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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai discusses the molecular systems science of Masks and Oral Health based on the latest scientific research.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives a PowerPoint Systems Analysis done by CytoSolve® on How Masks Affect the Oral Microbiome.
  • Masks started in the medieval era, where masks had beaks and they were called “Beak Doctors” earliest documented use is the 17th century where they filled the beaks with cloves & cinnamon to protect from the blight airborne miasma.
  • Modern era masks started with the origin of Germ Theory and in the 1890s they gained popularity in the medical community with surgical masks appearing in operating rooms in 1920’s but initially only used by nurses and interns, Not doctors.
  • Surgical and Cloth Masks are shown to be ineffective while dentists are reporting an explosion in inflammation of people’s gums that have always been healthy and cavities with people who have never had them before.
  • Wearing masks affect the Oral Microbiome creating a micro-environment and by it encouraging mouth breathing & temperature increase, which leads to low saliva flow and pH acidity imbalance. Resulting in harmful bacteria growth, lowers good bacteria, compromising oral health and immune health.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Hello, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We’re gonna be doing a talk today on the Science of Masks & Oral Health. Some of you may have seen an earlier version of this but I wanted to update. And then what I wanted to do was really step back a little bit. And there’s a version of this that you can get on VASHIVA.COM/MASKS, which everyone can go to. There’s a much longer version. And what I wanted to do was do a detailed scientific understanding, based on the current Molecular Science that we organize, we delivered some of this at a symposium that we did about I think, now six months ago, and was a symposium we did through the ‘International Center for Integrative Systems.’ And it’s important that we take a Systems Approach to understanding stuff, you have masks, and then you have something that people may not have connected, which is you put these masks around your mouth, these muzzles and what do they do to your mouth? So we’re gonna look at it from a science standpoint, there’s currently a debate, no Pro-Mask & Anti-Mask. And one of the things that I want to educate people on which we do through the educational framework we’ve set up for Truth Freedom Health, which is, first of all, to educate people on the importance of understanding we call System Science, where you start figuring out a way to connect things. And the other piece is to build community. And the third is to educate people. So I’m going to go over all those things today. But my goal here is that all of you get armed, not to the situations you have.

Some people are Pro-Masks, and the people are Anti-Mask, right? But the reality is 30% of the world is never going to agree no matter what. Even if you have the right arguments, they are never going to agree with anything you say 20% will always be the echo chamber, okay, which means I’ll always agree with you. But then there is the 50% of people who are essentially watching both ways to figure out which way that we’re actually going. And they’re looking for Truth Freedom Health. And so what’s important is for those of us who want to persuade people, and to bring them over, if we can make the scientific systems based arguments, we’re going to have a better shot. Otherwise, it’s just going to be this dialectic like WWF wrestling, and people are just gonna be talking like this. So my intention here is to educate all of you with some rational science, okay, rational System Science, which by the way, Big Academia will not share with you what I’m going to do because most of the motivation in most of Academia is to write grants and make money. Before I start with that, I thought it’d be valuable for some of you who are new to this to just to understand who I am, the Journey to Systems and that’s what this quick video is about. But I want you guys to listen that my journey and your journey, whether you know it or not, has been about understanding systems. So let me just share this with you.

Journey to Systems

Working People Unite

Alright, everyone. So I hope that was a quick overview to some of you who are new to the sort of the approach that I take in terms of both activism, as well as in terms of how do we build a scientific understanding, but one of the most important things we need to take a Systems Approach when we want to talk about masks. Right now, the discourse is a set of people, typically in the government, and the medical establishment saying you have to wear masks. And then over here we have people fighting for civil liberties saying, Hey, I don’t want to wear them. Now, the problem is that this will keep going on forever. And typically the government which has more force, will win. My intention today is to educate all of you, everyday working people, the movement here, we’re really, really educating people and driving people this concept, Truth Freedom Health. Without freedom, you can’t get to truth, which is science. Without science, we’re never going to understand what’s right for our health. Without health we weaken our bodies, so we don’t have the strength to fight for freedom. But in order to have that cycle work, we need to have this ability to have public discourse, but more importantly, the truth in science. So you’re looking at someone who’s got four degrees from MIT is considered one of the leading guys on the immune system in the world today, using the scientific methodology that came out of my work at MIT, which is called CytoSolve®. I’m going to educate all of you and arm you.

So you can actually forget the 30% are never going to agree with you. We’re talking about the remaining 50%. Okay, we have a major rally planned on May 1st at the statehouse, well, it can’t just be all the people just coming here already have issues with wearing the muscle, right? It has to be a broader set of people who bring in working people who know what this means is it can affect their Oral Health. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So we’re going to educate you on the dynamics of Oral Health. And one of the things I enjoy doing is to educate people in a way. I want to educate all of you so you can explain it to your neighbors. Okay, where we are at in human history right now, we can’t have this Pro & Anti thing, the 50-60% of people in the middle. It’s extremely important. We arm people with science, they’re not going to get it from mainstream media, and we lift people up, we got to educate people. And without education, people will be enslaved. You’ll be enslaved, because you’ll just be barking to your own little circle of echo chamber and not being able to reach out to other people. This is beyond Left or Right. This is beyond Republican or Democrat. This is about building a Bottoms-up movement we’re Working People Must Unite. Tonight I’ll be giving a talk later about why our slogan of the day is ‘Truth Freedom Health’ and ‘Working People Unite.’ These are the two most powerful slogans, which see those in power do not want us to talk about every time you say Working People Unite, they try to brand, a lot of ignorant people think it’s Communist or socialist. Now, long before Marx ever came, the concept of working people has existed all the way to slave times no individual owns that, okay, working people up to unite because all of this attack is on working people to lower our wages to enslave us. It’s not about left or right. So whether the left or right person believes gravity exists or not, gravity does exist. So even though a right wing person says it or a left wing person, you can’t say Oh, right wing person said it therefore gravity doesn’t exist.

Working People Uniting doesn’t belong to any political philosophy. Those on the right anytime you say it, want to tell you that Working People Unite means that that’s Communist or Socialist Marxist. So they want to suppress us Working People Uniting and therefore the left has used that to build top down unions. That’s why Working People Unite is a very powerful slogan. So but the goal here is to educate working people on what this is actually going to do to your mouth. Okay, based on the latest science. So let’s go right into our discussion today. So let me bring up the PowerPoint. Alright, so the Science of Masks & Oral Health. By the way, just as I talked about, you know, we’re having a major rally on May 1 2021. On the Massachusetts State House steps, the Truth Freedom Health movement is leading this and we expect 1000s and 1000s to come, so all of you who want to come to Boston or want to watch it live, you’re welcome to do so. It’s gonna be a historic movement, because May 1st, by the way May 1st take anywhere in listening was International Workers they all over the world. But It commemorates the American working class movement that started in 1886. On May 1st, when American workers on May 4th were shot because they stood up to those in power. But the international, all the way throughout the world, International Workers Day celebrated except America, the elites in America, brainwashed American people, that anytime they talk about Working People Unite to try to brand it as though it’s coming from Russia, it started here independent of any of those outside forces. Very important to understand, May 1st International Workers Day. And that’s when we’re launching or expanding the movement for Truth Freedom Health.

