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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai shares a historical SYSTEMS analysis of why #WorkingPeopleUnite is the slogan of our time.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses a historical Systems Analysis about Why Working People Must Lead the Movement for Truth Freedom Health.
  • “Working People Unite” is a concept that has been around since the pyramids were built, no one owns that slogan and the educational system of the Left & Right brainwashed people to think it is linked to Communism.
  • The “Great Upheaval” in the United States was done by millions of American Workers, particularly in Haymarket Square, Chicago, when 4 workers were hanged. This day is commemorated around the world commemorated as May Day.
  • The Establishment wants to rewrite history with “Revisionist Historians” on what took place, Eisenhower changed May Day to “Loyalty Day” and then Regan changed it to “Law Day” but everywhere else it’s “International Workers Day.”
  • The Establishment never wanted to have an upheaval again so the Right branded “Working People Unite” Communist, Marxist and the Red Scare, while the Left took that opportunity to create top-down unions run by mafia bosses and people aligned with the establishment.

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Dr.SHIVA AYYADURAI:  Good evening everyone or good afternoon. How are y’all doing? We’re gonna have a political discussion, a systems political discussion, on working people and Why Working People Must Lead the Movement for Truth Freedom Health. And Why Working People Must Lead it – not just unite – but lead. I’ll play our anthem video here that we normally play as people are coming in, and we’ll play it towards the end; let me play this.

What I wanted to talk about today is the slogan “Working People Unite”. But more importantly, talk about Why Working People Must Lead the Movement. So there’s a lot of stuff to unpack here. First of all, what is a working person? What does it mean to lead and why we should unite? And what does unity mean? There’s a lot of people who are watching our movement for Truth Freedom Health and are actually freaking out. Among them being the Republicans and the Democrats. In Massachusetts, for example, the Massachusetts GOP is one with the Democrats. They are the ones who colluded against my campaign. But the Massachusetts GOP is suddenly – I don’t know if you saw this, John–but what they’re doing is ‘grassroots’ unity. But what the hell does… They don’t even know what ‘grassroots’ is. They’re all top down. So they will use the word “grassroots”. Suddenly, they’ll start trying to adopt terms from the Truth movement, people who are running a movement in order to try to corral people back into one of the wings of their Establishment. But the bottom line is this… What I want to share with you right now is I want to give everyone a historical systems analysis of why “Working People Unite” is the slogan of our era. There’s a lot of very ignorant people who were brainwashed by the educational system of Left and Right to think the word “Working People Unite”, right, John? You and I’ve talked about this – means Communists, right?

Look, whether Karl Marx existed or not, whether the Left and Right existed or not, gravity exists. Magnetism exists. Electricity exists. The concept of Working People Uniting or “Workers of the World Unite” – which is a slogan that Marx had – has existed long before Karl Marx. Which is a concept of people Bottoms-up, you know, “the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth” coming together to fight for their rights. So, no one owns that slogan. However, the Left, quote-unquote, the “Left” attempts to own that slogan and the Right attempts to brand that as something that’s Marxist, Communist, etc… so we don’t unite. I hope that makes sense, right? So, the Left tries to seize control of a very powerful slogan. And then the Right attempts to say that if you use that slogan, you must be, you know, from Russia or somewhere, right? So, this is the nonsense that’s going on. But the reality’s everyone who works and I mean, whether you’re a mother, whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re an electrician, or engineer, anyone who works bottoms-up. I’m not talking about people who… the people just moving around money are essentially living off the primary labor of others, right? That’s not who I’m talking about. But “Working People Unite” is a… has a deeply historical aspect to it. And where does that come from?

For me, it comes from and if you look at it historically, it comes from the fact that in the late 1800s in this country, the mid 1800s, working people started to rise up. Working people – lot of women particularly starting in places like Lowell and Massachusetts where the… Lowell, Massachusetts… where the Industrial Revolution was taking place. People were basically being abused in these factories. Child labor, right? No sanitation, no hygiene, immense amounts of abuse of everyday working people who are the ones who were actually powering the country while starting in the mid-1800s. Women started rising up by the late 1800s, early 1900s, you had the rise of the overall massive trade union movement globally. Because the globalists, the imperialists of the world, were essentially moving from the Agrarian Era to the Industrial Era, industrialization was growing. And you saw the massive subjugation of working people. But one of the things that’s occurred is – many Americans have no idea that the world working class movement started in America. Now everywhere else people know that. May 1st, we’ll come back to this, is celebrated as International Workers’ Day throughout the world, except in America, because the American imperialist, globalist propaganda machine, anti-worker machine, made sure that every American, whenever they heard the word “Working People Unite”, they immediately they… they like branded it into their brains. They connected to this one neuron of the word “Working People Unite” with this other neuron, Communist, capital ‘C’. All right? And they did this deliberately, over and over and over again. Now why did they do that?

