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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, reveals that Elon Musk is colluding with China’s state-run media for his own business interests, and is simultaneously cooperating with Western global oligarchs to advance their agenda for global government. Prepare for a thought-provoking exploration into the interconnections and their potential impact on the world stage with this political systems analysis.

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All right. Good morning, everyone. Good evening, or good afternoon.

This is our open house that we do every Thursdays at 11am and 8pm. Those of you’re watching on social media, if you want to join us, you can go to VA

And John, maybe you can put that out on the stream yard if you’re able to do that. And that allows anyone to RSVP, if you want to join us right now. And those of you on stream yard you can share that are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we have a number of people here for our truth freedom health warriors joining us.

Today’s conversation, as John you brought up if you can flash the the title again, John, the image is really good talk about the fact that once again, as we pointed out, first to point out that Elon Musk is a government frontman, he does not care about free speech, he has nothing to do with anything having to do with free speech of anything that guy talks from both sides of his mouth. And as I gave him the talk yesterday, and everyone should go look at it. Another person who talks from both sides side of his mouth is that quote unquote, humanitarian warmongering, Robert F.

Kennedy. And if you look at the elites, on the left, or the right were top down and they want you to follow them a singular primate a singular feature that they have is, they don’t give a damn that they say one thing another day a day, they mean something, and they go do something and other day, they think that you’re peasants, that you will just say, oh, Bobby had to do that. Because of this, oh, Elon had to do that because of this.

And that attitude, which they brainwash people on six seats for them, because you have a bunch of numbskulls out there. When these, the elites do something so obvious and avert saying one thing, and within moments, they go do something else, you have a whole bunch of people willing to absolve them. Most people do not get absorbed at that in their everyday lives.

For example, since December of 2022, I was the first one again, the first and many other things I’ve done, I have to take credit for that. It’s not arrogance, it’s giving credit to the fact that we take a systems approach a truth for them help where we’re able to see in our connections, we’re actually able to see the future. And we encourage all of you to also go to truth, freedom health.

com Become a part of this movement. So you can also have this predictive capability so that you don’t get suckered in. But in December of 2022, it was when I was put back on Twitter, I knew Musk was doing that to try to bribe me that i Quiet down but I didn’t.

Ice kept exposing the fact that there is a government, governments of all the countries that have created backdoor portals into Twitter and every other social media company, be a China be it India be the United States be UK, be it, Taiwan, New Zealand go down the list, all of the government’s have a backdoor portal into Twitter. And they tell Twitter what they want them to do. And particularly in the United States, that backdoor portal into Twitter is a quid pro quo.

Government gives that Twitter allows government to have that backdoor quarter and does what they say in return. Twitter gets section 230 immunity, which gives them their 40 $50 billion valuation. Let me repeat that, again.

The government tells Twitter you give us backdoor access. And in return for that we’ll keep your section 230 immunity. And that’s section 230.

Immunity gives Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg and all of their investors in Silicon Valley. They’re very high valuations. So they can buy all their homes and they can use that stock equity to do what they want.

So please understand this is the elites have struck a deal in the United States with the Congress. The First Amendment says Congress shall pass no laws to bridge freedom of speech. They’ve done that they’ve done an end run around the First Amendment by allowing Congress to have by allowing government to have the ability to do an end run.

That’s precisely what’s happened. And it was our lawsuit in 2020, long before all them limited hangout Twitter files that call this out and all the other Grifters and all the other not so obvious establishment conceal that to make this clear. For those of you, John, you may want to put up this URL up there.

Okay, I can put it up in zoom and you can give it to other Shawn. But you will see this article which I recommend everyone to do it This back in November when said Elon Musk equals censorship and surveillance, a false god for free speech, leading you to slavery in an ever expanding censorship and surveillance state, across land, sea air and space, in which Elon Musk is fully entrenched in an economically dependent on force power profit control. It goes through the censorship network diagram that I discovered which has been, by the way plagiarized multiple times without giving proper attribution by scumbags like Matt Taibbi by members of Congress.

The basic thing if you’re a journalist is you’re supposed to give attribution. Well, we did this back in 2020. Okay.

And here are the playbooks we discovered But anyway, this article goes through detail, laying out how they suppressed our lawsuit, our movement, how they separate truth from action, and so on, but primarily goes and exposes the fact that Elon Musk’s entire operation is based on having a government deep government connections in the United States SpaceX $5.7 billion he got from the government with Tesla carbon government credits, which made Tesla worth 600 billion. It was during the pandemic, that Musk made all of his money.

And then as I mentioned, Twitter having section 230 immunity, but I encourage everyone to read this article. So this has been out there. And we’ve been exposing Musk every day.

And it is our exposition of moss that has not been good for us. Because we get shadow banned. My tweets get put in a cage, I went from 500,000 views per day in December, down to maybe 10,000 views per day, because Musk has redefined free speech.

In a fascist term, we said free speech does not equal free reach anyway. So I’ve talked about this. Well, today.

Well, yesterday in the last 24 hours. Now there’s further evidence of what I’ve been stating. And I want to share that with everyone.

Um, let me bring that up. Let me bring up this PowerPoint I put together for you guys. But if you look at this PowerPoint deck, John, can you everyone can see it right? Yes, sir.

Everyone can see it. Okay. So if we look at this PowerPoint deck, what you’ll see here is that this is the Global Times what is the Global Times The Global Times is a newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s essentially their front end newspaper. Now, Musk was telling all of his free speech enthusiast who were thought he’s, he’s a fighter for free speech, and he does a little shit to make people think he’s all for free speech. One of the things he did was he started labeling organizations.

