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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, and Candidate for President, shares his observations on the state of Education in America, and the need for SYSTEMS EDUCATION.

Transcript Below.

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 All right. Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr Shiva. We’re actually streaming our town hall live tonight. We have a number of people joining us from throughout the United States. And the topic that I want to talk about today is on education. Many of, that every week I take a particular topic.

And I go through it, but it’s in the context of the 6 topics we cover every week. And today’s topic is on education. And I think it’s very important to discuss this because it really affects the future of a country’s development. What’s going where the country’s trajectories in particular, what’s happening to the youth.

We want to talk about the need for systems education. So I have some slides put together that I’m going to walk everyone through. That’ll help you give give you guys an idea of where I’m coming from. The 1st set of slides. Is typically the set of slides we do at every one of these events, which really reviews for people on some fundamental aspects of where are a movement and what we do is coming from.

So let me go to that. So let me share this slides slide deck with you, and this is going to be shared to everyone and it should come out. Okay. All right. So crystal, just make sure you can see it. Everyone can see it. Okay. Yes,

crystal. Okay, good. When we launched our campaign our campaigns focused on this very important graph. We’re the only ones talking about it after we started talking about it. Others mysteriously who never spoken about it started talking about it. But the important thing is that this graph, if you went over to 1960.

A lot of the policies, sixties and seventies that were laid out led to this upside down graph. What is this graph? Life expectancy on the Y axis and years on the X axis. So what is

life expectancies going upside down. Initially, people may think it’s COVID, but it actually isn’t. This has been going down for a long time, but you have to look at what’s called the curvature of this graph. And the overall life expectancy. So U. S life expectancy is much less than globally, but you can also see this is also curving down.

So what we identify from a systems approach, because our movement, our campaign is really an educational movement to raise people’s consciousness to show them that if you look at this entire graph, it’s not like the vaccines causes. It’s not like this pollution causes. It’s not just geo engineering. It’s not just.

Mhm. Any one thing. It’s an accumulation. Just like when you get sick your body gets sick, not because of any one event, but it gets sick over a period of time of an accumulation of things, right? You do enough things wrong over time. You don’t eat the right foods. You don’t exercise massive stress in your life, eventually, you’re going to destroy your body.

All right. Collectively, the United States body of people is being destroyed. So I just want everyone to look at that. So what does it mean to be able to go bomb any country you want? What does it mean to be able to have a dollar? That’s a reserve currency. What does it mean to be able to have the ability to watch any movie you want on Netflix or wherever you want, but knowing that your child’s life expectancy is going to be shorter than yours and then realizing that this is not caused by something just at any one point, but it’s been caused by a system of issues that goes back to every president in the United States, every celebrity, every academic who’s had power and influence and it’s been taking on for a long time.

So we keep repeating this. Because we really want you to look at this because there’s really no way out of this, except recognizing that we need a systems overhaul. Boobie Kennedy, Trump, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Obama, George Bush 1, Bush 2, right? You go down the list.

All of them have participated in this. All of them. So you have to, as a person, wherever you are in the world, as an American, in particular, ask yourself, What the hell’s going on? And what’s going on is voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the lesser of two evils is what’s got us here. So that’s what we really need to understand because you’ll see people say I like everything Dr.

Shiva says, but, we have an urgent issue now. We have to choose one of the people who can win. We got to choose someone. Who can win and booby Kennedy has been set up as a fake anti establishment candidate. So some people get further confused by him. But the reality is, he’s been part of the swarm, his whole life, his families and organized crime family, and they’ve been part of this.

But this graph, you have to really internalize that over the many, 40, 50 years. The elites, the swarm has been destroying. Your health collectively. So what’s the cause of this? Today, I want to talk about a systems approach. What you realize, it’s not any 1 thing.

There’s incredible amount of stress on an individual. Several town halls, we gave a really deep analysis of stress and resilience. You can go look at it. But what we want to talk about is that it’s not any one thing. So every week we take a topic. Last week was health care before that is economy.

And before that governance and innovation education, we take each one of these and we give An actual solution. So you’re going to really walk away with the solution. So the education the fake science and the fake news people get stupid individuals leaving our country and I want to comment on this.

If you really look at the quality of any of these people running for office. Or who are want to be in power. You have to ask yourself, are they educated? It doesn’t mean they have to go to university. They could be self educated. They, through the life of hard knocks, but do they have a skill?

Do they actually know how to do anything? And I don’t believe being a con man or a bullshit or lying is doing something. I’m talking about tangible skills. Does Joe Biden have any skills? You’ll see all those videos on the internet and talking about I graduated top of my class where apparently graduated deep, the bottom of his class.

All right. So his life in getting to where he is, was really about conning people. That’s the education that he has at a manipulate people. You go to Donald Trump. I don’t really know what kind of education he has. I don’t, he was given a couple hundred million dollar fortune by his And then people say, Oh my God, he grew it.

Actually he didn’t. He destroyed his father’s fortune when you really look at it from the perspective of if you were given a couple hundred million dollars and you didn’t do anything with it, it would just grow automatically. Particularly in real estate. Anyone of you who’s bought a piece of land or a piece of home, as long as you do basic maintenance, right?

What happens over every year? The statistics show over a long period A real estate grows at around eight percent per year, right? So you can be a total idiot and Have a bunch of property your parents gave you and if you had a couple hundred million They’ll probably become a couple billion without you doing anything.

Okay But if you look at his life, he actually went bankrupt many times and this is not a hit from the left This is just what he who he is But he did learn how to con people well, and this is why when he went bankrupt in for the I think third or fourth time in the late 90s The people bailed them out were a guy called Wilbur Ross.

Wilbur Ross is the one who was the head of an organization called Rothchild Inc of the Rothschilds, who, and he was a head of debt financing for them. So Trump had made an investment of 700 million and he had taken a loan at a 14 percent interest rate. Okay. And basically it was out of business. And the Rothschilds, the story goes, realized that he was very good at conning people and manipulating people.

So there was use for him. They could have completely liquidated him, which is what typically a bank would do when you’re under such dire straits, right? They want to come in and take everything. Instead, they let him retain 50%, which is quite extraordinary. And thereafter, a trajectory was set for him as You connect the dots for him to become president.

He gets a lot of financing. He gets a lot of notoriety and popularity from writing books. And by the way, you can’t just write a book and get it on the New York Times bestseller list. Go figure out how to do that if you ever had a publishing deal. You better have an agent. You better be able to get your books in every store.

And his agent was Ari Emanuel. Okay? You can look him up. Brother Rahm Emanuel. Who, and Ari Emanuel literally runs the swarm in Hollywood. Okay? And then he got The Apprentice Show. So he was put on a trajectory to be president. Very uneducated man on many levels, but a good con man. Go look at Boobie Kennedy’s history.

Gets thrown out of every high school he goes. Is a complete idiot, spits in police’s face. You can go, it’s all online. You can study public information. However, he gets into Harvard. How does he get into Harvard? Harvard has a policy called Legacy Admissions. Anyone know what that means? Legacy Admissions means Harvard’s Legacy Admissions is close to 40 to 45 percent.

Which means you can be a complete dumb fuck, but if you are part of the club or your parents gave you money, you get allowed in. And Boobie Kennedy boastfully didn’t even fill out his application, just wrote Kennedy on it. That’s it. Didn’t have to write any essays, because he knew he was gonna get in. It’s wired for these people, okay?

It’s pure, as Venkatesh says, pure adulterated nepotism. His entire life has been one of plagiarizing and cheating. Everywhere he went. When he became a heroin addict, he got a community service pass to run an organization called Water Keepers, which a very hard working woman had built. Stole it from her and then gets branded as a guy who’s fighting for the environment.

All right? I’ve seen it. He steals my stuff, plagiarizes it. And when he was in Harvard, completely a flunky, just wasted, whatever, he doesn’t have to do anything. His roommate was a guy called Peter Allen. Peter Allen was a Zionist hoodlum himself, but a dweeb. He couldn’t, I don’t know, he couldn’t, he had no social graces, anything, but Booby used him to write all of his papers and his essays.

And, one of the big prestigious things at Harvard is your senior thesis. Mysteriously, Boobie Kennedy gets an A plus he didn’t write it, Peter Allen did, and you can look this up. So we have people who know nothing about education, never have had to solve problems, do not know science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

And they’re allowed to get into power. We’re seeing right now in the state of Idaho, our people worked their butts off to get thousands of signatures in the rain and sleep. You know what Boobie Kennedy has done? We just found out he went and negotiated with the secretary of state. He has not gotten one signature.

The deadline is tomorrow.

No signatures. He did a negotiation with them to extend the deadline. And we came to find out of this through someone walking by who signed our signature. Everything he does is cheating. These people are cheaters. Cheaters, and that’s what they’re trained to do. Fucking cheat. So please understand that.

