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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai shares a molecular systems analysis of the power of Quercetin and its effect on immune health based on 20,971 research articles and 275 clinical trials over 73 years.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve® computational systems analysis on how Quercetin advances Health.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 20,971 research articles, 275 clinical trials, and has been studied for over 73 years.
  • Quercetin is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative, cardioprotective, hepato-protective, neuro-protective, anti-obesity. – Quercetin is an ionophore and that increases the ion transport into the cell across the cell membrane, assisting cellular uptake with zinc.
  • Quercetin up-regulates innate immune cell proliferation, modulates inflammatory cytokines, and lowers allergy response.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening, everyone. Welcome. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today we’re going to be talking about Truth Freedom Health. We’re going to be talking about a very important compound called Quercetin. Some of you may have heard about it. But it’s a compound that we’re going to discuss in detail and its many, many, many uses concerning our health and immune health in particular. It’s going to be on Quercetin, those of you joining, and we have people from a number of our groups across the world joining us today.


And you can see that I brought up a bunch of the pictures… Here’s Quercetin. You can see Quercetin is basically found in many, many fruits, vegetables. We’re going to talk about it…  …Yeah, so we’ll talk about how Quercetin is actually an ionophore, ionophore… It supports the… increases the bioavailability of zinc. We’ll also talk about that. We’ve been very busy this week with doing a lot of infrastructure work. Thank you for all your support. As many of you know, we’re building our movement for Truth Freedom Health. May Day’s coming… on May 1st we have a big event coming up. But one of the most important things to understand is that we take a Systems Approach to educate people. A Systems Approach means that we don’t just take a narrow-minded, siloed approach. We try to interconnect things. So when you look at Truth Freedom Health, we recognize that they’re interconnected concepts. But more importantly, when… Many of you who’ve gone through the course, so those of you who’re interested, I teach every Monday, once a week, Monday night. But the goal is to educate all of you that there is a Science of Systems. And if you understand that science, which we’ll um talk about, you can actually see why it’s important that we bring together all the movements for Truth and Freedom Health. Many times people are just fighting for Freedom or, or First Amendment/Second Amendment, other people are fighting for science and Truth in science and innovation. And then others are focused on Health. But all of those movements are intimately interconnected.

Journey to Systems

So it’s extremely important we take a Systems Approach. And for those of you who are new and who are not aware of what a Systems Approach is, what I want to do is I want to just play a quick video for you–as people are joining–on my Journey to Systems. So this will give you an understanding of why, you know, it’s important to take a Systems Approach. I hope you enjoy this.

All right, welcome, everyone. Good evening. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today we’re gonna have a great talk for you on… we’re going to take a Systems Approach to Truth Freedom Health focused on a very important compound called Quercetin. So you’re going to learn what Quercetin is, where it comes from, how it functions at the molecular systems level. And as many of you know, my background is as a Molecular Systems Biologist. So we’re gonna apply science. And the goal here is to educate you, so you can educate others. And I encourage all of you to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior because the goal is… What you will learn is that the same principles, Systems Principles, which govern your body, which govern Quercetin, which govern the galaxies, which govern political systems, all have the same foundational set of principles. And once you learn that it makes you a very powerful being in many ways because you can start applying that independent of others to lead people around you and understand how you’re… how to improve your body, etc. But we’re gonna focus on Quercetin taking this Systems Approach. So let me just bring up the slides that I’ve set for everyone. And we’ll jump right into it. So welcome again. So let me begin by… By the way, any of you who want to learn more about the infrastructure that we’re creating, you can go to VASHIVA.COM and find more. But let’s talk about what we are gonna learn today.

What You Will Learn

First of all, we’re gonna learn what Quercetin is. We’re gonna look at the biological effects of Quercetin. We’re going to look at the health benefits. We’re going to then look at its effects on the Immune System. And then we’re going to look at the clinical evidence coming from the actual sciences. So anyone listening here, everything we’re sharing today comes from the actual science as we know of today. And this is important to understand is how do we actually derive all of this? Well, first of all, what’s important to understand is that Quercetin is a bioflavonoid. And when you study bioflavonoids, you find that these bioflavonoids are in fresh fruits and vegetables and in all sorts of… in all sorts of dosages. But bioflavonoids… and you know, when you can really focus on those extracts have very, very powerful effects. So again, but Hesperetin is a bioflavonoid, right? So bioflavonoids do not get the, I guess, the respect they deserve. But they have a profound value to our body in this way. When people say, “Eat fruits and vegetables,” we’re talking about actually consuming those bioflavonoids. So let’s talk about that.


