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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, provides a deep systems analysis on the TWO FACES of IMPERIALISM. The one of brutal subjugation offered by ONE face of the Establishment and the OTHER face – more treacherous & insidious – which speaks of peace and being “humanitarian” – but with the same end goals of Power Profit Control to enslave you.

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All right, good evening, everyone, we’re going to have a very, very important discussion today. I would state that this discussion that we’re going to have today is probably the most important discussion from a standpoint of really, really understanding politics, on how we can actually create change. As people are joining, let me give a couple of overview.

Many of you know that on social media because of the fact that I consistently tell the truth, and I consistently have to do sort of the job of the custodian doing the dirty job and calling out not just the obvious establishment, which I’ve been doing consistently for most of my life, but the not so obvious establishment. And those in power, like to ensure that you are constantly duped by not being able to really understand who the not so obvious establishment is. You see those in power, use the obvious establishment to just pummel people.

And when that doesn’t work, they have another group of people call the not so obvious establishment. And you’re going to really understand that lesson. But I’m going to use the example of a family or group of people who’ve been doing this for a long time, the Kennedys.

The Kennedys are the epitome of the not so obvious establishment. And we’re going to talk about this within the context of the Ukraine war. Yesterday, I did a discussion on why as President I would pull us out of NATO unequivocally, without any reservations, to really protect the working people of this country.

The liberal imperialists, as we’ll talk about, like Boobie Effing Kennedy, and you’ll understand why I mock this fellow because he shouldn’t be mocked. In fact, the entire Kennedy family should be mocked because unlike the open imperialists, one wing of the establishment who just say, we’re just going to brutalize you, we don’t care. The other wing of the establishment tries to always cover things up and peace and love and words like humanitarian, but they still screw you, anyway.

And a lot of people, a lot of, I would say, typically, people who are dumb liberals, or frankly, do not understand this dynamic or naive, get caught up by that other wing. But both wings of the establishment have the same intention to subjugate working people of the United States and other parts, and to deliver power, profit and control. So we’re going to talk about that today.

And I would encourage all of you right now, if you’re listening, invite your family, your friends, hit share, hit the notifier, the subscribe button so you can get a notification of other talks that I do. And like it, because this is one way to get across over the sensors. But today’s discussion is going to be done in the context of a column Boobie because all these people call them Bobby because they think he’s their friend.

It’s a sort of this ridiculous, being enamored by this top down, people call the Kennedys were completely a fiction. Everything they’ve done is made up. They’re not people who care about everyday working people.

They’re imperialists, as you’re going to realize. So we’re going to use Kennedy’s comment where he said that, we’re in Ukraine for all the right reasons. And there’s a guy called chief nerd who’s a shill for Kennedy, you’ll see me says he’s an independent journalist, but he’s actually a big show for Kennedy.

When I exposed Kennedy in 2020, Kennedy tempted to smear me, when I exposed Kennedy again, this guy, Chief nerd, and I played a video, he said, Oh, that’s not the whole video, while you’re going to play the whole video, and you realize what a scumbag Kennedy really is on the vaccine issue, and on the issue of Ukraine. So the establishment right now, is trying to figure out which liberal imperialists of which person can bamboozle the public, that they should really back, so we’re going to talk about that. But before I do that, I want to encourage everyone again, to recognize John, you’re going to put up that little banner, the LIKE, SHARE thing, please.

Please, like, you know, share what we’re doing. And also you can sign up, go to

You can sign up as a free member, you get lots of gifts, but you’ll also get emails from us so please go do that. It’s a way that we fight the shadow banning that’s going on, particularly to me they don’t do it to the others, because those guys aren’t harmful to them. Before we start, what I want to emphasize to you is, everything that I’m going to share with you today comes out of the core teachings I do at Truth Freedom Health.

Truth Freedom Health is a global movement, which is really educating people to start using their mind to think beyond left and right to start recognizing that there is a physics to understanding how the establishment works. And without that physics, you’re really screwed, because you’ll follow one fool, one day Obama, then you’ll follow Trump another day, then you’ll follow the Kennedys the other day, then you’ll follow the Biden’s, or then you’ll follow some other person. The establishment is very, very clever and moving you judging what’s going on and how to manipulate you.

And this is why change occurs or we go backward. And why the rich get richer, because fundamentally what’s going on is that most of you get bamboozled because you don’t don’t understand that there’s a physics, there’s a science to how they do this bamboozling. So, what I’d like to do before I get into this, and what we’re going to cover today is the dynamics of this, the two faces of imperialism.

I’m going to share with you something from the Vietnam War, which is what took place at the 1968 convention. To make it clear, we’re going to literally listen to Kennedy statements and how he’s very, very clever, he’s evil, this guy Boobie Fucking Kennedy is evil. He knows how to manipulate and talk in forked tongue.

We’re gonna look at what he said on the Ukraine war. The statement that he said, and what he said before and after, so you get the whole context. So none of these Kennedy butt kissers say all you only took that statement out of context, and then we’re going to go and we’re going to look at the same way he behaved on vaccines.

He said, Oh, yeah, I’m for vaccines. Full vaccination, everyone thinks he’s fighting for medical freedom, you’re going to see this forked tongue duplicity of the Kennedys. And this is how they sucker people in.

And more importantly, this is what I call the two faces of imperialism. The one that’s avert tells you, we’re going to screw you and the other one, that’s more duplicity, which is actually much more evil. But before I do that, I want to play for you a very, very important video that really will inspire you to become what I call a truth Truth Freedom Health Warrior and a Scholar, we’ve created an entire infrastructure for all of you.

And this video will explain what that is. But you can go to, and become a part of this movement.

Because we’ve created in many ways a University of you can think about it for revolutionary training. So you really understand this for this, let me play this video. But we have a lot to talk about today.

And hopefully, this video will inspire you, here we go. We have allowed our country to be taken over from within. And the end goal is you will have a homogenized World where we will become slaves.

Because there is a condition among the elites that really thinks they’re better than you, deep down inside them, that you don’t deserve the freedoms you have. They don’t. This reality is what people need to wake up to.

And we need to all unite working people, there’s only one movement that can do that. And that is the movement that we started creating here Massachusetts, the movement for Truth Freedom and Health, look I’ve been a student of politics since I was a four year old kid, setting revolutionary movements, left wing right wing, there’s a physics there’s a nuclear science to destroying the establishment. To build a bridge, you need to understand Newton’s equation, you need to understand the laws of gravity, you need to understand Poissons ratio, there is a way to build a revolution.

And that’s why I put this together. My goal is to train a army of Truth Freedom and Health Leaders. We don’t need followers like social media, we need leaders, but they need training because the educational system does not teach them history, nothing.

So in three hours is what I’ve started doing. That’s the solution. We got to train people first with understanding what a system is the dynamics of all systems that affect nature.

The second is understanding the interconnection between truth, freedom and health. Freedom is the ability to move freely, communicate freely, talk freely, without freedom, you cannot convert ideas, hypothesis into truth, which is science. And without freedom, you can’t really get to truth and without truth, you make up fake problems and fake solutions, which means you destroy our health.

