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Red Pill Expo 2021 Keynote Speech.

  • Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives a lecture and PowerPoint presentation at the Red Pill Expo in South Dakota on his David vs Goliath lawsuit. 
  • A video clip that is going viral with Dr.Shiva being asked by an interviewer if he is worried for his life is played and the crowd cheers to his response. Then when Dr.Shiva comes out of the stage everyone gives a standing ovation.
  • Dr.Shiva gives insight to the story of David vs Goliath, explaining we are all David’s, we think we are at a disadvantage. The Philistine army sent out Goliath for a one on one battle and only David was confident with his skills as a shepherd.
  • The Partner Support Portal that was discovered was built originally in England for the parliamentary security forces to track British Citizens and then it was tested in India, then Taiwan, and here in the US. 
  • The Goliath here is the Government & Twitter along with the institutions that architect these technology infrastructures that are designed to launder censorship for the Government. The Government launders censorship.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

John B. Wells: You know Dr.SHIVA, do you? Unbelievable individual. Amazing. He is the inventor of Email and polymath; holds four degrees, only four from MIT; world renowned Systems Scientist; Fulbright Scholar; Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist; First Outstanding Scientists and Technologists of Indian Origin, STIO recipient; Westinghouse Science Talent honors recipient; and was nominated for the US National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Dr.SHIVA was awarded the copyright for Email by the US government; and has incorporated his systems engineering platform with health research into an integrative approach called Systems Health and a recent invention called CytoSolve using a modeling platform on complex biological phenomena. He recently ran for US Senate in Massachusetts, where he learned about vote fraud firsthand. Anybody heard of that lately? A little vote fraud going on out there? Isn’t it interesting?

Well, we don’t really want any election integrity laws. Why is that? Well, obviously it’ll make it more difficult for us to steal an election. What’s the matter with you? So much for why do people like this one in that one, okay. Pelosi, and to start with and all of these people that you just can’t dislodge cannot be shifted from their positions in Congress. They just keep coming back. Just keep coming back. I wonder how that happens? While their cities fall into decay. It’s astounding.

Well, before Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai takes the stage. He has a video presentation for you. This is going quite viral. It’s about four and a half minutes long. And I think you’re gonna be amazed at what you see. This is real, hard-core evidence. There’s a lawsuit going on now. And of course, wasn’t it Voltaire who said it’s dangerous to be right when your government, your rulers, are wrong? Well, that doesn’t bother Dr.SHIVA at all. He is a knight. And that armor is pretty shiny. So, If we could see that video now, that’d be just fine with me as we prepare to welcome the one and only Dr.SHIVA.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Well, I know that video wasn’t politically correct. But I’m glad Ed Griffin had that statement up there. So I teed it up. It was a little bit of a risk. But I think it’s important to take risks in life, especially with the situation we’re dealing with in the world today. The agenda for my brief talk today is I want to talk a little bit about David vs Goliath. It’s a very powerful story. And there’s variations on the story, but it’s ultimately an archetype. But there’s a book that Malcolm Gladwell wrote. I don’t care for all of his stuff, but he brought out some very interesting research on that. So I want to share a little bit of that with you. Then I’m going to walk everyone here through the events of this lawsuit, this lawsuit that we have in federal court.

I’ve been representing myself. I don’t know if you guys knew that, pro se, two lawsuits. One lawsuit which exposed the fact that the real crime scene in the United States is the voting machines, which have the capability to multiply our votes by decimal factors. It’s in all of the voting machines. And the reason I said in that video, “We need to go Beyond Left and Right” is because the Left for years has been talking about “voter suppression”. More recently, the Right has been talking about “mail-in ballots”. Both of them are not the real issue.

When you take a Systems Approach, beyond Left and Right, you find out in this problem, the real issue is the fact that we have voting machines which have the ability to multiply your votes. It’s called a ‘weighted-race feature’. And all state election directors in the United States, Republicans and Democrats, have been approving those voting machines. Trump had an opportunity to get it right and he didn’t.

So, I want to also red pill you on that. Get ready to be really red pilled on be it Donald Trump or be it Robert F. Kennedy in the Medical Freedom Movement, both of these people have not done their duty because they’re actually not the real fighters. And we’ll talk about that. Donald Trump had an opportunity to really bring out the election fraud issue. The RNC, the Trump campaign raised $300 million. They didn’t go after the real issue.