Now contrast that with me. And I have to speak about me because I can speak about it personally. And contrast that with many of you. If you went to school, I valued my education. I, not only would I do the homework, I would do all the extra credit. All right. Especially when I came first to the United States.

Because my mother said, you will have to get an A triple plus just to get an A, the other students will probably get a B and they would get an A. So I have to work harder and that’s what I have to do. Everything I have, I earned, I had amazing teachers in the late, in the middle of the late 70s, there were still incredible teachers who still cared about education.

This is before the Department of Education destroyed education. You can give me engineering problems, I can still solve them. I can develop principles from, I can solve things from first principles. I know how to think and engineering education taught me how to do systems thinking. Today, if you go look, one of the very, very powerful indicators of which country is doing well in education is mathematics.

About 40 years ago out of the top mathematics papers, the United States would be number 1, right? Now the United States is lucky if they’re 10, all of them are other countries. Particularly China and, parts of Russia and India and you can’t say, Oh, the Chinese are cheating us. No, they actually work hard and they emphasize technology and education.

But in the United States, what’s happened is you have a small set of people who learn systems education, manipulate all of us and there’s more and more people who at best, they’re good at putting something in a grocery store. You can’t hire people to do software engineering for every three engineering jobs.

As I mentioned, one of my previous things, only one and a half people can fulfill it. So what’s going on? What we’re doing is we’re electing leaders. We’re dumb shits. We’re cheaters. They don’t know any education. They’re lawyers at best politicians who learn how to con people and the opportunity we have right now with my running and with all of you supporting us is an opportunity to have someone who actually knows who’s done the work, who doesn’t cheat.

Who solves problems, Vivek, the snake, another big cheater, his mama, him made up fake companies, fake drugs, take it out on wall street, and they had to go find a brown skid Brahman bullshitter to counterpost to the actual guy who does the work, but most importantly, they do not want to teach Americans how to use their brains to think, to connect the dots anymore.

So I want to contrast that with somebody who’s quite an extraordinary woman. Her name was Florence Nightingale in our course. truth, freedom and health. We talk about her and all of you should take the course. If you made it this far, become a warrior scholar wherever you are. But let me share with you.

I think you guys can see this still the slide set, right? Yes. By the way, if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils, we’re gonna get this guys. It’s like Charlie Brown thinking something’s gonna change. And we’ll continue to have this. So the real choice is, do you want to be on the plantation where, Lucy keeps doing this to you?

Because this is what we’re going to get. And look at the precipitous downward slope of that curve. Again, look at this, stare at it. I’m the only presidential candidate in our movement. Is the only one talking about this. This is the key performance indicator that the elites don’t give a fuck about you.

They don’t. And this is not just the vaccine. No, it’s been going on for a long time. Boobie Kennedy’s uncle, JFK, head of an organized crime family. He’s the one who passed the 1962 vaccination act, which created all the corrupt agencies. Then his brother, Ted Kennedy, who murdered a woman here in Massachusetts.

Got away, also got into Harvard, okay? A no merit is the one who created, helped create the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Program, which means you can no longer sue pharma companies if they injure you. All of this started here, and the effects of it are here. What’s the solution? We need a systems overhaul.

We need a systems overhaul. Voting for the lesser of two evils, you’re basically saying, I’m fine with my kids. being suicide. Okay, I’m fine with my Children having a shorter lifespan than me. That’s what you’re basically saying. If you’re saying that you really question your own integrity, what kind of person you are.

But if you’re a serious American who really loves your Children, then for God’s sake, look at this graph. Okay, look at it.

And what you realize is we need a systems overhaul. You can’t be voting for the lesser of two evils, okay? And fundamentally, there can be no systems overhaul, e. g. a revolution of education of consciousness, without a theory of revolution. All right. Now, given we’re talking about education, some of you may know this simple diagram.

I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll review it. When a bird flies for centuries, thousands of years, people wanted us to fly like birds. And they tried all sorts of stuff, right? You can read the story of Icarus and all this kind of stuff, right? But it was not until a mathematician, an Italian mathematician by the name of Bernoulli, who figured out that when you have slower moving air, You get more pressure here and faster creates less pressure.

So you get lift. Okay. And based on how you create that wing structure. This was the foundations of a field called fluid mechanics. And this, because air is a fluid ultimately. Okay. And this led to the development of airplanes, but until we have this understanding of these physical laws. We were just wondering, wondering, wondering with hope at birds.

So this was a fundamental principle. Another one. You have your iPhones today. You communicate seamlessly, but you never think about why we’re able to communicate, within microseconds all over the world or the speed of light. That’s because. A guy called Maxwell’s equations figured out these four laws.

All right. One of them is the fusion equation. One of them is the interconnection between electromagnetism and what’s called electricity. And so on, right? This is where the laws of, B equals I R come from. All right, I’m not going to go into the details, but fundamentally, without Maxwell’s equations, without this theoretical, hardcore mathematical understanding, you would have none of the wireless communications you have.

So think about what I’m saying. It is mathematics. It is applying yourself to engineering that we make major breakthroughs. And if you have a country run by a bunch of idiots, you’re Who don’t emphasize, but who emphasized conning people who, are in Vince McMahon’s thing, cutting his hair and doing apprentice shows, et cetera, if we have that quality of people and quality of people who lie and cheat.

Who really have no education and I’m not again saying they have to go to Harvard or MIT, but they didn’t even bother really learning any other fundamental education, except bullshitting people. We’re not going to make advanced society. So if we want to change the world. If we want to fundamentally move things forward, if we need a systems overhaul, what is that knowledge base that we need?

And I’m here to tell you, it’s systems knowledge. And in 2014, I published this paper, and it’s a seminal paper. Because this paper reveals that when you take engineering systems science over here and you take ancient systems of yoga and medicine which have stood as woo medicine over here, people thought they were, that there’s a bridge that connects them.

And that bridge is the ultimate knowledge that every child, man and woman must learn and that system science. And I was the one to uncover this and I did it as a part of my M. I. T. Fulbright research. And what I showed was that if you look at this world, the Western engineering science, these 9 principles, a match with this really weird language terminology that you may see in ancient systems of Indian medicine.

And this is a foundational knowledge of system science. Let me tell you how powerful it is. And before I go to that, let me just say that the approach to system science, one of the, to me, one of the founders who was a system sinker was Florence Nightingale. And I’ve spoken about her, but I wanted to share with you a very powerful analysis that she did.

But Florence Nightingale was not just a nurse. And again, go to truthfreedomhelp. com, become a warrior scholar, because I have 20 courses where I’ll get more deeper into this. But I have decided that support everyone gets systems education. So my run for president is an opportunity for everyone to get educated on this.

But who was Florence Nightingale? When I was in fourth grade, I read a book on a book report called Lady of the Lamp. And it was this nice story about this woman who helped the poor soldiers in the Crimean war. She was very loving and kind and compassionate, and that was the story. But they never talked about the fact that Florence Nightingale, At her time was an extraordinary woman.

She wasn’t just a quote unquote nurse. She was a member of the Royal Society of Statistics. Now I can tell you, my mom studied statistics, got a master’s in statistics at a time when women of her background weren’t supposed to get anything. But statistics is a very difficult field. It’s not simple.

It’s a very complex and difficult. If you’ve ever studied it, it’s not easy. But she was fundamentally a mathematician. Okay, but she was not just a mathematician. She was a member at that time as a woman, whereas obviously completely male dominated a member of the Royal Society of statistics and Florence Nightingale as a systems thinker.

She goes.

And she observes that all these soldiers are dying, it’s a horrible war. Okay. And, but she does a very interesting systems analysis and I’ll share that with you. She does this interesting systems analysis. And she finds this and this is a very interesting graph. This is called a this.

cobweb graph. Think about a pie chart that’s blown up. But the war started in 1854, right? So think about going from 39 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, then one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four o’clock, five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock coming back to nine o’clock. Okay, so she has this graph that’s a pie chart and then she draws these exploding pies.

And she notices that as the war, when the first war started, as the war started, she, people dying on the battlefield, right? So the war started early. So in July, people dying on the battlefield, but as the war progresses, what do you see? More and more. So the green is people dying off of the battlefield and the yellow saffron is people dying in the battlefield.

She recognizes that people are dying because when they come to hospital has horse feces in it. It’s a sewage dump. It’s no hygiene. People used to go to the hospitals to die. So with this graph, she convinces the elites of her time that, hey, We should invest in really cleaning up the hospitals.

And she had a vision that the healthcare system one day, there would be a healthcare system, the one we have today, meaning you would go to a hospital. Doctors would come there. Doctors wouldn’t even go to hospitals, by the way. It was nurses who went there. They were too elite to go there because it was a place you went to die.