And without health, which is the infrastructure of us and our body, you can’t fight for freedom, Truth Freedom Health. Third concept is it has to be bottoms up working people, people who work uniting. And what the right wing has done is whenever you say working people unite that must be communist.

Meanwhile, they’ve let them Democrats run unions, which suppress workers completely corrupt. But when you look at the arc of American history, it’s been when working people came up, we need to go local, every solution I’m coming up with as a part of this movement, we’re giving the science which is a truth. And then we tell people what they can do on the ground.

Like with election fraud. You don’t need to wait for some lawyer. Our goal is to train people to go local to go local to go local, fight locally.

Forget lawyers, forget politicians, forget celebrities, you’ve got to learn politics, and there is a science to it. They lock us down, we should be ready to shut them down. And the fourth part of this principle is a not so obvious establishment.

So when you look at a system, there’s always something that disturbs you from getting to your goal. Well the biggest disturbances are not so obvious establishment, which are those people who claim they’re for you, on the left and the right, the Al Sharpton’s to tell black people I’m for you. The Tucker Carlson’s.

Do you think any true anti establishment person will ever be on Fox or CNN? I don’t think so. They both mislead working people back into the establishment. Without this solid understanding of political physics in theory, you’re screwed.

You’re going to follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders. Oh, he said something or Robert Kennedy, scumbags? Or you going to follow some right wing talk show host, they’re not going to lead us deliberation. It’s us.

We’re building a bottoms up movement and that political physics, it’s a nuclear science of change. Bottoms up, we have to organize to understand that there is people who talk a good game, and look at what they actually do left and right. I’m sorry, Sean Hannity may say some good things, but I don’t see the urgency in his voice to get something done.

And it can only come when you weaponize yourself with the right knowledge, you need to be able to identify a rat. You know, Christ didn’t go after the Romans, right, it was the Pharisees and the Sadducees, who screwed him up his own, quote unquote, people. And that’s where we’re at.

So these four concepts I’ve built into a curriculum, and people can go to, and it’s an educational program, we need to train people in political theory, you need to have physics, and I’ve created that curriculum. People need to get educated, we need to get educated fast.

And within half an hour, an hour, I can teach people two years of MIT control systems, I teach people those concepts that I apply it, anyone can understand it. And then you say, Oh, I gotta build a bottoms up movement. They have to get politically astute.

And then they have to go locally, an act not sit there on social media, they have to act locally, defy locally, do civil obedience locally, but with knowledge on how to build a movement, and the Senate campaigns expanded to the movement for Truth Freedom and Health, and they can find it on So people can sign in, they can get access to a bunch of videos, if they want to take a course and become a Truth Freedom Health Leader, I offer a full scholarship there.

But we want people to make a commitment that they’ll study, that they’ll get certified, that they’ll go do activities on the ground. So go to Alright, everyone.

So what I want to begin this discussion with and by the way, I want to welcome everyone who’s here, today’s discussion, as we started, is about a very, very important topic. We’re going to discuss as a case study Boobie, which is Robert, and that’s what I call him, because you’ll understand why because this guy’s truly a scumbag. And he recently stated, we’re going to talk about why he’s ”a humanitarian warmongerer”, which may seem like a contradiction, but that’s what we’re going to talk about.

How there are two wings of the establishment, one wing of the establishment overtly tells you to your face, we’re going to screw you that we’re going to enslave you, we’re going to go start wars, we’re going to go screw those people up, and they’re just very averted about it. The other wing of the establishment that was also created is much more of a salesperson, they’re going to do the exact same thing. But they sell it to you by saying, oh, we’re into peace and love.

You know, we’re into humanitarian stuff, and they speak with forked tongue. Unfortunately, most people are very naive to that latter piece. And there’s an entire institution of people that have been created to bamboozle people using that salesman approach and the Kennedys are the epitome of that.

Typically among both parties, Democrat and Republican, the left wing and the right wing elements of those parties, which are not the core elements of the Democrats or Republicans, but the wings of that, which always are a pure populace. Those are the wings that are used to manipulate people to thinking that the establishment is for you, and they’re kinder and gentler, etc. And we’re going to give some examples of that.

Let me first begin by taking you back. Some of you if you’re over the age of 55 or 60, you may remember glimpses of the Vietnam War, okay? How many of you remember the Vietnam War? Okay, let’s take a quick poll and give us an idea of the age of people, but some of you may have read about it. But how many of you have heard about the Vietnam War? How many of you know about the Vietnam War? Anyone out there? Well, no one’s heard about the Vietnam War.

Okay. Well, let’s educate. So the the Vietnam War is a very, very important war to understand.

If you go back to the history of the Vietnam War, after World War Two, what occurred was, there was a part of Southeast Asia called Indochina, which included Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The Geneva Accords, around in the mid 1950s, after the war ended, basically split up Vietnam into North Vietnam, which was communist, quote, unquote, communist and South Vietnam, which is literally backed by the United States. In fact, South Vietnam, which was backed by, frankly, a quote unquote, a dictator, did not want to even have elections, democratic elections and the US supported that, okay.

The North Vietnamese started doing guerrilla attacks in South Vietnam, and the reason the South Vietnam quote unquote, leadership did not want to have any democratic elections as they were actually scared that the general people actually supported North Vietnam okay? So the United States government, left and right, supported this undemocratic regime in South Vietnam, which didn’t want to have elections. aAnyway, that eventually escalated into step by step. First, Eisenhower.

If you don’t know who Eisenhower was, who was the president of the United States, he put in about 700 military advisors. And then when Kennedy came into office, he escalated he really started the war. Under the tutelage of Henry Kissinger, we bought into the White House.

And I talked about this a few days ago, on the occasion of Kissinger’s birth. And what ended up happening at that point was that the war escalates. It goes from 700 advisors to nearly 16,000, US military person, and about 60 US military person got killed.

So the war really started under Kennedy, wasn’t Johnson, alright. And so as the Vietnam War started expanding, then, after Kennedy’s death, you had Johnson come in, and then Nixon. And when I came to the United States in 1970, all I saw on TV, most of the time 24/7 was fighting in Vietnam, bodybags of US soldiers coming, horrible events taking place in Vietnam, and it was around 1972, the United States gets out of the war, Nixon pulls out.

Okay, so what happened? What happened between 1961 when Kennedy brought in Kissinger and they started the war, and to 1972 during those 11 years? Well, what happened was that the, the intervention in Vietnam, was presented to the American public by the liberal imperialist Kennedy. And subsequently by Johnson, Lyndon Johnson, oh we’re there for humanitarian efforts were there to stop the expansion of communism, okay, because they had this theory called the Domino, you know, when you play dominoes, one domino falls, the other could fall that if we let Vietnam fall, all of Southeast Asia would become quote, unquote, communist. So under this theory, that we were there for humanitarian reasons to protect the South Vietnamese.

That’s what the quote unquote, the Democratic establishment left wing promoted, right? And Kennedy was seeing this guy, you know, he’s represented all people and he was and, they had all this massive PR around Kennedy, being, you know, Camelot you know, all these associations that they built massive. propagandized brainwashing of the American people to make Kennedy pure, those of false got when you really look at it. Kennedy was reckless.

He was an imperialist. He was serving the military-industrial-academic establishment, which is what Eisenhower warned about. All right.

