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Dr.SHIVA uses a Systems Approach to discuss the tragedy unfolding in India caused by historic missteps from the political, economic and administrative leadership.

  • Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses a Systems Approach Analysis on India relative to politics, economics, and history. 
  • Around the 15th & 16th century the rise of the merchant class, the rise of artisans – the Dutch, Portuguese, French and British were all coming to India to trade with these emerging groups.
  • By 1757 the British re-imposes the pre-eighth century Brahmanical Law, they basically took India back 7-10 centuries and brought in priests to create an administrative force which was later called the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
  • Gandhi removed all sense of a warrior spirit, he separated the ‘Vivier’ concept of a healer being a warrior as one in the same – instead he manipulated Indians to beg and psychologically removed the warrior energy into one of fear & whimpery.
  • Pfizer & Big Pharma are tanking and they need vaccines to save their failing model of pharmaceuticals and India is a market they need to get into – because India’s population is 1.2 billion and they will shoot for 70% of India’s population but be happy with 30% getting vaccinated. 

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The Tragedy of India: Pfizer, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Beggars, and Bullshit

Today I’m going to talk about what’s going on in India. And I’ve been watching this very carefully. I have my position on this. And everyone’s been asking me to comment. And as you know, we take a Systems Approach here. And so I’m going to take a deep Systems Approach to really discuss what’s going on. India is a much layered society. And it more than anything requires a Systems Approach. So we’re going to talk about India and really define what’s going on in India relative to the politics, relative to the economics, and relative to the history. We’re going to do a Systems Approach about what’s going on in India. But we’re gonna today focus on what’s going on with the “jabinations,” and the propaganda war.

Journey to Systems

Many of you know that I take a Systems Approach. Our slogan is’ You want to ‘Get Educated or Be Enslaved’, and the way that we’re going to do that is when all of you recognize that there is a fundamental science on how you can look at the world–beyond left and right, beyond black and white–that literally lets us find truth, or as truth unravels itself. But one of the powerful ways to do that is through Systems Thinking. Systems thinking is focused on finding the interconnections between things versus looking at the parts of a problem. So, I always take that approach. And my Journey to Systems has been a long one. So I always like to play this quick video for everyone. So those of you who are new will understand sort of the journey I’ve taken to. And hopefully it’ll inspire you. But let me just play this quick thing that will give you an idea of my Journey to take a Systems Approach.

I’m going to be giving an analysis of what’s going on in India. So I want everyone to be ready to interconnect multiple systems. So by the way, I want all of you to get educated on a Systems Approach. And I’ll come back to this in a little while. But you can go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN or and I encourage all of you to support yourself by learning the Science of Systems. And we’ve created a whole platform for it at VASHIVA.COM. We have education. We have our own social media tools independent of Big Tech. And then fundamentally, we also have community-building activism that you can do. So it’s in our own platform which I encourage all of you to support and contribute to you.

Systems Approach

First of all, let’s talk about what’s going on in India. And if you notice the title of this talk I called it (The Tragedy of India:) Pfizer, quote-unquote, “Mahatma Gandhi”, Beggars, and Bullshit, okay? And that’s the best way I can describe it. Those are the words that come up. So there’s a lot of things that are going to intersect here. First, we’re gonna intersect a little bit of Indian history, which I’ll share with you, which most Indians don’t even know. So the Indians listening from India, listen carefully. The next thing we’re going to talk about is Pfizer as a major corporation, what their motives are. Then we’re going to go into talk about the environment in India that was perpetrated by this guy called Mahatma Gandhi, who was, by the way, “absolutely fine” with Indians having their heads kicked in and beaten–but Indians should not fight back. The non-violence only went one way, okay? But we’re going to talk about what he actually did to the Indian psyche, in my opinion. And then we’re going to end with the mentality that exists of fear and why that is at the heart of what’s going on today.

So, let me give you a little bit of background. Many of you know that I grew up in India. And I grew up in an India which had the Caste System. I grew up in India with my Grandparents, my Mother, and my Father, who grew up in pre-independent” India. I’m gonna say India in double quotes, okay–“Pre-colonialist India”. My Mom was an amazing woman, in fact, we came from a Low Caste “Un”, quote-unquote, “touchable” family which means that it was. We were sort of the lowest of the low. The fact that my parents even made it here was quite remarkable. But in that environment I saw two things. I started learning politics as a young kid because I was very upset with the way that I saw my parents and I being treated with this Caste System.