So this is the structure of Quercetin. You notice it’s got a bunch of helix’s here: 1, 2, 3. But this one has two ‘OH’ groups, again two ‘OH’ groups. So these are sort of mirrored over here. And then you have this other internal group here with the double-bond ‘O’ and an ‘OH’. But Quercetin is actually found in more than 20 fruits and vegetables. Twenty fruits and vegetables! Its highest level is found in apples and onions. So I just want you to focus on that. Some people, you know, consider an onion “The Queen of the Vegetable Kingdom”. And you know, people say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But as you can see, Quercetin appears in both of those. “has found high levels in apples and high levels in onions. And has potential benefits to overall health and disease resistance.” And Quercetin has GRAS, which means Generally Recognized As Safe. If someone says, “Oh, is that vitamin or mineral GRAS?” So there’s something important to learn. And a lot of the supplements’ field people look at if something is GRAS which means generally, as you can see, Generally Recognized As Safe, okay? So it has GRAS status and has no known side effects. So this is important to remember because you may have people saying, “Oh, be careful of that. That’s dangerous”, right? Well, remember, everything is all about dosages. But Quercetin has GRAS status, Generally Recognised As Safe, and it has no known side effects. So that’s the molecular structure of Quercetin. Now, again, for those of you who we know, right now on–unfortunately–some of these social media sites, you have to validate everything and you have to prove everything or they are arbitrary, or–they’re arbitrary anyway–even if you can validate it.

But the important thing to understand is, when we look at Quercetin we’re looking at the actual… If you go to PubMed, which is the National Library of Medicine’s site where they store every research paper, includes most of them that are done in medicine. And what you can see here is… when you go and type in Quercetin, you will find there are nearly 20,971 research articles referring to Quercetin and 275 clinical trials and it’s been studied for over 73 years of scientific research out there. Seventy-three years of scientific research! This little graph, I don’t know if you can notice, you can see in the last, you know, 30 years, there’s been explosive research in Quercetin. Again, it’s a bioflavonoid. And quite a number of research 20,000-21,000 articles. Now someone says, “I always have Granny Smith apples in my house.” That’s great. Very, very.. Ya know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But so how would you go through 21,000 research articles, right? So that’s why one of the capabilities that I did for my PhD work coming out of my MIT work was the ability to really look at those research papers. Mine them, figure out what are the valuable ones. So you can build a much more Systems Based understanding.


CytoSolve is that capability that I built and you can go learn more about CytoSolve but it’s really a technology platform. And what CytoSolve allows us to do is… First of all, we can eliminate the need… need for animal testing, because we can literally mine all these papers, extract out the ones that have to do… that are curated and are of high quality in a particular area of interest. And then from those, you can mathematically model the molecular functions behavior, to understand what’s going on. And that’s what CytoSolve allows us to do. And this is back in 2003-2007 that I created as part of my PhD work and that is known as CytoSolve. But we can mine the known research, extract it, and then we can understand the molecular pathways. And today we’re going to be focused on the Immune System, so we can look at it relative to the Immune System, okay? Now, one of the things people need to understand that I keep hitting upon is that… I was just talking to… I was doing an interview today. And I was saying to this guy, I said, “Do you know that Big Pharma is having major problems?” He goes, “What do you mean?” I go, “Well take a company like Pfizer. How much revenue did they make in 2012?” And I told him they made around 65 billion. And I said, “How much revenue did they make last year?” And he goes, “Oh, they made trillions.” I said, “No,” I said, “They actually lost 25 billion.” Okay? So Pfizer’s lost nearly… they’re down to 40 billion in revenue. They did 25… they lost 25 billion in revenue. Just think about that.

