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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, provides a deep systems dynamic analysis of HOW those in power have SYSTEMATIC process to manipulate you into NOT building a bottoms up movement but to rather outsource it to FALSE PROPHETS from above who are created to corral you back into their systems of Power Profit Control, away from the movement for Truth Freedom Health®.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:14 All right, good morning, everyone, or good evening, or good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai. As many of you know, I’m running for President of the United States in 2024 election. But this is also a Thursday at 11am, around 11 to 2pm, we do what’s called an open house.

And we have a number of people from around the world in our open house, but I’m broadcasting this live a code stream to people outside of our open house, plus two people inside of our open house to talk about a very, very important set of events that are taking place that will give everyone the opportunity to really understand the trajectory that those in power want to take the world. And James Richardson, who’s one of our troops for the health warrior scholars out of France, and James’s gave a deep analysis looking at over the last three years how the efforts that I did in our movement saved millions of people’s lives. And it was the movement for truth, Freedom health, which was the first to expose the issues with the pandemic, the election fraud systems, the backdoor portal into social media companies, Elon Musk didn’t do it.

Robert F. Kennedy didn’t do it. And Tucker Carlson didn’t do it.

Now I use those awful names against these people. Why? Why do I do that? And by the end of this conversation, you’ll understand why Tucker Carlson really should be called Tucker Carlson. And why Robert, should F Kennedy should be called Robert F.

Kennedy. And while Elon Musk is part of the establishment, and as James Richardson shared, I have to do the unfortunate job of always putting myself out there, and calling out what will occur to warn people and what is occurring. And because of that, in 2020, we save millions of people’s lives.

Okay, so I want to talk about this. And the title of today’s talk is called the system dynamics of evil part two. And this is part two, why is it part two, because yesterday, I did a co stream with one of my very good friends.

Owen Benjamin, who is a warrior, I consider him a real man and a comedian who was essentially cancelled from Hollywood because he spoke up. So but let’s talk about the system dynamics. Now to those of us in our open house, whether you’re veterans or whether you’re new, and those of you out there, recognize the following, that the modern world is filled.

With systems everywhere you look, you have a system, okay? You have your iPhone is a system, your car is now a system. Everything inside your house is a system, your body is a system. And this recognition of the knowledge of systems is going to be critical for your survival.

And I mean your survival as a human being plus your survival for you and your family. And so I want you to listen very carefully, because what we’ve been doing, and what my life has been about for many, many years, since the age of four to 59 right now is to educate people on the science of systems. And that journey has brought us to the movement for truth, freedom and health.

And that movement, you can go to Truth for them and explore that. But more importantly, that movement also has resulted in my decision to run for President of the United States why? And by the end of this conversation, you’ll see why this is such a historic event that a low caste Indian from India, who is a naturalized citizen is going to is running for US President.

As James said, it is a pretty significant courageous act. But let me walk you through this. All right.

One of the things that people need to understand is the nature of the evil of Elon Musk, Robert F. Kennedy and Tucker Carlson, aka Tucker Carlson. And if you understand what I’m going to share with you from a systems from you two will recognize why these people should be exposed for what they are as I expose in March of 2020.

The nature of the pandemic, as I expose in our historic lawsuit that the government has a backdoor portal to Twitter in 2020 as I expose the fact that the election systems in the United States are corrupted by not some random garbage but signature verification and chain of custody, which got all hidden under the rug by all the noise created by the grifter. All right, so let’s talk about what I’m talking about right now. All right? Well, the history of humankind has been the history of the oppressed people below who do physical labor and physical work to build the the pyramids, be it bridges be at Rhodes be actually do work, being manipulated by a very small few who seek to extract as much labor out of those people, and never reward them for their actual work.

That’s been the history of humankind. And over the many, many centuries, through massive struggle, people have made some gains. But with technology, those in power have become more and more sophisticated at how they’re able to manipulate people.