The reason they did that was because the American working class is probably the only working class force in the world that has the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, particularly the Second Amendment, which means they fear, you know, armed American working people rising up. They do because the Founders of this country created an environment where we could protect the First Amendment with the Second Amendment. And the Second Amendment is the bulwark which really gives teeth to the American working class. So starting in the mid-1800s to the early 1900s as the American working class movement grew, it was… it put the fear of God into those in power, not only in the United States but globally. And historians will tell you that the ‘Great Upheaval’ – that’s what it was called, you can google it Great Upheaval of the 1800s–scared the hell out of not only the American working… of the American elites, but the global leaders and the Great Upheaval was in the United States. At one point in the mid-1800s, one quarter of the American working class struck, okay, one quarter. Millions of people, you know. And this wasn’t just people just hanging out at home, smoking weed or something, okay? This was people defiantly demanding that they not be abused and be properly treated, and fought for their rights. And the culmination of this was in 1866… In 1886, on May 1st, when there was a massive protest – a peaceful protest – that was done by millions of workers, and particularly in Haymarket Square, where hundreds of 1000s of people marched for something very simple:  the eight-hour work day.

And that was the first of a series of, I think, three or four days of, you know, speeches and talks and exercising the First Amendment. And in the second and on the third, there were more events. And in Haymarket Square, there was an incident that took place, I believe, on May 3rd or 4th, where there was a violent interaction and a bunch of… and still to this day, no one really knows what exactly took place. Supposedly a bomb was thrown which was… There was no evidence of who did it. But eight American workers were indicted on that and brought up on charges of… One of them was given a 15-year sentence; one of them was thrown in prison and he died. Of the remaining six, two… two sentences were commuted and four other workers were hanged in the United States. Two years later, the governor said this was the biggest travesty of justice that ever took place in the world. These people were basically set up. But in commemoration of those of those May events, everyone around the world named it May Day. It wasn’t about, you know, Maypole Day. Yeah, that that’s an old event. But May Day, International Workers’ Day, started in the United States. Mayday started in the United States from the events that took place in Haymarket, Chicago. So that’s what needs to be understood. But the…

So today, we have a couple of weeks coming up until May Day. May Day is still celebrated all over the world. And when that event took place, the historians – the “revisionist historians” said, “Oh, it was anarchists.” They just throw everyone in there: anarchists, unionists, trade unionists, Leftists, you know, workers, right? But the bottom line was, you can’t brand it. It was bottoms-up working people fighting for their rights. That’s what took place. And the result of that movement is why we got the eight-hour work day; is why working people got some basic, you know, reforms, you know, pensions and and all of us got highways and roads and bridges and sanitation and cleaning. It was during that period that infectious diseases rates came rapidly down. Where by the time – 15 years before the measles jabs came around–nearly 90%… at 95/ 98% of measles was gone. It was those uprisings of those American working people united – “Working People Unite”. That was something led by the American working class. No one owns that slogan. But whenever you say that slogan, a bunch of idiots say, “Oh, Shiva’s a communist,” right? “He’s supporting Karl Marx.”

Hey, look, Karl Marx was a Systems Scientist. I respect him for the work he did. I studied all these guys: Karl Marx, Thomas Paine, Che Guevara, Lenin. Go read all of them. You should go read all of them. You’re a fool if you don’t. And if you just listen to what mainstream media does, you know, from Washington to Left wing/Right wing. Go study all of them. But what you find is that the concept of Working People Uniting goes all the way back to, you know, people in there building the pyramids. So “Working People Unite” is the slogan of our time. Why? Because since that time of the 1900s, what took place? What took place? Well, let’s talk about the positive events that took place.

