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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Truth Freedom Health® Citizen Journalist Interviews Truckers in Ottawa.
  • Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Dezirae interviews truckers on the ground taking part in the ongoing protests in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, talks about how it is a victory, in and of itself, that Canadian truckers are reminding working people all over the world that they have real power outside of the political process.
  • Dr. Shiva and the Truth Freedom Health® movement have been at the forefront in teaching people that working people must unite beyond Left & Right, beyond Black & White. Only working people can build a bottom’s up movement that can win back Truth Freedom and Health, which is exactly why the truckers protests in Canada have been such an inspiration to oppressed working people everywhere.
  • The greatest danger to the Canadian truckers is the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The Canadian establishment is desperately looking to recruit fake leaders who will compromise the movement in exchange for the establishment throwing a few bones.
  • The Canadian establishment partners with top-down Unions to try to squeeze independent truckers and their families out of business. The jab mandates are the latest attempt to crack down on self-reliant truckers and small businesses.
  • This is the end stage of a long process of incremental measures being taken by the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex to enslave working people.
  • It’s important that working people on the ground must lead the movement, not academics or celebrities or people who jump on the bandwagon later.


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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Hello everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We have some exciting news on the ground for all of you. It is Sunday at around 2pm. But we have one of our awesome Truth Freedom Health warriors; Dezirae, who’s on the ground in Ottawa.

And she’s going to be having direct live interviews with truckers, who’ve really put their life on the line, their careers on the line, their families on the line, and have gone out there to really share, and with people that they are willing to build a movement that’s Bottoms-Up. So we have live, Dezirae and I want to talk to you about that. And let me bring Dezirae, Dezirae? Are you there? Bring Dezirae in.

Dezirae: Hi. Hello. Good afternoon.

Dr.SHIVA: So here we have, Dezirae, who is one of our Truth Freedom Health warriors. She’s with Paul, right. In Canada. Paul, how are you?

Paul: I’m doing well.

Dr.SHIVA: We have people coming in. So let’s just wait. It’s growing very rapidly, close to 300 people live, but let’s just wait for people to come in. We have people from all over the world and put up some of their messages. Paul, you can see, “Bless the truckers” “Bottoms-Up.” Okay. I don’t know if you can see these messages, “Viva Canada.”

So these are people from all over the world signing in. So we’ll wait for people, there’s people from Florida, we just want to let you know a lot of people are supporting you guys, about six weeks ago. You know, one of our people up in Canada. This is right before, I think the eve of before this started, one of our people up there was telling us that Trudeau was going to stop American truckers from going through the border, they had to get vaccinated before they could deliver goods to Alaska.

So at that time, you know, we had said, you know, it’s really, really important for the truckers in Canada and the truckers in the United States to unite. And it was awesome. Because a few days later, people started doing that. So we were very, very excited to know that the working people, be it in Canada, or the working people in America were starting to unite. And I think that’s really the awesome example that you guys have all set forward here.

Because you’re basically telling us it’s Bottoms-Up. And that’s what our movement has been telling people that the future of the world is not going to come from these politicians. Because if anything, they’re always going to force us to rely on them. And they always sell us out. But go ahead, Paul, Dezirae.

Dezirae: Sure. So I’m Dezirae. I’m in Ottawa, Canada. I am a Truth Freedom Health warrior. And I am a citizen journalist. And I am here with Paul. I’m just gonna ask a few questions. And he’s a trucker here. He’s been here the whole time, right?

Paul: January 27. We arrived early

Dezirae: A long time. So why did you get involved in this?

Dr.SHIVA: Dezirae? Can you just move? Great Dezirae. Go ahead, Paul. Sorry about that.

Paul: Yeah, you know, I got involved with this. Specifically, when they started with the children having to vaccinate the children, and, you know, parents know better. We know what’s good for our children. You know, they didn’t even take natural immunity into consideration for anybody. Right? And that’s when my wife and I stepped up, our daughter had to take it, she felt horrible. But to rent the place where she lived, that was a requirement. In Calgary.

Dezirae: And I guess if you could just explain a little bit of what’s going on right now. Like today.

Paul: Oh, today? Wow. Yeah, you know, there’s so much support here from the public. It’s been incredible. There’s been so many trades, people come down and everything and tensions high, because, you know, there’s a big vote coming in on Monday, and they probably like us gone before that happens. But, you know,

Dezirae: It’s always the unknown, right? Oh, I’ve been hanging out. I’ve been hanging out with these guys holding the line just down the block here. So yeah, I totally understand that the tensions are high.

Paul: But you know, the public, keep us encouraged. They come down with smiles that bring us care packages, they made homemade food. It’s been an incredible experience. And when you get Alberta and Quebec standing on the same block. That’s pretty good.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, because there’s always been various differences right across Canada. And this has really brought people together as I understand.

Paul: Yes, absolutely.

Dr.SHIVA: Paul. Pardon me? What kind of dog is that?

Paul: She’s a basset hound. She’s with her name’s Flo. She’s a great truck companion.

Dezirae: She’s a sweetheart We do have, we do have Paul’s wife in the background here too. Just so you know, her name is Barb.

Dr.SHIVA: Barb, how are you? Hi.

Barb: I’m well, thank you.

Dr.SHIVA: Great to have you. Close to 600 people now live, and all of whom think you guys are great heroes. And supporting I’ll just throw up some of these messages. You’re my hero, see you guys. Hope the convoy comes to the U.S. right? Yes. All these wonderful messages coming through. Thank you. Okay. Once we’re done here, we’re coming to the U.S. Yes, go ahead. Sorry. Yeah.

Dezirae: Okay, a couple of more questions here. Um, what? I guess that’s how it is. How is it that others can support you?

Paul: Oh, wow. There’s, you know, if people walk up and down the street and take the name of the side of the truck, and phone that company, and thank them for their support. My boss has gotten threatened, his children were threatened. It’s been terrible here. So if companies know that, you know, people are behind them. That makes a huge difference, right? And just come down, come down, and stand with us. The more people we have here. They have to listen. Oh, my goodness. They must listen.

Dr.SHIVA: If you notice someone from Australia, we have people from Australia, we have a lot of Truth Freedom Health people there. We have been protesting. So again, here’s people from the UK, people from Portugal. So all over the world, people are watching this right now and this interview. Go ahead. Dezirae.

Paul: Wow. Yeah, it’s nice to have that support from all those countries, eh?

Dezirae: Yeah, that’s amazing.

Dr.SHIVA: from Nova Scotia, oops, oops, here’s from Nova Scotia. You can say, here’s someone, someone just from Atlanta, California, Georgia. So people. Here’s also from South Africa Paul. We got someone from South Africa right here.

