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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Presents Exposition at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, the historic First Amendment lawsuit, which uncovered the enterprise of relationships and infrastructure that the defendants architected and deployed to silence a U.S. senate candidate and Americans. 
  • The elites have obliterated the First Amendment and Dr.SHIVA discovered this during his campaign while exercising his political speech exposing the fact that ballot images were destroyed. Federal Law 52 U.S.C. 20701 requires all records generated in a federal election must be preserved.
  • His discovery of the Election Influence Operations Playbooks, created at Harvard’s Belfer Center explains they brand people as ‘influence operators’. Paired with the discovery of The Long Fuse Report shows the infrastructure used to Launder Censorship. It also states, “There is no centralized support to aid the vast number of jurisdictions in identifying and responding to emerging election related misinformation, disinformation.”
  • The diagram shows how federal agencies support this effort to centralize our elections, including the Cybersecurity Information Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within the Department of Homeland Security, coordinated via NASED (National Association of State Election Directors), a 501 (c)(3) professional organization, funded by Pierre Omidyar.
  • Dr.SHIVA is asked about his views on mandated vaccines and he brings attention to the 1962 Vaccination Act and Big Pharma needing to move into vaccines since they were losing billions. The solution to Public Health is infrastructure and recognizing vaccines are based on 100 year old science & modern science shows we need personalized medicine. The right medicine for the right person at the right time. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Exposition at Cyber Symposium

Mike Lindell: So, what we’re going to talk about here with Dr.SHIVA, when we met, I met all these people on divine appointments. Everyone you’ve seen from different parts of this. I met him at a freedom rally. But we would have all these people brought to me on different planes, like Doug Frank. And we met and I went wow, he had a story. I didn’t even know what he had, we’re there to speak. And he tells me his story. He starts telling me a little bit of it. And I’m going, “wow.”

You’re going to hear his story. Then I brought him to be in Absolute Proof. And I brought him down there, gathered all these people, and we filmed it as fast as we could to get it out before the impeachment trial. I started finding out his stuff goes deeper and deeper. Because he’s not only one of the smartest men I ever met, but he also decided he would run for office.

What he’s done, he’s been his own lawyer, you’re gonna hear all this. And I was gonna say, so he doesn’t sound grandiose, he went out there to fight when he ran, and they said he lost. And he knew he didn’t lose. And he fought and fought and fought, and he’s still fighting. I just found out stuff back there, he tells me all this new stuff you’re going to hear, and I say, “I don’t even know you.” Every week, it’s like things change and he doesn’t give up. This man is a Patriot, Dr.SHIVA.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: First of all, I want to give a hand to Mike. Mike Lindell. I don’t think people appreciate enough what Mike is doing for this country. He is creating a megaphone for the voiceless. So, I really want to applaud you Mike for doing that.

ML: Thank you. I give the glory to God. We’re going to get through this. You’re all part of it. God bless you.

How the Elites Obliterate the First Amendment

Dr.SHIVA: What I would like to do, if it’s okay with everyone, take about 15 minutes of your undivided attention. And I want to walk you through the journey that I’ve been on since September 1st. And that journey will reveal to all of us.

That the First Amendment has been obliterated by the elites.

And that we all need to let go of our rose-colored glasses, and we have to Win Back Freedom. That’s what I want to talk about. And the journey I’m going to take you on. I’m going to share with you a couple of diagrams. But, let me begin by giving you the start of this journey. My journey began many, many years ago in a small village in India. I grew up as India has a caste system. Are you guys familiar with that? We were considered low caste untouchables. You won’t find a lot of Indians like me in America. The fact that my parents came here is about one in a trillion.

So, I grew up in the working-class neighborhoods of New Jersey. And it’s there where everyday people taught me the values of this country. Hard work, hard work, hard work, right? And you reap what you sow. And that led me to, as Mike said, to MIT where I got four degrees, started many companies. Invented the world’s first Email System when I was 14 years old before I came to MIT.

But more importantly, it was in 2017. I decided to first time run for office. People like myself, you know, scientists and technologists, we’re not supposed to run for office, right? But I decided that what was going on in this country was inappropriate.

People like Elizabeth Warren, where. I’m from Massachusetts. And we ran against her, and we ran on a campaign, which said “Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian” it was a good campaign. But we learned a lot. What we learned was that those in power. Want to divide black and white. Right? The liberal elites are the real racists.

People like Elizabeth Warren use race, there is a racism. People use race. For their own advancement like Elizabeth Warren did. Anyway, we learned a lot running that. But in 2019, I decided to run as a Republican in the Republican primary. For the U.S. Senate again. In Massachusetts, there’s only one party.

The Massachusetts GOP colludes with the Democratic Party. They’re One. There are no two parties in Massachusetts. When I ran as a Republican, no one wanted to support us. But we got 3000 volunteers all over Massachusetts. We raised $2 million all on Twitter. And you could not leave Massachusetts without seeing one of our 20,000 lawn signs, Our bumper stickers, and huge billboards. We were everywhere.

The GOP found, frankly, some guy to run who no one even knew about, probably was offered a judgeship or something. But that was a model that was run. Well, on September 1st. 2020, the word on the street was that Dr.SHIVA was going to win in a landslide. We were everywhere. And you can talk to people. It was a national campaign, meaning people from all over the country donated to us.