Technology can be used for incredible good, and you’re speaking to it, technologists, who got a bunch of degrees from MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is built technology. But that same technology can be used to subjugate people. So let’s look at what we’re talking about.

In our movement for truth, freedom, health, one of the fundamental things that we teach is the principles of the foundations of systems. What are the foundations of systems? What is a system? Well, every system in the universe is composed of nine principles, nine components. And once you understand these nine components, you will really learn how to think beyond left and right.

But more importantly, you will also be able to discover real solutions, and identify real problems. Okay. That’s one of the important things to understand.

So let’s discuss the fact that one particular element of systems science is to be able to, first of all set a goal, where does one want to go? Where does the community want to go? Where does this society want to go? Well, our movement, and the reason I’m running for president is we need truth, freedom, health, truth, freedom, health. They want power, profit control, very different goals. Now, if you have that goal of truth, Freedom health, you have to actually see what is actually taking place in the world.

In reality, you have to see things as they truly are. And once you see things as they truly are, you can now then use our mind, our brain, our organizational capacity, to put the right inputs into the system, to change the world. And it has to be organized.

Change is not something spontaneous. It is something that is organized in the book system and revolution, which took me about 20 years to write, I describe what is a system I describe what is a revolution? Why do we need revolutionary change? Well, let me share with you one graph, which I’m sharing with our audience. John, you guys are seeing that graph, right? Yes.

Okay. This one graph should make it amply aware to everyone that those in power across media, academia, Hollywood, your quote unquote, journalists, etc, have destroyed the health of not only the American people, but the world. So let me just share with you this one graph.

And these, this graph just gives you a analysis of what has been going on What do you see in this graph? What you see in this graph, is that since 1980, till today, the life expectancy rate of the American people, America has deviated from the life expectancy rate of the rest of the industrialized nations. And you can see this occurred, interestingly enough, around 19, the early 1980s, okay, and around 1984. And you can see each individual gray line there, plus the big red line represents the life expectancy over time from 1980 to today, of the different industrialized nations.

The gray line is the averaging of that, okay. Now, what do you see here, you see, starting in 1984, around the United States was at a trajectory for getting very good, you know, increasing its life expectancy. But what you see is that starts going in a wackadoodle way, okay, in a completely different direction.

Remember, the United States is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world with the highest GDP, and look where the United States is going. Life expectancy is going in the complete different direction in a lower life expectancy right than the rest of the world. And what is life expectancy an indicator of let’s talk about what is life expectancy, life expectancy to be clear, is a index Hayder, very specifically, life expectancy is an indicator of the well being of a citizenry.

Well, what is the well being of a citizenry? Well, the well being of a citizenry is, do they have proper food? Are they under emotional stress? Do they have good relationships? Can they survive? Do it? Do they have money in the bank? It’s many things contribute to life expectancy to the people around them? Are they being taken care of? Do the veterans who come from war? Are they with their PTSD? Are they creating more stress in those communities for themselves and others? All of these things, it’s not any one single thing. It’s not just oh, they got the job or not? It is a whole set of things. Okay.

It is many, many things that contribute to this very, very specific graph I just shared with you. And to, and it’s important to understand it is not any one thing. Okay.

So we’ll have suddenly becomes Oh, my God, it was vaccines. No, it’s not any one thing that’s a contributor to it. It is many things have contributed to this deviation.

And by the way, many other countries are typically 10 years behind the United States, the same thing is going to take place. Now, so this is what occurred all the way up to around 2014. Okay, 2015.

Okay. Now, what happens? So what you’ve done is you’ve destroyed as a biologist, as a systems biologist, as a PhD in systems biology, and biological engineering is one of the world’s leading scientists on the immune system. All right, I just have to give my credentials because Elon Musk doesn’t have these credentials.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t have these credentials. Neither does Robert F. Kennedy.

And I have to promote my credentials, because there is so much effort to make what I do invisible. So I have to also do this other unfortunate self promotional job to talk about myself, okay, but you guys can also look that up. But the bottom line is, this is why I was able to predict in March of 2020, as James Richardson said, what would happen with the pandemic, because I’ve actually put in the time to work hard to learn this knowledge.