So let’s go back to understand this again, ‘Get Educated or Be Enslaved.’ Truth Freedom Health, Working People Unite. First of all, anyone wants to know more about what we do at our organization VASHIVA.COM. You notice there’s a little scroll on the bottom, I want everyone to sign up to become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. If you don’t get educated, you’ll get involved in movements. And you’ll just be following Left or Right or just bark stuff. When we know the working people of the United states some very ignorant people saying oh, that’s communist socialist, no it isn’t. Working People Uniting exists independent of Karl Marx and exists independent of the Soviet Union. It exists because it started here in America in 1886. Okay, exactly working class movement as union reps that say, well, that’s what’s happened. The working people’s movement has been taken over top down doesn’t mean working people should not unite. That’s precisely what they want you to think. All right. So that’s why I encourage people to go do that. And I’ll come back to this. So by the way, we have a publication that we’ve just finished through our research center. It’s called Masks & Oral Health. It’s a white paper, people want it, I’ll explain where you can get it. But we’ve done for the last three-four years deep scientific analysis about what I’m going to share with you. So listen very carefully, because this is really to educate you and I’m glad people are calling in.

History of Masks

Okay, so let’s go back to the History of Masks. Okay. Masks have been around for a long, long time. It’s not just today. So, what I want to share with you right now is masks started in the medieval era, in the 1900s, they started but the ability to fight against being forced to do these mandated muzzling has also been around it goes back even 100 years. So we’ll talk about that. Right. So let’s talk about the fact that when you look back at the History of Masks, you know, they had these beaks, right, these people are called Beak Doctors. And they were and they used to wear these masks to treat the plague. And that’s what they look like. And these masks, the earliest documented use was in the 17th century, and the masks are filled with herbs, such as clover, cinnamon, in fact, in some ways, that’s probably better than the masks they put a lot of chemicals in, which also prevented you from that essentially, were antimicrobials, anti-virals. If you look at some of the videos I’ve done on clove, and cinnamon, and they were meant to protect from the blight airborne miasma, which was concerned to be the cause of the plague. And here’s some examples of face masks. So the modern era masks, as you can see here, you know, goes back to the origin of Germ Theory, and some people call it the mouth bandage, and the mask gained popularity in the medical community around 1890s, the surgical masks appeared in operating rooms during the 1920s, in Germany and America. And they initially were only used by nurses and interns. That’s what’s fascinating. So think about this, only the nurses and interns used to use them, not the doctor. And there’s a whole background to that. But I just want you to see sort of these are sort of the origins of it.

The History of Masks in the US goes back to the Spanish Flu epidemic, or, in fact, globally, where Spanish Flu hit in 1918 and 1919. Common people, not just medical professionals were mandated to wear these gauze face masks to limit the spread of disease and non-compliance. This is even back then, but 100 years ago, it’s quite interesting exactly about 100 years ago, you know, 101 years ago, led to fines, public ridicule and sometimes jail time. However, the efficacy of these masks was widely questioned even by the medical establishment. So even back then, the medical establishment questioned these Masks, in fact there’s many, many papers questioning them, okay. What I’m going to talk about today, okay you want people to wear masks, let’s talk about a systems related thing, which is Oral Health. One of the things we want to understand in the mouth, as you’re gonna see, when you take a Molecular Systems Approach is connected to everything in your body. It’s connected to your cardiovascular system, it’s connected to your brain health, it’s connected to, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, it’s connected to gut health. So the mouth, what we do here in this part of our mouth is extremely important to Systems Health. Okay, so that’s the first point I want you to think about when you’re trying to talk to someone, let people understand what goes on in the mouth. I mean, it’s right, this cavity right here is right next to your brain, okay, is related to many, many aspects of your existence, just to let you know, those of you know, my degrees. So you can also share this with people or Engineering Systems, my PhD is in Biological Engineering. Less than a couple years ago, I was invited by the National Science Foundation as one of the leading experts on the immune system to give the lecture on the immune system. So, but the difference between me and most of Big Academia is I don’t owe any, I don’t need their grant money to share the science. And this is what’s unfortunately happened with science. Grants essentially made most scientists slaves, they become unfortunately, the oldest profession in the world. That’s my Truth Freedom Health is important because without freedom, we can’t talk about the reality.

Pro & Anti Controversy

So the masks are only effective for a certain period, the N95 master only good for roughly a few hours. So let’s go down to science. So, when we go here, we also want to understand in addition to the fact, by the way, this was all going on in the 1900s. Look at this, what do you see here? There was controversy on mask wearing. Okay, so on the top you see a poster I found from that period where people are saying stamp out the Spanish Flu, you know, you got to wear the mask. So that’s one side, right? So one position was you got to wear the masks. The other side was from the Anti-Mask League, which fought the mandatory or compulsory wearing of masks. Okay, so you see here was even back then there was a dialectic of the Pro-Mask, Anti-Mask, okay, people fought these. The difference is back then is what I’m going to share with you. They didn’t have the technologies like what I created for my PhD – CytoSolve. They didn’t understand molecular System Science. But so we’re able to bring a very, very different perspective today.

So, let’s talk about that. What is that perspective that I want to share with you? So you have this dialectic? Okay, here’s another one. So, this was 100 years ago, look, we have now we have people saying you can’t go into a place without a face mask. And then you also have our center by the way, in 2007, I created an independent research center to essentially be an alternative to this, like you talk, alternative media, alternative science, a big alternative to the traditional Big Academia. It’s called the International Center for Integrative Systems. So our center, funded by citizens, sponsored research to really understand what’s going on with these masks, what I’m going to share with you comes from our research. They’re using the technology of CytoSolve to do the Molecular Systems Analysis. I want to thank CytoSolve, I want to thank the International Center for Integrative Systems, which afforded us the opportunity to do research, by the way, the International Center for Integrative Systems, all citizen scientists, voluntary scientists who help us out. So, what we see here is, you have no entry on the top, and over here, we will not be muzzled. We say no to mandatory masks. So we have both of these going on. In fact, on May 1st, the State House event our intention is to take that movement of freedom and expand it to Truth Freedom Health. That’s what we’re doing today to bring more people on board to understand this systemic connection.