Dezirae: Yeah, so that’s one thing that I know when we’re on the like in the meetings and stuff like that. You can just know what’s going on through the Truth Freedom Health movements if you have those weekly meetings, and then there’s the Open House and people can have conversation and ask questions. So you really get connected when you’re like, you don’t know what’s going on in other parts of the world. When, you know, the one time I was like, we found out that masks were being worn on the streets in France, and I was like what, you know, so it’s really nice to be connected with so many people, right? Yes.

Dr.SHIVA: India just wrote to Paul, he’s watching from Asia in India. So wow, here’s from Kenya, Africa. Here’s from Cambodia.

Dezirae: Hi, from Canada!

Dr.SHIVA: all timezones Paul and for you, Dezirae, go ahead.

Dezirae: So, um, you were saying, I guess, just to reiterate, what you said, is if people are down in Ottawa, and they see some of the trucks out, out on the streets to call and support their companies, because there is the backlash, you know, you get the random people, anti protesters that kind of stuff coming out just to cause shit and their fierce. Yeah. So if you’re, if you’re in the Ottawa area, or you want to come from anywhere; Vancouver, come to Tofino and say hello to Paul, right? Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA: What did Paul’s wife say, can you repeat that?

Dezirae: She said, Do you want to hear? Okay, so if she said that, there was a fella from Sooke BC, who drove 4,000 kilometers 4,600 kilometers to get here. And so we’re just encouraging everybody to come out. And when they do get here to call in and praise the truckers for being here to combat the anti-protest, like the anti-peaceful protest people, right, yeah. So I guess the other question here, is this just about the mandates?

Paul: No, wow. It’s about getting mandated, it’s about ending the mandates. It’s about giving us our freedom back to make our own choices. But we you know, it’s um, we’ve all been brought up to believe our government and our doctors and this, it’s gone too far. What they’ve done to our families, our children, dividing them, splitting them enough is enough, you know, so, to stop the mandates is absolutely correct. Yes.

Dezirae: Okay. Andone last question here. What do you consider a victory?

Paul: Oh, When Trudeau concedes that he’s misled us, and his office, out of his chair, body, you will hear the horns go in this city.

Dezirae: Cheers and honking!

Paul: Yessir.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, Paul, one of the things, you know, we want to share with you is, it’s been a long, long time since working people took matters into their own hands. And what you guys are doing to me, what you guys have already done is a huge victory. Because you basically sent a message that we’re not waiting for politicians, we’re not waiting for others that working people are going to do what’s right for them.

So I don’t know. To me that’s like already a victory because what’s happened over the last 50 years is that the politicians and even the fake sort of activists have always been telling people to work with them to do backroom deals with politicians. And that’s why we’re in this condition, the mandates, the censorship, the attack on health. All of these things have been because, in my view, for 70 years, working people have basically been misled by not just the obvious Trudeau’s, but the middle level conservatives, and the middle level liberals who have all used working people to always say vote for me.

But at the end of the day, they strike backroom deals. And in this own movement, right, there have been people who say one thing and do another, be it even guys like this guy, Robert Kennedy, or even guys, like they say one thing, but at the end of the day, they don’t really want a Bottoms-Up movement.

And that’s to me what you guys have done, has set the example of how historically people have won everything. It’s always been working people on their own fighting. The billionaires, and these guys are even the so-called billionaires like Trump, you know, I voted for him, but found out that he was the one who supported Fauci, he didn’t do anything to Hillary, right? All these people always sell us out.

Yes, I think that’s, to me that’s a big victory, what you guys have done because it shows how things that people aren’t willing to just sort of wait for somebody else. And that the politicians are basically prostitutes, right? Yes, right. They work for Big Pharma, they, if you remember, about two years ago, as a scientist, I put out these videos starting to educate people on the immune system.

Because once you suppress freedom, the scientists don’t even say anything anymore, because they’re all lemmings. So, most people, if they forget where they came from, they will always sell out. And I was very fortunate. My grandparents, I don’t know how much Dezirae told you were poor farmers. I grew up in a working class town. So I never forgot where it came from, even though I got all this education.

So when all this started, I basically was probably the first one to start educating people on the immune system. That it’s about boosting immunity. Yes, had we had other guys come out back in March, we wouldn’t have this problem. Everyone just waited. You know, they watch which way the wind blows.

And, that’s why I think it’s really powerful. What you guys have done, that you guys have shown people that this is how we win. And so I just want to let you know that what you’ve already done, in my view, historically, is a massive, massive victory. Because now the establishment, we put the fear of God into them. And that’s what they need.

Paul: Yes, that that’s exactly right. God needs to be brought back into the foundations of our countries as what they were founded on. Right. Yeah, to return to those fundamental things.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. And I think many people forget, even if you look at many of these ancient teachings, be it from the Bible or from all of these, ultimately, the real enemy wasn’t the obvious establishment. Even if you look at the teachings of Christ, it was the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. It was like the Sadducees. And the Pharisees, you know, who said one thing, but they did the exact opposite?

So I think that’s why I think it’s really, really great. I, you know, we’ve been doing a lot of protests here. And we’ve been telling people not to go to the state houses, but to go right to the centers of where the pharma companies are. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, here, there’s a place called Kendall Square, where if you stand in one place, and you just look around, you’ll see Pfizer, you’ll see Moderna, you’ll see Google, you’ll see Facebook, you’ll see Monsanto, all these companies within a 12 block radius, and trillions of dollars flow through that one area.

So we’ve been telling people, you know, we should do mass action there. Because the politicians by the time they’re involved, it’s just prostitution. Right? They just say that Trudeau’s basically a prostitute, right? His whole family. Right? Yeah.

Dezirae: Sorry. I have to laugh. It’s shaking every time you say he’s a prostitute. I have a chuckle.

Dr.SHIVA: I think that’s the reality. Right, because these guys are the prostitutes. And so we need to start educating people at the real centers of power, the Big Pharma, Big Academia, you know, the Big Tech guys, and those that want to fund these politicians? I mean, I don’t know where Trudeau’s funding comes from, you know, but it’s not from, you know, it could be from the, the Crown still right? In England.

Paul: Right. But, you know, isn’t he the one that here in Canada won’t release, he has to sign a letter in order for Moderna and Pfizer to release the ingredients, right, and he won’t do that. Right. That’s horrible.

Dr.SHIVA: What we did was we just, we, we looked at the FDA letter, Paul. And we just found the ingredients. And one of the things I did many years ago, I created a technology to analyze these ingredients on the computer. So tomorrow, I’m going to be doing a video, looking at the ingredients we found. And I’m going to run one by one, through our technology to figure out how it affects let’s say, inflammation, because inflammation is a source of all these problems.

