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Dr.SHIVA discusses how  the #TruthFreedomHealth Moms used a Systems Approach to analyze Election Data obtained by FOIA from the local government to prove that the votes don’t add up, in a historical #OnePersonOneVote Lawsuit.

  • Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – speaks to Truth Freedom Health Warriors about their analysis on FOIA requests on Election Data.
  • The process is simple & anyone can get started at – learning that when the ‘Weighted Race’ feature is on in this process even 1 vote off can mean thousands or hundreds of votes potentially.
  • Oregon County of Washington had 322,760 ballots cast 320,088 participating voters with a discrepancy of 2,672 less voters than votes cast. While Coos County 37,367 ballots cast 37,826 participating voters with a discrepancy of 459 more voters than votes cast.
  • Massachusetts Town of Auburn 12,465 ballots cast 10,237 participating voters for a discrepancy of 2,228 more votes than voters.
  • California San Diego County 1,627,753 votes were tabulated but the number of people who actually voted was 1,963,356 participating voters. For a difference of 335,603 more voters than votes cast.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Moms Prove Votes Don’t Add Up in Historic #OnePersonOneVote Lawsuit

Dr.SHIVA: Alright everyone, good evening. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. And we haven’t done a live in a while. I’ve been a little bit busy with a number of things. Let me first of all, give everyone a little bit of an overview. We have a number of people joining us today. You can see we have people from, we call it Truth Freedom Health Moms. We also have Matthew who’s worked with one of the Moms also. But, we have people from California, Massachusetts, and Oregon today. And what we’re going to be talking about I’ll bring everyone back in to introduce everyone. I haven’t done a live show in a while. We’ve been busy. We had a big rally. As some of you may know last week was a Truth Freedom Health rally. Close to 2,200 people showed up. And it was organised all Bottoms-up. We didn’t use any of the mainstream media. In fact, we didn’t want to. We didn’t give interviews to the mainstream media. But it was a great rally. The rally was really about celebrating May 1st which was International Workers Day, which is not a communist holiday communist do not own it. Karl Marx doesn’t own it. It’s actually owned. It’s a celebration that was done to commemorate for American Workers who were hanged for fighting for the eight hour workday in 1886. Most Americans don’t even know that everywhere in the world. It’s celebrated in honour of those four workers. So we celebrated that.

We talked about the need for people to get educated on the need to build a movement for Truth Freedom Health, that without freedom, you can’t get to truth and without truth. You can’t find out what’s really good for your health and without health. You can’t fight for freedom or truth. So it was a movement. We had great speakers, doctors, Mothers, activists from all over Massachusetts, and then we did a march close to 2000 people marching, talking about the need for Medical Freedom, etc. But it was wonderful that people exercised their First Amendment rights. So what, before I start, I want to first of all encourage everyone to become Truth Freedom Health Warriors, you’re going to hear from four of our Truth Freedom Health Warriors. Besides myself today, they’re from all over the country. Our movement is not just theoretical. It’s not just something where you just sit behind a keyboard or keyboard warrior. It’s about actually doing stuff on the ground. And I’ll be introducing you to this movement. And before I do that, I want to play a video that I typically play that is really the anthem of our movement that really educates people on why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. So let me start with playing that.

So we’re going to begin with sharing with people very briefly how these Voting Systems work, many of you know that I ran for US Senate, we have not conceded our September 2020 Republican primary. And what came out of that which I was frankly, shocked by. I didn’t think Election Integrity issues ever took place in the United States. That was something that only took place in third world countries. But what we discovered was that the electronic voting machines, which are, which are certified by both Republican and Democrat state election directors, have a feature in there called the weighted race feature, which allows people’s votes to be multiplied by a number, a factor. So we don’t have ‘One Person, One Vote’ in this country, we have, we’re the only ones of all the lawsuits that were filed, the only two lawsuits that are in federal court that have survived dismissal. And in fact, we’ve gotten about five victories across those two lawsuits. But our movement for Truth Freedom Health, has been about educating all of you on how you could also first of all, learn System Science, which I just talked about, to how you can build community, which is what our platform allows with social media tools, which we’ll show before we end the event today. And then with activism. So we have five people on a phone call today, who have been working very, very hard all across the United States to take the learnings that we learned from Massachusetts, across the country to show that the ‘Votes Don’t Add Up’. And we have people from Massachusetts, we have people from California and from Oregon, who have done the same analysis, a lot of hard work.

And I really want to thank the people who I will bring on to show that across the United States when you use electronic voting machines, that the number of votes is not equal to the number of voters. So just to give you a quick understanding of that, I’m just going to share just about a couple of slides in a PowerPoint that I put together. Some of you may have seen this before. But we’ll help you understand sort of the physics of this, on how this actually all works. So you understand sort of the background on this. And it’ll help understand it’ll essentially help educate you on what we’re actually looking at. The simplicity of this is what will enable all of you to also become participants. So, let’s talk about electronic voting machines. If you’re not familiar with them, I’ll share with you how they actually work. Well, you have an input to the electronic voting machine and the output, the input is the number of people coming to vote, right. So let’s say 100 people come to vote, and they put 100 ballots through these voting machines, right? You should have 100 votes. Does that make sense? Okay, so 100 people come to vote, you should have 100 ballots, okay. And that’s pretty easy for anyone to understand. You shouldn’t have 100 people come in, which is the number of people, voters, you should have 100 votes, okay. So if you just keep that in mind, that’s a very simple box. P and V should be equal right? Now. So P is equal to the number of voters we call them ‘Participating Voters’, not the registered voters.