She cleaned it up. She cleaned up the curtains. She brought in hygiene. Her vision was one day that you would have hospital beds and the patients there would get treatment and doctors and researchers would come there to do clinical work. And so she implemented that work and you can see there’s a precipitous drop in March of 1885.

And there’s another graph that keeps going on. But Florence Nightingale was a systems thinker. She didn’t just say, Oh, my God, we have a war. People are dying on the battlefield. I don’t know. Let’s stitch up our soldiers, et cetera. She did a systems analysis. All right. So we don’t train people to do systems analysis purposefully, intentionally, because we don’t want leaders who can see all of the interconnections and say, you know what, here’s really the core issue, or here’s a multiplicity of issues we need to address.

Our students aren’t educated like that. Even at MIT in 2003, the MIT administration realized that they needed to create a systems education. So they created a group called the engineering systems division. Okay. Now, remember, MIT is the number one engineering school has mechanical engineering division, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, ocean engineering, what else?

Biological engineering, all these engineerings. Okay. And each one of these were siloed. People started recognizing, wait a minute, we’re producing engineers. But a transportation system requires more than just a mechanical engineer, more than just a civil engineer, more than just an aeronautical engineer, right?

You need some someone who can see engineering with all of these things put together how the airplane connects to the highway systems to, all these things. So they realized you needed an engineering systems division. So MIT launched that in 2003. And I was one of the first students in that through the systems biology group.

But by 2008, 9, the engineering systems division came under attack by the individual heads of each department. Because they were concerned. Oh, my God, kids are going to learn the systems approach. Will they take funding away from my department and they shut it down? Okay, it’s quite fascinating. So the elites do not want to even at the M.

I. T. Level. They talk about it to train people to see systems. Now, let me take another example here. So it makes us a little more clear. Okay. So if you look at this. A lot of people have no idea that policies that lawmakers pass, the actual policies that they do affect your biochemistry. Imagine if I were to tell you that.

That’s a systems interconnection. Suppose I were to tell you that the policies that they pass, lockdowns whatever any issue, right? Food stamps. You go down the list, okay? Some type of policy on the budget. But those policies affect your biochemistry. Alright? Now, why do I think this is important for you to understand?

Because the reality is, that is what’s going on. Every policy that these guys do, every policy that they do, ladies and gentlemen, affects your biology. This is connecting things at what you call your DNA. At a different scale, so system science, things can go across spatial scale, at the microscopic level, right?

All the way up to a meta level, right? A very large scale that’s basically okay. But they can also go yes. It’s a diagram, but we’ll get back to that. But it’s much more profound than that. The other piece is that things also occur over time scale. Some things are occurring at the level of microseconds, nanoseconds, right?

Things in your body and other things occur over years. So this is called a multi scale problem. All right. So when you take a systems approach and you can educate people on a systems approach and you become educators. You will get off the plantation. You will not be manipulated by the left or the right, black or white, or one dumb idiot or another dumb idiot.

So let me just walk you. And by the way, all of you, I’ve done a detailed analysis in this, in the swarm video. If you haven’t seen it, watch it again and again. And we had a very interesting guy on our call from the Netherlands. He says, Everyone on this call, everyone should do this.

Take 50 or a hundred people, in your Facebook groups, write to them and say, look, my name is Henry. I work and I support Dr. Shiva. You may not support him. I want you to watch this video called shattered the swarm and come to our open house. If you like it, if everyone on this call, 140 of you did that to a hundred people, that’s 10, 000 people that shattered the swarm video took me 50 years to do literally.

I did it in about 15 minutes on a whiteboard, but it took me 50 years. And so don’t underestimate, oops, are we losing you guys? Okay, so let me use those concepts. I don’t have the time to teach you system science or control systems. You can all go to truth, freedom, and health and learn that you should invest in that and do that.

So let me walk you through this. One of the things in a control system or a systems dynamics is a goal. The elites have a very clear goal, power, profit control, and the elites then take their goal and they fund three institutions, which they all own, and they move in and out of government, academia, military.

So their goal is this and they fund government, academia, military. And what do these guys do? They come up with policies. So they have the Kennedy School of Government, they have MIT, Tufts, Harvard, Fletcher School of Government, they have military generals, and they have all the subcommittees in the Senate, but the elites fund these guys, they fund politicians, they fund academia, right?

And out of this, these group of people, the military industrial academic complex. It’s not just military and industry. I now got it around two thirds, right? Fulbright got it all right. Military, industrial, academic, complex. They create policies. Who? To serve the elites. To maximize power, profit, and control.

These policies then affect you. So for example, the way they affect you, they pass a policy. Lockdowns. Let’s lock down the whole economy, which is what Trump did. Okay? And what happens? Literally, in your biology, different things happen. Your HbA1c levels go up, your cortisol level goes up, your sex hormones get thrown off, okay?

You start putting on fat. You don’t think clearly, but their policies affect. I’m just giving you an example, physiological, biological parameters in your body. And then this leads to a disease diabetes, for example. All right, but understand their policies created this in your body and this disease leads to a metric you can look at.

We call it a sensor, right? It’s an actual KPI. And this is where we’re at where we’re at. So their policies. have led to that. So that affects society. Now, what does society do? You give them more tax dollars. We say, Oh, so they come up, they screw us and then say, you know what? For me to solve this problem, you got to give me more. I got to, I need more tax dollars. I’m going to carbon tax you. I’m going to do more taxes. And then they sell you products because part of this is the big pharma guys and all the corporations.

So you buy more of their products. So this is a feedback system that they have. All right. It’s a feedback system where they maximize power profit control. Now, what I’m sharing with you is systems thinking. Now, this is only a piece of it. This is control systems, but there’s a much deeper aspect where we intersect it with what I shared with you earlier.

But most people can never under someone just said, Oh, that’s a PID controller. Okay. Yeah. That’s a piece of it. But in my view, our Children, every citizen should be understanding system science from this perspective. What I shared with you here. This is the core of system science. I’m covered. In fact, John Sturman at MIT has his students come to my class and he charges something crazy on his executive program or MIT, like 20 30 40 grand.

We give it away for 100 bucks or less. Okay, but our goal is to teach people how to think those in power have no interest in teaching you how to think they have no interest in doing that. Let me just, I think I didn’t share it for the people online. So let me just repeat this again. Sorry about that guys.

What I shared was, about Florence Nightingale, what she discovered. And again, to review this from a system standpoint, the elites have a goal, power, profit and control, they fund academia, military and government who come up with policies. Everything coming out of Congress, this bill, that bill, some subcommittee, is a policy that was funded by the elites.

Not by us. It affects you. It physiologically affects your biomarkers in your body. These variables, which we can measure. And ultimately this leads to disease and the elites are very happy because now in a positive, in a feedback for them, you spend, we are we say, oh my God, yes, everyone’s obese.

Oh my God. Yes. We have more of this going on. Yes. Take my tax dollars. And then they sell you some ozempic or some product like that, which is going on right now. Okay So if you look at the policy that took place just in 2020 during the quote unquote pandemic What did you what do you see during the quote unquote pandemic booby kennedy was promoting lockdowns He’ll talk another way right now.

He didn’t attack fauci at all In 2020 I did he stole our material and put it into his book called the real anthony fauci completely plagiarized Because that was the in thing to do. Again, a plagiarist. Maximus. But at the heat of the battle, he supported lockdowns. Biden supported lockdowns. Trump supported lockdowns.

That was a policy. And what did that policy do? That policy was passed. It affected biomarkers of all sorts of things, right? People got depressed. You had all sorts of genes being turned on in people which affected their biochemistry. They got inflammation. People didn’t get, they had cytokine storms.

And so on and so on. They didn’t tell people to take vitamin D3. I was the scientist who saved hundreds of millions of people’s lives. Telling people to take vitamin D three and just two weeks ago, multiple clinical studies now come out saying vitamin D three was far more efficacious than the vaccine.

I’ve saved lives guys. Cause I take a systems approach. Trump killed people. Kennedy killed people. It’s that simple. They promoted lockdown. But we need systems education. If we want to save our children and you want, you care about this country, we need to make sure people study more mathematics. We need to make sure people understand system approaches.

And I’ve just given you a very little glimpse of it. Okay. But without a systems understanding, you’re screwed. The modern world is no longer a world of just being an electrical engineer, just being a plumber, just being, we live in a world of systems now, complex systems, and the people who are going to be able to be very successful are people who understand systems thinking.

And that’s why if you go look at the book over there, system and revolution, Again, it took me a long time to make it in a couple of hours. You can read that book. It’ll teach you what a system is. What is a revolution, a phase transition? What is a self organizing system? It’ll teach you all of this. So I encourage all of you guys.