Paul: No, I will be watching.

Dr.SHIVA: But, uh, let me ask you a question. Or I know if I wanted to come to Canada, that the borders I got to be vaccinated, right. Is that still true?

Paul: That’s still true.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So there’s no other way for an American citizen to come into Canada without being vaccinated now, right.

Paul: That’s correct.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. And can you guys cross the border without being vaccinated?

Paul: No.

Dezirae: Unless you did the whole thing over the bridges. As a refugee. That might be one way. I don’t know.

Paul: Yeah, but no. Yeah. It’s you have to be vaccinated.

Dr.SHIVA: Even to leave Canada.

Paul: You got to stay, Oh, yes. Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA: You got to be vaccinated to go from one province to another?

No, no. Not yet.

Dezirae: If you’re flying, you do if you’re flying you do. But if you’re not flying, if you’re driving, there’s no border check stops, but there was talk of them doing that for things like trucking and movement.

Paul: And they did that early on. In the pandemic, they had the scales ever. A border where you had to go in and they would stop. What you’re doing and stuff, right? Yeah. When it first started.

Dezirae: Like a quarantine kinda?

Paul: No, they would just ask you, if you’ve been to the states, they would ask you all the all that list of questions. Yeah. The scales

Dezirae: They aren’t doing that anymore? No.

Dr.SHIVA:What are the truckers there? Is there a place in Canada where the truckers are right on the border between Canada and the US? Is there any location right now?

Dezirae: Is there a what?

Dr.SHIVA: If I went all the way to the border? Right. Is your place where we could support the truckers? Is there. A border? Town?

Paul: Every commercial border in Canada? Right across, right? Like Niagara?

Dezirae: Yeah. That’s one thing. Yeah. Coots, Alberta. Milk River, every single border like there’s this in Ottawa going on right now. And then almost every border crossing, there’s truckers, there’s barbers. There’s cowboys with their horses, like, and then there’s other little convoys going around and other places and stuff like that as well. Yeah, yeah. So many people are coming out.

Dr.SHIVA: Paul, what do you think’s gonna happen? What do you think? What is the trajectory seem like right now? What do you think people are gonna do?

Paul: Well, we know that Trudeau isn’t gonna work. They got this big vote on Monday, and we know they’re gonna vote Trudeau out.

Dr.SHIVA: What is the vote on Monday? Can you let the audience know what the vote is on Monday?

Paul: It’s the Federal House of Commons and it’s a non confidence vote in our prime minister. It’s live. It’s live. It’s live televised on CPAC, CPAC 3:15pm

Dezirae: CPAC. So and its live stream tomorrow at what? 3:15pm Eastern Standard Time.

Dr.SHIVA: To tell you we got close to like 1,000 people right now watching you. Okay. Yeah, so about 800-900 people right now. It’s going up and down. So tomorrow is the so they vote no confidence and do they do they call an election? What?

Paul: I’m not exactly sure. I believe that It’s up to the Governor General at that point to act on the vote. Yeah. And remove them from power.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So someone just put up here, Dr. Shiva, this is a ground up movement talking about and no one is coming to say we have to do it ourselves. Yeah, this is one thing, Paul, that we wanted to share with you. You know, when we, you know, every Monday tomorrow night, for example, we’ve created this course that teaches people how to build movements.

And one of the things we talk about is that history shows us working people, when they come up, Bottoms-Up. And we also share that whenever working people come Bottoms-Up, the first thing the establishment wants to do is to stop those movements. Right? And they want to just sometimes I’ll even throw a bone to people.

Dezirae: And we got a knock at the door.

Dr.SHIVA: Anyway, to everyone coming in, we have Paul here with Dezirae. She’s one of our Truth Freedom Health warriors, Dezirae and Dezirae’s doing a live interview. Because we wanted to get the truth from the ground. We didn’t want to wait for you know, Sucker Carlson, you know, after the fact or anyone like that. In the U.S. We want to the world. So we’re interviewing live, Paul, and Dezirae you’re going to go over to someone else? Right shortly?

Dezirae: Yeah, yeah, there’s one. There’s another. I don’t just go across the street too, he’s got children in the vehicle. But super nice fella.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, Paul, we want to thank him for his hospitality, him and his wife. But Dezirae is gonna go up to another trucking family, and she’s gonna interview them, and I’m gonna say goodbye to Paul. But I got a lot of people still watching from Australia. Let me just; Thank you Paul, thank you Dezirae.

Dezirae: Give me a second to put my coat back on. Yeah, well, I think they’re done. They’re just, you know, I’m gonna say like, look at this!

Dr.SHIVA: That’s awesome. Yeah. Zoom in on that. Just that’s great. That’s a thank you note from people right there. Thank you. Joe, thank you for everything. Be strong. That’s awesome. Oh, yeah. Thank you very much for your time.

Dezirae: Oh, and this is how many they have from yesterday.

Paul: It’s amazing. That’s Canada United right here. It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable.

Dezirae: Have you cried?

Paul: Oh my gosh.

Dezirae: Have you cried at all this time?

Dr.SHIVA: Well, we tell people to pause it’s Beyond Left & Right, workers unite for Truth Freedom Health. That’s the slogan we keep doing

Paul: Nice, I like that.

Dr.SHIVA: Right Beyond Black & White. And the fact that they try to brand people as Nazis and white supremacist pretty disgusting. But obviously everyone looking here knows that you’re an everyday working person and love people, right? And people. Absolutely. Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Thank you very much. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks, everyone.

Dezirae: Okay, I’m gonna, I’m just gonna do a little walk. I don’t know if you want me to be.

Dr.SHIVA: I’ll just keep talking to people.

Dezirae: It won’t take me long.

Dr.SHIVA: Okay, great. I’ll just watch you Dezirae. So everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We’re doing a special live right from Ottawa. We just talked to Paul and his wife. In their truck. They’re in Ottawa. They’re obviously protesting the attack on Truth Freedom Health. In Canada. Their movement has been galvanizing people all over the world.

As many of you know, our movement for Truth Freedom Health, has always consistently said it is for working people to unite. And whenever working people come Bottoms-Up, and they go Beyond Left & Right, the first thing the establishment tries to do is to tell people that they should somehow capitulate, you know, be ready to take one or two bones.

And that’s been the course of history. You can look at the anti war movement, the civil rights movement, you can look at many many movements that typically the establishment watches which way this Bottoms-Up movement is going and right now I can guarantee you in Canada they’re working very hard to try to find some fake leader to push as the leaders of the truckers to strike a deal with them.

