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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai presents a CytoSolve® computational systems analysis on how Black Cumin seed boosts immunity based on nearly 2900 research papers, 72 clinical trials spanning at least 55 years.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve® computational systems analysis on how Black Cumin Seed boosts immunity.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 2900 research papers, 72 clinical trials spanning at least 55 years.
  • Black Cumin Seeds have 62 different compounds consisting of fatty acids, minerals, polyphenols, phytosterols and vitamins.
  • Black Cumin Seeds are analgesic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, immune modulator, antiviral and antibacterial.
  • Health Benefits include backaches, arthritis, bruises, rheumatism, tired leg muscles, hair loss, diarrhea, lethargy, headaches, colic, intestinal parasites, high blood pressure, stomach problems, skin fungus, sinusitis, earache, acne, colds, flus and nervous tension.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Good evening everyone. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We’re going to be talking about Black Cumin Seed today. And that’s what I began talking about. But before I go into that what I was sharing was that when we look at something like Black Cumin Seed when we look at any of the videos I do, being on something like Black Cumin Seed, or a look at anything about even understanding political systems. I always take a Systems Approach so I’m going to share with you that video first. Here we go.

Journey to Systems

Welcome to VA SHIVA. Today we’re going to be talking about Black Cumin Seed and how it boosts immunity. So that short video that I just played gave you an overview about my personal Journey to Systems. System Science is a very powerful and profound way for all of you to learn how to see the interconnections between things. The Modern Science of Systems was really built around the 1930s with the development of cybernetic theory, but it goes far beyond that to 10 to 20,000 years ago, every Monday evening, from 7 to 10pm EST as a part of our VA SHIVA, Truth Freedom Health Warrior training program. I take three hours out, it’s a personal private class, we do it online and I teach you on Mondays, we had close to 200 people on. But every day, people are signing up. But the goal is to educate you on a Fundamental Science of Everything. So you could understand how your body works as a system of things within your body. And pretty much everything outside of your body works, including political systems. So it is a fundamental need, particularly in the modern century, otherwise, you’re going to get into the world of reductionism, right? looking at things from the Left or Right, Black or White, Republican & Democrat, looking at the parts of a problem, not the whole. So, in the videos that I do, what I attempt to do is even if I look at a particular ingredient and how it affects the body, we take a Systems Approach, not a cherry picking approach, trying to interconnect many of the pieces as possible. Today, we’re gonna take a look at a Black Cumin Seed. And we’re going to go through the entire history of it, where it came from, what it’s about, etc. So again, if you go to VA SHIVA, you can find more about the Truth Freedom Health warrior program and encourage everyone to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. But let’s talk about Black Cumin Seed right now.

What Will You Learn

And what it’s really about, so it’ll give you a deep understanding today, and particularly relevant to immune health. But this we’re going to learn today what you’re going to learn today, are what are Black Cumin Seeds. So that’s the first thing in a very, then we’re gonna understand that molecular composition, meaning what is Black Cumin Seeds made up of what are the molecular entities, as you know that in nature, we have the ability to, nature itself creates very powerful chemical compounds, you don’t need to go to a pharmacist to understand that food is medicine. And one of the powerful things that we’re going to learn here is that Black Cumin Seed has a lot of very interesting constitutive chemicals, which affect different targets in your body. Another way to think about it is if you think about your body as a very powerful system of chemical reactions, trillions of chemical reactions that are taking place, right now, different parts of your body are particular at the cellular level, have like catcher’s mitts if you want to think about our chemicals, which are receptors, so when a particular chemical lands on that, it’ll like a chain reaction, cascade a whole bunch of chemical reactions. So food is actually medicine, it’s when you eat food, it’s we’re hitting many, many different types of targets. And those are essentially creating an orchestra. So literally, food, natural compounds, create an orchestra of reactions, because they’re not just made of one ingredient. Now, a pharmaceutical drug, unlike a food element, is made of typically one synthetic compound, one compound. So it’s more like a very targeted missile that goes in, affects one target, and elicits a set of reactions. Now the problem is that it may also elicit a lot of side effects, right. So if a pharmaceutical drug, again, is a chemical compound that does not occur in nature, it is manmade, verses when you look at compounds that occur in nature, the argument is that those compounds over our evolution, our body as at least had some way of modulating that versus a synthetic compound that never did. So that’s why I think it’s important to understand this difference.

So we’re looking at the molecular composition. So when we look at the molecular composition, today, we’re going to look at the molecular composition of Black Cumin Seeds, which is going to have many, many different functional elements to it. We’re also gonna look at how Cumin Seeds affect biological functions than the broader health benefits and then how cumin seeds affect the immune system. And then we’re going to talk about the clinical evidence on Black Cumin Seeds dosage, many of you always say Dr.SHIVA, well, how much should I take? Well, this is again, not a medical prescription show. It’s an exposition of what is in the current literature that we’ve been able to uncover and intersect that through our technology, CytoSolve. Alright, so let’s go into this.


Black Cumin Seeds, I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but I have some. You know, here I have them. They’re pretty dark looking. They look almost like coal. They’re native to the Middle and South East Asia, and they’re used in treating various animal and human ailments over the centuries. And the medical benefits are attributed to seeds and particularly the seed oil, Black Cumin Seed oil. We’ve done some work at CytoSolve but one of the largest manufacturers of it because they really want to understand what were the components how they work together, but Black Cumin Seed oil or Black Cumin Seeds, okay, so there’s two ways that you can look at the Black Cumin Seeds and it’s known as Nigella Sativa, Sativa Nigella. So, Nigella sativa is the official name of Black Cumin Seed. It’s, you know, reasonably well researched, there’s close to 2900 research articles 72 of clinical trials, and it’s been researched over the last 55 years now, this is by no means anywhere near some of the other products that we looked at. But I think it’s been around as we’ll talk about for nearly 3000 years. But relative to the modern research on it is still somewhat new. I mean, when you compare it to other things that we’ve looked at, where you know people have done things like Glutathione, we talked about Glutathione several days ago, I think about a week ago, Glutathione had nearly 17,000 research articles, and 1000s of clinical trials.


