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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA shares results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of comparing RAW Almonds versus SPROUTED Almonds. The discussion is a SYSTEMS ANALYSIS recognizing that HOW food is processed is critical in changing the constitution of the food itself. Many “health gurus” simply are Pro- and Anti- about a particular food. This is a reductionist approach that creates confusion. They have little idea of HOW the food is processed since they lack a SYSTEMS foundation to thinking.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


• Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – presents results from CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of Raw or Sprouted Almonds. Which is Healthier? A CytoSolve® Analysis.
• CytoSolve® technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and in the area of Almond Research there’s been 289 clinical trials, 5283 research articles over the last 195 years.
• Almond composition includes carbohydrates, protein, lipids, and 37 Key Molecules: 7 key vitamins, 6 key minerals, 11 key polyphenols, 13 key amino acids.
• Almonds have Eight Major Biological Effects: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, gastro-protective, prebiotic, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-atherosclerotic, and neuroprotective.
• Nutrients in Almonds provide numerous benefits include: cardio-protection, skin protection, neuroprotection, improved digestion.
• Sprouting Almonds enhances their nutritional benefits.
• Free-form Amino Acids levels are higher in sprouted Almonds.
• Digestive enzymes are increased 2X to 10X with sprouted Almonds.
• Everything in nature is not bad or good. We have to learn how to process them correctly to release/ decrease phytic acid by 62% or 3X less by germinating Almonds. Less is more.


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Good evening, everyone. It’s a little bit late. But I thought I would do this talk today on a very interesting topic, which really brings up the reason that we need to take a Systems Approach to understanding anything in life. Understanding food in this case, and I want to talk about Raw or Sprouted Almonds, Raw or Sprouted Almonds, and really probe the question. “Which is healthier?”

We’re gonna talk about Raw, Sprouted Almonds and Which is healthier? And the context that we want to do this is because I gave a talk a couple of, I think, a week ago, on talking about Kale and Cardiovascular Health. In the middle of that talk, I think someone asked a question about something. And I, it ended up becoming a brief discussion I had, which I just posted a clip on, about the importance of Sprouting things.

What You Will Learn Today

But several years ago, we at CytoSolve®, which is the organization I began to really take a Scientific Approach to understand Food and Medicine, etc. A Systems Biology Approach, we actually looked at the question of Raw or Sprouted Almonds, and we came up with some very interesting results. And the reason I want to share this with you today is that when you take a Systems Approach, it goes beyond pro or anti or left or right on anything.

The problem with a lot of the people out there who project themselves as health gurus or trying to promote a particular diet of some form. The problem is that most of them are not Scientists, most of them do not take a Systems Approach. They’re in a fad of some sort at a particular point in history. And they’re trying to push that fad and drive people to some outcome. But here, we want to take a Systems Approach. So, you can really start developing a framework, as we say, here on learning How to Think. Not What to Think, but How to Think.

And it’s very important to do that because the body is a very Complex System. Figuring out what to eat is a very complex thing. And many Traditional Cultures over many, many centuries, figured out Systems of how to teach people this, but if we can educate enough people on How to Think and the Systems Approaches way, that gives a wonderful framework on How to Think, so if we can do that, you get this broad capability on looking at things Beyond Pro- & Anti-.

So that’s what we want to do today. And the discussion about Raw or Sprouted Almonds, which is healthier is a wonderful way to do that. I could also do Roasted or Raw or Roasted and Sprouted.

I mean, there’s a whole bunch of combinations here. I wanted to do Raw, Sprout. In fact, we have all the data on all of that, which we can do. But I wanted to do this today because it’s really going to help you understand. So let me just sort of jump right in and look at what we have on our agenda today.

Raw versus Sprouted Almonds

The agenda we have today is Raw or Sprouted Almonds. By the way, those of you who want to know about all the different kinds of things we do, you can go to There’s a picture of the website, and you are encouraged more than ever, for your own benefit. Don’t do it for me, but do it for yourself to take the Foundations of Systems course, which will be found at I’ve enabled anyone to take it. I used to teach this course all over the world, developed at MIT. So, all of you can really get a Systems understanding. And we give people an incredible scholarship so they can take it and register. Please take advantage of that.

Truth Freedom Health® The Power of a Systems Approach

But fundamentally, in this presentation or in life, if we can start understanding the intersection of Truth Freedom Health®. Freedom, the ability to express oneself, have dialogue and debate is central to getting to Truth, which is basically a process of applying the Scientific Method. And when we really have Truth and Freedom, we can get to figuring out what’s right for our body or infrastructure, economic Health, etc.