Meaning a strike a deal meaning, that they all just be happy with some compromise, and walk away. So we have Dezirae over here, Dezirae? Can you hear us? So Dezirae, you’re walking over to another trucking family right. Oh, you’re walking over to another family right? To another trucker?

Dezirae: Yeah, I am. We’re on a side street here. We’re about six blocks from parliament. So our road is like full of truckers, and cars, and vans, and motorhomes, and like just tonnes of people like there’s the one thing that’s nice is that there’s a lot of people not even just truckers but holding the line for people, you know staying the night, which then that makes us more power in numbers. Right.

Dr.SHIVA: So, Dezirae; How many first of all a couple of questions. How many people are there right now?

Dezirae: Oh. I don’t know. Yesterday was insane. It was the busiest day ever. Today, it’s like minus 20 Celsius. Um, it’s cold. It really kicks ya.

Dr.SHIVA: It’s minus 20 degrees here?

Dezirae: Yeah, with a wind chill and humidity, which is like, so chilling. It’s not even funny. Okay, well, like it’s not like even it’s not even like Saskatchewan. I thought we were cold there. So, this is my block, and my people I’ve been hanging out with for the last two weeks. Wonderful people!

Dr.SHIVA: Where have you been staying, Dezirae?

Dezirae: Give me a second to just get in here. I’m gonna put myself on mute for a second.

Dr.SHIVA: All right. So everyone that’s Dezirae; one of our Truth Freedom Health warriors, right? In Ottawa. So we just interviewed Paul and his family, and Dezirae is walking to another, another trucking family, we’re going to be speaking to them. But we wanted to share with everyone what’s going right on the ground.

Because obviously, you know, the mainstream media is never going to cover any of this, because the mainstream media is just going to try to brand people as white supremacist, Nazis, etc. When you can see what we just shared with you with Paul. He’s gotten many, many letters, people thanking him, people loving what they’re doing.

And as someone just wrote in, it was minus 26 degrees Celsius yesterday. And they went back to Ottawa again. So we have Dezirae right now, who is going to get into someone else’s car. Oh, she’s pointing down there somewhere. But we’ll be back to her.

But I wanted to share with everyone while Dezirae is getting ready. You know, the movement for Truth Freedom Health, we keep saying, is interconnected. What’s happened right now is that over the last particularly the last two years, but frankly, over the last 50 to 60 years, there’s been an attack on working people, the vaccine mandates, the censorship, the election fraud that we’ve all seen is the end of a problem.

It’s not the beginning. It’s the end of a long cycle of attacks on working people. And I want everyone to understand that this is not the, you know, the beginning of something. But this has been the end of a long, long process that’s been taking place to working people. And that process has essentially been the reality that working people have been under attack.

And I just want to share with everyone something here, so everyone understands, sort of, the reality of this, I’m going to bring this up right here. So people understand that the attack on working people is something that’s been going on for a long, long time.

It’s not something that just recently took place. It’s been something that’s been ongoing, and one of the flyers that Dezirae, and others have been handing out in Canada, and I’m going to bring up that flier here. So everyone sees it, and everyone can get this on our site, because it really tells people the foundations of what’s been going on. Let me bring this up. Dezirae, let me see, Dezirae’s back. Dezirae are you there?

Dustin: Are you there? Yeah, I am. I’m here with Dustin.

Dr.SHIVA: Okay. Oh, wow. Baby. How old is she?

Dustin: Ah, she’s four months old. Okay. Wow.

Dr.SHIVA: She’s gonna be a fighter!

Dustin: We got our two year old with us too!

Dr.SHIVA: Oh really? Great!

Go ahead, Dezirae. So by the way, we have close to 1,900 people listening to you, Dustin. So you got a huge audience of supporters. I just want to show you some of the messages that people are sharing here. You can see this right here, calling her a sweetheart, right. So you can see all of these messages were getting in from everywhere in New Zealand.

Dustin: Thank you!

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So you got people from all over the world.

Dustin: It’s amazing.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. What you guys have done is you’ve unleashed a movement that people are finally realizing that it is working people rising up that’s going to change the world, not politicians. So we applaud you for everything you’ve done. You’re really setting a historical example of how powerful People should behave. So in my view, you guys have said, You guys made a big victory already by doing what you’ve done. And I know you guys have put a lot on the line here. Go ahead, Dezirae.

Dezirae: Okay, so thank you, Dustin. And we’ve got the little ones in here. So we might be interrupted a teeny bit, but we’ll see. So, um, why is this? Why is it that you got involved with this movement?

Dustin: It’s been a long time coming for us. Our firstborn was, she was born just before COVID. And, every step of the way, the government’s been telling us we can’t visit family, we can’t go here, we have to mask up, we can’t get together for holidays. And, you know, for the very most part of this, we complied with the orders and we didn’t because my dad didn’t know our, our oldest daughter for the first year of her life.

Because we did what we were doing, what we were asked, and at some point, you start to listen to more doctors and scientists that talk about this and they’re saying, you know, it’s we’re getting control of it, we’re dwindling down. It’s time to start opening up. But then they keep adding more and more lockdowns and mandates. And right now, like we wanted to get on this because we know the hurt and the pain and suffering that families are going through.

Dr.SHIVA: And they do a very good job of trying to make us think we’re alone. But every time you talk to somebody, they have the same story you do. And they’ve been through the same hardships. This is worldwide. And we didn’t know it would come to this level. But we knew we had to do something. And with trucking being a trucking family, we knew we could get on board with this.

And it’s just we, my wife would spend so many nights sitting at home crying thinking about, we’d listened to Justin Trudeau talk, and it would seem hateful, so hateful from a guy that’s, you know, always been about the people being together and, and she would cry thinking about what was going to happen next, and what kind of world our children were going to grow up in.

So we just knew we had to get on this. And, you know, we just were coming for a drive. That was it. We’re truckers we already drive. We thought nothing. We didn’t know it was gonna turn into something like this. We’ve got people from all over messaging us. It’s so heartwarming.

Dustin, I have one question for you. You know, about three years ago, I went to this big truckers protest they had in front of the White House, in the United States. And what I learned was that in the United States, only 15% of the truckers belong to the big trucking conglomerates, and the big unions. 85% of the truckers are trucking families, small businesses.

And over the last, you know, 10 to 20 years, the big guys have been putting more and more regulations on the small families to try to basically squeeze them to join the big trucking associations. Is that same thing going on?