The people actually participated, let’s say in the November general election, and the number of voters, by the way, includes simple formula don’t get too scared by the math. All the people registered Republicans, all the people, registered Democrats, those people are Independents, and anyone who’s registered with the other party, right? So these four variables equals P the number of voters Okay, now, V is equal to the number of votes the number of votes cast, that’s V over here. All right, and what does that equal? Well, that includes all the people who voted for Republican candidate. All people voted for the Democrat candidate. All the people voted for the other party candidate, that people are right in the people votes that are blank, okay. And the P votes that are nullified, which means, let’s say people sometimes fill in two people for the same office, okay? These are called over votes. Anyway, those are the number of votes so should P equal V? Okay, let’s just say should P equal V everyone, P should equal V because the number of people who come to vote, right should equal the number of ‘Ballots Cast’. And you would think this was common sense. So, but we’re going to realise that assuming P equals V, which means the number of voters equals the number of ‘Ballots Cast’, turns out to be a mistake.

So I’ll share with you some irregularities. We notice in Massachusetts, this isn’t one of the basis of our lawsuit. For example, in the city of Boston, 142,911 people Participated to Vote, which means actually voted, but look how many Votes Ballots actually were there. So the number of ballots is 4114 more ballots than the number of people who voted. In Lawrence, Massachusetts, same thing, you have 75 more votes. In a place like Newton 1780 more votes, but P is not equal to V. And we noticed this across Massachusetts. Now, it turns out that these voting machines, which I didn’t know, until I started digging into it as an engineer, and as a software person, as a scientist, there’s a feature called the ‘Weighted Race Feature’, where you can actually multiply the number of voters by a factor, okay. And it allows the transfer of votes. So let’s say you got 1000 votes, and I got 1000 votes. They can multiply your votes by a factor. And so that means that you can, you can essentially put algorithms in where you can transfer the number of votes from one candidate to another, and that percentage is known as a ‘weight’.

Now, all major event vendors are believed to have this feature, Diebold had the original feature. And if you don’t believe this is not conspiracy theory, here is the Diebold Voters manual, I go to page 2-126. And right here, it says right here in the manual, it says there’s a thing called a “Weighted Race Feature”. And it says Weighted Races are tallied by weights, okay, assigned by the voter registration system and can be counted. So basically, to be clear, what this means is that if you’ve got 1000 votes, and I got 1000 votes, I can multiply your votes by .2, a weight, & mines by .5, I end up getting 5500 votes, you end up getting 2000 votes. Why was this feature put in? Well these voting machines are sometimes used for housing associations? Okay, where let’s say you own 2000 square feet of space, I owned 1000. Well, you got two votes, my one vote on perhaps we’re voting on some common whether we should carpet the common area, but there’s no reason for that feature to be turned into Federal Elections. But it has been, those features exist in most of these voting machines, if not all of them. Okay. So that’s called a “Weighted Race Feature”. So it exists, it can be implemented. So, what you see here is that V the number of votes can be multiplied by a weight. So P will equal V if the weight is one, which means ‘One Person, One Vote’. But if W is greater than one or less than one, it’s not going to equal the same. Okay, so that’s the background.

So in summary, we have features in the voting machines, which allow your votes to be multiplied by a weight, okay? So what we did was, as our movement is leading the way in training the broad mass of people all over the world for that matter in the United States, and how they can go get this data. And it’s very simple. If those of you who have time want to go to the site, VASHIVA.COM, I’ll show you this called ‘Clean Elections’. You can actually learn how to do this. So let me just take you to the site.

So, those of you who want to learn how to do the process, that the various Truth Freedom Health Warriors did was if you go to VASHIVA.COM Clean Elections, there’s a video that will actually teach you how to do this. Okay, you can learn exactly the method on how to do this. It says I want Clean Elections, you put in your name and your number. In the next screen. I will tell you how to do this VASHIVA.COM/CleanElections. Okay. So that’s the background. All right. So the background is the electronic voting machines in the United States have a feature where we can weight votes, which means the number of voters will not equal the number of votes. Now, what we wanted to do is we wanted to see was this just in Massachusetts? Or does that occur all over? So let me bring in our guest today. So let me add people to the stream. So let me bring in, we have Heather, we have Kenzie is from Massachusetts, we have Renee, and we have Matt. Okay, so you guys can all say Hello. So, we have this, by the way, we have 1000s of people who have gone through our training at VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. And I encourage everyone to do that. But I’ll keep that up there. But this movement that we’ve created is about educating people on a Systems Approach. So in this case, the electronic voting system, we build community, we have our own social media platform, independent of Big Tech, but the most important thing we do is we have people get active on the ground. So, Heather, wave your hand, Heather’s from. Heather, are you there? So Heather’s right there. I think she’s an Oregonian. They had an ice storm, but Heather’s in the blue suit. But Heather is a Mom from Oregon. And Heather did amazing work, where she went to many, many counties all over Oregon. And so want to just Heather, Heather, can you say hello?

Heather: Hello, everyone.