So there’s been an incredible loss in the amount of revenue in one company like Pfizer because of this: It takes an incredible amount of money to produce a single drug to test in test tubes and labs and to test it on animals. Then they go to Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three–these are human trials–well, 13 years. And what’s happening is they spent a lot of money to take a product through this process, a lot of money, a lot of R&D. But guess what? The FDA–that’s that purple line–is not approving their products because of the side effects. So this is what’s going on right now in the world of pharma companies. They’re failing because of the inability of their innovation process to really be able to handle the fact that they’re… that the products that they’re producing are… are not viable because even the FDA is not allowing them. That’s why that graph is so important. So just sort of take a mental mind map of that, that graph and you’ll see they spend more and more money, less and less products are coming out of this process. So what I want to do is, before I talk about mV25, I want to give you a detailed understanding of CytoSolve because that’ll help you understand that when we look at science, we need to take a Systems Approach. So on the one hand, you have Big Pharma (and now you have Big Vitamin), okay? And the vitamin guys are getting as bad as Big Pharma because they’re just throwing stuff in and they’re saying, “Believe this because there’s celebrities around it, etc.” So I want you to appreciate the fact that it’s, it’s… we need to take… When we take a Systems Approach is when we can actually get a much deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t. So let me as a part of that, let me give you a little more details on CytoSolve. And this is a systems education so it’ll give you a better understanding of what CytoSolve is and the power of it.

All right, everyone. So I hope that gives you a detailed understanding of CytoSolve. By the way, I want to announce something. Today is my two pups, Geronimo and Sequoias’, what… third birthday. They’re… April 23rd. Yeah, they are three years old. We… just like we got them yesterday. So anyway, no animal testing, right? So that’s one of the big things with CytoSolve… So we want to eliminate the need for animal testing. And by the way, even people at the FDA questioned the need for animal testing because the animal physiology is so different than a human physiology. But this is why the computer is so valuable because with a tool like CytoSolve–there’s nothing else that exists in the world–we can literally use the known science, distill it, and model molecular pathways on the computer. By the way, we’ve actually used CytoSolve to discover multi-combination therapy for cancer. We’ve used it to help the largest companies and small companies figure out what combinations work. Right now the state-of-the-art is people will have like one formulator guy and he’ll just sort of, “Well, I think this paper is good.” And, “Let’s try this” or “Let me call Oprah Winfrey. Maybe she’ll push something out.” So that’s the way this stuff gets done. So Big Pharma, in some ways, and Big Vitamin have gotten, you know, in the same realm of not really, really looking at the evidence or reductionism.

So what we do is, we know science is constantly changing. So you can look at overall science, model the molecular pathways, as I talked about, and then figure out what we call synergy. And what I’m happy to report is that… I know many of you have been asking me, “Hey, Dr.SHIVA, what is that? Can you tell us, you know, stuff that you’re working on?” So I want to let people know that we, you know, from 2003 to 2007, I built the technology, 2007 to 2012, we wrote a lot of scientific papers while I was at MIT. And 2012 to more recently, a couple years ago, we helped a lot of people really figure out what worked. But what I’m happy to say is we decided, “Why don’t we actually use our own technology to help people directly?” So we have this very cool product. Let me show you called mV25. That it’s right here if I… here’s a bottle of it, okay? That… Just recently, we have–because of COVID and all this stuff–it’s been very hard to even get caps, caps, okay? Or bottles, okay? Or even labels. So we’ve been a little bit–and capsules. So we’ve been a little bit behind. So a lot of you wanted this stuff and you’ve ordered it. So we have to actually put a hold on it, but we have more supply coming. But mV25 is literally–it’s right there–is coming from the use of this Systems Approach. So let me share this with you. So when you take this Systems Approach… what we’ve done is, mV25, is a combination of many ingredients which we’ve modeled all the molecular pathways. And we call it mV25 from physics–mass times Velocity which is momentum–to move. And as you can see, this is really branded, you know? I don’t, I don’t think that many products are literally created by a scientist or a Systems Biologist. I don’t know of anyone else in the world that does this. But you can see the back of the packaging says that “mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve computational systems biology platform. A technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr.SHIVA during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer-reviewed, scientific papers”–which means we took 1000s of papers, and over 40 years in 68 research institutions–and then we computed trillions of potential combinations of bimolecular reactions “to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down-regulate biomarkers of discomfort in normal swelling.”