But then I also saw my Grandmother who practiced a traditional system of Indian medicine, which has thousands of years-old worth of knowledge. And here is a woman who had no formal education but on every weekend she was a village shaman. I mean this was a village that had no electricity, no running water, you know, dirt roads, and frankly, very beautiful. My Grandparents worked 16 hours a day in the fields, and on the weekends my Grandmother was the healer, which means people come to her home. She would observe their face, diagnose them, figure out what was right for their body, and based on that diagnosis-for that Individual-she would figure out what the right combinations of herbs, etc. were, or massage etc. It was personalized medicine, as we call it today. But this was back in 1960. This is an ancient system of Indian medicine. India has a huge history, a very rich history of traditional medicines for supporting all sorts of ailments. When the British came to India in the 1700s, you know, when they took over in India in 1757, they went on a rampage, wiping out all the traditional medical systems. So let’s talk a little bit about history.

First of all, when you go back and look at the arc of Indian history, and this is-I want to speak to people from India listening very carefully-is that in the eighth century in India, prior to the eighth century, there’s a very draconian Caste System, very, very hierarchical, but like the Protestant Reformation movement, there was a movement that built religious in nature, but actually social in consequence by people of people called the Sankaracharya movement. And that movement asked a fundamental question: if there’s equality in heaven, why isn’t there equality on earth? Very interesting question. And that movement between the eighth century all the way to the 15th century/16th century led to what was called the Bhakti, the Movement, Bhakti, the is a form of yoga, where it’s a, it’s a yoga of devotion and love to God. And they said, “Look, we want to practice devotion. And we want to eliminate all these inequalities.” So that movement built between the eighth century to the 15th/16th century, that movement had profound effects. Took a lot of time, but you saw the decay of the Indian Caste System.

So there’s a wonderful book written by a guy called Ramkrishna Mukherjee, The Rise and Fall of the East India Company and other papers, that describes this in detail. But during the eighth century and the 15th century, the Indian Caste System was starting to break up. And it was the rise of merchants, the rise of artisans–they were being elevated in stature. Before they were way down at the bottom of the Indian Caste System. All right, everyone following? So, by the 15th century, that set of people were starting to rise who were entrepreneurs and traders and artists. And if you look back, that’s when the Portuguese around the 15th century 16th, Portuguese, the French, the British all start coming to India because India was a very, very wealthy country–albeit run by monarchs, Kings–and the model of monarchy was also starting to wane in India, okay? So there was a decline of kings, the rise of the merchant class, the rise of artisans, okay? It was a time of profound… like a renaissance in India, as was going on throughout the world. And so you had the rise of mercantile capitalism, early entrepreneurialism. And that’s why you had the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Indian, I mean, the British, French all coming to India to trade with these emerging groups in India, okay? So, if you start looking at the French, the British, the Dutch, and the Portuguese, they were all initially, you know, traders who came to trade with the emerging Indian merchant class. But they started getting greedy. So they would fight among themselves. So, the French would fight again, among the British. The British would fight among the Dutch. They had their wars in India and they would typically recruit Indians to fight on their behalf. These were called sepoys,

Battle of Plassey

Sepoy meant an Indian was fighting in, let’s say, the British Army. So by 1757, the British said, “You know what? Why do we even have these middlemen? Why are we trading with these middlemen emerging merchants, let’s get rid of them. And we will directly go to the kings” who were, by the way, falling and see… the fall of the monarchs. But the British actually propped up the monarchs. In 1757 in the Battle of Plassey, Britain actually, formally went from a trading partner to becoming an occupation. They literally occupied and invaded India. It was called the Battle of Plassey–you can look it up–in Bengal. So British, essentially, there’s a book I have, you can see on my… it’s called, Clive, if anyone wants to read. It’s a great history of Robert Clive who came to India with nothing and ended up becoming the Emperor of India. But the important thing to understand here is that Britain went from being a trading partner initially to them becoming an occupying force. And as a result of it becoming an occupying force in India, they had to now impose laws in India which were suitable for them.

So what did the British do? And this is why I want, you know–my fellow brethren in India to listen very carefully–is that the British instead of imposing British law in India went and got Brahmanical priests and they re-impose–this is a critical thing–pre-eighth century Brahmanical law. So the British actually resurrected a draconian aspect of the Caste System. The Caste System was going away. The British re-imposed it, Victorian models of “Everyone should sit like this; be like this”–a very draconian model. And that was a very powerful way to affect the Indian psyche because they didn’t impose British law. They actually imposed Indian law, okay? Old Indian law, you know? Imagine us imposing medieval law in America today. That’s what they did! It was quite amazing. So, they went… They basically took India back about 7-10 centuries and they brought in these priests who… and they’re imposing… So what the British did between 1757 and throughout their occupation of India is they started re-implementing the Caste System.

