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Revolution In Drug Development

Revolution in Drug Development

By Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai | February 1, 2015

Billions Poured into Big Pharma
Does it Give Us the Drugs we Need, When we Need them?

The Multi-Billion Dollar Drug Industry

Read this Article on How CytoSolve, a New Technology Platform, Aims to Find Solutions to Cancer, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Using a Systems Approach.

Multi-drug combinations are the future of creating medicines that are more effective and with lower toxicity. CytoSolve, the brainchild of VA Shiva, aims to provide the solution to create multi-drug combinations faster, cheaper, and more effectively.
Failure of Big Pharma
The modern pharmaceutical industry is in peril. The trillion-dollar industry in spite of nearly 30%, year over year, spending in R&D over the past nearly two decades continues to produce fewer and fewer drugs. The siloed, lack of feedback, and single-molecule approach is a cause of this failure. Reduced efficacy of drugs coming from the pipeline with increased toxicity continues to be the norm versus the exception. Single molecule approaches ignore the numerous side effects that concomitant reactions yield at the molecular level. Today it takes nearly 13 years and upwards of 5 billion dollars to produce a single drug. With rising health care costs and a public which is becoming more educated on health and well-being, big pharma’s current business model is likely to self-destruct.

The Need for Multi-Drug Combinations

In ancient systems of medicine, Siddha yogis recognized the power of combinations. These ancient systems scientists and medical doctors artfully combined herbs, metals, and minerals to create powerful formulations for various ailments. Today modern systems biology is recognizing that single-molecule drugs must yield way to multi-combination therapies.

Multi-combination drugs have non-linear effects. This means that 1+1 does not equal 2, but 1+1 may equal 50. Small concentrations of multiple compounds have the ability to yield far greater results than a single compound at a very high dosage. The current siloed, fragmented, pharmaceutical, non-feedback systems approach is unable to address the development of multi-drug combinations, for pharma just developing a single-molecule compound is itself a daunting challenge. Multi-drug combinations recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and will be the future of drug development

CytoSolve: the Platform for Multi-Drug Combinations

In 2003, VA Shiva returned to MIT as a PhD. To architect and design CytoSolve, a platform for integrating molecular pathways to model the whole human cell. After 4 years, CytoSolve was the result. CytoSolve provides a platform to scalably integrate multiple molecular pathways to model complex diseases in-silico, meaning, on the computer, and to test multiple molecular compounds to understand their complex interactions. No other platform like CytoSolve exists in the world today. Recently, CytoSolve was cited in the prestigious Nature journal in a June 2012 article on combinatorial drugs. CytoSolve’s unique framework provides a method for multi-combination drug discovery, end-to-end, and aims to reduce the cost the cost and time of drug development by at least 50%

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