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Key Points:

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – educates Facebook on Naruto, the Macaque Monkey v David John SlaterBlurbs Inc.
  • Facebook recently censored a post by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai criticizing the Western Imperialist push for in Ukraine.
  • Facebook claimed the post was taken down due to its “anti-bullying policy” to protect “private individuals.”
  • The cartoon in question features the late US Senator John McCain, a tank, and a Russian bear.
  • John McCain is a public figure (and is deceased), a tank is an object, so that leaves the cartoon Russian Bear.
  • Dr. Shiva cites legal precedent in US courts where PETA attempted to argue that a monkey was a private individual.
  • US 9th Circuit rules that a monkey, being an animal, has no legal standing in US court.


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Hi everyone, Dr. Shiva, it’s actually 4:30pm, starting on time. We’re gonna let people join, we’re going to do an interesting discussion, and a study of a very famous lawsuit, a funny lawsuit. But it’s an interesting one, on who is a private individual. Can animals be private individuals?

This case is important, because I’ll share with you. I think two or three days ago, I did a post on Facebook that gave historical facts and it had a picture of a bear in there. And it looked like Facebook, as from everything I can resolve – it did not like that bear and they removed…it’s a cartoon bear and they removed that post. And I’ll talk about that.

And so we’re going to review that because it’s an interesting thing, because what is a private individual, and I hope, the Facebook legal teams listening, or the committee that reviews I’m going to be sending a letter to them, because I think it’s an opportunity for them to learn a little bit of law, and actually understand what is a private individual.

So as you can see, the…the diagram here, bring it up here. The title is, “Why Does Facebook Think a Cartoon Bear is a Private Individual?” and I have a picture of this monkey here. He’s a macaque. And that monkey, is a name by the name of Naruto. And we’re going to talk about this monkey because it’s related to this. And let me just give you a quick background on what took place. And by the way, this was a post I did.

I got this message from Facebook, which said, “your post goes against community standards on harassment and bullying. No one else can see your posts. We have these standards because we want everyone on Facebook to feel respected and welcome. Repeatedly violating our community standards can cause further account restrictions. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can disagree with the decision.”

This was a post I put up and I’ll go over it. And then it went on to say goes, “our standards give more protection to minors and private individuals, then to adults in public figures harassment and bullying can include things like descriptions or photos that degrade someone’s appearance or character targeting someone with threats.” And obviously we didn’t do that.

So interesting enough, we’re going to look at this thing where it talks about our standards for harassment and bullying. And really, we’re gonna go into this as those of you who are joining this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. If you want to learn more about VA Shiva and what we are doing you can go to

Journey to Systems

We’re going to take a Systems Approach to understand what this was about, and many of you who’ve listened before, everything we do at VA Shiva and with our movement for Truth Freedom Health®. It is really about taking a Systems Approach to understanding how the world operates.

You can go to and sign up to become a Warrior-Scholar, so you can learn the Science of Systems before I come back to this. I’m going to just play quick videos for those of you who are new. So you understand my journey to systems, the Science of Systems and will help you understand the philosophical and scientific approach we take here at VA Shiva.

Alright, everyone, welcome back. So we’re going to be talking about, as I mentioned, this, I put this up here: “Why does Facebook Think a Cartoon Bear is a Private Individual?” And this comes literally on the heels of an interesting posting that took place that I received feedback from Facebook this morning. I put up this post a few days ago. And we’ll go into this.

Talking About Ukraine

It’s really talking about Ukraine. And there’s a picture of a bear and a picture of a NATO tank and Uncle Sam and a picture of Ukraine here. And as I mentioned, I got this notice back from Facebook this morning, which says, “we have standards because we want everyone on Facebook to feel respected and welcome.” It says “your post goes against our community service standards, standards on harassment and bullying.”

So something about this post over here goes against Facebook’s…Facebook’s policies. I’ve been trying to figure out what those are. And we’ll walk this together. And then it ends up saying that, “repeatedly violating the community standards can cause further account restrictions. If you think you’ve made a mistake, you can disagree,” which I obviously did.