If you’re new to get involved, our movement, our campaign is an opportunity for people to get a systems education. We teach you theory. We get you on the ground. You got to go in the rain and snow or whatever it is in the sweat, collect signatures. You’ll face the state. The government will come out because right now what’s going on is in 2020 when I ran for Senate, the government colluded with Twitter to silence me when I exposed the fact.

That they, destroyed ballot images. And we uncovered as a part of the fact that the government and Twitter online, or government and social media online censor us. In our presidential campaign, we’re discovering something even more profound. That the government and corporations work together to make sure independents cannot get on the ballot.

We go out to collect signatures. It is the government who works with Walmart or Publix or Albertsons and make sure, and they get, they harass us from collecting signatures. And in the midst of that, we still go do it. You see that’s offline. So offline, they harass us online. They censor us. And when I mean us working people who are playing by the rules.

But when you go out and you become part of our campaign, Sheba for president. Man, you grow and all of you listening tonight, got 151 people and we got close to 2000 people. Yeah. 1200 people on social media concurrent. That’s quite a, quite an audience.

So all of you listening, you guys, I appreciate all the wonderful comments you send me. I appreciate that. But it’s nice watching all this stuff on this flat screen, but you guys got to go to Shiva for president, sign up as a volunteer to Friday, sorry, Saturday, we have our volunteer meeting.

Go get one of those bumper stickers over there. They’re nothing five bucks, put it on the back windshield of your car. You will be able to, as an activist, Be able to reach 100, 000 people per day. Go do that right now. Go volunteer. Help us collect signatures. If you were giving you many opportunities to get off your butt and do something, that’s what’s needed.

And when you go do these things, when you actually peel a bumper sticker and put it on the back of your car, some people can’t do it. Ooh, I’m nervous. They’ll buy the bumper sticker and leave it on their dining room table. No, put it on your car. That takes defiance because you’re telling all your neighbors.

I’ve made a choice. And you will see the guy who supports Biden, your neighbor across the street will come over and say, Hey, why, who’s this guy? Why are you supporting him? And that’s happened. So a lot of our people, but that’s engaging the world. You go collect signatures. You engage the world. You go hand out a flyer, you engage the world.

And that’s what we want people to do. We want people to engage people, become a full human being. You start seeing things. It’s not just theory. And then you’ll understand why I call them Zionist cocksuckers. You’ll understand why I call them fucker Carlson. You understand the vehemency I have to these people who are taking advantage of the most powerful working class on the planet, the American working class.

The American working class is being castrated every minute these days by the Kennedys, by the Trumps, by the fucker Carlsons. They want you to look to them and not look to one of us. Bottoms up. That is what this is about. Do you want to be castrated? Do you want to remain on the plantation? Because the American working class, and maybe I see it because I came here as an immigrant and I value all the freedoms here.

But you can’t hand out flyers in Singapore, you can’t hand out flyers in Saudi Arabia, you can’t have interracial marriages in Israel where it’s outlawed.

So we need to all wake the fuck up. The American working class has certain God given rights that they have to blunt. So every microsecond you get hit with all this media, all these fools, sit at home. Oh, what can I do? What to do? What to do? Like Indians say, what to do? What to do is get the fuck off your ass and support our campaign because we’re here.

There’s never been a campaign like ours. In every state we have leaders. We’re actually creating, getting signatures while Kennedy and the Democrats and Republicans don’t have to collect anything. Kennedy is getting money and funding and colluding with the secretaries of state. These guys are cheaters, but let them cheat.

Let them go do it. Our movement gives honest working people finally a voice. And we want you to think we want you to fight. We want you to heal. I’ll repeat that again t f h Think fight and heal truth freedom health and if you want to think fight and heal you come to the right place But we’re going to give you stuff to do.

We’re going to give you some discipline. We’re going to kick your ass a little bit to go do shit. We’re not going to coddle you. It’s not about believing me. It’s about believing in yourself and the collective for all of us to get off our butts. So that’s what this is about. So to all of you who are new, welcome wherever you are on social media here.

But again, the action step is go to truthfreedomhealth. com and become a participant. Learn this knowledge that took me many years to put together. Okay. And go to truth from health. com. Okay. And by the way, I’ve not asked for one pennies. Okay. Kennedy would have asked you for money. We haven’t sent one email out asking for money, but we do want you to volunteer.

And if you do give me money, I send you books. I send you courses. Okay. So get involved. We made this easy. There’s never been a movement like this on the planet. All right, so let me take some questions. Or Chris, do you want to introduce new people? And then we can go to questions. Whoever’s leading tonight’s meeting,

right? So let’s so to all of you on social media, let me just share with you that we have an amazing group of people here. Chris, can you, go into that mode where we can see all the little icons. It’s not just me. I’m saying the view gallery view, I think I got to go to gallery view. Okay. So everyone on across the world and where people we have, about 150 people and everyone here on social media.

If you’re interested, you can go to Shiva. You can go, you can come to our town halls, which we hold every Thursday. It’s like we’re doing today and we have people from all over the world. Join us. So get involved. So you can go to Thursday at 11 am or 8 PM. So we’re going to take questions. From those people taking time to come to our online here, and then we’ll come back to people.

I’m sorry, we’ll come back to people on social media. Go ahead, Chris. Let’s introduce new people. So everyone, if you’re on a mobile device, tap your screen click the reactions button, and then select raise your hand. If you’re on a computer, wave your mouse, look for the reactions button, it’s a smiley face, click that, and then select raise your hand.

That’ll bring me to the top so I can call on you. And then also, if you’re on a phone call, and I call your number, you can hit star 6 to unmute. With that, we have a phone call that’s been waiting for a while. So we’ve got a 780 977 9845, star 6 to unmute. And then please introduce yourself and talk. How you came across the moment.

Go ahead. You’re unmuted.

Go ahead.

Hello, what’s your name? And where are you calling from? And what brought you here tonight? My name is Patty Watson. I’m from northern Alberta, Canada. And I watched to Ron Valent. I watched on the missing link. I watched Dr. Shiva. It just really made me interested. Great. You said Mary Watson, or pardon me?

You said your first name was what? Patty. P-A-T-T-Y. Patty Watson? Yes. And this is your number I’ll take it down when you said you’re from Alberta. We have some, we have a lot. You have a lot of people from Canada here, so thank you for being here. I’ll connect you with our leaders. Oh, great. All right.

Thanks for being here, Patty. Appreciate you.

Okay, we’ll go to Maggie Carter Hilland next.

Go ahead, Maggie. Hi. My name is Maggie Carter. I first watched Dr. Shiva on a space and I asked him what, which is very interesting.

Hey, I’m sorry, you’re breaking in and out. Can you try to get to a clear reception area or? I will. Can you hear me now? That’s better. Okay. Thank you. I’m getting away from here. I was on spaces and I went into one of Dr. Sheba’s spaces and asked his position on Zionism because that’s very important to me.

And once he stated his position, I’m on board. I’m here. To participate and volunteer and help with the legend. Yeah, Maggie, it’s good to have you. The issue with Zionism is one of those, it, what’s great about the issue on Zionism, I’ve said this before, it’s a litmus test that really defines your character and where you stand.

Another thing that defines all these influencers is will they even put me on their podcast? And you can see the ones that do and the ones that will never, because they’re all Zionists themselves. And they’re very afraid of our movement. But good to have you, Maggie. Thank you very much.

Great to be on board.

Hey, Maggie, where are you from?

Yeah, if people on their zooms in that names could put what part of the country they’re from, there’d be great.

I needed you, Maggie, so you can tell me what state you’re from. And I will appreciated. I’m from Clearwater, Florida. Oh, I love Clearwater, home of Hulk Hogan.

All right I’ll be reaching out to you in the Zoom chat, so please be on the lookout for my message. As with everyone, I will be messaging you for your contact information to connect you with the state leader, yeah, Chris, if we could have people introduce themselves in a very succinct way, because we have about 1400 people also online here, so they’re also interested in questions.

CIO Santos? Yes. Hi. Hi, Dr. Shi, it’s Jerry again. I’m not a, I’m not, this is actually I actually apologize for not going to more of your events here, but I just had a question. No. Wait. Cio, this is a time to introduce new people. If you could just wait, yeah, that’s a question later.

So this is for new people. And if you come later, that’d be great. Thank you.

Chris, if you could be sure it’s, people recognize it’s not question time. Thanks. Of course, Frank. Please introduce yourself.

Okay, let’s keep moving. Hi. Hi. It’s just a Frank. Yep. Frank from my son. Hey, Frank, I feel so bad for you because. You got an incredible message, but nobody seems to listen. I don’t know how you could overcome this. I hope I pray you do, but I’m from New York, Staten Island, and I’m probably by. I’m a quick read.

So I’ll go on Amazon, buy a book or two from that you wrote and read some more about this. I remember you during COVID and you were the only guy, you were another guy. I don’t know if I’m saying his name wrong. Jay Bhattacharya, I think he’s from he was promoting, he was a year late, Jay Bhattacharya wrote a paper and you can find the paper promoting lockdowns.