Like I said, we had reductions of infectious disease. We had the eight-hour work day. People as… wages went up, right? We had Vitamin A. You had all sorts of amazing gains that took place during that period. And it was because of all of those gains – the infrastructure, the public health, education – that during 1945 to 1975, is when America became the great superpower, the entire GDP grew explosively during that period. And during that period from the 1940s to 1975, during the period of immense growth, guess what? The American Pie grew for everyone! You can look at the wages in every income class. Everyone’s wages grew. Let me repeat that. So you had this massive uprising of the American working people who scared the shit out of people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Democrats and Republicans, by the way, the Elites hate working people. They hate… If you work for a living, they hate you. They think you’re dumb or stupid or something. They’re so smart. They move money around. They’re so brilliant, okay? But it was out of that uprising that the Elites got scared. So they threw us some reforms. Okay, fine. “We’ll build some bridges, we’ll build some roads,”… But out of that infrastructure development and public health, education, etc, the US economy explosively grew and everyone’s income grew. Fact, okay?

Someone just wrote, “Unity’s a great idea. We’re seeing unity:  the BLM movement. The corporation’s a part of it. That is a total Marxist movement and has a lot of ideas they hate,” okay? So let’s talk about what you just said. The BLM movement is a wing of the… one wing of the Establishment, okay? It is a totally Marxist movement. It’s actually a Fascist movement, okay, to be specific. Okay?

So, I think one of the things we need to understand is that because of the growth of those Bottoms-up movements that took place and because of all the gains that got… the Elites got very afraid, “Oh my God. We’re gonna have to share some of our wealth!” So starting in the 50s and 70s, what did they do? They never wanted you. They never wanted working people to unite. They never wanted anyone to use the slogan “Working People Unite”. And what did they do in order to do that? They took… they took, as usual, a two-pronged strategy. Both wings of the eagle, right, both claws. Took a two-pronged strategy one… one side of the Establishment said, “Oh, if you ever use the word ‘Working People Unite’, you’re a Communist. You’re a Communist. You’re a Marxist.” Red Scare. “You must be a capital ‘C’, Communist,” right? And that’s what they did. And therefore, working people got so afraid, “Oh, my God, I can be thrown in jail. I can be branded”, you know, “someone from Russia or China.” They sort of had to be quiet. And this was a massive attack that was done from the Right Wing.

The Left Wing took that opportunity to create top-down unions run by mafia bosses and people aligned with the Establishment. So that’s what started happening. So the Right punch to the working people right in the… right, you know, their gut was, “Don’t organize. We’re going to brand you as a Marxist or Communist. Never use the word ‘Working People Unite'”. And then the Left came in and stole people’s back pocket from behind and basically said, “Oh, come to us… you. We will give you… Join our union. Join the electrical and the plumbing union”, whatever it was. And what did they do starting from that? They made sure that those unions were top-heavy. The Union bosses took pension money, you know, they… they did pretty well. They still do, right? They gave workers a little bit of money to quiet them down. But starting by 1970, these labor leaders, quote-unquote, “mis”-leaders, struck agreements with the corporations headed by the Right Wing where they collaborated. And what they said was, “Look, we won’t strike”, you know? “We take care of you, you take care of us. We’ll keep our workers quieted down.” Okay? That’s what they did. And as a part of that agreement… And if you look at the graph between 1975 to 2018, and you compare that to the graph from 1945 to 1975, you’ll see that nearly 100 million, 150 million working people participated in strikes and protests during 1945 to 1975, when we had that growth. Which means people were active citizens – not outsourcing everything to the Democrats or Republicans. But starting in 1975, with the consolidation of the Left and Right, you saw the complete destruction of working people’s movements. In fact, maybe a couple of million people in those next 30 years participated. And someone says,”Susan B Anthony advocated for women’s right to vote by reaching up…” What Susan B Anthony actually advocated for was universal suffrage for blacks and whites. Okay? For slaves and women. So she did more than that. She understood it was about bringing people together. But anyway…

So during the period from 1945 to 1975, you have the destruction of the working class movement… telling people to shut the hell up Left and Right. And where we are today is when you use the word “Working People Unite”, some people who have been brainwashed have to just blurt out like a parrot, “Communist, Marxist!” right? “Communist, Marxist!” What you don’t know you’re talking about, okay? “Working People Unite” – but more precisely, working people must lead. To hell with Trump, to hell with Bernie, to hell with Republicans, to hell with Democrats. To hell with Left and Right. They do not want us. I work for a living. You work for a living. I create things, I’ve been working all my life. And I’m sure many of you have. I’m sorry, people who move money around–Jared Kushner who got $610 million–that’s what he did last year, him and his wife, okay? These people aren’t working people. I’m sorry. Yeah, maybe they work moving money around. But that’s really not working people. What do you think, John?

