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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai shares why Working People Unite and mobilizing a Bottoms-Up decentralized movement is the only way to Truth Freedom Health.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses Why Working People Uniting is the Only Way to Truth Freedom Health with interviewer Patrick Timpone.
  • In the mid 1800s there was the ‘Great Upheaval’ where working people across the United States were rising up and by the late 1800s working people mobilized a Bottoms-Up decentralized Movement.
  • Women were rising up everywhere, the rise of real trade unions that were representing workers Bottoms-Up – then unions negotiated with Big Corporations – and struck deals to suppress workers from striking.
  • In the last 50 years only 2-3 million workers strikes, but the previous 30-59 years 100 million people organized independently of unions and when that stopped the American Pie split, one for the 5% and the incomes for the other 95% shrunk by 66%.
  • At a point in life, everyone either implicitly or explicitly makes a decision on whether they accept the way the world is or do they want to change it? Those who choose to accept the world as it is often rationalize their choice. Those who want to change the world must realize you can not change it within the political infrastructure that exists and we must unite to take a Systems Approach Bottoms-Up.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai:  Hello, everyone, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, I’m going to be doing an interview with Patrick here. So we’re gonna be talking about the importance of why we need to build a movement that’s about working people uniting. And that’s really the only path to Truth Freedom Health that’s what we’re going to talk about. And, you know, May Day is on May 1st. So I’ll be reviewing what that is about in this interview with Patrick. So, I hope this is valuable because I think it’s extremely important to people to have a historical context of what’s taking place. Because without that historical context, it’s very hard for people to see what the direction forward is.

Patrick Timpone:  He actually invented email. So you know, when you clean out your email box every day, you just blame him. Blame him. He has four degrees from MIT, four degrees. An MIT Systems Scientist. He’s a Fulbright Scholar MIT awards finalist. Actually got… recognized as the inventor of email–the government did–with the copyright. He goes back to his early youth with his interest in natural healing with his family with Siddha in India. And he gets around a lot. I believe he’s still running for Senate candidate… Dr.SHIVA. Good morning, sir. How are you?

Dr.SHIVA:  Good morning. Good morning. How are you there? Yeah,

PT:  I’m doing fine, sir. Are you? Are you having an active Senate run? In the mix right now?

Dr.SHIVA:  No. So, well, it’s active in the sense that I did not concede my election in 2020 because of the duplicity that we discovered. We are the only ones who have two cases that are active in federal court that have not been thrown out. And I’m representing myself. We have actually gotten about four or five victories in that case. So that’s what’s going on. So we, you know, we ran a very incredible primary race. We had 1000s of volunteers on the ground and the Republican Establishment was so afraid that I was going to perturb their agreement that they had with the Democrats that they ran an idiot to run against me who had no campaign, nothing. And we knew we’d won. And that’s when I got involved in really understanding the dynamics of election integrity in the United States.

PT:  So, yeah. Have you been able to show that they actually fiddled with the computers as well?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. Yeah, that’s what we did.

PT:  Have you been able to prove that?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. So we, well, what we’ve shown… We have two lawsuits that are in Federal court. The first lawsuit is a lawsuit which exposes the fact that the government contacted Twitter and had me thrown off Twitter when I exposed the fact that they deleted what are called ‘ballot images’ which cannot be, you know, deleted by federal law. And so in that lawsuit, we have three victories on it so far in the sense that the judge agreed to the hearing. Second thing is he gave us the terms of the restraining order against the Secretary of State. And third is he also now wants us to bring in Twitter into that lawsuit. So that’s quite remarkable. And I’m representing myself. In the second lawsuit–we show in the second lawsuit–we showed mathematically that my votes were multiplied by two thirds. And that’s important because no one has rebutted our mathematical analysis in that lawsuit. So that’s the second lawsuit–unlike all of Trump’s which are thrown out of court where he had… we supposedly paid lawyers to do this. So our lawsuits are founded on something very real. And that’s why we’ve gotten multiple victories. And the judge in the case is also a judge that took on Whitey Bulger who is one of the biggest mafia guys in Massachusetts. And so I don’t think he’s afraid. So we’ll see what happens. You know, so far things are going well.

PT:  Excellent! So this is a big step to, for them, just to not to be in a situation where they say we’re not going to hear it like they did with Trump, right? So you’re in… you’re in the game…

Dr.SHIVA:  Because not only we’re in the game they attempted. Yep. So first of all, they gave us a hearing; they gave us a victory by giving us a terms of a restraining order. The Judge got very interested in the fact… Remember, this is not Twitter that threw me off Twitter. In the first case, it was… The Government of Massachusetts contacted Twitter to throw me off because I was exposing the fact they violated federal law. So that’s not… That’s Fascism, okay? And you just noticed that in India the government contacted Twitter because the government didn’t like people posting stuff, exposing, you know, whatever the Indian government is up to and Twitter also complied. So the point that we’re making–which is very different from section 230–is that Twitter is an agent of the government:  Big Tech doesn’t act on its own. It acts at the behest of government. So there’s been all this stuff against Big Tech, Big Tech, Big Tech. But we need to understand that both Republicans and Democrats need Big Tech. They need Big Pharma. They need Big Banks. They need Big Institutions because that’s how they not only wield their power but that’s how they exercise control for those people. So they’re One, you know? So this is something that’s not fully understood because the media always tries to make it some, you know, “Big Tech sort of does things on their own”.

But I think one of the most important things to understand is that, you know, May 1st is coming, which is International Workers’ Day. And I think, you know, in this context, I think what’s good to potentially–for your audience and to inspire people–is that when you look at the arc of human history, people–those in power–always try to… try to demoralize people with this Worldwide Wrestling Federation model that they run–the Left and the Right… You know they let a black guy win once–Obama–because… so he can be the hope for working people. Then they let a white guy–Trump–win where he did a bunch of sloganeering, right? “Lock her up” and “Make America Great Again”. And his both of the… The Establishment needs Trump; they need Obama; they need Bernie; they need Ted Cruz and all these people. It’s a way of keeping people in the theater of the Worldwide Wrestling Federation of Left and Right. But I think one of the most important things to understand is what does May 1st mean? I’m not sure, Patrick, if you know, where May 1st, International Workers’ Day, originated?

PT:  It was Russia, wasn’t it? Maybe the Bolsheviks? No?

