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Dr.SHIVA: Red Pill Expo Interview with Patriot Soapbox

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses with an interviewer and his audience the events in his Historic Lawsuits and the movement for Truth Freedom Health.
  • The Weighted Race feature is explained by Dr.SHIVA and how all electronic tabulators have the feature to multiply votes by a fraction. He reminds the audience that it is not about Dominion or any other brand, that they all have this feature built into them.
  • The true solution is for those officials to be held accountable who approve the software, since they know the machines have the capabilities to multiply votes and to hold those who certify the fraudulent elections accountable as well.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains how the Government Launders Censorship through social media so they can claim section 230, that they have free speech. They do not since they are doing the will of the government, as they stated in previous testimony. 
  • This makes Twitter a State Actor since they testified that Government officials told them to censor Dr.SHIVA during a Senate Campaign. Then continued to monitor and throw him off with their playbook infrastructure he uncovered. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Interviewer: Okay, I’ve got Dr.SHIVA here with me. And I’d like to welcome Dr.SHIVA back to Patriot Soapbox. And he’s here on the camera. Yeah, that’s the camera. And well, you were here last time with Dan. So I, you brought you came and talked about you just filed your suit and why we didn’t just file is going on? going on. But there was some movement in it.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Yeah. So I think for people listening who are new. First of all, is this live? Yes. So people live, you can go to Let me give you the background, we have two lawsuits, both of them, which have survived motions to dismiss. And I’ve been representing myself in federal court. Both of the lawsuits are interconnected. As many people know, I ran for US Senate in Massachusetts, in the Republican primary. We know we won that primary.

And our biggest enemy was not the democrats was the Massachusetts GOP. We never wanted someone like me to run. So what you find out is that in that election on September 1 2020, we found out that not only did we discover two things, we discovered first, that in the county of Franklin County, where it was all primarily hand counted votes, we won there by 10 points. But in every other county, we lose 60/40 60/40 60/40 60/40. Right? Those are 80 to 90% of the vote counting was done by electronic machines.

This is back in September, you know, up until then, I never believed I thought this book Election Fraud stuff. You know, some of my friends would say it, I just thought it was conspiracy stuff. So I had to put my hat on as an MIT engineer, as an inventor of email, you know, guys built technology. And I immersed myself into it by September 9, which is eight days later, I found out two important facts.

One is electronic voting machines have a feature, which allows and which the State Election Directors Republicans and Democrats have approved, which allows a vote to be weighted, just not one whole vote, it could. So your vote will become .5, my vote can become 3.

And the other thing that is a feature in all of the voting machines, so people are just focusing on Dominion or not getting it, it’s an all voting machines. And so it’s not even a Dominion or a non-Dominion issue that is built into the software. Which the State Election Directors have approved, or approved? Because they’re the ones who certify these voting machines. So, the government has approved these features in these machines.

Interviewer: Do they know these features are in the machines? Or are they just being told, oh, this is the software you need to use here.

Dr.SHIVA: If you go onto Google right now, and you type in the following words, weighted race, weight and race, right. voting machines, you’ll find an article of the manual of the double voting myth, man. That’s right. It’s in the manual. And in page two dash 126. It actually says weighted race feature. That was back in 2002. All of these machines have the variation of that issue is why have the state election directors allowed a feature now that feature was originally developed for housing associations where you took votes, let’s say 1000 people have been in a big building Association and everyone, you know, wanted to vote on it, they should put it I don’t know, do something in a common area, right. But let’s say you had 2000 square feet, and I had 1000 square feet and she had 1500 square feet.

You got 2 votes to my 1 vote and she got 1.5 votes. That makes sense, right? Because you want people who are paying a lot more money and your money is going to that particular project.

Interviewer: Okay. I get it.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, but there’s no reason those features should have been left in elections for the federal election. So, that’s the first thing I discovered. The other thing I discovered is that on these voting machines, when a vote is actually calculated or tabulated. First of all, you can tabulate it by hand, which is a hand counter paper ballot. But on the voting machines, the paper goes in, right, the paper goes into that machine, and a picture is taken. It’s called a Ballot Image, right, that valid image is generated.