Clinical Observations of Mask Wearing

Let’s look at the clinical observations of mask wearing. So this is what, for example, people have seen and here’s me this is in the popular press, you know how face masks are affecting Oral Health during a pandemic? So this is from Fine Arts dentistry, what are people seeing? Increasing tooth decay, inflamed gums, bad breath, gum disease. So let me repeat that, again, increasing tooth decay, inflamed gums, bad breath and gum disease. So I want people to just forget the Pro-mask, Anti-Mask, put that aside for a second, because that’s just going to have all of us fighting. And that’s what the establishment wants. They want us to be fighting on fake issues. So we don’t focus on the real health issues, right? Or the real truth, or the real issues of freedom here. So the real issue here is, look what’s going on. This is right from a practicing dentist, increasing tooth decay, inflamed gums, bad breath gum disease, well, definitely first, second, and third, the fourth one is going to cost more money in your pocket, okay? Inflamed gums, gum disease, well, if you don’t have dental insurance, who’s going to pay for that? You are or your teeth are going to rot, you’re going to lose your teeth. Or if you do have dental insurance, most of the deductibles do not cover. They don’t cover if you have to go do deep scaling or all those kinds of things. Who’s paying for that? Okay. That’s one of the things we want to understand who’s going to pay for that. So this is a reality that dentists are seeing on the front lines, good for them, they’re going to get more business. Okay. Here is literally, this is posted on one of the dental center sites it says they’re calling this now “mask mouth.” Many dentists believe that a new issue related dental health service, it has been aptly named mask mouth. Left untreated gum disease, periodontal disease can eventually lead to cardiovascular problems, such as stroke and heart attack. And in fact, here’s Bob Romandie, who I spoke to and he’s at least had the courage to come out and he says, “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy for forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before.” Let me repeat that. Again. “We’re seeing inflammation and people’s gums that have been healthy forever and cavities and people who have never had them before.” So just think about that. You know, remember that you’re gonna very shortly see the Oral Health here is connected to your brain health is connected to your heart health, your gut health, bone health, everything.

You have dentists now saying they’re seeing people with inflamed gums, bleeding, periodontal disease, loss of mouth health that they’ve never seen before. So what is the cost of that? Did the governments of the world account for the cost of that? No, because it doesn’t cost them anything because this affects working people. The wealthy have all the wonderful dentistry they can go get as many teeth cleanings as they want. But ordinary people either don’t have dental health insurance, or we’re going to have to pay a lot for that. So, this is what’s happening on the front lines. All right, and everyone should understand these are the actual reality what’s what’s going on. Alright, so this is the material reality. In fact, here’s something that popular plus press dentists declare masked mouth and new phenomenon as they see an explosion in patients suffering from tooth decay and gum disease. After wearing face coverings, top dentists in New York City say mask wearing makes people breathe through their mouth and subsequently cause their mouth to dry out. This results in a decrease of saliva in the mouth, which works to neutralize acid and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Okay, so that means you have more acid in the mouth and we’re going to talk about this. So when you breathe through the mouth, first of all, you’re we’re going to talk about how the mouth temperature goes up, your PH goes down, which means acidity is going up, PH goes from a scale of zero to 14, 7 is neutral, okay? Now if the pH goes way too acidic, your body’s not able to neutralize the things that it should be neutralizing. Okay, that’s what they’re finding right here. Okay, so this is from a renowned dentist saying the decrease in saliva in the mouth, which works to neutralize acid and prevent tooth decay, and gum disease. So you want to neutralize those acids. So that’s how you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you if your mouth environment. If your mouth environment now becomes more acidic, you’re gonna have more Oral Health issues. So just take that away, more acidic environment, greater acidity, greater proclivity for tooth decay, and gum disease.

Current Science on Masks as Prophylaxis

Now, our research has interconnected the Molecular System Science of what’s taking place with these physical phenomena that people are noticing in the clinical settings. Okay. So, here’s the current science on masks as a prophylaxis. So people say, prophylaxis means you do something as a prevention, right? So the theory is, Hey, wear these masks? And it’s going to protect you. That’s the theory, wear the masks, and it’s going to protect you, and you’re going to protect others. So they’re young kids wearing masks, and you ask them, why are you wearing it? Oh, I want to protect my grandma. Right? or want to protect my family members. So the theory is, is a prophylaxis the mask is going to protect the individual but more importantly, is going to protect other individuals. So that’s how it goes. So is this true? Well, let’s look at the science. Okay, let’s go to the science. Well, by the way, if you go to the CDC center, you know, they have a website like this, which tells you, you know, use of cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID how to wear a face mask, you know, fitted snugly be secured with the ties, include multiple layers, allow for breathing without restriction, be able to be laundered and machine dry. Okay. So that’s what they say. But if you talk to most people, and I have a friend of mine, she says her kids go out to play hockey, whatever, they have a little bin in the house, everyone throws him masks and everyone takes whatever mask they can get they go out so people are sharing masks, they don’t clean them. All right. So this is a reality what’s actually going on, but the CDC says you know, do this, etc. In fact, in Massachusetts, where I’m from, it says wear a mask in public, and it gives you tips, and they’ve actually passed, you know, attempted some laws on this.

Okay, but let’s look at it. So here you have the surgical mask. And here’s a cloth mask, two different masks here. And we’re not right now talking about the N95 yet, which is what health care workers were. So people say, hey, this will protect you. It’s a protective equipment to help the general public right, as CDC says, It recommends for healthcare workers, sick patients in the general public, and the most types of masks or surgical masks, cloth masks or the cloth face coverings. But the reality is there’s no conclusive clinical evidence for effectiveness of face masks. And the possible reason is that the virus size is too small to be filtered out. So you can ask any doctor to show you the clinical evidence and they won’t be able to show you this. There is no conclusive clinical evidence. This goes back even 100 years ago. So that’s the second point everyone needs to take away. Oral Health and the fact is that there is no clinical evidence. Here’s just a sampling of the papers that have been written out there in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Respiratory Care in the antimicrobial resistance and infectious control, British Medical Journal, lots of different journals. And so when you look through those, for example, the Annals of Internal Medicine says the size and concentrations they’re looking at the SARS-CoV-2 very similar virus, in aerosols generated during coughing right when you cough you generate these particles are unknown.