So in the Western world of research, these new products or new ingredients that come from the East are relatively new to have research on but you can see, it’s you know, it’s pretty, I mean, there’s a lot of papers on it 2900 papers. Now, if you had to go through all of these papers and read it, imagine the effort that you’d have to go through. So when we take a Systems Approach, we take all of those papers, we don’t cherry pick, we try to intersect them, curate them, and try to get a more whole understanding of what this is about. So the way we do that is with our technology CytoSolve. And I’ll shortly play a video to really educate you on what CytoSolve is. But CytoSolve fundamentally, it’s a technology that came out of my PhD work at MIT. And the goal of CytoSolve was to really use the computer to model complex diseases and biomolecular functions, until eliminate animal testing. But we have the ability to take all those papers, in this case, 2900 papers, curate them from those papers, extract out the molecular mechanisms and attribute it let’s say to the particular particular area like in this case, today, we’re going to talk about the immune system. And then we’re able to today we’re going to share with you some of that information, republishing it to you, and then we can iterate this and refine this. Now CytoSolve really came out of an effort that recognizes that that pharmaceutical drug development process, where you take a single compound, and you go through this whole long, sometimes 13 year process, close to $5 billion to figure out if this particular drug will have a effect on a particular disease, typically you do test tube testing, then people kill animals. And if the animal testing shows, it’s not too toxic, or won’t kill humans, you can then jump to phase one, phase two, phase three human clinical trials. But the problem is that this entire process is broken. As you can see, they spend more and more and more money, you know, investing in this process.

And in fact, even the FDA is, is approving less and less new compounds. This is why many pharmaceutical companies because of the regulations because of the testing that’s needed. In fact, because of the fact the FDA is also not allowing their drugs, they see you know, the jab or the vax market much more viable for them because you don’t need to do as much testing and you can’t actually be sued. So many pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, his revenues dropped by nearly $25 billion in the last 9 to 10 years. And that’s why the quote unquote, current events where they can job people is very valuable for them, because it’s explosively going to grow their revenue. But this is for those of you who didn’t understand this, what’s going on pharma when I created CytoSolve, and I’ll show you I’ll play this video for you, that’ll give you the details of CytoSolve. The aim was while we could eliminate animal testing, I could help predict for these Pharma companies that their stuff is toxic, don’t even bother doing this, you know, save people’s lives, but they’re really not that interested. In fact, not that different from Big Vitamin guys. They don’t they’re, they’re pushing more marketing less, you know, really science. Let me play this video for you. Before I show you how we’ve used CytoSolve to understand the effect of Black Cumin Seeds on the immune system. So let me play that for you here. Invent email and create CytoSolve.

I hope that helps you understand what CytoSolve is, it’s really an engine that came out of my PhD work to really use a computer like we used to build airplanes, we don’t kill pilots, and we figure out all the mistakes ahead of time, but it’s a very powerful for bioinformatics engine, but it’s also an engine for doing modelling. We recently created a product, which sold out very fast so we have a whole new supply coming in and shipments are going out again this weekend. Because of this COVID nonsense. There’s been quote unquote, supposedly “delays.” We don’t know if it’s real or not. But I just want to let you know please be patient. Another shipment is going out today and we’ll be putting it back up. But we sold out very, very rapidly of a product that we created for pain and inflammation. So let me go back to our discussion here on Black Cumin Seeds now that everyone has a deeper appreciation for this.

Black Cumin Seeds

So let’s talk about Black Cumin Seeds. So what does Black Cumin Seeds have? What is a molecular composition of Black Cumin Seeds? So let’s really discuss that. What is the molecular composition? So when you look at Black Cumin Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds have 62 compounds. So again, as I mentioned, remember a drug again, just to be clear, this is what makes food food, food is medicine, but it’s a combination medicine it’s a combination therapeutic, a drug only has typically one compound. Out of all the drugs the FDA has approved there’s only one for compound drugs, there’re I think maybe a handful, like three or four three compound drugs. And I think there’s couple 102 compound drugs but the majority of drugs are just a single compound.

Just think about that, a single compound which is manufactured in a lab that doesn’t occur in nature, but when you look at something like Black Cumin Seed, it has 62 compounds. So food is a multi combination quote unquote drug, right? Food is medicine and by the way, your body is a pharmaceutical engine, you make friends and you’re happy, your body will actually upregulate all sorts of antimicrobials you know, anti inflammatories, if you’re angry or upset or stressed out, your body will lower its antimicrobials or you feel isolated and depressed and your body will manufacture inflammatory molecules. So just think about it, it is quite amazing, right? So nature in this case, when you look at something like Black Cumin Seeds has close to you know, this case 62 different compounds, fatty acids, minerals, polyphenols, phytosterols, and vitamin so it’s got a number of very, very a range of compounds. So just think about this is fatty acids, minerals, polyphenols, phytosterols, and vitamins 62 different compounds as we know today. So what are those minerals? You can see this is what’s quite amazing. It’s almost like Black Cumin Seed oil, it’s like milk you know 100 millilitres of Black Cumin Seed oil has 1500 calcium and 1200 milligrams of magnesium 7700 milligrams of potassium 4500 milligrams of phosphorus, an incredible just look at that, look at the potency of the minerals that is particularly that calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Okay, that’s 100 millilitres. Black Cumin Seed oil, so 1/1000th of a liter. Then you look at the vitamins, .77 milligrams of vitamin C, .62 milligrams of vitamin D, those are the two predominant vitamins, but very, very mineral rich, and you can think about it when you see something that’s like black like the earth. I mean, this is you’ll find that typically, the things that are dark, right, in Eastern medicine, they call it Earth right are made of the earth, they have minerals in them, and that’s what you can see. And just keep that in mind. You know, when you see dark things typically have more minerals.

