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In this presentation, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, analyzes Turmeric and its applications for joint health in pets.

Transcript Below.

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 All right, everyone. Good evening. This is Dr Shiva. Today. We’re going to have a conversation. In our pet health series, a lot of you’ve asked about me doing a whole series on head health and a systems approach to that. So we’re going to continue that series with the discussion today on a very important nutrient that’s called turmeric.

And turmeric, as you can see here is a powerful herb that also has valuable things for pet. Immune and joint health. We’re gonna look at both and we’re gonna look at a whole systems approach. We’re gonna look at its power on immune health. I’m going to take a whole systems approach to it.

That’s we’re gonna do today. And as a part of this, I want to just let everyone know that everything we do at our movement, you can see right here. Truth and health is to teach people how to think from a systems approach. You can think from a systems approach to look at your body as a system.

Politics is a system. Everything in the world is a system. Your pet is a system. And then you can start figuring out what are the right. Things in a particular situation, be it in a political situation, be it in a. Relationship situation, be it for your body, et cetera. And that’s what we focus on at truth.

Freedom. Help. We teach you the science of system. So before I start, I want to give you a preview into my journey into systems. A science by playing a quick video and then we’ll be back. We’re going to talk about turmeric as a part of our whole systems approach for pets.

Welcome to V. A. Shiva. V. A. Shiva is a product of my journey across East and West, science and tradition, ancient and modern, that brings you the science of systems so you can become a force for truth, freedom, health. V. A. Shiva is a platform of revolutionary education, community building, and weaponry for unleashing local activism.

My journey to Vyeshiva begins in the chaos of Bombay, where I experienced diverse religions, languages, castes, and in a small village that had no running water, no electricity, where my grandmother, a poor village farmer, practiced Siddha. An ancient system of Indian medicine over 10, 000 years old, she observed one’s face, the art of Samudrika Lakshanam, to understand a body’s unique constitution, allowing her to deliver the right medicine for the right person at the right time.

Watching my grandmother heal others, I was inspired to study medicine, but I was also aware of the corrupt caste system of India, which denigrated a human being, where my family were considered low caste, untouchables, where one’s birth determined one’s destiny. The grit and determination of my mother and father led them to get educated and to come to America, a one in a trillion event.

Their actions inspired me to work hard and excel. While in ninth grade, I attended New York University in a computer science program and subsequently, at the age of 14, was given a full time job as a research fellow at what is now known as Rutgers Medical School in the heart. of Newark, New Jersey. There, I investigated the system of sleep using mathematics, computer science and biology for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It was there in Newark where I invented email when I was the first to convert every feature of the physical paper based inner office mail system, including inbox, outbox, memo, carbon copy, blind carbon copy, attachments into its electronic equivalent, a system which I named email, a term that I was the first to coin on August 30th, 1982.

I was awarded the first U. S. copyright for the invention of this system, recognizing me as the inventor of email. At that time, copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I went on to MIT where I earned four degrees across multiple systems of engineering. Electrical, Mechanical, Design, Biological.

That training led me to invent many other systems for advancing humankind. Echomail, the world’s first intelligent email management system. Cytosol, a computational biology system for eliminating animal testing to discover new medicines, faster, cheaper, and safer, and to the creation of a whole systems methodology for certifying clean food, these innovations led me back on a Fulbright to India, where I discovered the missing link between Eastern medicine and Western systems theory, honoring my grandma.

mother to develop your body, your system, a powerful tool that will help you understand how your body is a system and how the inputs of food supplements and exercise, bring your body back to its natural system state and systems, health and integrative educational discipline that is now integrated into the VA Shiva platform that will enable you to learn the.

Science of systems, the science of everything, be it your body as a system or our society and politics as a system to reveal the foundational interrelationships between truth, freedom, health. Now is the time for you to be the light, learn the science of systems, build community and weaponize yourself to unleash the activism necessary to deliver truth, freedom, health in your local community.

Welcome to be a Shiva.

All right, everyone. Welcome back to. Our talk today, and we’re going to be talking about a tumor X effect on a pet, particularly pet health. And as many of, we do a lot of research in our, as a part of our side to solve as a part of our truth and science initiative to really apply systems approaches to find out what’s right.

For every system. And today we’re going to talk about pets. I have 2 pets right here, Toronto and Sequoia. They’re running around the office, but all of us care for our pets. And it’s really important to understand that the system of health that we need to support our pets. We need to take a whole systems approach.

