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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, shares HOW we get the Leaders we need and deserve: by raising OUR Consciousness.

Transcript Below.

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All right. Thanks. All right. Everyone. Good evening. This is Dr. Shiva. For some people, maybe morning. Welcome. Today we’re going to have our open house that we do in our town hall. We typically do our town hall at 8 PM in the mornings. We do a overall orientation for truth for help. But in the evenings at 8 PM, we’ll start with our open house.

I’m sorry. Start with our town hall. And then we go to our open house. And today we’re going to be really talking about how the leaders that we have really reflect a citizen state of consciousness. I talked about this, but I think it’s really important to emphasize this. So let me really speak to this, because what our movement, our institution, our community is really doing is to create leaders.

There’s a number of leaders on this call all over the world and all over the country. So this is quite extraordinary. The process that we’re putting people through involves 1st, if you think about it out of the 8, 000, 000, 000 people on the planet, a set of them over the last 4 years have found our videos online in spite of the massive amount of censorship.

And out of those people, about half a billion people throughout the world know about us in spite of all the censorship. And out of that, a set of people, about a half a million people have touched our movement as members, supporters or as warriors. So the 1st step is some, someone may just come and they may just want to be members, and we give them many tools to do that.

We give them some. Important papers to read that go to the heart of the science of this movement, because you need the right education, the right theory. If you’re going to actually go build a movement. Otherwise, you could waste 60, 50, 70 years, meandering around and wasting a lot of your time.

And we want to cut that short. That’s a lot of suffering for people. And then other people support our movement. And then we have people actually go to become a warrior scholar. Now, we call it a warrior scholar program. It’s not just scratching your beer, smoking your pipe and philosophizing or being on social media and clicking away and hitting likes and shares.

It’s the program here is where we want you to study. And it’s taken me a long time to put together the curricula and that curricula comes out of a very foundational discovery, which is unraveling the connection between modern engineering systems theory with ancient systems of yoga and medicine.

It’s quite a quite frankly, profound connection. And that connection is a body of knowledge. All of you have been, enriched to frankly, receive I used to teach it at to a very small set of people and my T’s graduates run, 4, 000 people come to a 1, 000 undergraduates, a 1, 000 sorry, 8, 000 total people, 4, 000 undergrads, 4, 000.

Graduate students and out of the 1, 000 people who come. In the undergraduate 1000 people come in a graduate level, a subset of those people take are just in system size to teach probably the most are the most popular elective in this field. So the content that you’re getting is at a very world class level.

But what we’ve done is made it accessible to everyone. So that’s the theory piece. And you have to really reread it, restudy it. It took me years and years to put together that curriculum. So don’t just take it 1 time. Take it multiple times teach the course we. Emily and her team really help you help others by teaching it.

But then we’ve created an educational leadership program and that has probably about 2030 steps. And then more recently, we’ve created a management leadership program. We’re educating people no different than that a Harvard business school or a Stanford would do on project management. How to articulate things, how to build a pipeline, stuff that would take to probably people would never learn.

People get to learn and the leadership that we’re building are extraordinary people. Who are everyday working people, these aren’t people who are full time. Nonprofit activists. There’s no resource development team here. These are retired working people are working people, all people who worked for a living.

So we are truly a movement of the working people for the working people. And there’s no other movement like this on the planet. And it is a movement that has both theory and practice theory and practice. And what we’ve done now is to educate those people come through our movement.

And those of your new welcome that you need to have 3 elements. If we’re going to really create the world that we want a, you have to take action. Those of you who made it here, and someone said, I was just listening, I’m going to get a bumper sticker, put yard signs up. That’s great. That’s phenomenal.

Everyone should be doing that. Action, because what that action does, you will have an experience when you take an action, right? We decide to go to the amusement park. You have an experience. You decide to get a dog. You have an experience with the dog. You decide to raise a kid. You have an experience.

You decide to go out and hand out a flyer. You have an experience. You decide. You’re going to go date someone you have an experience, right? Life is about us as soul. Making, doing these courageous actions. Small and large, and out of that, you have experiences those experiences. Ultimately, they will affect your consciousness.