Let’s talk about the compounds. What are the molecular compounds, we’re gonna come back to this first important compound Thymoquinone. Thymoquinone one of the very important compounds that give the medicinal benefits in Black Cumin Seed, but it’s not only Thymoquinone but it’s Nigellone, p-Cymene, Carvacrol, a-Thujene, Thymol, a-Pinene. So you can see 12345, these are the seven major compounds and you can see the chemical structures are quite different obviously Thymol which sometimes appears in things like products, I think like things like Listerine or certain products like that, right? Carvacrol has a very similar structure if you see here. You can see the OH group is a little bit different than here. This is p-Cymene, Nigellone has a number of carbon groups over here and a-Pinene very different structure but closely related to alpha-Thujene. And here’s Thymoquinone. As you can see it’s got two double bonds O. I love looking at these structures. These are organic compounds, but seven compounds with the medicinal benefits these are the ones that we’ve identified so far.

Biological Effects of Black Cumin Seeds

So what are the Biological Effects of Black Cumin Seed, a number of important biological effects as you can see. But you can see it’s analgesic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, immunomodulator, antiviral, antibacterial. We’re going to talk about these three over here near seven o’clock in around eight o’clock and sort of nine, nine and a half o’clock. Somewhat we’ll talk about when we come to dosage for children with a dosage isn’t is but health benefits. Well, it’s got an immense number of health benefits that you can see backache, arthritis, bruises and rheumatism, tired leg muscles, hair loss, diarrhea, lethargy, headaches, colic, intestinal parasites, high blood pressure, stomach problems, skin fungus, sinusitis, earache, acne, colds and flus, nervous tension. So it’s got a number of many, many, as you can see, it’s got almost as many places or more as the hands on a clock. But some people would call this in some systems of medicine, they call it one of those things that say, That’s almost a miracle food, because it has so many different uses, almost like your body needs this. But you can see quite a number of minerals. A number of biological benefits, a number of also health benefits.

Immune System

We’re going to talk today about the immune system, right, as we do in this immune system series, we’re going to talk about the immune system. But what is the immune system? Well, the current or the conventional idea of the immune system, the immune system consists of two boxes, the innate immune system and the adaptive and these two talk together, where you’re going to learn is this is not a whole system’s understanding the immune system, this is, at best, it’s a reductionist or a highly immature understanding the immune system. And what we see here is that, in this model of the immune system, your body has only in the innate system, and only in the adaptive, and the goal is to create antibodies. So, if your body is exposed to a pathogen, if you get an antibody, therefore, you’re okay. Let me again, emphasize that the conventional way that typically the average medical doctor learns about the immune system is that there’s only two parts of the immune system, the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. And in that understanding the body, if you get antibodies, you’re great. Okay, so the entire sort of effort of modern medicine or the entire narrow approach. The entire narrow approach to looking at the body’s immune system and to say, oh, if you get antibodies, you’re in great shape.

Okay, so just think about that. And as I’ve shared, and the analogy I think I’ve developed on this to explain this to everyone is think about, you go to hear a band in a concert, right? Or you go to an orchestra if you like classical music. And typically, if you go to listen to a band or an orchestra, there’s not just one instrument there any instruments or maybe the percussion, the drums, there may be the keyboards, right or an organ. There may be the wood, the woodwinds, right, there may be the brass section, but there’s many different parts of an orchestra. Now imagine if I told you, you go to an orchestra, and the conductor just simply points at the drums and all you hear is drums all day, probably. And the goal of music was just to get drums going. Well, that isn’t the full scope of what’s possible or what exists. So when you look at the immune system, the current conventional wrong view or the limited view of the reductionist view is, if your body has an antibody for a particular pathogen or virus in this case, Then you’re great. Is that true? Well, what I want to share with you in this part is, in my research and the research that I presented, that’s this concept of the immune system is a, unfortunately, a limited view of the understanding of the immune system, am I saying it’s wrong? Well, I’m saying it’s a limited view, okay? To be if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, it’s a limited view of the immune system. The reality is that the immune system doesn’t just have the innate and the adaptive and we’ll show that. Let’s look at for example, something like, you know, when someone gets a virus in their lungs, so let’s say the top here is your lung airways, and over here, the bottom below the skin. Here’s your lung epithelial, which is a lining of your lungs. And what you see here is when the virus comes in, your innate immune system includes things like macrophages, which do what’s called Phagocytosis. So that’s over here in the innate system. And where are those macrophages and the innate immune system Where’s actually located? Well, it’s actually located in the part of your body that faces the world. So in your eyes, in your throat, your mucous membranes and your skin, anything, that’s the orifices that are open to the world, your ears, right.

