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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, shares his analysis of the Great Deception that is being perpetuated against the working people of America and the whole world.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:00Welcome, everyone. I really want to talk today about what I call the great deception that’s taking place, the Great Deception.

What do I mean by the Great Deception? It’s very easy to call out someone like Soros right? It’s very easy to call out an open fascist, it’s very easy to call out the Clintons. That’s easy. It’s very easy to call out Fauci agreed, any moron can do that.

But what’s harder to call out is the people who call out Soros and Fauci. But essentially do the actions that those guys do. and case in point is Elon Musk, Elon Musk to me epitomise is the great deception.

Here’s a guy, I was the only one to call Elon Musk out over the last six, seven months. Because when we use the science of systems which everyone learns in our movement, you don’t see things as left or right. You don’t get lost by following one person here, another person, but you use the Systems Approach.

And when you use this Systems Approach, you don’t get deceived. It’s very easy to see that you have to look at his actual actions. Elon Musk gets all of his money from SpaceX.

Elon Musk’s gets all of his money for Tesla from government grants. I’m sorry, SpaceX gets its money from government 5.7 billion, same with Tesla.

And same frankly, with Twitter. He’s a government frontman. It’s sort of right in your face.

So the great deception that’s taking place right now the elites actually tell you to your face, we are screwing you openly. And they have brainwashed people to say Oh, really okay. But I’m going to forgive that.

And they make up some reason no different than if someone lived with an alcoholic partner who comes in beats the hell out of you. They actually just beat you. But then you say, Oh, he did that to me because he had a hard day at work.

Okay, so this brainwashing has taken place and to me, it’s a very powerful brainwashing. All right. Before we go on, I want to invite each of you to come to our next open house for truth, Freedom health.

I personally host the open house every Thursday at 11am PST and then again at 8pm PST, you’ll learn about truth for to health which is a movement, a platform as well as the community and much more and we are dedicated to raising your consciousness through education theory and action practice, you will learn how to think beyond left and right Pro and Anti so you may start to see things as they truly are and become a force for real and lasting change in your community. Again, to join us simply RSVP at

You’ll meet lots of great people from across the world. Again, it’s every Thursday at 11am PST and again at 8pm PST simply RSVP at be the light.

Now let’s go back to our program. So if you go online when I was starting to expose Musk with just bare facts, where did his he get his money? SpaceX 5.7 billion.

Where did that come from government grants. Where did he get the money? Where How did he become $600 billion in value for Tesla. It came from the $1.

5 billion worth of carbon tax credits, which means he supports a carbon tax scam that came from the government. If you look at Twitter, where did its $50 billion valuation come from? It came from section 230 immunity given to it by government. This guy’s a government frontman.

And we’ve been calling it out calling it out calling it out. A number of the quote unquote conservative Trump errs attack me no different than when I called out Fauci the liberal liberals attacked me Oh, who are you? What do you know about medicine? Well, I do know quite a bit and I do know quite a bit about politics. And two weeks ago, was a week ago, Elon Musk in your face appoints a woman who is on it, who’s a chair of WTF World Economic Forum, who’s actually the Group Chair of the largest entertainment agency in all of Europe.

Okay, works with all the Hollywood elites, quote unquote, equivalent there. And this woman promoted vaccine mandates promoted mask mandates, and that’s who we appoint. And we called it out again and you can see all the Grifters who are supporting Ilan and attacking us, they start backpedaling catch it got her one of these guys, or and you can see this.

So the great deception that’s taking place is the elites are openly telling you, we are going to fuck you up. And this is how we’re going to do it. And this is what we’re going to do to you.

And then outside of that circle, they have all of these Grifters and brainwash idiots who actually defend the actions that they just did, because the elites have learned that in this medium In call social media, the news cycle is so short it went from months to days to microseconds right now. So they know we’re gonna say this and they’ll forget about it, we can lie and they’ll forget about it. Robert F Kennedy, another big scumbag.

So, Tucker Carlson, another big scumbag. And I can give you the reasons if you want me to go through it, but these people lie to your face. And then they have a set of people around them, who are like abuse victims, who are rationalizing why they lied in your face.

And this is a great deception that’s taking place. And the old establishment was would openly hit you right in the head, they would slap you right into your face, right? Right in front of you. They would commit actions of fascism.

The Neo establishment that’s developing, which is even more serious, hit you in the back of your head, they hit you and then lie to you that they didn’t hit you. Okay. And then they have a bunch of people telling you, oh, well, he had to hit you.

But he really didn’t hit you. I mean, the whole stuff is so it’s almost a disease that’s taking place. So if you look at Tucker Carlson, here’s a guy whose entire life has been built with the intelligence community, his whole family.