And by the way, according to Federal Law any records generated in connection with the federal election must be preserved for 22 months, correct? Yeah. So that image should also be preserved because the image is what is actually used to calculate the votes. It searches using AI for the dots. Right? There you go. So, on September 9, I filed that FOIA request with the Secretary of State. I said, I want all the Ballot Images. Well, 10 days later, we got an email from the Secretary of State’s office, an email saying, we don’t have to save Ballot Images, by federal law, by Massachusetts law. I said, Chuck, can you show me the law? My email back, the woman – Michelle Tassinari, the State Election Director writes back, and she says, we saved the paper, but the images are not stored.

Now. When, when the voting machine companies send out those voting machines, a default setting is save all images. So that means you turned it off to delete images, which means an image is created and then it’s been deleted because of your setting. So I went right back to where I said, You violated federal law, because of the chain of custody, you deleted. Anyway, those four email screenshots, this is on September 24. And by the way, on September 1, even though we quote unquote, lost the primary, which we didn’t, we had moved our campaign to a Write-in campaign in the general elections. And the slogan of our campaign was Stop Election Fraud. That’s a plank of our campaign.

And here, we’ve discovered that the Secretary of State has deleted ballot images. So those four, so I’m a US Senate candidate, those for email, the screenshots of my four email interactions, whether I put up on Twitter, and within hours, I’m thrown off. Subsequent to this, a few days later, we found out from one of these fake fact checking organizations, they had said, The reason I was thrown off was because I was spreading misinformation. And that no ballots were deleted. I never said ballots, I said Ballot Images. But in that article, they’d also reveal the fact that the government of Massachusetts when they contacted them said they had contacted Twitter.

I repeat that the government had contacted Twitter to get rid of a tweet and throw off the candidate, a candidate, that this is the grossest form of the violation of free speech, because, and I was critiquing a government official. So, the fundamentals at that point where I had to find a lawyer, because I knew I had them on the First Amendment, right? No one wanted to take the sun because the swamp in Massachusetts is deep. So I had to do this myself. I’m not a lawyer, right? Engineer, scientist, all those good things.

But so I had to learn how to file. On October 30, we actually got big victories, the Judge decided to hear our case. And we also asked for a preliminary injunction, because I’m in the middle of my campaign, and I said, I want to get back on Twitter. So, the judge had a hearing, it was me against three lawyers. And in that hearing, which was supposed to be a 45 minute hearing, and ended up going for four and a half hours. But what came out in testimony was that the communications director of the Massachusetts Secretary of State reveals to the Judge in AI that the government has a Partnership with Twitter.

They repeat that, again, the government has not only a partnership, but a Trusted Partnership with Twitter, Twitter, a “Trusted Twitter Partnership”. And through that partnership, they get a hotline to Twitter, the woman’s telling us this, because the judge asked, “What did you think was gonna happen?” And when you reported on Dr.SHIVA, she said, Well, I knew they were gonna take action. And he said, Why? Because they jump when we tell them to essentially, I’m paraphrasing, right, the brackets to the to the partnership, everyone can find the transcripts, which is up online. Then he asked him, Why didn’t you simply go in and rebut Dr. Ayyadurai, we wouldn’t be in this court if you just use the marketplace of ideas.

We also found out in testimony that not only they contacted Twitter using this Trusted Partnership Portal, they also called another organization to amplify their voice called the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED). That organization represents 50 state election directors throughout the country; they also have a partnership with Twitter. So, I was hit two ways. Anyway, at the end of this hearing, the judge basically said, you know, more than likely Dr. Ayyadurai in his big lawsuit is going to prove that state action was involved.

It looks like it and as a part of that he gave me the terms of my preliminary injunction first, first, he told the government Secretary of State to stop contacting Twitter, stop contacting the State Election Directors organization and told them if you have an issue, go on Twitter and read about Dr. Ayyadurai. So anyway, I was back on Twitter on November 4, right too late because the election had gone by right. And, I was tweeting away on February 1 of 2021.

I once again put up those four screens And within 17 minutes, I was guilty and off Twitter. Again, again, because I was exposing the State Election Director. Those four screenshots are heard, meaning that we delete Ballot Images. So, I went back to court again. And the judges time said and before I can give you complete relief, I need you to bring in Twitter. Remember, I didn’t go after Twitter because Twitter would have weaseled their way out. Oh, yeah. I went after the governor of Massachusetts because they were the ones who did this to me.