Primary Election 2020 Results

On September 1st night. We get the results rolling in. And what do the results show? That we win in a county called Franklin County. Which is all hand counted, paper ballots. By 10 points. And in every other county we lose 60/40 60/40 60/40 60/40 60/40. All of those other counties have electronic voting machines.

Now, I never thought Election Fraud took place in this country. I thought that only occurs in third world countries, right? And so that began my journey to understand what was going on. I put my hat on, not as a politician, but as an MIT Systems Engineer with four degrees, a PhD in Biological Engineering, a master’s in design, my computer science bachelor’s, and what I discovered were two very important things by September 9th.

Ballot Images Deleted

One of the things we discovered was that State Election Directors in the United States, Republican and Democrat, we’re deleting Ballot Images. What are Ballot Images? When you go to the voting booth, you can vote two ways, right? You can vote on paper, and it’s counted by paper. Probably the best way to do it. The other way is your, your ballot gets put into a machine. Those machines scan that paper, and they make it into an image.

That’s called a Ballot Image. And then that Ballot Image is run through the technology and determines your votes, right? The machine is looking for those dots with its AI engine and determining what the votes are. So, what is it using? Is it using the paper? Or the image? It’s using the image, right?

The image at that instant becomes a ballot. So, we went to the Secretary of State, and we said, look, we want the Ballot Images. And we had a video camera with our volunteers on September 9th. And the individual at the State election official, he says “We don’t have those images, we turned that feature off.”

Which means they get deleted. The default setting is save all images. They deleted the Ballot Images. So, I had to formally apply for what’s called a public records request. And on September 24. We get back emails from the Secretary of State saying, “you know, we don’t have to save Ballot Images by state law.”

Violating 52 U.S.C. 20701

Well, this is a federal election. According to 52. USC. 20701, which was passed in 1974. You must say. All records generated. In connection with the federal election. Okay. You can write that down 52. USC. 20701. All records generated in a federal election must be preserved. I write back to her in an email, and I say, “can you show me the state law that allows you to get away without saving federal election images? “

She doesn’t write back. She diverted it to sending me some other documents. I said you have violated federal law. This election is null and void.

I have these four emails. We have about 300,000 followers on Twitter. It’s a public official. So, those four emails, I put up on Twitter. Within hours of putting up those images, that’s on September 25th. I’m thrown off Twitter. Now you have to understand I’m still a U.S. Senate candidate. In a federal election, in a write-in campaign in the generals. So, just close your eyes and think about what I’m saying here.

A United States Senate candidate is thrown off Twitter in the middle of his federal election. Because he exercises Free Speech Rights, which were critiquing the election official. And what was the platform of our campaign? Stop Election Fraud. Okay, our entire campaign is to Stop Election Fraud.

We’re running on a campaign against Election Fraud. We had held four major protests at the secretary of state. We expose the fact that they’re violating federal law and we get thrown off Twitter. Let that sink in. Remember the highest protection of the First Amendment was political speech. Citizens United, which was a very important case law, which was Citizens United versus FEC. The Supreme court ruled that the 30 days before the election are the highest protection of speech. It doesn’t matter whether you’re even lying or not. Whether you’re even saying false stuff against your candidate. You are allowed to have open speech. So, that happens. I try to find a lawyer. Now, this is what happened. Mike knows these guys at Lead Stories. A quote, unquote, “Bogus fact checker.”

ML: Allen Duke and Martin. Yeah. He’s over in Belgium. We talked about that earlier. These are the guys that put covers over you on Facebook and Twitter.

But they did censor the Absolute Proof and they weren’t censoring porn and nudity. These are the guys. These are the terrible people that have done this to our country. Allen Duke, and Martin at Lead Stories. And this is where I found out where we collaborate on that.

Dr.SHIVA: I had put up a tweet, which was going viral right before that. So, there’s a tweet that I did which ties these four emails exposing the State Election Director. Right before that I had done a tweet, which said millions of Ballot Images were deleted.

This organization, Lead Stories. Does a hit job on me. Oh, Dr.SHIVA is lying. No ballots were deleted. I never said ballots. I guess they don’t know how to read English. I said, Ballot Images. Now, one of the interesting things they did in that story was they said they interviewed the Secretary of State.

And, the Secretary of State said they had contacted Twitter to silence me. Let me repeat that again. A Government official had contacted Twitter to silence a U.S. Senate candidate. Got it?

First Amendment, I guess they didn’t read it. So, when I saw that, I said, I have a serious First Amendment case. I can’t go after Twitter, they’re a private actor. I don’t know enough about election laws, but I do know something I learned in second grade when I came to this country was called the First Amendment.

No lawyer in Massachusetts wanted to take on the swamp. So, I had to do it. I had to learn case law. I filed my own lawsuit. On October 30th, we had a hearing in federal court.

ML: Dr.SHIVA. Yeah, there was one more thing though. They said that they had talked to you. You’ll see a piece there. The liars, Lead Stories.

Dr.SHIVA: Lead Stories said they had talked to me. They never spoke to me. Completely lied. On October 30th, I get my day in court. In fact, there were two lawsuits; one for monetary damages, and one I requested from the judge, Your Honor, I’m running for office, this is my megaphone. Put me back on Twitter now.

In that October 30th hearing on 2020, which was only supposed to be for 45 minutes. It ends up going for four and a half hours. In those four and a half hours, we were the first to discover, in the world. In cross examination when the judge asked. The State Election Director’s communication director. So, how did you decide to contact Twitter to throw off Dr.SHIVA?