So we really looked at the pathways of inflammation and pain. And what CytoSolve did is it’s “optimized”, meaning… So if you look at this… CytoSolve optimize, what that means is “this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits and bioavailability while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve.” Here’s the most important thing. This is the honest truth: as the science advances, so will this formulation. And this is our promise. And by the way, this is all made in the United States. It’s Certified Clean and it’s GMP-certified. The reason this is important is that when you look at mV25, that the formulation that we have in this, you know–I’m going to open up one of the pills today, okay–the formulation that is in this pill today, and the combinations we come up with, you know, tomorrow, science may change. So CytoSolve is really more of an operating system for discovery. As science changes, we’re not going to say, “Oh, this is the best thing, buy it from me”. That, no… That’s what is a completely different model. As science changes, we’re going to update this formulation because new calculations will be done, okay?

So people are asking, Where do you get it? You can go right to our… you can go right online. And we don’t… we’re not giving Amazon rights to sell this. They’re basically, you know, they, you know, I’m not… I don’t really care for them. We don’t have to but you can go right to the shop here on VASHIVA.COM. Yeah, you can go to VASHIVA.COM and when you click on the shop, when–we don’t have a lot of items in our shop–you can preorder it now. The next supply’s coming in June/July, okay? And that’s mV25, So I want… and by the way, mV25 does have some important bioflavonoids. We don’t use Quercetin, but it has some very cool bioflavonoids which support the pathways of pain and discomfort. So I want you guys to take advantage of this. And remember when we take a Systems Approach, we’re being very, very honest with ourselves. So let’s go back to… now that you understand what CytoSolve is and what we’re up to, you know, from the R&D side. Right. I just want to emphasize one other thing. I tend to be interested in Truth Freedom Health. So on the Freedom side, we have a major event on May 1st that I’ll be speaking at. I encourage everyone to come to Boston in Massachusetts. But on the Health side, you know, I spend another large part of my time literally doing research. You’re looking at a full-time working scientist. Okay, I’m not a lawyer or politician. I actually work for a living like most of you. And then the third part I do is here to enable you to get access to Truth by doing these videos, etc. But it’s all founded on a Systems Approach. So as a part of that we’ve built a movement for Truth Freedom Health. And I dedicate a lot of my time to educating people on a Systems Approach. So when we look at Quercetin here, like I mentioned, we take a Systems Approach. Let’s go to this here. So Quercetin, okay?

Of course Quercetin is a phenolic compound, also. That’s what these bioflavonoids are. And they’re richest… it’s the richest component of dietary phenolic compounds, okay? So… and it exerts its medicinal benefits from two very important ways that it works. One is through its antioxidant properties and its anti-inflammatory properties. And Quercetin and its derivatives represent 90% of the phenolic compounds in onions, okay? So a couple of weeks ago, I did a whole talk on onions, you know, “Why Onion Makes, you know, Pathogens Cry”–that’s what it was called. But the key thing to understand is that, Quercetin, you know, 90% of onions, 90% of onions, have Quercetin and its derivatives, okay? So that’s a very, very important takeaway from this, in terms of understanding one of the big sources of Quercetin. But the other thing is, it has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatories. What does antioxidant mean? Well, as you age, your body rusts, right? As you’re under stress like if you’re exposed to pollution, your body produces what’s called reactive oxygen species–oxidizing agents. And Quercetin goes up and eats all that up. Anti-Oxidizing agents are… it’s like cleaning up the rust, okay? So that’s an antioxidant. Anti-inflammatories, like… Look if you accidentally hit your hand with a hammer, God forbid that happens, but you get swelling. And your body will release and turn on inflammation to go support it, right? So you want a certain level of inflammation, but you don’t want inflammation continuing when you don’t need it. So it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Okay? So that’s the other piece of Quercetin.

