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In this presentation, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, analyzes MSM and its applications for joint health in pets.

Transcript Below.

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 All right, everyone. Good afternoon. This is Dr. Good. Good evening. This is Dr. Shiva. We’re going to be doing a very interesting talk today on the pet health series that we started a couple of months ago. And let me talk about what that’s going to be about. We’re going to talk about MSM, methyl sulfonamyl methane.

You can get it in the stores as MSM for pet joint health, and this is part of our whole systems approach to pets. I’ve always had pets my whole life. Many of you may have but you can apply the systems approach not only to our body to politics to a whole bunch of other things, but we can also apply it to pet health.

So we’re going to cover a very specific ingredient that we’ve uncovered MSM. Many of you may know about. It’s good for joint health, but it’s also good for pet joint health. And it’s 1 of the ingredients we’ve put forward in 1 of our formulations called canine 701 and we’ll discuss that too. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

And let me 1st of all begin by just jumping. Right into our PowerPoint that we put together and it’s right here and we go right into it here. So we’re going to begin by 1st of all, letting everyone know, the content here is not intended to substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment.

They should always seek the advice of your veterinarian and with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. But this is part of our pet health series. We started this a couple of months ago. We did a number of different components, but this is part of our pet health series.

And what we did was we wanted to start looking at ways that we could support a pet’s whole health, right? A whole systems approach. And when you come to that systems approach, you realize that it’s not any 1 thing That’s a cure all, but you have to use a combinations. So we will also wanted to look at natural compounds.

So what we put together was with 1 of our partners, we realize that zeolite died to make just clay sorry, or earth spirulina kelp. MSN, which is we’re going to discuss today. Red raspberry leaf, how Thorne a leaf and flower Fenugreek and turmeric, which are really Indian. Primarily from the Indian system and hyaluronic acid.

These are very powerful combination natural compounds, basically a food that we put together here and that we put together in K9701, but we develop K9701 by using a scientific systems analysis, which I’ll walk you through. But today we’re going to talk about MSM. All right. And we’re going to focus on how does MSM methyl sulfonyl methane from K9701 affect pet health.

MSM is what we’re going to cover today. So what is MSM? So those of you, and I really like chemical structures, but it’s, there’s been quite a bit of research done on this, but people call it an emerging therapeutic molecule. So you have sulfur in the middle. And the, so the sulfur, double bonded to oxygen is called a AL group.

We also have methyl CH three. CH four is methane and SU methyl AL methane. Okay? So that’s why they call this it. So you have two methyl groups here now. It’s a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound. It’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief for musculoskeletal discomfort. It exerts its medicinal effects through antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties as we’ll walk through.

And as of now, it’s. Considered generally recognized as safe. The acronym for that is grass. G. R. A. S. So there’s no known adverse effects. Okay, so that’s M. S. M. That’s a chemical structure of it. Where do you get M. S. M. You can get it in raw milk, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, green leafy vegetables or leafy green vegetables, apples, Rose bear rosemary’s and whole grain.

An important thing to understand is there’s a lot of work that’s been done saying that when we didn’t irrigate when we actually got food in the wild from natural rainfall rain, in its natural state, rainwater has a lot of M. S. M. So when we started irrigating, we lost some of that M.

S. M. But anyway we can do a whole lecture on that. But fundamentally, you have milk, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, green leafy vegetable, apples, raspberries, whole grains. These all are a source of M. S. M. What are the biological effects of MSM? Anti inflammatory. It scavenges free radicals. Every chemical reaction in your body, your pet’s body, will result in free radical creation.

It’s an antioxidant which goes, eats up those free radicals. It modulates the immune system and it donates sulfur. Sulfur is probably one of the most important minerals. That our body needs, particularly for many processes particularly of skin and hair. Methylation occurs from the donation of sulfur.

Okay? Here are the other, benefits that have been written about in many of the scientific papers. It preserves cartilage. It improves physical function and a range of motion. It lowers muscle soreness. People take it typically after they work out or before they go to bed. Improves seasonal allergies.

That’s the immunomodulation property of it. Improves skin quality and texture. And it has anti cancerous properties. So we wanted to now really focus on the joint health as pets age 1 thing we need to consider is people say I’m just going to feed my dog or animal the diet.