She goes, “We have a Trusted Twitter Partnership.”

What is the Trusted Twitter Partnership?

The government has a Trusted Twitter Partnership (TTP). That means you and I carry the credit union card, and the government has an Amex black card. We discovered they have a partner support portal. A VVIP portal. Government has a portal to Big Tech Twitter.

When I put up those four tweets, the government contacted Twitter using their special capability to silence a United States Senate candidate, a US citizen. So, the judge was appalled at this, and he gave us all the terms of our preliminary injunction. He said you will stop contacting Twitter.

But, we also discovered something more interesting. It gets even more deeper as Mike said, we discovered there’s an organization called the National Association of State Election Directors, write it down. N A S E D.

This is a classroom in the First Amendment right now. National Association of State Election Directors, which is a government association of all 50 State Election Directors. When I exposed the State Election Director, not only did she contact Twitter through their partnership. She picked up the phone. And contacted NASED. NASED used the force of 50 State Election Directors to also contact Jack Dorsey.

I was targeted, not only by one state election director, but by 50. The net of it was the judge in that hearing said more than likely Dr.SHIVA will prove state action was involved. What is state action? That means Twitter is no longer a private actor. They are coupled with the government. Where the government ends, and Twitter begins… Nobody knows.

That was a big victory. Tucker Carlson didn’t report on this because Tucker watches which way the wind blows. Tucker does not report the news. He watches a year later when it’s valuable to report on Fox. Shame on Fox. And I think it’s important to understand that. It’s important in life to do the right thing at the right time. Not when you get eyeballs.

That was October 30th. After I had done Mike’s show, I believe in late January, on February 1st, I did a lecture. I was back on Twitter from November 3rd to February 1st, and remember, Twitter never touched me. I’ve talked against forced vaccinations; I’ve talked against GMOs. But on February 1st. Once again, I shared those four email screenshots once again, exposing the State Election Director of Massachusetts, and within 17 minutes I’m de-platformed. 17 minutes. We go back into court again on February 4th. And this time, the judge says, I cannot give you complete relief until you bring Twitter into my courtroom. Remember, we never went after Twitter. We weren’t that, frankly, naive. We went after the government. With all the hype against Big Tech. In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a diagram. What everyone’s going to realize is that it’s Government Tech. It’s not Big Tech. It’s Government Tech.

ML: Dr.SHIVA, one thing in there. Because I want to hammer Lead Stories for a second. Remember during this time, I felt, you know, we had a common thing there. I was calling Lead Stories about something they had covered up in the summer that my friend, Ben Carson.

That he had said that he had took a therapeutic, and he had really said that. And it went on a show. And this guy on this show said, “It was in the news that Ben had taken this. And so, he said, yes, he took this. They took down his whole platform, Lead Stories did.

The fact checkers from Facebook, put false information. I reached out to Ben. Ben actually called Lead Stories, Allen Duke. And they go, oh, I guess you take it. They took the story down, but guess what? That guy lost 1.5 million followers on Facebook. 1.5 million. They put up the fake thing on there because he had really taken it. I was calling Lead Stories about that. And then Dr.SHIVA joined me. And now what happened there?

Dr.SHIVA: What happened now is, the judge now is even more concerned because he feels, you know, I told you not to contact Twitter. What they had done on September 25th was when I was targeted. The algorithm was set up that any time I shared those four email screenshots, I would be de-platformed. So, what happened? On February 4th, we went back into court and the judge said again, it’s me against lawyers. No lawyers. Find out that actually, it was a good thing. On May 20th, the judge gives us the opportunity and he brings in Twitter. So, it’s me now, against three of the Secretary of State’s lawyers in Massachusetts. Three of Twitter’s lawyers from Wilmer and Hale. One of the leading law firms in the world. And one from NASED. Seven lawyers against me.

Election Influence Operation Playbooks

The night of May 19th to May 20th is the lawsuit. I’m trying to figure out what this Twitter Trusted Partnership is? We have filed like 35 briefs, nowhere in there does anyone talk about it. And lo and behold, this is why I believe there’s a God, on the midnight of May 19th. I found four documents on a server. These documents are called Playbooks. P L A Y B O O K S. So, that’s the Playbook. It’s called the Election Influence Operations Playbook, Part one. It was published at the Harvard Belfer Center. This Playbook is called Influence Operations. What is Influence Operations?

This Playbook defines the theoretical framework of Censorship in the United States. It says, “an influence operator is anyone who has influence to change the narrative.” So, you see a woman. right there from the (NASED) National Association of State Election Directors called Amy Cohen. And if you scroll down, there’s a person called Michelle Tassinari, who is a State Election Director. These are books authored by elected officials and Twitter Legal, which defines a theoretical framework. Of “Who” is an enemy of the state in this country.

The Steps to Laundering Censorship

And Part two is a step-by-step manual which defines how you detect an influence operator? Step one, you have to assess them. The handbook says, “step one. How you identify someone, how you assess their level of threat for “misinformation, disinformation,” how you watch them, and how you will track them forever if they’re a high-level security threat.” There it is. It says, “four stages of countering influence operations.” This is not against Russia or China. This is against United States citizens. It has a step-by-step process. How you identify, how you assess, and where it says high, medium level severity. And when they followed this Playbook, I was identified as a high-level severity.