So let me just jump right in and we’re going to talk about pet health. Okay. So 1st of all, any of the content here in this presentation is not intended. To be a substitute for your professional veterinarian advice. It’s not a diagnosis. You should always seek the advice of your veterinarian, as the disclaimer says.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been doing a pet health series as a part of a very powerful set of nutrients we put together in K9701 as a part of a whole systems approach. And what we uncovered was through the use of cytosol. And I’ll tell you what cytosol is that there’s a need for synergy.

Synergy is a principle where you recognize not any one thing is going to solve it. There’s no magic bullet to health. There’s no magic bullet to understanding to solving a problem in any system. So here we’ve looked at a multi systems approach. We’ve looked at compounds like hyaluronic acid, like MSM that I discussed.

Recently, we looked at Indian herbs like turmeric and Fenugreek. We’ve looked at, see vegetation like kelp allergies, like spirulina diatomaceous clay, raspberry leaf, a whole bunch of different kinds of. Herbs, including red raspberry leaf and half thorn leaf and in combination, these things have a powerful synergistic effect.

And we’ve put that into a very interesting combination of ingredients we’ve come up with, which we call canine 7 0 1. And today we’re going to talk about turmeric and that’s, we’re going to focus on many of you may have heard of turmeric. You may have heard of curcumin, but we’re going to really talk about turmeric is 1 of the components.

Of this a very powerful whole health supplement for pets. 1st of all, we need to understand how does turmeric from canine 701 affect pet health. 1st of all, what is turmeric? Turmeric is a widely used medicinal plant. The use of tumeric dates back to nearly 4000 years now is traditionally used for all sorts of things.

Disorders of the skin, upper respiratory tract joints as well as digestive system and it’s derived from the root. It’s actually to be specific, it’s a rhizome from curcuma longa, which is a plant from the ginger family. So if you look at the roots, when you pull up this very green stock their rhizomes hanging off it, and that’s what turmeric is.

And it’s generally recognized as, say, GRAS by the FDA. That means grass. And it contains lots of chemical compounds, not the active compounds in turmeric or tumerones which is about 3 to 5%. of the rhizome and curcuminoids, which is another 2%. The effects, the biological effects of turmeric are quite broad, from antioxidant to anti-inflammatory to anticarcinogenic, to anti mutagenic, to antiproliferative, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective.

Cardio is heart, hepato is liver and neuros brain. Particularly in the area of cancer. It ensures that the proliferation of cancer is mitigated. And as you can see from this diagram. The places that tumeric hits in your body, which is a targets in your body are quite broad also and obviously also for animals pets.

So it hits enzyme targets. It hits transcription factors a pop top a popped up. Totic regulators, which are things that ensure cell death takes place in cancer. For example, cells don’t die as they should. It hits receptors. It is adhesion molecules, kinases, inflammatory cytokines a whole bunch of others.

Okay. Growth factors. But these, what in the outer circle, there are, these are chemicals or places in your body that when curcumin hits, it causes a molecular reaction. So there’s over a hundred different molecular. targets and many different types of targets. So again, when you look at this, it almost seems like we should all be taking turmeric because the body is waiting for it in some sense.

There’s so many molecular targets for 4000 years. The Indians have included this in diet. The health benefits are again quite broad as you can see skin health. Brain health, joint health, liver health heart health, digestive health, wound care, immune health, reproductive health, and respiratory health.

That’s Geronimo. He’s enjoying this discussion. He’s giving his feedback. Now the tumerones are volatile essential oils, okay? And you can see in turmeric, there’s different tumerones. There’s A. R. To my own there’s alpha term around and there’s beta term around and you can see the different chemical structures.

As I mentioned, they consume, or they constitute about up to 5 percent of turmeric. There are also curcuminoids, and these are finale compounds where these are volatile essential oils. These are phenolic compounds and they occupy, they consist of about 3 to 4 percent of turmeric and you can see there’s curcumin 1 or cur 1 D methoxy curcumin, cur 2.

And by Demethoxycurcumin, that’s Cur3. So you have three different types of curcuminoids. So when you, when people say, oh, I take curcumin, the issue is which curcumin are they talking about? There’s different curcuminoids within turmeric. Now for pet health, we want to focus on the immune system. Now the typical model of the immune system that you’ve probably heard about is a pathogen, which could be an antigen consists.

It could be on the surface of a virus or fungus or bacteria. We have the innate immune systems when your body 1st recognizes this foreign substance, your innate immune system reacts and then a few hours later, minutes later, the adaptive immune system reacts, which creates antibodies. So this is a classic.

Two compartment model of the immune system. Unfortunately, this is at least about 100 50 years old and this is the problem that I have, because my research has revealed that the immune system is far more complex. This is why during the quote unquote pandemic, I was very clear.