Oberg and Brousseau demonstrated that surgical masks did not exhibit adequate filter performance against aerosols measuring 0.9, 2.0, and 3.1 micrometers in diameter right. So, micrometers is 10 to the minus six which is 1,000,000th of a meter. Lee and colleagues showed the particles 0.04 to 0.2 micrometers, right says two tenths of a millionth of a meter can penetrate surgical masks. And then looking at the SARS-CoV particle from the 2000-2004 outbreak was estimated to be 0.08 to 0.14. So, you can see, .08 is smaller than 0.2. and 0.14 is smaller than 0.2. Okay? So unless these particles are less than 0.04, okay, which these are not, it’s going to penetrate. So anything between 0.04 to 0.2 is going to penetrate. And you can see these particles are 0.08 to 0.14. So basically, you have the masks cloth or surgical which are basically like a fence where mosquitoes can go through. That’s what the science says. Alright, so it’s unfortunate that people think that these are going to be and look, if you want to follow that mode, I would suggest that you get the hazmat suits. Seriously, if people are believed that is a way forward to protect themselves. I would say get hazmat suits, stay home, shut down everything, don’t bother going out. But that’s really if you want to follow that modality of immune health, then you must, now obviously when you’re sick, this is just common sense. You have something most people self-quarantine themselves and figured out this goes back to hundreds of 1000s of years people know how to do that. But if you think the general public needs to do this, well either they should be in a bubble or they should wear hazmat suits because the reality is when you look at the science here, what do we see?

Science shows us that the particles, these particles are 0.08 to 0.14 and shows that anything that is 0.04 to 0.2, can penetrate okay? So there you go, assuming the SARS CoV-2 has a similar size, surgical masks are unlikely to be an effective filter with this virus and this is the Annals of Internal Medicine. Okay, very respected journal. Now, when you start looking at cloth masks and surgical masks, this research, did a detailed clinical understanding, and what did they find? They found that neither the surgical mask nor the cotton mask was effective in filtering the virus. Okay. So, the bottom line is, if you have someone sneezing at you or you have it, it’s going to go through those cloth masks. Okay. That’s why I think a few months ago, this fellow Fauci who was really not a scientist, I’m sorry to say, he said, Oh, well, you got to wear a double. And then you had another scientist who maybe you got to put four layers on, okay? It’s quite ludicrous, okay? They’re not talking about boosting the immune system. They’re just talking about muzzles and muzzles. It’s unfortunate that these people are even in the scientific establishment. Okay. Now, this is in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Look what it says neither surgical nor cotton masks are effectively filtered SARS0CoV-2, during cough by infected patient, surgical masks are unlikely to, to effectively filter this virus. So I hope you know all of you take this knowledge, share this video, and start educating your friends. Because what we really need to do is to start educating people on how we boost the immune system because this is, you know, this is ineffective. In fact, here’s a randomized control study that was done, where a cloth mask, increased infection and healthcare workers. Okay. And so let me repeat again. So we’ve just shown that number one, the virus can go through like mosquitoes going through a net.

But here in this study, they found that the masks and actually so it’s not only ineffective, there’s no clinical evidence proving that these things are effective, but it actually increases the infection risk of healthcare workers. So I want to show that so you also have a negative effect. Okay? Not only is it ineffective but it has a negative effect. Yes, someone just said masks don’t do anything, it actually increases risk in healthcare workers once they wore cloth masks were 13 times more likely to get influenza like illnesses, compared to the ones who were medical masks 13 times more penetration of particles through the clock mass was 97% through medical mask 44%. Okay, so even on a good day, 97% of the stuff is going through the cloth mass, and 44% is going to go through the medical masks and when you when we get to the N95 if you’re a healthcare worker, you should be wearing that more than two hours you’re getting, especially for people who have a proclivity for migraines, sinus issues, etc. Okay, someone says bacteria gets on the mask and then you breathe it awful right? Now, those N95’s are very tight, right? I have a lot of my friends. I mean, you talk to most people, they typically are replacing them or they take a breather from them. But what you’re seeing is 97% the particles penetrate and 44% on the medical but you have a 13 times more risk of getting influenza infection and influenza like symptoms by wearing them okay. So please share that with your friends and family and doctors. Okay, and this is in the British Medical Journal, British Medical Journal.

Now, the conclusion of this study was that the results cautioned against the use of cloth masks, moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Okay, and this was in a clinical trial. Now I’m going to go to a third journal. I’m going through many different journals here for people joining in talking about the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of mask wearing. This study demonstrated that subjects with COPD, by the way, worldwide, COPD, lung issues are the number one source of death right now, particularly China incentivize through the Paris Accord to pump out more and more pollutants, more and more people globally are getting COPD. Okay. So, this study demonstrates the subject with COPD, who had modified Medical Research Council dyspnea, which is shortness of breath, scales greater than 3 or FEV1, less than 30% predicted wear N95’s only with care. So, even the respiratory care says that if you have COPD, okay, and if you have shortness of breath on this shortness of breath scale that you should only wear N95. With care, right, you should be very, very careful even wearing the N95. So, and there’s and by the way, those are just three or four studies. But when you look at the range of studies that our research team did the analysis on, what do you find?

You find that wearing the N95 mask for prolonged periods, greater than one hour can increase risk of headaches and people prone to headaches. Number two, for those with COPD wearing the N95. This is health care workers. Increased shortness of breath and breathing discomfort. Three, wearing N95 masks for up to two hour periods did not affect those with coronary heart disease. Okay, so that’s on the side if you have coronary heart disease, but it affects other diseases, gas exchange levels. Okay. So when you by the way, when we’re breathing, there’s a certain ratio of co2 to o2. Right? And for Healthy People that needs to be maintained at a certain ratio, obviously, you have more co2, you’re breathing out and less o2, but that’s what’s called the co2 ratio. And what was found here was gas exchange, co2 and o2 were affected in pregnant women were affected after one-hour use. Wearing a N95 mask induced a mean 37 reduction in air exchange volume in the elderly, people with illness, chronic lung disease, heart disease or stroke and pregnant women. So in the Journal of the antimicrobial resistance infection control, this is what they found they found that breathing through the N95 mask materials have been shown to impede gaseous exchange and impose an additional workload on the metabolic syndrome. And this was with pregnant healthcare workers. And this needs to be taken into consideration and guidelines for respirator use and the benefits of using a N95 mask to prevent serious emerging infectious diseases should be weighed. So this is a risk reward issue against potential respiratory consequences associated with extended N95 use.

