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Arginine is a metabolically versatile semi-essential amino, meaning it’s both an essential & non-essential amino acid, based on CytoSolve analysis of 131,358 research papers, 2,239 clinical trials, over 52 years of scientific research.

  • Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives a CytoSolve Systems Analysis on L-Arginine’s effects on Cardiovascular Health.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 131,358 research papers, 2,239 clinical trials, over 52 years of scientific research.
  • L-Arginine is a metabolically versatile semi-essential amino meaning it’s both an essential & non-essential amino acid depending on the individual’s health constitution of whether the body is healthy or in a disease state.
  • Health benefits help combat Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Peripheral arterial disease, Erectile dysfunction, Congestive heart failure, Athletic performance, Burns, Trauma, Cancer, Syndrome X, Gastrointestinal disease, Immunomodulation, and Senile dementia.
  • L-Arginine plays an important part in key metabolic pathways that maintain body function including: Kreb Cycle, Urea Cycle, Nitric Oxide Metabolism, and Acid/Base Balance.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I hope everyone’s doing well. We’re happy to introduce a world renowned forensics investigator, new TFH warrior, Francine Bardole. Welcome to Truth Freedom Health! Today we’re going to be talking about Arginine and its effects on Cardiovascular Health. That’s what we’re going to be talking about when we talk about Arginine and its Effect on Cardiovascular Health. So, you’re gonna first of all, today, we’re gonna learn about Cardiovascular Health. You’re gonna learn about what Arginine is. And you’re going to get a lesson today on what the blood vessels are in the Cardiovascular System. I’m going to talk about that.

We’re gonna be talking about Arginine from a Systems Perspective. And we’re going to look at the system of the Cardiovascular System. Over the last, I would say the last six months, we did a series of analyses on the Immune System, and how different ingredients affect the Immune System. So, we did many, many different ingredients. Now we’re going to switch to Cardiovascular Health. And we’re going to talk about the effects of Arginine on the Cardiovascular System.


Most of you know that the approach we take here at VASHIVA – and for those of you who are interested in knowing more about this site and what we do, you can go to and you can become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. But our platform VASHIVA.COM and Truth Freedom Health is about educating the world on a Systems Approach to looking at everything. So, on every Monday evening I offer a three hour class. We have a whole platform which I’ll talk about which is to educate. It’s really a platform of education, social media tools – independent of Big Tech – and activism, to educate people globally on how you apply a Systems Approach to your body; how you can apply it to politics; how you can apply to everything. And without that Systems Approach, people will always bring this Pro- & Anti-, Left or Right – wing camp. And our goal is to break that duality up because we never really solve real problems and we end up in sort of a wrestling match.

So, today we’re going to take a Systems Approach to look at the Cardiovascular System. So we’re gonna learn a little bit about the Cardiovascular System. And then we’re gonna look at a very powerful compound called Arginine which appears in nature. And my intention is to help you understand the Cardiovascular System and the effect Arginine has. I’m also going to share with you research that we did with the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) which is the organization which certifies vitamin supplements USP and we’re also going to share with you a publication that I published in the Dietary Supplements Journal using the CytoSolve analysis. Plus you’re going to get research that I did while at MIT between MIT, Harvard, Brigham’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s and some colleagues at King’s College to look at the effect of Arginine on the Molecular System. You’re going to learn a lot today about nitric oxide, Cardiovascular Health, and Arginine.

Journey to Systems

So before I begin, I always like to play an introductory video for all of you who are new so you can actually have a deep understanding of my personal Journey to Systems. And let me bring that up because it’ll and I’m sure all of us have gone through our own journeys, but my journey is really about a journey across systems and figuring out the nature of all Systems and a Systems Approach. So here you go.

I hope that provides those of you who are new, to my Journey to Systems. Again, welcome! This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We’re gonna be talking about Arginine and Cardiovascular Health. And I want all of you to get ready to look at life and everything from a Systems Approach. So, we apply that Systems Approach to understanding how foods work in our body; how ingredients work in our body; how politics work and I’ll come back to that. How life really emerges when you start interconnecting things. When you start looking at things in isolation, it’s a really powerful way to manipulate people. It is really the focus of the efforts of Power, Profit, and Control. But the efforts of Truth Freedom Health are bound upon the understanding of the interconnections between things. So we’re gonna look at the interconnections of a very powerful molecule called Arginine and how it affects various aspects of the Cardiovascular System. And this is original research that I’ve been working on for many years. So let’s begin.

What You Will Learn

So I’m going to begin by going right to our PowerPoint slide. And as you can see, we’re talking about L-Arginine and cardiovascular health and we’re taking a Molecular Systems Biology approach. By the way, those of you who are interested, please go to VASHIVA.COM. That’s the website where we are building – where we have built our entire platform for education, social media, as well as community as well as activism, independent of Big Tech. So Arginine and Cardiovascular Health. What are we going to cover today? First of all, we’re talking about Cardiovascular Health. Cardiovascular is about your heart. And we’re going to first of all learn what L-Arginine is. Some people say Ar-ghi-nine, some people say Ar-ge-nine – tomahto, tomato, okay? It’s Fine. And we’re gonna talk about L-Arginine’s effects on biological functions, what are the health benefits. Then we’re going to look at its effects on cardiovascular health. And then we’re going to really talk about what the clinical evidence is on dosages. How much should you take?


Okay, so first of all, this is what Arginine  looks like. It’s an amino acid. Amino acids typically have this NH2 group, by the way, where we have these little points that means there’s a carbon double bond. O-H is an acid. It’s an organic acid: C-double bond, O-H, C=OH. And this NH2 and everything here to the left of it varies based on the kind of amino acid. So, this group here typically stays the same – teaching everyone here a little bit of organic chemistry. And to the left of this, this chain varies based on the type of amino acids. So, it’s a metabolically versatile amino acid. It’s a structural component of many proteins. So, just quick biochemistry. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids; amino acids are the building blocks of life. So you take amino acids and you start connecting them together and you get different proteins.