JOHN:  What gets me is the absolute celebrity worship that’s out there. Someone has like a ton of followers on Twitter or YouTube or something. And then immediately people think who they have a big following that must mean they’re a leader or something like that.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So, we have this brainwashing that’s taken place in a very active way. We talk about that in, you know, in the training, we do at VASHIVA.COM/JOIN for the Truth Freedom Health warriors’ training. But the bottom line is this that “Working People Unite” is the slogan of our time because every gain that you have, whether you know it or not, came from those people’s names we do not know. Didn’t come from Frank… Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It didn’t come from the Kennedy scumbags. It came from working people. And it’s time that everyone recognizes, for the last 50 years, 60 years, the American people–some of the best, finest people in the world–have been made naive to… with a bubble. This is why, you know, Eisenhower–nice guy and many things–but he made May Day, “Loyalty Day”. Loyalty Day to who? The Imperial Crown. And then Reagan came in, who made it “Law Day”. But everywhere else in the world it’s Workers… International Workers’ Day, except in America. Because the American– and the funny thing is, as I mentioned, that day was honoring the American workers who got hanged–because they do not want American working people to unite.

Yeah, they’ll talk about unity–bullshit unity. We don’t care about unity. We care about working people coming together building a mass movement. That’s what May Day’s about. It’s not about just like some random unity. It’s about working people leading and uniting. So they’re… the reason I’m sharing this with you is we need to elevate our state of consciousness, political consciousness, because the… most of the educational system Left and Right has made sure that we give up our power to some billionaire over here or some lawyer over here or some politician scumbag over here. They do not want us to build a Bottoms-up movement. In fact, they’ve completely brainwashed us that we don’t even know what victory means. Victory means, “Oh, I got Trump elected. Oh, my God. Isn’t that great?” Right? Or, “I got Biden in office. Or I got…  Bernie still gets to be Senator.” That’s not victory. Victory is when you reach out to your neighbor. Victory’s when you start understanding the Science of Systems. Let me tell you why that’s important. Because during the 50s and 70s until now, the Elites reorganized themselves and they made sure that they took the best and the brightest out of places like MIT and Harvard and Stanford and Yale and all the institutions and they use the power of System Science to manipulate you. Systems Science is about using data. It’s about using decision making. It’s about sending the right inputs into a system to lead to a certain way. And where they want to lead us is to Power Profit Control. Both Left and Right. Our goal is Truth Freedom Health.

And now in order to achieve Truth Freedom Health, we don’t say, “Oh, I got someone elected.” No, we build movements. Every person we add is a victory. Every person who raises their consciousness and gets it. “Wow! Dr. SHIVA, what you’re saying is right. We got to move beyond Left and Right. We got to move beyond black and white. Working people must unite.” And how do we do that? Well… “I’m going to study Systems Science. I’m going to build community among other people and I’m going to get activated on the ground.” And in order to do that, guess what, as a catalyst, I’ve created an infrastructure for everyone. Because the government ain’t going to do it. Republicans aren’t going to do it. Democrats aren’t going to do it. The stupid Green Party isn’t going to do it. The Libertarians aren’t going to do it because they believe in disorganization. So it’s a contradiction they have. The anarchists ain’t gonna do it. The Fascists aren’t going to do it. So it comes up to us. I’m one of you. I’m a working person who came from nothing. So it’s up to us, everyone. It’s not going to happen from them. Turn off the TV. Turn off Trump. Turn off Bernie. Turn off WWF wrestling because that’s what it is. These people are all scumbags; all one big pile of scumbags. That’s what they are.

We… you must build a Bottoms-up movement. But where we are at today is because of the last 70 years of being misled by these “mis”-leaders, Left and Right. People don’t know Systems Science. We’ve forgotten how to build community which is to interact with neighbors. And we don’t know how to be active on the ground. So this is an educational process and we need to do it fast. So our goal is to educate people Bottoms-up. May one we’re having a massive rally that we’ve been asked to lead that rally, right, John? The Truth Freedom Movement has been asked to power this rally because many of the working people reached out, they said, “Shiva, you know, we need leadership. We need guidance. We need theory. We need education.” So that’s what we’re going to be doing on May 1 in Boston… at Massachusetts State House steps. But we’re going to educate people. That’s where we begin. We need to raise people’s consciousness. So I want to… Let’s take some questions, who do we got here, John?