So look, everything has unbalanced right. I don’t think anyone’s really done the analysis. If the real issue is public health, we would have people doing lots of research on this but they don’t. So you have to wonder, is it public health or is it about control? It’s an open question we all need to ask. So, that’s the reality now with these masks and healthcare workers. So the summaries the CDC and state governments are recommending and demanding masks and imposing fines. But look at the research. And the masks that are recommended are medical masks and cloth masks, which we know are 44% to 97% ineffective. The N95 masks are only for healthcare workers. And the medical masks and cloth masks are unlikely to be an effective barrier against virus transmission. And the N95 masks disturb the gas exchange ratio of o2 to co2 after prolonged use. And the mask wearing psychologically is antisocial, social isolation leads to down regulation of antiviral compounds and upregulation of inflammatory compounds. So in an earlier piece of research that we did, and we shared. So one is the physical ineffectiveness, the issue with that is it increases infection risk. But more importantly, there’s a social piece, I don’t frankly, want to wear masks. So for the last year, I don’t really go out a lot, okay. And if I do go, I don’t wear it. And you always get into fights with people. But the social isolation, and the anger in the fight that this is causing increases inflammation in your body, and it reduces antimicrobials. This is and there’s a psychological basis of this. All right. So that’s the reality of what’s going on. We’ve talked about the history of masks. We’ve talked about the research that’s done on masks. What I want to talk about now is our research where we started looking at the molecular System Science of the mouth microbiome.

Oral Health & Systems Health

By the way, the way we stand up to this is we got to leverage this science, we have to educate people, and share this video. So, first of all, here’s your mouth. So now, again, everyone is listening wherever the side of the aisle, Pro-Mask Anti-Mask, that’s fine. You can have your position, right, so free world. But the science that you’re not getting is what you’re getting from an MIT trained PhD with 4 degrees. My training is in Biological Systems, Systems Biology again to people joining new, my research work was invited for a presentation on immune health at the most prestigious institution known as the National Science Foundation. MIT is also a pretty good school. Okay. So if anyone says, who’s this coming from, you can say it’s coming from an esteemed scientist. All right. So now we’re going to talk about the mouth. What is going on in the mouth and this is brand new research, we just started sharing, which is the mouth is an amazing area, you know, we eat through it people. All sorts of things go on in the mouth. People kiss people, they show affection. Things go on in the mouth, what is the what is going on the mouth, and we’re going to go deeper into this orifice called a mouth. Okay, so let’s look at Oral Health.

So if you look at the mouth, first of all, you have the upper lip, you have the gums, what’s called the Gingiva, the hard palate, right at the top of your mouth, the soft palate, which is the back, the uvula which is known as a small tongue, the big tongue, and yet again, the gums here in the lower lip. So this is your mouth. Now, Oral Health emerges between the interaction of two things. Your Oral Health emerges not only between your tissue in your mouth, but something called the Oral Microbiome. What is the microbiome? It is nearly well, in the whole body, we have close to 60 trillion bacteria that forms the oral microbiome. In the mouth, we have at least what we’ve identified so far is around 700 bacteria, okay. 700. So, your Oral Health is determined by your genetics and your own mouth tissue, but how it interacts with these bacteria, the oral microbiome, so let’s go to that.

So, you have the oral tissue, which includes your bone, your soft tissue, your gums, your cheek, your tongue, your salivary glands. So, it includes all those things that you’re seeing there, okay? Your oral microbiome, etc. So, it’s an interaction between your bone, your soft tissue, your gums, your cheek, your tongue, and the oral microbiome is both of those interconnected things. That’s what leads to your immune health. Okay? It’s not any one thing. It’s the interconnection of those things. Now, teeth diseases, what are they tooth decay, right cavities. We also have cavities, teeth sensitivity, these are different teeth diseases. We also have gum diseases. We have gingivitis. We have periodontitis. This is when the gingiva becomes inflamed. Periodontitis is chronic inflammation. And the third is oral cancer and ulcers, teeth, diseases, gum diseases, oral cancer, noma and ulcers. So as you can see, there’s a range of at least four different categories of diseases. I have a lot of friends and minimum, they’re saying, Hey, you know, I get sores or ulcers coming in my mouth, from prolonged mask wearing people, particularly in the Healthcare, but you have these four different types of diseases that we’re talking about here.

Now, as we go through this, we find out this is some wonderful research. Again, this is all in the literature, and this is what’s unfortunate that the mainstream media doesn’t share. Well, Oral Health is related to heart disease, okay? That you know, you have a 70% increase of heart disease, right? By inflammation caused in the mouth, diabetes, severe periodontal disease can can increase blood sugar, contributing to increase periods of time where you know, the body function with a high blood sugar, osteoporosis, not only in your mouth, but throughout your bone, right, that can lead to tooth loss plus throughout your body, hypertension, which means high blood pressure, anxiety, COPD, particularly, there’s evidence showing that for preterm and low birth weight that this can lead to that women with gum disease are seven times more, seven times more. Seven times more likely to have a preterm low birth weight, glaucoma, pancreatic cancer and arthritis. So this is what I said earlier, this is a systems issue. The mouth is not disconnected from the rest of your body, look at all the different diseases that are related to mouth health, okay. And when you look at the mouth, there’s a diversity of bacteria there. So when I look at the mouth, and I zoom in, you have all different kinds of pathogens in the mouth, you have the oral microbiome is crucial and maintaining Oral Health and systemic health you have bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, protozoa, and the functional of the of the of the beneficial microbiome is to protect the oral cavity and prevent disease development. So you can see there’s many different kinds of stuff living in your mouth. It’s like a big jungle, okay, you’re not just you, you have a whole jungle in your mouth. And the right balance of those microbes is essential.

So what I want to add, you know, there’s a lot of people into the big green movement, and they talk about the Amazons, and the, you know, the jungles, well, the Amazons are a jungle, their micro environment of what can occur in the world true, but your mouth is a jungle or what occur throughout your body. So if those same people were the quote, unquote, liberal elites who care so much for jungles in the Amazon, well, they should care about the jungle in your mouth, because your mouth has all these bacteria, and living organisms that have to be maintained at the right level. And if they’re not, you’re going to affect the entire trajectory of your Oral Health and your systems health, particularly for kids. I’ll do a whole other talk on that. So there you go. Now, lots of different kinds of immune cells in your mouth, neutrophils, T-cells, B-cells, which means your mouth is one of the important things to support your immune system, and the oral microbiome and the immune system interacts. So you got all these wonderful cells, which protect your mouth, right? Also in the nasal cavity, right, these bacteria which are in the mucosa, to fight, you know, illnesses, but those good immune system cells in your mouth interact with this oral microbiome. So if this oral microbiome goes off, don’t you think common sense it’s gonna affect your own immune health? Definitely. And that’s what this slide is really about, that there’s a balance between the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes in your immune cells in your mouth. Now, if the oral microbiome goes off, you’re gonna affect the immune process in your mouth.