Just want to thank someone at “online call”, They just gave us their Super sticker. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Health once you have good Health, you can actually have the strength to fight for Freedom and pursue Truth. These are integrated. Those of you who are interested in taking one step, you can actually go get the book right here System and Revolution. It’s about 100+ plus pages, but it’ll really teach you a consolidated way to take the Systems Approach. And it’s free, you just have to cover shipping and handling. So please take advantage of that.

And also, every Thursday, at 11am EDT and 8pm EDT, I literally do an online Open House. We have lots and lots of people join us. You’re welcome to join, you just go there and registered It’s valuable, because you’ll meet some great people from all over the world. So please take advantage of that.

What we want to do is we’re going to look at Almonds, the biological function of health benefits, today, but we’re going to look at more than just Almonds, we’re going to look at Sprouted versus Raw. And we’re also going to look at it again, harp on it again how unfortunately, the Medical Doctors do not really learn anything about nutrition.

If you ask me, what’s it between Raw and Sprouted Almonds, he probably would say, well, we don’t know or they’re probably the same. And then we’re going to talk about from a health standpoint, that nutritional differences and where you should source it.

Let’s go into The Journey to Systems video because before I start, I always like to play this video, which will enable all of you to really understand my intention to take the Systems Approach inspire you, but it comes from integrating East and West in a very powerful way, combining the best of Modern Systems Biology, with Traditional Systems of Medicine. So let me play this and then we’ll start shortly.

Science and Truth – Overview of Almond Nutrition

The essence of what we want to do is to really teach people or inspire people how to think, not what to think, because that’s really pushing forward an agenda. But if we can provide people a framework of how to think we can really make a lot more progress. And that’s really the Science of Systems.

When we look at Raw versus Sprouted Almonds, we can apply Systems principles. The Truth is something that emerges from applying the Scientific Method. So here, we’re going to sort of give you some data on Almonds, first of all, start with a broadly, and then we’re going to share with you from a Freedom standpoint, how the traditional, or the conventional medical establishment really knows very, very little about nutrition.

They’re really unable to answer any of these questions, and they are fundamental questions. And then we’re going to jump into talking about Sprouted and Raw Almonds. Let’s begin from the Truth part, Truth Freedom Health®, the overview of Almond and Nutrition.

Almonds – Prunus dulcis

Let’s first really talk about Almonds. It’s known as Prunus dulcis. It belongs to the rosacea, the rose family, and it’s one of the first domesticated trees cultivated over 5000 years ago. And it’s native to Western and Central Asia. So that’s sort of a broad background on where Almonds really come from, but it’s from the rose family.

Health Benefits of Almonds

So, now let’s really talk about the health benefits, health benefits of almonds, particularly eight biological effects, that Almonds really sort of support your body. And let’s go into that. So, to understand the health benefits of Almonds, it’s important to understand that there are many Systems, the Almonds effect, one of the things I used to do, and I still try to do regularly is you can take Almonds overnight or you soak them.

If you’re interested, you can actually soak them one night, wash out the water, soak them again, but essentially, you soak the almonds, you peel the Almonds, and then you eat it. But in traditional medicines, the reason people say to eat almonds in the morning is because it has powerful benefits to many, many Systems in your body.

The Systems That Almonds Affect

You can see these effects for Skin Health, Heart Health, Digestive Health, Brain Health, Mitochondrial Health, for Energy, and Metabolic Health, to stave off things like Diabetes and to support weight loss. Almonds have an effect on multiple subsystems. In this case, we’re looking at six different subsystems again. Skin, heart, digestive, brain, mitochondrial health, and metabolic health.

Almonds – 8 Biological Effects

The other important piece when we talk about the eight biological effects, first of all, it’s a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. That’s why it’s good for the skin. Gastroprotective is very, very important for digestive health along with being a prebiotic, anti-hypertensive, heart health, anti-diabetic, metabolic health, anti-atherosclerotic, again, for heart health.

And it’s also for brain health, neuroprotective. These are the eight biological effects of Almonds, so it’s a very, very powerful food, it’s potent food. Now, what we want to do is we want to talk about analyzing Almonds using CytoSolve®. And this is about integrating the current research. What we want to do is here we want to, again, integrate, that’s a Systems Approach, you don’t just take one approach, nor do we want to sort of just push our narrative here.