The next aspect is let’s look at the biological aspect. The top two are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. But that’s not only. It’s anti-carcinogenic and, by the way, all of this is in the known science. You know, people have done… spent a lot of their lives on it, figuring this out. It is anti-mutagenic, okay? It’s anti-proliferative. So those three things are the things that make sure if you have cancer, it doesn’t, you know, proliferate. Cardioprotective, hepato-protective. So protects the heart, protects the liver–hepato-protective. Protects your brain-neuro-protective. And it’s anti-obesity. So just look at that. This is a Systems Medicine in some ways, okay? A Systems Medicine means it not only affects one system, it affects many, many subsystems in your body: heart, brain, as well as liver, okay? In Chinese Medicine, for example, the liver is considered the wood element which fuels the fire element which is heart–cardioprotective. And obviously, the brain is part of the fire element. So you can see it has powerful effects on both… if you’re looking from a Chinese Medicine standpoint on wood as well as the fire element, okay? So, it has many different biological effects.

Let’s look at the health benefits. Well, the health benefits are many areas of your body, skin health, brain health, joint health, liver health, cardiovascular health, immune health–which we’ll focus on today–reproductive health and metabolism. That’s why it’s anti-obesity because it supports metabolism, okay? All right. So what… How does the Immune System work?

Immune System

Quick education–for some of you who may have reviewed. But the Immune System is a very complex system of systems, okay? It’s not just any one thing. The Immune System has the Innate Immune System; it has the Adaptive Immune System; it’s got many other systems. Unfortunately, conventional medicine only focused on two of those–the Innate and the Adaptive–and the Innate System is the stuff that gobbles up viruses. These are called macrophages. So if a virus enters your lungs. The macrophages–which are in your eyes, your nose, your throat, you know, the back of your, in your gut, those things–the macrophages are there in your lung linings. They’re the things that go first try to take out that virus by gobbling it up, okay, put it in sort of non-scientific terms. But after they gobble up the virus, then–in this simplistic model of the Innate and the Adaptive–then the thing that’s gobbled up kicks in your T-cells and your B-cells which create antibodies. And then your CD8 T-cells would try to kill the infected cell. So… but it’s a second part. But in this model, first you have the Innate and then you have the Adaptive. And if you get antibodies, voila, you’re okay. But the reality is this is actually not true. It’s not the whole picture. The reality’s your body’s Immune System is far more complex and involves the Interferon System. It involves a Microbiome, and involves a Virome. It involves a Neural System–the gut-brain access. In fact, this is what I presented at the National Science Foundation where I was asked to give one of the Prestige Lectures a couple years ago.

So you can see that the Immune System is far more complex and it involves things like interferons which stand between the Innate and the Adaptive. And the interferons look like these chemical structures on the left. For example, there’s many interferons: interferon alpha and beta. They’re virtually present in every cell in your body. And they’re the first defence and they are the things that create the antiviral environment. So, the point being that independent of antibodies, okay, related to it, though, but independent, the Interferon System kicks in a long time before–far long before–than the antibody system and no one talks about this. But if your Interferon System is working properly, guess what? Your body will automatically go activate the Natural Killer cells. And that’s why there are people who will be asymptomatic. They won’t have antibodies. They got infected by something; they’re absolutely fine because their Interferon System was strong and healthy, and it took it out. But the bottom line is the Immune System is not just two boxes. That, unfortunately, is what medical doctors aren’t… It’s all of this system. It’s an orchestra.

Effect of Quercetin on Immune System

When you look at Quercetin on immune health, it has four important things Quercetin does. First of all, it upregulates which means it supports the Innate Immune System, okay? Immune cell proliferation which means it makes sure you get strong immune cell response. Second, it modulates inflammatory cytokines so you don’t have the cytokine storm. Third, Quercetin is very good for lowering allergy responses and Quercetin also acts as an ionophore for zinc, okay? Again, all of this is recorded in the scientific evidence. So let’s look at… It modulates the Innate Immune System. So Quercetin for example, you have things called Natural Killer cells, NK cells. Natural Killer cells are the things that take out microbes, bacteria and viruses and fungi, okay? And Quercetin supports your Innate Immune System to promote the proliferation of innate immune cells such as anti-infection, CD16, Natural Killer cells. And that supports poorer… proliferation, innate immune cells leads to antimicrobial effects, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. The key takeaway here is that Quercetin supports the upregulation of these Natural Killer cells and those Natural Killer cells have a multi-part effect:  anti-microbial, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, okay? So please consider that, that Quercetin downstream, okay? I mean, Quercetin’s effect here downstream has all these effects because it upregulates these Natural Killer cells. That’s first. Number two, it modulates the inflammatory cytokines. As many of you know, as any scientist knows–who really knows the Immune System–is that it’s not the virus that comes and eats your body up, right? It’s the fact that the virus, different viruses, go into different parts of your body. And if your body is weak, your body can overreact which means it doesn’t have the right “shock absorbers”. And your body literally starts eating itself up, okay? And we’re looking at modulate… and this is through inflammation.