Dr.SHIVA:  No. So that’s… It’s great. So, by the way, everyone listening, I’m doing an interview with Patrick from and what we’re talking about is… Look where it–May 1st–originate from? So when people think about International Workers’ Day–every other part of the world except the United States–it’s a day off. It’s sort of the worldwide Labor Day. And it started in America, okay? Let me repeat that. International Workers’ Day has its origins in America and this is where we need to get very real if we’re serious about changing the world in a positive way. The Left and the Right have colluded against working people since about the mid 1900s. Starting in the in… The pinnacle of it was in the 50s into the 70s. To ensure that anytime you say “Working People Unite” that must mean that it’s Communist or Socialist or Marxist, okay? But this is the reality of what took place:  In the mid 1800s, there was what was called–and anyone can Google this look it up–Great Upheaval. What the Great Upheaval was that working people across the United States were rising up. The Elites felt that there was going to be a revolution in this country, okay? They thought that there was going to be a revolution in this country. And by the late 1800s, working people were mobilized, a Bottoms-Up decentralized movement. And so for example, in 1886 was one of the biggest marches for the eight-hour workday in Chicago, Haymarket, Chicago. So it was about three to four days of events. And on May 3rd 1886, four workers–after an incident that took place with the police–were hanged. Four workers–American workers–were hanged for, fighting for the rights of the eight-hour workday. And every other worker throughout the world was watching that. And in commemoration of those workers who were hanged… By the way, two years later, after they’re hanged, the governor said, “This was the worst travesty of justice. There’s no reason. They didn’t cause the violence that was reported. It was all made up” and… But in commemoration of those four American workers in May 1886, everyone in the world declared it as International Workers’ Day, May 1st, okay? Except America. When Eisenhower got into office, he changed it to ‘Loyalty Day’–loyalty to the Establishment. Reagan made it ‘Law Day’. So this is what needs to be emphasized now.

Why is… So it’s almost like the Elites put a bubble over America–a propaganda bubble–to make sure everyone in America thought, “whenever you use the word ‘Working People Unite’ that must be Marxist, Communist, Socialist…”. But when you really look back at it, it was the American working people who rose up. And they were all different backgrounds–Left, Right, you know, anarchists, unionists–in those early movements. And by the early 1900s those movements had become so powerful that the Elites in this country were afraid that a revolution was going to take place, literally. So when the Depression hit, Franklin Delano Roosevelt–who was a racist and elitist, he wasn’t a nice guy–a gun was put to their heads by this emergent, very powerful movement. And so in response to that, out of… the Elites out of their fear, through reforms, they said, “Okay, we’ll give you the eight-hour workday. We’ll eliminate child labor. Fine, we’ll give you highways. We’ll give you roads. We’ll give you sanitation. We’ll clean up your water.” They were scared of a complete thing that was going to topple them. Every gain we have today in America did not come from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Did not come from a Republican or a Democrat. It came from people… peoples’ names who we do not know. American working people who fought Bottoms-up, particularly women. In the mid 1800s, women were rising up everywhere. So it was the rise of real trade unions at the time, true trade unions that were representing workers. So if you look at all the gains we got during that period–during 1900 to 1940, right, that the Elites were forced to give–it wasn’t Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It wasn’t the New Deal. It was the fear that there… that there was going to be a revolution in this country of working people seizing power. That’s what actually took place. Now all of that’s been wiped out of American history. But it was that upsurgence that resulted in the biggest growth in the American economy. Between 1945 to 1975, you had an explosive growth in the American economy.

So 1945 to 1975 GDP grew per capita which means if you looked at the overall growth and you divide it by every person, that growth percentage grew year over year and economically every American in every sector’s income grew. So the American Pie grew equally for everyone… But ’45 to ’75… That’s why, you know, immigrants wanted to come to America, like my parents. During that period, there was the biggest boom for the American economy because the American working people during that early period fought for infrastructure, public health. If you look at 1963–by the time the measles, immunizations, jabs came–15 years before that, most of the measles was completely gone. Okay? Fifteen years before that because of public health infrastructure, sanitation… The plumber and the sanitation worker did more for public health than did the pharmacist or the doctor by 1963. So that’s the economics.

PT:  Sure. So this whole time it’s the… it’s the people… you’re, you’re arguing.. it’s the people that are pushing the politicians forward. That gets things happening. Other, you know, not just people getting in power who want to do nice things for us.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, I’m saying… Yeah, exactly. What I’m saying specifically also is the fact that it is actually… what actually took place was there was a deliberate movement of–a decentralized movement–of the American working people. Now it gets even more interesting when you layer this fact in. The Elites were so pissed off that they had to give these workers all of these concessions–they were really angry–so they regrouped themselves in the nineteen… starting in the ’50s peaking in the ’70s. And what did they do? They basically–Left and Right, particularly starting with the Right Wing–they branded… Anytime you use the word ‘Working People Unite’… I mean, Karl Marx used the ‘Workers of the World Unite’ but he doesn’t own that, okay? You know, that concept goes back to slave times, 1000s of years ago, okay, working people uniting. But anytime you use that word, ‘Working People Unite’, they–that means a Bottoms-up movement–they branded that with capital ‘C’ Communism, okay? With the Soviet Union, capital ‘C’, okay? I mean, not the lowercase ‘C’. I mean, we can have a discussion with… with the differences, okay? But they associated it with the Soviet Union. And that was the brainwashing that they did. So every American worker when… whenever they wanted to organize Bottoms-up, they said, “Oh, you’re… you’re, you must be working for Russia.” And so that was the branding of everything as Marxist, Socialist dah, dah, dah, dah, right? Communist. So what happened?

So they… that was the way the Right Wing cut the knees off working people to organize Bottoms-up. So what they ended up doing… The Left took advantage of that–because they’re both two wings of the same bird–and they organized top-down unions. Because they knew working people were going to do something–so they funnel them into these top-down, union-boss, mafia-controlled unions… top-down, okay? So what you ended up having was, by the ’50s and ’70s, all the unions are top-down controlled. And by the ’70s you have no longer people striking Bottoms-up. And to give you the data on that… If you look from 1945 to 1975 there’s a wonderful graph which shows a bar chart for how many strikes that took place during that period, okay? Let’s go over those 30 years. And it’s typically around 3 million people, on average participating in strikes, that’s close to 100 million people. So during 1945-1975–when America had his biggest growth–working people were very energized. They were active. They would strike. They would demand their rights, okay? In nineteen… starting in 1975 that curve goes down.

PT:  Top-down because at the top-down they were controlling. Yeah,

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, So the union today? Yes. So the unions… Yeah, so the unions basically negotiated with Big Corporations struck deals and said, “Oh, we won’t strike. We’ll make sure… We’ll suppress our own workers.” Okay?

PT:  Interesting…

Dr.SHIVA: So you only had about maybe 2 to 3 million strike… striking workers during that next 50-year period. It’s quite amazing. So in 50 years, you only had like 2 million workers, but in the 50 years preceding that–or even the 30 years preceding that–you had 100 million people strike. And what happened when, when working people like us, we stopped getting organized independently of the unions and stopped striking? You know what happened? The American Pie split. So even though GDP continued to grow, you had two American Pies–one for the 5%. Their incomes grew by nearly 200%, and the incomes of the other 95% actually shrunk by 50% to… More! To 66%. So if you’re making $50,000 a year today and you’re in the 95%, you should actually be making about $120,000. So in 2018 alone–in just one year, according to a great set of calculations done by the RAND Corporation–just in that one year, about $2.7 trillion went from this American Pie to this American Pie. And in fact we saw it under Trump in the last year, right? What did we see? Six hundred billionaires double their wealth by $2.3 trillion.