And that’s what we’re doing and that consciousness will then direct you to the next action, which will move you into a different experience and so on and so on. But you need this triumvirate of action. Experience and consciousness action experience and consciousness. Now, the leaders that people select reflect their state of consciousness.

And you can see that leaders over the years, particularly in the United States, for that matter, in the world have degenerated. It’s pretty degenerate. The quality of leaders people select today, but that degeneracy reflects the consciousness of people that the elites, the swarm has intentionally degenerated with actors who are leaders, people who say 1 thing and do another and then more importantly, people think it’s acceptable to have that.

So over time, as this process goes on, people’s. Experiences get very limited. Their consciousness gets limited and less. What happens is I don’t even act anymore. So no action, no experience a diminished consciousness. That’s what’s been going on. People think somebody’s going to do something. Our movement is built bottoms up.

We had someone this morning saying, oh, I wrote to customer service. No 1 got back to me. This is a very fucked up attitude. Okay, it’s something that this person could have solved themselves. They think we are here to serve them when the entire movement has been built ground up from volunteers who are very good every mornings at 9 a.

m. to 11 a. m. We have an operations meeting. We look at everyone’s issues. People have issues we’ve created a way that people can submit issues, but they have to tell us what they want to be a participant. We’re not here to be the welfare organization where people are just sitting there and going to take content, take the curriculum, but never really take action.

The establishment wants people to be fat, dumb and lazy, and that’s a certain state of consciousness and that’s not going to get you anywhere. Our movement has provided incredible infrastructure with all volunteer staff bottoms up through donations of people’s time, particularly and resources. And the infrastructure we’ve built now is a community.

Most of all worldwide. We have let this community grow bottoms up. There’s no anointment top down. We watch people’s work. Do they take the course? Do they get it? Do they act? And if they do, they get leadership positions and then get more training and they get more training. It’s truly a meritocracy based model, and it’s again by working people, artists, nurses entrepreneurs retirees plumbers, electricians as I.

T. workers show me any other movement. That’s like this. What you’ll find is organize crying people in many of these parties, et cetera. They’re all pay criminals. Okay, they do it for favors. They do it to get a job somewhere. That’s how these political parties work. So that’s why we’re in a very powerful path because everyone who’s come to our movement.

All 106 of you are doing it all for the right reason. Nicholas is here. Nicholas works as an electrician full time and. He has mobilized people in Kentucky, and he has read all the materials. Nicholas is getting the education of a Ph. D. out of M. I. T. whether he knows it or not. As Tracy, so as jewel, so as Rose, so as Bob Smith.

A, we’ve created a world class. Educational infrastructure, an incredible community of people who are highly self reflective. Who are highly dedicated, who are truly compassionate human beings. So it’s an extraordinary group of people. You really feel like you have, a true family of people’s and many people said, Oh, during COVID my family did this sometimes your family turns out to be your biggest enemies.

It’s unfortunate, but we’re creating a global family of people are dedicated to really building truth, freedom, health. That’s what we’re doing. And they come from all different backgrounds, but the singular thing is. They’re they’re real seekers. The challenge as a movement, as an institution, as an organization.

Is that we have to recognize that we ourselves. Are still in the fishbowl of the swarm, right? So if you’re, you’re in the fishbowl with all this polluted water around you. In order to make it out of that, when you recognize where you are, you have to be in somewhat self observational mode and this self observational mode leads to 1, realizing that.

It’s very easy to get manipulated and the manipulation is to always have this thinking that someone else is going to do the work. Oh, Dr. Shiva. Can you do research on 5G and blah, blah, blah. Sure. I can do that. But, we’ve done now we have open sourced. Our side assault platform, so you can do that.

You have a research question. We will enable you to do the research. Oh, Dr. Shiva. This is hurting me. What should I take? As I think Catherine’s way said, we have. Now, open sourced our system self platform, another powerful solution. Where if you are any type of background from any background, you can truly become a health educator.

There’s infinite choices now for health and well being. You can take this supplement, you can take this food, that diet. The choices are infinite. How do you figure out what’s right for the right person at the right time? We’ve created that system. That’s a system self education program.