And what they did was they elevated sell-out, bootlicking Indians. And they created a civil service in India–an administrative force–which was later called the Indian Administrative Service, IAS. And that service all over India was a way to use Indians to oppress the other Indians. Let me repeat that, again. The British were very clever. And they did this not only in India they did this wherever they went. In America they did it, right? They had white guys oppressing other white guys. In Africa, they found Africans to suppress other black Africans. It’s a very powerful technique because you elevate the brown-skinned person in India and they feel like they’re part of the British Empire. And they use that to impose and attack, essentially suppressing it. So between 1757 by the early 19 hundreds that’s what the British did very cleverly in collaboration with Indian Elites like the Nehrus, okay? It’s a very important point. So by the 1920s, by the way, all of you should go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and register because I have a whole class I teach a Systems Approach. And that’s how you can support this movement that we’re building globally.

Mahatma” Gandhi

But what happened was that in the 1920s, the Indian masses were getting really upset. There were various rebellions throughout this period. The Indian masses were like, this is ridiculous. They were inspired by the American Revolution. They were inspired by the Russian Revolution. They were inspired by other people fighting up against colonialism. So they were starting to rumble in the 20s. And they’re starting to fight up. Well, the British found a guy called Gandhi. And then he changed his name to Mahatma Gandhi as though he’s, you know, the Lord. You know, that’s what that really means. Like the Messiah, okay? Quite, quite amazing branding that they did. And Mahatma Gandhi, who was a failed lawyer from South Africa, who was literally… loved licking, the boots of the British–could say something even worse. He was brought into India, embraced by the Indian Elite. And he was used to quell down this Bottoms-up movement that was starting to rise up in India which would have been incredible. In fact, there were people like Subhas Chandra Bose, who was elected by the Indian people as a leader. And Gandhi went on a fast because he didn’t like him because he was too quote-unquote, “militant”, okay? But he was fighting for his people like Thomas Paine and Jefferson and Washington. Gandhi couldn’t have that because he was an agent of the British Elite and the Indian Elite. So Gandhi gets promoted as this leader, you know, with his white robe, his spectacles say some, you know, with his spinning wheel it was all theatre. So Gandhi became promoted as the savior of India. And what did he actually do?

What Gandhi actually did to India was not to liberate India. He was a scumbag–it’s the best word I can use. And the Elites are very powerful at finding the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. And this, too, you will learn in our warrior course. And if you don’t learn this… People think Gandhi’s some great guy. He wasn’t a great guy. He was an agent of the British, the agent of the Indian Elite to suppress a natural revolution that needed to take place in India. You can call it a progressive nationalist revolution where Indian people wanted to rise up; kick out the British; kick out the Indian Elite. So, Gandhi came in and he was brought in as a part of the Indian Elite to talk. I mean, by the way, all these guys always talk about some good stuff, you know, I Have a Dream, or some speech they give, or say… words are cheap. But what did Gandhi actually do?

Gandhi was a racist. He was a casteist. He didn’t want to eliminate the Caste System. And people should go study him in South Africa before he comes to India. It’s promoted as, “Oh, he’s helped the black guy–Africans and the poor darkies over there.” Bullshit. Gandhi did not have that. He was helping wealthy Elites in the Transvaal Region–tried to get trading rights and he failed at that, okay? So that’s what happened. That’s the history of Gandhi. Gandhi was an agent. He used to tell people to mellow out. Promote a bullshit philosophy of quote-unquote “non-violence”. And it wasn’t really nonviolent. If you go read Gandhi’s memoirs, when a Sepoy mutiny took place, and Indian… Indians were hanged. He said, “Well, I believe the punishment was just.” He was not nonviolent. He was for violence of the Elites against everyday people but not with the… not everyday people fighting back, okay?

So, what happened in 1947? Every Indian thinks, “Oh, my God, we got independence.” No, you didn’t get independence. In fact, it’s not called the Declaration of Independence in India. It is called Transfer of Power. That’s what the documents are called. It’s called the Transfer of Power, okay? What does that mean? It means you’re going to transfer power from one group to another. And that’s what they did. They transferred power from white men with crowns to brown men with white hats. That’s so… Just picture that. And these brown men with white hats were all trained at Oxford and Cambridge and, you know, like to ride their horses and be equestrians. In fact, the Prime Minister of India, Nehru–supposedly the leader of India, and Mountbatten, who was the Emperor of India–well, Nehru was banging Mountbatten’s wife, literally. That’s how close they were. And it was Edwina Mountbatten was Nehru’s lover, okay? So what we have here is that it was one group and Gandhi helped transfer power… So India never had its national identity ever determined.