But fundamentally, what you find is that the immune system, you can write that down the immune system of the American public was as been completely being destroyed over the last not 10 years, 20 years. But going back to the last 60 years, why it is being destroyed by the policies. Policies, write that down, not by the Democrats, not by the Republicans, but the policies of the elites in power.

It is the policies of the elites in power that have destroyed all of this, the policies and policies of the left and the right, of the left and the right from the Kennedys, to the Reagan’s to the bushes, to the Clintons, to the Biden’s to the Trump’s to the Jimmy Carter’s all of them. It is not all of these people are culpable for this, all of them, all of these leaders, all the people in academia, all the scientists who have held big positions at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, all of those people, all of the big people in media, the big people, Tucker, Carlson, the heads of CNN, all of them, you cannot absolve any one of them, because all of them were in power during this time. Look at the graph.

Look at this graph carefully. It goes back to 1980. Has any one of them shared this graph with you? They have not, because they dare not share it because it exposes all of them.

It exposes the elites because they want to destroy people. So they look into the future, and they see how much they can destroy it, you’re out why. And this comes down to the system’s dynamics of evil.

The system dynamics of evil is to make you keep looking upward to false gods and false prophets for solving this problem when they are the ones who created this problem by design. This problem was created by design by the Kennedys by the Elon Musk’s by all of them, the Reagan’s etc. And you have to absorb this graph.

And anyone who wants to keep supporting, thinking suddenly, Tucker Carlson is some great Savior, you have to have your head checked. This guy is the one. On the one hand, he was coming out on Fox News, saying oh my god, there’s something wrong with the elections that internally he was writing text messages saying there’s no election fraud, nothing.

And that’s why dominion was able to win that lawsuit because you had a duplicitous individual, Robert fucking Kennedy for the last 10 years and that’s what he is. The F stands for fucking Kennedy. He is the establishment Next frontman.

He’s a government frontman to convince you that he is a fighter for medical freedom. Okay? And you have to check out his physiognomy and his voice because it reflects his evilness. I really believe that.

And why do I say that? Another man of contradictions another man who thinks he can say one thing over here and do something over here. And this is a recurrent, recurrent process of those in power and the elites, you will find one of the things the elites keep doing is one rule for them. And another rule for the they will say something here, and they’ll do something completely contradictory.

And then you are brainwashed into saying, Well, I guess he had to say that because, you know, the Kennedys are good people, and they had to do something, for some reason, oh, Tucker Carlson had to do that. Because, because what he doesn’t want to lose his $20 million, your job, you keep absolving them because of the brainwashing that has been systematically done. And what is that brainwashing, it is to tell you that you are less you should you have no respect for yourself that brainwashing is to tell you owe the elites there can say one thing and do another, but I have to work hard, I have to put money on the table.

But they don’t have to Robert fucking Kennedy. There’s a video of him explicitly saying, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans, emphatically, I vaccinated all my kids with all 69 vaccines, all six of them. And then he goes on a tirade for the next nine minutes in the video that we discovered that we put out in 2020, exposing this fool exposing this fraud, where he goes on to say, for the next nine minutes in that video, and I had to do the dirty work of exposing this to all these wealthy women in Scarsdale who want to screw Robert Kennedy and give them a lot of money.

Because they think that Kennedys are people that you sleep with, and you’re great if you sleep with them. Okay, this is a brainwashing, but Robert fucking Kennedy, vaccinated his children, all of them and then has the gall to say, I vaccinated my children, but you shouldn’t, because the CDC is very corrupt, all these government officials are corrupt. And he goes on for nine minutes in this video attacking the government for being corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, he did vaccinate his kids, and then telling you that I’m gonna get them to make safe vaccines.

Do you get this Idiocracy of this fool? He is telling you that the vaccines are unsafe. But then he vaccinated all his kids. He believes in full vaccination of all Americans.