That it was really about boosting the immune system really consists of much many other subsystem, which I’ve discussed in many of the other videos. Now, when you look at the typical immune response, which is from the innate immune system, step 1 is that the innate immune system, like the macrophages try to eat up the infectious agent, as you can see, and that’s called phagocytosis.

And then the 2nd, part of it is step 2 That antigen presentation is done, which is part of the adaptive immune system. Okay. That occurs within the innate immune system that leads to the adaptive immune system and the adaptive immune system. The whole goal here is your body is going to produce antibodies.

I’ve done many videos on this, but fundamentally the the, whereas the innate immune system is just trying to take it out. In a non targeted way the adaptive immune system for that specific antigen. In this case, you’re looking at the surface protein of the virus. It attempts to use the cellular structure of B cells and T cells to create a particular antibody, which has memory.

So the next time, if that antigen ever comes, your body knows how to react. Okay? Now, the interferon system that I’ve talked about, that was part of my PhD work at MIT, really is another complete system that most, most medical doctors, most people don’t, they know about it, but they don’t know the importance of it.

It’s a fundamental system. In the immune system, and the interferon system is critical because it’s the middleware between the innate and the adaptive. All right, so we have to understand bottom line. The immune system is more complex than what they came out in 1915. Now, the health benefits of turmeric are quite broad when it comes to immune health.

The curcumin in turmeric modulates the immune system, the immune cells and the immune cytokines. From the innate as well as the adaptive immune system to through to really 2 methods, anti oxidative properties and anti inflammatory properties. You’ve probably heard of this thing called the cytokine storm that your dogs can also, or your pets or your can undergo if their immune systems are weak, the immune system overreacts.

Now, if you support their immune system with. Antioxidants and anti inflammatory inputs, it’s going to give you immunomodulation. So curcumin mitigates allergy and asthma, right? So you don’t overreact. Okay. So 1 needs to understand. It is not these antigens are coming in and eating you up, but is the overreaction of the immune system.

So curcumin really mitigates several autoimmune diseases. On metabolic diseases through the modulation of the immune system. How does it do this? So at the innate level curcumin, you can see this molecule. What it does is it augments the cytotoxicity, which means the killing capacity of the killer cells.

So it supports your natural killer cells. That’s a green line. It supports your macrophages. But it also lowers the oxidative stress created by inflammatory macrophages. So you’re. M1 macrophages create inflammation. Okay. And it knocks that down. So it’s got got a one, two punch. It supports the natural killer cells in the M2 macrophages.

But it also lowers the oxidative stress created by the inflammatory M1 macrophages. So curcumin is very nice in supporting the innate immune system. It also supports the adaptive immune system in two ways. Okay, first of all, it suppresses the activation of, or you can see IL 2 here. Okay, which is a cytokine, and it suppresses the proliferation of Th1 cells by inhibiting IL 2.

which is important. It also suppresses the proliferation of TH17 cells by also inhibiting IL 2. So what this does, it really these are pro inflammatory events and you don’t want that to occur. But on the other hand, it stimulates the proliferation of antibody producing B cells. Via the suppression of oxidative stress.

So again, it’s it positively supports your creation of antibodies. And then on the other side, it inhibits these pro pro it inhibits IL 2. Okay. Which is pro inflammatory. The other thing is. In tumeric really modulates the inflammatory cytokines again, you don’t want to have the cytokine storm nor do you want to have the pets have the cytokine storm.

And you can see IL 2, TNF alpha, IL 6, and IL 1 beta. These are very. Powerful cytokines, which lead to the cytokine storm and curcumin inhibits that and then it also inhibits Cox to which leads to inflammation again. Inflammation and the cytokine storm are not good things. To have and if you can modulate them, you’re supporting the immune system when it comes to allergies.

If you think about skin allergies, your pets have, respiratory allergies, right? Again, curcumin blocks as you can see, I’ll to GM CSF, I’ll 5 and I’ll 4, which lead to respiratory issues like asthma. And it also blocks oxidative stress, which leads to allergies. Okay. All sorts of allergies in the system.

Again. Okay. Another very powerful effect of curcumin. So in summary, turmeric activates the innate cells of the immune system. That’s the first thing it supports and inhibits inflammatory enzymes such as COX 2 and the inflammatory cytokines involved in the cytokine storm. So it’s like shock absorbers for immune system.

So your immune system properly modulates itself and supports your pet health. Obviously, and the term it also mitigates allergic reactions. I was speaking to my vet recently and he was saying most dogs and most pets are very allergic to a lot of the most of the poultry products because it’s not the poultry.

