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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, gives a deep but easy-to-understand economic analysis of HOW the Elites screw the working people each day by controlling Economic Cycles, and WHAT IS TO BE DONE to be free you once and for good.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • The elites use their deep knowledge of systems to manipulate world economies into boom and bust cycles for their own economic benefit, at the expense of working people.
  • Psychological warfare is used to scare average people, who are denied access to knowledge of systems by the education system, into selling their wealth, property, and assets, at low points in the economy where those and power can swoop in and buy up assets dirt cheap.
  • Those in power convince working people to buy into property and assets at times when prices have been artificially inflated, allowing those in power to capitalize on the crests of these booms in high asset prices.
  • Working people are divided into left and right and kept in a near constant state of fear and division to prevent working people from organizing collectively and building the needed infrastructure to sustain real economic development and prosperity.
  • Only by learning the same Systems Science used by those in power, and using that knowledge to build a truly bottom’s up movement, can we realistically expect to break free of these artificial economic cycles.

The Elites use their Deep Knowledge of Systems to Manipulate World Economies at the Expense of Working People

Today I’m going to give everyone an analysis of what we call these economic cycles. Today’s conversation is how to finally end the “economic” cycle of the Elites that screw you every day.

You were probably taught that this is potentially inevitable. You have the cycles of expansion, recession, depression, and recovery.

I’m here to propose to you that this cycle is not something that’s predestined on humanity, but it is created by the Elites.

The Elites create these cycles and these roller coasters. They have a number of people who participate in creating that roller coaster.

It’s really, really important that you understand the forces that are involved in creating that roller coaster. And once you understand this, we can break out of that roller coaster.

Every time the cycle takes place and the roller coaster goes up and down, up and down, what ends up happening is that working people get screwed in each one of those cycles.

More wealth gets taken from working people and more wealth gets concentrated in lesser and lesser people; smaller sets of people.

People like George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and all their advisers learn the Science of Systems. In fact, George Soros is a theoretician in this.

The Science of Systems really helps you understand to see the whole. And when you can see the whole, it’s like you’re wielding a knife.

Now you can use that knife as a surgeon to save life. Or you can use it to kill somebody like a criminal.

The science of systems can be used to subjugate, enslave, and manipulate you to help a few or it can be used to liberate a lot of people.

Just to be clear, the Science of Systems that we’re talking about is an approach. And it’s an approach that will teach you how to see the world as it truly is.

The Elites learn a science called System Science. And they’re not blind people. They can actually see the whole.

Then they learn not only how to see the elephant, but they know how to ride the elephant. They, for themselves, have this knowledge of System Science, but for you, they feed you little tidbits of information.

They have the Alex Jones, and the Joe Rogans; a complete Grifter Maximus. They have the Tucker Carlsons who always come after the fact.

And then on the Left wing, they have the AOCs and the Bernie Sanders. And they’re all part of the same club, by the way.

So they have you running around like rats. They’re up here; they understand the Science of Systems, but they feed you ignorance. So where does that get you?

Well, then you start following these fools. So we need this knowledge that the Elites have; the Science of Systems.

The elites are always going to have pandemics and ups and downs and depressions and war. That’s what they do. Wake the fuck up. That’s what they will always do.

But most importantly, you need to start recognizing that these economic cycles are the elite superstructure. That is what they’ve created. The elites do not want you to learn this knowledge, because it is a way to liberation.

This system of the Elites is global. They move capital all over the world. Right now, the Elites are going to basically destroy Europe.

You’re going to see Europe come down. They’ll go in there and buy assets in Europe, as well as the US at pennies on the dollar.

And then they’ll come out of it again making a shitload of money. And then they’ll bring it back down.

They may kill off people in a nuclear holocaust; they’ll do whatever it takes to drive it down; buy stuff low and come up. That’s going to be the normal play.

When you look at these ups and downs, ups and downs will keep going forever as long as the elites are running these up and down cycles.

Psychological warfare is used to scare average people who are denied access to knowledge of systems by the education system into selling their wealth, property, and assets at low points in the economy where those in power can swoop in and buy up assets dirt cheap

Working people tend to sell when the price of their property is low. They tend to buy when things are high, out of desperation that is developed.