But then he’s telling you that somehow when he becomes president, or whatever the hell he has been doing, collecting and begging for money. And by the way, you have to ask, why did the Kennedys beg for money? They’re billionaires. Why do they need your money? Why do people give them money? Why do people give Donald Trump money is this brainwashing, but Robert Kennedy tells people that he is going to make these corrupt institutions suddenly create safe vaccines that does that make any sense? Tell me.

Does that make any sense? Does it? Does it make any sense? It makes zero sense yet, when I expose this, you have a bunch of morons on Twitter saying Oh, Dr. Shiva, well, you know, he had to do that we had to do that. For what reason? That is your bloody brainwashing.

You are excusing him a false prophet from above, because he happens to have the name Kennedy. And he got a big silver spoon in his mouth from day one. He never had to earn anything bottoms up.

All the degrees, I got everything I got I had to earn and the same people to say that they know the plight of the middle class and the poor people. How can you be up here and know the plight You don’t know my plight? You don’t know the discrimination I had to go through. You don’t know the hard work I do or all of you.

And yet we keep choosing people, these false prophets from above, because they happen to say these words. Well, you have to start choosing leaders who actually have to live by their words and their deeds guys like me. And that’s why I’m running for President because you deserve better and I’m running for president to D brainwash you.

So you stop bowing down to false gods. That is what Shiva for president is about. And that is what our movement is about.

Robert Kennedy, let’s go back to that. Robert fucking Kennedy. That’s what the F stands for.

Robert fucking Kennedy wrote write it down Robert fucking Kennedy. And I I sincerely abuse these people because they deserve to be abused. Because we have been brainwashed in the engrams and the neural networks of our brain to give respect to these people and they do not deserve one iota of respect.

Here’s Robert fucking Kennedy in the middle of COVID. And towards the end of in the middle of COVID, where he’s saying the mRNA vaccine is bad, right? It is a experimental vaccine. It violates the Nuremberg Code.

People in Germany know that he swooped in and tucked all this stuff, Tuck Tuck Tuck yet, in his own bloody house. At a party on December 21 2022, everyone was ordered to be vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine in his own house at a house party. Now, how can you possibly follow some fool like this? You have to have your head checked.

Robert fucking Kennedy forced everyone to make sure that they were vaccinated with the COVID mRNA vaccine in his own home. So medical tyranny in his home, but medical freedom. I mean, come on, what is this guy? Where is this guy coming from? What is he made of? What does he have any integrity? Yet you believe he’s a leader? Come on.

I didn’t see him. As James said in 2020. When we ran the fire Fauci campaign, this guy was nowhere to be found.

Why? Because his brain is fried. And he comes from the elites. He doesn’t want to protect Fauci, he waited a year.

And then he wrote a book, by the way, he didn’t write the book, every book, I write, I write. He has ghost writers write his book. These people don’t do any work, guys, they ski and Aspen.

They play with their falcons, they bang as many people they have. They have open relationships, they have no integrity. And yet you think they are your leaders.

So he vaccinated you have to be vaccinated to come into your home. Michelle, my partner lost her job because he chose not to be vaccinated as a health care worker that is called principal decisions. I chose not to be I had to fight wherever I went against a mask.

It was our movement that did the first science of masks in 2019 and 2020. Exposing that masks do not work. He didn’t do that.

So it is time that you recognize that Robert fucking Kennedy is a false god, a false prophet. And I can keep going on and on and on. He’s the one who wanted strict lockdowns, lockstep and bear with Fauci, you can go look it up, he wants to jail.

Robert effing Kennedy wants to jail people were climate skeptic skeptics. Why do we bow down to Robert fucking Kennedy? Why ask yourself? And you will that will lead you to a very important answer. And the answer is You’ve been brainwashed by wanting to give all of your self respect to people from above, when you are the one who works, you are the one who creates anything.