It would have eaten in the wild and it’s going to have better life. We have to understand something that we used to live in the wild. Animals used to live in the wild and this is a little bit mistaken understanding because even though we lived in the wild. People didn’t live as long, from the data that we have because we were also under considerable other stressors.

The average house cat lives 2 years in the wild, in a home, it can live up to 10 to 12 even longer. So it’s an interesting question. We live in a, in this thing called civilization. We can live longer lives. And now the idea is, can you live a long life and have a high quality of life?

And that’s the game that we’re trying to play here. So we need to understand that. These kinds of nutrients most animals probably would not get, but MSM has very powerful values in joint value and joint health. So let’s go to that. Just to let everyone know, we spent about 5 years and we published major research on knee osteoarthritis and a lot of the human knee research.

We did the originating stuff comes from looking at animals. Okay. And so this was a huge collaborative effort. We did. Okay. With the University Health Network in Canada, and when you look at this, what you can see is that the human knee has considerable and I’m going to walk you through this. Now, I have to go back here.

I have to stop sharing this screen. Okay. So what we did was we mapped out every molecular pathway in the human knee and this was done by cytosol. Okay. Before I go into cytosol, let me actually just play you a video, which will give you a deeper understanding of what is cytosol. Okay. Because then you can understand that the technology that I created out of my PhD work at MIT.

Okay. Is what we use for everyone to understand what Cytosol is. So let me bring Cytosol up here. Here we go.

Who would have ever thought someone like me would invent email and create Cytosol to revolutionize health for personalized and precision medicine, a system for delivering the right medicine for the right person at the right time. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression, and racism.

As a child, I. My name is Dr. Shiva Iyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, technologist, and inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday. As a 14 year old, I began working as a full time research fellow at Rutgers medical school to unravel the mysteries of sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS, and created the world’s first email system long before I ever heard of MIT.

As I traverse academia over the next three decades, I observe self serving academics, never solving real problems, writing great. Grant after Grant competing for tenure while diminishing real science and real scientists pushing a reductionist science to destroy the scientific method. Like the blind men who never saw the whole elephant but the parts, they delivered a dismembered view of reality.

I observed Big Pharma use such reductionism, wasting billions year after year to fund research in test tubes, killing animals, and using the poor as guinea pigs for clinical testing to create products that even the FDA no longer allowed. Not only Big Pharma practice this reductionism, but also the elites of Big vitamin, big green and big new age, with gurus and yogis, empowered by Hollywood celebrities, selling one supplement after another, based on a cherry pick science.

All that changed in 2003, when the Human Genome Project ended, revealing that humans have the same number of genes, about 20, 000, as that of a worm, giving rise to a systems biology. We realized that one size fits all medicine was a failure. We realized their medicines were killing us, making today’s generation’s lifespan shorter than any previous generation.

Obesity, heart disease, death. Conflicts from adverse reaction to drugs, confusion on what diet, what supplements and who to believe is what they have delivered you. They push natural and organic products for your beauty and wellness, while their real solution is their plastic surgeons and Botox. We’ve been sold out.

It’s time for real science, a system science that interconnects the parts to discover truth, to know what really works, to get the health we need and deserve. This is why I created Cytosol. Cytosol is about truth, freedom and health, versus power, profit and control. Cytosol is a revolutionary technology, integrating bioinformation, Computational biology, mathematical modeling, decentralization to reveal the truth, cytosol computes trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover what actually works based on the actual science.

No reductionism, no cherry picking cytosol. Predictive modeling has been proven accurate time and time again. Matching laboratory results, cytosol discovers synergistic combinations of compounds to maximize health and reduce toxicity. For example, we know curcumin from turmeric and resol from red grapes alleviate insulin.

But how much should we combine? Current methods are hand waving at best. Here, with Cytosol, we first model the control condition with no curcumin and no resveratrol to simulate high inflammation with the cytokine level at 0. 15 micromolar. Next, we add just 5 micromolars of curcumin. The inflammation drops to 0.

05. Next, we use resveratrol and the inflammation drops from 0. 15 to 0. 06. But, when we combine curcumin and resveratrol of 3 micromolars of curcumin and 2 micromolars of resveratrol Z Speral Inflammation drops from 0.15 to 0.03. Far lower, nearly 200% less than just one compound alone. That’s the synergy principle of system science.