Arginine is an essential part of a structural component of various proteins. Now, if you notice, I’m calling it a semi-essential amino acid. This is a new term that’s come about recently, typically, they said essential and non-essential. So non-essential, meaning you don’t need to take it. Your body actually manufactures it. And so in healthy people and healthy organisms, most mammals, the non-essential amino acids – which means you don’t have to consume it – your body actually manufactures that amino acid. The essential amino acids are the ones that are not made by the body that means you have to consume them. And they’re essential for a growing organism after trauma or during various disease states.

An essential amino acid will not be made by the body for growing organisms after trauma or during various disease states. So, semi-essential amino acids like Arginine your body can make it, right, in the healthy adult. But if your body’s under trauma, or it’s not doing well, or it’s in a diseased state, it will stop making it. I hope that’s clear. L-Arginine is somewhat interesting because if you’re healthy your body is going to make it and if you’re not healthy, your body’s not going to make it. That’s something very important to keep in mind. L-Arginine is both an essential amino acid meaning you have to take it if your body’s not functioning while in some disease state and it’s non-essential which means your body’s functioning well you don’t have to consume it. Your body will make it. Hope that’s clear.

Now we understand essential and non-essential amino acids and that Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. The sources of Arginine, first of all, can be produced by the body from scratch, which means it can actually take pieces of nitrogen and all these compounds, atoms and it can make it. It’s produced from the breakdown of protein. So protein gets broken down. And your body can make it and it’s obtained from diet. Or you can get it as a dietary supplement and L- Arginine is considered to be generally safe. It’s called GRAS – Generally, Accepted as Safe, okay. GRAS they call it sometimes. You can get it from the breakdown of other proteins obtained from the diet or you can take it as a supplement.

Now let’s look at the research. Look at all the papers that have been done. I think this is probably the number one number of articles we’ve seen so far – 131,000 research papers, 131,358 research papers, as of today! When we last looked at what has been done on L- Arginine, over 2200 clinical trials, 2239 clinical trials, over 52 years of scientific research. So quite incredible. And you can look at 1916, you can see it right here that starting about 50 years ago, quite a bit of research has been done on it – so since 1970 to now you can see the explosive amount of research that’s been done on Arginine – 52 years of research but over 2200 clinical trials. So how do we really understand all this? How do we go about putting all this together? If you wanted to really get a systems view or a holistic view of Arginine, you couldn’t, one person couldn’t do it. In fact, a bunch of postdocs at a university couldn’t do it.


That’s why I created a technology for my PhD work called CytoSolve which helps us, helps us actually organize all of that data. And I’ll show you this shortly. And that technology came out of my PhD work at MIT called CytoSolve. So CytoSolve is really a platform for discovery of how different compounds – particularly from natural products – work with molecular pathways faster, cheaper, and safer. And I’ll show you something we recently discovered. Here, all those 130,000 papers. CytoSolve helps us look at all those, curate them. In this case, we’re looking at the molecular system of cardiovascular health. And we’re looking at Arginine. So 131,000 papers, helps us organize it, extract out the molecular mechanisms relative to cardiovascular health, and build a systems analysis of that. So that’s what we’re going to share with you today.

So without CytoSolve this would not be possible. Otherwise we’d just be cherry picking and we’d say, “Oh, Arginine doesn’t work” or “Arginine does work.” And that’s what’s happening. On the one side you have Big Pharma which does cherry picking, and you have Big Vitamin which does cherry picking. I don’t really care for either side. What I think is we need to take a Systems Approach, and that’s why CytoSolve is really becoming a scientific source of truth because we don’t care whether Harvard did the research or Yale did the research or some small State University. We look at all of it and we organize it. So that’s the power of CytoSolve. CytoSolve is a very powerful Systems Biology tool.

By the way, I gave a talk this morning – everyone should go see where I really blasted Pfizer and what’s going on in the drug development world, but what you can see here, in the drug development world, we see that pharma companies are actually in a major problem because it takes some 13 years, $5 billion, to find a compound – a compound is a synthetic compound – and to figure out if it works or not. To take it to market they gotta do test-tube testing; then they gotta go kill a bunch of animals; then they gotta do phase one, phase two, phase three trials. And if the product makes it through this, then they can take it to market. The other issue with pharma companies, you can actually sue them. This is what’s interesting in the discussion on the “jabines”, as I call the “jabinations”, the jabs that you’re getting. The thing with pharma companies is the jabinations are – they’re completely indemnified which means if they hurt you, you can’t sue pharma companies. This is quite amazing.

So, this is why the Big Pharma companies are moving to the jab and wanting to jab everyone. This is why Pfizer wants to get into India so badly. This is why you’re seeing this massive propaganda war. The Indian government did not want to let Pfizer in, in February or in early April – because Pfizer didn’t want to do clinical trials. So, India said, “Get the hell out.” So suddenly – I mean you can connect the dots – you see this massive propaganda war as though everyone’s dying and the whole country’s going to go to hell, okay? It’s a new market for Pfizer. That’s what it’s really about that they have a lot to profit by getting into India. So, the bottom line is, when you really look at this, you see that the entire process of drug development is a broken model. And in fact you can see here year over year they spent a ton on R&D, and more and more they’re spending on R&D, even the FDA – even the corrupt FDA is not even allowing their drugs through – so you can imagine – because of their failure in clinical trials.

I created CytoSolve thinking that these guys would want to create, you know, safer things. They want to do stuff better. But they don’t. Even their guys who want to do innovation, they start but they really don’t want to do this right because they’re making so much money by doing the old mediaeval model. I’m going to share with you a quick video so everyone understands how CytoSolve actually works. So, let me just play this, it’ll give you a little bit of a deeper understanding.