Again, working people tend to sell when their house price, for instance, is low or their business price is low, because they get desperate. And then they end up buying when things are high.

We’re going to understand that this dynamic of these cycles of booms and busts is created by the Elites.

Have you ever noticed that Warren Buffett is always smiling because he knows that he will buy on the low when the cost is low, and he’ll sell on the high?

Now why does he know that? Why does he know that and all these other Elites doing that? We’re seeing one of those cycles being created right now. This boom and bust cycle and roller coaster is what Imperialism is based on; it is their game.

It is by design. They will use whatever they can to create these booms and busts; they’ll use war, they’ll create pandemics, they’ll create whatever they will.

But everyday working people get into desperation, division and complacency. They don’t watch what’s going on. Then they tend to sell their stuff when it’s low. And they tend to buy when things are high.

The Elites don’t care about the Ukrainians or the Russians. They’ll kill people on both sides. But the goal is to get you desperate, or divided or complacent so you don’t understand this.

AOC and Bernie, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, are really the machinery of ignorance. They’re here to entertain you.

They’re here to entertain you and take you on a wild ride like you’re watching a crazy movie; you’re laughing sometimes, sometimes you’re depressed, you’re crying, all sorts of stuff.

They’ve got you on a roller coaster ride. So you’re all desperate when you shouldn’t be desperate, and you get all happy when you really should be getting angry and really a little more vigilant.

These wings of the Establishment, the Alex Jones, or the AOCs, or the Trump’s, or the Bernie Sanders, are going to scare you even more. These fools that they train you to follow take you through these emotional cycles.

Then Cha-Ching, you give them your money. You will be in this Left or Right paradigm and you will be divided.

They think you’re all dumb asses for doing that, but that’s what they do. They entertain you but they don’t have any solutions. They take advantage of working people.

Those in power convince working people to buy into property and assets at times when prices have been artificially inflated, allowing those in power to capitalize on the crests of these booms in high asset prices

So these cycles of ups and downs, booms and busts are created by guys like Warren Buffett. They know to buy when things are low and to sell when things are high.

Right now we’re going through a downward cycle. They’re going to buy all the assets on the cheap. That’s what they do.

Then when the cycle peaks, they force you to buy. So you buy high, and then they drive it down.

If you want to be a slave for the rest of your life, keep doing what they want you to do, which is to sell low while they’re buying low and and buy high while they’re selling.Keep listening to Joe Rogan.

Keep thinking Robert Kennedy is a fighter for medical freedom. He’s a fool and a fraud. Keep thinking that Donald Trump is going to save your ass.

Working people are divided into left and right and kept in a near constant state of fear and division to prevent working people from organizing collectively and building the needed infrastructure to sustain real economic development and prosperity

Those in power have created the Left and the Right. It doesn’t actually exist in reality. They’ve created the Pro and the Anti. And why have they created this?

They’ve created this to make you desperate, uncertain of what’s going on and divided. So in bad conditions, People say, “oh my god, the economy is going to hell, I’ve got to sell everything.

So you sell when prices are low and you buy when things are high because this gets you into desperation. And how do they do this desperation?

One of the ways that they do it is they have the Left wing and the Right wing. Have you noticed there are all these people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams?

All these people are saying, “oh my god, the nuclear bomb is going to go off and we’re going die and you better be in one wing of the Establishment.”

They’ve get you running around, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to build a bunker in my basement. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to do that. War is going to break out.”

So they do that and then they’re selling you crap. So the Far Right wing gets you all excited. You give them your money and you think doomsday is here.

The Left wing does the same. They give you another doomsday pitch, “oh, my God, the CO2 is going to kill all of us. Green New Deal, Green New Deal”, and they take money from you through taxes.

So the Establishment has two wings. And these wings exist to get you desperate, divided or complacent so you want to give up.

The world is actually degenerating into more complacency, more division, more desperation. You have close to 650 million people who are clinically anxious or clinically depressed.

You have 51% of children who feel hopeless. 20%, now it’s up to 40% of people want to overthrow their governments.

Two and a half billion people, 2 billion adults, 500 million children are obese. 52% of people in the midst of all of this information have no idea of what to eat.