So someone says, “The Fascists and BLM isn’t unity. What I mean is there are people in both these groups who hate the US.” Look, so Baby Maltese, you have one half of it correct. On the Left, you have the BLM and the Antifa. But on the Right you have the GOP and you have people who thought Trump was their Savior, right? That’s what we have. If we’re going to attack BLM and Antifa, you better equally expose the GOP and the Republicans and the Right. You have to do that. James O’Keefe, you know whatever he does, right? He attacks CNN. Has he done any video against Tucker? Anything against Fox?

JOHN:  Yeah. And you know Fox News is gonna be like… equally corrupt. They’re owned by the Murdoch’s they did that. There’s got to be some scummy stuff going on there.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So does… I just want to ask anyone, how come James O’Keefe hasn’t done a job on Fox News? Who funds him? Okay? They want to create the Left/Right narrative. That’s what this is about. They want you watching them and say, “Oooh, let’s give him money. Let’s give him money.” Now, the only people we should support are people who want to build a Bottoms-up movement and you should support yourself. You should support your education. Yes, Fox is corrupt. Yes, Trump just hyped us. Exactly. Exactly. That’s what people were saying on Instagram. “Where do you see election? Are you running in MA, again?” Well, people want me to run for governor. Look, if I run for governor–which people have asked me over and over again–it’ll be to build a movement. And let me tell you this right now, you’re gonna hear for the first time here. The entire legislature is all corrupt. If I decide to run for governor, it’s to lead a movement. It would be to lead a mass movement. We may even want to take over the State House, right? Right? That’s what we may want to do. Because it’s about leading a movement. It’s all corrupt. End to end, it’s corrupt. Do you think you can do anything as a state rep? No, because by the time you become that… The governor of a state, by the way, has very little rights. The Speaker of the House who has all the rights; so governor’s more a titular responsibility, okay? Someone says, “I wrote in for you and so did my whole family.” Look, we know we won the US Senate primary election and they stole it from us because the thought of having one of you in power scares the hell out of them, okay? Someone’s saying, “How’s our lawsuit going?” It’s going excellent, okay? Twitter is a private company but we’re suing the government. First lawsuit showing the government contacted Twitter. Jack Dorsey is basically a doofus, okay? They just… he’s a mascot. He’s a goat. Looks like a goat. That’s what he is, okay?

JOHN:  Yeah. Someone says in response to the previous user saying, “On the Left you have BLM…” He says, “On the Right you have the Charlie Kirk Foundation like Conservative, Inc,”.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right, right. So on the Right you have Charlie Kirk, fool. Okay? You have Candace Owens, right? You have all blacks and whites that they find on that side–

JOHN:  The Daily Wire…

Dr.SHIVA:  The Daily Wire. You have Tucker Carlson. You have dumb… really, really asshole, Ben Shapiro.

JOHN:  Yeah, and you’ve got these guys. Now you do have these young Zoomers out there that are raising hell with Conservative, Inc but they don’t have Systems Theory.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right.

JOHN:  They need to get educated.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So the bottom line is that we have created an infrastructure, VASHIVA.COM. We’ve created an infrastructure and that infrastructure will provide you the noggin, the theory, to understand Political Systems Theory. Here, it took me 50 years to put that together. In three hours you’ll learn that. Number two, we’ve created our own underground infrastructure independent of Big Tech. And by the way, you know, all these people creating, “Oh, let’s go create our own social media platform.” Well, you know what it is? It’s WWF wrestling–one will be for the Left, one will be for the Right. You’ll go be on the Left and you’ll go be in the Right. I don’t see any solutions coming out of that. Nothing’s gonna come out of that. What’s going to come out of there is… Over here one guy will make money off the Left and the other guy’s going to make t-shirts and money off the Right. That’s what they do.

JOHN:  You know what I’ve noticed with the… You mentioned the third parties before–the Libertarians and The Greens…  It’s almost like they each have their niche but they don’t really try. So they make you think, “Oh, you can’t do anything independent.”

