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What Molecule In Banana Makes It A Brain Food?

What Molecule in Banana Makes It A Brain Food?

A recent article on said:

“With just 121 calories, less than half a gram of fat, no cholesterol and 3.5 grams of fiber, a large banana is a smart choice for anyone trying to follow a nutritious diet without gaining weight. A wide array of research suggests that eating bananas may make your seem smarter, as some of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in bananas play a role in keeping your brain functioning at its optimal level.

Getting an adequate amount of vitamin B6 may help improve your cognitive function. A large banana provides about .5 milligrams of the 1.1-to-1.7 milligrams of vitamin B6 the Institute of Medicine recommends you get each day. In a 1996 study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” researchers from Boston’s Tufts University gave a series of cognitive tests to 70 men, aged 54 to 81. They found that the men with higher concentrations of vitamin B6 performed better on two measures of memory than those with lower levels.” (Ref:

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