What we did in Massachusetts, both of our lawsuits have not been thrown out of federal court, none of them. We didn’t raise $340 million. You’re looking at me and maybe a couple of people who helped us. Both of them are in federal court and have survived motions to dismiss. And they’re now – One of them is going to head into discovery. So the point, a very important point, we are David. We don’t need – We have to let go of all these illusions we have as though billionaires and Kennedys or people with names are going to come save our lives. They’re not because they don’t give a damn about you. They don’t. And it’s something you have to wake up to. I used to live in Hollywood. After they give your autograph, they go to the back rooms. And you don’t want to know what they call you when you get their autograph. And when, you know, you bow down to them.

The history of this country has been working people uniting and fighting. And when I mean working people, I mean people who have skills, who build businesses, who came from nothing. And we have to understand when you look at the arc of American history the American working class with the First Amendment and the Second Amendment has been the most fearsome working class for the entire globe. And the establishment has worked extremely hard to hide the movements of the American working class. And we’ll come back and we’ll talk about that.

They have tried it anytime working people united. They try to brand it as Communist. That’s what the right wing did. And the left wing took advantage of that and they created top-down unions in this country. So they controlled working people’s movements. In the late 1800s and in the early 1900s, when you go look at the arc of American history – Led by women, mid 1800s. That is when there was a force in the world. It was the American working class.

May Day, May 1st, I don’t know if you guys know this. May 1st was commemorated for four American workers who were hanged in 1886 in Haymarket Square for fighting for the eight-hour workday. Everywhere in the world, that’s commemorated as May Day, except in America. Those working-class movements up until the 1900s is what scared the Establishment. There was going to be a revolution in this country. Oh, by the way, all of this history is wiped out of history. You don’t hear any of it. I took AP History. I never studied it, never heard about it.

And those movements are the ones that eliminated child labor, how we got nutrition, how we got infrastructure in this country. Very powerful events took place in the early 1900s. It wasn’t Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal, which gave this country all it had. He was a racist, and he was an elitist. It was the force of the American working people. And starting in the 1950s, the Left and the Right got together. And anytime you said “working people unite”, they branded that as Communism, Marxist, Communism, etc. So the Left took advantage of that and they created top-down unions, which today control every American worker so no one does anything anymore.

But if you look, between 1945 to 1978, the American Pie grew for everyone. Go look at the data. Whatever income group you were in, your incomes grew. It was one of the most profound periods in American history, but it directly came from those movements. And, by the way, those movements are why we had infrastructure in this country. And if you look at the infectious disease rates, measles, for example, it fell by 98% by 1948 – 15 years before even the measles vaccine came out, okay? Because it was hygiene, sanitation – The plumber and the sanitation worker did more for reducing infectious diseases than the pharmacist and the medical doctor. It’s a fact. So if you look at how we got that it was powerful working-class movements.

So, in this country, there’s been a deliberate effort by Left and Right. Anytime you say “working people unite” it’s as though Karl Marx owns that. It’s been deliberate. It’s been the brainwashing of the American people. So, starting in 1950, the McCarthy era basically went after anyone who was quote-unquote, talking about “working people uniting”. And by 1970, all the unions in this country were controlled top-down. And in fact, they did agreements, which said, “We’ll never strike.”

But between 1900 to 1975, 200 million American workers took to the streets, and we struck for our rights. But starting in 1978 till today, maybe there’s been 2 million people on the streets fighting. And during that period, the American Pie is now split. There’s one American Pie for the 5%, the 600 billionaires who doubled their wealth in the last four years. And the other American Pie for the 95% whose incomes have gone down by 66% . Working people, I’m not talking about people who don’t work. And the incomes of the others have gone up by 366%.

This is the big elephant in the room that we need to talk about. And we need to build a movement. Enough conspiracy theories, we can talk about whether vaccines shed or not, and I can give you a whole talk about that, okay? The fundamental issue is, when you take any of these issues, you have to follow the money. Pharmaceutical companies are tanking. They’re not making money from single-molecule drugs. Vaccines are growing at 17%.

So, you have all these conspiracy theories, but the big elephant in the room is pharmaceutical companies are crashing and burning. I know this, okay, I’m a biological engineer. I know all these guys. For the last 30 years, pharmaceutical revenues are decaying. Pfizer’s revenue in 1971, I mean, 2011, was 65 billion. Today, it’s 40 billion. No one talks about this. We got to get our heads out of all these other extraneous distractions. Follow the money. Pfizer needs to come back up.

