. My name is Dr.

Shiva DeRay. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur and inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday.

I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey, playing baseball mowing lawns, painting houses and coding software. My friends and neighbors are Blacks, Italians, Irish, people of all races. As a 14 year old I wrote 50,000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first US copyright for email recognizing me as its official inventor.

At a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I did that long before I ever came to MIT, revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace. by anybody growing up, I saw politicians dividing us by race and religion in both America and India, to have us fighting each other while they remain safe in their gated communities and in their playgrounds of Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard in Silicon Valley.

I’m a fighter, I fought racism and exposure, imperialist wars, fought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption. I never wanted to run for political office. All that changed when I saw working Americans as never before being duped by the establishment and the not so obvious establishment across left and right.

We were being sold out and made to forget why we came to America and why America existed. Lawyers, academics, billionaire celebrities and politicians, elites, Clintons Kennedy’s Biden’s Obama’s Bush’s black and white have hijacked America. They printed trillions for their friends.

They delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption and racism. They transferred trillions to themselves, dividing black and white fear mongering and fake science, lockdowns and censorship, dirty air, food and water wishing drugs upon us making us sicker. We’ve been sold out one set of rules for them and another for us.

We deserve a warrior with a history of courage and putting everything on the line for you, who believes in you, not them, who has created a movement bottoms up for truth, Freedom help. I’ve exposed her lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular. I’ve exposed her false gods who exists to lead you back to them.

I’ve exposed her fake science of lockdowns and masking and provide new solutions to fight them and win and protect your immune system saving millions I expose Fauci galvanized a fire Fauci campaign when others remained silent. When they stole our election. We sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit exposing and bear view that government and big tech censorship infrastructure, the unholy alliance between government and social media companies were was Elon and his Grifters.

They stood by the sidelines and did nothing. They did not use their megaphones to help us when it could have made a big difference. Now our movement grows for truth, freedom, help independent of all of them.

Everyday millions are learning the science of systems, the knowledge the elites do not want you to have so you may learn how to think stand up and fight independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes. Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America to win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States.

This race is about you. This race is about truth, freedom, health versus power, profit control. We’ve had enough they think will fall in line and vote again for their lawyers, celebrities, billionaires and chosen ones from above.

We choose our heroes from below from the rank and file who do what is right at the right time, not when it’s convenient and popular. They can never represent us. what America needs is a movement by the working people.

For the working people are educated, organized, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control. And that movement exists. It’s ready for you.

We don’t need them. We need us to go bottoms up neighbor to neighbor, my journey, your journey are all the same. It’s our time It’s time we had one of us it’s time to win back troops freedom health, to win back America be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5 2024.

If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr. Shiva Deray the independent candidate for US president no matter where you live you can be a part of this volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day don’t delay this is Dr. Shiva drain I approve this message paid for by Dr.

Shiva for President. Alright, everyone, I hope this was valuable. Again, we’ve discussed the top five ways that Elon Musk is manipulating people through his Banana Republic of sycophants to destroy the First Amendment that is what he’s done and we have to win back freedom.

That is one of the number one campaign platforms of Cuba for So go there and become part of this very historic movement.

Thank you, everyone. Be well be the light. Thank you.

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