Dr.SHIVA: Good. Your videos are a little slow, but that’s okay. So, and then we have Kenzie, she’s from Massachusetts. Kenzie, do you want to say hello to everyone?

Kenzie: Hi Everybody.

Dr.SHIVA: You and your sister worked on this right? And then we have Renee and Matt, working on this in California. Can you guys wave your hands? Renee, Matt. Great. So why don’t we start by Heather, maybe you share the process? You know, we’ll go around what you did in Oregon and how you followed, you know, the sort of the layout we did on the Clean Elections programme. So maybe you can start with what you did there Heather.

Heather: Certainly I submitted letters to most of our counties here. In fact, all 36 of our Oregon counties by email requesting the ‘Participating Voters’ and the ‘Ballot Cast’ received responses from a multitude of those, some of them contacting the Secretary of State. I have not yet done that, I want to work closely with the counties and get the data from them. They responded and let the cost if there was a fee involved? If so, we submitted the payments and received the data either by email or CD or flash drive, or picking it up at the county elections office. And then we took the time to go through that data and see if those Participating Voters and the Ballots Cast, matched.

Dr.SHIVA: matched right. Yeah, so Kenzie, do you want to say what you did in Massachusetts also?

Kenzie: Sure. So I was actually in a group with a couple other folks in Mass. So each one of us took a county. And we just basically started requesting via email or the town websites, because a lot of them do have a process where you can apply right there. And I asked for the lists, you know that for both sides of the equation, the Participating Voters and the number of Votes Cast. And then I started receiving all this information back to my sister and I just took it one by one and broke it down. And, you know, it was really interesting, because every town, well, not every single town, each town had a slightly different process in many cases. So there’s not really any uniform method at all, just in one county. And in many cases, you know, the town doesn’t publish the results on the town website, some towns did, some towns use the voter list that they captured the information on, you know, by hand when people would show up at the polls. So there were a whole bunch of different varieties of ways that people captured the data. But it was really interesting in that all the towns that we looked at, we didn’t really find too many towns that had both sides that were matching exactly. There were discrepancies across the board. And we were very surprised with that.

Dr.SHIVA : We’ll come to that. And we’ll come to that. But the key thing is Heather, and Kenzie is Heather. You’re in Oregon. Right, Kenzie, you’re right here in Massachusetts. The Herculean task you did was you guys. We made it easy right? The letters we have on the site are easy. You issued the letters but the issue was following up and getting the data from them. And Rene, maybe you want to talk about what you and Matt, what you did, we’re going to first of all, we’re going to review Oregon, then we’re going to go to Massachusetts. And the discrepancy in California is quite profound. Renee, do you want to sort of share how you started, just so people understand the process you went through in California?

Renee: Sure. And we had a similar process that Heather & Kenzie described, except for here, the data is collected, or the elections offices are all run by the county. And what’s been interesting out here is, it’s called a ‘statement of the vote’, you go right online, you can pull that information. But getting the Participating Voters List is a little bit trickier. And it should be because it has a lot of people’s personal information in it. But once we get that information, then it becomes time to analyse the data. So if you’re not great at it, you can learn I’ll testify to that. That’s not my thing. But we actually have a team of people out here that are all working together. Matthew has been one of them. And we just have a lot of space to cover and a lot of different people to contact. So it’s been a group effort.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, and Matthew, do you want to just add anything to that? You’re out in California, too

Matthew: Oh, yeah. First of all, I want to say it’s an honour and privilege to be a part of this with you, Dr. Shiva. I’m a huge fan. And, and thank you for doing what you’re doing. So, with that said, out here in California, we have a lot of people that are hiding a lot of information. We first found out like in counties like Los Angeles, when we went to the website, to gain access to information, we found that information was not on the site, when we called the the clerk’s office, we were given a runaround, we went back to the site, and I methodically checked that site every 48 hours and proximately, two weeks later, all the information just appeared, not only for that election, but for every other one in the past as well. It was like the information was not there. And then it was there.

So, that’s my experience with LA County. I’ve been a part of a group, myself, that’s been a part of about 20 different counties. So I’ve worked across with a couple different people, from Bruce, to Renee to a couple different folks. And we found the same thing across the board. In some cases, a very good size discrepancy. But in San Diego County 350,000 approximate votes. You know, you, you wonder how they just let that slide. And you know, who’s responsible for letting something like that slide. It’s my understanding that in the state of California, please correct me if I’m wrong, that we haven’t had an honest election, some say it goes back as far as 22 years, you know, and something’s got to be done about it. Our most fundamental right in this country is “One Person and One Vote” of one voice. And we have to have that. And that must be in place in order for this to work, this great experiment called America. And I am really surprised that there aren’t more people screaming and yelling from the top of the rooftops about this, because, you know, people have to get up off their butt and they have to do something, they have to become a part of a solution and Quit complaining. And there are ways that people can get involved, and they need to get involved, because there are some serious discrepancies. And yeah, somebody’s got to be responsible.