He’s like this with Hunter Biden. You can go look at his old work. And he knew about our lawsuit, which we’ve talked about, he hid it, he concealed it, which expose government backdoor to portal, but then recently starts talking, oh, my god, government and big tech are one and I’m being persecuted by Fox News.

But go look at what actually he did at Fox News. He was talking about election fraud to get his viewers but internally, he was text messaging people saying, oh, there is no election fraud. This whole thing is bullshit.

So he was taking advantage of the conservative viewers talking about actually bogus aspects of election fraud, while he concealed the real aspects that we were revealing, like signature verification and chain of custody. Long ago, two years ago, he hid the real issues and gave the conservative right wing crazy shit about election fraud, just to get their viewers internally he was writing that was crazy shit he was doing. And then when Dominion sued them, they had a very strong case, because in US defamation lawsuits called malice, you have to prove malice, that the person who was doing that did it.

Not only were they telling a lie, but they did it knowing that they were telling a lie. And that’s why Fox News was going to lose 1.5 billion.

And it was because of Tucker Carlson. Now what he does, in an insidious way, he goes, Oh, my God, Fox fired me because I was telling the truth. And I didn’t know Fox fired him because he actually did screw them.

And I don’t care for Fox or Tucker Carlson. But then he takes advantage of this situation to take advantage of the conservative right to say, Oh, I was being screwed. You know, they’re evil.

And Gibbs starts giving this speeches about how he’s fighting evil. But that is evil. He’s never fought evil in his whole life.

Fighting evil means you say the truth at the right time when it matters. Go to Elon Musk. Elon Musk is doing these little interviews, oh, I will say whatever I want to say even if it means losing my money really come on, are people buying the shit.

Here’s a guy who’s made his entire empire by giving being a government frontman and just appointed a week ago, the former head of the W E. F, to run his entire world. And if you look at all of these people, they’re one to two degrees of freedom friends.

And you can go on to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Robert F.

Kennedy Jr. does not say one word against the Hollywood elites. Because he lives right among them in Malibu, I know that, you know, I know this guy.

Yet, he presents himself as a fighter for medical freedom. When in his own home, everyone had to be vaccinated because they could enter not just vaccinated but with a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, which he said was an experimental vaccine and violates the Nuremberg Code. And then he blames his wife and all of this idiot grifter, say, Oh, well, you know, his wife made him do it.

So this is the great deception that’s taking place. And there are many of these people around and they’re doing it for one reason for power, profit and control period. Because they know that people like us, those of you who are on this call today are starting to really start thinking about these things.

And you’re starting to see Wait a minute, he said that, but he did that, that doesn’t make any sense. And I’m not going to forgive him for that. And people are starting to wake up to these contradictions.

And they’re starting to ask themselves, why do we allow them to have these contradictions? And what is it in me that allows him to do this, and that awakening is taking place and as that and because of our movement, by the way, because of the hard work that we do every day. And because of that awakening, they have created Ed, the great deceptions they’ve created these people are saying the words, but to sucker people and to do a new form of censorship that is unequal than the old form of censorship. So what do I mean by that? You know, for years, I used to be in the AI field for nearly 20 years, there’s an aspect of AI called predictive analytics, predictive analytics, what predictive analytics means is you gather enough data, training data, and then you can use that training data to predict the trajectory of any event.

So they do this in marketing a lot. If I gather enough data on Jamie’s buying habits, right, or James’s buying habits, or Anna’s buying habits, like if I have all the data that when she’s bought something, dates events, I can essentially pretty much figure out what she will buy tomorrow. Okay.

This is why in many of the supermarket aisles, they always have diaper or they have beer next to diapers if you go see it. Because they know when a guy goes to shop, he picks up diapers, he’s going to pick up a six pack of beer, because they know these correlations. It’s called Predictive Analytics.

So the new type of censorship is through predictive analytics. So if you look at the viewer, the viewer I had 500,000 viewers when they let me back on Twitter, and now it’s down to around 500,000 views per day, now it’s down to maybe 10,000. Now, how did that occur? And why did they let me back on Twitter? The reason is, they want to predictively analyze all of our followers, because they know our movement is explosively growing.

And they want to understand who are these people? And can we detect future people, they want to use this as an aggregate, who will also become part of the movement and give them misinformation. And this is called Predictive Analytics. So you can take all of my followers, people on this call right now, they have enough data gathering for every person, they can build various variables, like your age where you grew up, right? What you I mean, all of this data is publicly available, you just have to buy it.