Every great country always has its national rights to self-determination. I’m not talking about communalist nationalism. I’m talking about a progressive nationalism. America has it. That’s why there’s this… You hold your head up high when you’re an American. Indians never got that opportunity thanks to freakin’, bogus, quote-unquote “Mahatma” Gandhi, right? So he was set up by the British as a leader of the Indian brown men and women. When he’s not a leader. He’s a complete misleader. What he did was he transferred power. So starting in 1947, India never had a fundamental change. We went from this entire Administrative Service of brown men in white hats who ran India and ran it to the ground of corruption, you know, of more Caste Systems. You have… Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India. Again, he was banging Mountbatten’s wife. I have to say that because they were one, who… Then his daughter takes over, Indira Gandhi. And then after Indira Gandhi then you have Rajiv Gandhi, who’s her son. And then you have Sonia Gandhi, who was the daughter-in-law who was running India and then they were trying to get the cokehead Rahul Gandhi, who is the grandson, to run. This is no different. It’s a dynasty. So Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, is truly the first prime minister who had a nationalist sense who had an identity of India. Like India has its own identity and he won in a massive landslide. So the Elites globally do not like Narendra Modi. They don’t like him because he still has some values in the traditions of India such as the yoga traditions of India, the spiritual traditions of India, some sense of national identity. So, I wanted to give you that background. Okay.

Vivier Warrior/Healer vs. Beggars & Bullshit

So now, now that you understand that history, one of the things to emerge from this is that my parents and certain people who grew up in that time had a fighting spirit. My parents were amazing people who stand up, but the vast majority of Indian people–even though India has this rich mythology of the great Ramayana, right? Where the great warrior Rama or Shivaji, the fighter, the warrior, who fought, you know, who protected the Indians from invasion, right? It has these great warriors. But Gandhi removed all that “sense of warriors”. And by the way, in the Indian tradition, warrior and healer are the same. A lot of people in America who start studying New Age yoga, they say, “Oh, I’m so peaceful.” Well it’s all bullshit. Healer and warrior were the same. Fighting for your rights and wanting to heal one was the same word was called Vaidyar. What’s been removed is that warrior energy out of India. By the way, our movement is Truth Freedom Health warriors and some people said, “Oh, warrior sounds, you know, violent”. Well, it’s not violent. It is about being a healer and a fighter. That’s what warrior means. So the warrior energy was removed out of India. And Indians were basically taught to become beggars-literally begging for everything-because that’s what Gandhi was. He manipulated Indians to beg, “Oh, don’t beat us. Don’t do this to us.” And so the conditions of the broad mass of Indian people psychologically never had their good revolution. India never went through that process. So India has some parts… It’s called uneven development. Some parts which are developed and other parts which are undeveloped. But you have a lot of this uneven development which allows for corruption which allows for manipulation of the Indian masses. So… because Indians never fought for their rights–and they were basically twisted into not fighting for it, thanks to Gandhi–Indians never have had the opportunity to fully stand up. So the psyche, in my observation, is one of fear, not everywhere, but that’s sort of the psyche.

Pfizer & The Propaganda War

So let’s bring it to the right now. What’s going on right now? You have this massive propaganda war in India taking place that “everyone’s going to die!” This thing is going on–the “jabinations” are needed, etc. Call it “jabinations”, okay? So what’s actually going on in India? Well, if you look at the actual data, the so-called pandemic, or whatever, the infections went up and they were coming down, okay? They were going up and they were coming down. In fact, let me share with you the actual data. So if you see the data on the right, you will see that the blue line is going back to March of 2020. The blue line is the number of these cases, right? So the blue line is a number of new COVID cases, but it basically means there was a positive PCR test. So let’s talk about this. Okay, so what is a PCR test? Again, to those of you who don’t know-from a credibility standpoint-I have four degrees from MIT. My PhD is in a field called Systems Biology and Biological Engineering and I can get detailed into this but the PCR test is measuring for a piece of RNA. RNA is the half of DNA piece which may create different proteins in the virus. Remember the virus, when it infects, inside of it, it carries the RNA. It infects the cell, the RNA then is used to replicate itself using the ribosomal machinery. And then the virus reassembles itself. So the PCR test is looking for fragments. Doesn’t even mean you have the RNA. May mean you got it given to you. You may have it but it essentially means you have a fragment of an RNA, ribonucleic acid, which may or may not have even created the virus or maybe something that was a remnant. It’s not equal to being infected. It is not equal to that you are infectious. It just means that you have this protein. By the way, that PCR test amplifies it. So the amount of stuff you have in there is not even fully known. So let’s go back to this. All right, sorry about that. Again, I’m showing this from my Facebook page. So if you go here, if you go back and look at this graph… So that blue line is a number of new PCR tests which said that there was some RNA, to be accurate, okay? So that’s the testing results.