Systems Biology of Periodontal Disease

So now I want to share with you so we’ve talked about the fact that the mouth is the anatomy of the mouth. The fact that your mouth has this bacteria in it all different like a jungle in there, you’re not alone, okay? And the balance of those microorganisms and in your mouth and the immune cells is how you get good Oral Health. Now I want to talk to you about some of those bacteria that we’ve done research on. Again, this is about to be published. Let me talk about that. So by the way, here’s your mouth, you have the teeth, you have the bone. If you get periodontal disease, the bone level starts dropping and you have deep pockets, you have inflammation of the gums, you have plaques, and this results in inflammation in the gums affecting your teeth and your jaw bones. Okay, now one of the most so what you see is you have these four boxes you represent the things you can’t modify, right? Non modifiable, both factors, let’s say some of the genes modifiable factors, you know, people smoke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, okay? These you can do, right, I recommend a lot of my friends who are addicted to cigarettes, stop smoking, okay. And these are the microbial factors one of the biggest microbes is P-Gingivalis, Gingivitis. That’s where this comes from. And these are microbial factors. So the microbial factors, these things which you can affect and the non-modified your genetics are the three things that affect periodontal disease. Now, these are the bacteria in your mouth, which have moderate risk of causing periodontal disease, and these are the ones that have high risk. Okay, so high risk bacteria, there’s three of them. Our research has shown as we started aggregating other researchers work like this is (Yoast 2015.) And again, you see, these are the three high risk bacteria. So you don’t want the red bacteria growing in your mouth. You don’t want those, they are like the enemies in your mouth. You want to keep them at low levels. Alright. That’s a big takeaway from this slide.

Microbiome Balance

So, what happens is the lactic acid bacteria produce antimicrobial proteins and bacteriocins. So what is lactic acid bacteria? This is why people talk about acidophilus, is why people talk about fermented foods, the yoghurts to sauerkraut, well, those create lactic acid bacteria, which are very valuable for your mouth. They’re the things that are the good bacteria. You want those in your digestive system in your mouth and look at what they do. On the left or the lactobacilli. This red arrow with this hammer means that these bacteria stop the bad bacteria. The parasitic symbiosis is a gram-negative bacteria you want the gram-positive bacteria. These are called symbiotes; they’re good for you. Parasites are bad for you. So you have more of these bacteria. They stop these guys. Okay, now, what do you find here now the gram-positive bacteria support a healthy periodontium Okay, which is a healthy gums mouth, the gram-negative bacteria create periodontal disease and look, you have those three high risk bacteria coming here, these three high respect to read to periodontal disease, you you get the good bacteria, you don’t get it. And again, here’s what you see the balance of these bacteria. So I’ve taken these three bacteria here, and I put them in a sort of zoomed in on them. So these are the three major bacteria, Treponema denicola, Tannerella forsythensis, and Porphyromonas gingivalis. And you can see these bacteria lead to pathogenic bacterial growth, okay, they’re the ones that throw your microbalance – microbiome off.

And a little bit of detail. Again, I want to keep this brief we get if you go, by the way, those of you listening, if you go to VASHIVA.COM/MASKS, you can check out the entire research we’ve done. I’m going to go a little bit quickly because you can go study in detail, in the interest of time, but the bottom line is that there are virulence factors that are the things that cause the invasion of these bacteria into your mouth. All right, but what I’ve done here, our research has been done for years. The first column is those three big bacteria, LPS, PGN and LTA, which are these bacteria here, the P-gingivalis. And you can see that column one, the bacteria, column two is where they attack the epithelial cells, the macrophages, the endothelial cells of fibroblasts, mast cells, these are different cells in your body. And when these bacteria are high, they release the cytokines Okay, so we’ve mapped them all out. This is our latest research, these bacteria literally create the cytokines which affect these cells. And now before I take a quick break, what I want to show you is this is what I call from a Systems Approach. When you look at this diagram, you’re going to see how when you have those three bacteria, they start increasing. What ends up happening is they start affecting bone loss, gums as well as immune cells.

So very quickly what you’re seeing here is you have those bacteria. Let’s look at P-gingivalis, Gingivitis. Well, that increases bone tissue loss, bone loss, while P-gingivalis also affects your soft tissue, which leads to gum tissue loss. P-gingivalis also affects the immune system, and you get the cytokine storm, which means your immune system goes off balance. Okay, so I hope that’s clear, that when P-gingivalis, when that goes up, you start getting bone loss, you start getting gum loss, right, your gum loss occurs. And then more importantly, as you can gum tissue, you get the cytokine storm, so the immune cells in your mouth start going imbalanced and your mouth can start affecting your entire immune system, three important things that are occurring, okay, so this is what happens when you get periodontal disease. And this is coming from our latest molecular Systems Research. Now, what I want to do very quickly is what I’m the reason I wanted to share that diagram with you. And I’m going to take a quick break and come back is that what I just shared with you is a synergy when you look at this diagram here, the concept of synergy. And what I try to share with everyone is that when you look at this, that little bacterium has a Synergistic Effect, it causes bone loss, causes gum tissue loss, and it affects your immune system. Alright, so you’re seeing here is the P-gingivalis, and we’re going to show you very shortly how that connects to wearing a mask that affects multiple systems. It’s not just one thing, it has a three-part effect.

Truth Freedom Health®

And from a Systems Approach, I want to recommend all of you here start thinking Systems, because we need to educate our neighbors, I’m going to just take a quick break a couple of minute break here. And I want to, before I go into that, I want to educate people that what we’re looking at the biological level, when you take a Systems Approach, we need to take the same Systems Approach to understand things at the political level, you can apply a Systems Approach. So when we just take a quick step here, and to give by way of analogy, if we look at the reason we call our movement, Truth Freedom Health is together is for a long time, the people who search for truth or innovation, the scientists, they’ve been doing their own thing the nerds, right, then you have the people fight for freedom, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, they’re in their own little world, and then the people fight for health, okay, I take care of my health, I eat the right foods, our goal is to bring these movements together. Because when you notice the establishment, you know, even in your body, the negative stuff works in multiple ways. So if we don’t work together, we’re never going to be able to get to Truth Freedom Health if we work separately, because they’re all interrelated. Alright, so I’m going to just take a quick break here, share with you one of the important videos, but I always like to share about our movement, so that people understand, on May 1st, its Truth Freedom Health. The issue of muzzles, masks and all the jabs is not just an isolated movement, it’s interconnected. And we have to build a movement Bottoms-up. So let me play this for you guys.