Another very powerful solution a couple of weeks ago, we shared with people a solution 10 years, which is about enabling food manufacturers about if you want to start eating some food company, we have created a systems certification program that’s worldwide. Now, it’s called clean food and raw food certified accessible to many people.

So we are directly affecting the food system. And every 1 of you can be part of defining that certification. It’s not USDA organic come top down. Or non GMO, a bunch of people coming top down. It’s bottoms up. So think about that solution. These are extraordinary solutions and it’s taken decades to create these solutions.

But now that we have a movement, we’re not reliant on the swarm to get out the solutions by the people for the people. You guys can be the agents of delivering those solutions. So the truth freedom health movement. Is another solution, and that solution is to enable you to raise your consciousness because our leaders reflect our consciousness.

And what’s really interesting with consciousness raising is. You can have people at a very low state of consciousness, but 1, clever monkey raises a consciousness of. A million of those people. That’s what’s fascinating. If you remember planet of the apes, right? 1 Caesar, the ape who started learns how to talk.

He liberates all of them. So our goal is we don’t we’re not here to convince anybody. Don’t waste your time. However, we are here. Went to support those people who are moving through that path of consciousness to accelerate their growth much more rapidly because 1 person who understands the nucleus of we’re sharing is literally, truly a being of light in many ways, because they are there.

Getting off the plantation affects many people because the knowledge here is that powerful. This is why when you saw 2020 me alone in this room, we affected a half a billion people. What was what is it? I shared. I shared a systems approach to the immune system. We were the ones who called the fire Fauci.

We took that same systems approach expose the election voting systems. It’s quite incredible what one person can do with this knowledge. It’s imagine an alien came and had some type of being weapon that could just blow up every other weapon on the planet. You’re pretty powerful. And this knowledge gives you that kind of power, but it gives you that power.

And it has to be exercised consistently. Some people will come. Oh, I learned this. I learned this, but, blah, blah, blah is not getting it and they leave. Or they don’t put in the effort. And this is also part of the swarm. The swarm has trained people, everything has to come easy.

You order stuff on Amazon quickly, you click of a button, you get this, but you know what? Building a movement is not easy. Taking care of your health is not easy. If you have poor health, it has taken years to get to that situation. Now, you can go down the allopathic route and take some drug and it’s going to have serious side effects, or you have to play the long game.

Okay. I got to do the right exercise. I have to eat the right foods. I have to have the right company. I have to have the right. Regimen, relaxation and so on. It’s not any 1 thing and you do that over and over again. Little by little enough times you achieve real health. Our movement is playing the long game.

We’re not here for immature people who think, oh, I made this 1 phone call. I went to, I handed out 5 flyers, 10 people walk by me. No 1 picked up. Oh wine. Go back and do it again and again and again.

And that’s how we build movements. That’s how you achieve anything in life. I remember when I first studied calculus, the concept of a limit was so weird. I couldn’t even understand it. And I just studied the words over and did hundreds of problems, hundreds of and finally it emerged. We’ve created a whole bunch of people.

Consciousness by design has been devastated to think, oh, you do a little bit and you get a lot. And that’s what the elites do. The elites are all about very low investment. They’re all about high ROI, right? High return on investment. I put 1 dollar in and I made a billion on Bitcoin. Who am I? Not smart.

Wow, I’m so smart. I move capital around and I make a shitload of money. You didn’t really create value. Value is created at the point of production. Value is created by work by labor at the point of production. And this is fundamental to what it means to be a true human being who actually contributes to society, not being a scumbag and just moving capital around all day.

That’s really not work guys.

But that is what they’re training people to do. Our movement is educating people on valuing themselves. Our movement is educating you on exploring yourself and interconnecting your own suffering your own journey with the collective suffering and journey of all other people and recognizing that we have to organize ourselves.

This is not some kumbaya of uniting and shoving under all the contradictions. This isn’t us versus them. There isn’t us and there is them. Don’t let anyone fool you. Oh, let’s all unite. No, we’re not going to unite with the swarm. When someone tells you to unite and oh, this is being divisive. That means you’re part of the swarm.