And then they saw me coming out. So he was, he’s out of Stanford. Stanford’s a center for the CIA. That guy’s full of shit. Go look at what he actually said in January, February, March. He wrote a paper promoting lockdowns. A scientific paper. All right. I was the only one and our movement was the only one and we have to take credit there.

So don’t give him any credit. He’s full of shit. Okay kudos to you, Doc. I hope more people learn about you. Wait a minute. Frank, let me just correct something. A half a billion people learn, know about our movement. So Let’s just clarify something very important. We’ve added up all the views at that period.

My videos on vitamin D3 got 200 million views. Okay, so a lot of people know about our movement. What you’re witnessing is the actual effort by the establishment to make us invisible, and we’re still succeeding. That’s why you’re here. But a half a billion people know about our movement. We have, over a half a million people who’ve touched our movement as members, warriors, supporters.

So if you go on YouTube and Facebook and social media, you will see people using our knowledge to expose the not so obvious establishment. So the reality is they want you to think no one knows about us. But wherever I travel, people randomly will come up. Oh, Dr. Shiva, I remember you. I remember you. You did this.

You did this. So a lot of people know about us, Frank. They want to make it appear through their own efforts that no one knows about us. But a lot of people know about us. So thank you. You’re welcome. And Doc, I didn’t mean to diminish your footprint or what’s going on. You’re doing a great work. I just haven’t heard from you in three years because I used to watch you in a 2020 stuff and you were always on target.

Let me tell you. I’m glad. I’m glad I’m connected with you. Yeah. Remember they threw me off Twitter. Okay. That was, thank you. But anyway but we haven’t stopped, we filed lawsuits, been doing work. Thank you. God bless you. Stay healthy. And I hope everything works out for all of us.

Okay. Thanks. All right. So we have, let’s go to is it lady Espen?

Lady Espen. Can you unmute yourself? Yeah. Hi lady Espen. Can you kindly tell us where you’re from, how you came across us? A lot of people want to know. We really enjoyed this part of the evening because people get to see all the new people that are coming around. Okay. I’m from Miami, Florida. My family’s from Dominican Republic.

I am a physician and OBGYN. And I don’t know how I came across, but I know I, I created a group called the preppers on telegram. So ever since 2020, I’d been one of the few doctors that have, that are sheep and what I would see on TV and what I would see at my hospital were completely different.

And that’s when I started really questioning everything. Started following alternative media, et cetera. And and basically that’s my background and I’m supporting you a hundred percent and you’ve opened my eyes because I am, or was a Trump supporter. But I figured it’s like you said, the lesser of the two evils.

Yeah. It’s really good to have you. We have, we need to get about a couple 250, 000 signatures in Florida. Please give your information where you are in the chat to Chris. We’ll connect you with our two leaders down there. They’re extraordinary people, but it’s really good to have, when people of your background who’ve been medical professionals, the amount of stuff you’ve had to go through to overcome the establishment and overcome Trump, or Kennedy or Sanders, they put all these frauds.

So I just want you to congratulate yourself and it’s really good to have you. I want you to go through the truth from health dot com program and get involved. You will learn a tremendous amount. By the way, we have a system self program where it’s really it’s for anyone who’s interested in health.

We’re holding a big workshop next week. Sorry, end of the month. And if you want to know more we can share that with you, but it’s really good to have you. Thank you so much. And I’m definitely going to do the program and I’ve already been writing a list of people that I know that I’m going to share this information with and stay on top of them so that they at least start next Thursday.

So I will be very proactive. Great. Excellent. That’s what we need everyone to do, guys. It’s simple. We made it easy for you. We built the website. We had to build the forum. It’s a lot of I. T. Work all done by volunteers. So all you guys have to do is just spread the word. Thank you. And thank you for all you do.

Thank you. It’s good. You’re welcome. Okay.

All right. The next person we have, let’s go to Ari Lozano. Go ahead. Ari Lozano. Hello, Dr. Shiva. Hi, how are you? Good. Where are you from? Yeah, I’m currently, let’s say in the Balkans area, Europe, South, Southeastern Europe. And we’d like to share our sentiments with you. We really, there are many people.

That’s like you you come across as a real refreshment to the world politics and the regular people, humans awakening every day, they really react very well to you and hoping that You are going to bring change that will then spread to the rest of the world, not just the U. S. The more important thing here is that I represent let’s say, a group of fellow scientists such as yourself.

And we would like to get in touch with you on a conference call with people from around the world. It’s a small group, basically. However, we do have some technologies in our hands. That are very close to be launched because the situation in the world requires it. Why don’t you send crystal, by the way, to everyone on the zoom in the town hall, Chris is requesting of you, your contact information or email on your phone, so he can connect you to state leaders.

Harry, what part of the Balkans are you in? I’m currently in Serbia, but I moved between Slovenia and Turkey. So all the countries in between, we work with innovators and patent authors from this area currently, but we are a group of people from all around the world. It’s really nice. Yeah.

Yeah. So the reason I asked is, please, Chris will request you if you can just give your email contact. We have leaders also all over Europe and in the Middle East. Okay. We want to connect you, but you and I can do a follow up. Chris, please give my direct email so he can reach out to me. I’m sorry. Good to have you.

Yeah. Very good to have you. Thank you. Yep. Good luck. Yep, thank you. All of us are involved in it. So let’s all get involved. So again to everyone chris is Asking each one of you so and the reason he’s asking for contact is because he wants to connect you to local state leaders So please help him.

Let’s go to jessica coco. Let’s go jessica. Nice to have you. How are you? Oh, hello Okay, good evening. So i’m one of the original founders and Stop the lockdown in New York City before the CIA swooped in also the New Jersey lockdown, anti lockdown movement. And first time I heard about you was a group of other people at the protest mentioned you.

And when I saw Dr. Shiva for president, we need to organize. I’ve been saying this for a long time. And it’s been a struggle trying to organize, the whole left has been destroyed by the CIA. And of course, even though the right wing is controlled, I’m very aware, but very well aware of that. Also I just wanted to bring up if you’d like to be on WBAI in New York Danny Villa would love to interview you on La Voz Latina.

So if someone can contact me yeah. Something that. I put in the door there. Yeah. So Chris, can you send Jessica my email address? So we can connect here to Heather. So Jessica, Chris is going to text you right now my direct email address. By the way, as I’m from Jersey. So it would be good to Yes.

Yeah, so we need to get, we’re mobilizing an organization in every state. Your activist experiences will be very valuable because you have this veteran training to be able to see through this nonsense of the left and the right. And all these fake leaders, Kennedy’s Trump’s, et cetera.

So it’s really good to have you. So Chris, if you could send her my contact and to get to all of you, please. Respond to Chris because our goal of running these open houses is so you can network, so you’re not just coming to a meeting and we disappear and no one knows what the hell’s going on. It’s a great to have you.

Jessica, look forward to connecting with you and I’d love to be on that podcast, that radio station. Thank you. Okay. Sounds wonderful. Excellent. Thank you. Let’s go to Justin, UYOO, Justin U. Go ahead, Justin Jason. Happy doctor. How are you?

Very well.

I started in Boston. I’ve been in Boston for about 18 years, since California, and now I’m in California, which is called the Upper Valley. Anyhow, I’m also a retired resident nurse. I got to know you during the COVID bullshit, I say, because a friend of mine, he told me about Dr. Boutard and you, and I’ve been watching your videos since hundreds.

Thanks. And I’m very happy to meet you on the screen, but one day I’d like to come out to Boston to meet you. Yeah we have a workshop that we’re doing every month. We’re going to do at the end of every month. I’ll talk more about it. A lot of nurses come to it, retired nurses and nurses.

So you’re pleased. You’re more than welcome to come to Boston. We also have a great group in California. Chris is going to text you right now on the zoom chat. If everyone’s up here, there’s a little chat. And so please help Chris, because he’s working very hard and multitasking so give him your contact and you’ll connect you also with 2 of our really great leaders in Florida.

But yeah, please come to Boston. Yes. Yes. Yes. And then I’m very happy. You also mentioned that I can yell the system thinker, because she is actually. Not just a nurse, so I’m very happy you brought it up her intelligence on the system understanding. Yeah, I see. So then I’m going to share with this with my nurse colleagues.

If you see this drawing that I have on my back, this was a lithograph that she did. Okay. And this lithograph, a lot of people, let me just show this here. This lithograph, a friend of mine, Jim Coleman, before he died a couple years ago, wrote a book on her. But this is that cobweb graph, right?

