Distinguished Lecture

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai
Inventor of Email and Systems Scientist
The Boy Who Invented Email:
Innovation Anytime, Anyplace, by Anybody
at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India


Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai delivered a distinguished guest lecture through video conference at Tathva ’16, organized by the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut in India. The lecture was on October 21, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. IST. The topic of the lecture was:

The Boy Who Invented Email: Innovation Anytime, Anyplace, by Anybody

About Tathva ’16:

Over a span of 16 years, what arose as an elementary gathering of a few scientifically inquisitive minds who thought beyond the realms of a few obese engineering textbooks so as to bring the knowledge into practicality, has now ignited a wildfire in the aspiring technical minds of our nation. Assembling all the components for the processing of a perfect technological fest,Tathva is now much ahead of it’s age. Learn more at: tathva.org/tathva.org/tathva16/Website/Lectures/index.php

Here are a few photos from the event:














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