These people do not create anything, you know what they create, they create that graph. Look at that graph again, that’s what they have delivered. They have delivered suffering for humanity, they’ve delivered the lowest life expectancy going the other way.

Now, when you look at this graph, I’m not done with this graph. So this is what they delivered. Now, as many of you know, in 2020, it was our movement.

It was my heart effort, doing all my businesses plus spending at least three, four hours with very little sleep, teaching you about the immune system, all of this stuff that they did all of this stuff that they did for the last 60 years, destroyed the immune systems of people and how do I know that? Because when a quote unquote pandemic did hit the United States, look what it did, look what it did in this graph. Okay, this is what it did. Let me show you.

This is what it resulted in, boom, you see that? That’s what happened. Now, that is even a further indictment of these fools. Because what that means is people’s immune system, the United States were so bad that they went downward.

Now, the other countries were a little bit better. But the fake food in the United States, the massive stress, the average American worker only has $400 in their bank account. How does Robert fucking Kennedy know about that? How can you ever sympathize with the average? Oh, I understand the plight of the middle class.

No, you don’t know you don’t. You can say that but you don’t. So before COVID hit, it was already going down.

And because of the destruction of the immune system, that’s what occurred because they want to kill people. That is the takeaway from this And let me just go a little more deeper into this graph. And if you really look at this, let me draw some trend lines here, some basic, simple mathematical trend lines.

And you’ll see, the rest of the world is going like this. We’re going in that direction. And how do you change this? How do you change this? As James just said, you need a systems overhaul.

This is not going to occur with a tweak by thinking Tucker Carlson is going to do something, and we’ll talk about Tucker Carlson shortly. Or Elon Musk is there going to fight for free speech? What’s going to happen is if you keep doing this, if you remember, the old Lucy cartoon, Charlie Brown runs to Lucy thinking she’s going to let him hit the ball, she never does. That’s called insanity.

If you keep thinking that the Democrats or Republicans or those in power are going to do something different for you, you must have your head checked, you are insane. If you think these people are going to do something different, where whatever part of the world you are, it’s insanity. These people do not care for you.

So let’s go to the system dynamics of evil. They know that our movement, truth, freedom and health exists. They know it is being led by someone like me, who was never betrayed the working class or the people that I come from being a New Jersey or India, they know that I understood the political science of systems, the engineering science and the medical science of systems.

They know that I am loyal to where I came from, and I am bottoms up guys, as bottoms up as you get. They are all top down. Elon Musk has silver spoon in his mouth, Tucker Carlson a big silver spoon, his mouth and the Kennedys, a big silver spoon in his mouth, their mouths, they are not one of you.

They are not one of you. And I’m the only one running for president in the United States who comes from below and who has a movement that is educating people to raise their consciousness to understand the system dynamics. And what is that system dynamics.

This is how it works. And all of you listening, if you want to really learn this go to Shiva for President accom volunteer. But if you want to understand this, go to truth freedom help.

com become a warrior scholar, and you will understand the systems dynamics of how you’re being fucked every day, because that is what they’re doing to you. And those are the kinds of words you must use. And you must teach that to your children went to curse at the right time.

Not all the time, but at the right time. So what is that system dynamics? Well, first of all, they have sensors, you say sensors are one of the nine principles of all systems. Sensors are the ability to capture data to see what’s going on.

They have hundreds of millions of cameras everywhere nowadays, you know that on social media is a government controlled entity, which is our lawsuit exposed. It is completely controlled by government that capture every word you say every emotion is being dissected every sentiment through a technology called principal component analysis, what you may call AI, etc. These things are being analyzed.

Those are their sensors, they know exactly what you will buy tomorrow, they know exactly what you will do based on your past activity, because they want to treat you like automatons. But what they do not know is that when you raise your consciousness, they can’t model that through AI. They can’t model that they can model the repetitive brainwashing.

So with all of this data that’s being grabbed, they know the directionality of humanity. And today, they know that directionality is breaking from the establishment. People are breaking from the establishment, they’re looking for alternatives.