Dr.SHIVA: So, the most important thing I want everyone to realise is that what you’re going to see today is American working people who are part of this movement who have actually taken action. So we’re going to share with you some big victories here today. So the first victory we want to share is, first of all, we have a lawsuit in federal court. It’s a federal lawsuit. It’s not a state loss. It’s a federal lawsuit. All of Trump’s lawsuits, with all the money supposedly they spent and Rudy Giuliani, all of them got thrown out. But we have two lawsuits in federal court in Massachusetts, which is a nonpartisan issue that is not Democrat or Republican. And that’s why none of the mainstream media will cover it. In spite of the fact we have five victories. So what is that lawsuit? Well, we showed in Massachusetts that my votes in a Federal US Senate race were multiplied by two thirds, and my which means I didn’t get one. So all the people voted for me. Their votes were struck down not ‘One Person, One Vote’, but it became point 666 multiplied by one vote, and my opposition’s GOP candidate in the primary was multiplied by 1.2 because the GOP didn’t want someone, an outsider actually winning the election. So both parties are against outsiders. So that’s what happened.

So that lawsuit we filed, we showed the mathematical analysis, no one has rebutted it. And when they tried to throw it out of court, the big victory we got was a judge denied their dismissal, attempted dismissed, big victory. The second lawsuit that we showed was that when ballot images, when votes are actually when ballots, what we found was that when a ballot goes to an electronic voting machine, it is supposed to create a ballot image, which is the actual image of that ballot, and that is what is counted on the electronic voting machines. In a hand counted scenario, humans counted. In fact, in Massachusetts, we won by 10 points in the predominantly hand-counted county called Franklin County, and every other county, we quote, unquote, lost 60/40 60/40 60/40. But anyway, we found out that the Ballot Images were being deleted, in fact, destroyed by the Secretary of State. So when I exposed that on social media, I was shut down by Twitter, but Twitter didn’t do it. The Government contacted Twitter. Alright, everyone should understand this. We live not in quote unquote socialism, we live in fascism, a very particular term. The Government contacted a major corporation and had them shut me down because I was exposing the violated federal law. That’s what really got me into this. But in that lawsuit, the judge heard us. Big Victory.

Second, he gave us the terms of the restraining order, and most recently, he has demanded that I file a motion to bring Twitter in, which we did. So Twitter now has gotten the number one lawyer in the world. And by the way, in all of this, there’s no lawyers. It’s me representing myself so that the people you see here, not Kenzie, did you get paid for this? Renee?

Everyone: No!

Dr.SHIVA: Heather, did you? Matthew? None of us are paid for this. Trump raised $300 million. What did he do with all that money? Okay, everyone here has been working their butt off being paid zero because they love this country. And as Matthew said, they want freedom restored. So what we did was, I said, hey, look, I have an actual lawsuit. I have standing. So why don’t why don’t we do the investigation? Because we don’t want the Judge, the Federal Judge to think oh, it’s just Dr.Shiva talking about his particular situation, Massachusetts, you know, with his election. So what we did was, and we’re continuing to do this, how all of you can participate. But that victory, we’re going to share here with us, we’re going to actually bring up the Affidavit that we’re going to start with Heather. Heather has done incredible work. You can’t, I mean, she’s a Mom, she works full time. And Heather went and did all this work day and night. Okay, it’s not easy, but we did it. No one paid us. No one is paying us.

And that’s what you need to remember. On the left. There’s people talking about voter suppression all day, big election integrity companies, organisations, which have done nothing except pit, say it’s all about black people’s votes being suppressed. On the right you have people talking about Mail-in Ballots, okay. And Voter Identity cards, but they’re not going after the real issue. The real issue is that both Left and Right have been certifying voting machines, which have the ability to multiply votes, so we don’t have ‘One Person, One Vote’. Okay, so let’s go to Heather. So Heather’s going to share with us, we’ve all talked about the process. By the way, anyone who wants to learn how to do this, we can teach you like that. We have experts. Now you have gurus on the call here who will teach you this is all Bottoms-up. So Heather, I’m going to bring up your I’m going to put you on solo here. And maybe as I bring up your stuff. Heather, you want to let me bring you up? So I’m going to bring up Heather’s okay. So let’s go through this. By the way, everyone can see. Can you see this Heather?

Heather: Yes, Yes, I can.

Dr.SHIVA: This is actually filed. So what, what Heather has done is Heather’s affidavit. And Heather will walk you through what this means has been filed in a Federal Lawsuit. Because all the way in Oregon from where we are Massachusetts, we have found 17 counties at least. And there’s more coming, where P number of voters does not equal votes. And go ahead, Heather, I’m going to we can walk through one by one, I’ll bring them up.

Heather: I’ll be happy to do that. And you give me entirely too much credit, please stay at home mom, I’m not working full time. But I did used to teach. As far as this affidavit goes, it basically says that we received the official bowl data from Baker County. And I have the actual data set, if you like to take a look at this. It shows that there are 10,048 ‘Ballots Cast’ and then 10,008 as ‘Participating Voters’, so the discrepancy in that county is 40 more than votes cast. So how are we, how are we getting those forty additional votes cast?

Well, I have a lot of questions about that. And our nation is wanting to go to completely Mail-in voter. Correct. And Oregon has had an opportunity to, well, they seem to have paved the way with that in the late 80’s.

Dr.SHIVA: So let’s go to the next. I think the key thing, Heather, I think that we want to point out to everyone listening is these people who are in these counties they elect they get paid to just count numbers. The number on the left side of the balance sheet should equal the numbers on the right side, if you and I submitted tax records like this, we’d have the IRS breathing down our throat, right? The numbers have to be perfect. And by the way, even if they’re one off, so longer discussion, when the ‘Weighted Race Features’ on, a vote of one can mean 1000s of votes or hundreds of votes. Okay, so 40 may seem small, but it should be perfect. Let’s just go through each one. I think people enjoy just walking through each one. So that was Baker County. Right. So let me go to the next one.