And so when you’re exposed to or when you breathe in, right, because that’s all exposed, you breathe in, it goes down your airways, and what you’re what we’re seeing here, in this case, right here, we go back here is the top, imagine that your airway, where the virus comes in, and what you’re seeing here is when that virus comes in, what we want to understand is that when that virus comes in right there, right on the top, that’s your innate immune system will try to take it out with these macrophages. Macrophages are like monsters that go try to eat up the virus, but when they chomp on that virus, they’re basically dismembering it. And you have many, many parts of the virus, flying around or being, you know, put out everywhere as a macrophage moves through the lung epithelium. So this is the lining of your lungs, known as a lung, epithelial tissue, it is presenting the parts of the virus components, like let’s say the spike proteins to something called the T-cells, this is part of your T-cells are part of your adaptive system, okay. And the purpose of the adaptive system is to produce an antibody, so where the innate system strives to eat up the virus, the innate system communicates in this inaccurate model, in my view, to the adaptive immune system, which presents the components of the virus to what’s called a CD4+ T-cells, which then do two things on the one hand, they tell the CD8 T-cells, hey, here’s that virus now go chop start chopping it up. It’s an eat up basically, the infected cell. So the infected cell gets destroyed. It’s called cytotoxicity, toxic toxicity, cyto means cell, you’re eating up the cell, but the CD4+ T-cell, you’re also leads to the activation of B-cells, which creates these little v things called antibodies. So all of this is happening together, this typically happens first. And this happens much later. And these antibodies have memory. So in the future, when they see this virus, they will stop it. So the point is that this is the notion of the innate and adaptive immune system, the two blue boxes, but the reality is my research, which I presented, the National Science Foundation shows that this is not the right approach.

A modern approach to the immune system is a Systems Approach, a systems immunology approach where it’s not just the innate and the adaptive, but you have another very powerful system called the interferon system, which I’ve done a whole video on it for those of you who want to learn in detail, the interferon system is also is the missing link between the innate and the adaptive, it communicates also to the microbiome, your gut bacteria, you have about 380 trillion viruses, right? So there’s a huge interaction, a lot of it, which we still don’t understand that well, and this all connects to the neural system. So when you want to think about it, the immune system is not just the innate and the adaptive, it includes many of these other subsystems. It includes the percussion, not just the percussion, including the brass, it includes the organs and includes the, you know, the violin includes many, many different pieces. This is more of an orchestral Systems Approach to understanding the immune system and in fact, When you think about the interferon system, your interferon system has these things called many different kinds of interferons, interferon, one, two and three. Here we’re looking to interfere type one, which includes interferon alpha and interferon beta. And these interferons are in virtually every cell of your body. And why are interferons important because interferons create an antiviral environment in the cells and they constitute the first line of defense against infections. Now, interferons, again, you can go listen to long video, but your body when it’s exposed to a pathogen, the innate system kicks in and then it also calls upon the interferon system.

My PhD work was in this field and the interferon system actually up-regulates. Interestingly enough, the interferon system up-regulates many, many genes that have been recently found 1000s of genes, but one of the goals of the interferon system is to activate natural killer cells, which go attack the virus, and all of this is occurring long before the antibodies. That’s why there are people who don’t have any antibodies. they’re exposed to the virus, but they don’t have any symptoms, because their interferon system took the virus out. So my point is, it’s not just about antibodies, that’s really the punchline. Unfortunately, the mainstream media the big academia, everything’s antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, but there’s many other components of your immune system for example, the microbiome, I did a talk a several days ago talking about what happens when you wear masks, how it affects the microbiome in your mouth, which can affect immune health, which can have your teeth rot, which can get your gums bleeding. So there are many, many different subsystems beyond just antibodies. That’s really the takeaway. This is much more of a holistic view of the immune system.

Effects of Black Cumin Seed on Immune System

What is the effect of Black Cumin Seeds on immune health now that you have a quick background on the immune system and by the way, the background that I just shared with you on the immune system, which really looks at the interferons and microbiome just that little diagram, you should share it with if you have friends who are doctors or your doctors ask them Do you don’t want the interferon system is most of them have not even studied it, but it’s the really the missing link between the innate and the adaptive. How is immune health boosted by Black Cumin Seeds First of all, Black Cumin Seeds modulate the immune response via anti-inflammatory mechanisms anti-inflammatory mechanisms. And in the two ways Black Cumin Seeds are shown to be valuable for the immune system is through antiviral activity, antibacterial activity and bacteria do not develop resistance for Black Cumin Seed. Remember, the problem with taking their people is that they take antibiotics all day. And what happens is the back to this for bacteria and the bacteria develop resistance so they got to go get another antibiotic, another one. But Black Cumin Seed doesn’t develop resistance to bacteria. So, it’s in that sense, it’s more powerful than these antibiotics. So let’s talk about how this happens. The left side of the diagram here is what you’re looking at. It really has what’s called a summary of the molecular mechanisms. The right side is a more descriptive piece. So one of the effects of Black Cumin Seeds in the immune system is it modulates inflammatory enzymes and cytokines. If you look on the bottom, NF-kB, which I’ve talked about many, many times, as many of you know.