In and stuff, but what is the poultry being fed these days? Okay, GMO soy, et cetera. Pets have all sorts of allergic reactions from the time the pet eats something and it goes through its system. So again if you want to modulate that again, tumeric is a very powerful input to do that.

The other piece is tumeric really improves outcomes for diseases. Affected by immune systems, such as autoimmune, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. You can find canine 701 right up on our shop. And before I go to that, I’ll come back to that where you can get it. Everything that we do is we take a systems approach.

Recently, we about a year ago, we use the same systems approach from the technology I created called cytosol. Which we’re now going to make accessible. I’ll be talking more about it through our Cytosol Open Science Institute. But we’ve also used this technology and I’ll come back to K9 7. I want to really support human immune response and joint health.

And I’ll play a quick video so you’ll understand what is Cytosol, but you’ll also understand that the same technology in addition to PETS has been used. to support humans. Let me play that. I’ll be right back to finish up K9701 and turmeric. Millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling, but most pain medications come with harsh side effects, and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing.

That’s why we at Cytosolve created MV25. MV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve computational systems biology platform. A technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions derived from thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort.

Hi, I’m Barbara Ann. My hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet and they would go like that. Now I have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids. And I started taking that MV 25. After a bit I was able to hold cards in my hand. Very little cramping. Hardly at all anymore.

MV 25. Hi, My name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor. I tore my ACL during Taekwondo. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV25 for about six months now. After the first week, I noticed a big difference. After the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a lower back problem.

I hurt my back at work years ago and I can go to the chiropractor, do all kinds of different things and nothing seems to help. And I decided to try MV25. I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do, it seems to go away a lot quicker than ever did before.

MV 25 is certified clean, 100 percent non GMO. Made in America and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices. MV25 is CytoSolve optimized. Which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve. As the science advances, so will this formulation.

This is our promise. Order online at mv25. life. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement or medication.

All right, guys. I accidentally forgot to stream out on YouTube. So let people know. I’m going to do a call and take a couple of questions. But before I do that. Where do you get K 9701? Again, let me finish. K 9701 when you look at it, it consists of a number of very important things. By the way, it’s about a teaspoon you can give to a 25 pound dog.

Our dog’s about 100 pounds. They take four teaspoons or two tablespoons. We mix it in with their food, but the canine 701 is not only for one subsystem. It has many powerful values for multiple subsystems. That’s why it’s a whole systems. Approach here, hard health, skin health, brain health, anti parasitic.

Bone health, metabolic health, immune health, joint health and again, it includes many different, components that I’ve discussed. So what I want to do is some of you have really enjoyed. So this was we discussed turmeric today, but many of you have asked you want to do questions Q and a so we can do that here.

I’m going to post a a banner here that you can call in onto our line. You can call in at 8579979545. We have a new tool that we have that we’re using that will allow us to take your calls. Okay. So we can take calls coming in. If people are interested in making a call. If you want, we’ll take a couple of minutes or I’ll look right on here and we’ll take comments here.

Right here. So someone says, can I get this in UK? Yes. By the way, we manufacture everything using a local partner. It’s made in the United States. Canine seven Oh one. And then you can also get it right here in the United States and we’ll ship it to anywhere on the planet. Let me just give everyone where everyone’s asking where you can get it.

You can go to V a shiva. com. And if you go on the issue of a calm, I got to find the shop here. And if you go to the shop you can find canine 7. I want to put the link in, but it’s really a food in many ways, right? It’s a whole health supplement again. Obviously, you should talk to your vet, et cetera before you give your dog anything.

It’s just a important disclaimer, but this is where you can get it. There you go. So I just put the link to it. So people can go get it where they want. Let’s see if anyone. So we’ve set up a call and so people can call if they want. Or you can ask any questions on anything that I’ve discussed on turmeric, et cetera.

Someone says a great product also reduces negative symptoms. Yeah, so this is on MV 25. Someone says a great product also reduces negative symptoms from menstrual cycle. Bravo, Dr. Shearer, bright star in the dark world. Thank you. Someone says I take turmeric daily. Great. Someone says my dog constantly bites and scratches her tail.

What could this be? Obviously your dogs. having some type of allergic reaction. It also could be something, again, you should talk to your veterinarian having to do with some stress. Okay, or something else going on in your house. Our dogs recently had that about a year ago. Our male dog in particular, because he’s very emotional, and we’ve gone away for about 6 weeks.

So obviously it was a little bit upset. Okay. So dogs are, they all have different personalities. No. 1 of them is the same. They’re as different as human beings. All right. Someone says, is it best to take to curcumin or turmeric or curcumin? So look curcumin, as I mentioned, is the active ingredient, the compound within turmeric.