How else? What better way to go into an industry where you can’t sue them? Thank you to the Kennedys. Thank you to the Kennedys. Yes, Ted Kennedy. We’ll talk about Robert Kennedy, if you want. He’s not a leader of the Anti-Vax movement. And we’ll talk about Donald Trump. He supported Operation Warp Speed. I gave him money. You gave him money. What we have today is an industry that’s been created that has no regulations. You can get anything out into that.

It’s like – Imagine being a car maker. You can put out cars, the wheels fall off; you can’t be sued. That’s the industry Big Pharma is moving to. Follow the money. So, vaccines are growing at 18% per year. Big Pharma and the old pharmaceutical drugs… You put $1 into R&D, they used to get 10 cents back. Now they’re only getting one penny back. The pharmaceutical industry of single-molecule drugs is failing. They need vaccines. It is a big money play.

And they need to get to 70% vaccination rate because when you work out the numbers, even if they hit 35%, they’ll make 40 billion this year. And I’ll show you the numbers. Take 30% multiplied by 7.2 billion people, you get about 2 billion people multiplied by 20 bucks. The retail price is 40 for the two shots, times the 20 you get 40 billion. It’s very simple math. This is why Israel has become the poster child for Pfizer. What was Jared Kushner doing in Israel? You have to ask these questions. We got to move Beyond Left and Right. We can’t be played anymore. We cannot afford to be played. (audience clapping) Exactly.

So, let’s talk about David and Goliath. You know the story of David and Goliath is very interesting because we think David was at a disadvantage. We’re all Davids. We think we’re at a disadvantage. We’re the underdogs. Well, according to the analysis, Malcolm Gladwell talks about. It’s a very interesting analysis. He says when you actually study biblical references and you go back and look at the times, there were three types of, when they used to have wars, they had three types of people. They had the cavalry, people on horses or chariots. They had the infantry, right, people who wore armor with spears, right? And then they had the artillery. The artillery were people who used to, you know, throw the fire bows and the bows and arrows.

But they also had someone called slingers. The slingers were highly deadly weaponized people. They didn’t shoot with a slingshot. That’s the old story; it’s inaccurate. They actually would whirl this leather piece with two pieces, and they let one of them go. The speed at which they were able to whirl and hit somebody was equivalent to a .45-caliber bullet, okay? The accuracy that they had, according to many references, these guys were so good they could hit something 200 yards away.

In the story of David vs Goliath, right, you had the Philistines on the coastal plains coming up. You had Saul, who asked, the King of Israel was trying to find someone to fight because there were these two armies, one at the coastal plain, one at the hills. And the idea was two armies were going to go kill each other. But they were both afraid to fight because they had to go down a valley, and either army would have gotten crushed.

So, the Philistine army sent out this guy called Goliath. And he said, “Instead of everyone dying in this battle, let’s take one man, one, one person one on one.” So he came out with his big armor, his sword and his spear. So Saul asked, “Would anyone want to fight him?” Now here’s a six foot nine giant in those days. No one wanted to fight Goliath, except this little shepherd. Now, we don’t know if his name was David or ila’ah Honan. I mean, there’s an interesting history on this. But anyway, let’s assume it’s David. So he said, I’ll fight him.

King Saul wanted to give him armor, and all these different things. He didn’t want to take it. And when you unwind this story, what you find out is that Goliath was part of the infantry. David was part of the artillery. That was his background. He was very ready to take on Goliath because he used to use his skills to protect his sheep, right? From wolves and lions, etc. So when you unwind the story, you find out that David had a huge advantage. Because if you read the references, Goliath calls out to David and he says, “Oh, come to me” and, “why are you holding sticks?” All David had was one stick, and one, you know, a couple of pellets. And by the way, in those days, barium sulfate was the rocks that they used, which were twice as more dense than normal rocks, okay?

So, and there’s been some very interesting medical stuff done about this. It turns out David may have had, I mean, Goliath may have had a disease called acromegaly, which is basically where you have a tumor, benign tumor, in your pituitary gland. And most people who have that, typically are very tall. And part of that makes you actually have blurred vision. So, he thought David had multiple sticks that there’s some very interesting references. Bottom line was Goliath was not at an advantage.

So, when David swung and he hit him right in the head, he was down, and then he cut his head off. So the reason I’m sharing that story is, we need to start re-looking at these kinds of stories because they actually reveal something more powerful that we actually have incredible amounts of power. And we have been part of this mystery or this matrix is to keep depressing us. They’re so big, and they’re so big, and they’re so powerful. They’re not that powerful. These people do not work. They’re very insecure people.