I hope that gives everyone an idea what CytoSolve is. But it’s a very powerful technology separate from the videos I do to educate people on Systems Approach, separate from the Truth Freedom Health warrior movement that we’ve unleashed. I do also that in terms of using CytoSolve to understand how ingredients work – like Arginine, doing combinations. I’ll share with you very soon where for about the last 16 years I’ve been helping others to figure out what works and what doesn’t using CytoSolve. And more recently we’ve actually applied CytoSolve to help you directly. We’ve made a very cool discovery, which I’ll share with you. You can really understand Arginine by using CytoSolve to cull through all those papers and get what we call a systems understanding. Let’s go back to Arginine. And the Power Point here.

As I was sharing, one of the things that we’ve been doing is for, the first between 2003 and seven, we built CytoSolve, that was my PhD work during 2007 and 2012. We had to publish lots and lots of papers validating it because no one believed that we could have created something like this. But after 2012, I thought naively, that the pharma companies would want to use it. A couple of them wanted to because we could figure out ways that they could avoid killing people and making mistakes, right? But the majority of them don’t really care about that. Their goal is the stock prices. They just want to get a product out and keep seeing phase one, phase two, phase three – get it out there and the stock price goes up.

So, because of my deep interest in natural products from my Grandmother, we helped a lot of small companies, you know, entrepreneurial companies really figure out the Synergy of compounds. But more recently, we applied CytoSolve to the area of pain and inflammation and swelling. And we have discovered a very powerful product called mV25. And those of you who are interested, you can go get it online. We sold out rapidly. And we got a batch in. This COVID nonsense really affected all the supply chain. So, you can pre-order now for July. We have bottles that just came in for those people who ordered them from before and we’re shipping those out. But I wanted to let everyone know mV25 is a very cool product. And we call it mV and you can see the branding.

It’s not like a company. It’s me as a Systems Scientist and Systems Biologist who has developed this using CytoSolve. And it’s really mass times velocity. In physics, this is called momentum. So that’s how we came up with mV momentum to move. And it’s CytoSolve Optimized. What does that mean? The back of the label clearly says, “mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve Computational Systems Biology platform. A technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr.Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer-reviewed scientific papers across four decades in 68 research institutions and computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover an Optimal Synergy of compounds that downregulates the biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.”

So we went through trillions of combinations of reactions. And CytoSolve Optimized that’s what this is, this actually means this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits and bioavailability while minimizing the toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve. So our promise is as science advances so will this formulation and this is our promise. And you can see it’s Clean Certified, it’s made in the US, and it’s GMP certified. So you can – if you guys are interested – you can go to the site; you can click on shop; and in the shop there you can find mV25, okay? So, let’s go back to Arginine. So the approach that we take to developing mV25. On the public service side, nearly every day I take an ingredient. Someone asked, “Is CytoSolve free?”

Well look, I give a lot of stuff away for free. But CytoSolve, you know, the public research I do. But mV25 is not for free. But those of you who purchase it as a supporter, we plow back a lot of that back into supporting the movement for Truth Freedom Health. So, anyway, I do a lot of free stuff, you know, but it’s not about free. The issue is do you want to contribute to your health and well being? Then I recommend that all of you, if you’re really serious about that go become a Truth Freedom Health warrior where you can get educated. That’s really the best thing you can do for yourself even more than, you know, what you put into your mind is more important sometimes than what you put into your mouth.

L-Arginine – Dietary Sources

So let’s talk about L-Arginine. Someone said, “You do enough free stuff.” Yeah. Look, I just want to let people know, you know, when I graduated MIT, you know, I have four degrees from there. Most people who graduate MIT with a PhD in what I have, they go on Wall Street and they make about 10 to 20 million a year by using their math skills. I never got interested in that. I was more interested in wanting to really have an effect on changing the world in a profound way. Because I knew that I received so much. I knew where I came from. My poor Grandparents, the working class people in New Jersey. The fact that my parents came to the United States and all the education I got and everything else is icing on the cake. I enjoy creating things. And if you happen to make money that’s great! But right now we’re creating a movement for Truth Freedom Health. And I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health warriors. You should contribute to yourself. I give everyone lots of gifts. Education is a gift I give. And I’ll come back and talk about that.

But when we look at Arginine, what you’ll realize is that Arginine is quite interesting because – here’s the structure – an important part of Arginine is that there are several metabolic pathways that maintain the body’s function. What is a metabolic pathway? When you eat something, your body metabolism really relates to energy. Your body consumes food and it runs these different cycles, these different processes. Your body gets energy, right, that’s called metabolism. And so if you look at Arginine it is involved in many of these metabolic pathways: the Krebs Cycle which is the cycle that takes place in the mitochondria. Everyone, there’s a lot of companies which talk about mitochondria and that’s the source of energy for your cells. So Arginine supports that. The Urea Cycle, which is involved in detoxing your body. Arginine supports that. The Nitric Oxide Metabolism. This is what we’re going to focus on today which is the relaxation of blood vessels and immune response. And then Arginine is also involved in the acid/base balance, the maintenance of neutral pH in the body.

Look at all those processes:  Krebs Cycle, Urea Cycle, the Nitric Oxide Metabolism, the acid/base balance. So, you know Arginine is involved in many of these processes too, which support the metabolic processes in your body. So in many ways, it’s an essential in that sense it’s an essential nutrient that you need to make sure all of these processes are being maintained. But we’re going to focus on the Nitric Oxide Metabolism part. Now what are the dietary sources. Well, you can get it from meats: turkey, pork loin, chicken, so these meats. But you can also get it from plant-based: lentils, spirulina, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dairy products, watermelon seeds, soybean, peanuts and chickpeas. So plant-based and animal-based.

Biological Effects of L-Arginine

Now, let’s look at the Biological Effects of Arginine. Well, here are the biological effects. It’s involved in metabolism of proteins structural function; urea, right, which means getting rid of urea detox; creatine muscle regeneration function; polyamines cell growth function; nitric oxide vasorelaxation, which means your blood vessels, and immune functions; proline – which is metabolism; glutamate – so neurotransmission function; and agmatine which is neuroprotective function. Arginine is involved in the metabolism of all of these other materials:  proteins, urea, creatine, polyamines, nitric oxide, proline, glutamate, and agmatine. So involved in blood, metabolism, blood vessels, cell growth.