So Quercetin inhibits lipoxygenase, IL-8, and IL-6. So, Quercetin. When you have lipoxygenase, right here, that creates inflammation. Lipoxygenase creates inflammation and Quercetin inhibits lipoxygenase. But there are two other cytokines, IL-8 and 6 which also lead to inflammation. And Quercetin stops all that. So in this case Quercetin has an inhibitory effect. It inhibits lipoxygenase and it also inhibits IL-6, IL-8. Next thing is… third thing is Quercetin modulates allergies, okay, allergic response. Those of you who’re looking at what’s going on now–you want to talk to your medical professional but it’s… In the northeast it’s… pollen season starts. You have a lot of pollen. And when you get an allergic reaction, what happens is your body is releasing something called histamines, okay? And histamines are released through these cells, we call them basophils. So basophils put out these little purple things called… called histamines. And that’s the thing that gets the allergic response. And histamines are implicated in nuts and shellfish and pollen. And guess what? Quercetin comes in and it suppresses those histamines, okay? That’s the other thing. Next, you see that…

The fourth thing is, this is really, really important. I want everyone to listen to this. You know, we know, I mean, hundreds and 1000s of papers written showing zinc, you know, helps stop viral replication. Lots and lots of clinical studies done on this. Well, the problem is you want to make sure zinc goes into your cell. It’s bioavailable. Well, what’s fascinating is, look, at this. Look what… look what Quercetin does. Quercetin is an ionophore. And what I want everyone to listen to… it’s an ionophore and that increases the ion transport into the cell across the cell membrane. So this is the membrane of a cell. Here’s the outside of the cell. Here’s the inside. Well, Quercetin acts as an ionophore which means taking Quercetin in combination with zinc, Quercetin increases zinc’s cellular uptake and increases antiviral activity. We know that zinc has a powerful effect on stopping viral replication but because of Quercetin, the pores–the ion pores in the cell membrane–open up and Boom! zinc can squeeze through. And the other examples of ionophores are chloroquine, EGCG from green tea, resveratrol, ivermectin, which is an anti-parasite. So zinc is the key, okay? You have to get zinc into the cells to stop… to have antiviral activity. And guess what? Quercetin is an ionophore, okay? Chloroquine is an ionophore chloroquine, okay? Quercetin is an ionophore. It lets zinc get in there. Another very, very powerful piece. So when you really look at all these capabilities of zinc, right? I mean, for Quercetin. You’re seeing it has a multiplicity of effects. Okay, it’s not only doing just one thing, it’s having a multiplicity of effects. So if we want to solve… so you can see what nature did. Nature made this very powerful chemical which can hit things in many different ways. And it can elicit a synergistic response–in this case, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, etc. But when… so you apply that Systems Principle. Let’s apply that Systems Principle because it’s an aspect of nature.

Truth Freedom Health®

For those of you who… I highly encourage you to be taking the Truth Freedom Health warrior training. Last Monday we had close to 200 people on. So people are learning about this and they really want this training. But one of the things we talked about the Synergy Principle:  How you have to do the right combinations. Whether it be for your bodies–not just eating well. You gotta eat; you got to exercise; you got to get sleep; you got to have good friendships. All those things, resolve in health. It’s not just doing one thing. There’s people that eat, you know, whatever, a clean diet, a vegan diet. But they’re angry, they don’t have friends, you know? They’re not gonna be that healthy, okay? You have to have all those components. Well, when we look at political systems now, the same thing is true. There are people who think, well, I’m just going to fight for Truth, okay, I’m going to be a nerd, I’m going to create technology, I’m going to be a scientist, I’m going to fight for goodness in science. Okay. But and then there’s, over here, people with their First Amendment and their Second Amendment. And they’re fighting for Freedom. And then there’s, over here, people eating well and fighting for organic food and “No to Monsanto”, okay? Well, the reality is, each of these three balls, right, are not going to do well by themselves. And my view is you need all three.