So all of this stuff is forgotten. We focus on ridiculous stuff like Tucker Carlson who’s a complete entertainer. He doesn’t care about Left or Right. We focus on Chris Cuomo. We focus on Trump. Trump is just a con-man, okay? I’m convinced, okay? I supported him. Gave him money. Jared Kushner was running the White House. That’s what was really going on, all right? And what Trump did was–at the end of the day–he conned people talking about, “Lock her up.” He didn’t lock anyone up. Not one indictment against Hillary Clinton. “Make America Great Again”, was to bring back the American working class–who was starting to figure stuff out–back into the wings of the Right Wing of the Democratic Party. Obama did it to keep them to the Left Wing, okay? So the Establishment practices something, Patrick, called Systems Science. In the ’70s–starting in the ’30s–various… a science to understand the nature of systems. It’s called Systems Science. And so the Establishment–they never wanted working people to rise up like that happened in the mid 1900s–so they organize their Elites. And they started figuring out behavior patterns of people–directionality, where people are going. And one of the things that they’re always constantly monitoring is the anger of working people.

So when working people get angry. “Okay, let’s try Obama. He’ll give them the hope speech”, okay? A black guy. Well, then that… that’ll run its course over eight years. “Okay, so now let’s try a white guy–Trump.” And he’ll bark whatever he wants to bark, right? Each work, the two wings of the Establishment, to keep people entertained, to suck them back in. And the only way forward–the only way when you look at history–is to build a movement for Truth Freedom Health Bottoms-up. And what I’ve contributed to that–and what I’m contributing to that as a catalyst–is we’ve created the platform to do that. When I say–and it’s an innovation–and that innovation consists of three aspects. One is to educate people on Systems Science. Now someone like me–I went through all the MIT training, it’s called Systems Theory–I’ve learned that over 33 years. But I’ve also advanced it by linking that Systems Science to integrate it with Eastern & Western medicine. So in about an hour to two hours I can teach people, you know, fifty years worth of knowledge so they don’t have to go to MIT. In a period… So we, so that’s the first educational process. Second is we want to educate people on community which is… Once you learn these very, very important concepts what happens is people then need to build community because your political consciousness rises. The science that I teach people, Systems Science, every Monday evenings, I do it. But when people learn this, their political consciousness rises because of this scientific understanding you can use to understand your body as a system. You can use it to understand a political system. You can use it to understand anything–your computer as a system. It’s a science of everything. But without that science there will be no movement. People will continually get fooled because what that science teaches people is three principles.

Number one, the interrelationship between Truth Freedom Health. Truth Freedom Health is not a slogan. It’s directly related to Systems Science. Truth Freedom Health directly relates to the concepts of movement of energy, information, and matter which is what freedom comes from. Second is the conversion of information, matter and energy–which is what truth is–where you take an idea and you apply the scientific method to find out if it’s right or wrong. Then health is the infrastructure–the structural aspect–which contains anything in the universe. Well without your personal health you can’t fight for Truth or Freedom. So that’s the First Principle. Second Principle is Systems Science teaches us that everything in the universe… There is no center to anything in the universe. Everything is decentralized. This is why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. The notion of voting for Trump or Bernie or Left or Right is so adolescent. It’s like being a kindergartner. And that’s the level of political consciousness that they want to keep to… So I have very little patience for people who say, “Oh, what do you think about Trump? Or what do you think about Bernie?” It’s like you’re living… you’re a kindergartner, okay? And if you want to play in the major leagues and if we’re going to win, we have to raise our political understanding from where it’s at the kindergarten level up to a PhD level. And that comes with the understanding of Systems Science. The Establishment, those in power, understand Systems Science. There’s probably about 5000 people in the world who understand it.

PT:  Let me interrupt a second. When you say you’re gonna win. If you know… What do you mean by that? Because if we understand what you’re saying, and there’s many of our audience that are pretty up to date with this whole, you know, scam that’s going on with COVID and with the election, with Left and Right. A lot of our listeners are. We’ve talked about it. But if we just take care of our food, take care of our health, and hold our nose and pay our taxes, we win, Doc, don’t we? Because we don’t need to do anything else. Because these people, they’re not going to change. You know, the system, as you showed, you know, this is as swampy as it gets. Don’t we win when we take care of ourselves, take care of our family, take care of our food, take care of our health? The only thing we have to do is pay our taxes. That’s it. And we’re done. So, we win.  Don’t we win?

Dr.SHIVA: No. No, you don’t. And let me tell you why, okay? So there’s two, there’s two models to look at this one model is the following. One model… at a point in life, everyone, either implicitly or explicitly makes a decision. And that decision is the following: Do you accept the way the world is or do you want to change it? Okay, first decision in a decision tree. If you accept the way the world is, people say, “Well, I’m going to go off the grid. I’m going to live on my little farm. I’m going to just go, you know, keep my little garden, then everything’s gonna be fine.” Right? Well, that’s one possibility. The other is you say you want to change the world. And at that point, you come to a fork in the road. How are you going to change it which means you accept the existing political infrastructure and you’re going to work within that system, right? The other is you’re going to build a very different approach. And that led over the last 200 to… 200 to 300 years people doing all sorts of philosophy, anarcho syndicalism, right? The concept of workers’ collectives, libertarianism, I mean, go down the list. All these different political philosophies. But when you take a deep look at that and you study it–you have to study it like an engineer or a scientist–you find out that the only things that have ever worked in that realm have been when people organized decentrally and independently. And that’s why I gave the example of the 1900s. Now, if you think someone can live in their own little thing, “Well, I’m going to take care of my food. I’m going to do this. And that’s gonna happen.” Well, it’s not, because that’s under a false assumption that everyone lives in little cocoons.

The reality is we live in the 21st century. Everything is intimately connected now–supply chains, food chains–so many things have been so interconnected that you cannot escape. The concept of, “Well, I’m going to go live in my little haven over here, off the grid,” well, you know, you have stuff falling out of the sky, okay? The realm of government and the monopolization of capital since 1970 has become so profound at every level. You have three companies which control all communications right now:  Google, Facebook, Twitter. You have three Pharma companies which control the narrative on medicine. You have another three companies–Big Insurance companies–who control health. So you go down the list. It’s not like you can escape from any of this anymore. It’s actually an erroneous assumption. The issue is how do we deliberately build a movement. And this has also been… people have been brainwashed into thinking, “Oh, things just happen. You pray to God and something happens”, right? It’s not true. Everything that we see around us is organized. You know, the conversation we’re having today would not be possible unless someone deliberately decided to create something called a computer–until we’ve deliberately created, the internet, right? Everything we have came out of human thought–organized human thought–into a very deliberate model. So instead of wanting to acknowledge that and realize that–you can’t be lazy about this–people want to sort of think there’s some mysticism that’s going to make all this happen. The reality is there is a science to how to build a movement. No different than there’s a science about how to build a bridge or how to build an iPhone or how to build anything in life, right? Even to make a nice food, right, recipe. You can sort of try to wing it, but there are certain things that you learn over time that work and that don’t.