He said China State affiliated media, so he gets to go around labeling organizations, oh, that’s China State affiliated media or this Canada check state affiliated media, and all of his lapdog free speech, quote, unquote, free speech Grifters at all see, Musk is labeling media companies. Wow, isn’t a great? Okay, so he did this. But before he landed in China, look what he did.

He removes it. Okay. And he calls them a media news company.

Everyone see that? Before? They’re China’s State affiliated media, and now their immediate news company. All right. So the arbitrary nature what he’s doing well let you know, this has nothing to do with free speech.

It’s about his personal interests. When I exposed him for what he is, he took it personally. And he has shadowbanned one of the most outspoken fighters for free speech for the last 2030 years, one of the outspoken fighters Politik, political candidate in the United States was exposed the elites and so he takes it upon himself to decide one day there China’s State affiliated media another day, their immediate news company.

All right. So this is what to all of the Grifters out there. By the way, boobie F.

And Kennedy has said, Oh, Musk is fighting censorship. Okay. DeSantis.

He’s fighting censorship. All the other presidential candidates have praised Musk at one time or the other. They don’t understand.

He’s not really a technologist. He’s, if anything, he’s an incompetent technologist. He couldn’t even keep Twitter up and running with all the billions he has.

He couldn’t scale it when he had the DeSantis announcement. Okay, so this guy’s not that bright, but he has a lot of hype around him. And it’s all about him.

So you notice here, he’s done this thing, where before he landed in China, he took away the China’s State affiliated media because it says they’re a bias organization. And he now calls him a media news company that comes right from Elon Musk. All right now, so he went there had a big party, banked all he went to his giga factory.

Now in China, one of the things you need everyone needs to understand is in the United States, we have this at least, you know, you have this veil of separation between the big corporations the mega corporations and government MIT, okay. In fact, they’re very closely tied to the lobbyists. They all support each other, the big guys, big companies through lobbyists pay off the Congress, people, and the Congress, people pass laws that they want.

In China, however, there is no such veil. It’s one, the heads of the big corporations and the party leadership are one very famous communist theoretician called the state capitalism, where the government, the state, and the capitalist entities become one. And that’s how China operates.

So when you if I go back to this, if I go back to this share here, and you look at this PowerPoint, that you will see that he’s meeting right here with the Ministry of Commerce, but this guy, in many ways, is a CEO of the entire IT group. Okay. The minister I’m sorry, the entire commerce.

And he basically, the factories there, the giga factory is really, under it’s a it’s a partnership with the Chinese Communist Party, right, because the Chinese Communist Party is the one only one that really can control these businesses. So you notice he’s meeting with government officials in China. And before he went there, he took away the fact that they were Chinese state affiliated media to pizza.

The other interesting thing to notice, even the Washington Post put this out there when he was there. He says Elon Musk, the Mercurial head of Tesla on Twitter on his first visit in three years. So China in the US were conjoined twins with inseparable interest.

So let that sink in. In Taurus. What is inseparable interest mean? Well, we the United States, we have something called the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, conjoined twins would say that they’re the same set of people.

That means what China has the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, I don’t think so. Or we’re going to lose the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, which are fundamental rights. So this statement that he made, should make it clear he’s telling it to your face were conjoined twins.

And if you go here, and this was the article that came out, that he said, you know, were conjoined twins, what I want you to take you do is who were the investors in Twitter, and no one bothers to go look at it. But if you go look at it, there were a number of very, very important Chinese based companies by Nance, one of the big Bitcoin companies was an investor in in, let me just share my desktop here, and I’m in Twitter, so why do I say that? Well, let’s go over here. Let’s find that article right here.

All right. So you will see right here, Chinese Communist Party linked among investors, in Twitter purchasing go through this article. So binance among the companies providing billions and investments is the Chinese Communist Party linked cryptocurrency exchange by Nance, whose aggregate equity commitment was 500 million so by Nance Chinese based company, which is basically the Communist Party because they’re one put a half a billion dollars into Twitter.

So they have a say, and they have some level of control, as you can imagine. Now, Sequoia Capital, which is one of the biggest VCs contributed about 800 billion, and if anyone goes looks at Sequoia and Sequoia Capital is China founder Neil Shan you know, he attends all the Chinese Communist Party strategy meetings. And that same fun ABAX companies including tick tock, and you can go look at all the different Chinese companies that they bank, Ali Baba and and financial, also are included in sequoias portfolio.

So you have to recognize and by the way, there’s other foreign holdings, for example, the Qatari holding company committed $375 million. So the point that I’m I want to make aware is that the linkage between government and Elon Musk’s ventures are so closely intertwined that He will put His ventures ahead of any of the fundamental rights of the American People First Amendment, Second Amendment. And what’s really screwed up is that I was the first one to expose him.

And the vitriol I got was not from the left but from the quote unquote conservative right. And in fact, all of that conservative right people. These little rats like Dinesh D’Souza, you can go to Joe Rogan, you can go down the list of all these people were sucking up to Elon Musk praising and praising him, including boobie F Kennedy, Jr.

Saying what how much he’s doing against censorship. Well, this news right now is another slap in their face and they don’t care because they’re all Grifters. They just want views.

They keep promoting Musk is always a fighter for free speech and he does not shadow ban these People, Kennedy who had less viewer less viewers, me suddenly is getting two to 3 million views. Why am I getting 5000 views? Okay, because I’m the only one at this national world level exposing Musk for what he is. So he controls reach, which is redefining free speech.

