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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – shares his requested analysis on the Path Forward with the Truckers Convoy in Canada.
  • Dr. Shiva launched a website called  to provide a clear path forward using a Systems Approach to building a Bottoms-up Movement.
  • Dr. Shiva congratulates the Truckers in Canada for rising up and recognizes their huge victory for organizing Bottoms-up.
  • He also warns about the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment who always finds a way to step in and convince Working People who build Bottoms-up Movements to outsource their negotiations to politicians and lead them back to the establishment.
  • The only way to win is to ground Working People in Systems Science education on how to build a movement, this only exists with the Movement for Truth Freedom Health.


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Hello, everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s doing well. Today’s conversation-discussion is going to be about what’s going on in Ottawa. In Canada right now, as many of you know, there is a big event taking place, which is essentially the police are cracking down on the truckers. What I wanted to do is to take this opportunity, because most of us who are not in Canada, not in Ottawa, can’t do anything physically.

Systems Approach to Building a Movement

But what we can do is use this opportunity to reflect on what’s going on and use a Systems Approach that we’ve been talking about. So, we can really understand; what has occurred, what is going on, how this got here. And what we can do to support the path forward, for not only Truckers Uniting, but working people uniting. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Before I start, I want to first of all, welcome everyone.

We wanted to start a little bit early, but we’ve been gathering a bunch of information on what has been going on down there. But also a bunch of our Truth Freedom Health Warriors there wanted me to make a video to play, which we just delivered. And I will also share that video with you before this broadcast. I want to begin by first as people are coming in to let everyone know that we need to build a movement and that movement has to be founded on scientific principles. And those scientific principles we brought together at

And the goal of all of this is that in order to build a Bottoms-Up movement, that movement cannot be just done haphazardly. We’ve been extremely ecstatic to see that working people in Canada rose up, the truckers got together and everyone should support them. And this is an opportunity to understand what took place, but also how we can do to escalate and augment this movement. And before I start that, I’m going to share with you that analysis. I want to sort of level set this and play our video that we do for all of you who are new, to really give you an understanding of why we need to build this movement.

Alright, everyone, I wanted to play that video, because there’s two aspects to building a movement. One is the political theory, the other is the action on the ground. So, just like, you know, we need to be able to be practical, but we need to also have theory, many times people come out Bottoms-Up, but they don’t have the theory and mistakes are made. And many times people have the wrong theory, which is essentially collaborating with the establishment. Okay.

And there’s many versions of that. But what I wanted to let everyone know, was in commemoration of what’s going on. With the heroic fight of the truckers in Canada, we have launched a website called And you can go to that website. And it is an analysis, which I’m going to share a little bit with you. But if you don’t have time to see everything, you can go to So let me begin. Because we did a video that our activists in Canada wanted to really give our analysis. I’m going to play that video for you shortly.

But at a high level, what we want to consider is that when you look back at this movement, it was in January 12th, one of our warriors up in Alaska said that Trudeau had blocked the ability for US truckers to bring goods all the way up to Alaska to choke off the American people in Alaska, and which means everyone had to be vaccinated. We did a video live, if you remember, I think it was the 13th or 14th night.

And we asked for the Canadian truckers in solidarity to support the US truckers, so we were ecstatic – within I think literally Within 24 hours after that we found out these convoys were organizing. But the reason we were able to provide that theory was because we take a Systems Science Approach. And it is extremely important if we’re going to be successful, to take that Systems Approach.

That’s why I encourage everyone to become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. We now have hundreds of 1000’s of people globally, who are recognising that there is a science to building a movement in the truckers convoy. There’s been various different trends in this movement. And it’s important to understand, whenever movements come up, there’s gonna be various trends.

Some people were there to sell out the truckers or the working people, other people who want to finagle a way of doing that other people are against them. And then there’s the real movement, which figures out what the right strategy and tactics are. So, again, we have a lot of Truth Freedom Health® Warriors in Canada. And they wanted me to do a short video. So it’s about a five to seven minute video that I did to really analyze this. And we’re gonna play it for you right now.