Dr.SHIVA: Yep, yeah. Do I have it up? Yeah. The next one is Benton County.

Heather: Yep. You do. I have them right here. So this one had more, more participating voters than votes cast, which is the opposite. So you see 53,235 ballots cast, but there were 53,838 participating voters. How did that happen? How do you have 603 more participating votes than votes cast? Yep, it’s a mystery.

Dr.SHIVA: So 603 more voters than votes?

Heather: Yes. Okay.

Dr.SHIVA: So that’s county number two in Oregon. Next.

Heather: Yes, it is. Now we have Clackamas. You want me to read all three numbers? Dr.Shiva?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I think so. I think people just need to see it if you can

Heather: absolutely. 260,538 ballots cast, but 259,315 participating voters. That means 1223 less voters than votes Cast.

  • Next, Clatsop County 24,140 ballots cast and 24,339 participating voters, so there are 199 more voters than votes cast.

– Hello Oregonian screaming, as they look at this –

  • Coos County 37,367 ballots cast and 37,826 participating voters with a discrepancy of 459 more voters than votes cast.
  • Next County, Dr. Shiva, Douglas County 65,038 ballots cast and 65,310 participating voters 270 more voters then votes cast.
  • Harney County 4,518 ballots cast 4,458 participating voters. 60 less voters than votes cast

Dr.SHIVA: 60 less voters and voters cast.

Heather: Less voters than votes cast. Hood River County 13,194 ballots cast third team 13,333 participating voters for a discrepancy of 139 more voters than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: Jefferson County

Heather: Jefferson County 11,992 ballots cast 12,035 participating voters with 43 more voters than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: Let me just say some people are joining new, just so those people who are joining new. We have five Truth Freedom Health activists warriors all over the country. And we have Heather who is sharing with us her analysis where she went to different counties. And she got how many people came into that county to vote, actually voted. And what were the votes and across 17 counties, the number of votes don’t match the number of voters and her affidavits have been filed in a historic Federal Lawsuit. And what’s going on here is historic because you have everyday citizens who have picked up the mantle of what the Government should be doing, and they’re doing that on the ground. So Heather is going down through each county, and we’re sharing with you numbers and we’re gonna go through this very meticulously because we want to share with you in the 17 counties, it should be pretty easy. The number of votes should match the number of voters and they don’t. So let me go back. Sorry, Heather, I just want to because some people are asking, they’re just joining new.

Okay, let’s go back. And so that was Jefferson County

Heather: Lane County, you have 223,890 ballots, with 220,135 participating voters with a discrepancy. 3,755 less voters than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: which is pretty amazing. So 3,755 less voters than votes cast. So that means there’s more votes than the number of people.

Heather: And yeah, then the number of participating voters and those participating votes we typically see in the Excel spreadsheet form with a person’s name and address and then their registration date and all that all of that information. So you should think that through and if you’re curious about it, get a copy from your elections clerk my friends.

  • Linn County 73,216 ballots cast with 72,021 participating voters, and the discrepancy is 1,195 less voters than votes cast.

DR.SHIVA: Yeah. Wow. Oh, look at this. This one’s interesting.

Heather: Malheur County is how you say that. We have 11,920 ballots cast with 11,919 participating voters. 1 less voter than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So that’s almost close. Maybe this was a county where everything’s working fine. Potentially. Okay.

Heather: It could be and that does exist. The County of Polk 48,794 ballots cast 47,848 participating voters for a discrepancy of 946 less voters than votes cast.


Heather: Tillamook County 17,042 ballots cast 17,005 participating voters. This discrepancy is 37 less voters than votes cast.

  • It says Wasco County 14,233 ballots cast 14,242 participating voters for a discrepancy of 9 more voters than votes cast.
  • Washington County is our second largest county in population 322,760 ballots cast 320,088 participating voters with a discrepancy of 2,672 less voters than votes cast
  • Wheeler County 974 ballots cast 955 participating voters with a discrepancy of 19 less voters than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: 19. Yeah. Okay, let me stop there. So everyone joined us new, we just had an analysis from Heather, who just walked through 17 counties, which is almost 50% of the counties, right, Heather?

Heather: Yes, around 50% and if these are numbers that you don’t believe this is public information, and you should request it from your county or your other voting entity, your city or your town?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, and we’re gonna make all of this accessible. We’re on the Clean Elections site, all that data will be up there, we’re building a map for everyone to see one of our IT guys is doing that. But I think the key thing to say is that in these 17 counties, the number of voters, none of them, except one got almost close, that one vote on the number of voters did not match the number of ballots cast. So everyone who’s listening out there, listen very carefully, that in America on these electronic voting machines, we need to go find out why the number of voters is not matching the number of votes. You know, it’s not. I mean, and what Heather has done here in Oregon, is, you know, is basically laid out the data and but more importantly, we’ve taken it to another level. We have courageous people here who have actually filed affidavits into my Federal Lawsuit. So this is now sworn testimony on the record. And all of this is transparent, that the number of votes is not not only in Massachusetts, but you know, all the way on the west coast in Oregon. Okay, so now that’s Oregon. Now we’re going to come back to Massachusetts. Kenzie is another Truth Freedom Health Warrior. She and her sister. She worked with their sister carefully. And they found how you did seven towns right in Massachusetts. Kenzie?