And this is exactly what China does is exactly what the censorship infrastructure in the United States want. So whether it’s the United States, or whether it’s the Chinese government, Musk’s serves government, which is the elite member government, as I mentioned, Silicon Valley, and government work hand in hand, they don’t give a damn about free speech for the rest of us, or the first or second amendment. They want to treat us like peasants and suppress us.

But the bottom line is, about a month ago, Musk openly appointed a W E F leader to run Twitter. Now this woman believes in vaccine mandates mask mandates, you can go down the list and he did it again in your face and again all these Grifters. Doofus is like Dinesh D’Souza did a video saying well, he had to do that she’s not that bad.

So all the Grifters around him who get their views suck up to him. In fact, actors like James Woods, as I mentioned to James Woods, right after Musk appointed this W E F CEO. He said oh, I guess the party’s over and I retweeted to James and I said hey James is party never be and this guy was never on your side.

As that was going viral James Woods the actor removes my deletes his tweet, which fortunately I screenshotted. And then the next day James Wood says thank you Elon for giving me 100,000 viewers. You see Musk is buying off these Grifters.

He gives them views. They suck up to him keep giving people the idea that he’s for free speech. Meanwhile, he’s saying that China and the United States are conjoined twins with the same interest.

I would say yes, the same interest for the elites of China and the elites of the United States, but not the same interest for the people of the working people who in China get treated like slaves. And in the United States, the average person today maybe has $400 in savings in their bank account. You see when they say we have we are conjoined twins, we have common interest doesn’t mean you were i It means them the point oh 1% It means Elon Musk, who made the 600 other billionaires during the pandemic who make $2.

3 trillion. So we have to really, we have to pay attention to pronouns. The we in the US the we in the US does not mean you are i It means them.

So that’s what I wanted to share with everyone today. Let me just review these slides. So you are clear on the image is what I’m sharing you here.

So let’s it sank in. Here’s the Global Times. They were called State affiliated media.

Before he lands, he calls them media media news company, he parties with his giga factory workers in China meets with Chinese officials gets their blessings. And then he says we are conjoined twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins with the US and China having inseparable interest. And he’s right.

He’s right to the extent that he, the United States, elites, the Chinese elites, aka government, have the same interest but you and I don’t. That’s why the movement for truth for human health in world history is so important because we’re the only movement, always calling out the not so obvious establishment. We’re the ones who put our butts out there and are educating people.

And we’re able to do that and everyone listening go to truth, freedom If you can’t join us today at 11am, join us at 8pm PST because I’ll be doing another open house.

But the only way out of this is to break from this left right paradigm break from looking above to all of these elites because they’re all one as though they’re going to lead us to salvation. They’re not, they will furthermore lead you into oppression. And that’s what’s been happening every generation, because people have been choosing the lesser of two evils.

People have been looking above to these false gods. And it’s right in bear view. Elon Musk is saying China and the United States are conjoined twins.

We have the same interest. No, we don’t have the same interest. They have the same interest meaning the elites of China, on the CCP, the end the elites of the United States of Silicon Valley, they have the same interest, but we don’t.

So I hope this helps people understand this very important concept of the not so obvious establishment, and why they are the ones we need to break from as much as the establishment if there’s going to be any significant change, but most importantly, build a bottoms up movement and that bottoms up movement begins with you raising your consciousness understanding these concepts. So please go to truth, freedom I’m for your own benefit.

Don’t do it for me. It’s taken me about five decades to put all of this content together to create the University of truth for them and help create the community. But you have to take advantage of this.

Otherwise, you’re going to be screwed. Anyway be well be the light. Everyone.

Have a good week. Okay. And we’ll be doing a follow up talk.

But please join us at the open house. Thank you. If you want me to close out or keep it rolling for, though, for the questions, yeah.

So what we want to do is that was my talk, everyone, I would like to take any questions we have, we’ll take three questions, six questions on three from our zoom audience, and three from stream yard. Go ahead, John. Any questions? We have our warriors here.

Any questions? All right, I’m monitoring the social media chats, but anybody in zoom can raise their hand or put up? Or do the do the raise hands on or see, we got one from Casey Jones. What’s your question? Just with all the censorship and social media and ties to, say China, the CCP, Deep State, you know, all the spying and everything in the social credit system? And what are they doing with our data? You know, they monitoring our thought patterns. And you know, what we like, what we like what we don’t like and putting us in groups? What’s happening on that level? And should we be a little more cautious than any time being on Twitter, because I got back on after being banned from everywhere.

For like, the last 10 years, anywhere I got anywhere went, I was always suppressed. So just wondering about that, if it’s something that we should ever be nervous about at any point. Yeah.

So So who’s that Casey? So Casey, this is what’s going on. So in 1993, and I’ve been involved in the field of AI, which is basically it’s a big word, all it means is predictive analytics, okay. Since I was 14 years old, you know, I used to look at sleep patterns of babies and try to predict when the baby would potentially have a breathing problem.

So you’re taking large amounts of data, you’re applying various types of mathematical algorithms to predict the future, that’s pretty much what AI is, all right, typically have some type of what’s called Feature Extraction, some type of clustering and some learning, these are the three things and I have one of the earliest patents on this three US patents on this. But in 93, when I came back to MIT for my PhD work, I was doing research on applying, it’s really the right term is pattern recognition, techniques, to all different kinds of things because I wanted to build a system that could really because I noticed in every field of engineering, everyone was doing their own thing, like, for example, if you saw heart wave pattern was the person going to have a heart attack in medicine, in all different fields. So I ended up creating this very nice infrastructure, did a lot of the math.