That’s why we have the movement, Truth Freedom Health. And when you take our program, we teach you this principle:  We have to have Freedom–which is a movement of information, matter and energy–in order that we can do science to get to Truth. And with Truth we can figure out what’s right for your Health. And with Health we have the strength to fight for Truth and Freedom. Very important. So I want to encourage everyone… you can apply this Systems Principle of Synergy to everything–to your body and also to politics. And we got to go beyond Left and Right. It’s not the Republicans. It’s not the Democrats. It’s not Left or Right. They want to split us up. It’s complete garbage. So I want to encourage everyone to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, as you’re noticing, slash join and become a warrior for Truth Freedom Health. And as a part of that–I always play this video because it’s a very powerful video–which will explain to you why we need to build this movement and why we need to be deliberate. So let me play this video. I hope you enjoy it.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

All right, so I hope that gives people an idea that you can apply these Principles of Synergy, Systems Principles, at the molecular systems level all the way up to, you know, political systems. So there’s a science to changing the world. And without appreciating that science there’s an engineering skill, just like, if you sew, or if you’re a mother, or if you’re an electrician, or you’re a plumber. You don’t just go do these things. There has to be some learning and some experience that you have and you learn from others. That’s called culture. You know, a mother teaches another mother. Families pass on knowledge. Well, similar to building a movement, there is a Systems Approach. And that’s what I put together. And we put this into an environment where anyone can learn it. First, we want you to get educated. We want you to build community and we want you to get activated. So as a part of that, I want to go back to our stuff on Quercetin. But I want to share with you some of the important elements here. So when you go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, which I encourage everyone to do, I want all of you… We want to have 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors. You go to… Go get into the dashboard. And the educational part is… There’s a whole bunch of tools we’ve given for education. You will understand what this diagram is. To really understand the Science of Systems, you’ll get literally an MIT education on control systems in much, much tighter, much better way. I think I can teach it a lot better. You’ll get access to the book Systems and Revolution. You’ll get access to the tool, Your Body, Your System, where you can figure out what kind of body you are–System Type–how your body’s deviated from there. How foods and supplements can bring you back. This is a very powerful software tool called, Your Body, Your System.

And by the way, when you support and you contribute to me, people are giving… being very generous. Anyone gives us 25 or more, you get the book and you get this. So it’s really… I can’t take anything for nothing. Then others of you have been very kind to give us a hundred… $100 or more. So if you do that I give you access to the portal. And then I… where you get access to scientific papers. You then get access to get certified as a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Please take advantage of this. You get access to three more books that took me many years to write. And then… scientific papers. And this is for people who are very kind enough to donate $100 or more. Again, I don’t want to take anything without being able to reciprocate. And… but that’s only the education. But then you get access to the community. Warriors get access to the forum where you can literally… In our own data center we have our own technology independent of Twitter or any of those guys. You can go build your… You can start creating your own community:  asking people questions; starting conversations. Warriors also get access to… we’ve created our own equivalent of Facebook, very different. But it allows you to interact with people:  create your own pages and build community. There you go.

But I want you to also get activated, it’s not only about education. Not… it’s not only about, you know, you know, building community. But I want you to do stuff. So we have what I call, you know, media, educational weapons, where you can really get down to understanding the real issue about what you should really be concerned about. Oral health and the real fundamentals of how, you know, when you put stuff around your mouth what that really does to your mouth, the public health implications. And you can share these cards with… You print them, share them. We’ve had close to a quarter of a million printed. Similarly, what is the real issue about boosting immunity. Why we need to go beyond a one-size-fits-all medicine. And again, you can take these and you can educate your friends.

