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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Dr.SHIVA is interviewed by Steve Bannon on the War Room after his presentation on Mike Lindell’s 2020 election data presented during the Cyber Symposium.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains two known facts of our voting process, first being violation of 53 U.S.C 20701 by election officials not saving Ballot Images; and second is allowing voting systems to have a feature where it can multiply a vote by a factor. These facts eliminate Election Transparency. 
  • The elites have obliterated the First Amendment and Dr.SHIVA discovered this during his campaign while exercising his political speech exposing the fact that Ballot Images were destroyed. Federal Law 52 U.S.C. 20701 requires all records generated in a federal election must be preserved.
  • Dr.SHIVA reviews with Steve Bannon the discovery of the Election Influence Operations Playbooks, created at Harvard’s Belfer Center explaining they brand people as ‘influence operators’. 
  • Dr.SHIVA also explains his initial analysis of the numbers presented with simple math reveals an exact 4.2 % difference between the News reported election results and Lindell’s election data source-point results presented during the Cyber Symposium.
  • The Infrastructure diagram shows how federal agencies support this effort to centralize our elections, including the Cybersecurity Information Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within the Department of Homeland Security, coordinated via NASED (National Association of State Election Directors), a 501 (c)(3) professional organization, funded by Pierre Omidyar.

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Steve Bannon Interviews Dr.SHIVA at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

Steve Bannon: We got Dr.Shiva who is, you know, one of the most unique guys in the country. I want to go now. We got Dr.Shiva. We’re gonna lose Dr.Shiva because he’s got some pressing matters, he’s gonna leave.

Dr.Shiva, thank you. You came in last night and had a great presentation. Give us your assessment of what you’ve seen here so far. I know you got a few slides we’ve got up in Denver you want to walk our audience through.

Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai: Sure, thanks Steve. Great to be here again. Thanks for all you do. Look, first of all, a couple of parts I want to go through. I want to first of all say the truth is very nuanced. The truth is not always black and white. My experience and the experience shows that the first truth is, there are serious issues in the electioneering process.

From an engineering standpoint, from the time someone votes to the time the ballots are tallied, there’s many significant issues. And I’m speaking as, this is someone who ran for U.S. Senate, and as a guy who got four degrees from MIT and looks at systems all my life. And I say that because at minimum, we know that the State Election Directors are not saving Ballot Images for federal electionswhich is a violation of 52 USC 20701.

SB: Why are they not doing that? It’s the law.

Dr.SHIVA: It’s the law, because in every industry, be it aeronautics, be it engineering, be it food systems, there’s a thing called control point, right? You check the control points; you can always audit. Well, if you delete the Ballot Images, you have now created an opportunity that makes it very difficult to audit. You can spend millions of dollars going back to paper ballots. That’s one reason. We know Ballot Images are not being saved even though they have to be by federal law. And we also know the Department of Justice doesn’t enforce this. There’s a problem there. The second thing we know is that the State Election Directors and Secretaries of State are allowing voting systemswhich have this feature where you can multiply a vote by a factor.

SB: Why is that feature even in there?

Dr.SHIVA: Good question Steve. The feature originally, these voting companies used to sell their voting machines to housing associations. Where you could own 2000 square feet of your condo, I could own 1000 square feet and Seth could own 1500 and we’re voting on some maintenance issue. Well then you get two votes, my one vote, and Seth gets 1.5 votes. But there’s no reason those features should have been allowed in electronic voting machines. I can keep going on, but I just want to point to the American people, these are two significant issues from an engineering standpoint that should never be allowed.

And when I ran for US Senate, we brought this up. We have two federal cases bringing this up. And this was, I think, problematic to the establishment, particularly the mainstream media, because it’s not some couk talking about this. This is a reasonably educated guy who ran for Senate.

SB: Reasonably educated? You have 4 degrees from MIT. Sure, reasonably educated.

Dr.SHIVA: Our march down that path, Steve, revealed that when I shared the Ballot Image issue on social media, the State Election Director contacted Twitter to shut me down. Violation of the First Amendment in the grossest form. Then we found out as I shared yesterday, there’s a state Infrastructure set up to suppress speech.

The Election Influence Operators Infrastructure

SB: The state Infrastructure was supposedly working with private companies. The big reveal in your thing is that there’s a working relationship, working coordination between the social media oligarchs and the state to basically shut down people that come up and bring up unpleasant information.

Dr.SHIVA: Right. Not only that Steve. It is an Infrastructure that was created starting in 2018 that was architected at Harvard Belfer school, done by State Election Directors. Their names are on these documents. It is an actual Playbook on how you Launder Censorship through private entities. That is what our lawsuit has exposed, regardless of what happens, it’s out in the public. What I want to talk about when we come back from break is that- what we have done recently in the last 24 hours is after the Cyber Symposium shared their data of what they saw the votes were flipped. I just did some simple 30-minute math, which I want to share with you. And what this is going to reveal is something very interesting. Either this whole thing is a hoax, or, we’ll come back to this, we’ll give reference to the Hitchhiker’s Galaxy. But there’s something quite insidious going on. And I want to share that, but it’s good to share the slides when I come back Steve.