Now, the vaccine, or the “jabine”, or the vaccination was given here around this period a little bit in late January. And what do you see? Right after this, more testing is showing that more people–that’s the blue line–are “testing positive”. That’s what this shows. So now you have to look at the y-axis here. The y-axis is this, the blue line is a number of people who had quote-unquote, “cases”, new cases out of a million. So that’s 50 out of a million–very small. And this–the red line is 50 out of 1000, okay? So 50 out of 1000, which means half a percent, 5 percent right? So 1% would be… 1% would be 10. So 5% would be 50, okay? So 50 out of 1000 people were getting… This is a cumulative number of how many jabs that they were getting going up here. So right now, as of this date here India is about 100 out of 1000, which means 10% have gotten the jabs, but you have to divide by two, because you have to get two jabs. So this is really 5%. So 5% has been jabbed. Okay?

So when people look at this graph, some people say, “Oh, my God, the, you know, the ‘jabine’ is, is shedding”, right? That’s what they say. But there’s something simpler to understand, all right? And that’s what I want to talk about. So if you look at this graph and you notice that only a small percentage of people have been getting jabbed. So what’s actually going on? All right, so that’s the data, the actual data in India right now. So, let’s now bring in Pfizer to this equation, okay? You know, I know those guys, you know, I know professors at MIT. They bought my computational models. We’ve wanted to help with lupus, okay? They wanted us to model the lupus pathways in their Innovation Group. So, what I do know about not only Pfizer, but all the pharma companies. Let me ask people right now, we have about a ton of people on the call here, okay? How many of you think that over the last 10-20 years, are the pharma companies making money? Are they growing their revenue? Or is their revenue declining? What do you guys think? Is their revenue growing? Or is it declining? That’s the question.

Big Pharma Model is Failing

Let me tell you what’s been actually going on. Over the last 20 years, pharmaceutical revenues have been dropping. So listen again very carefully. Because you’ve got to get educated or we will be enslaved because you’re going to be misled into the wrong conspiracy stuff and all that. Here is that ground reality–pharmaceutical revenues have been declining. Take Pfizer. In 2012, they made 65 billion in revenue. Write it down. In 2012, they made 65 billion in revenue. In 2020 at the end of last year, they only made 41 billion. So a lot of money, but they lost 25 billion in revenue. That’s nearly a 40% decline in revenue, okay? Imagine if your revenue was dropping. So pharmaceutical companies have been losing money. Pfizer, you know, has lost drug patents. And more importantly–as I’ve shared in my other videos that–the entire drug development process takes 13 years, $5 billion. In fact, the drugs that are coming out of that process, even the FDA is not allowing because of the side effects. So pharmaceutical companies… For every $1 they used to put in 20 years ago into R&D, research and development, they used to get 10 cents back. Well, today for every $1 they put in, they get 1.8 cents back. Pharmaceutical companies are tanking, guys, they’re not doing well. And you can sue a pharmaceutical company, okay? That’s the reality.

Pfizer is tanking. Thank you to the Kennedys–the Kennedys–all of them. The “jabination” act of 1962, passed by John Kennedy. And then his brother upheld it. The National Vaccine Injury program. Basically what that act did? It enabled these companies. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can never be sued. Pharmaceutical manufacturers cannot be sued by injury, okay, keep that data point, in the United States. If you want to sue them, you have to go to a vaccine court where the… with the liability’s limited, okay? So pharma companies are saying, “My revenues are going down with pharmaceutical drugs which are single molecule drugs.” But this jabines, this jabbinations, stuff, “Hey, that’s pretty good. I can’t get sued. It’s growing at 17-20% per year–big margins–I don’t even have to do the same level of testing.” Okay. Pharmaceutical drugs have to go through in vitro, then you have to do animal testing, then you have to go to phase one, phase two, phase three. But thank you to the dope Trump, who sold us all out and did Operation Warp Speed so they could circumvent a lot of fundamental testing.