So imagine they have 3000 variables for each one of us. And using those 3000 variables, they can then predict, oh, what are the kinds of people that follow Dr. Shiva? What are the kinds of people that would get involved in the movement for truth for women out? And they may find some very interesting pattern.

Oh, maybe it’s people like the color white people who like dogs, I’m just making this up, by the way, right? People who who are married, well, whatever that is, I would like to vacation in Sardinia, I don’t know, right? Or go to the beach, whatever that is, right? Once they have that characteristic signal, they can then go apply to everyone on social media, everyone. And they can say, Wow, all of these people are going to follow this movement. And to those people, they can push notifications, follow this person, follow Robert Kennedy, follow Elon Musk, you say, and also at the same time, make sure those people never come to see our content.

You guys follow what I’m saying? This is called very sophisticated censorship. So you think oh, so Elon Musk until I let Dr. Shiva on.

But if you notice, he’s also added a corruption element he just announced. And this is again part of this great deception that if you are a you know someone on Twitter, and you’re doing videos, you are going to be able to get money for your videos that you do. So he did that big announcement with Tucker Carlson.

Right. So Tucker Carlson goes on Twitter. And he’s going to be getting ad revenue.

So if Krystal had starts doing her tweet to their own video, she can get ad revenue. All right, now just follow this. How do you get ad revenue, it’s the number of people that view your Twitter profile your tweets.

So if he’s controlling who’s going to view you, he can drive us to Tucker Carlson, all the people like him who say positive things about him. And when they do a video, they’re gonna get paid from ad revenue. That’s why he just hired this woman.

She used to head up the Ad Council in the United States. So what they’re doing is this new form of censorship is that you as an individual, if you suck up to Elon Musk, you will get more views and you’ll be getting paid. It’s called corruption.

If you attack Elon Musk, your views are gonna go down and you’re not gonna get paid. You’re not gonna get so Robert F. Kennedy, the scumbag who’s who had less followers than me before I was thrown off, gets 2 million views.

I get 2000 Jews. What the hell’s going on? This is a great deception. And the great news is that our movement exists And they know they’ve done all this data analysis, they know people are getting ready to build an independent movement.

And what they want to do is they want to give people false gods Tucker, Carlson’s Robert F. Kennedy’s, Donald Trump, all these people who will talk our language, in fact, they still are words. But their goal is to make people go upward, not go downward and build a bottoms up movement.

Does that make sense? Because the reason they’re doing this because our movement exists, if our movement didn’t exist, would be pretty easy for them, they wouldn’t have to do this kind of deception. So that’s where we are. So you have the obvious establishment which any idiot can attack.

So people are like, Oh, my God, Elon Musk is calling out George Soros, when any fool could call him out. The issue is who’s calling out Elon Musk. And we’re the only ones doing that.

Because when you just look at the evidence, this guy is wholly part of the establishment. So our movement exists. And its existence itself is historic, a movement like ours historically has never existed.

And I really want people to get this, and I’ll keep repeating it. Because the kinds of movements that have typically existed are people who didn’t understand this dynamic, or people were part of the not so obvious establishment, okay. But because our movement exists, we have this historic opportunity, no different than fire being discovered to really change the dynamics of the world in a very, very significant way.

And that way that can occur is by one individual, understanding this concept, because you then become a fluctuation, to completely change the dynamics, one individual understanding the dynamics of how they deceive, is enough to change the world. Now, if we have 10,000, individuals who get it, it’ll just gonna happen faster. So that’s why our movement exists.

So right now, in sort of closing this, please recognize that there is a great great deception taking place, people are being pummeled with these people who are talking the talk, but not the walk. In fact, they don’t do the walk right in front of your face. That’s what we’re talking about, oh, I will fight for you, I disappointed WTF, oh, I’ll do this.

And I’m going to do this, I’m going to say this and do this. And so it becomes preeminent, for our movement to expose these people, which is what we do. And this is why many of you are here because you’re looking for truth, and freedom and health.

And that’s why our movement exists. And that’s why we’re gonna grow as a part of this. Central to our movement is going offline.

Those of you join our movement, we call people, Warrior scholars, the scholar pieces where you learn knowledge, you learn the science of systems. So you have all the tools mentally so you don’t get distracted. But the warrior pieces we go on the ground.

I mean, it was a pretty long trip to go to Sardinia, we did a massive demonstration there. About 300 people showed up. All people have seen our videos.

I mean, these people came from different parts of this island, Sardinia. So wherever we go, hundreds of millions of people know about our movement. And that’s what concerns them is what are we going to do next? And that’s why they’re creating these false leaders and doing this thing called the Great Deception.

So I hope that’s clear. Thank you.

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