It gives how you identify keywords on people, how you assess them. I had an established voice, credibility, MIT PhD, high volume. So high, medium, low. If you’re a high-level security, you’re put on a watch list for the rest of your life. Okay? And so, what occurred on September 25th, it was triggered, and they were following me all the way until the next four tweets came.

We present this to the judge on May 20th. The judge is, frankly, concerned. And on May 21st, he said, and by the way, all of this is public. He said, at 10:30 AM. This hearing went on for two days now. He goes, this lawsuit more than likely. Will be a law school exam question in every constitutional law class. And he asked me if I wanted an attorney. He goes, “you’ve done this all on your own.”

The next hearing was set for July 15th. Between this point and July 15th, we find The Long Fuse Report, which is published on June 15th. By the way, every major news organization should be carrying this. What Mike’s doing is a huge service right now to the world. The Long Fuse Report. This is a 300-page report. The first report is a handbook of how you censor people in the United States. This report was written on June 15th. By Stanford guys showing how great the Playbook worked. In this report, I am mentioned 22 times. I am considered the top six repeat spreader and it validates that I was being surveilled since June of 2020.

ML: Dr.SHIVA, that report that when you were the highest level, so you’re talking like Facebook fact checkers? They work with Lead Stories.

Decentralization versus Centralization of Elections

Dr.SHIVA: They work with those guys. The report confirms they are part of their infrastructure. Now this report, I want everyone to read this. These guys are upset that America is a decentralized country. They are upset we have the First Amendment. They say it in black and white. It says,“Elections in the United States are highly decentralized.”Isn’t that the way they are supposed to be? “Over 10,000 individual jurisdictions covering state, county, and municipal levels are responsible for administering the vote on election day. Voter registration systems and databases are centralized at the state level, both casting and contrast is organized at the local level. There is no centralized support to aid the vast number of jurisdictions in identifying and responding to emerging election related misinformation, disinformation.” They’re upset that there’s not one centralized organization that can crush, quote unquote “misinformation.” They are upset that things are decentralized. Everyone following me?

Look what is says here, It goes. “This is especially true for election disinformation that originates from within the United States, which would likely be excluded from law enforcement action under the First Amendment. And not appropriate for study by intelligence agencies restricted from operating in the United States. As a result, during the 2020 election, local and state election officials who had strong partner and election voting systems and overall cybersecurity efforts in CISA.”

The Role of the Non-Governmental Entity in creating the Centralized Infrastructure to subvert The First Amendment

This is saying that we need to create a centralized infrastructure to subvert the First Amendment. Because if you’re a foreigner, you can watch them, and it says that what we need to do is we need to create a non-governmental entity to Launder Censorship. Everyone following me? 300-page report, and it’s looking back at the Playbooks. So, six people are called repeat spreaders. Highlighting myself, Donald Trump, Gateway Pundit, Newsmax, Breitbart, and James O’Keeffe. Okay, there they are. These are the people that they have problems with. By looking at what occurred in the last six months from June 2020 to November 2020. They have a whole section on me.

ML: Will you look at that, I didn’t even make the top ten.

Dr.SHIVA: So, they have a whole section on me. This is June 15th. When you go through this 300-page report, and you combine it with the Playbooks. Our lawsuit had evolved from October 30th. Where we had just talked about the Twitter Partnership. Then we find the Playbooks. Then we find The Long Fuse Report. And what this lawsuit shows is the woman that I was critiquing contacted that other woman, but they had created this infrastructure. These people, whom none of them were elected by You or I. They’re Republican and Democrat. Do not excuse both parties. They’re both part of it. All right. Both of them. So, I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to hear Left/Right narratives. All of these guys at the Harvard Belfer Center, those documents they created, which are the blueprint for censoring speech. Those documents created this infrastructure, the infrastructure is called ISAC. Election infrastructure held by a nonprofit called the Center for Internet Security, funded by Pierre Omidyar, who’s a billionaire. Left guy. But also supported by the Murdoch’s.

Diagram of the Censorship Laundering System

Now, this diagram is not just some random diagram, we submitted it into a lawsuit. But what you see here is these people who you and I never elected, laid out the blueprint, which would say that if you’re the State Department, if your state and local officials or Homeland Security. And you have a problem with Mike Lindell or me? You will contact this nonprofit. They will call Twitter and suppress speech. It’s called Laundering Censorship. They think they’re very freaking clever. This is the way that it was designed to subvert the First Amendment. This is what is going on in this country. It is no longer, we have to fight for freedom, we have lost it.

The First Amendment has been destroyed. And in our lawsuit, this woman Stacia Cardille, who’s a deputy general counsel at Twitter, filed a false statement. Because she has to show that Twitter did it on their own. You follow what I’m saying? That the government wasn’t involved. She filed an affidavit saying on February 1st, when we de-platformed Dr.SHIVA, we saw his tweet.

We had our internal review on February 2nd. On February 3rd. We knocked him off after three days of review. It was total bullshit. Because I was de-platformed in 17 minutes at 9:48 PM on February 1st. We submitted that in court. How did they do that? Well, The Long Fuse Report says that they have 24/7 monitoring and four-hour call centers watching us.

The Definition of “Misinformation” and “Disinformation” managed by a Domestic Censorship Infrastructure.

Are you listening to what I’m saying? This is the United States of America. And the reason we’ve gotten this far is because we have selections, not elections, as Mike is exposing today. We have selections, not elections. It is being done by Democrats and Republicans. And so, this woman, Stacia Cardille, the deputy general counsel, lied in federal court, because I was de-platformed in 17 minutes, not in a three-day review. What you’re witnessing here is the domestic censorship infrastructure that was created against every American.