It is in Canada, we have I believe it’s the CTA; it’s Canadian Trucker Alliance or Association. I don’t know which it is. You know, whenever you hear the mainstream media talk about anything, they talk as if they represent all of trucking, and they don’t, they represent a few of the mega carriers in Canada, that are all the fleet company drivers.

They don’t represent the owner operators out there. They do have owner operators working for the big carriers. But it’s a similar thing, the vast majority of truckers are independent or they work for small companies that aren’t represented by those organizations.

Yeah, I was fascinated because I hung out with these people. And they were telling us that over the last like 20-30 years, the big trucking companies can swap out drivers easily. She’s beautiful! And, and so they started putting these devices in the trucking, right to monitor people putting more and more regulations to basically try to squeeze families like you out. So you have to basically either, basically hire more people. Instead of the big guys.

yeah, no, that’s it’s similar, very similar. They want everyone to be part of one of the mega carriers. And that’s why when whatever rules or regulations get passed, it’s based on the Mega carriers and what they want, like your largest carriers out there. And that’s kind of the end game is they would prefer just some big companies to run the industry. Absolutely.

So Dustin, do you think the vaccine mandates are part of that regulatory process to try to squeeze out the small guys? So what do you think about that? Because one of the ideas that’s been is you know, whenever the government imposes these top down regulations, regulations always help the big guys because you put the small guys out of business and to me it felt like the vaccine mandates where the government’s own opportunity will squeeze these guys even more. And so the people like you who have principles, typically small business owners have more principles, right. Then when they join the big guys, they’ll hold the ground, and the idea is to squeeze them out.

It seemed that way. They like restaurants. They shut down all these restaurants, these small gyms. You know, it seemed like at some point. Anybody I’m sure every Canadian at some point has thought to themselves, it’s almost like an attack on small business. Yeah, I know small businesses were offered a loan to temporarily help. And then I think 75% of it had to be paid back.

But I know for us in our trucking company specifically, that, you know, i’m down in a month and a half. So we’re two years into this. And there hasn’t been a lot of help for small business owners, but a restaurant owner specifically had been shut down. Multiple times, barbers, hairdressers, so many of them I could sit and list all day and I wouldn’t even get to all of them. All these small businesses, but yet big corporations have been busier than ever. And I know a lot of people have been talking about that.

Yeah, I mean it I mean, if you look at it, Amazon, Walmart, Costco, all these guys doubled their revenue in the last 16 months. Yeah, well, businesses went out. But yeah, anyway, thanks for sharing. Go ahead Dezirae. Got a couple more questions. Yeah.

Dezirae: So can you tell me what’s going on right now today?

Dr.SHIVA: Oh, right now. The streets are packed. People have been out here all weekend, showing support, it’s been very friendly. I’ve heard there might be an anti protest, a few blocks away that surrounded a bunch of supporters. There’s police there. I don’t know how that’s going. But everything else has been really friendly, happy. Insanely heartwarming. We’re all kind of waiting.

Because tomorrow, they’re doing the federal vote to remove all mandates at 3:15pm at the House of Commons. So we’re all kind of waiting, just hoping that that goes well. And yeah, it’s just every street quarter. It’s like a little community. People are feeding each other. Giving each other hugs, making sure everyone’s got support, and supplies, and a place to shower, a place to sleep. It’s just, it’s amazing. Out here, every day I come out here. It’s just amazing. It absolutely blows me away.

Dezirae: Thank you, thank you, and how can others support you, or other truckers around as well?

Dustin: So for the truckers for support, a lot of them came prepared for the long haul. And the community has blown us away with support, food, socks, Dukes, places to stay, anything you could ever need. At this point, the only thing that really helps guys is food. Obviously we all need food, fuel, and, and money.

Some of these people, the only thing keeping them here or not keeping them here has been the fact they have bills to pay. So I know some families have left, and others have stayed. People have really helped us out. And that’s been the determining factor as to why we can still be here because we’ve shut down two businesses to come out here. And the support that we’ve received solely has kept us out here.

Dr.SHIVA: So any of those things that people come over, gentlemen just told me socks are a good thing. In the truck. I’ve got lots of socks, I’m not too worried about it. But there’s way more people sleeping in cars and SUVs than there are big rigs. And if those people lose a pair of socks because they get wet they’ve got nothing right.

So, you know, it’s amazing, but a lot of people are bringing stuff out like that. And most importantly, boots on the ground. Out here on weekends, we feel a lot more secure. Because there’s more people out here the police presence is less volatile during the week. They’ve been doing some shady stuff. So having people out here really helps. Even if you’re just coming home for the weekend. You don’t feel like you’re doing much. Just being here helps so much.

So Dustin, two quick follow up questions I have is that so what’s your typical day like you get up? And so you hang out near the truck? You have your family there, right, your wife, your two kids, right? What’s your typical day? Like? Where do you go to the bathroom? Where do you eat what do you eat? You know, can you tell us what your typical day is?

Yeah, so for us we’ve been mobile we got blocked out on the parkway the first day they didn’t let us downtown. So we’ve been coming in and out bringing supplies. One day we came in when it snowed, and we just shoveled the whole city block and laid salt down because people were slipping around. We go do convoys around town.

We’ve been down here for a day and a half now where we are now for the guys down in parliament that are in their back rooms have been a big issue. Some of them have brought them out those porta potties on a 20 liter pail, which isn’t the most ideal situation but they didn’t allow porta potties to come in. You know, it’s just kind of warfare tactics on their part. But yeah, it’s been interesting for us to do things differently because we’re not locked in.

You can come and go as we pleased with our semi. So with the girls, it’s ideal for us as well not being locked into one specific place. And if anybody needs anything, we can leave and go get it and come back.

So Dustin, what you’re saying is there’s two sets, there’s one set of people who are sort of locked in and the people near the Parliament, and then outside of Parliament, you guys have a little more freedom to move around and go in and out?

You bet on Wellington, and there’s some other federal streets there, but Wellington, they’ve got all the trucks in there, and then they’ve got it barricaded. And then they got a block buffer where there’s nothing there. And this is where the media will set up a lot. And they won’t point towards Wellington, where the 100,000 people are, they’ll point away where there’s a couple dozen people walking to Wellington.

Dustin: But they’ve got that one block buffer, and then they’ve got another barricade, and a lot of trucks have set up outside that barricade. The ones that got blocked off, they’ve been building up outside the barricades. And so like, yeah, we’re on a, we’re on a block here where there’s a stretch in either direction for blocks of trucks and vehicles.

And, you know, so we’re not on a federal Road, Wellington is actual Crown land, my understanding is, those guys, they can leave, but they will not be allowed back in. So once the truck goes out there that you can’t do anything, whereas where we are, we’re just on a side stream, we can leave and come back later today or tomorrow if we wanted.