And then I left MIT to start a company to do analysis of email for customer service. So I know all the math in this field. And the analysis of it, much of it has not changed.

All that’s happened over the last 10 years is AI has gotten the hype. But the fundamentals have been around since the 1960s. Now, having said that, one of the goals of AI is what’s called predictions, right? Predictive Analytics.

What does that mean? The reason they let you back on Twitter, okay, see the reason they’re putting people back on, they want the quote unquote, rebels and revolutionaries back on, because with modern technology, they can analyze. Who is following you? What are the features of those followers? Is Casey still there? You may want to unmute John, so we can talk. Does that make sense? Que se? So yesterday? They can they can build in some ways a profile about you? And how do they do that? Well, you need training data.

What is the training data? Well, your followers and their tweets. So if I take Casey Jones, I can take all of your followers, and for every one of your followers, I can not only use her tweets, but nowadays, if you have money, you can buy public data for every one of your followers, you can find out, do they own a home, where do they live and all that. And so for every one of your followers, they can take all that data, and you can do what’s called clustering.

There’s various types of clustering methods, K means Eisah data. These are mathematical techniques that were actually classic techniques that were built in the 60s and 70s, that you can use those techniques to say, oh, all of Casey’s followers have this characteristic. Okay.

Now, what you can do, Casey is let’s say you’re someone they, they just want to monitor and they don’t and they want to shadow ban you. You take those characteristics and you essentially sweep all of social Media, for that matter, any database, you say, Oh, these are the potential people that will follow Casey. And to those people, you would push content, Casey, that were people who directly were in opposition to you.

Does that make sense? Yes, it’s a form of censorship that’s more insidious than just kicking you off. Because I know in my case, you know, with the 300,000 plus followers I have my followers are going down. Once in a while, when I put a new tweet out that their algorithms have not figured out, it’ll go viral, and you’ll see my followers go down.

Okay. So what they’re doing is they’re taking all of my followers. And they’re figuring out who follows Dr.

Shiva, who follows the truth, Freedom health movement. And to those people. They are pushing purposefully, the not so obvious establishments information, Casey.

So it’s called disinformation at the unit level. And they’re not only doing to people with 300,000 followers you’re doing to people that, you know, 10,000 followers. So what Elon Musk has created, and all the big tech companies is a modern censorship state.

But it’s even more than just hiding. They’re actually pushing disinformation. Because once they can do this predictive analytics, they can find out who will follow you and push them information so people don’t follow you.

They get sent to a facsimile of you, Casey. Does that make sense? Right? It’s like a live Truman Show AI scripting event, where they’re continuously trying to curb the timeline that’s moving in one direction and steer it and steer the trends in another direction through people’s consciousness. Yeah, because we’ve had people who never signed up for Robert Kennedy.

And they know he’s a scumbag. And suddenly, they’re starting to get notified by him. Because they know our followers are figuring out the scumbags.

And some people are still on the fence, so they will push the scumbags information to them. So that’s why I’m saying the censorship that’s taking place is worse than what Jack Dorsey did. And without understanding this, people think, oh, what’s better? Or you know, Elon Musk is great.

What he’s not. He’s easy, the actual devil. And that’s why I said in yesterday’s talks, Casey, there are two faces of the devil, two faces of imperialism, two faces of the establishment, the obvious one who says, I’m just going to censor you, I’m just gonna go invade this country.

I’m just going to subjugate you, right? I rather have done. And then there’s the other face of the establishment, who says, Oh, we believe in peace and love and humanitarian ism. We’re gonna go to Ukraine, for humanitarian reasons, but you have no fucking right to go to Ukraine.

And that’s Robert Kennedy. This is what the this is what the wings of the establishment do. They confuse people who speak in ambiguous languages.

I was just speaking a very good friend of mine. And we were both saying, you know, if someone just lies to you all the time, wow, he’s a liar. But the most dangerous people are who will tell you a certain number of truths, and then they throw in a major lie.

And that’s what the Kennedys do. That’s what Trump does. And that is the devil.

The devil is is those people who say all these right things, and there’s one thing that’s off, okay, and that’s how they sucker you in. And that’s why we must, and we will continue to expose the not so obvious establishment and break. Sorry, there’s this just something I gotta say that.

It’s basically like an open narcissist that, you know, you can avoid them because you know what they do? Right, then there’s, then there’s a covert and the cover is the dangerous one. Yes. That’s what I’m saying.

But what’s really cool, Casey is there have been points in history, which we’re going to do videos of very inspiring points. When people break from the not so obvious establishment. That’s when change occurs like that you follow up in the Vietnam War.

I talked about this yesterday. It was going on and on and on. And all these liberal hippies were out there saying we’re against the war against the war, and they were blaming Barry Goldwater and the ultra establishment right oh, they want to just bombed the Vietnamese.

But then when Johnson and Mayor Daley the quote unquote, Liberal Democrats beat the shit out of them outside of that convention, literally busted heads. People are watching they said, Holy shit, the Democrats and the Republicans are both war mongers. And it was after that they both broke with both wings of the establishment, and boom, the war ended very quickly thereafter.

With the the establishment succeeds by having the obvious swing, it’ll try to get away with the obvious stuff, just lamea and if they can’t, they have the not so obvious version. That’s why right now 2024 is very important, because they know our movement exists. They know guys like me have figured them out.