Again, if you go on YouTube, and places, you’ll see all these videos asserting things and it’s a problem because it opens whether you’re trying to do something good, simply asserting stuff that that having the Scientific integrated evidence, really doesn’t afford the general public an opportunity to really be fully informed.

Analyzing Almond Using CytoSolve© Integrating the Current Research 5283 Research Articles, 289 Clinical Trials over 195 Years

Everything we share here is based on integrating the current research using CytoSolve®. We want to analyze Almonds using CytoSolve®. In this case, there’s 5283 research articles that have been done over the last nearly 200 years. Look at that over, there’s been 195 years of Scientific Research. And that’s in 289 Clinical Trials, but 5283 research articles.

We take all of that research. We want to analyze Almonds using CytoSolve®. And what you see here is we’re going to take all of that research here. And relative to Sprouted, and Raw Almonds, or Raw or Sprouted, we distilled that research.

CytoSolve® is a Revolutionary Systems Biology Platform

And then what we do is we find the Molecular Pathways, and the components involved to produce this analysis that I’m going to share with you today. CytoSolve®, by the way, for those of you do not know, is a very powerful Technology platform that came out of my research at MIT to literally eliminate the need for animal testing. But we can use the power of the computer to not only gather data that’s out there, organize it, but also mathematically model it.

And this approach lets us do some very profound things that were not possible before. Otherwise, you’d have to spend a lot of time, so this is a quick overview of CytoSolve®. That’ll help you understand it because it’s central to how we took a Systems Approach to share the results on Raw versus Sprouted dominance.

CytoSolve® Open Science Institute-Science by The People for The People

Alright, so if you guys want to know more about CytoSolve®, what we do, go to Right there. And if you scroll down on this page, you’ll see also a set of logos here, Open Science Institute System Health, if you go to Open Science Institute, one of the things that we are doing is all the research I’m sharing with you here comes from your support, and contributions. And that research is part of the Open Science Institute.

And we encourage all of you to not only support the research, but also come to us with ideas for new research, because with CytoSolve®, we’re exploring a number of areas. For example, in Cardiovascular Health, you can go there, and you can actually contribute whatever you want $1, $10, $100, those of you contribute $100 or more, will get about 15 different gifts, including the ability to start taking the course and the Truth Freedom Health® Warrior course.

Nutrients in Almonds – 37 Key Molecules

Let’s now go into Almond health benefits. And let’s really jump into this by, first of all, looking at the nutrients in Almonds. So now we want to talk about the nutrients and Almonds. And instead of just sort of hand waving this, I want to really bring to all of you the knowledge that there are 37 Key Molecules in Almonds. So Almonds are packed with tremendous amounts of nutrition. But it’s got 37 Key Molecules spread out over a number of areas.

Composition – Macronutrients

So first of all, we have macronutrients. As you can see, there’s carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. And when you want to think about this, what this really falls down to is like the starches, right? carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids slash fats, right? And when you and by the way, if you want to think about it, 10 grams of Almonds 10 grams of Almonds is really about 20 Almonds, okay? One Almond is about one gram, 20 grams of Almonds is almost one to one, it’s around 20 grams. Which is about a serving, a serving has about let’s say 20 Almonds, which is about 20 grams.

Just to give you some idea about that here, what we see here we’re looking at about 100 grams, which is five times more, that’s sort of five servings. If you had five servings of Almonds that would have around 20 grams of carbs, 25 grams of protein, a lot of protein. And then fats 50 grams per 100 grams quite a bit, half of it is fat.

And you have the medium chain fatty acids, medium unsaturated fatty acids and the polyunsaturated fatty acids. But key takeaways. 50% of Almonds are these fatty acids, which are very good for you. This is not like fats, like you’re eating just fat or something. These are fatty acids. Very important to remember. It’s in the area of lipids. All right, so that’s the macronutrients.

Composition – Micronutrients

The other piece that we want to look at is these micronutrients which fall into four groups. We have vitamins, we have minerals, we have polyphenols, and amino acids. Vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and amino acids. And this is where I want to sort of go deeper and show you the 37 different Molecules.

Composition – 7 Key Vitamins

Well, first of all, it’s got seven key vitamins. So that’s seven right there. Thiamine, riboflavin. These are all a lot of the B vitamins, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-six, folate. Those are really what are considered B vitamins, any of vitamin E. Great source in Almonds is vitamin E. So those are your seven key vitamins in Almonds.