What you see here is that inflammation we know leads to disproportionate immune response. Okay, so why is this important? If you have inflammation going on in your body, lots of it, there are people who just have chronic inflammation all the time. And when you have a high inflammation going on, your body is in a weakened immune system state. So you don’t want that and your body’s so an inflammation is taking place in your body. There’s this transcription factor called NF-kB, NF-kB. So, inflammation will lead to this transcription factor NF-kB, which will promote the expression of two inflammatory enzymes COX-2 and 5-LOX, 5-LOX and COX-2. So when you have NF-kB when inflammation is going on, COX2 and 5-LOX are created, COX-2 then upregulates, PGE-2 which causes inflammation. 5-LOX creates leukotrienes, which cause inflammation. Alright, so the inflammatory mechanisms here that’s what we call it, it’s a pathways you have, on the one hand, PGE-2 prostaglandin to and you also have leukotrienes, those two products create inflammation, you don’t want to have PGE-2 leukotrienes and high levels, especially if you’re sitting around obviously, if you hit your hand, if you hit your hand with a hammer, you need inflammation in the inflammatory response to go heal it but you don’t want that going on all the time in your body. So you want healthy inflammation, not this kind of inflammation. So NF-kB, actually up-regulates PGE-2 and leukotrienes because it activates COX-2 and it activates something known as 5-LOX and so because of that you get inflammation. Well guess what? This molecule if you remember this called Thymoquinone from Black Cumin Seed, it inhibits that’s what the red with the hammer at the end of it is, it inhibits NF-kB, thereby inhibiting the expression of PGE-2 and inhibiting the expression of leukotrienes. So, this is one way that Black Cumin Seed modulates, that modulates inflammation because it’s knocking this out. Now, Black Cumin Seed also has anti-viral activity. How does it do that? Well Black Cumin Seed oil will upregulate IFN-y. Remember I told you about the interferon system which is a missing link between the innate and the adaptive very powerful thing that again, people like Fauci won’t talk about most medical doctors do not know about which is inside your body, you have a very powerful system in your body called the interferon system. So, we have various kinds of interferons, you have interferon 1, and interferon 2, and interferon 3. Interferon 1 is things like an interferon alpha and beta, but interferon 2 are things called interferon gamma. Well interferon gamma is extremely valuable and important to your body.

So, for example, the higher interferon gamma involves you get more macrophages, what were those macrophages, those macrophages are those cells, which are part of your innate immune system. So, again, let me just say, if you remember when I talked about So, here’s your interferon system, the gamma system, the gamma system helps produce more macrophages which support your innate system, but it also produce, as you can see, right here, it also helps produce more cytotoxic T-cells, which take out the infected cells okay of the virus. So, again very powerful interferon gamma affects your innate and your adaptive and guess what, look at this, Black Cumin Seed oil supports the upregulation of interferon gamma okay Black Cumin Seed oil increased the production of interferon gamma think about what this means it’s quite profound. So, Black Cumin Seed oil will boost the levels of interferon gamma. Interferon gamma then will boost the amount of your innate macrophages to go fight off the virus right in your early stage immune system, but interferon gamma also supports your Cytotoxic T-cells. If one of your cells is infected by a virus, the interferon gamma will upregulate the cytotoxic T-cells, which will actually go eat up the infected cells so it supports the innate and the adaptive immune system, okay. Very, very profound effects of what it does, right, Black Cumin Seed oil. This is why it’s a very powerful and very powerful antiviral activity and again according to the science, by the way, macrophages and cytotoxic T-cells, they go and knock out the virus, that’s what macrophages do. And the cytotoxic T-cells help to go hit the infected cells. Now, the literature and the science says that it’s effective against hepatitis C as well as murine cytomegalovirus. Okay, C and G. Okay, so as powerful effects, proven effects on having antiviral effects.

The other piece is now we talked about the anti inflammatory effect of Black Cumin Seed, we’ve talked about the anti viral let’s talk about the antibacterial now bacteria. Some of you may remember talking about something called a biofilm. Bacteria like to live under a biofilm. This is why it’s important to brush your teeth. This is why people who get when you wake up in the morning, get the film of your mouth, very important to brush and floss and all those good things. But underneath that film is where the bacteria lay. For example, people I’ve shared this a couple of days ago, there’s a notion that those people who have Lyme disease, it comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes, because the bacteria hide underneath this biofilm. So, one theory of really knocking out Lyme is first of all, you have to knock out the biofilm. And then even if you’re going to use antibiotics or other powerful agents, you have to take out that biofilm first. Some people say there’s certain diets that do that low carbohydrate diets help remove the biofilm and then you can go knock out the bacteria, right? But the important scientific point here is that bacteria lie in this biofilm and thymoquinone has been shown to have a broad spectrum antibacterial activity, okay, thymoquinone exerts its antibacterial effect through inhibition of the biofilm formation. A biofilm is a community of bacteria attached to a biotic surface that allows them to survive in hostile environments and conditions. Inhibition of the biofilm by thymoquinone kills the exposed bacteria effectively. Now a related molecule to thymoquinone is thymol I believe if you look at Listerine it has thymol in it. This is why when people wash with Listerine with the thymol it you know breaks down that biofilm but thymoquinone is even more powerful than breaking down that biofilm right very, very valuable here.

Now, the antibacterial effect of Black Cumin Seed oil is also effective against several bacteria including staphylococcus, listeria and P-gingivalis, which causes periodontal disease and bacteria do not develop resistance to thymoquinone. Okay, so thymoquinone is effective against at least staphylococcus listeria, which causes Listeriosis as this causes staphylococcus that in staph infections, but P-gingivalis, which is the thing that leads to periodontal disease, and bacteria do not develop resistance to thymoquinone. Alright, now, what I’ve shared with you here, in these examples, here, you can see, Black Cumin Seed oil has a multi faceted effect, it’s anti inflammatory, by knocking down NF-kB. It’s antiviral by eliciting the response of macrophages inside of T-cells. And it also, you know, knocks out the biofilm and it’s antibacterial. Why am I sharing this with you? Because what you’ll find is that nature supports or wants synergy, it just doesn’t want. You know, the difference is if you look at drugs, they just have this, you know, one shot effect, okay? This is why you get in a jab for a particular virus. Well, if that virus mutates, well, you got to get another jab and another jab, okay? But what we’re talking about here is that when you look at something like Black Cumin Seed that’s a Synergistic Effect hitting multiple different aspects. So if you take that same principle of System Science.