They are. They’re very, very insecure. Be it the insecure celebrities in Hollywood, many of them know that they actually don’t have much talent. They got there because they slept with the right person. Seriously, that’s why there’s very few real trained actors there. So, they have massive insecurity. Most of academia is filled with insecure people. The way that they survive is through fear. That’s all they have.

It is extremely important that all of us recognize our own divine light within us. And recognize that it is up to us to gather with others and fellowship and fight. It is the purpose of existence, to fight for Truth, to fight for Freedom, and to fight for Health: Truth Freedom Health. Now, the center of that spear if you look at the Trident is freedom. Freedom pulls the others forward. That’s why the founders of this country put the First Amendment, precisely dead center right up there. Why?

Because the First Amendment allows all of us, every one of us, to criticize our government. Harry, I don’t even want to give him the title of “Prince”, was here two weeks ago saying the First Amendment is “bonkers”, quote-unquote. That’s what he said at the Aspen Institute. The British still to this day, the British ethos, they do not believe that we should have the First Amendment to speak out against our government. This is fundamental. The founders of this country were divinely inspired, enlightened, enlightened people.

And they said, “We’re going to give everyone the right to critique their government.” This is like the foundations of America. Now, why is it important from a spiritual perspective? It means that you can be a human being. You are not a slave. You can critique your government, those in power. You can write about it, talk about it, etc. No other country really has this. And then they bolstered it with the Second Amendment. And over the last, particularly the last 50 years since 1970, because we’ve been involved in this Left/Right, Republican/Democrat, “I’m going to follow this candidate. Oh, he sounds good today.” We sat on our butts, and we didn’t build a movement. And that’s why we’re here today.

So, in Massachusetts, what happened? I’ve been a political activist since I was 16 years old, and I’ll show you some slides beforehand. There’s a picture of me burning the South African flag at MIT, protesting apartheid. No one stopped me. There’s a picture of me on my PhD graduation holding up “US Out of Iraq”. No one stopped me. I organized many protests for blacks, poor blacks and poor whites so they could get into MIT. Food service workers. No one ever stopped me.

No government ever stopped me in this country, except on September 24, 2020, when the government of Massachusetts shut me down off Twitter. It wasn’t Twitter. Again, the illusion is Twitter and Facebook are shutting us down. Big Tech, Big Tech, Big Tech. But what you’re going to see in the next five minutes is that it is the government. It is the government of the United States that has created a state infrastructure, which we discovered in our lawsuit, which is now in federal court, a playbook, a manual, an operating guide, created at Harvard’s Belfer Institute with the defendants that are in our case.

It is a manual for surveillance, blacklisting, and censorship of every American. And both Left and Right, Republican and Democrat were behind this because every state official in this country has that manual. So I don’t want to hear about Republicans are better than Democrats anymore. Drop it. Okay? (clapping from audience) So what is this I’m showing up here? So we ran an incredible campaign in Massachusetts, anyone who is there. The Massachusetts GOP, which they’re basically one with the Democrats. There is no Republican Party in Massachusetts, okay? They’re one.

They didn’t want an outsider like me running. We had 3000 volunteers on the ground. Some of them are here. Some of them drove all the way from Massachusetts. My friend Jerry’s here; but 3000 volunteers, 10,000 lawn signs, 20,000 bumper stickers. We raised $2 million, a million on Twitter. We were everywhere. The Massachusetts GOP ran a fool against us, a nobody who was nowhere to be found. On September 1, 2020 was the date of the Republican primary. The word on the street was landslide for Dr. Shiva.

I mean, you couldn’t get around Massachusetts without seeing our name. Well, the results come in on September 1st, and what do the results show? We win in a county called Franklin County where all the votes are hand-counted paper ballots, okay, 80-90% are hand-counted, which means two people read them and they mark them. By 10 points. In every other county, we lose 60/40, 60/40, 60/40, 60/40, 60/40, 6040 to a candidate people didn’t even know his name. So I never believed election fraud took place in this country. Yeah, it takes place in third world countries.

So, I had to put my hat on as the inventor of email; as a guy who builds technology. And I started immersing myself. By September 9th, we discovered two very important things. Number one, the voting machines in this country have this weighted-race feature, which I’ll talk to you about, which is incredible. And that weighted-race feature is built for housing associations. So if someone here owns 2000 square feet of a condo, someone owns 1,500, one person gets two votes, the other guy gets 1.5 votes. But why is that a feature? You know, if you’re fixing something in common areas.