You can see how many different functions Arginine supports. Helping the health benefits of L-Arginine. So, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, erectile dysfunction, congestive heart failure. It’s good for athletic performance, burns, trauma, cancer, Syndrome X, gastrointestinal diseases, immunomodulation, and senile dementia. Again, all of this is from those 131,000 papers. We’re not making any of this up, this comes from all that.

Cardiovascular System

Let’s talk about the Cardiovascular System. What I want to talk about now is I want to educate all of you. Listen very carefully because in the next five minutes you’re going to learn some very important aspects of the Cardiovascular System. Remember, it’s a system. Again, to those of you joining, this is Dr.SHIVA and we take a Systems Approach. The Systems Approach we take here is really based on recognizing nothing acts in isolation. Truth Freedom Health is interconnected. Your ankle bone’s connected to your foot bone. Your heart doesn’t just operate on its own. It’s connected to vessels and your lungs, etc. So the Cardiovascular System. Let’s review that and then we’ll talk about the importance of Arginine to the Cardiovascular System. So what is the Cardiovascular System? So let’s walk through this, okay? It’s the transport system of the body, the transport system.

In the course that I teach every Monday evening, we talk about General Systems Theory; how there are three phenomena: transport, conversion, and storage. And these come from Systems Theory. Transport is related to movement. Conversion is related to things like digestion, taking things in one form or another. And then we talked about the structural systems. And I, again, I encourage everyone to take the class because when you study that, you can apply that to anything. But the Cardiovascular System is really the transport system of your body, right? And the cardiovascular system is composed of three major components. It includes in the center here, your heart. It includes the blood vessels, and then the blood, okay? So the blood itself, the vessels, and the heart.

Now, the heart is really a muscle that’s responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. So what happens is, here, the heart pumps blood, on the right side. Or your – depending on how you’re looking at it – to your left, right, when the heart pumps blood. The blood vessels here carry blood and nutrients to all parts of your body. So the aorta right here pumps blood. So this is blood leaving the heart. So this is why it’s called. Anything that leaves away from the heart, right here. This is your aorta, right, the big main artery. So this pumps blood, and the, and the red denotes oxygenated blood. And as your cells use up that oxygenation, the oxygenated blood. The blood is, by the way, composed of blood cells and plasma.

The red blood cells carry oxygen and the white blood cells provide immune support. White blood cell’s immune support, the red blood cells carry oxygen. So you pump the blood. And then as – we’ll go deeper into the capillaries in your body – the vena cava, which is a main vein that comes back into the heart here is now carrying back deoxygenated blood. And so, depending how you’re looking at it, if I’m, if I’m looking at my right side, the right here is a right atrium of your heart which pumps this blood down to the right ventricle right here. Ventricles are on the bottom, atriums are on top. And then this pumps the blood that needs to be oxygenated to your lungs up here. The lungs oxygenate the blood and oxygenated blood flows into your left atrium right here. And then the left atrium pumps this blood through your left ventricle, so on. So, your cardiovascular system is composed of your heart, the blood vessels which carry the blood and nutrients and the blood. And again, remember, the blood is not just composed of all the red stuff but it also includes the white blood cells.

So, let’s go a little bit deeper. And if you look at the Cardiovascular System. And now we’re looking at the vascular system which consists of the blood vessels. Over here you see the arteries. There’s really three types of blood vessels: the arteries, which are the large blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart. So right here, okay, so this is the aorta carrying oxygenated blood. So that’s over here. And so here’s your arteries. And here’s the arterioles, which are smaller aspects of the artery. And the arteries are the large blood vessels they carry. Now the veins are over here are the large blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood to the heart. So as you go here, this is deoxygenated blood going to the heart, which then gets pumped to the lungs, okay? So that’s what the veins do.

The arteries are carrying the oxygenated blood away from the heart and the veins are carrying the deoxygenated blood to the heart. Now the capillaries are these very fine structures, they’re the smaller, right here. They’re the small blood vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissue. So your tissues are all here. The arteries are carrying in oxygenated blood and the, and the capillaries perfuse your tissues and your cells and they are the ones that are carrying nutrients. And then they carry the waste products out back right here, as you can see, back to the veins, and then this goes back to your heart to be pumped to be reoxygenated. So, it’s quite a spectacular process that takes place here.

Now if you get even more close and we start looking at the structure of the blood vessels, we’re gonna look at the structure of the blood vessels. You’ll see the blood vessels contain three layers, okay? Now capillaries only contain the endothelial cells, which is called the tunica intima, or the inner layer, consisting of the endothelial lining which provides a frictionless pathway for the movement of blood. So if that’s the capillary that only consists of the endothelial, okay? Now the adventitia, or outer layer, is the one that provides structural support.

If you look at, if you look at here, the arteries, the outer piece right here, it’s way at the edge here, or here on veins, as well as arteries that’s called the tunica adventitia which is a loose fibrous connective tissue. It’s really the outer part of it. Then the tunica media which is the middle or the middle layer composed of elastic and muscular tissue which regulates the internal diameter of the vessel. Okay, so here’s your vessel. So the thing that really controls, that regulates the diameter of this is this right here which is the tunica media  right there. It’s the elastin in the smooth muscle. So you have the tunica adventitia – which is the outside; the tunica media – which is the middle; and then you have the tunica intima – which is literally the endothelial. Arteries and veins contain all three of these but capillaries only have the endothelial, okay, just the tunica intima.