They’re the ones that are calling the shots. Twitter is exactly what the hammer is. They’re the carpenter. They’re the headmaster. So, we went back and the judge asked me to join Twitter. And that hearing was held just a few weeks ago on May 20 20/21. Initially supposed to be a two hour hearing, it went on for 20 hours. And prior to that hearing, as I discovered, everyone goes to

The night before I discovered the actual manuals that documents, government manuals, called a playbook of how the government censors US citizens through surveillance, blacklisting and censorship off of social media platforms. It’s called Part 1 of the Election Influence Operations Playbook. Part 2 of the Election Influence Operation Playbook. Who are the people who wrote this playbook? The State Election Director, Massachusetts, Twitter legal, the National Association, there, right, an author’s proudly displayed, all done under the ages of Harvard, Harvard’s Belfer Center, which is about quote, unquote, defending digital democracy and Orwellian term.

When I presented this to the court, the judge was frankly flabbergasted. He wanted me to submit it as evidence on the 21st. The next day, that judge comes into court. And it’s all in the transcript, he says, and he said, he got up at six in the morning to read the playbooks, which is a step by step how you censors people first tag them, which is, are they severity level, low, medium, or high associated keywords with they call it an IO and influence operator.

I was tagged as a high severity threat. And for high severity effects, not only do you use that portal to contact Twitter, then you keyword them, then you follow up with them. And you monitor the mat, and tonight, and it’s all in the manual. So this was done, not only to a private citizen was done to a US Senate candidate, who was critiquing the government. So, that’s why in the morning of the 21st, a judge came into court and he said, this lawsuit, more than likely, will be a law school exam, unconstitutional law, every law school. That’s the significance of this law. That’s why everyone listening, you need to recognize that.

And then the judge said, I’m going to decline all the motions to dismiss and I want to go into discovery. And I want to do depositions. Because the fundamentals, the merits of this case are so related to why you want me to dismiss it, I need discovery, which typically happens two years later. So, this is the most important lawsuit of the century. This is a lawsuit that is the inflection point and freedom in this country. Because it shows that the Government Launders Censorship through social media, let me repeat that again, everyone should use that term Launder Censorship. So, they have social media to do it. And they can say we had nothing to do with it.

They have a private actor do it. But this shows that the government, there’s a very famous lawsuit called Blum v. Yaretsky, that the government – that Twitter has become a state actor. So, you don’t have First Amendment rights. When you have a state actor. Twitter’s been getting away with section 230 saying, Oh, we have our free speech rights. No, you don’t not if you’re doing the will of a government against a political candidate.

Interviewer: It turns things around doesn’t it?

Dr.SHIVA: It turns things around. That’s why everyone out there, we have to stop following Republicans and Democrats, both parties know about this manual. Both parties were behind this. It’s a government versus the people. Well, I’ve said for a long time that the two party system and our founding fathers set it as well. The two party system is just the beginning of the dividing car. We didn’t even have any parties now to build movements.

Yeah, movements and and the movement will what will survive or fail under its own merits? Well, the movements are just like when you build an airplane by following Bernoulli principle. When you get an airplane, it’s quite an amazing thing. I’m still you know, it’s their scientific principles. You build a bridge, there’s Newton’s laws. And what I have discovered over my last 40 years of being an activist and a scientist, there are principles to building a political movement, those principles embodied in free words Truth Freedom Health and those principles go direct at physical principles that come out of General Systems Theory called transport, conversion and storage. So everyone listening, if you’re serious about building a movement, go to

It’s been my life journey. And what I’ve done is you don’t have to go to MIT. But in three hours, we can train people. We want to train 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors all over the globe. To understand these principles of building a movement, step one. Step two, we’ve created a nice run of the largest data centers in the world. I’m a software guy. So we’ve created our own infrastructure, we have our own version of Facebook and the forum is not for the general public, it’s for our warriors who get trained. And then in this underground, they start educating each other. And then we have activism. So it’s education, you get activated, and then you use social media, independent of Big Tech.

But we need to build a movement. The movement is not about Donald Trump, by the way, you know, didn’t do what he said he didn’t lock up Hillary, nothing happened on the day you got it, nothing happened. He did operation warp speed. So people have to get away from this left, right narrative of Trump or Bernie on the left. We cannot trust billionaires. We can’t trust the Kennedys, we can’t trust the so-called celebrities, we have to build a Bottoms-up movement, because the history of this country shows that it was when working people came together in either the late 1800s and the 1900s.