And regardless of what set out there, ultimately Kennedy’s the one who started that war, and then when Johnson came in again, they promoted this thing called well, you know, we’re humanitarians. Now, if you look at the activism of that day, so if you were a 17, 18, 19, 20 year old kid at that time, so again, someone’s asking: Kennedy was on their side, why did they kill them? So John, you have to understand whose side are you talking about? You act as though Kennedy is one of you, one of us, Kennedy was an elite. Okay, I’m sorry, John, the Kennedys don’t allow you into their Hyannis Port compound, okay.

They hang out with movie stars, and they have golden toilets, you don’t have access to that, so stop saying this assumption that Kennedy is one of us. The Kennedys were a mafia family and they had other problems with other mafia families. And whatever occurred between them really has nothing to do with your life as a working person.

So this notion of who killed him and what happened. It has nothing to do with everyday working people’s lives. Because at the end of the day, these people are elites fighting among, they have their own factions, they’re never going to let us know what happened, but it has nothing to do with your advancement of everyday working people, okay? 16,000 working people, poor people under Kennedy were sent over to Vietnam, okay.

And, and hundreds of thousands of working people were sent to get butchered in Vietnam, fighting other working people, not the Kennedys, not the Trump’s etc. So please stop asking these very stupid questions, thinking that you’re one of the Kennedys, and Bobby and all these people are your friends. They’re not it’s all Hollywood, okay.

So please get over that. All right. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

This brainwashing that’s been done to you. Now, during the Vietnam War, young people were starting to rise up, and they didn’t want to get drafted. It was a very selfish thing, hey, I don’t want to go over there and die right? So what was happening was an anti war movement was building.

No similar, no different than the movement, our movement, Truth Freedom Health is building to expose the left and the right. But the anti war movement wasn’t that advanced at the time. The enemy in as this movement advanced, was that the enemy was always represented to these anti war activists, as the Republicans, you know, or the establishment Democrats or the establishment Republicans were war mongerers, right, because people like Barry Goldwater openly said, yeah, we should go destroy those people.

So the obvious establishment of the time, was always speaking this rabid anti communist rhetoric. Yeah, we should bomb them, we should drop more bombs, we should kill people. They were just saying to people’s face, that they wanted to go annihilate the Vietnamese, okay.

They would call them racist names they were avert in their racism, avert in their imperialism. So think about it this way. Imperialism, the establishment have one face, which is overt, and say we’re gonna annihilate them, we’re gonna kill them.

We want to destroy them. We want to enslave those people, etc. Hamza says, I don’t think they killed Kennedy.

They released the footage 10 years later, plus Kennedy sanction Cuba. Definitely. Thank you for sharing that.

All right. So the point is that the anti war activists because they didn’t have training in what we teach today, Truth Freedom Health, they were just looking at the obvious establishment. You know, the Barry Goldwater’s who were just rabid, they wanted to bomb carpet bomb the shit out of Vietnam.

They didn’t care. Okay, the obvious establishment. And then the not so obvious establishment, the John Kennedy’s and you know, who would talk in very flowery language, he never wrote any of his speeches, others wrote all this stuff.

And Lyndon Johnson, they were like, saying, oh, yeah, we’re in there for humanitarian reasons, okay. Well, as the anti war movement built, there were sections of the anti war movement, who were all enamored, they were stuck to the one wing of the establishment, the Democrats, and they kept preaching to the rest of the anti war movement, oh the Democrats are good, you know, they’re not like the Republicans who just want to bomb the hell out of the Vietnamese. We want to figure out how to work this out, okay.

The Democrats are actually anti war. Well, all that changed in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention. And I want to show you footage from that.

Okay, all of that changed in 1968, the Democratic National Convention. What was occurring of the Democratic National Convention, well Lyndon Johnson was running against Barry Goldwater, the Republican and Chicago in the amphitheater on the stage, Lyndon Johnson actually had machine guns pointed at the doors because there were thousands of protesters outside, and they were getting pissed off, because there was a bombing of Cambodia that had taken place. People are seeing more of the butchering that the military industrial complex and US imperialism was doing to the Vietnamese.

And people were getting more and more angry. And so there was a massive protest outside tens of thousands of police, an army were called out, okay. And again, all of these anti war protesters still had this illusion that they didn’t understand the two faces of imperialism, they thought, LBJ, you know, was on their side, or the Democrats are on their side, and this is what happened.

Let me share this with you, outside of the Democratic Convention, and this is what was called the riots that took place. So this would happen, let me play this too. So this was outside of the Democratic Convention.

Hopefully you guys can hear it. (Video voice: ”..

and National Guardsmen, 7500 Regular Army troops..” So this was known as a battle of Michigan.

Cops started beating the protesters heads. And you can see it was was was getting brutal. Okay.

So the Democrats were anti war. And all of this was broadcast live on national television. So people are sitting at their home, and they’re seeing these young kids get hammered into their heads busted in.

And you can see this, this isn’t the United States. Protesters start getting beaten the hell out, okay. ”…frightful week, but repeatedly tried to march on the side of the convention, the stockyards…” So there you can see, so I’m going to stop this, but what you can see is, ”…even inside the convention hall, a virus of violence was pervasive than brother, and Waldo…” So there you go.

So this was all occurring, if you saw this, outside and inside of the convention, alright. So after the police, which LBJ unleashed on these protesters, suddenly, the protesters realize, oh, my God, the Democrats are also part of this evil, that all the words that they were using for peace and love and helping the Vietnamese and being humanitarian, had nothing to do with this, okay? And by the way, Jason Etsi says, well, that’s shocking horror. Yeah.

So Jason, a lot of people have forgotten this. And I wanted to share this with you. That the bottom line is that the left wing and the right wing, both wings of the establishment all wanted to annihilate Vietnam, but not only annihilate Vietnam, they wanted to prolong this war to fund the military industrial complex, which was making billions off the war.

So one wing was brutal just said openly in some ways they were truthful to the American people. Yeah, we want to go bomb those people. The other wing, the Democrat wing was saying, oh, we’re there for humanitarian reasons.

But as a protester started figuring this out unfortunate it took them 8-10 years to figure this out that both wings were in cahoots. And then when they got beat up, people at home saw Lyndon Johnson’s police force. Remember, this is in Chicago, run by a guy called Mayor daily mafia daily, daily Democrat, who by the way, the Kennedys were very close with was the one who was controlling those cops, and he unleashed these 10,000, 12,000 cops to beat the shit out of all these students.

That’s when the American public woke up. And that’s when they realized, wow, you know, the Democrats and the Republicans are both part of this. And that is what was a turning point in the war.

And that turning point was significant because people suddenly woke up, meaning the anti war movement and they said, hey, we got a break with both wings of the establishment. Does everyone get that? Until that incident took place with the Chicago convention, you had this illusion, which a lot of people have now, Boobie Effing Kennedy is on their side or Donald Trump is on their side. This is a what they don’t want to teach you this history class.

And but in movement and building movements, that both wings of the establishment were supporters of bombing of Vietnam, but one was doing it in a kinder, gentler way. Still believing as though the US had right to go over there 10,000 miles away and intervene, both wings of the establishment, one was kinder and gentler, how was trying to do it, and the other one was avert. But after the 1968 beatings that the students took, they said shit, both wings of the establishment are one.