Follow the Money

Left and Right, Republican/Democrat, do not care about you. That’s why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. That’s why I keep telling everyone, if you’re serious–and I have a lot of very positive comments here–but support yourself and go get educated. Go to or VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, okay? Time to get educated. So the bottom line is this. So, pharma companies are losing revenue. Pfizer lost 25 billion. Pfizer needs to make revenue. So what did Pfizer do? They went over to Israel in January. They struck a data sharing deal with Israel and Israel… And they said, “You know what? Go vaccinate 70% of your people.” And if you look at Israel’s curve, it goes up and then at 70%, mysteriously, the new quote-unquote, “COVID cases” disappear, okay? And Pfizer’s CEO–you can just type in Pfizer, CEO, Israel–and you’ll see they’re working like this. Israel and Pfizer are like this. Israel is Pfizer’s poster child, why we need to get to 70-80%, 70% vaccination rate.

Now why is this important? Well, this year the pharma companies, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson need to make 40 billion. That’s what they’ve told the stock market. They’ve told the stock market, they need to hit 40 billion in revenue. Well, how do you get 40 billion? Well, you know, when I used to run sales, I used to tell my guys, “Hey, whatever number I gave them as a target, I always assumed they would do 50% less.” So Pfizer and Fauci have told the world we need to get 70% jabinnated, okay? And they’ll be happy, let’s say, with 30%? So, now take 7.2 billion people. Take 30% of 7.2 billion, what do you get 2.1 billion people. All right. So 2.1 billion people is their goal, that’s their target. They’ll be happy with that. Well, the… each “jabination” retail is $40. They typically are going to get half of that–$20. So $20 is what the pharma guys will get–$20 times 2.1 billion is 40 billion. That’s how you get to 40 billion. They need to hit 40 billion in revenue in 2021. For them… for their stock market to go up for Pfizer CEO to make his bonus. He got a $25 million compensation last year with a bad year. Think about what he’s looking at with a good year. All right. So bottom line is you have… they need to hit 40 billion in revenue. India has what? One point two billion people, 1.2 billion people! Let’s take 30% of Indians–300 million people–multiply that by 20 bucks. You get about $6- $8 billion.

So the market for the jab in India for all those pharma companies is about $8 billion. Let’s say Pfizer gets the lion’s share of it. You know, 40%. They’re looking at $3 billion in revenue. Pfizer’s goal is to hit $15 billion alone. All the pharma companies want to do $40 billion. And you can go look at the research on this. I’ve shared this in a previous video. Pfizer needs India. They need to get into the Indian market. That’s what this is about. It’s about market expansion. So in December of 2020, Pfizer went to India and applied so they could do their jabinnation in India. Well, the Indian government–and I do respect Modi for this–said, “I’m not going to let you in here unless you prove that your jabs are safe. You must do trials, clinical trials.” And Pfizer said, “Eff off. We don’t need to do them. We’ve done them over here. We don’t need to do” with arrogance. And India said, “No.” And I do respect the Modi government for this. They’re wimps in other areas, but in this they did the right thing which I was quite shocked at. So the Narendra Modi government said no.

So in February, Pfizer pulled their application out of India which means they had to get regulatory admission into India, okay? Then they came back again in early April. They said, “You know, we’ll give you drugs. We’ll give you…” They’re trying to bribe the Indian people, in the Indian authorities? “We’ll give you this drug, that drug–protease inhibitors, pills”, right? Because remember, Pfizer wants to get into India. It’s like a sales guy wanting to get his foot in the door. So and then, as a part of that, Pfizer in early April said, “We want the Indian government to indemnify us.” What does indemnify mean? If Someone says indemnify which means if you get hurt, you can’t blame me. And that’s what they did in the United States. Thank you to, you know, Ted Kennedy and the others in 1986. They indemnified the pharma companies.

So Pfizer wants the Indian people to indemnify them in case Indian people get hurt. And India said, “No,” again. So if you go look, suddenly after that two nos… Suddenly you see this massive propaganda war. “Oh my God,” you know, “people are dying everywhere!” dah, dah, dah, right? That’s what we have today. And Indians–given the wimpery that they suffered under Gandhi, given to be made to be not fearless–“Oh, my God! We’re all gonna die!” So you have all these Indians running around. And the mainstream media in India, which hates Modi, has unleashed a propaganda war. Putting that blue curve to mean everyone’s infected and infectious. Not true. It’s absolutely not true. Okay. It’s not true. So they… the blue line is their marketing line. Let me go back to that, that blue line that you see there. We go back here on the right. There is the marketing line, okay? You increase that like to put fear because you want to increase the red line, okay? So let’s stop talking about conspiracy. This is Follow the Money; Follow the Money. Pfizer wants to get into India, the Indian BJP government said, “No.” That’s what’s going on, okay?