Then it says, “our standards on… on harassment and bullying, give more protection to minors and private individuals than to adults and public figures.” Let me zoom in a little bit. And it says, “harassment and bullying can include things like descriptions or photos that degrade someone’s appearance or character targeting someone with threats.”

So anyway, let’s look at this. So this was a post I put up. And you can see it right here. It really talks about the Ukraine war, talks about Obama and McCain, using the word prostitutes to describe them for essentially the Military-Industrial-Complex, and it gives some historical facts that took place. And it says, you know, they never wanted to do the Minsk II Agreement.

And it says the bottom line is, “Imperialism is what instigated this war.” And then I have this picture, as you can see, a NATO tank, Uncle Sam, Ukraine, etc. And by the way, many people on the left and right have talked about this also, in fact, Bernie Sanders just critiqued it the same way that people on the right have critiqued it.

But anyway, let’s look at what Facebook says, “our standards give more protections to minors and private individuals than to adults and public figures”…so “protections to minors and private individuals.” And it says harassment and bullying can include things like description or photos that degrade someone’s appearance or character.

Is Barack Obama a Private Individual or a Minor?

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on. So if you go back and you look at this uh, well, I talk about Obama, I talk about McCain. And there’s this picture. So the first question is: Is Barack Obama, a private individual or a minor? It’s the first question. Well, Barack Obama is a public figure.

He’s clearly not a private individual, in the sense that he’s a public figure. You can speak about him as far as I last knew. And he’s not a minor. I know he’s not a minor. I’m sorry, could be a minor, but he’s not a minor. Okay. So obviously, this is a big no. Okay. So I’m assuming they’re not concerned with the historical stuff I said, against Barack Obama.

Is John McCain a Private Individual or a Minor?

The second thing is, is John McCain, a private individual or a minor? Well, John McCain is dead. He’s not a private individual. Also…or…and he’s not a minor, by any means. So this is obviously a no.

Is NATO Tank a Private Individual or a Minor?

Then let’s go is NATO tank a private individual or minor? If you go back here, I have a picture of the NATO tank. So, I’m wondering if that is obviously that’s an object that’s not a private individual or minor.

Is the Cartoon Bear a Private Individual or a Minor?

The next question is, is a cartoon bear a private individual or a minor? And you can look at the cartoon bear right here. Okay. And so that’s the only other thing I mean, this is a character…character of Uncle Sam.

So, this really made me wonder maybe this is what really concerns Facebook, you know, because they’re, I’m sure they’re very, very concerned that I don’t make fun of bears, cartoon bears, because kids have teddy bears. That’s the only thing I could think about this. Zuckerberg I know as a new child and maybe was concerned that kid would get a bad experience. Me making fun of a cartoon bear.

Naruto, the Macaque Monkey

That really led me to wonder, you know what I did wrong here. So, that brings up the case of Naruto, the macaque monkey. Now let me…this may seem unrelated, but it’s extremely closely related. It was a precedent-setting Ninth Circuit case. Facebook, if you’re listening, you are in the Ninth Circuit.

This case needs to be understood. So this is about Naruto, the macaque monkey so everyone, I hope you’re listening because this is a fascinating case. So, what happened here was Naruto, this macaque monkey. And what ended up happening was several years ago. Think about close to now 11 years ago, what ended up happening is there’s this photographer by the name of David Slater.

He’s actually a wildlife photographer. And he was out I think, in Indonesia somewhere. And he had left all his camera equipment and a bunch of these macaque monkeys stole his camera, and they started taking selfies of themselves. And this was one of them that came out. So Naruto I’m not sure where they called Naruto Naruto but he’s a macaque monkey.

He took a bunch of selfies but this was one of the selfies he took. And a big question resulted, a copyright question is, “who owns this picture?” Okay, Wikimedia…Wikimedia had put up this picturend, a they had said, “well, since a monkey took it, you know, no one owns the picture.” And that ended up with PETA jumping in the animal group.

Which is for the protection of animals and they said the photographer was exploiting the monkey because he was making money off the monkey and that this was wrong. So they sued him. The case got dismissed and it got appealed to the Ninth Circuit…fascinating case. Okay, because the question is who can own a copyright?