Kenzie: Right. So I did. I chose Worcester County. Because my co-workers are working on other counties. So I chose Worcester. And in some cases, you know, two files came back. That was it. And it was basically, you know, the list of people who participated compared to the number of votes. And the discrepancies were just, in some cases, there were just a few. I have might for my seven towns, cities and towns.

Dr.SHIVA: Let’s bring it. Let’s show them Kenzie. So now we’re going from Oregon on the west coast. We’re coming back to Massachusetts, and this is for the November general election. So Kenzie, you did the same thing, right. You issued a FOIA again did it on your own, you asked him for how he voted and that town, and then you looked at the actual ballots, and all of this data anyone can see again, let’s go to, now we’re back in Massachusetts. So here I have the data for you. So this is the town out of Fitchburg, right.

Kenzie: Alright, so right, so for Fitchburg. And so there’s a little bit of a difference in Massachusetts than say Heather’s, for example. They collect everything by county and in Mass, it’s by town. So of course, our populations in each town or in many cases are a lot smaller. But still, you wouldn’t expect to see a wide range of discrepancy, which I found. So for instance, Fitchburg that’s, you know, kind of a large city in the central region of Mass. And so the number of votes that were reported was 16,614. But the number of participating voters was 16,367. So, you know, why is it that we have 247 more votes being recorded than people that actually voted? You know, that’s concerning? Here’s another one.Yeah.

  • The Town of Auburn. So, you know, again, the number of votes that were reported as the ballots being cast were 12,465. However, the number of citizens on the list of participating voters was only 10,237. So this is a much larger discrepancy. 2,228 more votes appeared, than people who voted. So again, it’s a mystery.

Here’s the Town of Leicester. So for that the number of votes that were reported as being received being counted were 6,449. However, the number of participating voters was 6,376. So again, you know, discrepancy of 73 more votes than people who cast a vote

Dr.SHIVA: Millbury Town of Millbury.

Kenzie: Town of Millbury. So here we had the number of votes recorded as being cast were 8,213. And the number of participating voters was 8,166. So that was only 47 more votes cast than voters.

But again, even one, you know, it begs the question, what’s going on?

Dr.SHIVA: Town of Oxford

Kenzie: Town of Oxford, the 7,607 figure that was recorded, as these were the votes. However, the number of participating voters was 7,531. So once again, we have 76 more votes than voters.

Dr.SHIVA: Town of Southborough

Kenzie: Town of Southborough 6,717 votes were recorded as having been cast. And the number of participating voters who voted were 6,624 so that discrepancy is 93 more votes were cast, than participating voters.

Dr.SHIVA: And then we have the last town right, the Town of Charlton.

Kenzie: Okay, so the Town of Charlton, we had 8,169 votes cast. The differences. 8171 76 more votes. So the number of participating voters was 8,131, and then the votes cast was 8,169. So that’s the difference, 38.

Every single Yeah. Great, right, every single town, and it was a discrepancy, and there shouldn’t be discrepancies.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So I think that the main thing again, again here so people joining in we just covered Oregon, and we so in those 17 counties, Heather, where you’re from how many towns that they represented what was a did you do a total number of votes across those 17 other Do we have a sum

Heather: know how many towns that represents and I may have totaled it, but I don’t have it right now. Dr. Shiva,

Dr.SHIVA: No worries, but basically, to those people joining again new, is in 17 counties in Oregon, not one county, but the number of votes equals the number of voters. And in the seven towns we just reviewed in Massachusetts, again, 3000 miles away, none of the votes equal the number of voters now we’re going to end with some traumatic news in California. Okay. California was extremely hard to get a lot of this data. So let me go over to Renee and Matt. So let me bring that up, Renee, and Matt. And we noticed that in California, I’m bringing this up. We have two counties, right, we did two counties. Again, people did again, to everyone joining, what we’re doing is we’re taking citizens are taking matters into their own hands to go do their own investigation, which the Department of Justice actually should be doing. But people went in and file FOIA requests, which is asking a town or the county level, hey, how many people actually voted the voter rolls and then looked at the votes, one is the number called P, the number of people that vote in the others V. And so far, in Oregon, or in Massachusetts, P does not equal V in the sample of counties and towns we looked at. So now we’re going to wrap up with California. So let’s bring it up here. So Renee, and Matt, maybe you guys can both take one county each. So let me bring one up here.

Renee: Before we go actually read these because I’m working off my phone, so I can’t see them very well. But I do want to say there was more information. I mean, we obviously want to keep this really simple. If P equals or does not equal V, but we even found things like there were more than 3k 121 year olds in San Diego County, things like that. So

Dr.SHIVA: Slow down. Repeat that against everyone can understand what you’re saying

with that again, clearly, because that is astounding. Let’s do this. Let’s go through this. And then we’ll come to that right now. In San Diego County. I think this is San Diego County, which has 3.33 million people, as I understand, and it’s and I think you have here 1,627,753 votes were counted there. Right. Actual votes cast. Is that right, Renee? Is that number sound, right?

Renee: Yeah, yes, yeah.