PT:  What do you want this movement to do? What do you… what do you want this movement to do? To change the government? Or what?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, it’s not what I want. Well, let’s talk about that.

PT:  This movement, what would their goal be, this movement you’re talking about?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, let me ask you a question, okay?

PT:  Yeah, sure.

Dr.SHIVA:  So forget about what I want to do. Let me ask you a question. How do you restore your body’s health? There is a natural…

PT:  I do it every day by what I think, what I believe, what I eat, when I exercise… A lot of things.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So what are you trying to do? You’re trying to do… What are you trying to restore your body to what? You’re trying to restore your body to.

PT:  Your body is always trying to make balance; so I just pretty much let it go. And it’s doing fine, now. I’m working on 75 years old,

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So, the reality is the body has a natural homeostasis, okay?

PT:  Yes, sir. It does.

Dr.SHIVA:  So when you support… when you support the body to be in its Natural System State, it has the ability to heal itself, okay?

PT:  Yes, sir. Exactly.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, so if you just take that, so if you take that concept, every system in the universe–and this is what Systems Science teaches us–has a natural set point, okay, or homeostasis. And when the system is in its set point it knows how to manage itself, okay? So when it goes… So you have a particular set point in the Indian System of medicine, they call it your Prakriti or my Prakriti. I call it your Natural System State, all right? A Ferrari likes to move. It has a certain set of characteristics versus an SUV. A F-15 fighter plane is a very different system than a C-30 cargo plane, right? They’re designed for very different things. So the issue is–if you understand this concept, that the universe has particular governing principles–well what is the governing principle of existence? Well, what Systems Science shows us is there are three governing principles: movement of information, matter and energy–which is called transport; conversion of information, matter, and energy–which is called conversion, okay? And the ability to sustain all of this, so you know, we just call it the storage or the structural principle. Transport, Conversion, Storage–this appears in everything. And, you know, this is what we need to understand. So when you take Truth Freedom Health, it’s not something that I want. So that’s the wrong question, Patrick. What does the universe want? The universe wants transport, conversion, storage. Freedom is the aspect of transport which is–exists whether you and I are.. exist or not–which is movement. That’s when people say, “We want freedom”. They mean we want to be in resonance with the Principle of Transport–the principle of movement of information, matter and energy.

PT:  I get what you’re saying. Yes.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, if you start having If you start having passports to control people, well that means people can’t move. If you start censoring people online which means information can’t move, right? So matter can’t move. Information can’t move and so on, right? So that’s one principle. So freedom is something–not what I want–it is. It is. It is essential to… it’s in the resonance to this Principle of Transport. The second thing is the universe likes to take things in one form and convert it to another form, okay? The… Your digestion does… You eat something, a piece of matter and your body digests it. That’s a principle of conversion to get energy. Your CPU does that on your computer. It takes information–one and one–and it converts it to the number two. You say cognition. So there are these processes called conversion. Well, truth is a process of conversion, meaning you take ideas and you debate it out with freedom. “Well, I think the sun is the center of the universe. No, I think the earth is”, right? And people have this argument, right? Well, Galileo won that. I mean he was vilified for saying that the Earth is not the center, okay? You know 97% of the people were forced to think that the Sun revolved around the Earth. What doesn’t matter what your opinion is because science is science. Opinions don’t matter in that sense, okay? But through that argumentation, that debate, now, we all acknowledge… Unfortunately, it was only, I think, 300 years later, the Catholic Church in 1994 said they were sorry for what they did to Galileo in 1600. True, okay? They… It took them 300 years to acknowledge that mistake. So… But the point is, it is out of practicing the Scientific Method that we can come to something called truth–Conversion Process. But you cannot get to Truth or Freedom without this structural aspect. Well, that structural aspect is Health–the health of your physical body, the health of your economy.

So the movement that we’re catalyzing through the platform of VASHIVA.COM is to educate people on these principles. Because right now people have been made ignorant by an Establishment which does not want people to have Truth Freedom Health. So everything is very nebulous–“vote for Trump, vote for Bernie” one year “vote for Obama, vote for this fool”, okay? That’s the distraction. It is the Maya, it is the illusion that is put forward every day… As though Tucker Carlson is some intelligent being who thinks… gets angry and stuff. No, he is an… he’s an entertainer. He doesn’t give a damn about everyday working people. So this understanding is what the goal is. The goal is not, “Oh, we’re going to do this and then we’re going to get to paradise”. No, the goal is the movement that we’re building. The ends and the means are the same. The means is the movement and the end is the movement. There’s no dichotomy here. So the goal is to move people, to raise their political consciousness. Not only their political consciousness but their understanding from a Systems Approach. And when you have that… so that’s the goal.

PT:  So as… Yeah. So as spiritual beings–which we are in a body–our innate intelligence and tendency is to wanting to do things in our life that are good… that is good for the whole. It’s good for the whole, not just ourselves. That’s why we’re here, right?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. Well, I mean, this is a very deeply personal question. Everyone has to go… I’m not going to tell people why they’re here, you know, everyone has to go through their own  journey.

PT:  But you don’t… You know what I’m saying. I mean, what else are we going to do? Just eat pizza and ice cream? And then die? I mean, come on, you know, you know, there’s, well, I yeah, I do something.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, I think… I think the essence of existence, right? You… If you believe we live in two states of non existence, okay? That’s one way of looking at it. But the issue is to focus, you know, we’re here and now, okay? Many times people try to focus on some other world after this, right? And this is a very convenient way that, I think those in power, you know, misdirect people so they don’t look at the fact that…

PT:  That’s what religions have done, right?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, that religions are used to manipulate people–not spirituality. Religions are used to manipulate people so they don’t focus on the here and now. Or they, you know, yeah. I gave a talk on Easter Sunday, on the Temple cleansing that Christ did. It’s a very interesting phenomenon. Christ did…