Does that make sense? So without this historical understanding, from 1968, from the Vietnam War, many of you won’t understand the dynamic of what’s taking place right now, both wings of the establishment, do not give a damn about you. Anyone who’s comes from top down, be a Trump, be it Obama, be it the Kennedys be at Biden, anyone you want to put up there, when they’re coming top down, when they have all that brand equity that they built by being top down by being part of the elites, they speak with, either overtly to screw you, or they speak in a duplicitous way, and you have to understand this. It’s really, really important to understand this otherwise, we as a people, as a working people are all screwed, and what we teach a Truth Freedom Health, as we call this, the not so obvious establishment, and you have to understand that.

Deanna says thanks, Dr. Shiva for the in depth history lesson. Deanna that’s just one example of the Vietnam War.

Let me give you another example. And the way I started learning, this was a 1981 when I first came to MIT, at that time, 1980, 1981. If you remember, it was Ronald Reagan, for those of you remember this running against a guy called Walter Mondale, Republican and Democrat.

And, basically they’re the establishment, okay. Republican Democrat establishment. So if you think about, you take my body here and you think about if the head is the establishment, it has the obvious aspects of the establishment, the Democrat and Republican side, Reagan was the obvious establishement, another Republican side, and Mondale was the obvious establishment.

Today you would consider Mitch McConnell the obvious establishment on the Republican side, and people like the Clintons, the obvious establishment Democrat side. However, this bird, you know, if you think about a bird having the head, which is the establishment in this, two shoulders, the obvious establishment, the wings of that bird are necessary to manipulate people into thinking that, yes, there’s the obvious establishment that they’re bad. And there’s another part of the establishment that is good.

So the establishment has created its wigs on the left and the right. So and the way I discovered this, and this is a very powerful technique, those in power have done is, in that election between the two establishment candidates, Reagan and Mondale, there was another candidate who was acting, acting and saying all the words of populous words, and his name was a guy called Jesse Jackson. And Jesse Jackson, like the Trump of that time, or the Boobie Kennedy of that time would talk all these words, yeah, we are one people, blah, blah, blah, we were against this war, that war, you know, we’re for of black people, which say all these words, and he started manipulating people to build what was called the rainbow movement, a rainbow coalition.

And everyone, those of us were idealists like myself, who said, wow, this guy is good. He’s really anti establishment, okay, he’s saying all these words. But on the day of the Democratic Convention, what.

. Someone says they remember Jesse Jackson Exactly. By the way.

On the day of the Democratic Convention, when its Mondale versus Reagan, all of these people were bought into Jesse Jackson think he was going to really build a quote unquote, a movement. And what does he do at the last minute on the floor of the Democratic Convention, he gives us sorry as speech and says, we must vote for the lesser of two evils. Talking about Mondale the obvious establishment, all these people were corralled and suckered in back into the establishment.

Do you understand that? So Jesse Jackson was a wing of the Democratic Party who talked all this game, but his job was to corral people in right back into the Democratic establishment, all right? Another guy who does this consistently is a guy called Bernie Sanders. But he’s getting old. AOC does this, talks a big game.

Sometimes she’ll even attack Hillary Clinton, or even Biden, but they’ll just talk the talk, but their goal is to sucker people back in to the wing of the Democratic establishment. Similarly, on the Republican side, they have the same thing, okay. And that’s the role of Donald Trump.

The Republicans didn’t have this figured out until probably more recently, they had the Tea Party. But Donald Trump’s job was to sucker people back in to the Republican wing of the establishment, he talked a good game, Lock her up, no one got locked up, except his followers. Drain the Swamp.

He never drained the swamp. In fact, he bought the swamp in, okay. What actually happened? was $6.

9 trillion got printed during the quote unquote pandemic where he did the lockdown and 600 billionaires friends and his his Strada people increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion. Okay? So that’s the concept you have to understand.

There’s the obvious establishment both ways. And then there’s a not so obvious establishment and they’re very clever. The not so obvious establishment is what we teach a Truth Freedom Health, we need to identify if we’re going to have a movement that wins.

Now, if you go back to the Vietnam War, what actually happened was, after the beatings that I mean, literally beatings, people’s skulls were broken, people were bleeding, arms broken, they had to go through that bitter knowledge to realize, wow, Democrats and Republicans are one. And then that’s when the movement, the anti war movement separated. They split on Lyndon Johnson, they split on Goldwater, they split on the Republicans and Democrats.

And when that happened, that is when the war ended within, you know, about 16 months thereafter, because a protest group, they could no longer be controlled by the wings of the establishment. All right. That’s what I want you to understand.

So there are two faces of imperialism, the obvious face. And then the face that talks about being gentler and kinder and humanitarian. All right.

Now, having understood that, I hope that’s clear. We can now see what’s happening right now, right now in front of you. And we can see the bamboozling that’s going on right now.

And that’s why it’s very critical to understand this political lesson. If working people are going to win, as I mentioned, right now, in the United States, and it’s going to occur all over the world, the life expectancy of working people is going like this, starting in 1980, we were going up and we’re going down. So if you have a child in the United States, your child is predicted to live less than you, think about what I’m saying.

And that’s brought to you from the left and the right, Democratic Republican, and voting for the lesser of two evils is not going to change that. And that’s why I’m running for President because we need a fundamental systems overhaul. And that systems overhaul cannot be done by me.

It can only be done by you by recognizing this dynamic, this political lesson I’m sharing with you. So in 2016, the establishment was realizing wow, people really get angry, working people are getting angry, particularly the white working class. So if elections are selections, don’t think Trump’s wasn’t a selection.

They found Donald Trump, entertainer, he said all the right words, got people all riled up like Jesse Jackson did, okay? And the riling up he did was Lock her up, you know, Drain the swamp and so on. And he suckered people in right into the Republican wing of the establishment. Okay? The same thing is occurring right now in front of your eyes.

And one of the characters doing this is Robert Boobie Fucking Kennedy. Sorry, but that’s what this guy is. In 2020, when I was really building the bottoms up movement for medical freedom, and we made many, many gains, we were the first ones to say we should fire Fauci, we were the ones who exposed Fauci, we were against lockdowns, in March of 2020 Boobie Effing Kennedy was promoting lockdowns, go look at it.

He was saying lock downs, we’re good. We’re protecting the climate. The guy’s a fucking idiot.

Okay, I had to expose him. I lost 20% of my followers, because all these wealthy rich women who want to sleep with Robert Kennedy call him Bobby, as though he was his friend, this is his brainwashing, didn’t realize that this guy says one thing and does another. We had a guy that reached out to me called Jake Crosby, who worked with Boobie Kennedy for many years.

And he sent me a video. He said Boobie Kennedy wants to keep the government involved in vaccines. So let’s talk about that before I go to the Ukraine war.

Okay, Kennedy basically said the Ukraine war, and we’re there for the right reasons. He is not for medical freedom. He is not against vaccine mandates.

He still wants government to be involved in the vaccination program. Let’s look at this. Government should not be involved in your body at all.

Government should not be at all involved in dictating your relationship with your doctor. Where did this start? Again, go back to the Kennedys in 1962. John F.