This is a propaganda-marketing war that’s taking place. Someone said, “India has been enslaved for centuries and still acts like slaves.” So… I have a lot of people in India. They’re running around like crazy, “Oh, my God, this that dah, dah, dah, dah? Right? Like insanity. It’s a propaganda war. Now, the reason I’m really upset with the BJP government in India, they are supposedly the government of promoting the grandeur of India, how great India was, you know, all the medicines and Yoga, etc., right? And this is the problem I have with a lot of Indians who talk about the past. They’ll say, “Oh, India was such a great country. We had yoga. We had this…” Well, it doesn’t fucking matter now! What the fuck are you doing now? India has a huge history of health and well-being and mantras and massage and education and Ayurveda and Siddha, right? In March of 2020, I was the only guy as a scientist who said this fear mongering–March of 2020–will go down in history as the biggest fear mongering hoax, intended to suppress dissent, destroy economies, and push mandated medicine.

No other guru in India said that. They were just watching to see if they wanted Sadhguru, he didn’t say anything. That guy’s a money making machine. Now he’s saying something. He watches “which way the wind blows.” Deepak Chopra didn’t say anything. I did. And the important thing is not to tell the truth when it’s convenient for you. It’s important to say the truth at the right time. It’s important to do the right thing at the right time for people. Not to wait. Now you have doctors saying, “Oh yeah, well, we shouldn’t be wearing masks and maybe.” What did you say in March? It’s too little too late. So don’t trust these people now. I took the heat back then. We need to look at leaders. What leaders do we actually have? Do our leaders say the right thing at the right time? Sadhguru is not a leader. He’s a money making machine. That’s what he is. So to the people of India, where my motherland is where my Grandparents sweated and shed their blood. My Father’s family gave whatever they had to build the true Indian independence movement of Subhash Chandra Bose, who wanted to have a revolution. And Subash Chandra Bose was mysteriously blown up in an airplane.

The Tragedy of India

But the truth is that India is a tragedy right now. Because India has this rich history of amazing medicines about health and well-being about boosting the immune system. And the Prime Minister of India and that level instead of doing that, and saying, “Eff off to all this nonsense”, is caught in… They have no courage. The courage has been sapped out thanks to Gandhi. Thanks to this history of 300 years of never fighting. My Parents fought. My Grandparents taught me how to fight. One of the reasons America is great–was great, some people may argue–was because there was a fighting culture here. And without that fighting for your basic rights, and becoming a wimp, and you know, fear monger at all that. You’re gonna see this… just people running around like little crazy rats. And that’s what’s going on in India and it’s fueled by the Elite media. And someone should do the investigation.

Pfizer needs to get into India. Suddenly, all these quote-unquote, “liberal” Elites are promoting, “Oh, my God! India’s crashing! Everything is going to be horrible!” As though a PCR test means you’re infected, infectious. False science. We need to build a movement of Truth Freedom Health warriors. That’s why I do these videos. It’s not just me to give my analysis. We want to get 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors globally. But you need to get educated. I have a lot of people who talk… Will send me emails: this and that. You’re not educated. Most people are at a kindergarten level in political theory. And over the last 50 years, I put together a platform for you. Go to and get educated. I’ll play this video. But nothing is going to change in this world until you get educated or you will just be enslaved. The analysis I did here in summary, interconnected Indian history, interconnected drug development, it interconnected the economics of drug development. We talked a little bit about the PCR test science, but all those things are systems. And by using those interconnections, we can find the truth. It is a disgrace that people in India are running around scared when they have a rich history of amazing traditional medicines. It’s ridiculous. It’s sickening, actually. But thank you to Mahatma Gandhi. Thank you to the greed of Pfizer. Thank you to the wimpery of the Indian politicians. That’s why we’re here. And, you know, in America, people died fighting in the Revolution. Maybe it would have been good if people actually had a good fight in India.

A friend of mine used to say, “You know, if every family in India had, had lost at least somebody fighting for them, India would have much more national, you know, gumption.” But it doesn’t. It doesn’t. And that’s why what we’re witnessing right now goes right back to the eighth century, goes back to the 15th century, and goes about right back to the bullshit that occurred in 1947. India did not get independence. India was hijacked. That’s what actually happened. That’s what actually happened. And that’s what we’re witnessing here. People running around like scared rats.