They know I know what they know. So that’s why they’re hot to trot in creating a entire infrastructure of the not so obvious establishment. So it includes the Kennedys includes the Trump’s includes the Elan musk, those are like the triumvirate.

Okay. And then around that they have Tucker Carlson. Right.

They have the entertainers Joe Rogan and around that they have the lap dog ass kissing Grifters. And that is our real enemy. Does that make sense? Casey? Yeah, they’ve turned it into, you know, it’s a big Hollywood movie that’s actually alive in 3d.

And here we are. And we’re turned into consumer consumers and, and people who just watch the show. And, and I think that’s a big, big problem.

So I understand why you’re, you know, working to get people to put their feet on the streets and talk to people, we got to get people on the ground, the future is offline, the future is offline. And I’m going to share on Saturday, I’ll be up, I’m going to start talking about inspiring events. Like when the anti war movement broke, when people get on the ground, and we come together, we say, fu to all of these false idols.

That’s when change occurs. Casey and it occurs very quickly. You know, I was in Sardinia, where the people of Sardinia, you know, when the Italian government tried to seize all their property, they said, fu they got together and they stopped them.

This is what they don’t want. Casey. That’s why if you notice, they’re copying our words KC movement, right? They don’t know what the hell a movement is probably their own bowel movements.

That’s all they know. And it’s okay. They do not want us.

They want to distract people away from the movement for truth for to help, because they know, we figured out the science of systems, we understand how to get on the ground, we’re creating a community. with all humility, the movement for truth for human health is the only four second and this because we’re very clear that it has to be bottoms up. And I’m very clear about sorry, it’s about actual consciousness, not the not the, the illusion of it, because that’s what they’re creating as a as a whole matrix in the subjective minds of people so that they can steer them and eventually end them so that they’re not in their way anymore.

Yes, yeah. So it’s a very, very clever model. But historically, Casey, what’s happened is, whenever movements come up, bottoms up.

Before they should just crush them, right, annihilate them. But after the 1920s, and 30s, after they saw, while these movements are powerful, they actively created the not so obvious establishment, that’s what happened. And many people who are well meaning activist couldn’t figure out this dynamic.

That’s where many of these movements went, right. But if you look back at history, and we understand what in system science, we call it a disturbance. If we understand this, then, and but to understand that you have to have the physics you have to take a little bit of time, and most people don’t have 20 years.

So that’s why when I put together the truth through health course, it educates people on this dynamic that the elites by the way, learn they understand system science. So we want to bring like Prometheus bringing fire to the earth. That’s knowledge is what we’ve done, number one, number two, we encourage people building our local communities getting together offline.

March was a major 20th, our team organized a day of action, we told people to get on the ground, I don’t care if you’re alone, holding up a sign for truth and health. We need to get people interacting with their neighbors, not just during election time, but constantly. And that’s the only way out Casey, but to your point.

And I as I’ve said always, it’s about raising consciousness. Yes. That’s what I do.

That’s when I’ve, you know what I do, I just donate my time, when I can do a little podcasting and do a little sharing of all the things I realized meditating. And that’s what I’m doing here in my place in Arizona is I’ve been okay with meeting with neighbors and, and getting them I have a little permaculture farm, I’ve started and building and it’s growing lettuce without even watering it in Arizona, which is unbelievable. But I’m just showing people that this can be done.

We’re running solar greenhouse and have a full wet wall fan systems. I mean, we’re doing it here and feeding our chickens with a natural way where we put pipes in the ground and throw our food and scraps in there with holes in it so that the worms can go in and out and they can scratch and get worms. We’re doing a lot of stuff here.

I’m trying to get my neighbors ready because I know that the future is offline and, and people aren’t going to have to be offline, but we have to work together because you know, it’s it’s a Volterra model, right? Do you go build your own garden? Right, which you can? Or do we want to change the world at a fundamental level? No matter how many gardens we build, they’re still dropping poop, you know, from the skies. Right? Right. Because all the air so we have no choice but to be decentralized, but we have to build a movement and interconnect.

So it’s both has got to get done. So anyway, Casey, thank you for your questions. Yeah.

Thank you for the education, sir. Yeah. I’ll be out to Arizona should we should connect.

We have a lot of good people out there. Thank you. Sounds good.

Sounds good to me. Thank you. Yep.

Let’s go to the second guy I want to take I’m gonna take a couple of quick ones from social media or Robin Doyle is asking, what’s the best way to organize? Well, the best way to work? It’s a great question. In order to organize, you need to have some organizing principles. What’s happened historically, is that many people well, meaning go organize, and they start building movements.

And most of them failed because they didn’t have the organizing principles. Just like if you’re going to build a bridge, there is some physics there, you can probably get lucky and build a bridge one day, but more than 90% chance it’ll fall apart. So first step is I recommend everyone understand the foundations of system science.

Because there are nine principles, which I’ve uncovered no different than if you want to build a bridge, or do civil engineering or build an aeroplane Bernoulli principle, these nine principles give you the foundation, to go organize a movement and to know that the pitfalls are going to do it gives you the blueprint, step one, step two, is very, very important that people learn how to articulate this to other people. Because it’s one thing you knowing it, but once you learn this, there’s the what I call, you have the responsibility to learn the material, but teach and serve other humans. So in our case, we put together the material, we put together a leadership program, it’s accessible for everyone who wants to commit, and then we want people to get on the ground.

In our model of organizing, we already have close to 400,000 people, you know, probably 400 million people worldwide. We’ve heard about it. But we’ve let this percolate bottoms up.