Alright, everyone, so I hope that was valuable. And again, people were commenting, if you want to know more about our movement go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. But more importantly, concerning the mask, there’s a whole site there, I think maybe I’ll show it to you on VASHIVA.COM. We go to the site, where you can actually go pick up the masks report. So this is something that, you know, been working on for a long time, it’s not something we just got on the bandwagon yesterday, it’s been a long, almost at least half a decade of research in understanding this. So if you go to VASHIVA.COM. In fact, if you go to the shop area, we have put up our report, our movement, you can support it, there’s a great paper here, I’ll come back to it called Masks & Oral Health. Those of you people say how can I support your movement? Well, you can get this report, all your contributions go right to helping more research on this from doing some real science. So Masks & Oral Health. And when you go to VASHIVA.COM, I recommend you also go to the join area, and you can literally Join the movement. It’s important that you get educated otherwise, none of these movements are going to go anywhere, because you can find it. You can support the movement. We have all different kinds of gifts, people get educational tools that they get. When they support this movement. There’s cards we’ll come back to there’s tools that people get, right. There’s all types of capabilities people get. I encourage people to go there and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Please take advantage of this. It’s really for you, you can see all these different tools that people get.

So coming back up, we talked about the fact that the P-gingivalis bacteria affects many different subsystems. So the question now is when you wear a mask, what does it do to the oral health microbiome? okay, has anyone asked this question? Well, we have, because when you take a Systems Approach, you don’t just fight on one front. Because that’s what the establishment wants us doing. They do not want us interconnecting things. So now let’s just connect these two worlds. By the way, when you go online, you can get access to a dashboard up, I want you to get educated, you’ll understand the Science of Systems, those people who contribute, also get a tool to understand how your body is system, you can literally ask questions about your body, we have many, many tools up there. So there’s the educational piece, when you join, there’s also you get all these amazing gifts. You also get the ability to become part of a community to go do that.

Molecular Pathways Affected by Bacteria

So now let’s talk about the molecular pathways affected by the bacteria. So you have gum, bone, and an immune system. These are the three things in your mouth, your gums, your bone, and the immune cells. These are the different virulence factors here are the different kinds of biomarkers of that pain. And when those mouth microbiomes go off, look at what happens. Inflammation, bone destruction, and inflammation in the recruitment of inflammatory cells occurs in your mouth. Now, this is for those of you so what I’m about to share with you is fresh, original research done by our scientific team, where we looked at the three bacteria and how they affect Molecular Systems. I’m going to give you an overview, but I just want to let you know that here’s you know, Gingipains, which is the virulence factor, which affects gums, okay? And look at what it does through a series of chemical reactions. So here is the cell through a series of chemical reactions, whole cascade of, so when this Gingipains, which is a virulence factor are coming in the Gingival Epithelial cells, which is in your gum tissue, look what happens the end of the day, look at the green, it puts out these three cytokines, these are not good. These three cytokines are the ones that create gum disease, okay, IL-8, IL-6, IL-8, again, here comes out twice an IL-1B. Another thing is Flagellin. Not a good thing, another virulent effect that creates RANKL and what RANKL does it creates bone destruction, okay. And then you have LPS, LPS here through a series of chemical reactions that creates TNF-a, TNF-a affects your immune system. Okay, so what I just showed you here to keep it simple, there are three virulence factors that happen when your mouth microbiome goes off. And those 3 factors create gum loss, bone destruction, and immune cells. And what I wanted to share with you here is everyone says, Oh, where did you get this research? I didn’t hear about it. Well, this is all in that document I shared with you. It’s a research paper. We have mapped this out. This took us three years to map all of this out.

Effects of Masks on Oral Microbiome – Implications for Oral Health

Now let’s talk about the Effects on Oral Microbiome Implications for Oral Health. What did the masks do? Now we’re going to connect all the dots, we’re going to connect the issue of the masks, we’re going to connect the mouth, we’re going to connect the Molecular System Science to show what happens when you put this mask on. So tell all your friends that Dr.SHIVA is not going to show the interconnection of the masks. And what happens at the Oral Microbiome.

So the effects of masks? Well, first of all, here’s some interesting thing when you wear a mask, first of all creates a micro-environment around the mouth. So this Think about it. And so if you wear a mask, I mean, just common sense. You put this on, you’re going to start mouth breathing, this environment right here is going to start going up in temperature. That’s what you know, the research shows you’re going to increase the temperature around this area number one, all right. Next, what we find is that the face is extremely important for thermoregulation of the body, it has a high concentration of thermal receptors, and the oral temperature will increase at least from 0.11° to 0.27°C, and you can see this surgical mask and the N95. So the temperature unequivocally is going to go up, right and up can probably go up based on different factors, right? Number one, the second thing that occurs is, in this piece of work, the oral cavity is kept at a reasonably constant temperature between 34° to 36°. And you’re looking at many different things that affect the Oral Microbiome. But what do you see your temperature, temperature affects the Oral Microbiome. So that means higher temperatures are going to breed different microbes and lower microbes. Remember, your mouth in its natural state is not going to be higher than the temperature as when you put on the mask. Some of those bacteria in that jungle are gonna say, wow, I love this temperature, they’re going to increase in colonization. Does that make sense? You put the mask on? Well, they’re going to increase the bad bacteria are going to love it, they want the warmer temperature, okay. So they’re going to increase in temperature and some of the good bacteria are going to die off. So the Oral Microbiome is sensitive to changes in temperature.

Next, the changes in the oral temperature may induce differential functional gene expression in the oral bacteria. So what that means is, your own good bacteria may start mutating the good guys you have under those new conditions are going to start mutating. So over a long period of time, these changes may favor the pathogenic which means a bad bacteria. And the rise in the temperature has been associated with presence of pathogenic bacteria, increased pathogenic bacteria will subsequently cause periodontal disease, again, let’s keep it really simple. You put the mask on the mouth, bacteria go up in your mouth, I mean, temperature goes up, the temperature increase is going to kill off some of the bad bacteria. I mean, the good bacteria, some of the bad bacteria pathogenic is going to love that environment, right. So you give it a nice, humid, warmer climate. So the bad guys are likely going to like that. That’s what this research shows. So wearing masks, the second piece is so the temperature is going to go up just by the micro-environment. But as you wear the mask, most people start mouth breathing, and mouth breathing results in lowering your pH in your body, the mouth is a little bit acidic, but it’ll become more acidic. That’s what this work shows that wearing masks over extended periods of time can reduce salivary flow, you get less wetness in your mouth. And that’s going to upset the microbial balance in the oral cavity. So this saliva is crucial. So for the maintenance of the oral pH, pH is a measure of acidity, microbiome nutrition, lubrication, cleansing, immune protection. So saliva, so if you get more dry, less saliva, it’s gonna affect these things.