Okay, it’s the active ingredient. That’s what curcumin is. The. And there’s many different types of curcuminoids. Turmeric is a whole plant. Okay. Turmeric is a whole plant. And the important thing to understand is that herbs the bioavailability of the key compounds varies based on what you mix it with.

In traditional cultures, they would take. Turmeric, whole turmeric, dry it, grind it to the powder, but they would mix it with other things. So on a, for humans you would take milk, boil it at night and drop, let’s say, a teaspoon of a turmeric in because the turmeric was made more bioavailable by the fats.

By the lipids, the fats in the milk, right? In powders, right? Or curry, which is a combination. Turmeric was typically added to other spices, not only pepper, but other things that would increase the bioavailability. In this case, turmeric, we’ve combined with other things. To increase its bioavailability.

Yes. So you can take turmeric. Typically a fat, makes it more bioavailable if that answers your question. Okay. And to those of you asking, where do you get MV 25? Sorry about I didn’t put that up, but you can go to MV 25 dot life. Now I will we’ll be having an open house shortly or a symposium to talk about cytosol.

We’re going to be launching an open science Institute. What that means is we have found a way over the last 16 years to do science faster and cheaper than the biggest academic institutions. In order to really convert this to something that’s valuable for all of you, what we’re going to do is we’re going to, open up our scientific institute to the world and you guys can propose scientific projects to us. You guys can directly funded because, as, over the last 16 years, we’ve been doing a lot of science, a lot of publications, independent of the major establishment institutions, faster and cheaper.

And we’ve been getting our stuff published in the major journals because our stuff is just very good. So we’ve decided that we’re going to make our scientific. Capabilities accessible to humankind. So keep an eye out for the Open Science Institute. Brought to you by truth, freedom and health and our movement.

And that’s going to go in conjunction with the system self institute, which is training new system self educators as well as MDs and nurses who never learned a systems approach to the body. So it’s quite exciting. As I mentioned, the beginning of this year, we’re moving towards solution solutions.

We’ve done a lot of work and exposing this establishment, the swarm creatures as we call them. But now we’re about solutions. You can go look at all my old videos where I’m exposing them with a lot of vitriol and I’ll continue to do that. Okay. I’m not going to stop, but 80 percent of our effort is going to be to mobilize people with solutions.

So this is a solution. K9701 is a solution for your pet. It’s come from a lot of research, a lot of work by looking at many different ingredients and how they interact. Okay. Karen Henneberry says. I know what is horrible regarding allopathic, which is Western medicine. So it would be great to have real solutions.

Yeah, look, Western medicine to put it in context is great. If you’re in a crisis, right? Something horrible occurs to you. God forbid car accident. You need surgery. You need antibiotics. In a crisis, that’s what it’s great for, but it knows very little about treating the body as a system. My mission in life, given I’ve been trained in both worlds is to really support both aspects, but really to put this in context.

So starting this year and right away, in fact, this end of this month, for example, we’re going to be at the Systems Health Institute and all of you are invited. To a workshop. Okay. And the workshop is a workshop. It’s a 3 day intensive. You can get a, there’s 1, 2 day, 3 day passes, but it’s an intensive where you’re really going to learn the science of systems.

Really? The science of everything. And if you guys want to come to an introductory lecture on this, we’re having that coming up frankly, quite shortly. Which is coming up this friday, let me bring that up. So you guys can also attend that if you want a lot of announcements. We’re doing a lot of things here.

So if you go to the events page here on va shiva. com, you’ll see that we have the introductory. Lecture taking place and it’s open to the public, but you really understand that what we need to do to retrain and I put up the link to that. We need to really retrain health professionals and we need to also enable people to really understand how their bodies the system.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a nurse and MD, yoga practitioner, chiropractors, all those people will benefit. But you’ll really benefit from this and I put the link right there. If you want to really start understanding how the body is a system. So we, so the systems health institute has been around since 2007 with all the work I’ve been doing on the political end.

I had to put that on hold, but we’re relaunching it because truth freedom health demands that. Truth from health dot com provides you all the tools to learn how to be a better citizen and an activist. Systems help provides you to really understand the body of the system. And you can proceed on various types of certification programs.

We have create your own systems, health business. And then at site assault, we’re literally using all the technology we’ve created. To change the world and deliver science research faster and cheaper and make you a part of that. Okay. So anyway, that’s what we do. I hope you guys have enjoyed this and be 25.

you can go look up canine 701 and we’ll be putting this video up on YouTube, which we forgot to stream on shortly. All right, everyone. Thank you. Be well. Be the light. I hope this was valuable and that’s it. Thank you.

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