Effect of L-Arginine on Cardiovascular System

So now let’s talk about the Cardiovascular System and the role of nitric oxide, all right? Some of you may know that the discovery of a drug called viagra was based on its effects on nitric oxide. In fact, I think about 10 or 15 years ago, I think Time magazine said nitric oxide is the molecule of the century because nitric oxide controls vasorelaxation. You know, this is what led to understanding the creation of viagra. Nitric oxide is a very, very powerful and important molecule. And you’re going to shortly see how it’s important for Cardiovascular Health. And you’re going to also understand how Arginine influences nitric oxide. So listen very carefully. So here’s the role of nitric oxide. So here’s nitric oxide. And by the way, Here’s the N, nitrogen, double bonded to the O, but it is in a form where it is, you know, in a radical form, right? Which means the electrons are not, not fully complete here, but it’s nitric oxide. So it’s nitric. And it’s a potent vasodilator which means it relaxes the vessels; it’s a key role in maintaining blood pressure; it’s anti-atherogenic, anti- atherosclerosis; it’s generated by eNOS catalysis of L-Arginine that means eNOS catalyzes L-Arginine; and blood sheer stress which means exercise triggers NO production. Let me repeat that.

Nitric oxide is triggered when you exercise. When you exercise, blood starts flowing and as the blood flows, you’re going to shortly see the research that myself and our colleagues at MIT did to show when nitric oxide flows, the flow of nitric oxide results in the flow. When you exercise it results in the flow of blood and blood flow results in the release of nitric oxide. So, you’re gonna see that shortly. So let’s look at this closely. And by the way, what I’m going to share with you again, as I mentioned now, is research I did while I was at MIT with my colleagues, Andrew Koo, and a couple of others – Professor Forbes Dewey, Guillermo Garcia-Cardena – at Brigham and Women’s. And we’ll come back to them. And this resulted in the publication of a major paper, one of the leading journals in the world known as Cells Biophysical Journal. So let me go and share that.

We’re looking right here at the vasculature and here is the artery and you’re seeing blood flow through this, you know, it’s at the capillary, right? So when you start exercising, blood starts flowing. Well, the surface of that capillary, or that artery, or that vein is composed of guess what? Endothelial. So imagine you go to your bathroom and you have those tiles on your bathroom floor. That’s like the endothelial cells. That’s what those cells are. That’s what those little pentagons are. So, when blood flows you have what’s called stress. It’s sheer stress which means the blood is flowing and it’s affecting. It’s like, if you were dropping water across the floor of your bathroom. That’s called sheer flow.

Now, when blood flows and it interacts with Arginine, L-Arginine, your body will release NO. So blood flow over the endothelial causes nitric oxide production and endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase – which is called eNOS, endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase N O S – eNOS converts Arginine to NO and I-citrulline. So, it’s quite interesting. So, when the blood flows, listen very carefully, eNOS – which is an enzyme – converts Arginine which is an essential amino or semi-essential amino acid into NO, nitric oxide, and I-citrulline. And NO production, NO production leads to vasodilation. So, NO production leads to vasodilation which means relaxation and maintenance of blood pressure.

So again, let me review this. So you exercise. Blood starts flowing through your arteries, that’s called sheer stress. That shear stress results in endothelial nitric oxide, which is an enzyme converting L-Arginine to nitric oxide and l-Citrulline. And NO production leads to vasodilation, So, Andrew Koo, our lab tech, who was a PhD student at the time was literally, Andrew had literally set up in our lab the ability – or at Brigham – where you could send flow and observe NO production. But the question was, how was this occurring at the Molecular Systems level? So you know, blood flows, you exercise, you run, blood flows through your arteries, your eNOS, Nitric Oxide Synthase interacts with the L-Arginine and then you get NO being created. But how does that occur? So now, if you go down to the Molecular Systems level, what you find is something quite fascinating. And this is the work I want to share. This was done with my colleagues at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and King’s College. So, I want to give credit, this was a collaborative effort.

Endothelial NO Production

So what happens? Well, when the blood flows, look at what actually happens. We’re looking at one endothelial cell. That’s on the surface of the arteries. So here’s a blood vessel. And there’s a phenomenon called mechanotransduction. Again, mechanotransduction – that’s a conversion process. So for example, in our course we talk about when you have a diesel generator you put in fuel and your diesel generator converts it to electricity. That’s called a transduction process, or a conversion process. Here the flow of blood converts to the chemical creation of nitric oxide.

Well, how does that occur? Well, about 10-15 years ago now. Wow. Something interesting happened, people found this little structure, and I don’t know if you can see it right here – those of you here – It looks like a Christmas tree. It’s called the glycocalyx. So, when blood flows over this, this Christmas tree starts shaking, starts moving. It’s literally on the surface of the endothelial. It’s quite amazing how the body structure really looks like someone designed this thing. So the blood flows – this glycocalyx – So blood flows over the endothelial cells, moves the glycocalyx structure on the membrane, and the mechanical force is what they call mechanotransduction – which means the force of blood you’re exercising – on the glycocalyx initiates conversion of L-Arginine to nitric oxide by the enzyme eNOS. So blood flows, this Christmas tree starts shaking. And guess what? Your body through a series of chemical reactions will release nitric oxide. So how does this occur?

And this is why when we went through all those papers –  those hundreds of thousands of papers – we found all these little chemical reactions across those papers. Calcium influx is involved, eNOS expression, eNOS phosphorylation, you know, NO production. So what I’m telling you is that when you look at all that scientific knowledge out there, with CytoSolve we find all these molecular reactions are taking place. And instead of cherry picking, with CytoSolve we’re able to gather all that knowledge and those chemical reactions and put it all together in CytoSolve. I hope that makes sense. Without CytoSolve you couldn’t do this.

So with CytoSolve, watch what we’re doing. We take all of those chemical reactions and put them all together, okay? And without CytoSolve this would frankly be an impossible task. It gets too complex. And this is why when I did my PhD, even some of the professors on my committee thought you couldn’t do this. Very much like when I created the first Email system. A bunch of doctors and people said, “Oh, you couldn’t create Email,” okay? By the way, I’m not talking about text messaging. I’m talking about Email – inbox, outbox, folders – that’s what I created, okay? The numbnuts at the military, that’s not what they did. They thought it was impossible. But I as a 14 year-old kid had respect for the secretaries in the hospital that I worked at and I did believe it was possible. Similarly, when I created CytoSolve, you had the same old guard saying, “You can’t do it.” But we did do it. And I’m going to show you what we did.