Kennedy is the one who signed into law, the 1962 Kennedy vaccination act that was done by John Kennedy based on a old science of the immune system, which I’ve done many many videos on. That was done by John Kennedy the 1962 Vaccination Act. The only way for us to truly have medical freedom is to repeal the 1962 vaccination act.

Well, that 1962 Kennedy vaccination Act, passed by John Kennedy gave rise to the CDCs, a vaccine bureaucracy and created this entire massive network of corrupt bureaucracy, which was in cahoots with Big Pharma. It started with John F. Kennedy, okay? And then as people were getting injured by these mandates in 1986, as the lawsuits were building, guess what happened? Another Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, who killed the woman here in Massachusetts got away with it, because the Father Joe Kennedy got this entire PR machine.

The Kennedy brand is built on pure vaporware, Public Relations, pure vaporware. This guy Ted Kennedy killed a woman, got away with it, still got to be Senator because of excellent PR by his father, okay? Joe Kennedy. But anyway, it was Ted Kennedy, along with Waxman who were on the Senate side sponsors of a bill that basically said we’re going to protect the big pharma companies from being sued in 1986.

And that resulted in the National Vaccine Injury Program, okay. The National Vaccine Injury Program resulted in protecting all the big pharma guys, meaning you could not sue pharmaceutical companies, if you wanted to sue them, you had to go to a vaccine court where the liability was limited, and basically they don’t get sued, the government pays for their injuries. You got it? That’s what happened.

And that was brought to you in collaboration with another Kennedy, Ted Kennedy. All right. So now, Robert Kennedy comes on the scene, big drug head, and in order to make him look good to build his credentials, they started getting involved in the medical Freedom Movement.

And when I got involved in this medical freedom movement, I realized this guy wasn’t about building a bottoms up movement. He wanted to do backroom negotiations, and he wanted quote, unquote, safe vaccines. And he wanted those safe vaccines to be done by the same corrupt infrastructure, didn’t make any sense.

My position is a 1962 Vaccination Act should go away. So I’m going to play you a video, and Jake Crosby shared with me this video where Kennedy is openly saying the following. So let’s share this about this forked tongue Kennedy.

All right, let’s go to this video. And you can find it on

And I recommend all of you guys go listen to it, but I’m going to play it for you right now. This is Robert Kennedy, in the beginning of this video with Louis Farrakhan, a presentation what he says and listen very carefully. So here we go.

Listen to this video, and listen carefully. This is so called the fighter for medical freedom. And Mr.

Farrakhan has asked me to address the issue of vaccines and African American vaccine safety. I want to start out by saying this, and I want to say it emphatically, I am pro vaccine. I am I have always been fiercely pro vaccine.

I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans. Let me play that again.

Let me play this again so. Farrakhan has asked me to address the issue of vaccines and African American vaccine safety. I want to start out by saying this, and I want to say it emphatically I am pro vaccine.

I am I have always been fiercely pro vaccine. I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.

And Mr. Farrakhan, So that is the most critical part of this talk that Kennedy gives at the beginning, okay. He’s openly saying, I’m pro vaccine, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans.

Now, there are people who are Kennedy ass kissers who see that and they go well, well, that’s not what he said. Let’s listen to the whole video. Great.

And I put the whole video out there and this guy, Chief nerd, who’s a bogus investigative reporter said, oh, Dr. Shiva only shared a little piece of it. No, I shared the whole piece because if you go to the site, which he didn’t obviously do, okay.

Right here and see some idiots are saying when how recent is a clip. It doesn’t matter. This was about five years ago.

He’s still promoting. He says, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans. And the full clip is right here.

I mean, you guys get it. The guy has said said he’s for full vaccination of all Americans. And let me also be clear, this scumbag has said very clearly that he vaccinated all of his children with all 69 vaccines! So stop trying to defend him because this is the brainwashing.

Either you’re an idiot, or you don’t have any self respect for yourself. All right. Now, if you go listen to the entire video, which we put up on RFKexposed.

com. And I’ll go to that site. There’s a link here, okay, you can listen to the full video.

And if you go to that link, let me go over to it, you will have the opportunity to hear the entire video. So there’s nothing we’re hiding here. So if you go, and it’s on the autism investigated site, and what’s really powerful in the videos right here, I encourage you to all listen to the whole thing.

And what is Kennedy saying that video, he basically wants to preserve the entire vaccination program. He’s not talking about getting rid of the ridiculous 1962 vaccination Act, which allowed government into your body. You see, John F.

Kennedy created the National Vaccine Program, then instead of getting rid of it when all the injuries were taking place, because the decision to take a vaccine or not, should be between you and your doctor. Then what happened is the other Kennedy, Ted Kennedy got involved and instead of ripping off the band aid, getting rid of it, then they created a whole another infrastructure and more bureaucracy. And this is what the liberal imperialists do.

They created the vaccine courts under Health and Human Services. So they were gonna let corrupt people manage another court, so they created more bureaucracy. And then what is Robert Kennedy want to do? Robert Kennedy wants not to get rid of this infrastructure.

He still wants the National Vaccine Program. He still wants government in your lives, but he’s going to tweak it. And if you go listen to the full video, the idiot basically says, Well, you know, the vaccines are bad.

I vaccinated all my kids, and it’s all corrupt. He speaks with forked tongue. Yeah, the government is corrupt.

The CDC is corrupt. These guys are in cahoots with Big Pharma, but I’m gonna get them to create safe vaccines. Okay.

Listen to what the fuck he’s saying. This gets me really pissed off and that’s why calm Boobie. Please don’t call him Bobby’s, it’s Boobie Effing Kennedy, okay? Because what he’s actually saying is that he still wants to keep this whole corrupt infrastructure, and somehow he’s going to do Jedi mind tricks to help them create safe vaccines.

You see, this is a bullshit. This is called liberal imperialism. The government should not be involved in your bodies, period.

My solution as president, I will work to repeal the 1962 vaccination act, not because I don’t want people to be healthy not because I don’t want people to get their immune system, but that your decision how you want to protect your immune system is between you and your doctor as Jay Crosby shares, and Jake used to work, he said, he goes, Bobby Kennedy is trying to distract from history right? And he surrounds himself with idiots opportunists and vaccine crime apologists. And you can go listen to the whole video, but you will see him in the 6, 10 minute video. Basically, he’ll start off with what I just shared.

And the rest of it is he now goes into forked tongue mode all Yeah, everyone’s corrupt, the CDC is corrupt, but I’m going to get them to make make safe vaccines. Are you freaking serious? He wants to create more bureaucracy. John Kennedy created bureaucracy, Ted Kennedy created a bureaucracy and Boobie’s going to create more bureaucracy.

That’s how we’re going to solve this. Tell me is that how we’re going to solve this? Okay, so the bottom line is what we have here is a entire scam that’s being done to confuse people and that and the Kennedys are masters of it, okay. It should get you very pissed off as Jason Grant, Trump pisses me off just as much as Boobie RFK, they should.

And you have to stop looking from above. Please don’t defend Trump. Look, I’ve met with Trump twice, you know, they call me for advice.

recently. They called me right. But the bottom line is that Trump has a golden toilet seat guys.