PT:  I saw it on your website.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, Christ did two Temple cleansings. One in the early part of his ministry and one, literally seven days before he was crucified. Now, most, 95 to 98% of Christian–so called religious folks–leaders never want to talk about the Temple cleansing. They want to write it off as a anomaly:  “Oh, well, you know, yadda, yadda, you know, well, you know, and, you know” They just want to write it off. They don’t want to think about it. But to me, you know, I’ve been a student of studying this for a long time. When you look at the Temple cleansing, it was the essence of Christ’s ministry, in my view. It is the inflection point. And if you go… When he first started, and you know, John talks about this, he went, the first time he went to Jerusalem, where He knocked over tables and did the same thing. And the person who was running that temple was Caiaphas, okay?  Caiaphas was the family… was the guy who basically he was running the Mall of America in Jerusalem, right? They said, you know, so when people came into Jerusalem, they had to go buy pigeons inside the mall to sacrifice because people would sacrifice some animal. The poor folks could not afford a lamb or etcetera. And if they brought in their own birds, that wasn’t allowed. It was like you had your certified birds that you have to buy internally, okay? They’re running a freakin’ business. It was… money trading was going on, right? And the Sadducees were running this business, okay? The Elites among the Jewish hierarchy. And so Christ pissed them off initially. And then–what’s fascinating to understand is–the Pharisees then befriended Christ. They said, “Oh!” And why did the Pharisees like Christ? Because the Sadducees–one Jewish group was a competitor to the other Jewish group. These Pharisees who are running the local retail synagogues, okay? So… And the next time Christ went in–at least one that’s documented–in the Temple cleansing he had, by that time, he had figured out the Pharisees were also completely scumbags, too, like the Sadducees. And he had pissed them off, also. So by the time the second Temple cleansing took place, he had created enemies among the Romans, the Sadducees, and the Pharisees. And after that second, second temple cleansing is when Christ–seven days later–he’s crucified. And Caiaphas, the Pharisees, and the Romans all got together. Now why is this important? Because they’re…

PT:  Just about to ask you. What does this mean to us?

Dr.SHIVA:  What this means to us is that the here and now, at that time, was a reality that Christ while on Earth was going after the complete bastardization of very fundamental teachings here and now. And he was exposing both aspects of what I call the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. He was fighting for real things, Patrick, here and now also, okay? His life was integrated within the outer worlds and here. What’s happened for far too long as people who learn spirituality, yoga people, new age people, I find it frankly, atrocious, is because they think, “Oh, you just sit under a tree and you meditate. And then you forget this life”. No. If you… So a lot of the people practice New Age spirituality–telling people to move on to the next world–are basically part, in some ways, of a misdirection because–and most of those people don’t even know what yoga and meditation is about, 99% of them don’t! The true essence of existence was to look at how you treat people here and now, okay? That’s where spirituality starts. And that’s where it ends. If you happen to do yoga and meditation, great, okay? But that’s not the biomarker of whether you are a spiritual being. It’s how you treat people here and now. That’s what it’s fundamentally coming to. And without discussing that people want to always take into some other quote-unquote “spiritual realm” because it is a way to distract people from the here and now. The here and now is that 25% of people in the United States are unemployed. The here and now is 600 billionaires–600 billionaires in 12 months–double their wealth. Walmart, Amazon were kept open. Everyday working people who struggled for 30-40 years, their businesses were gone overnight. And that was brought to you by a finite set of people who for for 30 years have been profiting from, from driving interest rates low so they could take low interest loans and build bogus companies. Including people like Jared Kushner. That’s what’s actually been going on.

PT:  Dr.SHIVA, but you as well, as I’m sure as anyone understands karma, real karma. How it works. And we’ve created all this. You and I have created these systems. We created the government. It’s all part of our experience. So… can it be also argued that just to live gracefully, as well… as best we can, in this government experience? You think it’s our karma to try to change it? To change it, to overturn it?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, first of all, let’s talk about the word karma. So what is the word karma? The word karma is not… Yeah, the word karma, Patrick, it’s not good karma or bad karma…

PT:  No, I understand.

Dr.SHIVA:  Okay, so what is karma? What is the definition of karma?

PT:  I think it’s just doing. Everything is karmic. You know, everything we make is a karmic motion, every motion.

Dr.SHIVA:   Well, there’s two words in karma which… And most people don’t know there’s ‘Karma’ and there’s ‘Karmaphal’, okay? p-h-a-l. Their karma means right action. And Karmphal is the fruit of actions. So it… You should, you should take the course. Yeah, it’s cause and effect. So karma, but there’s two words in karma. Karma, which is action and reaction. That’s… So karma is input and output in Systems Theory, okay? So, when I… when you look at the Indian Systems of Medicine, the yoga systems, you find a one-to-one connection between general Systems Theory, okay? So karma is not some spiritual term. It means, “Are you willing to take the right action?” And right action… elicits the right effect. It has nothing to do with some etheric realm. It is about the actions that you take–the choices that you make will lead to particular results. You make bad choices, you’re going to get bad results. You think you’re going to be healthy eating Dunkin Donuts and eating donuts all day? Great! Do that. And the fruits of that action will be, you’re probably going to get Type-II Diabetes. If you want to take the right action of thinking that the Left and Right, Republican and Democrat, are what’s going to save you, you’re going to end up with no change. If you think that the world is just about like chilling out and hanging out and things are just going to happen, well, you’re going to end up with nothing, okay? Nothing happens. So the karma is action. Karmaphal is the fruit of action. So that’s what karma actually is. Is it, “Are you willing to be responsible for the actions you’re going to take?” Because if you’re not going to be responsible, then you’re going to be implicitly irresponsible for the actions you choose not to take, okay?

PT:  Yes, sir. And then we see these forces that are teaching people to not be responsible for anything, you know, to give them money into universal basic income and whatever, right? Let’s pay your student loans. So you know, the new fat coin coming out, they’re going to digitally introduce people with stuff just because they need it. Right. So it’s the completely opposite of what you’re saying, Dr.SHIVA, completely opposite. Makes people weaker.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So that’s why it’s very important people understand a system… There is no anchoring science or political theory. People have to give them the, you know, the North Star and how to navigate. And that’s what I’ve created. So my journey… you know, as… Growing up as a Low Caste Untouchable in India, coming to the United States, being exposed to Eastern & Western medicine, having gotten all those degrees at MIT, being an innovator… The biggest innovation that we have created is this educational understanding of Systems Science. And anyone who is serious about changing the world needs to learn it because without that they’re not gonna have any direction. Because, you know, in 1962 John F Kennedy gave a very famous speech–I think, 1961–to the National Academy of Sciences. And he said, we have a conundrum in democracy right now that the world systems have become so complicated, right? So for anyone to have me make a decision, meaning he was pointing to himself, on which way to go on any particular issue, he goes, “I can’t make these decisions alone. I have to rely on you.” And he was looking at these scientists. And he goes, “This is a conundrum of democracy”. Because that means a decision of billions of people rests on the shoulders of maybe five university professors at a couple of institutions.

So think about the amount of power distillation that’s taken place. And what he was remarking was that the problems have become very complicated because of the system’s nature–transportation systems, the healthcare systems, weapon systems, the Immune System, right? For someone to really understand this, you either have to go to MIT for 30 years to understand the Immune System, right? Go–to understand aeronautics–for 50 years, right? But imagine if I could teach people a science that was so fundamental that you could understand any of these systems. Because without that understanding, there is no longer democracy anymore. That’s what I’m talking about. In the modern world, we have to renew democracy with a different conscious understanding of how things work. You know, maybe when we had, like, you know, you know, no complex environment. Everyone could sort of understand things reasonably well. But we live in a world right now–99% of the people don’t even know how the healthcare system works. Most people don’t even know how their iPhone works. They just use it, right? Most people don’t even understand that the body’s Immune System is not a function of antibodies. It’s a function of many, many things. But there are fundamental principles that I can teach people in about three hours. That’s the gift that I have to offer.