Dr.SHIVA: So basically, we’re Wellington is, that’s where Wellington to Parliament, that’s one section, and then you guys are outside of that area. So you can move around.

Yeah, that’s right. Okay, that was filming that guy, a lot of the people. I’m a rarity out here. A lot of these people that have been on these blocks out here are blocked in and they aren’t when leaving, like on this blog or not. Right now, a good chunk of the people have been here since the beginning and they haven’t moved.

So it’s just with the girls, once we got stuck on the parkway, we found out about a good encampment that we can go to and we went there, it was amazing. They had so much support, they asked if we could get supplies in. So we loaded our truck up the first day, and brought a bunch of stuff in, and we just kind of been doing odd things like that. And, you know, do a convoy around town involving the locals. So, you know, so they’re involved in this as well, things like that.

So how many people would you say truckers are within that Parliament area where they can’t get out? And how many are outside roughly? What would you estimate?

I’m gonna guess there’s a couple 100 on Wellington, and then probably a few 100 More surrounding it. I’m guessing, I don’t know, five or 600. But I can’t. I wouldn’t hold me to that at all. Because I haven’t seen even a lion’s share of life, I’ve just seen a glimpse of the trucks. Every time I turn a corner there’s trucks that I didn’t know were there. So I really wouldn’t hold me to that at all.

Dezirae: I’m sorry, I’ve seen it. Kind of like the movement and the flow of people kind of come and go. Um, I walked up to parliament the other day and it was just full. I’m like, we’re like even in Wellington. I was like, Where did these trucks come from? How did they get there? Because the cops are like watching and trying to not let anybody in.

But so they kind of ebb and flow. But there are tons of other bases, like the one where the fuel is rated. There’s a base there, there’s a bunch of trucks there. There’s some trucks out of town. Like we’re kind of hidden, like there’s a few like there’s definitely hundreds of trucks out of town too. Yeah, tonnes, and more coming later.

Dr.SHIVA: I know you had a few more questions for Dustin?

Dezirae: Okay. So, um, I guess we talked about support that’s happening. And is this just about the mandates?

Dustin: For us? I can’t speak for every single person here. The problem we have right now is reporters are going around asking everybody, why are you here? What’s this about? And whatever this started about, it isn’t demoed anymore. When there is the general it’s about unity and freedom. And you’ll get that out of everybody. But if you ask 1000 people why we’re here, you’re going to get 1000 different answers because this is no longer a trucker rally. This is a rally around truckers. It really is there’s more four wheelers running around here and community support. And there are truckers and it’s been like that since day one. So what started out as we’re doing this for trucker mandates, turned into a much bigger picture.

Dr.SHIVA: And it’s about all mandates. It’s about freedom. It’s about them not dividing us as a people. We joke about it all the time out here. I live in Saskatchewan, but I was in Alberta for many years. And we’re out here joking. Like, you know, you messed up if you got Alberta and Quebec together, and we’re all having fun and laughing and we’re on the same page and we’re hugging each other and that doesn’t happen. And so, we want obviously we want mandates removed. But we also want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, and that the truth comes out about everything whether the truth has been told or needs to be told. It’s all way above my paygrade or my head. But personally, that’s why I’m here. And that’s the general consensus I get from talking to people out here.

Yeah. So what you’re saying is what started out with the mandates with the truckers has expanded out to a lot of other people coming out and supporting the movement. And the movement is not just for mandates. It’s about the truth, and health, freedom and all those things essentially congealed together. And it’s expanded beyond that.

Dustin: Well, that’s it, there’s so many. That’s why I say it’s so important. I wish the mainstream media would say, like, they just pick a topic and they run with it. But if you ask 1,000 people, you’re getting 1,000 different answers. I met a couple that she’s a nurse who lost her job, didn’t get a vaccine and her husband’s an officer of the law, he got vaccinated, they’re arguing over their 12 year old son, right now, there were they were high school sweethearts, and it’s dividing their family. We’ve got people that are upset, they don’t feel they can have an honest conversation with their doctor anymore. Because they’re worried their doctor may not be giving them the advice, they really feel. And that’s what they say they’re worried about that. I haven’t had that issue, because I haven’t had anything really come up with my doctor in the last two years.

But that’s a concern that we’ve been hearing. It’s just everybody I talked to has a different story and a different reason for what, why they’re here and what’s important to them. And you know, a lot of people, it’s all for the kids, like, We’re all worried about where this could go and we want to make sure it doesn’t continue down the path it is, especially when so many other countries are starting to open the doors. And they’re saying now’s the time to start dwindling down and let the people be people again, it doesn’t make any sense for our government to be locking us down, Lord. And that’s kind of a really big driver over here right now.

Dr.SHIVA:Yeah, I mean, that’s one of the things we’ve been, I’m not sure how much Dezirae shared with you. But back in 2019, you know, I gave a talk at the National Science Foundation, you’re talking about the fact that one size doesn’t fit all in medicine. The pharma guys basically want to, they’ve come up with a fake science. I know Ottawa used to go there a lot.

There’s a lot of universities there, right, a lot of very smart people are there. But what’s happened with science is – science has been essentially compromised. So science, basically, because of their relation with Pharma has come up with this fake concept, which is basically to say that everyone should get the same likes, like everyone should eat potatoes, everyone should eat tomatoes, or everyone should get the jab.

And the reality is, science actually shows that one size doesn’t fit all. And so that’s the truth. But that doesn’t make a lot of money. Because pharma companies want to be able to create a product and give everyone the same product. They can make a ton of money off that, because they’ve been actually losing money.

So guys, like Trudeau guys, like even Trump in the United States, right? All these guys always talk a good game, like they care about the people, the working people, but ultimately they get bought. They’re prostitutes of Big Pharma. So they control freedom, which means they then create fake science, and then it hurts the health of all of us. So we’ve been really emphasizing this relationship between Truth Freedom Health, Truth Freedom Health.

You can’t just fight for freedom alone, you can’t just fight for truth. You can’t just fight for health. They’re all very, very closely interconnected. And I think what you guys are doing and what you’ve just shared here, it’s reflecting itself, because people are seeing the center connection, which is where Yeah, yeah. So we appreciate everything you’re doing. I don’t want to take too much more of your time. Did you have any other questions? Dezirae.

Dezirae: Yeah. So the last question is what do you consider victory?