Composition – 6 Key Minerals

Next is Almonds have a lot of minerals, six key minerals. And really what I want you to look at is down below the zinc and the copper. In almost near proportion which got quite a good amount of copper, but it has the calcium and the magnesium. Look at that amount 300 milligrams, of calcium and magnesium, potassium, phosphorus very very good for the brain, and then zinc and copper. So again six, there’s up to 13 and we got 11 key polyphenols.

Composition –11 Key Polyphenols

These polyphenols are really like the medicinal components in an Almond: the Ellagitannins are called the tannins. The Gallotannins, the Ellagic acid, the catechins, Kaempferol, Ferulic acid, Epicatechin Quercetin, which we’ve talked about before, Isorhamnetin, Naringenin, Resveratrol, a lot of people, you may have heard of Resveratrol, people think it only comes from grapes. And we have Protocatechuic acid. We have 11 different polyphenols, just filled with very powerful polyphenols.

Active Compounds – 13 or Key Amino Acids

And then we have these 13 amino acids. And I want you to really look at this because we’re going to come back to this, the amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. But you can see there’s 13 amino acids, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, cysteine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, phenylalanine, very good for brain tyrosine, arginine, muscle building, and alanine. These are the 13 key amino acids. When you add all this up, if I were to add all this up here, we would get the 13 key amino acids, 13 plus 11, is 24, plus six is 30, and 37. So that’s what we have: these 37 Molecules are in Almonds.

Is Almond Right for You?

Now, one of the questions we want to ask is, when we take a Systems Approach, we don’t take a pro or anti approach, we don’t say everything is good or bad. We want to recognize that we want to find out what’s right for you. How do you do that? Well, if you take a Systems Approach, if you understand Your Body as a System, you understand an Almond as a System, you can figure out how these two Systems interact.

Well, how do you do that? Well, many years, not many years, you have 2000, I guess it’s been many years in 2007, or eight, when I finished my PhD in Systems Biology and Biological Engineering, I took about two years off and went back to India, to see if I can use my knowledge as a Systems Biologist, as an Engineer, to really decipher the Traditional Systems of Indian Medicine, which looked at your body. And they figured out what kind of Body System you are.

And what I discovered was that the Ancient Systems of Indian Medicine are directly related to Engineering Systems Theory in our course,, I teach you all of this, you learn a lot of stuff. But it’s that sort of 20-30 years of knowledge, you will also learn.

Your Body Your System Tool

Here, you can use this tool called Your Body, Your System. And by the way to all of you, when you join the course and you become a warrior scholar, you actually will get access to the Your Body, Your System tool, but I’m going to show you some screenshots here. You can really use it to find out, “Is Almond right for you?” And if you go to Your Body, Your System, you can go there directly and actually get the tool. Or if you join as a warrior, you get it for a significantly discounted price. It’s up to you.

Almonds – Eastern Systems Approach

But if you go to Your Body, Your System, what happens with Your Body, Your System here is that we actually teach people to understand how the Body is a System. And every System in the Universe, and I’m giving you a little bit of the course, is composed of three phenomena, everything in the Universe.

Transport, which is the movement of information, matter, and energy. Conversion, the ability to take information, matter, in one form and convert it to another form, like digestion does that, you eat something your body digests it up, that’s a Conversion process. Storage, or Structure the thing that gives shape to something, when you cook something in the morning or whatever, the pot is the thing that gives structure to building members, anyway. These are the three fundamental components of everything in the Universe.

What I discovered was in the Indian System of Medicine, when they look at your body, they figure out how much Vata, Pitta, and Kapha you have in your body. What I discovered was that Transport is Vata, Conversion is Pitta. And Storage is Kapha. So, what you see on the left side of this diagram is how Engineers and Scientists view the world. On the right side is how the ancients view the world and I fear Without this interconnection using this, I was able to look at the Traditional Systems of Medicine and remap it. If you look at everything in the Universe can be represented in this triangle of those forces of Transport, those forces of Conversion.

And those forces of Storage, what we’ve been able to do with Your Body, Your System is use this tool to where you can interrogate yourself with a certain set of questions, about 30 questions. And it’ll figure out what kind of System you are in this map, which I call the space of Transport, Conversion, and Storage. In the Indian System, Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

That’s that Red dot. It maps it.