They are looking for our movement truth freedom health. The reason I connect correctly, John Mettler is, all those videos we did, reached hundreds and hundreds of millions of people during 2020 and 2021. Wherever I traveled, people say Dr.

Steve, I saw your video. Thank you so much for giving me the vitamin d3 protocol. This was in 2020.

And in order, and so what they did was they understood what where things were going, Holy shit, people are breaking from us. They’re starting to listen to this guy, Dr. Shiva.

They’re becoming members of the truth, human health movement. These videos are going viral, what do we do? So remember, their goal is power, profit and control. So what they did was they created false gods and false prophets.

And they promoted them. They made us invisible. So you understand which way the slaves are going.

In the old days, they would just take a hammer or gun and shoot you right? If you try to fight, but then they got sophisticated. They said, shoot, we don’t want to do that, because we’re gonna get these people even more angry. And there will be martyrs.

They don’t want martyrs So we said we will silence them character assassinate their leaders. And we will give them false leaders false gods. And these false leaders and false gods will corral people to new institutions where we will control them even further.

This is a systematic process. Step one, understand where the slaves are going up, the slaves are waking up. Step two, create a false idol and a false god.

Push them in front of the slaves, make invisible the true bottoms up leaders as part of Step two, to a into b, and then corral these people into institutions controlled by those false gods. So we could bring them back to the establishment. And why do I say this? Well, as a scientist, as an engineer, you actually look at data, you have a hypothesis, and you look at it and you see the same laws of physics.

In the 1900s, as many of you in our movement if you take the course and you learn the Indian people in India were rising up for a true systems overall revolutionary change. Those in power created a guy and when they create a false God, listen to me, they actually create a false god. They created something called Mahatma Gandhi.

That wasn’t even his name, please Google right now what the word Mahatma means. Google it type in MA h a t ma. Look it up.

It means st it means God. Okay, so they gave him the name Mahatma Gandhi’s name was Mohandas K. Gandhi.

They made him mahatma. They gave him a white robe, they put on spectacles and overnight, they Indians bottoms up, they had amazing leaders names who have been completely made invisible. And these leaders wanted systemic change.

They wanted massive change for the hundreds of millions of people in the US to throw off the yoke of oppressive colonialism. And that was coming up, bottoms up, you get what I’m saying. And to replace that energy, that consciousness, they created Mahatma Mahatma was so fucked up, okay.

They created this Mahatma a God. And he gets all this publicity. And all the people get corralled into him.

And he created an institution with the British called the Indian National Congress. And that institution, they allowed all the brown people in there to fight and everything they thought they had democracy. And what they did was they transferred power.

From the elite white men with crowns or British to the elite Indians, they quelled the revolution. And for 7080 years, India continued to have massive corruption. How does a country with massive amounts of wealth never really progress? Fully? Thank you to Mahatma Gandhi.

Now, the United States they did the same thing. The Civil Rights Movement was coming up with poor blacks and poor whites demanding infrastructure, infrastructure infrastructure in the inner cities, because poor blacks and poor whites realize that they didn’t have proper food, they didn’t have proper education. And those civil rights movements are coming up again, bottoms up, they sensed it.

So they go get this guy, Martin Luther, that’s not even his name. Martin Luther John, who was Martin Luther. You mean the one who started Protestantism? Yes.

So but he was a big name, right. So they take Martin Luther, that wasn’t his name, and they give him that name. Again, this doesn’t sound they create another false god.

You see how they do this? And who did this Robert F. Kennedy. Robert fucking Kennedy’s father.

He did. He was attorney general of the United States. He was bugging all the civil rights leaders.

And they they promoted Martin Luther King, as Malcolm X said, the March on Washington where he gives a speech I Have a Dream was a complete circus. It was beautifully organized, corralled everyone to the Washington, you know, whatever the mall, gives a speech. And then the result was they didn’t address infrastructure in the inner cities.