He hangs out with Hollywood superstars. He’s not gonna let you into Mar-a-Lago he’s not one of you. Okay, they’re not one of us get that through your frickin thick skulls.

I’m one of you. That’s why I’m running. We have to build a bottoms up movement and we can’t do it alone.

We have to recognize these people are top down. That’s why this political lesson is very important, that you break from the not so obvious establishment. I’m sharing with you Kennedy, I’m for full vaccination of all Americans.

Oh, then I’m going to somehow uncorrupt the corrupt CDC. Are you fucking serious? Do you understand what this guy is saying? They’re liberal imperialists. Now, let’s go on to the topic, the central topic here.

Okay? The central topic here about Boobie Kennedy and his position on Ukraine. I made my position very clear, the United States should pull out of NATO, we should not be fighting these wars of imperialism. There’s nothing we have to gain.

And what do I mean by us? The question is us, when we say we have nothing to gain, what do we mean by that? Who is the we, who is a pronoun we and us? Well, the military industrial complex, and the elites have a lot to gain by going to Ukraine and attempting to weaken Russia, they have a lot to gain, massive amounts, trillions of dollars to gain US-NATO, and that entire mafia has a lot to gain. But we, meaning, we the working people, those of you who work hard, those of you who have kids, those of you who bust your butts, not those who have golden toilets, not those of you who spent billions of dollars creating the Kennedy brand, and moving alcohol and still make money from that, not those of you who can spit in a police officers face like Robert Kennedy does as a kid, and that’s how he grew up and can get away with it. Not those of you who are Ted Kennedy who can murder a person, and get away with it.

That’s not us, guys. If you did that, you’d be out of work. Okay, you’d be in jail for 20 years, but the Kennedys are not one of you.

Trump is not one of you. All right, Biden is not one of you, Obama is not one of you, they’re top down. But we need to build a movement bottoms up.

And what you will realize is that the two faces of imperialism will manipulate you. Let me play you this video that just came out, that a guy called John Mappand tweeted out which I thought was very good. So here we go.

So let me play this quick thing that came out and in a tweet, which I am glad that someone is figuring this out and put this out there. And the tweet said, Are you absolutely kidding, Robert, we are not in the Ukraine for all the right reasons. And here’s the douchebag Kennedy and I’m going to play you again this snip snip it in this dude, Chief nerd and all of his idiots all like, oh, you didn’t play the whole video.

We’re gonna listen to the whole video too at least a minute before and after. But let me play you this video of Boobie Kennedy talking about his position on Ukraine. Here we go.

I want to say that we are in the Ukraine. For all the right reasons. We are there.

Because we are a good people. And like you know, Abraham Lincoln said America is a great nation because we’re a good nation. And we continue to be a good people.

And we are there because of our compassion. The Ukrainian people who have been brutalized who’ve been illegally invaded, and have shown extraordinary valor and courage, defending their country and defending their families and their beliefs and their liberties and their independence. Things that Americans have to admire.

My own son Connor, I’m very, very proud that Connor joined the Foreign Legion and fought in the Ukraine and during the Kharkiv offensive as a machine gunner for Special Forces Group. Alright, so I hope everyone just listened to that nonsense. Okay.

So, Kennedy, yes, Kennedy is a fucking loser is right. That’s what he is. So Kennedy speaking, and I’m going to play the whole video.

Because after that went up and people said, Oh, my God, because all these Kennedy, people been bamboozled, said, because it’s clear the issue with Ukraine is as clear as Vietnam, there’s no reason the United States we as a people should be there. So Kennedy, and by the way, I’ve met his son, and he’s a complete fool. You can go look at him.

And I saw a couple of months ago, when they when Kennedy said, Oh, I suddenly found my son went to Ukraine. I didn’t know I knew they’re trying to set up his son to be some war here on they probably want him to run for office. Okay, that’s what the Kennedys do.

Everything they do is PR he fully knew his son went buried, but he was acting like he didn’t she said I saw something on his credit card bill. Anyway, that video Peace, Kennedy saying we’re in Ukraine for all the right reasons. Now, if you go look at the video before and after running a play sequences event If this is Kennedy’s forked tongue exists, well, you know, we shouldn’t be pushing Russia away.

We shouldn’t want regime saying we should go there for humanitarian reasons. And you see, what he’s really trying to tell you and convince you of is that he knows the right reason to go into Russia, you don’t, and humanitarian, whatever that means God knows what humanitarian reason means. That’s why we went into Vietnam, right for humanitarian reasons to stop the world from communism.

That’s why young working class poor working class kids, middle class kids went there, not the sons and daughters of the Kennedys, not the sons and daughters of Trump’s or Biden’s or those people. It was poor working class kids who went there fought wars against fighting other poor people, right. But at the end of the day, that was for humanitarian reasons, Vietnam.

So Kennedy is saying, yeah, we’re there for the right reasons. If it’s humanitarian, we should go there for humanitarian reasons, you know, the US has no right to go into Ukraine or Russia. Now, either Kennedy is stupid, which he isn’t, he’s a liberal imperialists, because anyone who studied the history of Ukraine knows that after the Soviet Union fell in 1991, it was made very clear that NATO would not go one inch east, but they ended up going massively east and they brought in 15 to 20 more countries into NATO.

They started going into Russia’s border. And the goal of this was US and NATO, US imperialism trillionaires in the United States and Europe want to basically seize Russia, it’s imperialism. And whether you like Putin or not, that’s irrelevant.

Putin himself is an oligarch. But US imperialists want to seize Russia, why? No different than the British seized Africa, because of the immense natural gas, the oil, the minerals, the diamonds, the titanium, etc. That’s what they wanted to do.

And you and I, us have no interest in doing that. And in 2013, Condoleezza Rice made it very clear to speech, we want to go there, we need to destabilize Russia. And we need to get all of Europe dependent on US gas and natural oil.

And that’s what they did. They did a coup in 2014, brought to you by Obama, John McCain was there, they did a coup, they took out a leader elected by the Ukrainian people they put in a guy was a pro Nazi guy, definitely pro Nazi. And that pissed off the people of eastern Ukraine, Kennedy knows all this history, he doesn’t know this.

The provinces of eastern Ukraine voted to separate from Ukraine, they have every right by the laws by the principles of self determination, which is supported by the UN. And then as they were being attacked, they called Russia to come in, Russia didn’t invade. This was done because of people of eastern Ukraine call them.

But more importantly, this entire thing was engineered by US and NATO imperialism, a) to start a war, to make money off the war, and to weaken Russia. That’s what happened. And Kennedy knows this.

And he’s saying that we’re there for all the right reasons. Now, if you go listen to the video before you’ll see the nonsense that he speaks before this stuff, and it’s just rambling nonsense, no different than the other video I shared with you, where he was also rambling about the vaccines. He’s pro vaccine, he wants to vaccinate everyone, but then he’s somehow going to, you know, fix things once he gets in.

So here’s Kennedy. ”…reasons, we are there. Because we are a good people…” Actually, I’m gonna play this before, let me play the one minute before so people don’t.