PT:  You do this on your website. You have courses?

Dr.SHIVA:  What we’ve done is we’ve built more than just a course. We’ve built a platform. So you know, if you look at the MIT symbol, the original symbol is a pretty cool symbol. It’s a symbol of a scholar reading a book, right? And then there’s a symbol of a blacksmith with an anvil. It’s two people. Education comes from two aspects, actually three things. One, is understanding knowledge. So that’s one thing we do on the platform. Second, we give people activities that they can do in their local community, so they can take these concepts and practice them, in their local communities. And this cannot work unless they build community. So we’ve created an infrastructure. I used to run one of the biggest data centers in the world. That data center we’ve contributed. So in that data center people have the equivalent of a social media portal. They have the equivalent of being able to interact independent of Big Tech. So we’ve given them three important tools like the, you know, the Trishula, right, the trident. One is education, one is community, and one is the ability to activate themselves.  So it’s to communicate, educate, and activate–you got to do all three. So that is real consciousness. So what I’ve done is… Because when we ran our Senate campaign, our slogan was Truth Freedom Health and when it ended everyone said, “SHIVA, we want to help you. What can we do?” And I said, “The way you can help YOU is… If you want to contribute to what we’re doing,”… Because we’re building our own platform, Patrick. It’s independent of Big Tech. It’s in our own data center. And we don’t, we don’t really care to go build something like the equivalent… Right now you see the Left and the Right building their own social media portals. That’s not going to solve it. That’s just going to create two camps again. What we want to do is to build an environment.

PT:  It’s just the same thing like, you know, Lindell and all. Let me, let me ask you. I’ve been wanting to ask you about India. So you and I have talked about it in our, and our people and our listeners, and you want to understand about meditation, contemplation, and how it works. And the idea… What has happened in India over many years of the Hindu… This idea of just… Is it just that they were taught to just clear the mind to become, as you say, sitting under the yum-yum tree? And they have, you know, they’re all relaxed and that was it. And then the whole… And they just… Their whole world explodes because they don’t do anything. Is that what happened to India? Why do they have so much poverty? And… You know what I’m asking?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, let me tell you what happened in India.

PT:  What went wrong with their spirituality that they don’t have enough juice to get up and do something to get this country…get their whole culture going again. And all the poverty and terrible things going on there.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, the condition of India is because… So one of the things we teach in our course, first is the Principles of Systems, right? The foundational… like root. Then there’s three important principles. One is the intersection of Truth Freedom Health. The second one I talked about why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. But the most powerful thing that will answer your question is called the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. I’ll repeat that again. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, Patrick. The Establishment is very clever. They have the obvious Establishment, right? The apparent face of evil or darkness, okay? But that’s, that’s easy–the Hillary Clinton’s, the McConnell’s, and all that. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is the harder one because everyone thinks, “Oh, Trump is a great guy. Oh”, he talked, you know, lock her up. Or Bernie Sanders on the Left and the Right. Or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., okay? Or the Kennedys. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is what a lot of the new age people or a lot of working people… The Establishment takes working people and it gives them the fake heroes. So in India the fake hero was Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a complete… He’s like the Godfather of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

One of the important things you need to understand is that if you really want to talk about Indian history you have to go back to around the eighth century. In the eighth century some of the, you know, when the Caste System was really strong in India. The Caste System–by the way, anyone listening–is basically a form of racism on steroids. That means if you grow up in this… If your father was a carpenter, you’re expected to be a carpenter by law. If your mother was a… if your father was a coconut picker, you’re supposed to be a coconut picker by law. They… they had it in particular Castes, okay? And in the eighth century, the Indian Caste System went through a very interesting–very similar to the Protestant Reformation–an interesting question rose up. The religious, spiritual leaders of the time said, “Oh, if there’s equality in heaven, why isn’t there equality on earth?” Very interesting question. So that was called the Shankaracharya movement starting in the eighth century. And by the 15th century that movement had grown to the concept of the Bhakti Yoga. Which means yoga of devotion. And there’s various forms of yoga, by the way, yeah, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga. You know, I think there’s about… many different forms of yoga. Bhakti Yoga said, “You’re a direct connection to your Creator and there should be none of this Caste System.” So by the 16th century in India, the Indian Caste System was starting to decay. Why is this important? And most Indians don’t even know this because most Indians don’t study their own history. But by the 16th century when the Dutch, right, and the… and the Portuguese and the British and everyone was coming to India, right? Because they had found the trading routes to India and it was an opportunity for them to trade with India. And India was magnificent, right? Massive amounts of wealth. So at that period was when the Caste System was decaying and India had an emerging entrepreneurial early capitalism like everywhere.

So all these people came to trade with the emergent traders that were emerging in India–the merchant class. Now, in 1757, when the Battle of Plassey took place and the British actually went from being a trading partner to saying, “Wait a minute, why are we trading with these Indian guys? Let’s just go strike deals with the kings of India and eliminate the middleman and we’ll just occupy India. We’ll just take over India.” And that’s what the Battle of Plassey was in West… in Bengal. So the British went from a trading force to an occupying force and then to an invasionary force. And when that happened in India… You know what the British did? They didn’t impose… They didn’t give… They didn’t try to impose British law in India. Very, very important point. What they did was they went and imposed pre-eight century draconian, Brahmanical, old Caste Law in India, okay? Because they knew Indians would accept Indian law versus British law. But they went and got the most.. They basically set the clock of India back by seven centuries or ten centuries. And they went and re-codified Indian Law to be this… the old Caste System. So the British needed the Caste System in India. So during 1757 all the way up to the 1900s, the British rebuilt the Caste System in India. They found Brahmanical priests and they said, “Okay, these sets of Indians are higher than these sets of Indians”, they re-instantiated the Caste System. So by the 1920s, India… The British had actually created a whole bunch of Elite Indians who could control India without their need. Indians wanted a good revolution in India in 1920s, a good revolution like America had–bloody or otherwise, non violent or violent–it was up to them. So the British parachuted in with the Indian Elites this guy called Gandhi. Who was also a racist and a Casteist. You know, put him in all this garb and made him talk some spiritual stuff, right? So that room was fooled thinking this guy was some spiritual being. Changed his name to ‘Mahatma’–which means a great one. It’s all branding.

PT:  Yes.

Dr.SHIVA:  Like Martin Luther King’s name is not Martin Luther King. Most people should know that, right? That was a name change too, okay?

