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The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains to a student why he is so angry and is uncompromising when exposing the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.
  • A student in the Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholar program attempts to question the movement’s approach for Truth Freedom Health – pleading not to tell people the truth about their “heroes” being the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains the reality of where the world is right now is from that attitude of attempting to please everyone. People do NOT need diplomacy. That  path will extend this suffering for another 40 years. 
  • The true psyop is conforming to the idea that we must tell people what they want to hear and create fake unity. That is what the establishment wants. They do not want people to take a Revolutionary Systems Approach. They want to make it this long massaged diplomatic process. We must expose these people without compromise. 
  • That’s what this movement is about, breaking this illusion. We are here to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’re not here to bullshit people. This is about reality. We are in slavery right now. We’re here to bring the sword. People do not need diplomacy.

SPEAKERS John, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai

John: One of Dr.Shiva students in our Truth Freedom Health Warrior program recently asked Dr.Shiva why he gets so angry and aggressive and is so unwilling to compromise.

Specifically, they wrote;

John Narrating Student Comment: “Dr.Shiva I totally understanding your aggressive, radical position. But with all due respect, I feel like you need to be careful about criticizing people’s admired heroes and gurus. We need to understand that change does not happen by slapping people’s faces with the truth. Consciousness, educations and deprogramming is a process.

By criticizing directly these people you are closing the door to millions of potential supporters before you even opened it. This is something that the psyops propagandists learned during WWll and so they studied the cultural beliefs of the invaded to influence them and stop resistance. Like the saying says, what you are for strengthens you and what you oppose weakens you.

Let’s find solutions through science and education and not predisposed people against the movement and the science that underlies it through a lack of tact and diplomacy. With these direct aggressive criticisms, you are attracting negativity and giving detractors the tools to discredit and attack that movement. Please consider.

Dr.SHIVA: Here is the bottom line. We must expose these people without compromise. The establishment wants to do precisely what you said. They do not want people to take a revolutionary approach. They want to make it this long massaged diplomatic process.

You don’t want to rip off the band aid – you want to say let’s please everyone. The reality is this – that has never gotten the world anywhere. When you look at the arc of human history, it has not been that action has done anything.

In fact, that is a psyop. If you went told that to women in Lowell, Massachusetts, who were being brutalized. Oh, you know, you need to be nice to the union leaders and work with them. No freakin way – that will prolong suffering.

So you really, really got to study history, because that’s what this movement is about breaking this illusion that you have. We are here to separate the wheat from the chaff. Because where I came from and where ordinary people come from, where they’ve been abused over and over and over again, this is not about fucking diplomacy.

This is about reality. We are in slavery right now. And the way we got here was people doing precisely what you said, working people where I come from, in New Jersey and Paterson, and in the villages of India, they already get this.

They don’t need fucking diplomacy. They’re looking for leadership, and they’ve been sold out over and over and over again. We’re here to bring the sword.

We’re not here to bullshit people and tell them we’re going to be all namby pamby nice. NO – people are way beyond that. Come over to Western Mass go over to Newark, New Jersey. They don’t want to hear this bullshit.

Martin Luther King, I have a dream. What fucking dream are you talking about? The inner cities in this country are devastated for poor blacks and poor whites. And that was done by this attitude.

You’re saying? No, your path will extend this suffering for another 40 years. These kinds of comments come from a small minority of people who speak with such authority, but they have no basis on it. It’s like saying there’s no gravity.

We’re not here to be diplomatic, to people who are oppressors. We’re here to accelerate human change. So let go of your illusions.

Understand that you have a historic opportunity to get a PhD in how to build a movement. You got to learn – you’re a kindergarten level go study. You got an F right now in my class.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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