We’ve all had enough of their fake and reductionist science. They think we’ll simply keep buying their marketing, their celebrities, and their products that can never truly heal us. We don’t need them. Great things come when we integrate the best of things. It’s our time. It’s time. We’ve delivered solutions for ourselves.

It’s time for truth, freedom, and health. It’s time for side to solve. Welcome.

Alright, that gives you a background decide. By the way we’ve launched our Cytosol Open Science Institute and you can go to VASHIVA. com and if you scroll down into this, you’ll see we have the Open Science Institute. And we’re basically doing research faster, cheaper, and better than the major science institutions.

And we want to do open science. So these are all the different areas we’re researching. You guys can go here if you want to contribute. We just published a major paper on leukemia, which won one of the big journal awards. So you can directly support research that we’re doing. But today we’re talking about research in the area of pets, right?

Whole systems health for pets. And those of you are joining us new, what we’re talking today about is the use of side to solve to really understand a very powerful ingredient called M. S. M. Methyl sulfonyl. Methane. So we’re going to talk about that and it’s and MSM’s use for joint health.

Okay. So I just wanted to give you that background. The technology we’re using here to support this work to make this work possible is cytosol. So that gives you an understanding what cytosol is. So let’s go back. So what we did was we use cytosol and we have a very powerful way and I’ll walk you through this.

To actually understand how and let me make sure you guys are seeing this. Okay. With cytosol, for example we recently mapped out all the molecular pathways. Of joint health. In fact, osteoarthritis. So if you see the site here, I can literally go into the site and we open sourced it for the world.

So we, you see the joints, for example, have the meniscus subchondral bone. This is the knee synovial tissue, cartilage, immune cells, fat pad osteophytes. If I go to the cartilage right here, the cartilage is made up of. Different components. Okay. So let me go right here actually to go back here.

Go in. Okay. So if I go into cartilage here, you can see the cartilage is composed of something called chondrocytes. Now, chondrocytes are the cells that make up the cartilage. All right. And then if you go into chondrocytes. You can see that chondrocytes are cell type, and they can accept different types of molecules called ligands.

And these are the different types of ligands. Again, with cytosol, we went through hundreds of thousands of papers, and we built this entire system’s architecture. Cytokines are one type of ligand. I’ll one beta is a very interesting one because it creates all sorts of different inflammatory processes.

So I’ll one if you have that operating your body, it’s going to up regulate all these green molecules and the red ones are the things that’s going to suppress. But MMP 13 is not a good molecule because it causes a catabolic effect, which means it starts eating up your cartilage. And here we’ve mapped out All the different pathways are from Iowa and beta to create 13.

you can look at all of these events that are involved. For example, here’s a paper on ginseng, you say, and you can look at the protective effects of ginseng. The bottom line is using cytosol. We’ve mapped out every molecular pathway. At the molecular level and using this, we can start understanding the effects of different chemicals to stop, let’s say, joint destruction.

And that’s what we’ve done. Okay. Someone says can people run through? Yes. So we can take, we can use Cytosol for personalization. So those of you are interested, you can go to VHEVA. com You can find the cytosol Research Institute, and you can be part of it. I think 3 weeks from now in late March, we’re going to do a site to solve open symposium for all of you to be part of.

Because the existing scientific establishment, unfortunately, all they’re concerned about is getting grant money, getting grant money, because the way academia structured and not that much about really solving problem with side to solve. We can leapfrog. And we can solve things faster and cheaper.

So that’s cytosol. Okay. Just wanted to make sure you guys are aware of that. But that is the engine that we use to really build our canine 701 product or to really understand which is the right way we should go with that. So anyway so we did a tremendous amount of research on this and what we uncovered here.

Let me go back to the PowerPoint. Is we uncovered there are multiple mechanisms involved, as you can see, in osteoarthritis or joint health. Inflammation is one of those mechanisms. Oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration and cartilage regeneration. And these are these molecular pathways, chemical pathways that are involved in inflammation.