And this should be taught at the grave. Every kindergartner should learn this. But this is those two graphs, which really is a systems graph in many ways. But yeah. Thank you. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you. Great. Good. I signed it in volunteer. I’m collecting the Maria and Crystal. Oh, great. And to everyone out there in the world of social media know that you can all be involved by helping us get on the ballot.

So if you’ve heard this, go to Shiva for and get involved. Yes. You have no, you have nothing to lose, but you’re chains . Yep. Can we see some sample ballot? Or, signature sample, anything. What’s that? We don’t want to be a sample of a ballot or

yeah. If you need any help doing that process, Maria and Crystal, or he had to be California resident or Arkansas. Yeah. Yeah. So Justin, we don’t want to go. Yeah. So you can talk to Maria. Thank you. Thank you. Yep. Got it. Thank you. Yep, let’s go to Anthony is that right? Sorry. How are you doing? Anthony?

You have to unmute yourself. Anthony. I did once, but it looks like came in here. Yep. Good. Anthony. How are you? Can I have a Florida here? I’m doing great. I’m Cape Canaveral, Florida here. I just connected with 1 of the leaders submitted the NDA. And I’m a tug engineer here at the SpaceX station, and one of my favorite things to do is to talk to these captains and these officers about what a clown, puppet Elon Musk is and how he’s a front man.

Are you serious? Oh, yeah. I’m an engineer, so I’m an officer myself. And when you question these people and the compartmentalization that’s around, people don’t know what’s going on. So I’m going to be working at a St. Augustine, Florida and Cape Canaveral, and we’re going to blow past 300, 000 signatures for sure.

I can feel the momentum picking me. So I heard from you. Go ahead. Do you work at SpaceX or you work as an engineer? At, I’m a tug engineer. I’m a tug engineer for a company that moves the the barge platform. Yeah, the launching platform. Yeah. Drone up. So I, and I see I’m on their boats. I talk with the SpaceX employees all the time, and I dig around and see where the level of consciousness is with people, and most of them are luddites and sleep, there’s pockets and there’s, chances for me to get people to scratch their heads, but i’m i have a pretty good attitude about it And I like your material. You’re right that blackboard. Video is a crucial one to share because everybody knows something’s a stir And that’s a good one to crack the door.

Yes So I’m going to be in St. John’s County and I’m going to also be working the Cape Canaveral area too. And cause I understand that the signatures just, they just have to be verified signatures from the whole state as a collective. Yeah. What’s interesting is, anyone who’s, you’re an engineer, I’m an engineer, anyone who looks at Elon Musk and looks at his background, realizes the guy doesn’t know.

He’s total swarm creature. Everything. He had , but people don’t. He’s an actor. This is the guy who did more TV shows on Saturday Night Live. Rick and Morty. If you look at his resume, if you’re a CEO of multiple companies, you’re not gonna be running around doing shows and smoking blunts on Joe Rogan podcast, who he does, he should have you on the show.

Big surprise there. Why you don’t have a, you don’t have an appointment on his podcast, we know about controlled opposition and what we’re up against here. So even if this campaign doesn’t work out, I’m not a statist anyways, who’s setting a groundwork and a network for raising consciousness.

And that’s, what’s really critical here is shaking people awake. Yeah. So Anthony you’re with it, man. I like everything you’re saying. You get it. So you got to do two things. Okay, ready? You got to not only help us with signatures, but I want you to become involved in this movement because you get it, man.

And once you learn some of the physics here, you’ll be able to lead other people. So exactly. No you’re, I’m I was part of some of these movements before, but nothing that has your network and your energy levels that you’re using this, the democratic process to establish this.

It’s critical because I’m in a discord server where it’s based on Ken Wilber’s levels of consciousness, if you’re familiar with that. And it’s like another grassroots approach. We’re trying to, the higher levels of consciousness, the sevens and the eights are trying to bring people up.

And turn people on because there is a a science to that, like your system science and yeah, I don’t know what the critical mass is. What is critical mass? Is it 51%? Is it two thirds? Is it no. I think I don’t think we worry about that. Because this gets highly theoretical.

The issue is. Does Anthony Quiche get it right now? Because you are saying a lot of things that make sense? Okay. I get it. I get it. That’s what I’m saying. So get involved because I’ll talk to a lot of people. Shit, and then you’ll never see them again. You ’cause they, it takes a big thing.

Yeah. Your program’s great. I went through it. I got jammed up on the Know your system, your body’s your system. I got drummed up on that part of it, but. But I’m already the Florida leader, I’m going to, I’m going to you should own that whole area, work with Bonnie and Andrew and just own that momentum is picking up the momentum’s catching on.

I can feel it in this, in the last 45 minutes of this zoom meeting. We’re going to keep with it. We’re going to get together. Great to have you. All right. Great to have you. I look forward to talking to you more. Bye bye. For sure. Okay, let’s go to Judith Landry from Quebec. Judith, how are you? And then to all the people on, we have close to now 1, 600 people live on across all the channels.

So we will, right after this, we’ll go to people live. So those of you who are out there we’ll be taking questions from you and then we’ll come back to our town hall. We’re basically doing a global town hall. So go ahead, Judith. How are you? Very nice to have you very nice to talk to you, Dr. Shiva. Very honored to talk to you.

So I saw your video once about the swarm. I got it on Facebook and it was very interesting. I said, Oh, wow, this guy, he’s really saying the things that’s really what’s happening. And the question about the systems approach is I’ve always known that the, we’re in a system and the system is fucked.

So I’ve retreated from the system, I’m not in it. It, you can’t be, not, not be, you can’t just get out of it. It’s big, but I’m like working on trying to make a parallel way of living that you and I could you don’t work for that system. You work for the system of life.

And so I’m really interested in learning,

But I’m working I I’m interested in natural healing, like herbs and nutrition and the systems approach, like Ayurveda and all that something that I thought, oh, that someday I will want to learn that, but yeah, there’s a lot of things and now it was there, so I said, oh, maybe that’s the way I’ll get it.

Get to it, and but that’s not the only thing because I see the whole problem as a whole. It’s not just the body, it’s not just the humans, it’s the whole, it’s the society, the holistic in a holistic approach. Yeah. So Judith, if you and every, everyone on our town hall on zoom and.

Everyone listening that nearly now about close to getting to nearly 2000 people do the following right now tonight before you go to bed, wherever you are, or by tomorrow, take your top 2030 friends, send them the shatter the swarm, you can go to shatter the swarm dot com, send them that video and a link and tell them that they must take 15 minutes.

To watch it for their own benefit. If everyone does that it just goes viral. It’s already gotten viral, but I think each one of you has friendships, relationships, just as a gift to their future and their advancement. Share that video. Okay. All right. Thank you, Judith. Good having you. Glenn Halls is here.

He’s from Canada. Chris will ask you for your information and and he’ll connect you. Chris, are people being pretty good and giving you contact? I know people weren’t being fully response. Is that happening, Chris? Yeah, it’s helped out with you reminding them. Thank you. Okay, good. Thank you everyone.

Let’s go to So we’re going to finish up with a couple of people again. Anyone new please introduce yourself it’s you know, we’re at a open house The ethos is you sharing. Go ahead, A. B. Hey. Hey, doctor. How are you doing? I’m from Seattle. I’m from Seattle. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Yeah. I’m right now currently just doing desktop support it work. And I found out about your movement through the redacted interview and had just a couple of questions regarding grifters and people that want to talk about certain things that. Makes sense, but also don’t want to lead to solutions.

Yeah. So if you just hold off, we’re going to get into the Q and a piece, but it’s great to have you. What part of the world are you in? I’m in Seattle, Washington. Okay. Yeah, could can you touch on the topic of bricks just temporarily? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I can talk about that.

I do want to be a little practical. So in Washington, we need to get signatures. Chris will ask me for context. We want you to get involved and help us, but I will answer that question. Okay, for sure. That’s good to have you. Thank you. Yeah. So it is 10, just to be mindful of time. We’re going to take another 15 minutes.

And after Barry, we’re going to take Q and a five to 10 minutes online and also on social media. Hi, Barry. How are you? You’re from Tamarack, Florida. Nice to have you. Yes. Sure. Hey, thanks for having me. Dr. Shiva. Nice to meet you. Nice to talk to you. I’m happy to be here today. Yes, I just I started, you know looking into politics back in 2020, i’m just looking at all these guys talking about all this stuff and I saw some of your videos, but I just really recently started looking at more your stuff and really getting into it.

And yeah, I just really want to help out Sound like you have, a lot of good things to say and have some good ideas and solutions and everything And it makes a lot of sense to me. So it really makes sense to get on board and give it a go and help you guys get this going.

Yeah, Barry, here’s the bottom line, man, the world that someone asked what, how many people does it take? The bottom line is one individual Barry understanding these concepts and raising their consciousness. It’s a wave goes out to many other people and we’ve made it very accessible, right? It’s not like you have to go through, forever and ever.