PT:  I didn’t know that.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s all marketing. You know, and we’ll talk about that. But Gandhi was imposed on the people of India to complete… He’s a Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The British weren’t able to impose their will directly–the obvious establishment; so they brought in this other guy–a brown-skinned guy–had him speak all this, whatever, some good stuff, some bad stuff, you know, whatever it was. And forced him on the Indian people. And what did Gandhi actually do? In those 20 years since he arrived in India what he fundamentally did was he made sure an Indian revolution never took place. Made it sort of in vogue to say, “Oh, yeah, it’s good to get your head beaten up.” Okay? As though that was some spiritual thing which is complete nonsense. Okay?

PT:  Cannot fight back. To not fight back.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, it’s bullshit. It’s complete bullshit, okay? Oh, yeah. The British can break your head, but don’t you go touch them. Okay, don’t you fight back, which is a natural instinct of everything in the universe. Okay? Even Christ took a whip and whipped those guys in the Temple, right? So this guy was a complete nutjob, okay? But he was promoted as India’s great leader. And what happened in 1947 was India did not get… It wasn’t the “Declaration of Indian Independence”. It’s called the Transfer of Power, okay? That’s what the document’s called. Go look it up. Everyone should go look it up. It’s called The Transfer of Power from the white men with crowns to brown men with white hats. So what happened was–it’s the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment–and America has been suffering from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The institutionalized Not-So-Obvious-Establishment in the United States is the Kennedys. Every six months there’s some other pictures they’ll put out about the Kennedys. “Oh, John Kennedy was shot! Oh, my God, the Camelot, blah, blah, blah.” We’re supposed to love the freakin’ Kennedys who’s basically drug addicts and dealers and booze dealers, right? And John Kennedy is the one who created the National Vaccination Act. His brother’s the one to create the National Vaccine Injury Program, absolving Pharma companies. And the other guy–Robert Kennedy, former heroin addict, whatever he was–he goes around trying to convince people that he’s fighting for them. When he, in fact, endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. So that’s the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. And this takes wisdom to understand this because without this wise understanding of being able to see clearly. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, being practical about what’s happening now… And that understanding can only come with Systems Science because you can apply Systems Science to politics. You will see that the real disturbance to any intelligent system–there’s always disturbances. In politics–it’s the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. I had a lot of my very, very naive friends, in 2016 we’re gonna… who voted for Bernie, “Oh, Bernie’s the revolutionary. He’s gonna fight.” I said, “Bernie’s gonna sell you out. He’s gonna endorse Hillary.” “No, no, no, Bernie will never do that. He won’t. He’s a fighter.” It’s exactly what he did. That’s exactly what he did.

PT:  So Dr.SHIVA, what do you make of this? This whole Agenda 21, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum that the, you know, the big boys they all money. People that in ostensibly are running the world and controlling Biden and all that. Are these the Not-So-Obvious…

Dr.SHIVA:  No, they’re the… they’re the…

PT:  Where do these people fit into it all?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, so we want to get away from this concept of like, there’s like one person behind a curtain doing all this, okay?

PT:  Sure.

Dr.SHIVA:  So we need to take away… We need to see this as more of a swarm of birds. okay? There’s an implicit understanding, Patrick, okay? You know, the birds. If you see the swarm, they just move, right? They’re… They’re a class. They’re a community that knows how to move. It’s like you belong to a club, let’s say, and one person is not behaving right. Everyone sort of throws him out of the club. So it’s a club. Left and Right. It’s not… Biden is in the club. Biden’s in the club. Trump’s in the club. They may have their arguments, they say… “Okay.” The left needs Trump as much as the right needs Bernie. I’ll repeat that again. To keep the theater going. So Bernie will once in a while bark at Biden, right? To act as though he’s some opposition. Trump will bark at McConnell now, right? Meanwhile, they’re all getting money from their consumer base to support their super PACs or their PACs. That’s what they do. So we need to understand there is no, like, not one guy behind a curtain. It’s a class of people and they’re chasing one thing–the almighty dollar. You have to follow the money. In every one of these things.

I, frankly, I’m just tired of people. I get all these emails. “Well, did you see this transhuman thing? These bots? And oh, yeah, my main… my… “Aliens from the center of Mars are controlling this.” It’s like nonsense because it absolves the fact that there’s people right in front of you who are exploiting you, okay? It puts a problem over there. So you can then talk about nonsense over there and not deal with the here and now. This is like, really? This is very stupid. It’s ignorance. The reality is, if you look at something like what’s going on right now, Big Pharma companies are losing money like crazy. I said this to a friend because, “What do you mean Big Pharma is losing money?” They’re losing money?” For the last 30 years they have been tanking. The Big Pharma model of a pharmaceutical drug which is a synthetic drug. It takes them 13 years to get that through the drug development process. Lots of money and the stuff that comes out even the FDA is not allowing. So Pfizer by, you know, way of example. In 2012 they made $65 billion dollars. Well, in 2020 they only made $40 billion so a lot but they lost $25 billion in 10 years.

PT:  Is that right?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yes. Okay, no one knows this.

PT:  I had no idea.

Dr.SHIVA:  This is why they need to move into the jab. The jab is necessary for them because it’s a way to make money. That’s all. And you know, now you have Trump promoting it and you have everyone promoting it because everyone’s… this is their pay day.

PT:  They’re in. They’re in on it.

Dr.SHIVA:  Follow the money. Follow the money. They’re in on that yet inner intersect the economic models with the reality models and then you will find truth. But people have got to get their head out of their you-know-what and recognize it’s about misdirecting and distracting working people. So we do not have a Bottoms-up movement. That’s what they want. So people have got to let go of their brainwashing of the Kennedys, the brainwashing of celebrity worship, the brainwashing is. “Oh, Trump is going to save them.” You know, “Oh, Trump was a construction guy.” He’s not a construction guy. He doesn’t care about working people. Because if he did, what he would have done was he would have passed executive orders to make sure nothing got shut down. He didn’t do that. He would have fought hard against that. He would have gotten rid of Fauci, none of that happened. Okay?

PT:  I wonder about that. How is it possible that he allowed this guy to stand up there and say, all this stuff?


Dr.SHIVA:  I’m telling you?

PT:  Yeah. If Trump was such a good guy.

Dr.SHIVA:  You know, it’s very simple…

PT:  It had to be something.

Dr.SHIVA:  He’s part of the establishment. I’m telling you, Patrick. That’s why you need to, you need to take the Truth Freedom Health warrior training course. If there’s one thing you do in your life, you should do that. Because without–and everyone listening should do this–because without this political understanding, you will always be lost. I have a… Can I play a video for you here?

PT:  Whatever you want to do.

Dr.SHIVA:  Let me play a video and I got to wrap it up. But this video will help you. I’ll play it over.

PT:  And like it gives you a full screen. if that helps. Let me see here. Hold on.

Yeah, that’s okay.

Dr.SHIVA:  So everyone listening out there, I’m going to play your video because some of you have seen it, it’s great. But it’s very important that people understand that without this fundamental understanding of political theory. Without this fundamental understanding of why we need to build a movement. People are going to be stuck. Patrick, I’m going to bring this up here.