I was a Canary in the Coal Mine”. An actual U.S. Senate candidate that is running for office. Next time this will be used against any person running for Congress. Now, why am I sharing this with you? This occurred to me running for the U.S. Senate. But as Mike said, I’m also a PhD in Biological Engineering. I also have talked about the issues of forced vaccination, that I do not believe in one size fits all medicine, that not everyone should get the same vaccines. In fact, I believe there are many things in nature that are powerful.

When I put up those tweets, those also get flagged by the same Infrastructure. There’s also the fact that if you talk about pro-mask or anti-mask, you get tagged. What we’ve taken is every issue in this country is being operated and run and managed, the “misinformation” and “disinformation” by a domestic censorship Infrastructure. Yes, I invented email. Yes, I created Echomail and other companies, but I can tell you, what I’m most proud of is discovering this system.

And it took a lot of heat to do this. And it wasn’t done by lawyers. Lawyers will not do this. And in fact, where we are right now is we all have to wake up to the recognition that how do we solve this problem? Because if you take any issue, if you take masks, there’s a pro-mask issue, and the Anti-mask. Pro-vaccine, Anti-vaccine, Pro-Election Fraud, Anti-Election Fraud, Pro-Big Tech, Anti-Big Tech, but if you take any one of those issues, and you take what I call a Systems Approach, we need to go back to a scientific approach Beyond Left & Right.

Identify Real Problems with Real Solutions

What you will find is that in any one of those issues, you will find that there is a real problem. In the area of masks and vaccines, the real problem is public health. And how did we address public health? If you go back to the history of this country, it’s when we built a movement. A Bottoms-up movement independent of left and right. In the 1800s, American workers rose up for basic Infrastructure. In 1886 four workers were hanged in the United States. I want everyone to understand this. In 1886 four American workers were hanged for fighting for the eight-hour workday.

Everywhere in the world that was called International Workers Day. By the 1900’s, American people, working people with the First Amendment and the Second Amendment were rising up. And that’s how we solve public health. 18 years before the measles vaccine came, 98% of measles mortality was gone. Why? Because of Infrastructure. Sanitation, hygiene, all those things, nutrition. And that was because of a Bottoms-up movement. And what’s occurred today with the elites on every issue, they do not want us to ever address the real issue.

They make a fake issue with a fake solution, or sometimes they actually take a real issue, and they make money off of a fake solution. That’s what’s going on. Be it Election Fraud, be it vaccines, on all of these issues. So, my journey, to close out on this, began running for U.S. Senate. And what I’ve learned is that we’ve lost the First Amendment in this country because Americans have become fat, dumb and happy. We have forgotten the value of the First Amendment, and we’ve lost it.

We Win with a Bottoms-up Movement of Working People

The fact that this exists, and the fact that I couldn’t find lawyers to really fight for it, and the fact that I had to do it on my own, and the fact that Mike takes so much heat for what he tries to get out there, the fact that all of us do, shows that we have to recognize the only way we’re going to win this, and that’s what I want to spend the last 30 seconds on. How do we win? The way we win is a Bottoms-up movement. It’s a Bottoms-up movement. It’s not going to come from the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s not going to come from these election systems as long as we have electronic voting machines.

We need to go to hand-counted paper ballots. Election Day should be a national holiday, we need to get our young people learning history and civics, we have a very fundamental problem. And it’s not going to come from cursing at the darkness. We need to become the light. And we need to become the light by recognizing it’s about Truth Freedom Health. Truth Freedom Health. Without Freedom, you cannot do science to get to Truth. And without Truth, you cannot find out what’s good for our bodies, our Infrastructure.

And what’s occurred in this country, they violated freedom with this crap. And that’s why we are in this situation right now. And I want everyone to take the last part of my journey. This is my gift. Go to I’ve created a model where I want to teach everyone Systems Science. Pierre Omidyar, if you go to his website, there are about 8,000 elites in this world who know Systems Science. They know how to engineer systems to manipulate us. And if we don’t learn how systems operate, we’re going to be like bows and arrows shooting at people with nuclear weapons. And we’re never going to win.

We have to go Beyond Left and Right. Beyond Republican and Democrat. We have to expose the reality of what’s going on. And the only way forward is a Bottoms-up movement. We have to get rid of these electronic voting machines. There’s no way forward with them. Everyone go there because it took me 40 years to create the MIT distillation. I used to teach a course at MIT called Systems Visualization, where my students used to take complex systems and be able to visualize it.

This time, I had to use it for my own. But we have to understand the inner connections of things. As long as we’re in the pro-mask, anti-mask, the real issue with masks is you put on a mask, it hurts your mouth microbiome. The real issue with vaccines, it’s not one size fits all medicine. The real issue with Election Fraud is we got to get rid of these electronic voting machines. Not all technology is good. And the real issue with Big Tech, it’s not Big Tech, it’s Big Government. It’s Government Tech. Jack Dorsey is just a slave to the government. Zuckerberg is a slave. Let’s not think it’s these guys. It’s the government, Homeland Security, which has created this infrastructure. Thank you.