Truth Freedom Health®

I want to just take a quick break here, and I’m gonna play a video for you that I want all of you to understand. If you notice, there’s a scrolling bar here it says, become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. So for the last 50 years, my goal has been to take the understanding of systems which came out of my study of engineering, electrical engineering systems, mechanical engineering, systems, design systems and Biological Engineering. I went back to India, for my Fulbright. And I was able to interconnect Eastern Systems of Medicine with engineering systems theory, and then connect that to political theory. Medical theory, political theory, right, as well as related to Eastern medicines, systems of medicine. And what you find is that every system in the universe shares the same properties. And one of those properties is the interconnection of synergy. So when we look at political systems, what we have is those in power want us to blacks and whites fighting, you know, left and right fighting, they never want to solve anything significantly. So they want to keep everything dispersed. The body doesn’t want the body tries to interconnect things. And as a part of that interconnection, what the body wants to do is, is it really wants you to appreciate this notion of interconnection. So just taking a quick step back, because I want all of you to become Truth Freedom Health Warriors, expect to see all of you in my Monday night classes, but I’m going to play a quick video that will help you understand that but before I play that video, I want to just emphasize this point that we need to take a System Synergy Approach.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

For far too long, you know, if you think about the people who want science and who want truth, and all those things, you know, the nerds, they typically will be fighting for truth? Nerds, quote, unquote, nerds. And then over here, the freedom people, some people call them, quote, unquote, rednecks. They want the First Amendment and the second amendment good people, right. But they’re over here being seen as conservatives, you know, quote, unquote, aggressive people. And they’re doing their thing, right. And then over here, you have the people wanting good health, you know, they want people to eat well, they want organic food, they’re called health nuts. But the reality is, we need to bring all these together, we need the synergy to win, we need freedom, because without freedom, we can’t practice science to get to the truth. So the nerds need the quote, unquote, “rednecks.” And without a truth and freedom, we can’t find the real problems and the real solution, find out what’s really real for our health. And when we have health, we have the strength to fight for freedom and the strength to explore truth. So I want all of you to understand that when you take a Systems Approach, we start looking at the interconnections strength comes from the interconnections, not by just doing any one thing. It’s interconnected. Why food is medicine, because in this case we were looking at, you know, Black Cumin Seed this nearly 68 compounds, and we’re seeing the multiplicity of effects that affect it, its antiviral, its antibacterial, its anti-inflammatory, right? What drugs are created, oh these drugs for anti-inflammation? Oh, that drug is for antibacterial. That drug is for, you know, whatever, right. But food affects multiple subsystems. If we’re going to apply when we apply those same principles, we can understand that so we’re going to win. I want all of you to listen to this video, if you’ve heard it before, listen to it again.

I want all of you to support this movement that we’re building, it’s really for you, you’re not supporting me or supporting you. And by the way, you don’t need a leader. You need to recognize everything you have is within yourself. What needs to be unlocked, is a system’s understanding. And that’s I’m more of a catalyst right now in a larger chemical equation, trying to, working hard, and it’s working very well. We’re growing exponentially. We have close to 5-10,000 people gone through the Truth Freedom Health warrior training. Our goal is to 50,000 people, by the end of this year, who become Truth Freedom Health warriors. That’s what we’re going to stop listening to the WWF wrestling of Trump vs. Bernie Biden vs. whoever the hell it is. They’re just playing with you guys. They’re not going to solve anything. Only you can solve the things and that is going to come with an understanding of systems. It’s going to come with us building community, and it’s going to come with you being active. Let me be an activist. Let me repeat that, again. It’s going to come with you getting educated on System Science, it’s going to come with you building community among your fellow warriors, people are raising their political consciousness and then taking activity. So what I’ve done is on the VA SHIVA platform, I’ve provided you education, I’m providing you the ability to build a community independent of Big Tech. And I’m also providing you ways that you can be activated. Let me play the video and I’ll come back and show all that. Then finish up Black Cumin Seed, so here we go. We play this for you.

I encourage all of you to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, what I built there for all of you and our team has built and all Supported by you is a platform. Many people said Shiva Why don’t you go build another Twitter, go build a social media look, I’ve done there, been there. It’s interesting, I make money doing that. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is now building a social platform and what I’m, and it’s becoming a left/right thing, you know, if you watch it people don’t even know any technology is supposedly building em, you know, Trump is going to build one, you know, and wherever. What I’m interested in building is a platform that you can use to educate. And I’m really not that sure how much these platforms really help except people just barking at each other. What we’ve done here, when you go to VASHIVA.COM, let me just share that with you, what we’ve done is we’ve created an environment that you can actually experience and take advantage of three very powerful things. One of them is the fact that when you log in, and you sign in, again, this is running on our own infrastructure. I want to emphasize this, we, you know, for a lot of people think it’s easy to run a hosting data center took me, I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years, it’s a lot of work to do this. So we have our own building, we have our own data center, our data center is so we are not reliant on someone else. But in our data center, when you contribute to you, which is for supporting the movement, your education, all of those monies, we plough right into supporting our infrastructure or personnel to support that. So when you log into VASHIVA.COM And you sign in, as you can see, there’s various things you don’t have to contribute anything can become a member for nothing. But there’s a whole range of things you can do. As a warrior, you get access to the concept of getting educated.