Why is that feature in federal election voting machines? Certified by state election directors, Democrats and Republicans? Think about that. So you can make sure a guy like one of us never comes Bottoms-up. So they can have selections not elections. That’s the first thing we figured out. The second thing we found out is that on all those electronic voting machines in those counties that supposedly lost 60/40, when a paper, by the way, they use 90%, electronic voting machines in those counties, when a paper ballot goes in it a photograph is taken. That photograph is called the digital ballot image. It’s generated.

So when counting takes place there, it’s not done by a human being. It’s done by the AI of the software on those machines, which looks for the circles. Everyone following me? Okay, it’s done by machine. But what is being counted is not the paper ballot but the ‘ballot image.’

In 1974, a law was passed that for all federal elections, ballot images must be preserved for 22 months. It’s called 52 USC 20701. Federal law. In fact, it’s been adjudicated in places like Florida and Arizona. All state election directors know they have to save the ballot images. So, on September 9th, myself and two volunteers went into the Secretary of State’s office with a camera and we issued a FOIA or a public records request, we said, “We want those ballot images.”

And the election officer behind the counter says, “We don’t have those images; we turn that feature off.” Okay, quote-unquote, it’s on camera. Now, when voting machines ship, the default setting is “save ballot images”. You can’t count a vote and so that means a ballot image is created. And then they turned it off. So it gets deleted, okay, in the United States. It’s not Chile. It’s not Venezuela. It’s not China. It’s not Russia. It’s America. All right.

So, I issued my public records request, “I want ballot images. I want this.” They have 10 days. On September 24th, the state election director of Massachusetts, a woman called Michelle Tassanari, public official, who is also the chief legal counsel for the Secretary of State. And also knew, we’ll come back to this, the president elect of an organization called NASED, National Association of State Election Directors, sends me back an email.

If you can see it, it basically says, “We don’t have those ballot images. We don’t have to save them according to Massachusetts’ law.” So I said, “Really?” So I sent back my next email, which has, “Please tell me the statute. What Massachusetts’ law are you talking about?” Because this is a federal election. I’m a US Senate federal candidate with a massive set of people supporting me. She doesn’t respond to the email. She writes back another email saying, “We store the paper.” Never addresses the question. So I wrote back this final email, and I say, “You violated federal law. This election is null and void.”

Now, why am I showing you this? You see all these images here? What do they have about it? They have Twitter. So, I’ve never been suspended off Twitter. I’ve been on there since 2011, had 350,000 followers. And starting on September one, we found out that we quote-unquote, “lost’ our election campaign. Our volunteers will tell you had moved to a campaign of “Stop Election Fraud”. We put out 2 million flyers all over Massachusetts. Our campaign plank was “Stop Election Fraud”.

I had moved our campaign to a write-in campaign in the general election. So, on September 24th, when I got these texts, these messages, these four emails, her email, my email, her email, my email, guess what I did? I tweeted them out. Put them up on Twitter, public official, four threaded tweets went up on Twitter. Right after I put these up, Bam! I’m taken off Twitter. Never taken off before, by the way, up until September 1st to September 24th, I was saying all sorts of stuff.

In fact, on September 1st, the tweet that we put out in a video, I said, “Election fraud took place in third world Massachusetts. I’m glad we have the Second Amendment.”

Some people may think that sounds violent. Twitter never took it down, right? But when I put that tweet up, critiquing a government official, and I am a US Senate candidate. Now what happened? Well, a bogus fact-checking organization called Lead Stories writes a hit-job piece after this. And they say, “Dr. Shiva is lying. Ballot images were not deleted.” Right? “He’s lying and the ballots were not deleted.” Right?

And in that story, I never said ballots. I said ballot images. In that story, they did something very stupid. They said. “We’ve talked.” It was a blessing in disguise for us. They said, “We spoke to the State Secretary of State and they said they contacted Twitter.” Okay? I didn’t know enough about election integrity laws to file that lawsuit. I didn’t know enough about Section 230. But I did know about the First Amendment. And I said this was the most egregious violation of the First Amendment. This was the government contacting Twitter to throw off a US Senate federal candidate.

We tried to find lawyers. No lawyer wanted to take this on in Massachusetts because they’re all part of the swamp. Giuliani was paid, by the way, $100,000 per week. And go look at those lawsuits that they filed. They’re horribly written. And let’s not give them excuses. I had to write my lawsuits pro se, It’s called and – pro se. So our lawsuit, our lawsuit. We filed – I call it our lawsuit now, okay? Our lawsuit now, okay, because I did this on behalf of us. Right? So our lawsuit is a $1.2 billion lawsuit. But in addition to that, I had to file a preliminary injunction. Now what a PI is that you’re saying to the Honor, I need an emergency hearing because I’m still running for office. They threw me off Twitter.