When we got anything we have today, and then the right wing whenever you said working people unite, it made that be communist when a rising and the left wing took advantage and they built their top down unions. So by 1970, there’s no more real workers movements anymore. Between 1945 to 1978, nearly 100 to 200 million American workers strike. But starting in 78, no one took to the streets in terms of Bottoms-up movements.

Well, when they generated the unions, they generated the perpetrators of the agenda, you know, the folks that would lay out the agenda, and they would pass that along right, the union members, and it was all contrived to control the narrative.

From a tug both parties get it. So the right wing said anytime you said working people unite, they branded you as a communist, and the left wing took advantage of that and were for workers and they did top down unions. By 1970. All these unions had struck agreements like we won’t strike between 1972 Today, the average wage of an American working class person has diminished by 60-70%. Wow. So we have two American pies now. So the big elephant in the room is the economics here.

The economics are, even in the last year 600 billionaires doubled their wealth, $6.2 trillion of money got printed $2 trillion more than Obama under the Trump administration. So you know, they use a black guy when they need Obama to try to mislead the working people, then they bring in a white guy. And over the last four years, I gave money to Trump, right, so I’m not here to bash him.

I supported him did it but when you look at the material reality, over the last four years, the American working class was held in abeyance to do anything. You know, something’s going to happen. Trust the plan. Right? You know, Trump plays ninth dimensional chess, so we should absorb the fact that he brought in Bolton and Rex Tillerson and all these swamp creatures, right? There are a lot of fine people Trump could have brought in.

Interviewer: You know, I have a theory on that. Dr.SHIVA, and that is, you know, I have noticed, you know, if, if I need a carpenter, I don’t hire a plumber. Much like, I think what I saw was what I thought President Trump was doing when he was doing these things, he knew that, you know, Bolton, neo-con, and certain people are going to do certain things, and you put them into position. It might not be something you would need them to do in order to expose something.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, let’s talk about that. Right. I think what happens is people start rationalizing people’s behavior. And got a cold, yeah, okay. You have to see things as they are not as you want them to be correct. I invested a lot in Trump, okay. He said, Sir, anti-establishment things, but the bottom line is that was part of the stick, just like Obama did. These people are very clever marketers. Because at the end of the day, the Trump campaign was what was the slogan lock her up, lock her up. Right. And the day he got into office, this character is actually not words. What happened that day, that chunk? Oh, she’s been through a lot.

I think the two days before that, Ivanka. I don’t know why she was in the White House having dinner or lunch with Chelsea. And so if you follow this all the way through unemotionally, and you say, given what I’ve said, All elections are selections, then perhaps 2016 was also a selection.

I hate to think that you’re right, but you know, I’m sorry. Now, here’s a woman who bashed phones, put a server in a room. You talked a good game, nothing was done to her. Nothing. Number two, you said you are against Big Pharma. But Big Pharma is tanking. They’re losing money, as I just talked about in my talk. Vaccines are growing at 17% per, you know, quarter.

What they look at, look at the media, look at what the media is doing with the vaccine. I mean, we’ve got we got states here, Washington State of California, they’re putting up million dollar lotteries, you know, if you get the Vax, you know, something as simple as you know, paying some rent vouchers right to government is a state actor supporting a private actor, Big Pharma, because they’re being paid off. If you look at Pfizer’s revenue in 20 1220, it was 65 billion. Today, it’s 40 billion, they are losing money. And this is a longer conversation.

But as a Biological Engineer, who knows this very well, trust me that big pharma is losing money, because the entire drug development model, Jenner using single molecule drugs, has been failing, even the FDA is not allowing their drugs because of the side effects, right? vaccines, thank you to the Kennedys, do not need any testing. And you can’t sue vaccine manufacturers. So imagine, bicycles were the industry of one era, and cars are coming out. And imagine you could go create a car, that there’s no regulations, that if the wheels fell off, you can’t sue anybody. We’d all enter the car industry. And that’s what vaccines are.

The issue is pharmaceutical companies are losing money, they need vaccines to save their failing trillion dollar industry. And they need an operational warp speed. Because they needed to do this in a short timeframe. So they could get out stuff because they’re actually losing money. This is that’s what it fundamentally is about. So if you think about it, a fortune 1000 company losing $25 billion in 10 years. This year, Pfizer wants to make that up, they want to make 15 billion. That’s what this is about. Follow the money. Yeah. Always.