The first step is three things here. I want you to get educated not to be enslaved. And you’re going to understand when you go through the course with me, this diagram, this diagram, people spent, you know, two, three years at MIT really understanding this diagram. And in a few hours I will teach you this is really the Science of Systems, you will then get access to a book called System and Revolution. I think this is a best selling book, we’ve sold close to 100,000 copies now, System and Revolution. And with this book, you’ll really understand a sort of 50 years of knowledge, anyone can understand, you don’t need to be an MIT person, you don’t need to be good at math, but you will understand the concepts of systems. And then once you understand these concepts, I also make available on top of this a tool called ‘Your Body, Your System’ where you can on the right side, you can figure out what kind of system you are, what are the foods that work for you, you can take charge of your own health by understanding your body as a system. By the way, people contribute $25 or more, get both of these right away. Then, the other thing is you also get access to the Systems Health portal, where you can start educating yourself by taking courses getting certified. And then you also get access to reports which will teach you why food is medicine. And then you’ll also understand where you can take these courses online and educate others. Then finally, in addition to that, it’s like I feel like I’m Steve Jobs. And you also get three other books, the science of everything, ‘Your Body, Your System,’ ‘Your System, Your Life,’ where you will understand you can apply systems thinking to every aspect of existence. Then also you get the scientific paper I wrote, which I intersected systems theory with Eastern Systems of medicine, look, systems theory, you can use it explain anything that occurs, it’s scalable, you can use it to explain how a cell works, how your entire body works, how a political system works. So that’s a contribution I’ve made.

You can’t get this education anywhere else. But the reason you need to get this education for your own advancement is if you don’t take a Systems Approach, you won’t understand the importance of Truth Freedom Health, you won’t understand the reason why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement, that and To hell with the Democrats, Republicans, to hell with Trump, to hell with Bernie, to hell with Democrats, to hell with Republicans how with the left To hell with the right, they don’t want to solve anything, guys. And if you want to play that game, you’re basically in kindergarten level. And I’m not interested in teaching kindergartners, I don’t think you want to stay at that level. What I want to do is create Jedi Knights at the PhD level. So you understand Systems Thinking, so you can be your own navy seal your own nuclear physicist freeing yourself. First thing we do is on the platform, we give you access to immense educational tools that you cannot get anywhere else. First step, the second capability. And again, this is in our own infrastructure is you don’t I just don’t want you to stop here. I want you to and by the way, this is all of these tools. Different gifts you get for people contribute $100 or more. I think if you tried to get this when I was teaching at MIT, you’re probably going to pay 5 or $10,000. This is not about this is about you, this is my public service to all of you. Second is, the tool allows you to build community, we have a thing called a VA SHIVA  forum, you can go in here and start intersecting with people all over the world independent of Big Tech, start having discussions on questions, you go try to have a discussion on vaccines online, you’re gonna get thrown off, okay, but not here, or vitamin D, etc. And then finally, you can have a discussion where our warriors, you know, can actually create their own equivalent of Facebook pages, we call VA SHIVA the social and start connecting there. So here’s all these people are creating their own pages, right? And then they can have their own Facebook type pages. And they could intersect, okay, independent of Big Tech. But do we stop there? No, it’s not just for you getting the theory, which is the science which you can’t get anywhere else.

The second thing is I want you to build community, because what’s going to happen is, as your political consciousness is going to grow. You’re going to start realizing Well, I’m at this level. And I’m talking to people who still think Trump, you know, didn’t screw them over. Or, you know, Trump just put out that he wants everyone to get the jab. And he thinks the J&J. pause was a bad thing. You know, I don’t care for Biden or Trump nowadays. But Biden at least said, Let’s pause it a little bit, okay. But again, I don’t like either of them. But you were dealing in a world that we have WWF wrestling, so it’s not left to right. So you’re going to learn that from the system’s, you’re going to also learn how to build community because you’re going to need it. Because your consciousness is going to raise and you want to be among other Jedi. And then the next thing you’re going to learn is how what you can do locally, we don’t want people just to be, you know, politically conscious, and with education and building community, I want you to go do stuff on the ground. It’s like, you know, you learn engineering, it’s not just books, you got to go do stuff. So I want you to get activated. So in order to get activated, we have created tools for you. And by the way, there’s more when I did the screenshot, there’s more up there. You can go educate people on what’s really going on with masks, right? It’s really about the oral microbiome, right? So here’s the front of the card with our branding, with Dr.SHIVA, right Truth Freedom Health. There’s a link just for masks where we have a whole scientific lecture on it. But you can educate your neighbors about the Oral Microbiome, about the child’s microbiome, how it’s important to their future health. That Systems Biology reveals how masks disrupt that microbiome, how dentists are reporting increased issues, and then the public health implications right? That, you know, maybe your employer should give you more dental health insurance, right? If you’re gonna have to get more teeth cleanings, same thing on the Vaxs, Anti-Vaxx, right, this is not really about Vaxs or Anti-Vaxx, it’s really about boosting immunity, these cards, you can get online, you can print them, we’re also actually going to print them and start offering them and so on. So the net of it is I want all of you to become Truth Freedom Health warriors. The reason I do the talk, I’m Black Cumin Seeds, and the immune system is both of them are systems your body is an immune system. Black Cumin Seed is actually a system. It’s a system of many combinations of compounds, that when you consume that you have two systems interacting. So no different than if you want if we want Truth Freedom Health, we have to figure out how you need to interact with the world around us to achieve that, not only individually but collectively. Everything is interconnected.