We took all those Molecular Pathways that were involved in nitric oxide release. And we were able to integrate them using CytoSolve. We took a Systems Approach. And what you find here is we took all that approach, and we said, “Hey, we could mathematically compute.” So this, this is over time and this is CytoSolve’s results. So, this black line represents how much eNOS mRNA concentration. So this means how much will eNOS upregulate messenger RNA – it’s not the vaccine, okay? That’s not what we’re talking about – to create nitric oxide, right? So this is our prediction. So, this is CytoSolve predicting it – without killing animals without hurting human beings, on the computer.

Now, Andrew Koo was doing the experiment in vitro, which means in a test tube-like situation. And this is what Andrew found. Look at how beautifully his results match ours. So, he’s doing this in the lab, our black lines in the computer. And when we do this is when we realize when others realize, “Wow, CytoSolve can actually model reality.” So, the orange dots represent reality, the black line represents our mathematical prediction. And see here? Here is eNOS Protein Concentration, and here is CytoSolve’s results. So this was the first time – and this is quite impressive – because what we’re showing here is that we can get the same results as what people are seeing in a test tube. Mathematically!

Now, this was the first important research and then this got published, and that is a very, very prestigious journal called Cells Biophysical Journal. And this got published there. I was one of the senior authors again with Guillermo Garcia-Cardena and Professor Forbes Dewey who were at MIT and Harvard respectively, okay? And I was finishing up my PhD at the time. So you can see that we had shown that you could use technology to get the same results as what people are seeing at the wet lab. So that was published. Now, why is this important? Because what we had shown was that we can mathematically model a very important cardiovascular function which is the release of nitric oxide. So that was done over here.

Several years ago, I was invited to be on the Expert Council. I gave a talk at Walter Reed medical hospital and the army Surgeon General at the time, Eric Schumacher, had just funded the USP to look at adverse reactions of different supplements to soldiers. Soldiers in the military were taking different supplements: Yohimbe, Arginine, creatine, and synephrine, caffeine. And they were taking all of them together and the military was concerned, “What do those combinations do to soldiers?” So I was asked to be on an Expert Council to oversee some research. The way that they were doing it was in a very, using spreadsheets, okay? So I came in and I said, “Look, I have a better way.” And I literally donated my time – again giving away free stuff to the military – to help them and the soldiers on using CytoSolve. And we actually were able to mathematically use CytoSolve to show how much Arginine will release nitric oxide.

L-Arginine Supplementation & NO Production

So I’m going to share that with you right now, okay? So this is very important because you’re going to get access to some again, great research, original research. So here are those pathways of nitric oxide that we had published in Biophysical Journal that I just shared with you. These have been proven, validated. So what we did was we said, “Okay, what happens when you take Arginine? What happens now you put Arginine into CytoSolve?” And we looked at different things, what’s called ADMA levels. What is ADMA? ADMA is Asymmetric dimethylarginine, ADMA. Asymmetric dimethylarginine is an analogue of L-Arginine and ADMA naturally occurring – a production of metabolism found in human circulation.

And it’s naturally found in human circulation, excuse that. And elevated levels of ADMA, elevated levels of ADMA have been directly shown to inhibit nitric oxide synthesis and therefore impair endothelial function, which is vascular function, and thus promote atherosclerosi. ADMA levels are increased in people with hypercholesterolemia, cholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, chronic heart failure, diabetes mellitus, and chronic renal failure. When you have high levels of ADMA, you’re prone to getting these diseases. So that’s all you want to remember. So what we did was, with CytoSolve, we’re are able to show the x-axis we’re simulating again using CytoSolve

To everyone excited about this knowledge I’m sharing, what I also want all of you to do is I want you to contribute to yourself. Go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN or and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Because I do a three-hour class, we’ve created the whole platform, and I’ll come back to that. It’s a way that you can not only thank me but thank yourself and contribute to your own growth. So thank you again for that.

So let’s go back to this. So what you see here is that I’m giving different levels. So I’m using the ADMA level of two micromolar. This means people are healthy. So the blue line is healthy, normal adults, they don’t have atherosclerosis. And I’m giving different levels of Arginine. So as the Arginine increases, okay, guess what happens? The nitric oxide levels peak out, okay? You’re at 100% NO level, which means you’re a healthy person, right? And you go to about 120%. So this is called the Arginine paradox. After a certain point – no matter how much Arginine you give – it stays at this 115-110% level. Does that make sense? So those of you who are taking tons and tons of Arginine and you’re healthy it’s not going to do a lot for you. That’s what this means.

Now, if you have an ADMA level of four micromolar it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. Notice that Arginine does help you. So if your NO levels are low, 85%, it’ll help you get up to normal levels at about, this is where you’re giving, you know, you’re giving increased Arginine supplementation. Now, if your ADMA levels, now this is people approaching hypertension at eight. Arginine will really help you more, right? You’re down at 80% NO release, right? NO production? So Arginine, those people have hypertension, right? Atherosclerosis. What this shows is that Arginine supplementation can be very valuable to you. Then those people who have serious hypertension. That’s when the ADMA level 16. So you’re at 60% nitric oxide levels. You know, look, it almost gets you back up to 90%. That’s not bad.

So, then that take away from here is Arginine supplementation: If you’re in good health, it’ll help you a little bit, you know, help you get into high performance mode, let’s say for athletes. But if you’re a serious hypertension, you have serious atherosclerosis, and problems, Arginine supplementation can really help you get back to the proper levels of nitric oxide. That’s what our research showed and, again, we’re not killing any animals here. And this is what is shown at the Molecular Systems level. Now, this research that we did was recently just published in the Dietary Supplementation of L-Arginine. It’s a very important dietary supplements journal there you can see, I’m one of the senior authors here. This took us three years to get this published. Publishing takes a long time, but this was published in Dietary Supplements you can look it up. And CytoSolve was really the core of doing this research.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

Now. So what I’ve shared with you here is when you take a Systems Approach, you find out that Arginine has a multiplicative effect. It affects many different subsystems to really support your Cardiovascular Health. So just think about that. And this very powerful nutrient has many positive effects. It has, in fact, it affects different aspects of your biology in Synergistic ways. So this is what’s so important about a Systems Approach. The reason I want all of you to learn a Systems Approach is that a Systems Approach reveals that it’s not just Left or Right. It’s not just Republican or Democrat. That’s just nonsense.