SB: Ok, perfect. We’re gonna take a short commercial break. There’s a lot going on here. Mike Lindell is still addressing the audience from the main stage. There’s gonna be a lot of activity today, a lot of reveals. We’re going to take a short commercial break. We’ve got Captain Seth Kashel co-anchoring with me. We’ve got the one and only Dr.SHIVA. We’re going to have some slides up, we got a lot of the Arizona contention. Trying to get Dave Clements in here and get Brian Kennedy back. Packed show. Don’t go away. You’re in the War Room. We’re going to be back to the Alliance Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in just a minute. Hang on in the War Room.

Dr.SHIVA’s Analysis of the Data presented at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

SB: Okay, we are live with the Alliance Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I want to immediately go to Dr.SHIVA. You’ve got a couple of slides, I know you’re pressed for time, take it away, walk through your analysis.

Dr.SHIVA: Great. Let me walk people through. What we did was, we did simple 25-minute math. At the Cyber Symposium yesterday, Mike shared with us the results that he got from how Trump’s votes were flipped, right? He actually shared whole numbers. And those are listed in column D and E for Trump and Biden. In column B and C are listed the actual numbers that were actually reported by the news media. Okay, very simple. In columns F and G, we simply calculated the percentages. According to the Cyber Symposium for example, in Alabama, Trump would have got 67% and according to what was reported, it was 62.911%, and so on. If we go to the next slide, you’ll see we’ve done that calculation all the way down. If we go to slide number two, at the bottom of that slide, you’ll find out the difference between what the Cyber Symposium reported, the one where it says 4.2%.

If you look at every state, Steve, the difference between the Cyber Symposium reported numbers, and the reported numbers by the official numbers is, guess what it is? 4.2%. Let me repeat what I’m saying. Simple math. Every state was subtracted by 4.2%. 42. Do you remember The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? The computer runs for 7.2 million. For every state, we take the numbers that were actually reported by the media, how much Trump got, how much Biden got. So, you get a percentage. That’s in column G, is a number that was actually reported by the news media. Column F is a number that was reported if you use the numbers that were reported at the Cyber Symposium yesterday. Everyone got it? So, which ones are right?

Well, if you simply take the difference between what the Cyber Symposium reported, for every state, and what the news media reported, it’s 4.2%. It’s not even a crazy formula Steve. It’s just a subtracted 4.2%. My conclusion on this is something very simple. Either this whole thing is a hoax, disinformation, to try to actually take away the real substantive issues of Election Fraud like Ballot Images, etc. The biggest disinformation campaign being done using a very wonderful man. Or that there’s a bunch of nerds out there who simply said we’re just going to subtract votes by 4.2%. That’s what the difference is. Either it’s a hoax, or people read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

SB: Let’s say the latter, the CCP. Does this show your analysis because you haven’t gotten to the raw data yet? But that data is represented, you don’t know if that’s actual. You’re not sitting here verifying whether the data is-

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, but I’m saying if you look at the data that Michael Lindell presented yesterday, and if you just draw a line, it’s a perfect line. X-axis, you have the percentage. So, X-axis is a percentage, it says that is being reported. What Mike Lindell reported. And the Y-axis is what the official results are for Trump. It’s a perfect line. This is either completely impossible, or it’s a hoax to do disinformation, to make this thing look completely bogus. And that’s what the nuance here is.

SB: Or the CCP, this is just in their mathematics. They just said let’s do it this way.

Dr.SHIVA:They just did a gross, but it’s 4.2% across every, including Washington DC.

Look, in the last 10 years the CCP’s mathematicians always rate top 10.

SB: Yeah, you’re saying you wouldn’t expect it to be that unsophisticated.

Dr.SHIVA: Unless they read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That’s the only thing, 42 out of a thousand.

SB: We need a deeper drill down. Tomorrow, we’re going to try and get you on the show, wherever you are, to walk through and give a couple of segments to actually go through these slides in more detail. And make sure we get the order right and everything like that, so people see it. We’ll put it up in the live chat. But this is part of the analysis that you’ve done in your battles in Massachusetts. You always bring logic and math.

Dr.SHIVA: There is a real Election Fraud taking place. There is likely a set of people who want to blur that. Those in power are not that stupid. In order to do that, they may do some outrageous stuff to put out something like this potentially, to hide the real issue. So, we don’t talk about Ballot images being destroyed, we don’t talk about what occurred in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and we have to take that into account.

SB: And people try to say what’s happened in Arizona is important and what Kashel and these guys have in Texas now is no need to do this.

Dr.SHIVA: I’m saying this is evidence of a potential disinformation campaign.

SB: Yes. We’re going to get you back on the show tomorrow. Real quickly, only got a minute here, how do people follow you? You’re on fire every day.

Dr.SHIVA:I want everyone to go to As everyone knows, I’m dedicated to educating the American people on a Systems Approach to looking at every problem beyond left and right. We have a warrior training program, scholar warrior training program. I condensed a bunch of years of MIT into three hours. Go to and become a warrior scholar. Thanks Steve.

SB: You’ve done amazing work. And the most important work you’ve done is expose the alliance between social media oligarchs and the state.

Dr.SHIVA: And that, this was a design Infrastructure by Twitter, by State Election Directors, and by unelected officials. If you go to, you will see all the documents that are out there and the diagram that came out. Every point on that diagram has a footnote in it and has a bibliography to it. But the bottom line is in the United States we have a domestic censorship Infrastructure created by the government and social media. Where the government ends and Twitter begins, nobody knows. And I think Steve, we should call it Government Tech, not Big Tech. The accurate thing is Government Tech.

SB: And here’s the point, it didn’t occur overnight. You can see in your situation; this is something they’ve worked on for a while to put in place.

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