We can, I mean, I can talk to you about vaccine shedding and that and all that the real issue is Big Pharma is losing money, vaccines are their way out. And, and, you know, the vaccines are created like the mRNA vaccine, it only targets the spike protein, the antibodies, but the vaccine, whatever pathogen is multifaceted. So you’re going to need the vaccine again. And again. And again, it’s a razor blade model, right? Sell them the razor and then keep selling them razor blades, right, that’s where we’re moving.

Politicians as well as private actors are gonna make a ton of money to save an industry that was blowing up in front of them. So, that’s what we need to focus on. And if we focus on that, we’re going to realize that vast amounts of money from the government, which had gone to roads and highways and bridges and all these things, is being moved to support multibillion dollar corporations, right? That’s the real thing. And the people who get hurt most out of this are working people actually go out, try to do an honest job.

When you look at what the government has done and allowed the pharmaceutical industry to come in. I mean, look at all these vendors that we have here selling natural products, different alternative ways of maintaining your health. They don’t like this, I think just right next year’s table they’re selling green products is the green products and then we also have the guy with apricot seeds, right? Yeah, B-17 and I know I’ve used B- 17. And I think it works.

You take a lot of vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and iodine. It’s good as I used to when I did a lot of bodybuilding and working out and stuff I you know, good luck. But you know, you always, you always heard the other thing is this, you know, half of what? you find out that there are certain things that are very valuable and I think one of the most valuable things that’s valuable is to recognize that community, having friendships, boosts your immune system.

They did some very interesting experiments looking at humans who had no access to others and were socially isolated. Your body will actually create inflammatory compounds and down regulate healthy antimicrobials your body produces. So what did we do in this lockdown? We did the worst thing: we threw people in socially isolated, they couldn’t see or talk to friends.

That actually exacerbated people getting on antidepressants, the stress factors and a depressant, all of that. Yeah. So and then if you’re dark, like me, are African Americans, your body actually needs 15 times more sun. So now those people are inside, no wonder they were all dying in New York City city, right? at higher rates, because vitamin D3 is essential for many, many vitamins, it’s not even a vitamin, it’s a hormone, actually, it up regulates, you know, 1000s of different genes. So you have a fake science, which is supported by censorship. And then at the end of it, you get ill health.

So, that’s why I want to recommend everyone, you know, on our lawsuit, which is a historic lawsuit, everyone should go to, because freedom is the center point of getting to real science, and real health and donate $1 to support this lawsuit, it’s not my lawsuit anymore. It’s our lawsuit. And we’ve gotten it this far. And the judge basically has said that he also wants me to bring in three constitutional lawyers, and he recommended one, we just onboard them as of today. So everyone has an opportunity to be part of this history making event. And that lawsuit is the inflection point in American history.

I encourage everyone to do this. And also go to because as I mentioned, we built the curriculum for building a movement, there is a science. So the MIT scientists in front of you who created the world’s world first Email system, I’ve also created a technology and educational platform so we can actually build there’s a nuclear physics of building a movement, and I hope everyone takes advantage.

Interviewer: And we got it. We got the live chat here. These are the people that have been listening to us. And what I’d like to do is see if anybody would like to type in a question. And if you’d like to take a couple of questions here, Dr.SHIVA, that’d be great. Yeah, if you folks out there on the live chat there, if you have a question for Dr.SHIVA. Just put it in the live chat there. And we’ll engage a few questions for the doctor here. Let’s see here.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, anyone can ask whatever question you want. Take three questions. Where to donate again? Yeah, so people can contribute at – Win Back Freedom. The reason we said Win Back Freedom is because we’ve lost our freedom. What we discovered, as I mentioned in these playbooks, right, that the government actually has an infrastructure. So this lawsuit, those playbooks are now in Federal Court, it’s an opportunity to Win Back Freedom. I’d like everyone to donate even $1 just $1 because we need to have millions doing that to be part of this Historic Lawsuit.

Interviewer: Okay. Trying to chase these things this scroll up. What else do we have? There was a question there. Were you married to Fran Drescher?

Dr.SHIVA: Yes. I was married to Fran Drescher.