Truth Freedom Health ®

In 2021, anyone out there thinking the Republican Party’s better than the Democratic Party or the Democratic Party’s better than the Republican Party, you’re like an adolescent or worse than an adolescent, you’re a kindergartener. So you would get an F in my class, okay? I want all of you to become A students. That’s why you have to understand systems. So when we abstract this to a much higher level, when we start looking at, let’s say, the interaction of our search for Truth, or our search for Health, or our search for Freedom – Truth Freedom Health – these too, we can take a Systems Approach. So, you know, for far too long this search for Truth Freedom Health has been not a Systems Approach. All the nerds over here, the scientists, you know, searching for Truth have been over here. And then the people fighting for Freedom, you know, have typically been the 1A people or the Second Amendment people. And then over here have been the people who do yoga and the earthy, crunchy, granola people.

All of these three movements have unfortunately been living on their own, okay? And you know, some people consider this the Right-wing or the Left-wing or whatever-wing, right? Our goal is to bring them together. This is going to go beyond Left and Right. And that’s the way we win Truth Freedom Health. And this is very important because without taking this Systems Approach, we’re never going to get to the Truth. What I just shared with you here with Arginine is we took those 131,000 papers, we integrated all of them, we extracted the Molecular Pathways. That’s a Systems Approach. Then we looked at how Arginine affected it and then we published the Truth. Well, similarly, if we want to change the world, nothing is going to change without a Systems Approach.

Those in power do take a Systems Approach. They do not want you to take a Systems Approach to life. They want to manipulate you, “Oh, well follow Trump.” Well, you gave money to Trump. I gave money to Trump. At the end of the day, with Trump, Jared Kushner was running the White House. Operation Warp Speed was executed, you know, Assange was left in jail, right? And I think, I think I have Ken, Ken here, right? Ken is one of our Truth Freedom Health warriors. And I’m going to play the video for Truth for now.

You will see it on VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. There’s a video here and I want everyone to go there. Or you can also go to truth if you just type in It takes you to the same place. But Kenny here who joined our movement, he gave a very interesting testimonial three went through the course. Can I read this, Ken? Yeah. Ken said, “I jumped from supporting the Kennedys in the 1980s and 1990s. To Obama in the 2000s. And to Bernie in the 2010s. And then to Trump in the 2020s. I had no direction or guidance. I stayed with Trump for four years, thinking I could ‘fix’ him.”. Right. Everyone listening to this?…

I want to read Ken’s thing here. So people go to Yeah, so people go to – which is right here – and you scroll down to the bottom of this page there are different testimonials. I’ll come back to this. But here’s Ken’s testimonial. He’s right here with me. It goes, “I jumped from supporting the Kennedys in the 1980’s and 1990’s to Obama in the 2000’s then to Bernie in the 2010’s and then to Trump in the 2020’s. I had no direction or guidance. I stayed with Trump for four years, thinking I could ‘fix’ him. That PLAN worked out well: Operation Warp Speed, Fauci never fired, vaccines, masks, Ivanka, Jared, Hillary out free, Assange in Jail, $6.2 Trillion for the elites and Jeff Bezos. If it wasn’t for the Truth Freedom Health movement, I’d be now working for Tulsi Gabbard. Thank you for the Truth Freedom Health movement for their intervention. They liberated me from my own addiction to these abusers. Get Educated, or Be Abused.”

I think this is a great honest sharing by Ken. And the reason this is important is the Left and the Right, they both suck, guys. They’re not going to help you. The only way we’re going to get Truth Freedom Health’s to build a Bottoms-up movement. So let me play this video for all of you. And then I’ll come back and we’ll finish up Arginine. But it’s important everyone, if you haven’t, if you’ve seen this video, great, everyone should see this 1000 times if needed. Let me play this for everyone.

Thank you, everyone. Let’s finish up Arginine. Let me go right here and talk, finish up Arginine here. So when you get time, you will find out that if you go to this site, and you sign in, we’ve created a platform. It’s a platform for education, where you will learn, you will really learn a several year education in Control Systems Theory, in a very, very compressed manner. You’ll really understand what this diagram is, you’ll understand systems, you will get the book System and Revolution. You’ll also get access to a tool where we will apply those principles to understand, where you can see how your body works as a system. And I want to thank everyone who’s contributed to themselves because we give about seven different gifts including these for people who just give $25 bucks. It’s a generous contribution but we want to support you in your education. And I can’t take anything for nothing. So please, thank everyone for doing that.

But in addition to that, we also have a Systems Health portal where you can educate others on a Systems Approach. You also get access to a complete framework where you can get certified on the ‘Foundations of Systems’ knowledge. You also get access to other scientific papers which really teach you how food is a medicine. In addition, you get access to three other books where you will actually learn how your body is a system or you can apply this Systems Approach to life. And then you’ll also get the foundational engineering knowledge systems, this paper that we wrote.

And then those of you who have contributed $100 or more get all these gifts – and you can go check it out, I’ll walk you through this. And finally, that’s just all the educational pieces, tons and tons of education all through this portal. Separate from this, you can also build a community independent of Big Tech. There’s a forum where you can sign in, you can start creating your own groups, you can start creating your own threads, lots and lots of discussion independent of Big Tech. For the Truth Freedom Health warriors, they also get to create their own equivalent of a Facebook page equivalent, sign up and create groups, etc.