And, it’s. Basically, you immerse yourself in this knowledge and you learn it. We’ve made it directly accessible. So get involved in Florida. We have a big challenge, but it’s going to be a lot of fun. We got to get, a couple of hundred thousand signatures. So getting signatures is a challenge.

You go out and you’ll have all these things. Sometimes the store manager will come out, the cops will come out, then you have to learn how to bob and weave, and deal with that, but you’ll learn. Yeah, it’s all good. I got a game plan. I, I’m pretty good. All right. For your info connect with him.

Let’s thanks. Thanks. Mary. Let’s go on to some Q and a. So I’m going to go. Yeah, I’m going to go online. So anyone online. Who has any questions and Chris, you can start getting questions there. And I’ll read some comments, someone saying, our movement is the only. Our run for president is the only hope for America.

Let’s see. Someone says, how do you feel about fasting? All right. It depends on the right time for the right person under the right conditions, right? It’s not 1 thing works for everyone. 1 of the things you learn when you take a systems approach is that each system is unique. Each system has its own set point and there’s different conditional, under different conditions.

Any modality can be valuable if it’s applied right. Even you take an herb like turmeric, right? It’s a good herb, but if you have, if you’re prone to dryness, and it’s very dry outside, you got to be careful how much of that you take, okay? So we take a very prudent approach. And the tool sets that we’ve created one of the tools is your body your system Educates people on how to educate others to think from a system’s perspective One size does not fit all so how do I feel about fasting?

Yeah under the right conditions But if you haven’t eaten and you’re nutrition Deficient and you haven’t had any food for a while. You probably shouldn’t be fasting if you have other situations and Fasting may be appropriate for certain periods of time. So it all depends You But obviously it’s a modality that can be used under the right conditions.

For centuries, traditional medicine has used that. Chris, you have any, let’s go to questions on your end, Chris.

So if you have a question, let’s go to Garbacio. And again would appreciate it. We talked about education kindly keep it to the topic and let’s not try to make. The questions are so abstract that they really have no value for advancing, the movement and helping people see things.

Oh, can you hear me? Yeah, Gervasio, how are you? Good to see you. Can you hear me? Yep. I’m doing well. Hello everyone. I just want to let everyone know I’ve been following Dr. Shiva since his Senate campaign. I love him and his family. I was actually introduced to him by his father after attending one of his sister’s medical forums.

But he’s already my president. And I just wanted to ask you this question because it’s from what something that recently happened in our escape that’s gotten me scared. I don’t know if you heard about the the mother and her young daughter that were murdered in their car by a drive by and basically their car was strewn with bullets.

And Basically in my history, the only criminals that I know that would do something like that are the drug cartels. Now, I’m scared of actually now going out into the streets. Should I be? What are you going to do about this border crisis that we’re facing?

Yeah, Gervasio, where was that shooting in Massachusetts? Do you remember? What town?

We can’t hear him. Can someone unmute him? It just happened in Worcester within the last 12 hours, right? Yeah, that’s the reason I want to tell you is so if you take, so if everyone in the United States are listening outside of the United States, Massachusetts literally reflects America, meaning the East Coast of Massachusetts is like the East Coast of America.

The West. Part of Massachusetts is literally like San Francisco and L. A. Area and the central part of Massachusetts is like the rust belt. It’s all working class people. Worcester is part of that working class area and for many years. It’s been 1 of the most abused parts of Massachusetts. They don’t get proper training mass transit support, massive income inequality.

The crime continues to escalate. What I want to let, is on 2 pieces. Is that I did a video on this. Everyone talks about gun control and gun violence, and neither party wants to address this fundamental issue, which is the following that the data shows if you take a systems approach, and there’s been only one woman scientists who did this work.

And it was revealed. That the number 1 reason for gun violence, it directly correlates to the Gini score income inequality. Okay. And no one wants to talk about it. The right wing doesn’t want to talk about income inequality and the left wing just wants to make it about take away everyone’s guns, but no one’s addressing this fundamental issue that every economic quote unquote crisis, the rich keep getting wealthier and wealthier.

There’s massive consolidation of wealth during the depression in the United States. People are losing their homes and a lot of horrible things were taking place, but the most number of millionaires came out of there because the elites party, they always make money during the quote, unquote, pandemic 600 billionaires increase their wealth by 2.

3 trillion dollars. And the work of, I think her name is Kathleen Newman. When it shows to violence, it really points to the fact that there’s some deep. Psychological issues that occur when you have this kind of income inequality. That’s on one side. The other side is we also need to recognize when it comes to the immigration issue, Trump is just a blowhard.

He’s full of shit. He has no interest in addressing legal or illegal immigration. During his administration he actually destroyed legal immigration. You can go look it up. In fact, the Cato Institute put it out, which is considered a right wing organization. And he actually did nothing to curtail illegal immigration.

This is a reality, and everyone get this clear. This issue of immigration is always used to divide people. And the solution and the, and it is Trump, Biden and Obama who have engineered quote unquote, illegal immigration, because what they want to do is they want to do biometric tagging of every U S citizen.

So they’re creating this hype, Garbacio. They have no interest in addressing immigration, right? Go to Trump’s Mar a Lago, go to any of his facilities. He’s using people from, more than likely people have to do it. Who wants to cut the lawns? Who wants to do all the menial labor?

Many Americans are on disability and do not want to work. So we, these illy quote unquote, illegal immigrants come in here. They want to work. And we have done that. The notion of always talking about violence and not addressing it. is and talking about our safety. Whenever you hear politicians talk about our safety, it is basically a hop, skip and jump away to doing more regulations to curtail our freedom.

So we need to all pull our heads out of our ass and realize that these guys don’t want to solve immigration at all. Immigration is frankly very easy to solve. It’s very easy, but they don’t want to solve it because the guys on Wall Street want cheap labor. And another wing wants quote, unquote, illegal aliens to manipulate elections.

That’s what’s actually going on. And so we have to be very clear what narratives we get stuck in here. All right. I hope that answers your question. Let’s go to the next 1.

Let’s go to in the interest of time, we have about 4 minutes. We’ll take Brett and then we’ll take Bernardo and then Arki. Go ahead, Brett.

Back to the topic of education. I’ve how you doing, Dr. Shiva? I’ve studied John Taylor Gatto, the Underground History of American Education. Yes, correct. Yeah, by the way, Brett is out there collecting signatures. He’s setting an example. It’s good. I’m glad we’re having these thoughtful questions, but at the end of the day, Brett’s out there on the ground.

He pounded out about 100, 120 phone calls. A couple of days ago. So again, I just want to remind everyone there’s a practicality what we’re doing. Go ahead, Brett. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Dr. Shima. But my question is about, the the education system. Like I said, I’ve studied John Taylor Gatto’s Underground History of American Education and in the Warrior Scholar Program, you gift the foundations of system science to, you want to give it to younger children.

Now I’m asking you, what would you recommend? It’s the system that the kids are in is terrible. And there’s a lot of parents in this group and a lot of parents on this call. Do we keep our children in the system to explain to them, Hey, this is how it works in the system, but this is how it works in a real world.

Or do we maybe want to pull them out of that system? Because it’s involved with the mask and the indoctrination and of all of the bad flaws of basically not teaching system science. So I just wanted to get your take on that. What you thought about that? Look, so here’s my thesis on children’s education, particularly in the K through 12, if that’s what we’re talking about.

Oh, where do you go? Where did Brett go? We lose your breath. So I believe in the particular areas of K through 12, there is extremely important that people learn very specific skills. The brain is developing during that period. There are certain types of knowledge that’s much easier to train people on at an earlier age than a later age.

1 of them being mathematics, another is languages. Mathematics and language. Interesting enough, use the same part of your brain that does computation. And so I see, many parents who have serious concerns with the education systems for good reasons. But then they do homeschooling and some of the homeschooling is good parents have spent a lot of time, and some people are pulling their resources, which is all really good to see, but I would only like to say that during a particular period, right?

It’s very important that certain types of mechanical skills are developed. When kids are growing, it’s very important that they interact with other humans, the ability to identify faces, communicate with people, build this emotional intelligence is very valuable. So whatever program people are doing, that should be an aspect.

The ability to do computing and mathematics. That’s another aspect. Okay. It’s very important to the extent that art helps you solve problems, which is what art was really designed for. It’s very valuable. But I’ve had the opportunity to have training in all these areas. And I think the more you expose kids to multiple areas where they require some rigor and obviously athletics are very good team building these things.

So there’s a set of things. It’s not any 1 thing. If people are going to do this in a homeschooling environment, I applaud them, but you have to make sure the kids are getting a good mix of all of this and then some level of supervision. Either it’s an older kid teaching a younger kid, which used to be the old model, right?