Dr.SHIVA: And the actual votes are the number of citizens who voted was 1,963,356. Let me repeat that again. 1,627,753 votes were tabulated. But the number of people who actually voted was 1,963,356. So Matthew, what’s the difference there?

Matt: The grand total here is 335,603 more voters than votes cast

Dr.SHIVA: More voters than votes cast

Speaker: more voters, then in some populations and towns throughout the state of California.

Dr.SHIVA: What is the San Diego County

Matt: No, no. Right. But I mean, there are that many, that 335,000 is a very large number. Yeah. So

Dr.SHIVA: Just everyone is looking at this number. This means the discrepancy is almost 20%. Right? all the votes, so I just want everyone to look at this, it is massive. 335,603 more voters than votes cast. Why isn’t this front page news?

Matt: That’s a very good question. Dr. Shiva.

Dr.SHIVA: Right.

Matt: What I heard is lots of front page news, especially everything that’s been going on here in California.

Dr.SHIVA: But I think so I want everyone to look at this. Right. So this was again done by Renee and Matt, citizen, activist, Truth Freedom Health warriors, right in San Diego County and everyone can learn how to do this. All of you out there. If you care about this country, we can teach you how to do this and you can file your affidavits in the lawsuit in the only lawsuit right now. That is standing in federal court. And you can be participating in that as an American wanting to protect our voting and Election Integrity. So that’s now let’s go to the next one. Matt, Matthew, maybe you can read this one. This is the county of Shasta go ahead.

Matt: I actually hold on with a magnifying glass. Okay, here we go. I received the official voting results data produced for the by the county elections clerk from the County of Shasta in the state of California through a public records request for the November 2020 general election, I have the actual data set that the court wishes to examine. The release data reveals that the number of votes reported by officials for this jurisdiction is 94,084. After electronic vote tabulation, however, this number of votes is more than the number of citizens of 91,952. Who actually cast votes. That’s a discrepancy of 2,132 less voters than votes cast.

Dr.SHIVA: Yep. So let’s just, I think, I think we inundated people with a lot of details, people writing here crimes against humanity. That’s what they’re saying. Someone’s saying. Let me say, this is crazy shit, people need to stand to be heard. Um, let’s say the big question is who is actually running the country neck right now? Let’s say that

Matt: It’s a good question. In fact, that’s been a question that a lot of people have been asking. And for good reason.

Dr.SHIVA: Right? What else? No to Google, people are saying no to Google here. Okay. But anyway, astonishing. And so on. Okay. There we go. So, what people can see here is that a, is that a, we can see that the numbers are not adding up, right? That the numbers are not adding up. But more importantly, the analysis that’s been done here is now filed in federal court. So it’s for everyone to go see. And the data is in there. So anyone listening can literally go to VASHIVA.COM/CLEANELECTIONS, and actually do this on your own. Heather and Renee, you guys want to just talk about the process? And essentially, how easy it was to do the FOIA? And how people can participate? Kenzi you guys can just hop right in. Heather, do you want to start?

Heather: Okay, well, initially, the process wasn’t easy, because we didn’t know what we were doing. But we found each other on the site and found that Kenzie is masterful at converting files, or text files or PDF files to Excel spreadsheets that we can work with. With that California group, they adopted me and took me under their wing. Wednesdays and hash things out and talk about how to work our way through this process of finding out what your voting entity what your city town county calls that participating voter list is key. All of our counties here in Oregon refer to that as the voted not voted. And that made all the difference in the world, showing them data of what we are anticipating seeing the type of thing that the other counties send us was really helpful in a handful of counties. And what that Excel spreadsheet looked like, what the titles were. Now some dummy lines with some made up people and addresses. So they knew what to look for was really, really helpful. And reaching out to each other when we have questions to get looking at some of the data. Are you seeing what I’m seeing, hey, look at this one. If I remember the county? Can you look at this with me, Renee, because some of these people voted in January to August 1 of 2021.Did you hear that?

Dr.SHIVA: Say that again.

Heather: So in the future? How is that possible? So just lots of questions. You see some really interesting things and it’s not for us to answer. Because it’s not ours right. The county clerk can respond.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I think the most important thing is you’re seeing very different states here, Oregon, California, Massachusetts. So this is prevalent and we’re going to for all of you listening tonight, anyone can go to beat a ship comm slash clean elections, and anyone so we just did the first wave of This was a lot of work. And I think we learned all how to work together. And you know, the process, there’s you have to get data, you have to clean up the data, it is not easy. And the people in these counties and towns, it’s pretty easy for them the fact that they didn’t see these discrepancies, and they’re not even talking about it. I mean, what do you guys think about that? I mean, I’m sure they know that the discrepancy exists.