So, PETA files. This was in Art World they call it “a ridiculous suit against a photographer profiting from a monkey’s selfie”. Should a monkey get selfie profits? So anyway, the…this was costing the monkey selfie photographer a ton of money. He was actually going broke and he was thinking maybe start doing dog walking, because the amount of money was paying the lawyers and this was another thing that came out.

I think in The Guardian, it says, “David Slater has been fighting for years over who has a copyright to photos taken by monkeys using his camera and says he’s struggling as a result.” Okay, so that was the article that came out in The Guardian. What ended up happening was, after many, many years, this is a case that was the appeals court case.

Next Friends

You can see the cover of it, and I really recommend Facebook’s lawyers go read it but it says Naruto – a crested macaque by and through his “next friends.” And I’ll talk about this there is a law saying that if one person can’t file a lawsuit, let’s say they’re disabled, or they can’t speak, a friend who’s close to them can do it.

PETA used this rule of this law framework called “next friends” which said they are the friends of the monkey so they were going to file on behalf of the monkey. And you can see it says, “Naruto crested monkey by and through next…his “next friends”, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.”

PETA v David John Slater Blurbs Inc

PETA said they are the friends of the monkey. And it’s versus John Slater Blurbs Inc. Wildlife Personalities because he’s the one who sells his pictures of this monkey through Wildlife Inc. I hope everyone who’s coming in who’s listening to this as there was a post I did on Facebook, and it had a picture of a Russian bear cartoon bear.

It looks like Facebook had a problem with it. They took it down. So I’m just trying to help Facebook attorneys understand the law here a little bit and we’re reviewing the Naruto versus David Slater case. What’s going on here is this. So the monkey selfie lawsuit finally ended. And the Ninth Circuit affirmed, it affirmed that in fact, a human being is the one who can be a private individual owning a copyright. Okay?

Unwitting Pawn

What happened here was the following. In fact, the appeals court actually blasted PETA for using the selfie monkey as an unwitting pawn and I want to read you some of the comments. The judges who ruled on this, basically, they were saying, you know, it looks like PETA was using this, the picture or the monkey ideologically to push their ideological agenda.

I guess judges don’t circuit judges don’t like that. And so, and one could argue is Zuckerberg and Facebook, really using this poor cartoon bear to push their ideological agendas, because they really maybe didn’t like what I was saying, but we’ll come back to that. The monkey loses the selfie copyright case.

That’s what ended up happening. We can go to that, and this was in the Washington Post. And, the Washington Post reporter said maybe the monkey should sue PETA, which is what the appeals court suggested. So what happened here was this is out of one of the blogs that was on this, but PETA seems this is what one of the judges wrote.

He said PETA seems to employ Naruto, which is a monkey as an unwitting pawn in its ideological goals. And as you can see, it says PETA originally brought the lawsuit as a “next friend”, where a young child or someone in prison might be too quote unquote, “incompetent or unavailable to sue”. In cases like that the law allows a third party to sue on their behalf as a quote unquote “next friend”, provided of course, there’s a suitably close relationship.

All three judges agreed the animals in general can’t be represented by “next friends”. But Smith wanted to go further and say PETA’s lack of next friend status should automatically throw the lawsuit out of court and in this case a court went ahead and treated Naruto, a literal monkey as a real plaintiff, they did.

But this is what the judges wrote. They say puzzlingly, while representing to the world that quote, “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” PETA seems to employ Naruto as an unwitting pawn and its ideological goals.

By the way, many of you know we have a technology called CytoSolve®, which is the goal is to eliminate animal testing. So I actually, like the fact that PETA wants to save animal lives, but in this case, you know, the judge’s points need to be understood here.

A Cartoon Bear is not a Private Individual

So the net of it is, what basically this, this ruling affirmed, is only humans are private individuals, not a monkey, and not a cartoon bear. Okay? And, and I’ll come back to that, because I have a couple more very important points I want to make on this. But the reason I went through this was we went from a post that was deleted from the social media issues, and we went to a lawsuit with a monkey.