ML: Yeah. Isn’t that something? I will say this. Great job and Dr.SHIVA, what a hero that he dug in and found out what’s behind all this. This isn’t just China coming through the machines. These are domestic actors here. Jack Dorsey, Lead Stories. These guys, the cover up, this is the absolute cover up. And where we start, like you said, the ground up. This is what we’re fighting right here. This is the start. Over 40 million people have seen this now. And getting the word out, get his word out. How many of you heard this before you got here? This should be all over the news everywhere. This should be everywhere in the world. Everybody should know this. Every single person should know all this stuff he just told us. We’ll put his website up there too.

Dr.SHIVA: You can go find every document at It’s your site. It’s But most importantly, we’re not going to win this if we don’t go Beyond Left and Right. All of these issues have solutions. So, go to I’ve taken 40 years, and in two hours all of you can learn how to rethink about Beyond Left and Right. Go to But most importantly, this Infrastructure, this was a labor of love guys. We have figured out the domestic censorship Infrastructure, and we have to Win Back Freedom.

ML: And we do that with all of our voices. Like today, even though the mainstream media, all the media is attacking, by them attacking we’re able to get more and more. There’s so many stories out there right now today, I couldn’t even get through them all. I’m going, you gotta be kidding. Everything from lunches served late, this is the stuff they’re trying to do. But the words getting out all over the world right here at this symposium. And when we come through this, the platform, I was just telling Dr.SHIVA, you’ll be able to put all the stuff on there of his. It’s like the united force. So, get our word out in spite of them.

In spite of Jack Dorsey. MyPillow® got kicked off of Twitter. You know why? Because I was kicked off Mike Lindell’s Twitter, I needed to get the news out. This is when I was in the news every day for losing retailers. And they go, did you hear about China and them attacking our country through the machine? This went on every day. But they were the bad media. They would call me every day, Mike you lost four more, Mike you lost your personal Twitter. Now when I lost my Twitter, I didn’t tell you this before. When I lost my Twitter, you know, it was no big deal to me if I lost it. I’m going well, you know, I’ll try this one over here. But when I lost it, all of a sudden my friends go “are you okay with the election?” I go, what are you talking about? And well look what you just retweeted.

They were running my Twitter and re-tweeting like they were me. And I go, what? Jack Dorsey’s running my Twitter. So, I tried to take it down. I got an email from Germany Twitter. And it says, you have violated blah, blah, blah, the Twitter code, and you cannot take this down. So, then a couple days I wasn’t in the news. And so I go, what would make the news? Well, if I lost MyPillow® Twitter, that might make the news. So, I’m lying in bed at 12:30 at night, and I go, you know the media hasn’t called me for three days.

So, I get on my MyPillow® Twitter and I go here’s why @Jack took down my personal Twitter. And the last thing that was posted on my personal Twitter was a thing from my director of my Melissa had written this beautiful article because she felt bad, I was getting attacked every day. She put this article up, we put it up on Twitter. That’s when Jack took it down. He didn’t even want them to hear anything good I was doing. By the way, go to It’s free for anyone in addiction. It’s free and I believe it’s the best online help ever. Let’s put that in there.

They can say all Mike Lindell did was advertise, no. So anyway, I’m laying in bed it’s 12:30 and I said here’s why @Jack took down my Twitter. All the bots and trolls are going “take him down, Jack, take him down.” And I’m reading this, but they didn’t take it down. Now it’s 12:45 and I’m trying to get to sleep because I want the media to call me in the morning. So, I put out another thing @Jack and I said something else. Still didn’t take it down, while a bots and trolls are saying “take him down Jack.” All of a sudden, they go @Jack, we all know you’re in on this and we’re looking forward to the day you’re put in prison. Boom he took it down. The next morning it was the number one news story in the world. MyPillow® lost their Twitter. Yeah, it was the start of hurting MyPillow®. Yes, but I couldn’t get the word out. So, they call, “Mike it was the number one news story”,

“Mike, you lost your company’s Twitter, MyPillow®. Did you hear about China attacking us? Did you hear about Dominion machines?” It went on all day long for a week. That was good for a week. That’s the way they work. And Lead Stories, I want to go back to them, because they’re here. They have a representative here. Lead Stories, how horrific. How could you live with yourself? When you’re Allen Duke and this Martin from Belgium? Two of the four owners. And all they do, we just found out they decide. I thought they were being subjective. They’re ordered to do that. Here’s the hit people. Here’s the people we want to destroy. Because they’re saying things we don’t want to hear. Is that right?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I mean, when you go through The Long Fuse Report, it actually lays out their partners. If you want to take out someone, you basically communicate to the platforms, to other partners such as these media organizations and fact checker organizations. The amazing thing that’s happened with those people who run our country right now, they’re telling you this is how I’m going to censor you. They don’t even care to hide it anymore. That’s what’s incredible. So, the fact checking organizations, the social media companies, they are part of this ecosystem. The Playbook and The Long Fuse Report lays it out in black and white how they are going to censor you, how they do it, and it’s a manual.

ML: I was just talking to CNN up there when they were interviewing me. And I said, do you guys get orders from Jeff Zucker at CNN that you can’t go to Dominion and ask him questions, or you don’t care? You’re here trying to hit me on the evidence and prove it. I said, I’ve already spent millions of dollars proving it. I already got that. The only thing I’m doing here is I need to get the word out so that the Supreme Court when we bring it to them, that they will look at it, you got to have a look at it. You got to get the word out to the people. And I said to the journalists, I said why? Are you ordered? Why wouldn’t you just go over and say, hey Dominion why are you hiding? What are you hiding? Why? Why don’t you just solve this and open up the machine or router and say here, we’ve been innocent all along, because they can’t. And then I hear that they’re covering up stuff around the country as we speak. This is the absolute cover up. And we see right here. Would you put up the big page please? Put it back up.