Where kids learn. And there’s many teach pedagogy methods, but I think as a parent, it’s very difficult and it depends on what school system you’re in. Some of the wealthier school systems have less kids, more teacher attention, so obviously they have a bigger advantage. And kids are in the public school systems, but I think fundamentally what needs to happen is.

That if parents are teaching their kids on their own, they should get a serious tax break. They should not be having to pay property tax and be able to have to do that. Because it’s a lot of resources. So I would say parents should have the right to do that. And if they’re doing that and they’re achieving certain standards, they should get tax breaks.

They should get a rebate on their property taxes. Chris just said there’s a couple of questions we have coming in online. Says Stratus Blue from YouTube. Did Ben Franklin influence your views of public education as a civics need? Yeah, so Ben Franklin had a lot of things right. This guy, I don’t do, I’m a big fan of Ben Franklin’s.

He was. He had very tough growing up, but he learned a lot of things. You learned printing. He learned a lot of different vocations and arts. He got patents. He’s quite an incredible guy. So I have a lot of respect for him, but the concept of public education, when the teacher is allowed to make decisions on what’s right between her and the kids, that’s a very good form of education.

But what happened was in the 1970s, the Department of Education got created. And they took all the power away from the teachers. You have to give teachers power. You have to give them the education. You have to give them power to say, oh, that kids need this education, this kid, this education. I was luckily at the tail end of the 70s, where our teachers did do that.

I had very fortunate of good mathematics teachers, chemistry teachers, physics teachers in the high school I went to, but it’s completely changed now. In the old one room schoolhouse in the original model of public education, by the way, we have to not throw the baby out with the bath water. The reason many immigrants came to the United States was because of the public educational system in the United States, which was quite stellar at one time.

So if you look at even the old one room school houses, you had, K through eight there, the eighth graders would teach a seventh graders and seventh graders would teach a sixth graders. And the teacher was more of a facilitator in those one room school houses was a wonderful place to actually learn.

Learn, teach and serve. That’s a model we have in system self. Yeah, so Ben Franklin got a lot of things right, and but, you have a bunch of dumb idiots right now running school systems. You have bean counters running school systems, not educators. So one of the things we are doing as a solution is in the system self program, we are teaching people how to teach.

One of the things I think I’m very effective at is taking very complex concepts and making it accessible to people. So we have actually started an entire program as a solution where we’re teaching people how to teach. So if you’re a yoga teacher, you get to teach from a systems approach. If you’re a teacher, if you’re a nurse, if you’re a doctor, so teachers can really make a massive difference.

But the problem is they’ve even lost the skills on how to teach. So we’re going to bring that back. So you guys may want to check that out. Let’s go to the last one. Arki and Bernardo, can you both ask your questions together? And that will answer it. It’s 10 18. I’ve been trying to keep these, I enjoy doing these, but in the interest of keeping them a little more controlled, I want to do that.

Go ahead, Bernardo question. I have this already written down before the question was asked. You as president, could you create like a whole manual that parents go by a complete manual for homeschooling because one of the problems homeschooling Dad’s. So moms have is what to teach your kid at what age so it’s just precedent can create a team that would create a man.

And, for homeschooling. That’s all my question. Thank you, sir. Yeah, thanks. Thanks, Bernardo. In ancient and traditional systems of medicine, what yeah, so we can do that, Bernardo, but just to give you an overview, there was a period in an education of a child that parents between 0 through 12 really loved the kid, let the kid be a child.

And after 12 to 18, typically the parents would find a great teacher, a mentor. So that way the parents didn’t have to deal with also being the parent and the teacher cause sometimes you get into these conflicts where the kids start hating the parents, right? It’s very difficult for parents.

So they separated that, but the teacher, the mentor really educated the kids on a lot of disciplines before even teaching them skills. They learned some basics, core values, right? How to be a good human being, how to work hard. How to be on schedule. Do what you say. Ethics. There used to be a class in ethics.

None of that exists anymore. And civics. You see all this kind of stuff has just disappeared. Yeah, Bernardo, I could put together a roadmap and do that. Thank you. Arki, go ahead. Last question. Hey, Dr. Shiva. This is less a question than just to let you know that on Thursdays when you do your town hall you’ll have a free broadcast in Canada.

If you ever want to say anything about Canada if somebody from your team could send me like a high resolution version of this bumper sticker so I can put it over here, that would be amazing. And I’m basically planning to come down here on Thursdays and possibly more. And essentially just have your voice out there.

It’ll be your town hall and hopefully people will Oh, I’m a little bit confused. Are you saying you’re going to come here, meaning to the United States? No, I’m not young and done that square in Toronto. And just wanted you to be aware that you have a voice out here on your town halls.

I think I’m just going to come out here. I bring my laptop. I can do my own work and listen in as well, especially for your lectures and stuff. But I need people in Toronto to hear you. So yeah, that’s great. Yeah. So we had a big meeting last Sunday with Canada. We have about 3200 people in Canada, and we have people in Toronto, Montreal.

If you email Chris, Chris will connect you up to Glenn Halls. We’ll connect you up to the people in Toronto. I’m connected with Glenn actually. I guess I should make sure I’m on all the lists. Cause I didn’t know there was a Canada. Yeah. We have a massive plan for Canada, but yeah, let’s do that.

That’d be great. Yeah. And if there’s people in Toronto, like Thursday nights, if you’re going to, company is always better, people feel more comfortable to approach. So yeah. Yeah. Guys, I think what he’s saying, we can make these open houses, you can make a community event. You can do quote unquote watch parties, but get involved.

So to everyone on the world of social media, we post about 1800 people, a couple, so we’ve hit almost 2000 people, which is quite a record in the midst of all the shadow banning, which means it probably be 20, 000 people. Okay. So I want to, first of all, wrapping up anyone, wherever you are in the world, go get one of those bumper stickers, go to Shiva for president.

com. It doesn’t matter. Even if you’re another part of the world, right? Okay. Get those bumper stickers. Let everyone know. Number two, go to Sheba for President. Volunteer. And even if you’re outside of the United States, you can help. You can help make phone calls wherever you are. Volunteer, get involved.

And to the extent if you want to give us money, know that you get stuff from me. Okay? But I, money is frankly secondary. I really value people’s labor and their skill and their volunteer because then you guys are contributing. You learn. It’s really a momentum in many ways. Labor precedes capital. I really believe that the power of people doing work and uniting is far more powerful than giving money.

That’s why all these politicians give me money. Give me money. Give me money. What do they do with this money? Boobie Kennedy’s begging for 20 million bucks to get on the ballot. He doesn’t even go get any signatures. He’s going to pocket that money. Trump, every day, sends you five emails asking you for money.

And he’s robbing poor working people’s money who only have 400 bucks in their savings account. The average American, 80 percent of Americans right now only have 400 for a rainy day in their bank account. And those are the people he’s targeting like a con man. And Kennedy does that. Biden does that. All these guys don’t give them a penny.

All right. Rather get involved in our movement. Give your time and you’ll meet amazing people. You’ll get empowered. You’ll learn a lot, but that’s what life is about. It’s about growing our consciousness through deeds and using your mind, met set man is both mind and hands. That’s what this is about.

All right, everyone. I really appreciate everyone joining us. I want to thank the people on social media for getting the word out again. Everyone’s share shattered the swarm dot com. That video with 10 20 people, you sent him an email something to the effect of Hey, my name is jewel. I bob high bill.

I know we’ve known each other for a while. Please take 15 minutes. Watch this video. And if you like it, come to the open house. Everyone do that. That’s what we need. It can’t just be me doing videos, inviting people to the open house. Everyone here needs to be an ambassador of what we’re putting together.

It’s a very small thing everyone can do. All right, everyone. Thank you. Be well, be the light and I wish all of you a good night and best to you and your families, but get involved. Thank you. Thanks, Henry. Be well. Bye. Bye.

All right, everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed that. It was great having you. Please get involved in this very powerful movement for truth. Freedom. Help. As I leave, go to Shiva for president dot com. We have all sorts of great stuff out there. Stickers, lawn signs, bumper stickers, get involved.

That’s Shiva for president dot com. And then you are all welcome to come to our next open house. You can see the link right there, right? 11 a. m. Or 8 p. m. Go to va shiva. com slash orientation. You’ll meet amazing people. And again, everyone shatter the swarm. com. All of you, there’s about 1800 of you, each one of you go tell 20 of your friends, send them an email.

Hey, watch this video called shatter the swarm. com and go to Dr. Shiva’s open house. You may forget what you think about him, like him or not. Just take time to watch this video. Because Shatter the Swarm, it’s a little mini 15 minute movie. Just 15 minutes. And you’ll learn how the few control 8 billion of us.

Just take a few moments, share that with all your friends. All right, everyone. I wish you all a good night. Be well and best to all you best to all of you and your families. Thank you. Be well.

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