So one of the things is we need conscious leaders who can educate and articulate this other people. So is it Robin Doyle? Was that her name, John? Yes, yeah. So Robin, what I’d suggest is, please take advantage of become a true freedom health warrior.

Wherever you are in your community, we have many, many people already there that you can help organize and mobilize. We’ve also put together a lot of technology tools, independent of big tech that will help you organize, John, maybe you can just bring up the truth for the website.

John, can you do that? Or can I only do that? Have it has to be shared on Zoom? Okay, so let me do it here. So let me just very quickly since Robin asked, again, this is this is for educational purposes, if I go to truth, freedom, you’ll see that we put together the material to support the organization in a very methodical way that you need.

So if you go to truth in, you notice says Get educated been slayed? The truth freedom health itself is a system and involves first of all, theory, practice, ground tools, and you can go to the site. But let me just sort of jump over to the fundamental problem, we’re solving the fundamental problem we’re solving.

There’s lots and lots of information. But most of this information is being put through the lens of ignorance. And that’s why you have a lot of people out there who either get complacent, they want to move away and live in the mountain or they get desperate, they think terrorism is away, or they get into this left or right.

And the only way out of this is through wisdom through knowledge. And knowledge is different than information. Knowledge is the ability to to see these interconnection, there’s a science to doing that.

And to support all of you doing that. Number one is you have to study I’m sorry, you can you may be very smart, but you may be very smart and learn how to throw a curveball. But if you have a coach, you’ll learn it much quicker.

You don’t have to spend 10 years throwing out your arm, or to ski anything. So the foundations of systems course is accessible to anyone. And it teaches you the science of systems it teaches you out the this the scientific principles go back 1000s of years.

And then I put together books, you don’t have to buy them on Amazon, we give them away. It’s all part of this. There’s four books that will teach you how you can apply the science of systems, anything your body, politics, health science, and then there’s a theory paper.

I’ve also wanted to help people on the health side. So it took me 20 years to build a tool where you can’t go fight and organized if you’re unhealthy, right health is a foundational infrastructure to fight for freedom and to truth. So this tool will help you figure out what kind of system you are, when you’re off course, and how foods and supplements can support you.

It’s all included. I also want to teach you that food is medicine. And then every once in two months, we bring together people from an organized so people get continuing education on how to organize.

We also want you to teach other people so we have a portal. I do these one on ones, but we have a whole community of people wherever you are. And we’ve also created tools for activism, the the flyers a card so you can hand them out.

And we have a tool that’s equivalent to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that you can also use to get out there. So fundamentally, we’ve created the infrastructure and all the education, but please take advantage of that because it’s central to your being able to succeed. Go ahead, John next.

Okay, next is I’m going to bring up a question from Liberty on YouTube. And he is asking, do you think the elites will fight amongst themselves to be top dog? Yeah, they always fight among themselves. Who is that asset? John libertine.

So look, the elites, among their own will fight among themselves. But when push comes to sub, they will organize to destroy you and me and others unless we get organized. I’ll give you an example.

There was a very famous event in history called the Paris Commune. And if you remember, this is when, if you go study this when the Prussian German at that time was called Prussia, when the Germans oppression, and the French armies were annihilating each other in the Franco Prussian war, they were fighting each other. Well, while they were killing each other for their own Imperial aims.

The workers in France seize control of Paris was quite extraordinary first time working people seize control, and for two months, they literally controlled Paris, and they change all these laws in favor of the Paris workers. So Paris has a rich history of revolutionary change. Guess what happened, that the elite two elites, the Prussian king, and the French people were fighting against each other, the elites, right, because they were they also have their fights.

They stopped fighting, turned around their armies, came back to France, and beat the shit out of the workers and then went back to fighting. So please understand that that’s what the elites will do. If China and the United States may have some dispute, because one group wants some mine, cobalt mine in Africa, and China wants a cobalt mine.

But if the rush of the Chinese workers and the US workers united, and we fought guarantee, they both come back and try to annihilate us. What scares us is the unity of working people. So when they say we, they don’t mean you, right? You’re definitely right.

The elites are constantly fighting for power for empire building on their own. Okay, we have a number of other raised hands here on Zoom. I’m gonna go to Julissa Flores.

Go ahead Julissa. Jalisa. Can you unmute, please? Hi, good afternoon, Dr.

Shiva. It’s a pleasure to finally finally get to meet you. I’ve been reading your book, the body and the systems.

Oh, good. It’s been I do share your videos. My first question is, how do we get started? I’m here in Florida.

in Orlando, Florida. I am healing cancer right now. And I’m very intrigued.

I am a healthcare auditor. Unfortunately, I’m very disappointed. I was one like you said that voted for Trump.

I saw the hypocrisy. And I have been one of those in in my workplace where I stood ground where I’ve not been boxed. And I was very How do you say to persecuted but I would like to know more about this true freedom.

I’ve been speaking to my neighbor here. He’s a former DoD retired employee. I’ve been speaking to my community here in Orlando.

I see a lot of corruption, very disgusted. I do see where the hypocrisy of where you’re talking about Twitter. I want to I’m going to definitely go for you as as a presidential candidate, I am going independent, I believe in what you’re saying.

And I believe like I said, it’s a bottoms up movement, I respect the fact that you are very open minded and very intelligent. So why should you Lisa? Yes. Where do you get started? So if you ask me that 20 years ago, right, or 30 years ago, when I was 17, there was no way to get started, you just sort of jumped in, you see what I’m saying? And you may be said, okay, the way to fight is I’m going to vote for XYZ candidate, right? Or I’m going to file this lawsuit or I’m going to fight you know, like in your case against your administration.