By the way, Twitter is very different from Facebook and YouTube. Twitter is a platform for political discourse. That’s why it’s so powerful. So the judge, first victory, he decides to hear our PI hearing, big victory. Second thing, it was me going up against three lawyers of the Secretary of State. Ten days before the judge asked us to review a very famous case law called Blum vs Yaretski. It’s a very important lawsuit because it talks about who do you sue? Do you sue the state? Or do you sue the private actor?

If the state influenced a private actor to do something, you have the right to go sue the government and enjoin the private actors. Part of state action, the private actor no longer has First Amendment rights, okay? So I sued the government and I argued why I did that. It’s called the Blum Test. The judge was extremely happy. And he destroyed the Attorney General. He goes, “He’s pro se.” And he goes, “You haven’t even argued this properly.” That’s what happened. You can see it in the transcript.

Now, what came out in this testimony – It was supposed to be a 45-minute hearing that went on for four and a half hours. In the testimony, the judge and I cross-examined not only the state election director, but their young communications director. She spills the beans. He says, “How did all this happen?” He asked the state election director, you know, “He’s a federal candidate. Why didn’t you simply go on Twitter and rebut his stuff if you disagreed with him?” He goes, “Don’t you believe in the First Amendment?” And she didn’t know what to say. The young woman, the communications director says, “Yeah, we have a Trusted Partnership with Twitter.”

Let me repeat that again. The government has a Trusted Partnership with Twitter. Our case was the first to reveal this “Trusted Partnership with Twitter”. All of us are un-trusted strangers to Twitter, okay? They have a Trusted Partnership with Twitter. And he says, “What did you do?” She goes, “Oh, we went on our portal. And we complained about Dr. Shiva.” And he goes, “What did you expect?” “Well, we expected they would do something because we get high priority.” The government has the Amex Black Card. We all get the credit union cards, okay? By the way, this goes at the most egregious violation of the First Amendment.

So then, she tells us that not only did they directly use their special Trusted Partnership to try to throw me off Twitter, which they did, but they also contacted the National Association of State Election Directors, which is an organization of 50 state election directors who also have a Trusted Partnership. And they also contacted – Michelle Tassinari, the woman who could face a custodial sentence in prison, contacted the National Association of State Election Directors, who she’s going to become the president of, and they also contacted Twitter. And then they said, “They report back to her.” And the judge says, “Were you happy?” He goes, “Yeah, we were willing to do whatever it took to get him off.”

This is the United States. Not Russia, not China. So let’s stop distracting China and Russia. No, this country is a fascist country, okay? They’re taking off political candidates violating the First Amendment. The net of that evening on October 30, 2020, was that the judge issued – gave me all the terms of the PI. Number one, he ordered the Secretary of State to stop contacting Twitter. Number two, he ordered the Secretary of State to stop contacting NASED. And he said, “If you have a problem with Dr. Shiva, you go on Twitter and you haggle it out in the marketplace of ideas.”

No one reported on this in the mainstream media because this will expose all of them be it Tucker Carlson or be it Chris Cuomo. Because you’re gonna find out in the next few minutes that these people are also agents of the government. So don’t look to Tucker or any of these people as though they’re going to come support us. okay? Let go of that. That’s part of if you want to really get red pilled, okay? So that was October 30th. So remember, I’m in the middle of my federal election. They basically destroyed my general election. But on November 4th, I got back on Twitter and I started tweeting away again. But on February 1st, of 2021, I shared these same four tweets, again, in a video that I’m educating a lot of our students of the Truth Freedom Health movement. And Bang! Within 17 minutes I’m thrown off Twitter again. Same thing, right?

Went back into federal court again. I said, “Your Honor, they lied to you. They said they were going to not violate your order. But when they contacted Twitter, it wasn’t a one-time thing. They had put into the algorithms to track any time I talked about Tassinari, her screenshots, or ballot images. In March, after the judge got that, he said, “Before I can give you quote-unquote ‘complete’ relief, I need you to bring Twitter into this courtroom.”

Remember, I didn’t go after Twitter because that would surely have lost. I went after – because that wasn’t my enemy. It was the government. So we went back in. And so on May 20th and 21st… that’s why the timing of this, that’s why they changed this talk. And I want to thank Dan and Ed so we got to talk about this lawsuit. So on the 20th and 21st, it was supposed to be a two-hour hearing and ended up going for 20 hours. And this time, it was me against seven lawyers.