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So these idiot third parties exist to make you think you can’t do anything. But our movement is a movement. The goal of a movement is to move. It’s not to say, okay, “Oooh, we lost the election. Oh, this is bad.” No, that’s what they want you to do. Our goal is to build… In this case, we want to have – 50,000 Truth Freedom and Health warriors on the ground like Navy Seals, nuclear physicists of politics. But not only brainiacs who get it–and everyone’s smart–but also people who go do stuff on the ground and also get activated when we build community. That’s how we win. Our goal’s everyone we add is powerful. But we must, at every point of this, get out of this Left/Right narrative. Okay?

So I think one of the most… The thing is it’s extremely important that we build a Bottoms-up movement, okay? Like, you know, My Pillow guy’s going on Jimmy Kimmel, right? So what’s that? That’s about ‘eyeballs’, you understand? They’re all playing you guys. It’s not real, everyone. The Left needs the Right, the Right needs the Left. It’s all garbage. If you get into that, go do that for entertainment. It is not real. And you’re basically putting a gun up to your head and you’re shooting yourself. That’s what working people are doing whenever they get lost in this Left/Right narrative, okay? That’s what this is about. Candace Owens is on the Right. She doesn’t really talk. I mean, what… What do think about Candace Owens, John? It’s just the same old…

JOHN:  She just… she tells you..

Dr.SHIVA:  She was on the Left for a long time, right?

JOHN:  She was. But then… but then she found her niche. And now she’s basically telling conservatives… like a lot of people on the Right what they want to hear.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. So you have to understand. These people do not want to tell the truth. They want to tell half of the truth. So they can make money on that half and and the other side sells half of the other truth. So today in 2021, if you are caught in this Left/Right paradigm, it’s like you’re literally into kindergarten and they want you to be kindergartners. “Yin and yang,” someone said. All right. But the goal is to raise yourself above that and to recognize that anytime–and I’ll end on this–anytime that we got gains in this world was when we built a Bottoms-up movement independent of both political parties, in fact, viciously exposing, attacking those political parties. So go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Go start watching those videos. Become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Every… Monday evenings, we, we have… 200 people on last week. We educate people. We need to educate people Bottoms-up on that reality. Some of the things I shared with you but more and deeper. Without that political understanding between Truth Freedom Health (between why we need to build a bottoms-up movement) and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, there will be no change. You will be back here again every 20 years. And the condition of working people is going to get worse and worse and worse. There’s 25% unemployment in the United States today. Fact. The second thing that we need to understand is that if you’re making $50,000 you should be making $120,000, okay? And you can obviously see what’s going on with censorship and all this stuff that’s going on in the world. But it’s not going to be the Left or the Right people. The Left barks at the Right–make money while they’re barking. The Right barks at the Left and they got people barking at each other.

So the homework assignment is for all of you to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Should I show them quickly, John?

JOHN:  Yeah, go ahead.

Dr.SHIVA:  Okay. So let me go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. And if you go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, you’ll notice that we have created a whole bunch of tools for you. But I’ll share with you the messaging that’s on this site… So it says, “Get Educated or Be Enslaved. Welcome to VASHIVA. Take your first step on your educational journey to Truth Freedom Health.” Everyone says, “Dr.SHIVA, I want to help you. What can I do? I want to give you money.” Well, first give… give this to yourself. So when you support our movement… It says, “Your contribution, small or large, empowers you with the VA SHIVA platform. With educational curricula to learn Systems Science, social media tools to build community independent of Big Tech, and weapons of activism to transform you… transform you into a revolutionary force to unleash Truth Freedom Health.” Now those of you who want to… people are giving us $100 or more. I can’t take that without giving you something. So there’s a bunch of gifts that we’ve created. First gift is you get access to all these very, very cool videos that help you… that are featured videos that help you understand, you know, basically Systems Science.