Quercetin – Eastern & Engineering Systems Approach

So when we come back to Quercetin we can take this very powerful Systems Approach to really understanding. So we did a Molecular Systems Approach. But you can also take a Systems Approach from the standpoint of the Engineering Systems Approach which we teach in the course where you’re not only looking at, at the molecular level, but you can look at it from this much more Eastern Integrated Systems way. So in that approach, what is Quercetin, okay? How does Quercetin fit in and how can you look at it? Well, when you take that approach, when you eat… By the way, everyone, if you become a supporter warrior you get access to this tool, Your Body, Your System. And Your Body, Your System teaches you that everything in the universe is made up of the forces of transport–which is like motion; conversion–like digestion; storage–like your infrastructure, like your bones. And when you answer a set of questions, you’ll figure out where your red dot is. What kind of system you are, as I just mentioned. The black dot denotes how you’re imbalanced from where you are and how to bring you back into alignment. Now, Quercetin, what does it do? Let’s say this is your body type. Quercetin stabilizes emotions. If someone’s erratic, it calms you down, okay? It increases conversion–what we’ve called in the Indian System, Pitta, which means it supports digestion. And it also increases Kapha–storage, strength. It brings… builds your infrastructure, your bones and tissues and all those kinds of things. So of course it calms you down, supports digestion, increases digestive activity, and lowers it. So what should the dosage be?


Again, this is not a medical show, right? You should talk to your doctor. But what I’m going to share with you is what science says about dosing. And so what does science actually say? Well, the science says a maintenance dose is around 500 milligrams. By the way, if you, if you look at most of the pills are about 500 milligrams. Quercetin for hypertension, which means high blood pressure, according to Edwards et al, about 750 milligrams. And the dose for exercise performance is again that maintenance dose about 500. So, 500 is a good maintenance dose, but it’ll also support exercise performance. All right. So, what do we have, in summary? Quercetin activates the cells of the Innate Immune System, okay? So that means that cells that are your early, innate early system. But Quercetin also inhibits inflammatory enzymes, such as lipoxygenase and inflammatory cytokines involved in the cytokine storm. And then Quercetin mitigates allergic reactions. So you want to think about this as pollen season comes. And then Quercetin acts as an ionophore for zinc, thereby enhancing the antiviral activity. So again, I just want to quickly have everyone look at that. So you can see that Quercetin has some very multi-part effect. It supports your Innate Immune System. It makes sure you modulate the cytokine storm and it mitigates allergic reactions. And it also acts as an ionophore so zinc comes in, and zinc can stop viral replication. So there we go. There’s Quercetin, okay? And we finish up here. So, again, this is a slide we put together really at the main slide, the opening slide…

…We had a big Truth Freedom Health warrior summit yesterday. And typically we have about a couple 100 people on. Our goal is to build a massive movement, where it’s about quality, not about quantity, okay? You have a lot of people out there who get involved in movements, whatever the movement is, and it’s all about, essentially, you know, a top-down model. Here what we want to do is… My goal is to be a humble catalyst, a coach, and supply an infrastructure. VASHIVA.COM has created that educational infrastructure, the community infrastructure, the activism infrastructure–and it grows. With that infrastructure, with that operating system, the goal is to support you to be a leader in your community. Learn science. Learn Systems Science. Go among people. Interact. The future is offline. Online is useless if you’re not communicating with your neighbors and your friends and educating them. So that’s the foundation that we’ve created for you.

So I want to encourage all of you to do that. By the way, to those of you who are interested in mV25, go to VASHIVA.COM the shop. Again, we apologize. Getting–with this all this COVID nonsense–we couldn’t even get bottles ad capsules. So these are in now. A lot of our volunteers are coming in to help us ship these out. So keep an eye out for it. But remember. The principle is synergy:  Truth Freedom Health. Quercetin, you know, is about synergy. Your body’s about synergy. The universe is about synergy. Truth Freedom Health. So please go. The way you can support you and you can support this movement is by supporting yourself. Become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Do it for yourself. Do it for education. As my great grandfather said, “Education is priceless.” Once you learn Systems Science–once you learn these things–no one can take it away from you. It becomes part of you. And then you can become a mentor and teacher for other people. So anyway.

I hope this is valuable, everyone. Be well. Be the light. And God bless you all. Thank you….

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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