David vs Goliath, okay? But the thing is, these guys had read Wikipedia, okay? These guys had read Wikipedia. In fact, the Attorney General said, “Oh, he’s up to antics.” You know, “he’s a conspiracy theorist.” So in some ways, they underestimated us. Okay? So on September 20th, hearing 21st. The night before when I’m preparing for this, remember, I’m going after the three top lawyers in the world on Twitter’s side, from Wilmer and Hale. The three top lawyers at Secretary Galvin, all Harvard Law School educated guys. And now they have another lawyer from NASED, seven lawyers, and us, me, okay?

So, what happens? We go into that. The night before, I’m trying to figure out what is this Trusted Partnership with Twitter? It’s not even talked about anywhere on the Internet, like governments’ partnership? Well, that’s why I believe there’s a God. And on the night of the 19th, I found on a remote server, a bunch of documents. What do I find? I found these documents, okay? These are documents, okay, and I’ll go through them. These documents were created – The first two documents, these two were created. The authors of it are Michelle Tassinari and Amy Cohen from NASED. And they’re created at the Belfer Institute at Harvard, for Defending Digital Democracy, quite Orwellian.

And this was done in 2018. And then in 2020, they released… Look what they’re called, Election Influence Operations Playbook, playbooks, manuals. And what are they? So these are the two top manuals. So we found these on May 19th, the night before. And so and on the 20th hearing, in my opening statement, I talked about the fact, “Your Honor, I’ve been a political activist. The first time I was thrown off was this. And your honor,” and I held up the playbook. I said, “What I discovered in the last 24 hours is an actual manual, a guide, written by these defendants who will all have lied to you and told you they don’t even know each other.” In fact, the author of these two is Tassinari and NASED and the contributors of these two are Twitter Legal.

And what do these manuals have? They have? First, you want to talk about the Communist Manifesto, playbook one is that or the Harvard Manifesto, or the United States government manifesto? They define this new ideological theory called Influence Operators, Influence Operators. What is an Influence Operator? Is anyone who has influence on the Internet and spreads misinformation as they define it, as the government defines it. And one of the ways they define Influence Operations, it’s in bullet three, is someone who says that government officials are corrupt, especially with elections.

Well, wasn’t that what I was doing? So, playbook 1 is the ideological framework; playbook 2 lays out the actual process that they’ve created, a four-step process. First, assess who the person is. Identify them. Take them out using your Twitter Partner Support Portal, your special link. And then continually monitor them. And so I’ll just share this with you. These are the Playbooks. So, it has their process. And anyone who’s been in engineering, this is an SOP guide. It’s an engineering process guide of how you do censorship on all of us.

Step one: first assess who the person is. First, put together your organization. Well, they have the state election director, the officials. They say they create the organizational structure. Step two: figure out keywords. When we filed our motions, they said, “We don’t know anything about keywords.” Really? Well, you have a whole ideological framework of keywords.

And then you assess people. Are they high, medium or low severity threat? First of all, do they have credibility? Well, I think a guy with four degrees has credibility, right, from MIT. Do they have influence? Well, my tweets were getting 20-30,000 re-tweets. And do I have influence? So I was rated. So they have high, medium, low severity rating, high, medium, low. So they rate you, okay? And when, after they rate you, they take a two-part approach. One, you directly call them using Twitter, through their Partner Portal. It says a two-pronged approach. The other’s you call NASED. It’s all laid out step by step.

Then, the next process here is after they rate you then they say – You go to the Twitter Portal and you communicate. You can do it other ways. But when you use the Twitter Portal, you got the bat phone. We’ll take people out for you. So Twitter’s at the end of this process. You follow? This is why all of the media will just talk about Big Tech, Big Tech, Big Tech. I’m sure when Fox News gets a call, “Don’t talk about this issue,” they jump. Same with CNN. They’re all part of this. So this manual then says you have high, medium, low severity. I was rated as high. And watch what you do. You continually monitor them for the rest. So that’s why the September 24th event took place, and the February 1st event took place. Everyone following this?

Twitter came in and they lied to the court on May 20th. They said, “Your Honor, we did February 1st. We were monitoring him. We had an escalated process.” Because they, Twitter cannot be seen as they’re working hand in glove with the government. So the general counsel of Twitter, the deputy general counsel filed the false affidavit. She said on the May 20 hearing that “We took out Dr.Shiva on May 1st. We saw him do these tweets. Then we escalated it. And then on February 3rd date, we took him out.” Well, I have an email from Twitter. They took me out on February 1st at 9:48 pm, which was 17 minutes after I put up that video.