Dr.SHIVA: The page is being hit so many times we can’t even bring up the site. Everyone’s going to the website so we can’t even get into it now. Go to

ML: The bottom line here is they’ve tried. This is a miracle we’re in, that they did all this, that the election manifested to this. This all goes back to this last year. It exposed everything. Just think if all this wouldn’t have happened, and they would have just said oh the election and everything was fine. And we wouldn’t have had all those deviations. We wouldn’t be here today. And all this stuff that’s getting exposed. We didn’t know two years ago that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg and all these people were involved in this stuff and covering things up. We didn’t know that all the media, that journalists couldn’t be journalists.

This whole change actually changed with Donald Trump when he got put in. I know this because the media, when the media was darlings to me, I would say how many people you hired today, Mike? 200 people. Everyone would show up. ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, this is the summer of 16 all the way from 2011 when I was on every channel, every channel by the way, not just Fox. We advertised everywhere in this country. You couldn’t get away from MyPillow®. And there was the American Dream, ex crack addict invents a pillow. Well, they would all come calling. What are you doing now, Mike? And there they’d be. Well, the summer of 16, after I met Donald Trump in a private meeting on August 15th, I meet him, I go in there, he said Mike, you make all your stuff in the US? I go yeah. He goes, I’m bringing the manufacturing back. And we talked about my ex-addiction. And he said, I’m going to stop the drugs pouring in. When I left there, I couldn’t wait to get back to Minnesota and say, hey I met Donald Trump and I put out a press release.

I didn’t even tell them what we talked about. And for the first time, I was attacked, attacked viciously. I was called a racist, I was called things, my friends are going what, what do you mean? The trolls that took MyPillow® from an A plus to an F. I didn’t understand it then. But now I do with what he’s talking about. They were already putting hits out there for Donald Trump not to win. And it didn’t matter who stepped in their way. It didn’t matter if you were some pillow guy, they’re out to crush everyone in their way. And that’s pretty sad. And what doesn’t make sense is the journalists that are out there now, I would just ask two things. Why don’t you cross over?

Our country right now this is it, we got one shot at this. If you’re a journalist, if you’re working for any of these outlets, that you can’t say, maybe you’re getting orders from above, or maybe you’re someone out there with Dominion, maybe an employee, now’s the time. You want to be a hero? Save our country. Help save our country and come over to being with the people. That’s what has to happen here. If you’re one of the guys on the board up here, you feeling guilty? You should because our country will be gone. And you’re all part of it. If you’re Allen Duke from Lead Stories, fact checkers, or Martin, quit worrying about it. My evidence is good, quit trying to discredit because two roles were the same. Why don’t you try and save your country? And say you know what, I don’t want to be a part of this anymore. This cover up, and China attacking our country. But Dr.SHIVA, what a hero that he found all this on his own. He had better things to do didn’t ya.

Diversity of Ideas Leads to Innovation

Dr.SHIVA: I think what’s important to understand, I run other businesses, have many other things to do. But this was an important activity because it’s a very small way for me to give back to this country that’s given me so much. And I’m compelled to do that. But there’s many other things that people like Mike or I could be doing. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Freedom. Because without Freedom, you cannot get to practice science, which gives you Truth. And without Truth, you can’t get to find out what’s right for our Health. It’s really important to understand that Freedom is the basis of even practicing science. As a practicing scientist, that’s one of the things that motivates me, because without Freedom, you can’t have debate, you can’t have discourse.

And the reason the United States is such a great country is because of the diversity of ideas. What these guys are actually doing is they want to destroy the economy of the United States. Because what it ultimately does is when you constrain, when you censor, you don’t have the vibrancy of crazy ideas, bad ideas, good ideas, in the marketplace of ideas. And it is from ideas we get great science and great innovation. And it is innovation that gives us wealth. As a data point, the one university called MIT created 33,000 businesses. Those 33,000 businesses generate $2 trillion to the GDP every year.

So, if you want to follow the money, when you censor people and you silence people, you destroy the economy because you destroy ideas and you destroy innovation. And the United States was built on innovation. Where this is really headed is yeah, you may have black people, white people, yellow people all hanging out at Harvard, “diversity”, but they’re all on the same board talking the same thing agreeing with the same thing. It’s not diversity of skin color, it’s diversity of ideas. And without diversity of ideas, you don’t get innovation. Without innovation, you don’t get health, or you don’t get wealth.

ML: Dr.SHIVA I got another five minutes with you. You said something before. When you talk about this censorship, think of where we’re at now, with the vaccine alone. Now you being a doctor, and you’ve looked into that, what’s your thoughts on it? Whether you like it or not, they’re forcing people, small businesses that say they have to make a choice whether to follow what these politicians are doing. Could you comment?

Systems Biology

Dr.SHIVA: Yes. In 2003, when I went back to MIT to do my PhD, it’s in a field called Systems Biology. And one of the reasons I went back to do that work was I was brought up really appreciating natural medicine. My grandmother was a traditional healer. So, I believe in these, I’ve seen the power of natural medicine. The problem is in western science, if you can’t prove it, they say it’s just Hocus Pocus. In 2003 when I went back to MIT to do my PhD, there was a development called Systems Biology.