It’s about three minutes. I think. It’s pretty short. But it’s an important video because it’ll summarize pretty much everything. You want to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, and you want to become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, don’t do it for me, do it for you. And I wouldn’t be this emphatic. Unless I really sort of knew what the medicine was that’s needed for the day. Okay, the medicine of the hour right now, Patrick.

Dr.SHIVA:  All right, I hope that was helpful for you. Hello, are you here? Hello. Okay, let me stop sharing here.

Dr.SHIVA:  So that video pretty much says it all. So people go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. So what we’ve done is I’ve taken my understanding of Eastern and Western medicine, engineering systems theory, my love of discerning politics and put and my access to technology and infrastructure. We’ve created basically a technology. It’s a solution, but it is focused on people recognizing that they have to get educated, nothing is going to get changed. You have all these people running around thinking they know how to build a movement. They use the word movement and grassroots and all these words. It’s like people running around before we figured out how to fly in airplanes. And oh, yeah, I know how to fly and I know you’re all crashing, you’re all crashing and burning. And then someone figured out Bernoulli principle, when we figured out Bernoulli principle, then we knew that you know, wind flow created a normal force, and then you can use that to design airplanes. But until you understand Bernoulli’s principles, everyone’s just falling off, building wacky stuff and is falling off, right? It was until Maxwell’s equations came out, we didn’t really know how to build transformers and motors and all those kinds of things, right? Faraday’s laws, well, I’ve created similar laws with all humility principles to understanding how you build a political movement. There are fundamental laws, and there are principles.

So if you want to be a serious electrician, you have to go get training, if you want to be a, you know, an electrician, or an engineer, you know, mothers used to get training from their mothers, right? On culture. So there is a fundamental way there is a set of principles. So our goal is over the next you know, year is to educate around 50,000 people. You create the wave now, now what those people decide to do, I’m not going to dictate, that’s not my job. My job is to be whatever their whatever they love to do, whatever they’re right, but with the edge,

but at least they have, they’re armed with the right education. They’re not going to make stupid mistakes. I’m going to follow you know that a lot of people say, Well, let me enter the Democratic Party. And I’m going to work my way through. I think…. No you’re not that’s one of the things it’s like you’re going into garbage and you think you’re gonna go do laundry on garbage. No, it’s filth. Right? When you open up garbage, what do you get? It just smells more. So you don’t you don’t get anything by going through dirty laundry. It just smells. So that’s their fundamental principle, we want to teach people. Anyway, Patrick, I gotta get going.

PT:  Okay, well, one real quick thing. Yeah, before we go real, you obviously think there’s some real possibilities for big changes. If you really, you know, begin to think critically, like you’re teaching people, even with the massive control the media that the reality is,

Dr.SHIVA:  I don’t care about the media, we don’t you know, looking, we don’t, why do we care about the media? This is like going to your presser and saying, Please Cover me. It’s like nonsense, because I’ve got it all wrong. Right? They build a movement. Oh, Tucker won’t put me on. I’m not on his show. Right? It’s like, Are you an idiot? Like, you don’t get it? Like they’re the establishment, they control everything? Why do you have all this naivete to think that? Yes, that’s what they do. The only way out is and we incur is the movement that we’re creating. It is based on science. It is based on building community. And it is based on activating people and teaching people. Nothing happens in the world spontaneously. So all these Hollywood movies they create, right? It’s always like, something just happened. Like they forget the hard work someone had to do to get to that point. Okay, all of that is forgotten. It took a lot of effort for me to create the first email system, I had to work my butt off. Okay. And I did it in Newark, New Jersey, it takes a lot to get a PhD, okay. 50% of the people make it through the program, you have to work your butt off, okay? It takes a lot to be an Olympic athlete, okay, you may like them or not. It takes a lot to build a movement. It doesn’t just happen. And what’s happened over the last 50 years is we have put some noggin into people’s heads that everyone should get trophies, that it doesn’t matter. We’ve forgotten the sense of skill. I mean, I learned how to landscape, I learned how to paint, I learned how to program as a kid, I was taught by immigrant painters how to paint. These were guys from Yugoslavia. I mean, they still taught me how to cut a line. There is a skill to doing stuff in life. There is a skill to building a movement. And we’re training a bunch of millennials to think like, Oh, you just like just go do stuff. And the answer doesn’t matter. No, it does matter. Skill does matter. And and when you lose respect for people with skill, you basically lose everything because you forget the concept of knowledge, education, hard work, what it takes.

So people are like wallowing saying, Oh, well look up that. Well. The reason it’s this way is because you allow it to occur because you gave rights to people. We’re a bunch of dopes. What was Jared Kushner, I keep asking this, Ivanka Trump doing in the White House? Were they even qualified? What was Hunter, you know, I mean, just think about the way the elites operate left and right. Chelsea Clinton is now on the board of Partners HealthCare. She got a professorship at Columbia. Come on. This is like a caste system. People should be really angry about this kind of stuff. And people should get really angry. But if you remove people’s health and their body, they forget what it means to be a warrior. They think Gandhi is some warrior Martin Luther King, no Martin Luther King was installed by the Kennedys, okay, to ensure that the civil rights movement never addressed the real issues.

And that understanding can only come when you take a systems approach, period. So what I want to leave everyone with this, here’s everything in a nutshell. We need to go beyond left and right, we need to go beyond black and white. working people must unite for Truth Freedom Health. And the way to get there is you have to get educated or you will be enslaved. Now what I’ve done, my 50 year journey has enabled me to create that education platform. Now people want to do that. That’s up to them. But I have very little patience for people who just want to talk about nonsense. We need to get about 50,000 people trained. And that’s the way we move this world forward. And, you know, we will head into real darkness. We’re already heading into fascism, if not already there. And it doesn’t mean that things just get better. There’s one erroneous idea people have, oh, you oppress people enough. And then people rise up, not that’s not true. Oppression leads to greater oppression, greater darkness and greater oppression and greater darkness. You have to deliberately rise up out of that. Anyway, Patrick, it was great.

PT:  I know you have to go. Yeah, thank you. It’s an honor to have you on. So welcome. Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA:  Alright, everyone that was Patrick, I did an interview with him. But I want to encourage everyone to recognize and I’m going to keep, you know, drum beating this all the way through. It’s like a good teacher who keeps going after the fundamentals, you know, ABC, you know, one plus one. The arithmetic here is we need to build a Bottoms up movement, the arithmetic here has to be focused on working people uniting, stop following any of these nonsense parties. Do not be anything associated with the left or the right, or anything that feeds back into the Republican or Democratic Party. They are not having anything to do with Truth Freedom Health. They’re about Power, Profit and Control. Period. So go online, you know, join me Monday evenings and you can go see all the gifts that you get when you support this movement but you’re supporting you do not do this for me Do not do this for anyone else do it for you. So you raise your consciousness and you understand the Science of Systems go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Thank you, everyone. Be well.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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