We connect these things. And this is really about taking a Systems Approach. So we can get down to the truth of what’s going on. And I’ll come back to this because I want all of you to recognize that the thinking that we use here at our Institute for Truth Freedom Health® is to teach people a Systems Approach.

Clearly it doesn’t make any sense why that post was taken down. But let me go back to this and go back to that post. And I do want to play a video before I leave, because I want all of you guys to take advantage of becoming Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. But this was a post as you can see that I put up there, okay.

It says who incited the war, who meddled in Ukraine, right? You can read it, what I shared here. And, you know, that just shared historical facts. So one of the important facts that I don’t think Facebook had an issue with this because this is just a known fact that Obama and McCain are in fact prostitutes of the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex.

That’s been written about many, many times by far left people and far right people, middle of the road, people. Everyone talks about this. Okay, that’s just the facts. I’m sure. Facebook didn’t have a problem with that fact. Barack Obama and John McCain wanted Ukraine to be part of NATO. That’s a fact. Okay. I’m sure no one had a problem with that.

And the question comes down to this, right? And it’s really the only thing that’s left is this poor bear – angry bear, the Russian angry bear. It looks like what Facebook had a problem with. And that comes back to Naruto, okay, because this is not a private individual.

If you go back to let me go back here to the point that was made and the notice that was put up, it said that we go back here, it said, “our standards give more protections to minors and private individuals.” I don’t think the bear was a minor, but I think Facebook is thinking it was “a private individual.”

Clearly the case of Naruto as we just walked through which I recommend people at Facebook read carefully. Naruto was clearly found not to be a private individual. Therefore, the cartoon bear is not a private individual. Therefore, I would kindly request Facebook to put up this very nice factual post about what’s going on in Ukraine. Okay. That’s what I wanted to discuss today.

And I want to invite all of you to become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. Take a Systems Approach, the Science of Systems is the only way for us to find what the hell’s going on these days. Even in this war in Ukraine, you can take a pro-Ukraine position, anti-Ukraine, pro-Russian, anti-Russian.

I urge people to go watch the video I did on what’s actually going on in Ukraine. And this is really about imperialism. You have one, two big thugs, the United States and Britain and you have a smaller thug, Putin, who wants to protect his area, but the main people who lose on this is a working people of Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Britain, everyone.

These are a bunch of imperialists who are fighting it out. And none of it has any interest with us. And for that matter, I don’t think Naruto – this macaque would also approve of this. Let me finish by encouraging everyone to become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar and I’ll just finish up with this video.

If there’s any interesting questions here before I do that, someone says, “Has a monkey shown up in court yet?” That’s a good question. What to find out now the monkey did not show up, remember? The…the monkey did not show up. “Facebook should provide their interpretation of a private individual.” Yes. I think we should ask Facebook: is the angry Russian bear a private individual? I think not.

Someone said, “that was entertaining.” Yep, it was entertaining. But I think we need to educate. Someone said, “I’m glad you did this.” Antoinette Zanotti. And anyway, if you guys appreciate this, please go out there and become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. Join the movement for Truth Freedom Health®.

I’m going to play this video and Hey, John, should I play the anthem video or the features video? Yes, I’m going to play the features video and become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. Learn the Science of Systems so here you go and learn how to look at the world Beyond Left & Right – Beyond Pro & Anti otherwise we’re all screwed. Here you go.

Alright, everyone, I hope that was valuable. I hope you learned a little bit about what is a private individual. Please let Facebook know I’ll be sending a letter to them. But most importantly, remember this, understand the Science of Systems so we can move Beyond Left & Right. Go to

We’ll be doing a video tomorrow on cardiovascular health. And we’re also going to be launching our collaborative research projects where each one of you can also be involved in doing research. One of the questions we’re gonna ask is who is the Atlantic Council?

Go look them up the Atlantic Council and find out how those guys are involved very, very closely with some of the biggest elite organizations in the world. And in my view, they’re the organization which really is the backbone of the establishment. Atlantic Council but go do some research. Thank you and be well.

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