Right. Right. And what’s unfortunate is every other field of existence has a science around it, you follow? Like if you said I want to be a nurse, you go to nursing school, right? If you want to be a doctor, you have to go to undergraduate then you go get your medical degree.

If you want to be an astrophysicist, you have to take, you know, theory of elasticity, you have to take courses in it, right? But where is the school? Where’s the training that you get when you say, hey, I want to change the world. Right. So that’s, that’s been the you know, I’ve invented contributed, you know, built many companies, but I would say the main one of the main contributions I’ve made is to build the truth for the health system, which is really a university it’s the science you know, the Look system and revolution really goes down to the heart of what is the physics.

And everyone can learn it. You don’t have to know math or anything else. I’ve made it very accessible, right? What are the principles of building a movement, right? Who are going to be the enemies? What are the dynamics? So once you understand that framework and what’s happened with our educational system Julissa is that everyone thinks they learned something.

They’re an expert. That’s what the millennial saying, right? No one understands that you actually have to put a little bit of time and you have to learn the craft, right? A really good carpenter has studied with a master, right? I really in the old days, most of the knowledge was through oral tradition. So you learn the real principles.

So unfortunately, the educational system thinks, oh, everyone Johnny got went to school, therefore, he gets a trophy. Everyone’s smart. Well, you have to put everyone may be smart, but they have to learn the knowledge.

So the first thing we’ve done Julissa has put together? In some ways, a University of how do you create revolutionary change? What are those principles? Number one, then we that’s called the learning process. But learning is not real learning until you learn how to teach it. So we want you to teach, and then we want you to serve, learn, teach and serve.

And the service model means you have to get on the ground. You have to become a leader in your community. Given the questions you’re asking Julius, I invite you every Saturdays, we have our leadership program.

So John, please take Julissa his name, and also Casey’s name, because I think they’re very, you know, people actually want to change. But I recommend that Julissa because once you go through the training and understand it, we have 1000s of people in Florida, one of the things we’re doing is building our leadership. So you can really help there because you’ve gone through experience we’ve had to fight.

Some people have never had to fight. Some people have fought. And then they come to a point, well, how do I fight better, right? And that’s the system of knowledge that needs to be understood.

Otherwise, we’re all going to fail, or otherwise change is going to take another 20 years, because people are just going to sort of do it by trial and error. Does that make sense? Absolutely, I totally, if I if I if I said here’s an airplane, here, just go fly it, you’re probably going to crash. Okay? You no matter how many how much good intention you have.

But if you go through the training, you say, Oh, I got this airplane. Now I know how to fly it, right. And that’s what we’re creating.

We need to have a fundamental infrastructure that takes people make some leaders in their community to be independent of left and right, like, what does that mean? So they learned the science, they learned the physics, they have others, and they have tools. And that’s what we’ve done a truth for themselves. So please take advantage of that.

But thank you for your question. Thank you. Let’s go to Yosef Shaw.

Go do so. Unless John, you have someone on social good. You also.

Hello, how you doing? Doctor? We spoke before a lot last week about Don Benjamin. Aaron Hunter reminds me of what you said because I was at an event last week. Dr.

Shah, I mean, Dr. Shiva, and what I saw was, I’m in San Antonio crystal, I haven’t had a chance to talk to her yet. But I met this met these people at the concert are millennials.

And the biggest problem that we have is that you guys think that we we didn’t have participation trophies, right. And this one, I’m trying to ask you about this question, when we’re being from 25 to about 35 Millennials right now. And what we see is that like, we care more about social issues, then like our money than houses, and I feel like Dr.

Shiva My question is that when we go on the internet and speak truth, it’s not that we’re being shadow banned. Now. We’re being throttled.

Like yesterday, I was listening to a live stream, they started talking about the election, and the results from Trump. And it was about a feminist and a male and it was a debate and what you’re seeing Dr. Shiva is now as they’re throttling it, where you can’t even hear what’s going on anymore with these social media companies.

Did you know that so like, if you’re watching a live stream, and you say something, you shouldn’t say, the whole, the entire stream goes muted. And it just starts. It starts glitching.

And one of the questions is that you said you want us to go into the physical and get into these people’s houses and and talk to people I talk to people at these concerts, Dr. Shiva, but the biggest problem I see in my generation is they care more about the gays and the transgenders is because the older generation, they’re not understanding that, like, they want everyone to be loving to each other. Right? And I feel like Dr.

Shiva, we start to show people that, yeah, we don’t agree with your transgender, we don’t great, you’re gay. But let’s try to figure out what’s one thing that we can agree upon. And that’s what I was trying to do, talking about mortgages, talking about communities, and how Elon Benjamin is the only one on the whole internet, making the internet physical and you Just the question is Dr.

Shiva is that how can we do that if the boomer population continues to throw hatred onto the millennials and say, Well, we have participation trophies. We didn’t have that. You know what I mean? We had we barely had the internet.

That’s more of the Zoomers. I didn’t have participation trophies, I had more of a, a attitude of like, are we had we not seatbelts and cars sometimes, sometimes. Some of our slides for like metal, you know what I mean? So I feel like, let me answer your question.

You said, look, here’s the bottom line, okay. It’s taken me 50 years to organize this knowledge. Okay.

And these principles. Everyone, including Oh, and and all those people should go through this course. Let me tell you why.