Now the oral cavities, it is at a reasonable pH between 6.75 to 7.25. Simple chemistry, 7 is neutral pH. So your pH in your mouth is between 6.75 to 7.25. You know, .25 below .25 above, that’s what normal is. But when you put that mask on, you start mouth breathing, it’s going to lower the pH which means increased acidity, high pH means more alkaline. low pH means more acidity. Okay, so now your pH is going to lower. And look what happens. Here’s the seesaw that you’re dealing with. Here’s the balance. When you have lower pH on the left, the orange means bad bacteria. Okay, more pathogens. So your pH goes down more virulence factors, three virulence factors, gum disease, bone loss, cytokine storm. Increase, you have better pH, higher pH, better bacteria. Low pH brings us down, higher pH brings us up. That’s simple. So, just get that you can, okay, here’s the other thing. So now when they tell us to wear a mask, what they’re telling us to do, when they tell us to wear masks where our pH is gonna go down, more acidity, more bad bacteria. You don’t wear a mask. Look, normal pH, less bad bacteria, assuming you’re taking care of mouth and all that right in the normal case. Okay. Is that clear? So the argument is if this is occurring, remember what we’ve talked about, here are those three bacterial factors. All these cytokines are going to increase, those bacterial factors are going to go up, the negative bacterial factors of virulent bacterial factors, which are going to cause the host bacteria, the P-gingivalis to go up and we know what that does. It causes bone loss, gum disease and increases the cytokine storm. So you could argue that without a face mask, well, the guy is happy this guy is wearing the mask. He’s going to start getting more of a disease biofilm.

So what’s the implications for Oral Health? Well, again, in closing, what I want to let everyone know is You will affect your mouth, you’re gonna affect your entire health heart, you know cardiovascular health, brain health, all those health. We are an interconnected system the ankle bone is connected to the football. And then finally, what do we have here? We have mouth causes related to many different diseases, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, caries, periodontitis. And what you see is in each one of these cases, different particular bacteria out of balance lead to that again, you don’t have to believe me, this has been shown different bacteria, bad bacteria, high levels lead to all those different diseases, and they start in your mouth. Okay. And when you affect the mouth microbiome, you start increasing the bad bacteria forming. And as we just showed, those bad bacteria directly create virulent factors, which affect your oral mouth, and your bleeding in your mouth, gum disease, they affect your tooth decay, bone loss, as well as immune cells.

So please come on May 1st, you know, our movement. Now we’ve been asked to leave the entire movement for Truth Freedom Health on May 1st, at the Boston State House, I’m going to give people the solution and how we fight this. First of all, we’ll do the science, we have a legal solution we’re going to talk about but we need all of you to get the word out. Okay, we must build a movement for Truth Freedom Health, what I just took you through the scientific world is not doing we’re taking a Systems Approach. I want all of you to go to VASHIVA.COM and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. That’s what I need of you. This research is supported by you, for you. And the only way we can keep doing this is when you guys get educated. And when you get educated, you can become teachers to others. Learn Teach and Serve. That’s the motto: the Truth Freedom Health movement, Get Educated or Be Enslaved. We’re not going to win Pro & Anti, Pro-Vax & Anti-Vax, Pro-Mask, Anti-Mask, we’re never going to win that, there’s 50-60% of people, which are our brothers and sisters, they need to be educated. And the only way to do that is through a Systems Approach. And I can’t do it on my own. I’m only a humble catalyst. I’ve been fortunate to learn all this education, but all of you need to become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior so you can see this interconnection be it on this issue, any issue, we can take this Systems Approach. So that’s why I’m insistent that everyone here get training, don’t do it for me do it for you. So here are the questions and answers right? By the way, everyone can go to VASHIVA.COM to the mask shop and get educated, right?

But these are the areas of research:

  1. What is the risk benefit of wearing a mask and not wearing a mask, given their likely and projected detrimental effect effects?
  2. How does it affect pediatric health, kids’ health, given the dynamic plasticity of children’s Oral Microbiome?
  3. What are the quantitative effects of different kinds of masks hasn’t really been done.
  4. And we need to develop an economic epidemiological model for the efficacy of masks on disease prevention.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this. By the way, we have a I have a leadership meeting coming up in four minutes. I want all of you to get serious now. Do not get into the Pro-Trump on Anti-Trump, Pro-Democrat, Anti-Democrat, it’s all bullshit. The only way we’re gonna win is for you to get educated, where we integrate science, legal issues and activism. Go to VASHIVA.COM, become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. And I want to in closing, what I want to share with you is when you go to VASHIVA.COM and you sign up to become a warrior, you’re supporting your advancement, not mine. So people have asked how you can help go to the VASHIVA.COM, you can contribute whatever you want smaller, large, those of you contribute $100 or more, you can become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior but when you give money, you start getting all these tools. First, you get the tool, which will first of all, you get an activism tool. Look at the Mask & Oral Health cards, we have an A walk you through those, you get the tool to start learning how to take charge of your own health with a very powerful tool. You get a three-hour session with me every Monday to educate you, you get access to the book, System and Revolution and many other books that educate you about a Systems Approach. Most importantly, you get access to a whole online community, independent of Facebook, independent of Twitter, where you can talk, you can build a community that’s in our own platform, then you get access to science, then you start getting access to research. Okay, that’s what I want you to do. So when you go to the dashboard, for example on this mask piece. One of the things I want you to see is once you sign up and by the way you can sign up just as a member we have the Oral Mask card, everyone is welcome to get this card and printed out. Do you see the front of the cards got our branding Mask & Oral Health? from Dr.SHIVA, the MIT trained scientists building awareness of the risks of mass to you and your child, the back of the card, you can give this to your friends. Don’t argue with them, train them. What I’ve just shared is a simple card and you can drive them to VASHIVA.COM/MASKS. All right, there you go. It’s time that we build a movement. It’s time that we stop the division. It’s time that working people unite for Truth Freedom Health. ‘Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health, Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health,’ that’s the way we win. We’re never going to win in this world of Pro-Mask & Anti-Mask. The reality is it’s beyond just freedom. It’s beyond just science. It’s beyond just health. It’s all those three things interconnected. Okay. All right, everyone. May 1st, I will be giving the solution to how we win. Everyone here can participate. Everyone. Go and support this movement, VASHIVA.COM/JOIN every Monday evening. I do a three-hour session, educating you I want all of you to become Truth Freedom Health Warriors. It can’t just be me, it can’t just be 1000 people. We need 50,000 people globally to start learning this way of thinking. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening, Be the Light and let’s win.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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