So we brought that up to the judge in a separate affidavit. We’ve destroyed the credibility of Twitter. The judge no longer believes Twitter, okay? So this is their process. Okay? This is this process and ongoing monitoring. I’ll hone in on this before I wrap up. Look what it says. It tells the government you can use other medium, but go through the Twitter Partner Support Portal, and anodyne term, very Orwellian, right? Partner Support Portal. So while that Portal was built originally in England, for the parliamentary security forces there to track British citizens. Remember, the British don’t care about or the British government doesn’t care about the First Amendment. Then it was tested in India, then in Taiwan, then it was brought here.

So, that’s what we have. But the good news is this judge. As I was going through this a second the judge came in the second morning. Can I take three more minutes, Dan? Okay. The second day in the morning… So the hearing went on to the 21st. And the 21st morning, the judge had me submit all those playbooks. He said, “I went to read them.” On the morning of the 21st, the judge said he got up at 6 am. Our hearing was at 10:30. And he said something very interesting. He said, “This lawsuit will more than likely be an exam in every Constitutional Law class in the country.” All right?

And he proceeded to ask me… He said, “Look, you’ve done this yourself.” And by the way, I’m paraphrasing some of this, right? I’m giving you the gist of it. And he said, “I think you should get a constitutional lawyer to help you.” Because what he wants me to do is to make sure the arguments are tight because if they refute it, and it goes to the appellate courts, that we can that they’ll lose and we’ll go to Supreme Court, okay? But the most important thing is, he said, “I’m going to decline any motions to dismiss this case. The merits of this case are so intertwined with your arguments that I want to likely go to discovery. And I want to probably go to depositions.” Now, typically, that’s done two years later.

So, that’s what’s happening in this federal lawsuit case. It is a David vs Goliath case. But the Goliath here is the government and Twitter. Where the government ends and where Twitter begins nobody knows. And this is the phrase that I want you guys to start using: the government launders censorship through Twitter. “The government launders censorship.” So they can say, “Oh, a private actor did it. We didn’t do it. We didn’t suspend you.” No, you did. So the government launders censorship. So, American fascism is far more sophisticated than Chinese fascism or Russian fascism or third-world fascism.

Those countries are very direct, you pay me I’m gonna shoot this guy. America – You go to Harvard, and you go to the Belfer Institute, and you write a manual and you bring everyone in and you do a Kumbaya. That’s what we’re seeing here. But this lawsuit is historic because we’ve peeled away all the onion layers. We’ve gone down to the essence. The elites in this country do not want us to have the First Amendment, and particularly political speech. And this lawsuit is going at the heart of it, and we have to win this lawsuit.

I’m asking everyone to donate $1, just one. And we got to get millions behind this. We need to create a movement. It’s Beyond Left and Right. We got to get people on the Left if you disagree with them or the Right because this is going at the heart of whether we can have any discourse that the government doesn’t approve of. So, whether it’s Medical Freedom, whether it’s election integrity, whether it’s digital rights, whether it’s GMOs, you can take any issue, UFOs, whatever you want to take. The government has their narrative and they will tell Zuckerberg and Dorsey what to do.

That’s why after Biden said it was okay to talk about the Wuhan virus, then Dorsey allowed it, then Zuckerberg allowed it. You see how this works? And by the way, none of the Fox news media, none of the Trump campaign, none of the “left” so-called people have even contacted us. This is out there. They’ll cover James O’Keefe because he’s on the right attacking CNN, okay? Great. But James, are you going to also expose Fox one day? We got to move Beyond Left and Right if we’re going to win.

And in closing, what I want to tell everyone is that movement is going to come when we first get educated. There is a Systems Approach. There is a science to building a movement. Just as to building an airplane, to building a bridge, and it’s called Systems Theory. And we’ve created that science. Every week I teach that. We need to create an educated group of people who understand the physics of how to build a movement.

Then we need to organize independently of Big Tech. We’ve also put that together. We call it our underground. And go to VASHIVA. And then finally, we need to all get activated, neighbor to neighbor, locally. Do not outsource your freedom to politicians, to billionaires, to celebrities. They don’t care about you. The people next door to you right here care more about you than any of the Kennedys or the Trumps or any of these people. I’m sorry to say. And we can talk more about it. But it’s the working people in this country who have to unite. And we have to go Beyond Left and Right, Beyond black and white. Thank you.

Thanks, John.

JW: Absolutely phenomenal.

Dr.SHIVA: Thank you.

JW: Dr. Shiva!

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