Interviewer: Okay, we’ve covered that. All right. What else? Okay, let’s see. Melodien is and wants to know, – Dr.SHIVA. is President Trump draining the swamp for Europeans?

Dr.SHIVA: No, no. Okay. luck. In fact, you know, that’s why I’m saying we have to, we can’t put our eggs in a basket of billionaires who ran reality shows, you know, we have to get off our butts. And we have to build our movement, go to, we have to build a Bottoms-up movement. It’s a lazy man’s way to think a billionaire or celebrity or somebody else is going to do the hard work. We have to do it.

Interviewer: Another question in here. What was the point made in the 20 hour testimony with the judge?

Dr.SHIVA: What was the point made was first of all, remember, it was me against seven lawyers see a Twitter there with their three Trump world class lawyers? Yeah, the government with their three lawyers. And the main point that came out of that testimony was that the government had laundered speech and laundered censorship, I’m sorry, to Twitter.

Let me repeat that again. And we expose these playbooks that were written by Twitter legal the State Election Directors and the National Associated State Election Directors (NASED), mapping out how the government of the United States launders censorship through Big tech. So when Big Tech throws you off Twitter or Facebook, the government can say we had nothing to do with it. They did it. Okay. And Big Tech can say, yeah, we have the right to throw you off because we’re a private platform. But when the government had Twitter do it, they lose their rights to do that.

Interviewer: One more question – Do you support Mike Lindell’s findings and his lawsuit?

Dr.SHIVA: Well, I know Mike, okay. And so, I just someone just sent me Mike stuff. So look, the real issue is, when you have to look at the Trump campaign raised $300 million, quote, unquote, on election fraud. All of their lawsuits are so poorly written. In fact, I gave an affidavit two’s Sidney and Lin, but frankly, they were so horribly written. And nearly every one of those lawsuits got thrown out.

We have two – two lawsuits with the first surviving motion to dismiss and survive, and are moving forward. Now, Mike, as I like Mike, okay, but he’s focused on the wrong part, which is Dominion. All of the voting machine companies have the ‘Weighted Race’ feature, right, number one. Furthermore, they’re just guys trying to sell a piece of software.

The real enemy of our people is the government, the government allowed those voting machines to be used, knowing they had the Weighted Race feature in them, right, Republicans and Democrats in Michigan, where the state legislature is all we’re all Republicans.

We showed clearly with all the analysis, we did that, you know, a parabola went into the voting booth and out came a straight line, not supposed to be like that. Those Michigan legislators didn’t do anything because it’s like the Treaty of Versailles, meaning the republicans if they win, the state legislatures are fine. They don’t care about the federal elections. Okay. They divvy things up. So, you know, I appreciate Mike’s enthusiasm. You know, I like Mike, and he’s been very supportive. But Dominion is not the centerpiece of this. It’s the government.

Interviewer: do you think that because the Dominion name, the, and the notoriety it got at the beginning, is okay, I’m justifying here, just, but we need to wake up the American people and American people have gotten so used to that soundbite that, that key phrase keyword. And then if you can get them to start there, and hopefully do a little digging, doing a little research on your own.

Dr.SHIVA: Let’s talk about the Edward Bernays model. Once you take a complex concept, and you distill it to a sound bite, this is a 30 second commercial, right? Okay. It doesn’t work. Because what you do is you start manipulating people, right? All right. The way out of this is people have to do a little bit of homework on it. Yeah, exactly. And that’s your homework. Right? So what my position is, we have to build a Bottoms-up movement, we need around 50, enlightened 50,000, enlightened people, understanding the physics of building a movement.

Interviewer: and that’s what’s your Truth freedom, freedom and health?

And this has taken me 40 years. Look, I’ve been a ground activist for all my life. There is a picture of me, burning the South African flag. When I was a student at MIT, no government stopped me. I organized food service workers, I held up to get out of Iraq and my PhD guy, you’re talking to someone who’s organized thousands of protests I’ve led so that my point is this, that we have to build a Bottoms-up movement. Now the history of this country says it’s working people Bottoms-up in the 1900s, who got us any gain that we have today. It wasn’t Republican or Democrat. Right.