And then what we can do is, so that’s where you are just to give you an idea. That Red dot represents Your Body as a System. Now that the Red dot will move, some people are over here, some people here, don’t worry about where the Red is, it’s just, Who you are. Okay, so the first step is, know Who you are.

You can answer another set of questions, in fact, give information about where you’re living with the weather. And that’ll tell you where you are today. The Black is, which means how far you’re off target. Now, this happens to all of us, because if you don’t eat right, you don’t get enough sleep, or you are jet lagged, you’ll be off balance.

The Real goal of Health is not to try to be like someone else, not to follow some diet, but it is to bring your body back to its, what we call the Natural System state. If it does, that your body has self-healing capabilities, right? This is what happens with any System.

So again, the System will actually calculate for you and educate you, not from a dietary perspective, but to teach you how food how exercises or activities can move the forces of transport, conversion and storage to get you back to you, so that’s Your Body, Your System, I recommend you guys check it out or join the movement and you get it. Okay, that’s a gift that we give.

Now, what does Almond do? Well guess what Almonds do? Almond stabilizes Vata. It stabilizes Pitta, and it increases Kapha. Remember, it’s got all those fats Kapha is a Storage aspect of food, Storage aspect of nature, inertia. Pitta is a Conversion aspect. It calms Pitta. It stabilizes movement, but it increases Kapha. This is the Eastern Approach blended with the Engineering Systems.

What I did for you guys, is just to show you a little more deeper how you can use this. One of my friends, he took the Your Body, Your System, and he found out his Red is here, and then he found out his Black is over here.

And what you can do is there’s a tool in Your Body, Your System called the Kitchen. And what you can do is you can actually play with foods and see how it will affect the Black dot because its goal is to bring the Black to the Red do. Will it in fact do that?

We added here, we added Almonds, and guess what Almonds bring you in this direction. So, you’re headed in that direction, but it increases Storage. And that jives very nicely with Western Biology because Almonds, remember, it has 50% FAT, FAT build Structure. And it pacifies Vata and Pitta, which are the Conversion and the Transport elements.

I just wanted to share that with you because you can use this tool, but more importantly, you understand that for some people, if, in this case, if your Red dot is here, right, or let’s say your Red dot was up here, right? In this area, well, you probably got to be careful about eating Almonds, because it’s going to deviate you even far, farther for this person. Almonds are actually good because it’s going to bring them closer in this direction.

Again, the goal here is to understand that food is not positive or negative, pro or anti, food doesn’t really care, whether it’s pro or anti, but it’s what is right for you. Those of you who sign up as Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, go to, you get this and a whole bunch of, about 15 other gifts that are included.

Problems with Almonds

Now, the other piece I want to really talk about is we always think everything is good, right? Or everything is bad or, but we need to recognize nothing is good or bad. We need to look at things as they are. Now Almonds, there are also some problems with Almonds. I want to talk about that. Problems with the Almonds and I want to consider four issues. Okay, what are those four issues? Well, again, this comes to overconsumption of Almonds, right?

Dosaging of Almonds

It’s all about Dosaging. One of the things when you take a Systems Approach you learn. It’s about how much and this is what System Science teaches you. It’s not about, oh, did you eat this or that but how much. But in this case, if you have overconsumption of Almonds, people are prone, some people to get skin allergies.

Another is kidney stones, because Almonds have oxalates. Cyanide poisoning, right, Bitter Almonds, right. Again, overconsumption so don’t be too scared here. And then digestive constipation. So again, these are some of the important issues to consider.

If you have a proclivity for kidney stones, or you’re allergic, or you have some constipation, or you are constipated, right, you should be aware of over consuming Almonds.

Maria says, “Your Body, Your System is an incredible tool. I just used it today and found out a new food that supports me much better.” – Yeah. So, Your Body, Your System really takes a Systems Approach to understand where your System is, and how you move forward. And so again, you can use it to understand problems with Almonds.

CytoSolve® Used to Build Better Products

The next thing I want to go through is, when we’re looking at understanding, what is the right food, right thing you realize it’s about synergy and combinations. We talked about CytoSolve®, one of the things we’ve been able to do is blend the East and the West.

And very more recently, about a couple of years ago, we took CytoSolve®. And we really wanted to understand in nature what are the foods that we could use, let’s say to support or lower pain and inflammation. We really use CytoSolve® to mathematically analyze and model the Molecular Pathways.