So when you go here as a Warrior, first, we give you a whole bunch of videos. That’s the first gift. The next gift is you can actually get educated. We have all these little cards that you can print out. It’s like… almost like baseball cards… and the front of it has the branding. And the other side of it has how you can educate people on the real issues on Masks or Vaxx or Clean Elections. Next thing is, the third gift is, you get a very powerful tool–took me 20 years to build this–a tool that you can use… Systems Principles to understand how your body is a system. You can use it for your own health. But more importantly you’ll understand that the body is a system. Next, you get a… you get to learn the Science of Systems. You get a three-hour course with me. You get… you can get certified. And I’ve taught this all over the world. Used to teach these, that part of this course, at MIT. You get a book. I think it was… sold close to half a million of these books. It’s the bestselling book, Systems and Revolution. You also get the science of three other books. And then you get access to… This is a very powerful VA SHIVA Social where… It’s independent of Facebook, independent of Twitter–but you can connect with your fellow warriors. And then you also get access to a forum. Again, two different social media tools.

And then gift number eight is you get to understand the Science of Food, how you can look at food itself as a system. And then finally get access to this great ground-breaking research which will interconnect East & West. And then… But if you’re not ready for that you can be a supporter, or you can just be a member. Even if you don’t have anything to contribute, I still want you to be able to join. And as a member you get access to the videos, you get access to becoming an activist, and you get access to the paper. So whatever way you want to join, you need to go do that because we need to build a movement. And “Working People Unite” is what that movement is.

So in the end, the true slogan is we need to “Move beyond Left and Right, beyond black and white: Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health”. Repeat that again. “Beyond Left and Right, Beyond Black and White: Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health.” But again, go review this video, share it with people and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. … We’re at a point in, in history where if you want to… it’s not even about starting another political party. It’s about building a real movement grounded on working people. Obama in 2008 tried… the Establishment put a black guy there to try to get working people over there. Well, a lot of people who voted for Trump voted for Obama. Well, that didn’t work out. Then they went over to Trump. Well, that didn’t work out either too well, did it? So the only thing that has ever worked for working people is when we built the Bottoms-up movement. Period. That’s what history says. That’s what Systems Science says. So it’s time we learned Systems Science. It’s time we built our own movement independent of that. The good news is we have the framework for it. We have the infrastructure, and it’s really up to you to build that movement, okay? Anything else, John?

JOHN:  Some people are asking, “Is Alex Jones Not-So-Obvious-Establishment?”

Dr.SHIVA:  Look, let’s just apply what I just said. What is Alex Jones?

JOHN:  He’s a… he’s a… he’s an entertainer, basically.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yes. So if you want entertainment, watch Alex Jones, okay?

JOHN:  So he might be genuine, but he’s not doing what we’re doing. Basically. He

may or may not be genuine…

Dr.SHIVA:  I’m not… I’m not here to judge. I don’t have the data. But I can tell you Alex Jones is not building a movement, okay? It’s not about getting on the ground, building a movement… You meet with your neighbors. You interconnect, right? It’s about entertainment. This is not about entertainment. Working people are not about entertainment, okay? We’re about building a movement. Is that an answer? What else?

JOHN:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s see… Someone said, someone said that they like James O’Keefe’s work, but they never thought about it that way.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. Everyone, that’s what I’m saying. This is how profound all of this is. Everyone says, “Oh, Tucker’s a nice guy.” Tucker’s a frickin entertainer, guys! In fact, Fox News says Tucker’s an entertainer. Whatever he says is not the truth, okay? He grimaces here… I mean, you can see this in this entire thing that just occurred with… what’s this guy? The incidence in Minnesota?

JOHN:  Right.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right? White guy against black guy, right? Well, you had, I saw some guy called Dave Pakman against Tucker Carlson. Well, two guys. One guy’s attacking Tucker from the Left. And Tucker is attacking, making fun of the whole thing in some sense, okay? They just want you to be entertained. If you want to be entertained, watch them. Have a great time. Get some popcorn, but don’t think these people are helping working people’s lives. That’s the bottom line, okay? Our movement for Truth Freedom Health is the only movement on the planet right now that is building a Bottoms-up movement, that is boldly saying, “Working People Unite”. And we want to expose the Left and the Right. The Left does not own the slogan, “Working People Unite”, okay? They don’t own it. They stole it. We’re taking it back, aren’t we, John?

JOHN:  Yeah.Dr.SHIVA:  We’re taking back that slogan. That’s what we’re doing. The one group of people don’t own the rainbow color, do they?  The rainbow color exists in nature in spite of them. Well, they think they own it. They’re defining inclusivity, diversity… Well, they’re probably some of the most racist people in the world that I’ve seen. All right, everyone. Time to build a movement: “Working People Unite”. That’s what this is about. Thank you. Be well.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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