Without this knowledge, people always keep making mistakes. Okay, everyone number it’s step one, because it’s like, we figured out how to build bridges, right? We figured out how to make airplanes, you you have good feelings, you want to build an airplane, you want to build a bridge, but you’re trying to figure it out on your own. When you have the physics, you can build a bunch of bridges, okay, and there’s no trophies there.

But the biggest thing that needs to happen is if you take all of these issues, transgender, the reason that none of those issues are going to go anywhere, it’s because for every issue that affected human being, there was a policy that led to that issue that affected someone’s physical biology. Let me explain what I mean by that. Okay.

So if you if you look at the transgender issue, the left is promoting this as a norm. And the right is saying that’s not normal. And they’re telling people Oh, don’t buy target, buy, buy at our right wing stores, right.

So they’re not addressing the fundamental issue. The issue of transgenderism, by way of example, there may be a distribution, some distribution of people who have various sexualities, okay. But if you look at the policy that was done, there was a policy that was implemented, which said that you could pollute the environment.

That policy was implemented over here. Well, that policy resulted in endocrine disruptors. And no one wants to talk about this, those endocrine disruptors have resulted probably in more of the population sexuality being returned.

And so when you look at policy, and you can take that policy, literally at the molecular physics level, to how it affects your body, now you have something that goes beyond left and right, it goes beyond Well, we’re all working together, aren’t we nice? People, we’re all working in our little communities. No, you have to go and educate people, that the policies that XYZ does affects people, and we’re not going to change the world by running off, no matter how many good feelings we have, you know, I have friends who go off to Vermont, I’m gonna go do my own thing, I’m gonna start my garden, it’s not going to change because you go look at the sky. And it’s still being affected by these policies, which are global policies.

And so it is mistaken thinking to think we can just go run off and do things without organizing truly a movement and a movements must be organized in a very conscious way. It’s not going to happen, because there is people being oppressed. Does that make sense? Does it make sense to you? Yes.

My question was also that do you think you could come to the bear party ifs and explain that to Alan, because like, you’re right, he thinks that Missouri’s is going to be this promise place, but maybe if you could put that in your schedule it Yeah. It’s not gonna it’s not going to happen. Because people have tried to create these utopias in the past, they can give you many, many examples.

And it is actually, in some ways, running away from having to actively build and understand the physics, it will basically be saying, one day, somehow we’re going to build airplanes, okay? You have to organize and you have to understand the physics. So that’s why I encourage all of you guys to recognize that the concept of dissent. Centralized utopian communities have existed since the 1800s.

But because people forget that we live in with the reality is this iPhone did not just manifest itself, okay. And you look at this supply chain here, which everyone uses on these decentralized farming communities, right? I go to India, yes, an ashram, you will have a yogi dressed in his saffron robe and you’ll pull out his iPhone and he’s meditating. So come on, we have to recognize we’re living in a world where we live in an interconnected non being serious.

So we can’t, that’s escapism. We have material reality of people are being fucked over. The elites are getting stronger.

We live in a global interconnected world. You may have a little farm, but what’s the chips falling from the sky? Well, it could be uranium depleted thorium, you know particles which at Jerry, what are you going to do, then? We have to build a movement and that movement needs principles. I really encourage you guys all to get involved and learn these principles because it’s only going to make you stronger.

So you have one half of the equation, but you’re missing this entire other piece. Hey, can I hopes I think I lost me take David go ahead, David Crockett David. David Crockett.

Yeah, go ahead, David. John, one second before John, are we have any more questions on social or so after David, should we wrap it up? John? John meddler, yeah, I think I think we should wrap it up. Okay, go ahead, David.

One more question. We’ll wrap it up meaning on social guy, David. Thank you.

I want to know if you if you’re aware of the case of Leonard Pell here, the American Indian Movement leader who’s been in federal prison for over 40 years based on fabricated evidence. Leonard, Leonard Peltier came to our university many, many years ago. So I’m very familiar with Leonard Peltier story, and the injustice that’s taken place to him, David, so we can talk about it right after I end, but But yes, very, very familiar with this story.

Can you commit to clemency for him? If you’re elected president? Definitely. He should definitely receive a pardon. And I’m surprised he hasn’t received one.

Okay, it’s may very important for people to know your position on that. Thank you very much. I’ll tell people, because a lot of people will pay attention to you because of that.

Thank you. Thanks, David. All right.

So we’ll come to Kathy just hold on. What we’re going to do is to everyone on social media, thank you. We’re going to be continuing our open house.

And John, you may just want to put on social tonight at 8pm. We’ll be doing a town hall and an open house. We’re gonna be talking about John, what’s the topic tonight at 8am? Sorry, I Townhall.

The topic tonight is healthcare on. Yes. Tonight we’re gonna be talking about health care.

But specifically, to everyone listening. I’m going to tell you why the real solution is not only improving your immune system, but then very specifically, the 1962. Kennedy vaccination act must be repealed.

It is that act signed by John Kennedy that allowed government to get into your pants get into your body. And no, no, no other candidate. No one wants to address this all the Grifters are saying oh yeah, we’re against vaccine mandates.

Let’s create safe vaccines. No, the 1962 Kennedy vaccination act must be repealed and replaced with what I would call the Dr. Shiva natural immunity act of 2024, which was going to take all that money and a fraction of it and start educating people how to boost their immune systems and to have a one to one relationship with their healthcare provider.

So please come tonight and we’ll talk about that will expose boobie F and Kennedy and all of these Grifters and those are the people really need to get whipped. Okay, thank you, everyone. Be well.

Everyone on Zoom stay. Thank you Oh,

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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