Dr.SHIVA: You know, I’m going to touch real quick on something on the last one that I’ll answer this, if you don’t mind. Just really quickly. I know. One thing everybody talks, I’m just a trucker. I don’t know a lot. But I know they talked in the medical community about I believe it’s called Peer Reviewed papers or studies. And my understanding of that is someone puts something forward, and the community gets together and gives an unbiased opinion on what they believe if it’s valid or not.

And I believe that process may not be working like it should. And that’s part of the problem. That’s what I see just from the outside, I’m in no way shape, or form attached to the medical community. But I feel that if you silence the doctors, whether they agree or disagree, I think that’s what they do. And that’s kind of the purpose of it. Because I like science and medicine is never a fact, it’s what you believe now and in 10 years, I think it evolves.

Yeah, definitely. I think you nailed it Dustin. Back in, I mean, my background is, I got a bunch of degrees in science, I do a lot of this research, but what happened to your point is around 1970. There was a time before 1970. Going back, that scientists used to tell the truth more, you know, they went into academia. In fact, Einstein did you know, never published one paper peer reviewed.

Okay, didn’t publish not one paper. Peer review came, it essentially has become an old boys club. So, yeah, so, it’s like a incestuous thing. So if one guy says vaccines are good for everyone, and all the university heads all agree, and if you say something different, you don’t get a job in the university. Peer review, it sounds good. But ultimately, what’s happened is peer review has been someone just putting up your peer review, we just put this up so much that peer review is a bullying scheme, guys. But that’s what it’s become. Not to say it’s all like that, right.

But that’s what is fundamentally it’s a way to squeeze the radicals out who come up with new ideas, and the whole idea of science was always to do revolutionary things. You’re supposed to put crazy ideas out there. And some of them get shot down, some of them become major breakthroughs. The entire University System through peer review has been a way to keep the riff raff out.

And in this movement, what occurred was back in 2020, when we called out, probably the first people to call Fauci, all the other doctors and scientists kept their mouths shut. And if more of them had spoken up in 2020, we wouldn’t be in this condition. A lot of what’s happened is the brain set of the doctor in the medical community is to keep people’s mouths shut, you know, they basically are slaves. They got golden handcuffs, most of these guys. Yeah. You know, so a year later, now, the doctors are saying something or two years later, you know, it’s great. They’re doing that. But it’s almost like a fireman coming to a situation after the buildings burned down.

Yeah. That makes sense. I guess. Maybe we should touch on the question of what the question was, what would be a victory here? Yeah. So that’s, that’s pretty easy. I think we’re still the same age, and end all mandates across Canada. And we’re hoping to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

How do you think the latter is going to happen? Let’s say they end mandates? How do we make sure the next politician comes in does this you know, because it’s everyone’s pissed off? How do we make sure that, you know, the opportunist politicians? There’s a lot of them out there right? How they’re all, now they’re all jumping on the bandwagon. They didn’t say anything two years ago? How don’t we make sure that they don’t do the next thing, you know, or the next thing? And the next thing?

Well, no, that’s it. There’s some bandwagon jumping for sure. You know, what we’re hoping here is that federal mandates are going to drop if they get voted tomorrow. And then hopefully, that will end the funding for the provincial ones, and they will start to follow suit. And from there, one would hope that they’re going to get some legislation in place because Canada has spoken here. Canada’s really spoken and it’s, it’s been loud. And I, I don’t know if the politicians can ignore this.

Yeah. So Dustin, what do you think’s gonna happen tomorrow? You think they’re gonna end the mandates tomorrow? What’s your gut?

What I’m hearing? Does it sound like there’s a lot of support for this. So we’re hoping we’re all right. I’ll grab this phone. Sorry, my wife’s just coming in the truck. Okay. You can meet the other daughter.

Thank you. How are you? Oh, that’s a beautiful kid.

So yeah, I think, seeing how Canada has stood up and come together on this, it’s hard for them to ignore. And we’re hoping whoever is at the helm of this right now, or in the future, sees that they don’t want this happening. Again, they don’t want to divide Canada in a way that they did.

And hopefully, they’ll introduce some legislation to make sure this doesn’t happen again. And hopefully, the medical community will get behind each other. And when they’re allowed to speak again. They’ll bring their voice to the table. Like we’ve been seeing it in the last six months, the medical community’s been standing out a lot more.

Yeah, I mean, I know, we want to, we want to let you go. One of the things that we talk about Dustin, it’s really important in the future. And how we judge these leaders is do they say the right thing, at the right time? To the right people, you know, had many of these doctors two years ago, you know, It would have been very different.

A lot of them knew the situation. So my view is, I trust you guys on the ground, building a Bottoms-Up movement. We can’t trust these academics and the top down politicians, because they’ll just go with the wind. So I think you got to put the fear of god into these guys, every microsecond, you know, that will always build the Bottoms-Up movement, and to me, that’s the only way to win. Because they’re there. They’re just bandwagon hoppers.

Dustin: That’s it. I think, as far as we’re concerned, I boots on the ground. We’re just grassroots people. That’s, we’ve done what we can do here. And we hope that some people that are a lot more influential than us can get involved when the time is right and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Dr.SHIVA: Everyone’s loving your baby they go the cute baby in the truck is awesome.

Dustin: Let’s see the other one.

Dr.SHIVA: You got two cute babies! All right, Dustin. Thank you, man. Thank you very much.

Dustin: Thank you very much. God bless.

Dr.SHIVA: You guys are awesome. You know, keep it up. I’ll play well with you. Thanks Dezirae.

Dezirae: Okay, thank you!

Dr.SHIVA: I’ll just wrap up with people, Dezirae thank you so much! Right? Dezirae is one of our Truth Freedom Health citizen journalists on the ground. Thanks, Dezirae. Thank you. Negative 20 degrees out there everyone. Right? Thanks, Dezirae. Alright everyone, we want to thank everyone. Thanks, Dezirae. Right, we want to thank Dustin and Paul, the two truck drivers.

As we wanted to share with you we wanted to get news on the ground. So we had Dezirae go on the ground, she drove all the way with the convoy from Saskatchewan. But the critical thing is I closed this, I want to let everyone know that we have to intersect Truth Freedom Health, Truth, Freedom, and Health.

And it’s really, really important that we do the right thing, at the right time, with the right people. Back in 2019. And in 2020, it was this movement that called out Fauci, our movement back in 2020, collected close to 150,000 signatures, drove to Trump to fire Fauci, it was our movement that exposed the censorship infrastructure, on the attack on freedom, how government and Big Tech work together.

And I bring this out, because we live in a historic time where every one of you has a huge duty and an opportunity to start learning who the real enemy is, and what the real agents of change look like. The real agents of change are not politicians, they’re people like Dustin and Paul, and people like you on the ground. We need to build up a Bottoms-Up movement, but with the right political theory, because you can go and protest. But if you’re saying I’m going to protest, to put another politician in place, that’s not going to work either, because it’ll be we’re going to get fooled again.