And like Almonds, we looked at other natural ingredients, and that resulted in a very powerful product called mV25™. For probably about 15 years, we’ve been helping other companies. But we had built all these models. And with mV25™. It was our first foray into using our own technology to discover something that is very powerful for pain and inflammation.

Let me just play mV25™. And It’ll give you an idea of the power of combining East and West.

I want to thank ‘Online call’ for their very generous donation which will support our research at CytoSolve®.

By the way, if you go to and click on the shop link here, you will then be able to find mV25™ and purchase it right online.

Attack on Freedom – Constraints on Medical Doctors

Now one of the things that happens is, when it comes to nutrition, we’re talking about Almonds here, and you ask your doctor about this, which I mentioned, I’ve, I would be shocked if they actually knew anything about the nutritional value of Almonds or, for that matter, we’re going to get into Raw versus Sprouted Almonds.

And the unfortunate thing is, because Doctors are really influenced by the pharmaceutical model, not really nutrition. And in fact, this is a very interesting slide that I want to share with you.

Nutrition. Reductionist Narrative in Scientific and Media Establishment

They Doctors literally take a reductionist narrative in the scientific and media establishment. So, the bottom line is physicians are really trained to prescribe medicine, pharmaceutical grade medicine, but really not to provide nutritional guidance. And then nutritional quote, unquote, experts constantly give constantly conflicting evidence.

This is a problem that many of us find ourselves in, you try to go to your doctor, they don’t really know a lot about nutrition. And then you go to these health gurus, many of them who don’t have an engineering basis or scientific basis, or biology basis. They always show you some examples, they give you conflicting advice.

The media coverage of nutrition is always a hyperbole, right? Either one day, they’ll say fat is good. And then they’ll say, “Fat is bad.” This sort of hits upon it. This is a meme that’s out there, basically saying, you’ll never really hear a doctor saying, I spent years studying Nutrition in Medical School. I don’t think Medical School really, at best, maybe there’s one course. But it’s an elective in Nutrition.

Here’s another example. Another meme, “Don’t ask me for nutrition advice.” And less than 70% of doctors received Nutrition classes in Medical School, and those that do experience a measly 24 hours of class time on the subject. So that’s less than a week, right? It’s like half a week.

And here’s a couple of slides, you’ll even find guys like this. One day, they’ll say why I love kale, and then they’ll say problems with eating kale. Or you’ll and one of the polls that recently did was saying half of the people, half of the people find it easier to do their taxes more than half then to actually figure out what’s healthy for them.

HEALTH – Effect of Almonds on Your Body

This is a problem that we face because we don’t take this Systems Approach. So, when we now consider the Health side. Let’s move to the Health aspect of the nutritional differences between Raw and Sprouted almonds. This is going to give us a framework to take the Systems Approach, and I’m going to share with you our research. Let’s just jump right into it.

How Sprouting Affects Almond Nutrition – 4 Key Factors

The first thing that I really want to cover now is How does sprouting affect Almond nutrition? The four key measures? How does sprouting affect Almond nutrition, right? And there are four key elements that we’re going to cover here.

First, it is free form amino acids. Remember, these are amino acids that your body can just consume. Okay, next is digestive enzymes. Third is phytic acid. And you’re going to learn very quickly why a lot of vegetarians actually are pretty unhealthy because they eat a lot of food with phytic acids, and then oxalates. These are the four measures.

Free Form Amino Acids

The first thing is look at this here, column one is the amino acids. Column two is the amount of this particular amino acid in a Raw Almond. and column three is the amino acid in a Sprouted or germinated Almond and what do you see here for nearly every amino acid of these 18 free form amino acids? The Sprouted Almond gets this as eight sorry, 10 to 20 times more. The Sprouted Almond has 10 to 20 times more amino acids, then the Raw Amino, the Raw Almond.

This is why many of the vegans the Raw Food movement people just do vegetarian don’t understand the importance of Sprouting Traditional Systems, Traditional Medical Systems all I always, always recommend it for grains and nuts and seeds, you sprout them, or you do some processing before you go eat them because it unleashed a lot more vitamin.

So, 10 to 20 times more across all of these, if you look at leucine, 20 times more leucine, right? They are getting very, very important amino acids again, 20, about 20 times more aspartic acid, about 15 times more, same with glutamic and glycine.