Black Cumin Seeds – Eastern Systems Approach

Now let’s take an Engineering Systems Approach. What I’ve done so far is I’ve given you a Molecular Systems Approach. But one of the things that you can learn is how your body is a system that came out of my Fulbright research. And what you can understand there is that the body can also be seen as an Engineering System, okay, and Cumin Seeds can be seen as that. By the way, all of you who become supporters or warriors will get access to the tool, ‘Your Body, Your System,’ and ‘Your Body, Your System’ will actually allow you to understand the system called transport, conversion and storage, the three aspects of the universe. And when you answer a set of questions, again, this is all a gift that I give to you. It took me 20 years to build this tool. You can figure out what kind of system you are, it’ll figure out where the red dot will go anywhere, which is everyone’s red dot will move, which is what kind of system you are. Then you can answer a different set of questions to figure out where you are today, which is a black dot. You’re supposed to be in the red area and then the tool helps you figure out what are the right foods the right supplements the right exercises you can use to bring the red black dot back to the red dot and by the way once again those of you who are supporters you get access to the tool plus this for $25 or more okay but please become a warrior, you deserve more than this. Please take advantage of the gifts now. What does Black Cumin Seed oil do? Well, Black Cumin Seeds stabilize transport which is a motion aspect of the body so if it calms you down. Black Cumin Seed oil increases this Pitta and by the way, when you take the course you’ll understand this is conversion which means it supports digestion. Black Cumin Seed Oil stabilises Kapha diabetes, which means fat right storage, so you can see Black Cumin Seed oil calms you down, which is movement & transport, it basically reduces fat storage but it increases metabolism. Very powerful.


So how much should you take? People have been asking me throughout this entire thing, what do I take? What do I take? Well, again, this is not a medical show, but I could share with you what the research shows clinically. So maintenance doses around 250 to 1000 milligrams a day of Black Cumin Seed oil, for inflammation. By the way, you can get the oil in pill form, which comes in a gel, or you can actually just take a tablespoon, I typically have some right, I keep it, it’s great, you can throw it in a smoothie, it has a very powerful taste. I like it actually. It’s great. You don’t want to, I don’t recommend cooking with this because these oils are really meant to be raw and consumed and you can keep it in the refrigerator I recommend, in fact, most oil should be kept in there. You can even put some vitamin E in there to keep it you know from oxidizing it’s good for inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. This research came out about 10 years ago (Gheita et al.,2012) 1000 milligrams a day of Black Cumin Seed oil.

For antidiabetic use, 1 to 3 grams of the seed. This is something in (Yimer et al., 2019) So, when I grew up in India, this was known as people of high sugar, my grandmother would talk about it, but it’s Cumin Seed seeds, typically you can lightly roast these Okay, very lightly for immune boosting activity (Boskabady et al., 2011) about 10 years ago, so 2.4 to 4.8 grams. You can see there for various uses for the anti-diabetic for immune boosting, for maintenance, dose, etc. A wonderful powerful medicine in many ways and you should explore it more so what I wanted to share with you today is that Black Cumin Seed that’s antiviral effects, antibacterial effects, and it modulates the immune system and I just shared with you the dosages again it’s a Synergistic food.


Let’s wrap up and just look at the summary so first of all Black Cumin Seed oil inhibits because this inhibits inflammatory enzymes COX-2 & 5-LOX. By the way when you take Advil if you’ve ever had to take Advil. Advil actually blocks COX-2 and but it does it everywhere okay this is much more or COX okay this only COX-2 okay there’s many different types of COX when you take Advil you’re hitting COX all over your body okay, but COX-2 is very specific so Black Cumin Seed Oil hits COX-2 which is a which is the enzyme that you want to down regulate to stop inflammation. It also stops 5-LOX thereby modulating the immune response. Second thing we talked about Black Cumin Seed activates the innate immune cells to directly kill viruses, and it does that through the interferon system interferon gamma, but Black Cumin Seed Oil inhibits biofilm and it kills bacteria. By the way some people have found it very valuable to even use Black Cumin Seed Oil for swishing with for oil pulling, okay, because of the thymoquinone, which eliminates the the biofilm which kills bacteria and also important to understand bacteria do not develop resistance to Black Cumin Seed active compounds thymoquinone. Take an antibiotic, tomorrow, that bacteria have built a resistance to that.

I think you’ve learned a lot about Black Cumin Seed oil. I’m sure there’s more to learn and we’ll keep going. Back with new information, but that’s the CytoSolve Molecular Systems Analysis. So, again, I want to emphasize to everyone that the research that we’re doing here at VA SHIVA is brought to you by you. There’s no commercials here, your support. My goal is all of you become Truth Freedom Health Warriors invite other people. But we need to grow this movement. We need to take a Systems Approach. And it is a Systems Approach that will lead us to Truth Freedom Health. It’s not going to come from politicians. Forget these guys. If you’re going to run for office or anything, do it to build the movement for Truth Freedom Health. Because we have selections in this country, we do not have elections, but if you want to be entertained, go watch stupid Tucker Carlson Okay, he’s a doofus. Actually, if you want to be entertained, go watch Chris Cuomo, another doofus, okay. These people are entertainers. They’re not you. They’re not working people. We need to go beyond left or right. We need to go beyond black and white. We need to build the movement of Working People Uniting Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health, let it be on left and right. Beyond black and white, Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health. Everyone, thank you go become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior do it for you. And when you do it for you, you do it for others because we get to build this movement. Thank you. Everyone, have a good evening. By the way, thank you for all your ideas for lectures, we’ve been taking them. We have in fact the Black Cumin Seed Oil someone proposed to us about a couple months ago. So this was delivering on your feedback. Thank you, be well. Go be a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. Do it today. Do it for yourself. Do it for everyone. Thank you. Bye.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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