So I want to emphasize to everyone that it’s time that we build a Bottoms-Up movement that takes things truly Bottoms-Up, and is not focused on, you know, supporting this politician or that politician because these guys will never do anything that’s to our interests. And as a part of that, let me show you guys something we’ve been sharing here. As we close here. Let me share the screen here. So if you all can see this Dezirae.

Dezirae: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you?

Dr.SHIVA: Hold on, let me bring Dezirae in. That’s right. Can you see my screen?

Dezirae: Yeah, could you get the flier that I was giving people?

Dr.SHIVA: Yes. So, I’m just gonna bring that flier back up. So let me go back to the flier, which is right here. Okay. Let me go back to the flier that I was just sharing with everyone. So in this flyer, which Dezirae has been giving out, it says Beyond Left & Right, and the key thing that we want to talk about is this first paragraph, elites escalate war on working people; mandates, censorship, election fraud, are the final stages of total slavery and consolidation of power. Some people, mis advertently think like, Oh, my God, the mandates now I’ve woken up, you know, we get rid of the mandates, everything’s, you know, going to be great.

We have to emphasize that the mandates of censorship and election fraud are part of a long cycle of attacks on working people. And in the last 16 months, we’ve seen consolidation of power by the point of, oh, 1%. And as the flier says, How did we get here?

We got here by the obvious establishment, it’s a collusion; Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Tech, Fox, CNN, Pfizer, Fauci, Google, Facebook, and the Not-So-Obvious establishment, the left and the right, liberal and conservative who never say or do the right thing at the right time. Trump didn’t do that to the opportunists. Politicians didn’t do that. You know, Joe Rogan didn’t do that. The Kennedys didn’t do that, the Bernie’s and it’s part of this Gandhian concept of the Not-So-Obvious establishment.

What do we have to do? Well, number one, we got to start by understanding the science of how the world changes, We’ve done that number two, we got to act by going on the ground, doing our own standouts, meeting others, you know, Bottoms-Up movements. And three, we have to build community with our fellow Truth Freedom Health warrior scholars, locally and globally.

And finally, the goal is Working people unite, workers unite, that’s really the fundamental way that we’re going to win. And I want to emphasize that because Dezirae is a Truth Freedom Health warrior, she got on that convoy, she’s down there, she’s on the ground every day, we have 1000’s of people on the ground. So when we saw this truckers movement come up, we were very, very excited. We were excited. But we’re also optimistically cautious, right? Because we know that the forces of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment probably want to quiet those people down.

So I can’t overemphasize. We live in a historic time. This is a time for people to get educated, or they’ll be enslaved. So to do that the big service that our community has done is we put together a curriculum, because you have to understand theory, we’ve also taught people by practice, if you go to our website, we’re telling people how to go on the ground, on the ground, on the ground.

We have a bunch of people out in the snow right here Dezirae, who are going out and doing stand outs for Truth Freedom Health. And I just want to end with playing this video. Do you have any other last other comments, Dezirae? Before I play this closing video?

Dezirae: No, it’s just you know what, again, like I said, there’s so many people. And honestly, I was telling Crystal the other day that I don’t think I’ve cried so much, maybe even in my entire life as I have, in the last two weeks that the love is here for Canada. People are uniting. And it’s giving people hope.

Again, like I’ve said before, I wish this for every country, I wish for everybody to take a little bit of hope, and bring it back to their communities. And I’ve been encouraging people along the way. Here’s, you know, Dr. Shiva’s Truth Freedom Health movement, here’s information, here’s what you can take back to the community and run with it, right? Get yourself educated or be enslaved. And I hope that this just explodes and that it is down with the establishment. Right?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I mean, I think the most important thing is we realize that working people are starting to unite. And the establishment is working 24/7 right now, to figure out how to make sure that doesn’t happen. Again, this happened in the 1900s, the 1920s, every time working people figured this out, that they got a break from politician build a movement, the establishment starts working very, very quickly, to make sure how to create divisions, calling people Nazis or creating this left, right thing or black white thing. And the establishment has got this down to a science.

So we need to understand that science, Dezirae. So thank you very much. I’m gonna let you see if I can find this video. But what I have here is that it’s an important video because it teaches people what we have to do to win. And it’s not about supporting, you know, one politician over another right? It’s really focused on what it will take to build a movement. And the movement is what’s going to win. It’s not going to be, by any other way. Go ahead Dezirae, anything else?

Dezirae: No, I’m good. Yeah, I’m good. I guess the one thing if I could, any other Canadians, anybody, everybody, I’ve worked in healthcare, 18 years, anybody and everybody come on down from wherever you are, help hold the line. Whether that be in a vehicle, or whether it be in a hotel or visiting, I just want to encourage people to come out.

Dr.SHIVA: Let me ask you a question: Dezirae, how can people come down there from the US if they want to come down?

Dezirae: Oh, um, maybe the truckers would let them through? I don’t know. I think there’s, I’m getting free chili here. Hold on a second. Okay. All right. These things just come to my door. Here’s my friend Ryan, how are you doing? Thank you. We’re on the phone with Dr. Shiva. Nice to meet you.

Dr.SHIVA: How are you? Thank you for bringing food to Dezirae.

Dezirae: Thank you. Okay, his hands are full.

Dr.SHIVA: Thanks Dezirae. I’m gonna end with our video. But to everyone listening, we got to escalate the Bottoms-Up movement. And we need to understand the physics of this. We can’t have a movement without understanding why we need to build a Bottoms-Up movement. So while we’re all excited what’s going on?

Just know that this is just the beginning. But the elites have been doing this attack on working people for at least 70 years. If you go back to, you know, 1970 It’s been a long process that this has been going on. So thanks Dezirae. I’m going to play the video for everyone. So people understand where we’re coming from. So let me play it for everyone. Thank you Dezirae. Here we go.

So anyway, thank you everyone. Let me bring back Dezirae. Dezirae, are you there? So thanks, Dezirae.

Dezirae: No problem.

Dr.SHIVA: It’s cold out there. But it was awesome. Everyone really enjoyed it. We had over 1,000 people on. Yeah, please thank Dustin and Paul for sharing, you know, letting you into their life and sharing with everyone else. You know, it’s important to them, so I appreciate that.

Dezirae: Yeah, perfect, thanks! Okay bye!

Dr.SHIVA: Thank you, be well. Thanks Dezirae, Bye bye. Thanks. Be well, keep warm, bye bye.

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