Truth Freedom Health®

So, I want to play a video for everyone. And I want all of you listening to support yourself, wherever you are in any part of the world. My goal as a catalyst is to build a movement. When you go to VASHIVA.COM, I have built an infrastructure for you. For you, not for me. For you it’s my gift. And that infrastructure at VASHIVA.COM/JOIN will provide you the education you need. I teach a class every Monday evening directly, even though I repeat myself. Number two, you will get the opportunity to interconnect with other people and build this movement independent of Big Tech. We built our own social media in our own data center. And three, we give you tools for activism. So let me play that video to let you know this is not just about me hammering away at what’s going on in India, but to actually give you a direction on what you can do. Here you go


Okay, everyone, so I’m giving you something. I’ve given you a deep analysis of what’s going on in India, intersecting multiple systems, but the summary, those of you who are joining us or were with us, is the following: Follow the Money. Pfizer needs to get into India. The Indian government rebuffed them. The current Indian Government is a government which wants to redefine Indian, Indian nationalism in a good way in a positive way. Some people may think it’s a negative way, but they are trying to figure out a nationalism that was forgotten in India. So that government is not fully solid, but they did the right thing in rebuffing Pfizer because Pfizer said, “Oh, we don’t need to do clinical trials in India”, which means we and they wanted the Indian government to indemnify them, which means, “If we kill people, you can’t sue us.” India said, “No.” So right after that, you see this propaganda war. Equating, equating–this is a critical thing–equating the number of PCR positive tests to infection and infectious people. Absolutely not true. So that blue line that I shared, that the quote-unquote, “new cases” has nothing to do with the reality, okay? Because you can tweak that blue line up. And you can also connect the dots to the fact that the major liberal Elite who are supporting the previous government are the ones who have a lot to benefit from this. What’s going on, okay?

And I’m sure we’ll never find out about it. But I’m sure there’s a money trail to them, from Pfizer to these people. It’s Marketing 101. It’s a propaganda war. And the unfortunate situation is because of what Mahatma Gandhi did to India, and the long history of Indians never having had a good revolution in India. The Indian psyche–and, and that’s why there’s an opportunity here–has never forcibly risen up. So people are scurrying around like rats. At least in the United States, they’re scurrying around like rats, but you still have people, let’s say, standing up, okay, for certain issues with the diapers and this other stuff. India’s a $1.2 billion market for Pfizer, that’s what it is, it’s a market, and they need to get in there. That’s what this is about. Follow the money. That’s my number one thing that I want to share with you. The world is going to head into greater and greater darkness if you don’t get educated on the Science of Systems. The Elite, starting in the 1970s, they’ve been using the Science of Systems. And that’s what I teach all of you. And, and those of you who go to VASHIVA.COM and sign up. There’s a dashboard there. And we want you to get educated, but there’s tons of tools. You’ll understand the Science of Systems, that’s one of the tools. You’ll get the book, System and Revolution. You’ll also get a tool that you can use that science to understand your body as a system.

And we want to thank anyone who’s contributed $25 or more. You get all of this for that contribution. So when you give me something, I want to give you back something, plus, there’s a whole portal we’ve created where you can educate your friends and your family and your neighbors. Then you can also get access to reports that will teach you about how food is medicine. You’ll also get access to the entire course online so you can study it. You can also get certified. You can also get three more books which will teach you how systems thinking could apply to your life. Then you also get access to another article which teaches you the Foundations of Systems Science. And those to all the people generously contributed $100 bucks.

I want you to build community, too. So one is we’ve created not only all this great education, but we’ve also created an environment where you can connect with others, independent of Facebook, independent of Google, where there’s a whole forum. You can see people are talking, they’re chatting, independent of Big Tech. There’s also a social media portal for our warriors so they can organize and build community all over the world. It’s like Facebook, but it’s not Facebook. And then you can get activated. So there’s all different educational flashcards that you can distribute to your friends and family to educate them on the science and the public health implications. So I encourage all of you to go do that.

And by the way, this tool, Your Body, Your System, will really help you apply systems thinking to your own body; understand what kind of system you are; how different foods and exercises affect your body. So it’s a ton of gifts that I want to give to everyone. Hopefully it incentivizes you to take care of yourself not only physically but mentally but also politically. So everyone thank you. Go become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Let’s build the movement. And let’s all start understanding the interconnections of systems. That’s the way we build a movement. We have to understand the science. We have to build community through our own social media tools, and we have to get activated. That’s what the VASHIVA platform offers you. It’s the platform for real revolutionaries, real systems revolutionaries. So if that’s what you want to do, get serious and go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Thank you. Be well

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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