I’m giving you the context of this, this is Kennedy speaking ”… and there are various national is this work in the US? national interest? We just need to isolate that question, isn’t it the US national interest and there are some of the leading pendulums of most respected people in awe of our national diplomats, let’s say Henry Kissinger, Jack Matlock, Larry Wilkinson, who’s gone Bowers, Chief of Staff. They all have said definitively if you just want to ask is it in our national interest? It is not. It is not in America’s national interest to push Russia closer to China.

That is a cataclysm number two is not in our national interest to do something that could involve us in a nuclear change with a country that has more nuclear weapons than us. Having said that, I want to say that we are in the Ukraine, for all the right reasons. We are there, because we are a good people.

And Abraham Lincoln said, America is a great nation because we’re a good nation. And we continue to be a good people. And we are there because of our compassion of Ukrainian people who have been brutalized who’ve been illegally invaded, and have shown extraordinary valor and courage, defending their country, and defending their families, and their beliefs and their liberties and their independence.

Things that Americans have to admire. My own son Connor, I’m very, very proud. At Connor joined a foreign legion and fought in the Ukraine, and during the Kharkiv offensive as a machine gunner, for Special Forces Group.

I think we need to know as Americans, we have a right to know, what is our government’s chief objective in this war. We were told initially at the objective was humanitarian. And that is a good reason to be there, a humanitarian and what that means is trying to end the bloodshed and minimize it as much as possible.

In recent times, President Biden said that one of our objectives at least, is regime change of Vladimir Putin. And this is the same strategy that did not work. Alright, so let me let me sort of decipher this, if you could see what this fool is saying.

If you can really understand this liberal imperialism, he’s acting as though he doesn’t know why the US is there that he thought we were there for, you know, we should be there for humanitarian reasons. Do you understand the nonsense that he’s spewing? And you have to be a fucking moron to follow this guy. This guy is speaking with forked tongue, at least the Biden the obvious establishment or the others are saying, Yeah, we’re going there because we want regime saying they’re being very honest with you in your face.

Right. But this fool is bamboozling people. This fool is totally bamboozling people.

He’s saying, yeah, we shouldn’t go there for regime, you know, we should go there for humanitarian reasons. Who the fuck are you to go in any other country? This has nothing to do with humanitarian reasons. Everyone knows.

This has to do with US imperialism, Western imperialism, wanting to control the oil and gas pipe flow back to the United States out of Russia. It’s an imperialist war. There’s nothing humanitarian about this.

The Ukrainian people and the Russian people are being used. Yes. And this was started when Obama, a Democrat, did the regime change there? He doesn’t know this.

Do you understand the bullshit that he’s doing? Okay, exactly. Jason. Jason said Boobie, trying to rely on emotions from brainwashed people, citizens, not rational logic.

Exactly. That’s exactly what this guy is doing. However, the problem that he has is the movement for Truth Freedom and Health exists.

Unlike had it existed in 1962, we would have stopped the Vietnam War much sooner, because we would have exposed Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys. But guess what our movement exists now. And we’ve learned from that, and we better learn, because they do want to have us NATO imperialism, completely.

If they don’t to send US soldiers. But more importantly, this is a conundrum that they have. You see, The United States has 1,1 million active soldiers, in World War Two that 12,2 million soldiers.

The US doesn’t even have enough soldiers to go fight a war there, more importantly, we don’t even have enough ammunitions as I talked about in my talk yesterday. The United States only has ammunitions for one week. So the only alternative for US and NATO is nuclear.

They want nuclear exchange and they want to go Russian to nuclear exchange. And that’s the path that they’re pursuing. All right, and Kennedy knows this, but he is talking either his brain is completely fried from all the heroin he did, or, which is what the reality is, the guy’s a liberal imperialist.

He wants to talk as always against the establishment. But we should go there for humanitarian reasons, at least the other wing of the establishment, they know we want to go there to fuck up Putin. They’re being honest.

He’s talking about humanitarian peace, love and understanding. And his other drunken fool son is there and he didn’t know about it. And he’s a fighter, bullshit.

This is all about the Kennedys, boosting up their brand, as though they’re anti establishment fighters for humanity. They’re none of that. Okay.

The Kennedys are full of shit. And they’re part of the other face of the establishment. I hope you’re understanding this.

Because we’re in a very critical time in 2024. Because those in power know that people like you listening to they’re starting to learn this, you want a break from the left and the right, you’re starting to understand this dynamic. They know that I will be relentless.

They know that I’m running for president, they know our movement for truth for them, health exists. And we are exposing this dynamic that, you know, 70 years ago, or 60 years ago, people didn’t understand this. People were going to the left and then follow the right they’d one day follow Trump and another day follow Obama, and then we’re getting used, but our movement for Truth Freedom and Health and my run for president is exposing this and it’s educating you.

So you have to learn this. Yes, someone said he sounds like yeah, he’s Yeah, I mean, his voice is indicative of his his evil nature. This guy’s evil.

The Kennedys are an evil clan. They’re mafia. They, exist to promote their brand.

Right now is promoting his son. Oh, my son went and fought, they’re really bullshit, you probably told your son to go there. Okay, because someone just said Kennedy is part of the 13.

Families Illuminati. Do you know this? I’ve heard about it. It’d be good to do more research.

Share with us more. So that’s what’s going on guys. So as I’ve shared with you, I want you to do your own investigation, but you will find out you have the obvious face of imperialism.

We’re going to f you up and then you have the not so obvious faces of imperialism, saying one thing but doing another and this Kennedy thing we’re there for all the right reasons, Bob, but we shouldn’t be there for this reason. No, we shouldn’t be there at all. You doofus.

You scumbag. And that’s what Robert Kennedy is. Boobie Effing Kennedy.

I want to come back and I want to remark a couple of points. But please know that we have a movement for Truth Freedom Health where you can learn these concepts. We’ve built a global community.

Please join us the way is supporting all the work we do. Separate from that I want to let everyone know that I am running for president and I want to play this video so you get an understanding of who I am. What moves me, what moves me is us working people because that’s where I come from.

I’m not top down guys. I’m bottoms up, everything I have I’ve earned my four degrees at MIT. Boobie Kennedy got into Harvard because his father made a call.

Harvard has legacy admissions. I got in because I actually had to work, I had to work three times harder than my counterparts because I didn’t have you know, someone to make a phone call. Everything I’ve earned everything you have you’ve earned.

We are not one of them. Please stop following these people. Please stop having this being enamored by these fools.

They’re bullshitting you they just care about themselves. I’m running for president, support our campaign and when you by the way, if you want to volunteer donate when you donate, I give you lots of things back. I give you courses and, and tools in the Truth Freedom Health movement.

So let me play this video so you understand why you should get involved Who would have ever thought I’d be running for President of the United States of America. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression and racism. My name is Dr.

Shiva Ayyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur and inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday.

I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey, playing baseball mowing lawns, painting houses and coding software. My friends and neighbors are Blacks, Italians, Irish people of all races. As a 14 year old I wrote 50,000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first US copyright for email recognizing me as its official inventor.

At a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I did that long before I ever came to MIT, revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace by anybody growing up I saw politicians, dividing us by race and religion in both America and India, to have us fighting each other while they remain safe in their gated communities and in their playgrounds of Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard in Silicon Valley. I’m a fighter, I fought racism and exposed your imperialist wars, bought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption.