They put out information, but they pound you with ignorance. By ignorance I mean the blind men touching the elephant.

The forces of power, profit and control get you into the state ignorance. They feed you the engine of ignorance.

They do not teach you the Science of Systems. They teach you to just look at one wing or the other wing.

The division piece is the Left wing/Right wing that they put you in. Or you say, “screw it, I’m going to go off the grid. I’m going to live with my little garden.” And you do that.

In the 1900’s working people started building movements, truly bottoms-up organic movements. When those movements came up they scared the hell out of the elites.

The elites threw those movements some bones to quiet them down. And during that quieting down period, the elites organized the Left and the Right.

The Left took over the union’s top down and the Right started talking about communists: “don’t use the word ‘workers unite, you must be a Marxist communist.” They told people never to organize Bottoms-up and they hijacked the workers’ movements top down.

By the end of the 1970’s all the bottoms-up worker’s movements were hijacked by the Kennedys and by the AFL-CIO, and the Elizabeth Warren types, and the Bernie Sanders. And the Right wing was all about consolidation of power on Wall Street. So they worked hand in hand.

Only by learning the same Systems Science used by those in power, and using that knowledge to build a truly bottoms-up movement, can we realistically expect to break free of these artificial economic cycles

Ask yourself: do you want to break out of this cycle? Do you want to be entertained? Or do you want to be educated?

It is the Science of Systems that will really help us break from these up and down cycles and really help us to see the whole.

It is this movement, uniting working people bottoms-up, which is teaching people the Science of Systems. What we want to do is to break people out of this model that’s been going for 1000s of 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years.

Knowledge is understanding how the world works and recognizing that you are a force for change. You are not at the whims of this roller coaster. It is not inevitable.

You do control your own destiny. Courage to take action can actually profoundly change the cycles.

With the Science of Systems, we get to wisdom. And why is wisdom important? Because wisdom gives you clarity, makes you a human being, and you get off your butt and start becoming active.

You start to connect with your neighbors. You get on the ground, and become active. You’re going out and meeting people and educating them. You’re shaking hands and getting together, creating a bottoms-up movement.

We’re talking about a true bottoms-up movement which is based on scientific understanding of how things work. We have put that together so any working person can understand the scientific principles. That’s why we say Get Educated or Be Enslaved.

If you want to be a liberated human being and let go of the old system, you have to learn to think. Stop outsourcing your thinking and your activism to one of the fools like Kennedy or Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson or Bernie Sanders.

Do you want to be your own Guru or teacher? You have to get some training in learning how to think again. That is why it took me 50 years to put together this system.

Do you want to step back from the desperation mode? Then realize that the only way out of this is those forces in the economy which are the productive forces.

If you get up and create something and you work hard, you’re a productive force. And as a productive force you’re actually creating wealth. You are actually creating value.

If you want to connect with other productive forces and unite, they have to understand these dynamics, otherwise, they’ll get fooled by Kennedy and other bait, like Trump.

But you have to understand the science. Go to We put together that science so you don’t get fooled ever again.

In order to build a movement, you need a theory and physics. Without it, that movement ain’t going to get off the ground.

It’s the same principles of governance, of your body, of flying an airplane; they’re the same fundamental principles. But those fundamental principles point to the concept of a self-organizing system.

This means it’s not top down leadership. It’s bottoms-up people catalyzing themselves, organizing and coming together collectively.

Their mission is recognizing that they are the power. And when that consciousness awakens, we’re not going to have these ups and downs cycles created by the Elites anymore.

This is about raising people’s consciousness. It’s about educating people. This is about you truly becoming your own guru. That is the only way out of this.

As my great grandfather said, knowledge is the ultimate investment. You have to invest in knowledge.

When that happens people get an elevated consciousness, their illusions get destroyed, and they truly become their own guru. You become the light of wisdom.

You really have to get this. If you keep saying, “Well, I’m going to wait for Trump to run”, what’s going to happen in the 2022 and 2024 elections?

Nothing’s going to happen. You’re going to get fucked even more. That’s what’s going to happen.

Why? Because you’re going to be living in one of these cycles. But there is a way out: get educated, learn the science of systems, organize with your fellow working people, build a bottoms-up movement. Be well. Be the light.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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