Same thing with oxidative stress, all these chemical pathways involved in oxidative stress. All these pathways involved in cartilage degeneration. All these pathways involved in cartilage regeneration. So the strategy here is we want to lower inflammation, lower oxidative stress, lower cartilage degeneration, and we want to increase collagen production.

So if you want joint health, you want to do all four of these processes. Lowering of inflammation is denoted by PGE2. Lowering of oxidative stress is denoted by reactive oxygen species going down. And lowering of cartilage degeneration is the lowering of MMPP 13. And if you want to generate collagen, you need to have more collagen too.

So these are what are called biomarkers. So what is the effect of MSM on joint health for your pets in this case? So joint disease comes from oxidative stress and inflammation. These are not good things. And what MSM does, it knocks down oxidative stress. And it knocks down inflammation, so it has a left hook and a right hook, so it’s pretty cool.

The next thing is the way MSM lowers oxidative stress, how does it lower oxidative stress? What it does it, first of all, it up regulates NRF2, which up regulates HO1, which blocks oxidative stress. And MSM also stops NF kappa beta. This is not a good molecule, which typically would lead to TNF alpha and IL 1 beta, which cause oxidative stress.

MSM blocks NF kappa beta which is a good thing, blocking that. But it promotes NRF2, which leads to HO1, which stops oxidative stress. So you can see MSM uses this pathway to block NF kappa beta, and it uses this pathway to block oxidative stress. All right, so that’s how MSM is very powerful at affecting oxidative stress.

The other thing is MSM also affects inflammation. The way it does that, as we showed earlier, MSM blocks NF kappa beta, as you saw here. But in this case, NF kappa beta, which produces TNF alpha and IL 1 beta, which are inflammatory cytokines, They’re blocked. And on top of it, an F kappa beta also will create Cox 2, which leads to PGE 2, which causes inflammation and joint disease.

Okay, so you can see MSM has this 1, 2 punch in 2 different ways. All right, so when we do a heat map of this, you can see that when it comes to MSM. MSM does not have a big effect on the arachidonic acid pathway, but it has a significant effect on ROS, which is oxidative stress. All right, so when we did our cytosol analysis on this but it doesn’t have an effect on collagen.

So MSM is not good for everything, right? So when we put this in K9701, it’s good really for lowering oxidative stress. But we have other things in there as we’ll do in the other series on pet health that other things can affect these other things. But MSM is really good for lowering oxidative stress.

How does this do this? And what we’ve noticed that when we did our cytosol analysis, we did the experimental conditions where we gave 125 milligrams to 250 milligrams. Dosages and you can see here’s reactive oxygen species under control conditions. It’s at 160 nanomolar and this brings it down almost by nearly 20, sorry, brings it down to 160, which is almost what’s that?

40%. Okay. So massive lowering of. The oxidative stress. But notice that above 125 milligrams over two days. So that’s this is day one and this is day two. It has significant effects. But before this what we noticed was increasing the dose to 250 milligrams and not lower R. O. S. Concentration further.

So you do really well just with 125 milligrams. More does not mean more effects, right? You’ve got to find the right dosage. The other thing is when we looked at PGE2 notice MSM doesn’t have much effect on that. All right. So bottom line is MSM helps joint health by lowering oxidative stress and inflammation, and it’s clinically proven to improve joint health, muscle soreness, skin health and hair growth, and cytosol analysis revealed that at low dose levels, MSM is effective in reducing oxidative stress, only 125 milligrams, substantially, but not inflammation.

So MSM has no clinically relevant side effects. We put MSM into K9701. Okay, so K9701 is a product that we recently developed just like we did MV25 for humans for joint health. K9701 is a whole systems product. It not only affects joint health, but it affects many other capabilities. In this case, it’s only one teaspoon you need for a dog who’s around 25 pounds.

Our dogs are about 100 pounds. And we give them four teaspoons. All right. But K9701 has many other uses. It’s good for joint health. immune health, metabolic health, bone health, anti parasitic brain health, skin health, anti cancer and heart health. That those are the components in it. So we just didn’t include MSM, but it’s got all these amazing food and mineral components.

So anyway, I wanted to let you guys know, I hadn’t forgotten about this. We’ve been obviously very busy with our movement. But we wanted to let you know that. We have a very powerful product. K9701. Oh, where do you get it? Sorry. I’m not good at the sales piece of this to making sure you guys know where to get it.