I never wanted to run for political office, all that change when I saw working Americans as never before being duped by the establishment and the not so obvious establishment across left and right. We were being sold out and made to forget why we came to America and why America existed. Lawyers, academics, billionaire celebrities and politicians, elites, Clintons Kennedy’s Biden’s Obama’s Bush’s black and white have hijacked America.

They printed trillions for their friends. They delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption and racism. They transfer trillions to themselves, dividing black and white fear mongering and fake science, lockdowns and censorship, dirty air food and water pushing drugs upon us making us sicker we’ve been sold out one set of rules for them and another for us.

We deserve a warrior with a history of courage and putting everything on the line for you. Who believes in you not them, who’s created a movement bottoms up for Truth, Freedom Health. I’ve exposed their lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular.

I’ve exposed their false gods who exists to lead you back to them. I’ve exposed their fake science of lockdowns and masking and provide use solutions to fight them and win and protect your immune system saving millions. I exposed Fauci galvanized a fire Fauci campaign when others remained silent.

When they stole our election, we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit exposing and bare view, the government and big tech censorship infrastructure, the unholy alliance between government and social media companies, where was Elon and his grifters, they stood by the sidelines and did nothing, they did not use their megaphone to help us when it could have made a big difference. Now our movement grows for Truth, Freedom Health, independent of all of them. Everyday millions are learning the science of systems, the knowledge the elites do not want you to have.

So you may learn how to think, stand up and fight, independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes. Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America to win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States.

This race is about you. This race is about truth, freedom, health versus power, profit control. We’ve had enough they think will fall in line and vote again for their lawyers, celebrities, billionaires and chosen ones from above.

We choose our heroes from below from the rank and file who do what is right at the right time, not when it’s convenient and popular. They can never represent us. What America needs is a movement by the working people.

For the working people who are educated, organized, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control. And that movement exists. It’s ready for you.

We don’t need them. We need us to go bottoms up neighbor to neighbor, my journey, your journey are all the same. It’s our time.

It’s time we had one of us. It’s time to win back Truth Freedom Health, to win back America, be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5th 2024. If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr.

Shiva Ayyadurai. The Independent candidate for US president. No matter where you live, you can be a part of this, volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day.

Don’t delay. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and I approve this message.

Paid for by Dr. Shiva for President All right, so before we sign off, I have a two things I want to answer. There’s some very interesting questions.

Let’s put up this question. Someone says is there any one Dr. Shiva supports? So let’s let’s you know, I always like to look at why someone’s asking that question.

Because what’s motivating that question? So what’s motivating that question? Fundamentally, is the thinking that? Do I support some other character out there? No, the only people that I support is you. My goal here is to support us. Working people bottoms up to stand up and build a bottoms up movement.

I hope that’s clear to you. Orange devil, aka orange clo. Okay.

This is not about looking for some celebrity top down. This is about you the question orange glow, should asking is, do I have integrity in myself? Do I have self respect for myself? I’m going to be asked kissing someone else from above? Am I going to get off my butt? Am I going to understand that how the system works? Am I going to understand how to build a movement? The good news for orange glow is what we have a movement for Truth Freedom Health, become a part of it. Find out about it, okay? Because it took me 40 years to put all the infrastructure to do this.

Just like I created email, created many, many other things in my life to be very successful. The creation of Truth Freedom Health itself is a system to liberate all of us. So the question is, do you want to trust in you? Okay, thanks, Orange Devil.

So it’s really about you all right, great question. The next thing I want to talk about is, someone says l, Lest Omaha, how will you work with swamp people still in office? Here’s the bottom line. Look, we have to recognize the legislature is corrupt, the judicial system is corrupt, the entire White House is corrupt.

The only way to win is my using that office of the president as a bully pulpit to support you in galvanizing a movement, because the frankly, the entire infrastructure, there’s corrupt, we need a systems overhaul. So my running for president is not about me. But my running for president is about me, using that podium, to encourage people how to properly take care of their bodies, how we win truth, how we win freedom, and to inspire each of you in a decentralized way to build movements.

That is the frankly, the role of the presidency, you have a bully pulpit, you can talk you can use that as a megaphone, to galvanize people to expand a movement. That’s what this is about. Okay.

The other thing is people said, Oh, can you run you were born in India? Well, let me make it very clear. The FEC already ruled in 2011, a naturalized citizen can run for office, for president, it was already done in the Hassan case. The more important thing is that the Constitution is not a fixed document, article 2 section 1 of the Constitution says, initially, it said only a natural born person can run, they never defined natural born.

In fact, the state legislature, Maryland, in the 17, 1800s, in that period, made Marquis de Lafayette a natural born citizen, well, he’s a Frenchman. But the 5th Amendment and the 14th Amendment made it very clear that you cannot discriminate between a naturalized citizen or natural born citizen, it’s unconstitutional. And there have been enough court rulings, bottom line is not only can I run, but I can be president and if any Secretary of states are listening, if you try to stop us from getting on the ballot, we will take this all the way to the Supreme Court and we will win.

So the bottom line is the FEC, the Federal Election Commission has made it very clear that a naturalized citizen can run. The only thing I can’t do is I can’t collect matching funds, which I don’t want anyway. All right.

So that’s the bottom line. So the rules are there. It’s very clear, it’s unconstitutional to not allow me to run so please go study some history.

Go look at the videos that Paul Clark and I did on this, okay. So anyway, in closing, what I want to leave all of you with this is very simple and clear on this, okay, is that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

is an example of the face of a humanitarian warmongerer, okay. I’d rather have someone who’s an open warmongerer. Because what’s happening is the quote unquote, humanitarian warmongerer, like Kennedy is confusing lots and lots of people.

And that is his role. His role is to confuse people to bring people back into the establishment. That’s what his role is, alright.

So the purpose of today’s lesson was to educate you there are two phases of imperialism, the obvious face, which just openly says we’re going to screw you, and the not so obvious version of it, which manipulates you to using the words of peace and love and understanding, saying flowery words and is not what you can do for your country, whatever that is, right. They have speech writers. And that’s what the Kennedys are good at, at the end of the day, they’re not one of you.

They’re part of the same infrastructure. So anyway, I hope this is valuable, everyone, but for God’s sakes, learn this very important lesson, because it is what it will mean the difference between winning and losing for working people, and also remember the pronouns US and WE. There’s a big difference when they use us, and we, they mean them, a swarm of a handful of 600 billionaires who increase their wealth by $2.

3 trillion in the pandemic, it does not mean us when they say, oh, we need to be in Ukraine. We’re all there for the right reasons. No, we’re not.

They’re there for the right reasons to exploit the situation the Ukrainians and the Russian people they’re imperialists, we’re not, so let’s get those pronouns clear. Be very careful when people say us and we, it’s not the US that you think they’re referring to that you think they’re referring to. They’re referring to themselves, us and we.

It has nothing to do with us. Anyway everyone be the light you know, get involved. Become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior-Scholar, support the campaign if you want to donate but more importantly get involved.

Start learning the dynamics and Be well, be the light, I wish all of you a good night.

Wherever you are. Good morning. We I know we have people joining from other places be well, thank you.

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