In 2003 what we learned was that a little worm has the same number of genes as a human being. Up until 2003 we thought a human being had about a million genes, and a worm had 20,000 genes. It turns out us and a worm have only 20,000 genes. What makes a human being more complex, it’s not the genes. It’s the interrelationship of the genes and the proteins. That created a new field starting in 2003, called Systems Biology. When I went back to MIT, the goal was could you use this new biology to mathematically model the human cell on the computer? I spent four years doing that. That was my PhD. I created a technology called CytoSolve®.

Why am I telling you this? One of the biggest things that we learned by 2007 was the need for The Right Medicine For The Right Person At The Right Time. There was a new field that emerged called personalized and precision medicine. The big pharmaceutical companies, the way they work, they try to create the same drug for everyone. And what’s been happening? Let me ask this question. How many people think pharma companies have been making money? How many people think they’ve been losing money over the last 10 years?

Well, no one raised their hands but let me tell you. Pfizer, for example, since 2012, has lost nearly $25 billion. In 2012 they made about $65 billion, and in 2021, they made about $43 billion. Pharma companies have been losing money. Because what is a drug? A drug is a single molecule that doesn’t exist in nature, like ibuprofen Advil. Pharma companies have been losing money. Massive regulation, it takes 15 years to get a drug through the market. You’ve got to go through TESTING TESTING TESTING. Vaccines don’t require anywhere near the amount of testing. 17% growth. And you can’t sue vaccine manufacturers. Thank you to Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch, they passed a law which says you cannot sue vaccine companies.

So, imagine this. You want to enter an industry that is highly regulated, you can get sued, which is Big Pharma. And now there’s this industry over here, you can’t get sued. You got to go to a vaccine court. You don’t have to even prove this stuff works, because it’s considered a biologic not a vaccine. What’s happened is the pharmaceutical makers have wanted to move into the vaccine industry. Follow the money.

What’s happened is, in the last four years, they’ve executed on that plan. A multi trillion-dollar industry is burning down called old pharma, they need to move into vaccine manufacturing. That’s the first thing, Mike. The second thing from a scientific standpoint is one size does not fit all. That’s what came out of 2007 in Systems Biology, we need to move to the Right Medicine For The Right Person At The Right Time. What Mike needs to take for his immune health may be very different from what Mark needs to take, versus what I need to take. Our chemistries are different, our biologies are different, etc. What they want to do is to give one size fits all medicines.

ML: Isn’t it true though when they had all the hydroxychloroquine, we had all these things. I had a friend of mine, very high IQ, and he went out there and he said there were over 30 things that work that help people. Now is it true, this is what I’ve heard, that in order for them to have an emergency use, there couldn’t be anything else out there that worked. Now, this is what I heard. So, they suppress that. That it would only be one thing. And I mean, what it should be is your choice, whatever you want to do.

Immune Health

Dr.SHIVA: Well, more importantly Mike, in 2019, to any of the news people, I’m considered one of the leading guys on the immune system in the world. The National Science Foundation in 2019 had me deliver their prestige lecture on the immune system. If you go back to 1962 when the National Vaccination Act was passed, we had a two-box model of the immune system. It said, you create antibodies, or you don’t create antibodies. You have the innate immune system and the adaptive and that was it. Two boxes. The whole goal of immunization was getting antibodies. That was why we have the 1962 Vaccination Act. Well, we know today, the immune system isn’t two boxes. You have your gut microbiome, you have the interferon system, you have the gut brain access, we have 6 trillion cells, but we have 300 trillion bacteria and viruses. We are a walking jungle. The point is the immune system is a very complex system. It’s not just about antibodies. The entire vaccination model is just boost up antibodies and you’re okay,

ML: So, why would they, if everyone’s got a choice to have it or not now, what’s wrong with that choice? When I was in Nevada, they’re offering people money to win a lottery to go take it.

Dr.SHIVA: Mike, imagine if everyone said everyone’s got to buy pillows. Like you can’t live without a pillow, you have to buy a pillow. Pillow manufacturers would love it.

ML: They’d all be looking at me like that’s a bad rule.

Dr.SHIVA: What I’m trying to say is, if you try to say everyone’s got to get vaccinated, you have just created a monopoly for vaccine manufacturers. Forget all the thousands to tens of thousands of years there are antivirals in nature that have existed, forget the fact that you have the gut microbiome which you can beef up, forget the fact that you have the interferon system which goes and unleashes natural killer cells. There are people who don’t have any antibodies, but they have completely strong immune systems.

ML: You’re saying there could be money behind it because they were losing money for years. Wow.

Dr.SHIVA: No, no, the bottom line is, the vaccine industry is growing at 17%, pharma drug industry is crashing and burning. It’s the only way out for pharma. They need to move into vaccines. And think about it. Imagine Mike, you were in the airplane industry, and you didn’t have to do testing. If your planes fell out of the sky, you can’t sue them. That’s what vaccines are.

ML: But then why would the government care about that?

Dr.SHIVA: Well, let’s talk about politicians. Who funds them? When you look at this diagram, what you realize is where the government ends and where Twitter begins, nobody knows. Where the government ends and where Moderna begins or Pfizer begins, nobody knows. That’s what we’ve actually created.

ML: Thank you, Dr.SHIVA. This hero, he is a hero. You’re going to see a lot more of him. He’s a Hero. He’s a hero everybody. Absolute hero. He’s a hero to our country. He uncovered that.

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