Truth Freedom Health®

So anyway, we did that video. And that went out to all the truckers this morning in Canada. So through our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. But the key thing I wanted to emphasize here is that we should first of all recognize that the working people of Canada that the truckers specifically – them doing what they did is a huge, huge victory regardless of what the police are doing right now.

And we should applaud that because what it does for all people throughout the world, it says, You know what, that’s how you get things done, you build a Bottoms-Up Movement, but that Bottoms-Up Movement right now needs to do those steps I just walked everyone through, right, we need to regroup, we need to reflect. And we need to most of all recognize this is an opportunity to take one step back and then take two steps forward. Okay.

And movements go if you look at the history of movements, you have battles that are lost, battles that are won, but we want to win the war. And winning the war requires a clear strategy, and that strategy must be founded in some scientific principles. And so that’s why I wanted to have this conversation with everyone today. And John will read some of the comments out there, but if people go to Let me share this. We built literally a website to commemorate and support the truckers right here. So let me go here.

So we just launched this. It’s a very simple website everyone should go to but at the top of it it says Truckers Unite Workers Unite, it’s at, and analysis of the trucker situation Ottawa and the path forward, the video that we just presented to the truckers is here. But it really gives you an analysis of what happened in Canada. How did we get here? What is to be done?

You know, what does that mean in terms of why we need to take a Systems Approach, do not comply decentralized, choose your customer, then we talk about the next steps we just shared with you to step through. So this is a very clear directive, a very clear direction. And we hope people follow this and recognize the importance of doing this, because we always have to learn.

Bottoms-up Movement

Building a movement is literally an engineering process, an activist process, a scientific process, it’s all those three things. I can’t overemphasize to people that we need to get educated, or we will be enslaved. We must get educated and education means not only being an activist, but also understanding theory.

I’ve wanted for a long time to share with all of you, that this journey for me as many of you know comes from a journey of growing up in an oppressive condition in India coming to the United States and since the age of 16-17, I’ve always been a ground activist, and that experience combined with the Engineering Systems Approach has given us a framework on how we build movements.

There is a science and an engineering to building a bridge. There’s a science and an engineering to you know, wiring a house. There’s a science and engineering to doing anything. And we need to appreciate that. So I’m gonna have John play one more video here. This video is going to really share with you that in order to support everyone we’ve created a platform for that and that’s a platform for Truth Freedom Health®.

Path Forward

So anyway, everyone, I hope this analysis was valuable and timely, and it gives a path forward again, let us give great, you know, support, at not only moral, but also any support, we can particularly recognize that those working people in Canada who came out, did the Bottoms-Up Movement they already won by the fact they did that. So we should not be demoralized by what’s going on right now. Because what they’ve shown is that when working people rise up, Bottoms-Up, we put the fear of God into the elites, and the elites. That’s what they’re most afraid of.

They do not want working people uniting independent of the politicians, particularly independent of those politicians who act and speak the words as though they’re for working people, including a lot of the Grifters and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. It is the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment that always sells out working people. And that lesson is hard to learn.

Because most working people because of their kindness, and because they’re hard working people, there’s a tendency to think, oh, this other person is going to do it for me, oh, this nonprofit, this Kennedy, or this Trudeau or this Bernie Sanders or this, Donald Trump. And that is a problem.

And what I want to do before I close here, we did a very important video recently because one of our students in our Truth Freedom Health® Movement, asked us, you know, Dr. Shiva, why are you so aggressive?

But a lot of people don’t fully recognize that when they start getting involved in movements, they awaken up to something’s wrong, and they need to fight. So right when they start awakening, they typically come to a point where they want to do something about it.

We’ll do this video shortly, because in a few minutes, I’m going to end this video, and we’re going to share with everyone the analysis that our Open Science Institute Project CytoSolve® has just done on the first part of analyzing the Pfizer jab. That’s something we promised everyone. So, we have the first part of that what is in the Pfizer jab. So, that’ll be coming out.

And then I’ll talk about this other thing after so I’m going to do three videos today. But today’s video is really to honor the working people, the truckers, to say that we should applaud what they’ve done. recognize the fact that they came up with a victory. And if you go back and review this video, it gives a trajectory. We also want people to go to, and you can see that analysis that’s there. Thank you, everyone. Be well, be the light. Thank you!

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