We have to get people start learning political theory, Mike needs to learn political theory, okay. It’s got a lot of money. He can take a lot of time out to do this. And I’m gonna encourage Mike to do that. Without political theory. We’re going to get caught into – Let’s today support Ron De Santis. He sounded good over in Florida, let’s tomorrow support this person or that person? And the reality is, the only way to move forward is for working people because the American working class is one of the most powerful forces if it rises up, and lets go of the left and the right. Let’s go Bernie, or Trump, let’s go Biden or McConnell, because they’re both playing a game there.

Interviewer: You’re so afraid of if the American people get on board, like you say, That’s what I’m saying? And do like you say, independently scares the heck out of him, right.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s why in November, I had done all this analysis, we had built up the mathematical engines to analyze voter data. So, when the election took place with Trump, I was the first one to do the Michigan analysis, which went viral, and just everyone listening. This is why Mark Meadows called me, this was in November on a weekend. I was teaching a class for our Truth Freedom Health class. And my stuff is going viral and the trumpers are saying wait a minute, Dr.SHIVA is going after the real issue, which is voting machines.

So Meadows calls me from the White House, Chief of Staff. And I said, Mark, get me data, I can prove this everywhere. Days went by with no data, then Ronna McDaniels office called the RNC. And they said, okay, Dr.Shiva, we’re gonna get you data. More time. Remember this, you have to move fast, right? Me and our guys were staying awake nights doing this now. No one paid us a cent. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign moves their email campaigns to Stop Election Fraud, which is what our slogan was, right? Okay.

They raised 300 million in eight weeks. Our volunteers were doing all this analysis for nothing. Where did that 300 million go? I’d really like to know. And then I tweeted out in the middle of this, because that’s when I started wondering, is Trump really serious? Does he really want to win? So I did a tweet I said,

Dear Mr. Trump, Dear President Trump, Dear Mr. Biden,

– I have data that unequivocally shows that votes can be manipulated. Call me if you want to let me know. –

It was a challenge. Well, Eric Trump reached out to me on Twitter, he DM me. And he goes, I’m concerned. And I said, Eric, I don’t believe people are really serious on your team fighting this. I’ve heard from Meadows have not heard here, no one’s so he said, well talk to our lawyer at the Trump campaign. Alex Cannon called him up. And I said, Alex, everyone says they want to help, but they aren’t giving me data. Because I have the data. I go, you’re gonna send it to me – nothing. What I’m trying to say is they didn’t want to solve Election Fraud.

How is it that I have no legal training with 2 federal lawsuits that have survived motions to dismiss? And they had all these, they were putting spelling mistakes? They spelled the United States wrong on the front end. I’m saying please let go of rose colored glasses. The realities Hillary never got locked up, wake up. Operation warp speed got executed. And then Trump in on January 6, told people I’ll walk with you go read, go watch.

Yeah, I watched and he got into his SUV and left and all these people went there and they’re in jail now. Wake up. Okay. The elites. And then Israel now is the poster child for the vaccines. And Jared Kushner was there at UAE, they want to achieve a 70% vaccination rate. I’m imploring you, right. Stop being lazy. The founders of this country weren’t lazy. WWF wrestling, and I’ll end with this point. If you have the eagle, which represents America, the head of it as establishment, one shoulder the left shoulder is the Biden’s and the Obamas and the Clintons Okay, the obvious left establishment, the right establishment is a McConnell’s a Romney’s McCain’s.

But the eagle doesn’t keep moving without the wings. Right. So on the left, on the left, they have people like AOC and Bernie, who will actually critique Biden, right? They keep the entertainment going, right? They’re part of the WWE or WWF wrestling. Now on the right. You have Trump barking at McConnell. But all those email campaigns you’re getting to give them money are coming from the RNC, and Trump, okay.

Interviewer: Pretty scary.

Dr.SHIVA: We have to wake up. We have to build a moment of, we have to build a movement – working people are the ultimate force.

We have to let go. We have to let go of our laziness. And we have to stop outsourcing our future to politicians. I don’t care if they’re billionaires, I don’t care if their last name is Kennedy. You’re wasting your time. We need to take this country and it can only be taken back by people and not another party. We need to build a movement Bottoms-up

the movement. Thank you, everyone. Thanks a lot. Thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you, Dr.Shiva. everyone donate $1 Win Back Freedom, Doc Thank you. Well, thank you, folks. Thank you. Thanks.

Have a great rest of the conference. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, Dr.SHIVA. Yeah, he’s off. He’s obviously one of the very, very popular folks here at the Red Pill Expo here in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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