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Dr.SHIVA™ Twitter Space – Unmasking Zionism, Criticizing Elites and Championing the Power of People

In this enlightening discourse, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, delves into the influence of Zionism on global politics, with particular focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and American dynamics. Dr. Shiva criticizes the control and manipulation of narratives by the rich and influential while voicing support for a bottom-up societal movement. He exposes government backdoor access to social media, specifically revealing details of his lawsuit against Twitter. He critiques figures like Booby Kennedy, discusses the role of Bitcoin in society and ends on an inspiring note, calling on listeners to value their hard work and resist surrendering control to the wealthy elite. This talk combines personal anecdotes, ideological critique, and a call to action for change.
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Dr.SHIVA™ Twitter Space – The People Vs. Zionism: How We Win

In this discission, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, discusses the intricate dynamics of Zionism, a political ideology masquerading as religion. Being a part of the anti-Zionist movement since his early activist days at MIT, he vividly illustrates the exploitation of religious notions for personal gains and power dynamics by these so-called Zionists. Expressing concerns about the devastating impacts of Zionism, including the ongoing genocide in Palestine and the Palestinian crisis, he stresses the urgent need to build a bottoms-up movement to combat Zionism and other such oppressive forces. He also speaks on the hypocrisy of self-proclaimed anti-Zionists who support Zionists like Booby Kennedy. The talk ends with a call to action, urging listeners to participate in the upcoming open house discussion on the same.
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