What they did was they created something called affirmative action to pit blacks against whites. There were some it was a reform that was necessary to give blacks but it wasn’t the real solution, you say. So what ended up happening you create a pencil thin Strada of black bourgeois like Obama, right? But it never rose up all the poor blacks and poor whites in the United States.

They had no interest in doing that. So again, that is what is happening right now. They know that our movement, they’re tracking everything.

The only reason I was put back on Twitter was for one reason is to do the predictive analytics on my followers. What does that mean? That means they’re watching a All of my followers, they’re gathering data on who these people are. They’re building a profile through a technique called pattern analysis, principal component analysis.

And they know Oh, Dr. Chivas followers all have this pattern. Let me go across the billions of people find those other people, and then we will deliver them data to confuse them.

Crystal Ellis will tell you she doesn’t follow Robert F. Kennedy. Suddenly she starts getting emails and notifications from him why? It’s called manipulation, predictive analytics.

My followers stay at the same level. Every time I do a tweet, I see my followers grow and you see them being eaten away. It is called the Digital cage.

That is what Elon Musk is. Elon Musk doesn’t give a damn about free speech. If he did.

He would have taken down the backdoor portal to government every time I bring it up. He doesn’t address it. Every time we hammered on it.

Suddenly he gets on Tucker Carlson to complete evil individuals. Evil One evil two evil three. Talking about suddenly Oh, yeah, there’s this backdoor portal.

Are you fucking serious? This was brought out in 2020. Fucker Carlson. We have the emails.

We sent it to him. He did not cover it. Tucker Carlson is trying to use the masses to protect himself because he did a duplicitous job at Fox News.

Outwardly, he was talking about oh, yeah, election fraud to get all the eyeballs internally. He was saying there is no election fraud. That’s in the courtroom transcripts.

This guy is a fraud. Tucker Carlson is a fraud. f f f.

He gets a big F he’s a fraud. He’s Tucker Carlson. Go read the transcripts.

He was telling his right wing conservative Oh, yeah, there’s election fraud internally and text messages saying This is bullshit. You get it? You see what I’m saying? One rule for them. And another rule for us and all these idiots are being trained.

Oh, yeah, Tucker, suddenly. Yes, he’s fighting evil. He’s for truth.

No, he isn’t. Where was he in 2020? When we gave him the fact that we had discovered the backdoor portal and courtroom testimony. He didn’t cover it then why? Why? Because I you our movement is an independent movement.

We don’t bow down to the Democrats. We don’t bow down to the Republicans. We are completely independent of them.

And that bothers them, which means we cannot be controlled. We don’t need 20 million bucks a year. We don’t just appeal to the right or the left.

So Tucker Carlson didn’t cover us. He’s a selfish anti American. He’s not a patriot.

He’s anti Americans. Because has had he covered the findings of our lawsuit in 2020. We could have stopped a lot of this.

He didn’t do shit. He’s a motherfucker. Carlson.

That’s what he is. Do not give these people any respect. And those people have been calling him Tucker Carlson.

Please do not follow me. You don’t deserve your consciousness raised because I’m telling you the truth. Tucker Carlson fucked all of you.

That’s why he’s called Tucker Carlson. And now he’s doing these speeches. Oh, yeah.

You know, we must fight evil telling the truth is fighting evil. Yeah, well talk is cheap fucker. Where were you in 2020 hold people up to higher standards.

Fine. If you’re going to want to redeem yourself, then you must pay penance. As all the great spiritual leaders if you’re going to just say, Oh, I did wrong.

Well, what are you going to pay? Are you going to put us back on? Are you going to apologize to us? I haven’t seen an apology. Has anyone seen an apology from Tucker Carlson to our movement zero. It was our movement which got the word out to 300 million people.

It was our movement that exposed the fundamental issues of the vaccines. It was our movement and 2020 that call that Fauci none of these guys were there. Musk Musk is now saying, Oh yeah, Fauci should be indicted.

Are you talking serious? You’re the one who took two jabs at the vaccine. Elon, you smart you take drugs all day. You’re in with government $5.