What you really see here is that when you look at free form amino acids, Sprouted Almonds have an incredible, incredible amount, multiple orders of magnitude, two orders of magnitude more or one order of magnitude more.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes. Amylase and lipase, what’s wonderful about Almonds is they come with their own enzymes to digest them and help digest other things. Remember, enzymes are very, very important for digestive health. Look at Raw versus Germinated, again, two to 10 times more enzymes. Amylase is around two times, and lipase, it’s around 10 times.

Again, both digestive enzyme levels are increased after sprouting. Lipase helps with the digestion of lipids and fats, and amylase helps with the digestion of carbohydrates. Now, is Sprouting good for everything? Be careful.

Phytic Acid

You should not be eating raw kidney beans, we didn’t talk about beans being a whole other category of legumes, so be very careful because sometimes they have poisons. We’re talking today about Almonds, you have to be careful again, applying one size fits all rule. Now, if you look at phytic acid, what is phytic acid?

The reason you find a lot of vegetarians, who don’t do vegetarianism the right way, is they’re consuming lots of phytic acid. phytic acid is in grains and it’s in seeds and nuts, which actually blocks the absorption of minerals. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals, this is not a good thing. And what you’re seeing here is that Raw Almonds 2,542 milligrams of phytic acid per 100 grams, so almost two grams. Germinated Almonds have far less.

When you germinate Almonds, you’re reducing the phytic acid, your body can absorb it and doesn’t block these minerals as much as the Raw Almonds.


All right, another very important thing. And the fourth measure is oxalates. I’ve talked about this when I talked about Kale, look, vegetables are good. But again, you have to recognize that vegetables carry with it oxalates. Oxalates can lead to kidney stones. Now, is it going to happen to everyone? No, but you have to be aware of this.

And you notice that Raw Almonds have about two to three times more than germinated Almonds, right? 62. Germinated Almonds have 62% less kidney stone causing oxalates found in Raw Almonds. All right. When you really look at this, you have more amino acids, that’s something very important to remember. You have more digestive enzymes, great for digesting the foods, right, you have less phytic acid, and you have less oxalates. All of these are good for supporting your health.

How Much Almonds?

The next thing we want to talk about is how much Almonds, how much Almonds, should you be eating? Okay, and we’re going to talk about this in general now, because before our research, there’s very little research done on how they don’t really distinguish between Raw and Sprouted. They typically just, it’s unclear in some of this research.

When you look at how much Almonds. What does the current Science say? Well, what the current Science says is typically we’re going to share with you on Raw Almonds. So, it says Almonds for heart health. Eat about 20 grams of Almonds daily, that’s about 20 Almonds, that helps support heart health lipid control, 1.1 grams is what one Almond is so about 20 grams about 20 omelets, okay? Almonds for heart health glucose control, okay?

Again, 60 grams of Almonds daily, that’s about three servings. Could be about, you know, that 50. Almonds, Almonds for obesity control, but 28 grams, that’s about, you know, about 28. Almonds daily. So that’s what the research says that’s out there right now on how much Almonds you should do. Again, this is for sort of general health but most of that research was done on Raw Almonds.

What CytoSolve® Research Reveals

What I want to share with us our research cytosol several years ago published a paper and it was really looking at germinated and non-germinated and roasted, so I could do a whole video on roasted but, what this research showed is, is that Sprouted Almonds contain 10 times to 20 times more amino acids, number one.

Number two Sprouted Almonds contain two times to 10 times more digestive enzymes, which we talked about. Then Sprouted Almonds contain three times less phytic acid, the bad stuff which blocks minerals, and Sprouted Almonds contain three times less oxalic acid, the stuff that causes kidney stones, bottom line is less is more.

What this really means is, it’s almost like if you, from an amino acid standpoint, you eat one, if you want to think about it this way, one, sprouted germinated almond that’s equivalent, in many ways, from an amino acid standpoint to eating 10 to 20. Just think about that. The germination process, it’s a Systems process, has just boosted the amino acid value of it. In addition, the germination process has supported digestion, three, what did I say, two to 10 times more enzymes, and then the germination process lowers the harmful stuff. What we’re really saying is Food is Medicine. And this is why to your friends who are vegetarian, you may want to go educate them. Hey, look, be careful in understanding, just thinking about this approach that just plant-based food is the best food.

It’s all how you process it. And this is what Systems Science teaches us. It’s not a one size fits all model. It’s not being religious, about something, it’s taking this Systems Approach. Processing food fundamentally changes his constitutive characteristics. And that’s very, very important. Understand. So again, you’re not going to get this kind of knowledge elsewhere, because everyone just takes this one size fits all approach.