But if you go to VI, VAHiva. com. Next time I’ll put it a link right there. But if you go to VAHiva. com. Let me show you right here. We’ll have a specialty link, but if you go to va shiva. com, which is right here, which is the main site va shiv and you go to the shop. Okay. And on the shop, you can see we have a couple of supplements and V 25 and K 9 7 0 1.

And here is K 1. You can find it right here. In fact, what I’ll do is. I’ll put the link for everyone right here, if that helps. Okay. K9701 is a whole, multi systems solution. So please go check that out. Those of you who are also interested in the work Cytosol has done for other areas, we’ve been very careful on how we use Cytosol.

We’ve helped a lot of other organizations. We use it for research. It’s only been in the last year. We said, hey, with all these, Models and analysis. We’ve developed. Why don’t we start applying it also to help human health and one of the recent products we created? I’ll play a video on it. It’s called MV 25.

Let me play this to you and then we’ll come back to close. Millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling. But most pain medications come with harsh side effects and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing. That’s why we at Cytosolve created MV25. MV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve Computational Systems Biology Platform, a technology for precision and personalized health, invented by Dr.

Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions derived from thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Hi, I’m Barbara Ann. My hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet. And they would go like that. Now I have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids. And I started taking that MV25. After a bit, I was able to hold cards in my hand. Very little cramping. Hardly at all anymore.

MV25. Hi, my name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor. I tore my ACL during Taekwondo. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV25 for about six months now. After the first week, I noticed a big difference. After the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy, and I suffer from a lower back problem.

I hurt my back at work years ago, and I can go to the chiropractor, do all kinds of different things, and nothing seems to help. And I decided to try MV25. I didn’t notice a difference. but within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do, it seems to go away a lot quicker than it ever did before.

MV 25 is certified clean, 100 percent non GMO. Made in America and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices. MV25 is CytoSolve optimized. Which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve. As the science advances, so will this formulation.

This is our promise. Order online at mv25. life. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement or medication.

One of the things we also need to remember is every, organism, every system is unique. So you have to find the right tool, right medicine for the right person at the right time. What I also want to share with you is. This coming March, we’re going to be or we’re relaunching our systems health educator program.

Some of you may know, for years, I used to teach a whole course at MIT called systems health and now we’ve made it accessible to the world. So you can go to systems health dot com systems health. Let me put it actually in the post as I close here. Just want to make sure we announce this. There’s a lot of people are interested in this because MDs, even the veterinarians, all these people don’t take a systems approach to the body.

But if you click on workshops here, we have a major workshop coming up here in March, 29th to 31st, March, 29th to 31st. Again, there’s a major workshop coming up with the link to that. And the reason I wanted to share this with you, this is an opportunity for all of you to start. Becoming what we call a systems health educator.

We’ve created essentially a university and you can do the 3 day intensive. You can get 1 to 2 day passes, but I really urge you to explore all of this. I just put a couple of links here and the schedule for this is pretty. It’s a very powerful program. We’ve had MDs veterinarians, all different kinds of people.

Go through this program, but it’s an integration of Eastern and Western engineering science with Eastern systems of medicine. It really bridges. It’s a missing link. And so here’s the schedule you guys can go through this. I’m going to stop sharing this. You guys can go if you want to this on this coming Friday, March 1st, we’re doing a tutorial on it.

March 1st. We’re doing a tutorial and let me share with you that link. If you guys want to come to the tutorial, you’re welcome to come to it. 2024. Truth from health is really going to help the world get healthier, understand their body as a system understand your pets as a system.

Everything is a system. So get involved because, we’ve been doing a lot of effort exposing the not so obvious establishment, the fraud that’s taking place and the charlatans. There’s enough videos out there, but we now want to offer you solutions from a systems approach. So that’s what I wanted to share with you again.

Those of you who are joining new. This is part of our pet health series. We just covered M. S. M. and its effects on joint health, which is part of our canine 701 formulation we just released. We welcome you all to explore this, learn from it and that’s about it. Everyone be well be the light. I hope this is valuable and I wish you guys all a good night.

I just have to find. Where my outro is anyway, be well. Thank you.

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