And the other piece is, we want you to get activated versus watching on the sidelines. So you can literally go here and you can pick up different flashcards as we call them. So for example, on Masks & Oral Health. These are the flashcards you can print at your local printer or you can download them. You can teach people the science of what the real issue with masks are and oral health and what the public health implications are. And there’s a website called VASHIVA.COM/MASKS, where we share original scientific research. You can also educate people on the real issue Beyond Vaxx & Anti- Vaxx which is to boost immunity. There’s again a flashcard here you can print it out and you can educate people on this. And all of these are available to this. And then finally, you can go and recognize that all of these are accessible.

For those of you who are interested in this simply all you need to do is to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. So I encourage everyone to go to that and enjoy. By the way on the mV25. You know the COVID stuff has really been interesting. We weren’t even able to get the caps and capsules because of COVID. So if anyone has any issues getting that, we just did the shipping of an order. You can just email me directly at VASHIVA@VASHIVA.COM. And if you haven’t gotten it, let me know. We’ll make sure we check into what’s going on. But bottles, caps, capsules, and basic things supposedly because of COVID. Everyone was saying we couldn’t get it on time. But anyway, that’s what’s been going on. So please don’t take it personally. But we just did a shipment last week, and we’re going to do another shipment again.

But when you look at the Systems Approach, it will really help you understand the nature of all systems and how to look at the world of systems. So on VASHIVA.COM/JOIN or, please go get educated. Our education, the social media tools we’ve created, and the activism tools are all independent of Big Tech. We run it out of our own data center, out of our own servers.

L-Arginine – Eastern & Engineering Systems Approach

Now, let’s go back to Arginine and wrap a Systems Approach up. When we take a Systems Approach, everything I’ve done so far was taking it from a biological approach. But there’s another way. You could also look at the body that we teach, at, at through our program if you can look at it from an Eastern and an engineering Systems Approach. There’s a tool all of you get who become a supporter or who are committed to wanting to become a warrior called ‘Your Body, Your System.’ And this tool basically says, look, the universe is composed of the forces of Transport-T, Conversion-C and Storage-S. So transport’s, for example, the cardiovascular system, the movement of blood. Conversion is like your digestive system – you break down things. Storage is like your skeletal system or even the arteries, right? These are the structural elements.

And when you use the software, you answer about 30 questions and it’ll help you figure out what kind of system you are in this framework. That’s your red dot. That could be you. Then you can answer a different set of questions. It’ll figure out where you are today and how you’re displaced from where you should be. So, this is basically helping you understand your disturbance that has occurred in your body and how you can get back. And then the last part helps you figure out how you can get back to you. How you can use foods and supplements and exercise to bring you back to you. All those people who are, who are supporter levels, they get the book and this is for your generous contribution of $25. It’s our gift. Now, when you look at L-Arginine, you can also look at it from this way.

So if your body’s here, look, what Arginine does is increase Vata, which is what they call in the Indian system, which is transport. So basically, moving the red dot in this direction increases blood flow, but it increases Pitta which is conversion, right, because you’re increasing mechanotransduction, right? The flow of blood to release to get more NO. That’s a conversion, mechanotransduction. But guess what it does? It lowers Kapha, the structural stuff. It doesn’t make them as rigid, it relaxes the blood vessels. So this is a very different way of coming to the same conclusions. And we teach this in the course. So you can look at it from the CytoSolve approach or you can look at it from here.


So how much Arginine should you take? Many times when I do these talks, and by the way, by no means is this at all a Medical talk – that’s a big disclaimer here –  but we’re using the research to give you some indications of what other researchers have said about what the dosing is. So what is the dosing? Well, if you look right here (McNeal et. al 2018), said about 6.4 grams per day would be about 6,000-6,400 milligrams. L-Arginine for blood pressure maintenance is around 6-30 grams per day, that’s also (McNeal, et. al 2018). And then L-Arginine for erectile dysfunction is about 1.5-5 grams per day, that’s (Rhim, et. al., 2019). So remember I talked about viagra? Well, L-Arginine releases nitric oxide which is the thing that has a very similar effect to how viagra works – it’s in the same realm, okay? So there you go.

So in summary, L-Arginine is a most metabolically versatile amino acid and it’s involved in keeping your body’s homeostasis, which means keeping your body centered. It’s involved in the Krebs Cycle, Urea Cycle and protein synthesis. And L-Arginine is a substrate meant for nitric oxide release which regulates several cardiovascular functions including blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and erectile dysfunction. Notice, this all has to do with vasodilation – relaxation of the blood vessels – so blood can flow in.


There you go, everyone. So that’s our presentation today, our beginning presentation on Cardiovascular Health. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about caffeine. We’re going to look at how caffeine literally affects nitric oxide. And, and you’re going to see that caffeine, I’ll give you a hint, has a negative aspect to L-Arginine, okay? It has a negative response than L-Arginine. And that, again, came out of our own original research which we’ll share with you. But one of the most important things to understand is. What you can see is when you look at the body as a system, it’s a very complex system. Any input you give – pharmaceutical drugs – just go hit one target. Food and natural compounds have a much more profound effect on what they were designed for. So pharmaceutical compounds go hit – a very particular target can be very powerful – but they can also have systemic effects, negative effects. But natural compounds over, you know, eons of evolution have learned how to have a modulating effect. So Arginine returns your body to homeostasis which is very, very valuable. So if you want to set, you know. I encourage people to go look more about Arginine.

But remember, we need to take a Systems Approach to life otherwise we will never get to the truth we’ll only get to a shadow of the truth. So please, I encourage everyone to sign up and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior when you do that you’re supporting yourself but you’re also supporting this movement for Truth Freedom Health. And again, the VASHIVA.COM platform, the VASHIVA platform, which you can get to at VASHIVA.COM/JOIN or We’ve literally created a technology platform for education, for social media tools independent of Big Tech, and most importantly for activism. It’s not just Twitter, it is a powerful platform to educate you so you can get educated and you don’t be enslaved. All right, everyone, thank you very much. Have a good night. Again, watch tomorrow for we’re going to talk about caffeine and the role that caffeine has on cardiovascular health. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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