But when you take a Systems Approach, this is why I recommend all of you and I’ll keep saying it over and over again. And those of you who sort of get it will take the course. And you’ll learn a lot not only about this, but you’ll learn about the importance of applying a Systems Approach to life. So, we go Beyond Left & Right. It’s very, very important for all of our futures for Truth, for Freedom, and for Health.

Are All Almonds Good? Organic vs Conventional Almonds

Now, another question to ask is, are all Almonds good? Organic versus Conventional? Some very interesting questions here. So again, are all Almonds good, Organic versus Conventional.

First of all, in my view, what Science says is Organic Almonds are preferred over Conventionally grown Almonds. Here’s one point: Conventionally grown Almonds may contain propylene oxide (PPO), which is carcinogenic. Whereas PPO is banned in Organic production of Almonds. That’s one important point.

Now, Almonds have a very high oil, fat content and fatty acid. So, Almonds can easily absorb pesticides that end up in your body. Organic Farming produces healthier produce free of these pesticides. That’s the takeaway from what kinds of Almonds you should take.

C.L.E.A.N.™ & R.A.W.™ Certification Criteria

And finally, some of you may know that our movement is the creator of the C.L.E.A.N Foods Certified and the Certified R.A.W label, you’ll see it and many products out there. And this labeling, again, takes a Systems Approach. We’re not just saying Organic, or just looking at non-GMO, we look at everything. When we look at labeling, we have the criteria. Criteria, is it safe? How was it produced; it’s minimally processed.

Safety also includes non-GMO, and Organic, minimally processed includes the processing did they overheat it? In this case, we’re talking about germinating it and are the ingredients bioavailable? Sprouted foods, particularly grains, and these nuts make more bioavailability of nutrients.


In summary, what we’ve learned today is the following. We’ve learned today that Almonds are an excellent source of essential nutrients broadly, and Almond provide numerous benefits including cardio protection, skin protection, neuroprotection, and improved digestion. Sprouting Almonds enhances their nutritional benefits. Almonds are pretty good by themselves, but when you sprout them, you get more benefits.

First of all, the harmful chemicals like phytic acid and oxalates are lowered in the Sprouted Almonds. You get free form amino acid levels are higher in Sprouted Almonds. And then finally you get digestive enzymes that are increased and Sprouted Almonds.

Alright, and remember, I want to re-emphasize. We’ve taken an approach of the Science, the Truth. We’ve talked about the Attack on Freedom, where the Traditional Medical Establishment doesn’t really want people to learn nutrition. And we talked about in this case, to understand Health, when you take a Systems Approach, in this case Raw and Sprouted, you see a significant difference. I want to recommend, again, all of you, hopefully, the reason I do these talks is to inspire all of you that we don’t want to take a Left or Right, Pro- or Anti- approach.

But I want you to learn How to Think. Go to Become a Warrior Scholar in the Truth Freedom Health® movement. And again, please get a copy of the book, you can get it on Amazon and pay me $20 bucks, you can get it through this process. And you get it absolutely free. You just cover shipping and handling.

Rene says, “Really inspiring talk.” Rene, hope you’re doing well.

And then I want to recognize that this approach that we take, that we’ve applied, applied here to understanding Raw versus Sprouted, if you go look at the many of my videos, we’ve applied it to all different Systems, Political Systems, understanding any kind of System, Medical Systems, etc.

But I want to inspire all of you to get involved in the Truth Freedom Health® movement. So, you become conscious about going Beyond Left or Right. Some of you may not be ready for that, some of you may want to be in the bucket of Left or Right, or be apathetic, or want to do crazy things. But if you want to take this approach, you’ve got to get some training. And hopefully, this video, and I’ll be right back, will inspire you.


Anyway, I hope that was helpful for everyone. And also, a final announcement.

Be aware that every Thursday’s 11am and 8pm EST, we hold an Orientation at Go there and register and RSVP. I look forward to seeing you there. You’ll find it’s a very valuable process because we’ll have some interactions.

You’ll also be able to meet some wonderful people from all over the world. Our movement for Truth Freedom Health® is growing all over the world. I hope you have a chance to do that. And that’s about it everyone and if some of you have seen this you may want to stay on but if you haven’t, I’m just going to play the final video which will show you all the wonderful features that are involved in the Foundations of Systems Warrior-Scholar program for those of you are interested in it.

Be well. Have a good night and here is a final video which will walk you through all the features. But go to and become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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