Matt: Yeah, I don’t believe they didn’t see this. And I don’t believe that they weren’t actively involved in covering this up, you know, you got to take a good look at everywhere, there’s been a voting machine in this country, they need to take a look and go back and re-examine everything. And you know, Dr.Shiva, you brought up something else, Ballot Images. You know, every time I mentioned that word, people clammed up. You know, I got hung up on twice. When I started talking about Ballot Images, do you have copies of Ballot Images? Have you been keeping them for 22 months, you know, asking pertinent questions, and people don’t want to hear them. And they are actively running away from having to answer and, but you know, we’re persistent. And, and we’re gonna stay on top of this. I’m not going anywhere.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, so we have a lot of people just thanking everyone for doing this. And someone says, great work to all on this live, you know, collaboration, you know, someone says, Thank you team clean elections. I thought I was being smart and voted on a machine. Okay. People saying thank you again. So thank you. Thank you, thanking all of you guys. Okay. So someone said it’d be interesting to see if anyone can get Ballot Images. Yeah, it would be interesting. People are saying, awesome. Right. Thank you. So on, right? Some people are really upset and infuriated, right? Thank you, thank you to all of you. There we go. So anyway, I hope this helps people. But the most important thing everyone needs to do now is to get activated and get active. So what we are creating is a platform. And that platform gives people three three things. One is you can get educated on a Systems Approach. So the electronic voting machines are systems, they have inputs and outputs. They’re supposed to be actually simple systems, they’re supposed to put in your ballot, they should count what you have. But it looks like inside of it they have quote unquote, intelligence, right to multiply votes by a factor. And and Is that why we’re seeing these discrepancies? This is a question mark, that’s in our lawsuit, and that will be your further affidavit to support it.

Matt: So yep. Have you heard the term Phantom ballot? And because I heard they have an algorithm now to figure out who is registered to vote. So they know where to find registered voters. So when they print out the fake ballots, they know how to fill the gap.

Dr.SHIVA: I mean, I think what we want to do, Matthew, there’s so many theories, right? I think what we want to encourage people to do is what you’re what you guys did here, is just go to your local town halls, ask for two pieces of data. Say I want the participating voters list, I want to bounce again, go to, and everyone can learn how to do this. And if so what we just did here in the last hour and a half was we went through 17 counties, it may seem you know, why did we go through those in such a detailed manner, because we want people to see the numbers, Kenzie is went through seven towns, and Matthew and Renee went through two counties. So when you can see across these 19 plus 26, different regions, none of the numbers add up all across the United States. So, I want to encourage, we want to encourage all of you to get active, this is something everyone can do on their own. You don’t need a lawyer. You don’t need, you know, to file a lawsuit, right? You can just do this on your own. We already have a lawsuit, and all of these can flow right into that lawsuit. So the Federal Judge can actually see Wow, it’s not just one Senate candidate. All of these people are seeing the same pattern across the country. Is everyone lying? Is everyone a conspiracy theorist? What’s actually going on?

That’s why we’re doing this. We’re doing this for citizens to recognise that they can. They don’t need to go talk about aliens and you know, people on Mars or something like that. They can just talk about, go to your voting list and just look at the number of people who voted. And the number of actual votes, they better be the same. They have to be exactly the same. I mean, All? Yeah, I mean, all of us have run companies or you have to balance their chequebook or something. You know, I was talking to get really upset. Even one penny was off, right? Like what happened, it should be perfect. And that’s what these public officials get paid for. And the fact that whether it was in California or Oregon, or Massachusetts is none of them and said, Hey, something’s not right. Right? That sends a lot right there that didn’t do this job. Anything else Matthew, Kinsey’s and, and Heather as we close, but thank you so much, you guys have done incredible work. I’m very proud of all of you. It’s an incredible amount of work. And the fact is that our movement for Truth Freedom Health is actually teaching people, educating people and you guys all get a triple plus, as students of this, you’ve done laboratory work, theoretical work, and you’re an inspiration to everyone. So I really want to applaud you. And I just want to thank everyone listening. Let’s, I mean, these guys have done incredible work. But hopefully it’s inspiring all of you to also go do the same. And please go to to become a warrior. I’ll put that up again, where you can go do that, but are

Matt: I am applying for the Masters programmes. Dr. Shiva.

Dr.SHIVA: Oh, excellent. Yeah. And we have a leadership programme, we have a training programme, but you have to “Get Educated, or you will be Enslaved’. And you’re looking at three very, very powerful Truth Freedom Health warriors. And they’re here to help you. Right? They’ve gone through the entire journey. So any closing comments, Heather? Matthew? Go ahead.

Heather: Thank you for inspiring us because we could just sit here and look at someone else to do something on our behalf. And that just isn’t going to happen. We need to take action, we need to take it now to connect with people who are like minded and support each other. This is a wonderful group of people that I’ve had the opportunity to work with on the project.

Dr.SHIVA: people all the way from someone. Someone’s saying yes, inspiring from India. Okay. Someone just said they have their great work. Mary water says thank you all.

Matt: Yeah, this has been a privilege to work with talented people. There’s many talented people that have gotten involved and friendships have been formed.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, that’s great. Matthew, Matthew, thank you very much. I know Renee had to leave. But again, to everyone listening, all of this is done by everyday working people who care about this country. And that’s the only way these things are going to change is going to come Bottoms-up. And that’s what we’re educating people on to be Truth Freedom Health Warriors. Everyone go up as you can. Anyone can contribute to this. You’re contributing to yourself, actually, we’ve created our own infrastructure, our own data, infrastructure, own social media, infrastructure, and it’s all for you. Because if we don’t get off as Matthew said off our butts and do this, nothing’s gonna happen. So anyway, thank you, everyone. Someone says You’re all good people. This has been an eye opener. Keep up the great work. Okay. Bottoms-up. It’s time for change. Exactly. So everyone listening, go become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. Go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and support yourself to build the movement. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Kenzie. Thank you.

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