7 billion you get from for SpaceX. To put up Starlink satellites, which will watch all of our movements of every human being on the planet. You got another $1.

5 billion in carbon tax credits, because you believe in the climate scam along with Kennedy. You want to subjugate all human beings, your Tesla credit your Tesla $600 billion valuation came at the scam of carbon tax credits and your Twitter the only reason it’s worth more than two or $3 billion is because of section 230. Immunity with the unholy alliance with Silicon Valley and Congress.

You are a government frontman admit it. Tucker Tucker Carlson is a government frontman. Kennedy is a government frontman and This knowledge, this system dynamics of watching a movement come up like ours, like they did in the 1900s to the 1960s.

They see us coming up guys. So they’re creating the Musk’s, they’re creating the Tucker Carlson, they’re creating the Kennedys. These people didn’t save people’s lives, did they? James, I didn’t see them in 2020 our movements save millions of people’s lives.

And guess what we’re bottoms up, I’m as bottoms up as you get their top down. So the system dynamics, the last piece of it is to convince you that two parts you must always look above beg, beg beg to these people and not value yourselves by absolving them of these contradictions. They want you to push under the rug their contradictions, no, you can’t do that.

Because when you do that, they will kill you, which they’re doing with the that curve. And your children. That’s what they want.

This is all talk, guys. So our run for president, the reason our movement exists is to raise consciousness. And our my run for president is historic on two accounts.

First of all, I’m a naturalized citizen, I’m demanding that the United States Government follow the Constitution. The Constitution says you cannot discriminate between a native born and a naturalized citizen. It’s in black and white.

So any idiot who says oh, you can’t run, yes, I can go read the Constitution. You know, you probably were smoking weed in the back of the classroom, when history class was being taught, stop smoking weed, okay, get healthy and read the fucking constitution. I will run and we will create a massive movement to expose these people for what they are.

That’s why we’re running. And our movement truth freedom and health is educating you. It is educating you and how to take care of your immune system.

That’s our health care platform, our immune our our environmental policies, start learning how to support your local farmers. Start learning how to eat organic, good, healthy foods. Our movement for education is learned truth from lies learn the science of systems.

Our platform for innovation is we’re going to teach your kids how to make stuff and innovate our platform for you know, financial systems is we’re going to teach you what is the profit and loss statement, what is cashflow, we’re going to teach people real skills. We’re not going to wait for these fucking people. They will do nothing.

We need a systems overhaul. They want to kill you. I want to heal you.

They want to destroy you. I want you to destroy them. That is what this movement is about.

We need a systems overhaul period. And any one of you who has a problem with me using the term Tucker Carlson let me repeat a Robert fucking Kennedy are exposing Elon Musk, please, please, please go look at what food you’re eating. Go look at if you have any self respect and dignity for yourself, look at yourself in the mirror.

Because these are the facts and ask yourself why after the preponderance of facts that I’ve shared today, why you still want to suck these people’s you know what off every day, and why you bow down to them. You have to ask yourself that, because that is what you’re doing. mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, that is what you’re doing.

And you are not setting any standard for your children. But our movement and the leaders that we are building globally, will be uncompromising with these points we’ve shared today, because this is a system dynamics of evil to make you a slave. And this discourse today gives you the opportunity to break from that.

So do as you wish, go to truth freedom learn the science of systems, because that is will be your foundation. And if you want to help our campaign, go to Shiva for president.

com and support this historic campaign. But most importantly do it to support yourself. Do it because you believe you have dignity and you have respect for yourselves.

But if you want to be a slave, continue supporting Tucker Carlson continue supporting Robert fucking Kennedy and thinking Elon Musk is your false got everyone on Zoom stay here while I sign off to the rest of world. Thank you everyone. And by the way, this evening at 8pm.

If you go to bh You’re welcome to join our our 8pm Open House if you missed it today.

So I wish you all well to those of you out in the world of social media, but I have to go back to our open house. Thank you

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