We are here to separate. As a great being said the week from the trap we are, we have to do that, but our movement has had massive impact our movement. I keep saying is like molasses. It just moves and it’s very viscous and when people get it, they get it. You can’t unlearn this stuff. That’s what’s powerful about it.

So you will see the entire anti Zionist movement came out of here, right here from this movement. There’s been 100 million views on a very directed slogan we put out, Zionist cocksucker. It is not a curse word. It is a very powerful slogan that most working people throughout the world have had on their minds, but we articulated it.

Another political statement, we educated people on Zionism. Zionism is racism in the service of imperialism. Very pithy, succinct slogan, which reveals that Zionism is a political ideology. It was our movement that said the government launders censorship through social media companies. Again, a very powerful statement, which brings together all of this knowledge into one statement, but very powerful.

It is our movement that says, end the occupation of America, not ceasefire now. That’s a Namby Pamby bullshit slogan. It is this movement, which made the hashtag Fire Fauci. This movement did that. This movement collected. Many petition signatures, it is this movement that put on the map. Hashtag election fraud.

Trump was calling it voter fraud, which is very different. And I can keep going on and on. Our movement has permeated the consciousness of billions across the world without getting the credit to, but that’s okay because people know about us. And now we’re at a very important point because we’re going to raise consciousness in very powerful ways.

We have Marianne Berry. In Arizona, she goes out there and collects signatures. She hands out a card and someone else sees it and they do a live podcast with us. And that brings in other people. Michael Griffiths and Geetha are out there, doing meetings. They’re organizing thousands of people in the United Kingdom.

Out of that, another podcaster comes and people say, wow, that’s pretty cool. Even though the podcaster was foolish, but we educated him and 20 more warriors joined us. It’s going viral, but we’re doing it on our terms. We’re not begging to go on fucker Carlson show because we don’t know shit to anyone.

And that’s what bothers them. We stand up on our own 2 feet. We’re not here to compromise our principles. We’re not here to say personal integrity and public integrity can be different booby fucking Kennedy says that because the swarm has a luxury. Of living in two worlds, they have the luxury of killing their wife, banging 38 women, and then telling people to live another life.

Trump has a luxury of having many lawyers and banging, prostitutes while his wife is pregnant and then pleading as, oh, he’s some victim.

We don’t have that luxury working. People don’t have that legal support. They don’t have that PR machine. To, whitewash all their crimes. The Kennedys do. The Kennedys whitewash all their crimes. We don’t. Nor should we ever compromise on any of this shit. He says some good things. No, it doesn’t matter what the fuck he says.

What does he do? What does that individual do? What is his life been about? What is their journey about? Have they actually suffered? Have they had to live the lives that the majority of 8 billion of us have to do? No, they don’t. Everything they do is to keep us on their plantation

and our leaders The next big phase is they’re learning to speak with authority to be coaches of other people. That’s what our leaders. So when Pete, we have hundreds of thousands of people say, Oh, Dr. Shiva, I love your videos. One out. Okay. Now get off your butt and do the work. I don’t know.

No, you have to do the work. Now. Our leaders are learning to be righteous coaches. To demand the highest from people, not to be Namby Pamby people pleasers, Dale Carnegie courses, that’s what Dale Carnegie was about in the 70s, teaching a whole set of management people how to be people pleasers. We do here, we have people with a very high degree of consciousness.

We’re moving through a journey to own the right of working people to rule ourselves. Not a bunch of hypocrites. If you want to raise your consciousness. If you want leaders, if you want a better governance system, raise your own consciousness, have high standards, study, learn, work hard. These are very age old principles.

Our movement’s going to demand that of people. So if you come to our movement and you sign up and you say, oh, Dr. Shiva, I like you we’re going to call you up the next day and say, where the fuck are you? Are you going to hand out some flyers? Are you going to help us get on the ballot? Are you going to put a bumper sticker?

Are you going to come to an open house? Are you going to invite other people get to work? Because this movement is here. The educational systems here, you have no excuses anymore and be part of the solution and we will push you. That is called leadership, not like going down to the lowest common denominator, and you end up with an unconscious.

Electorate, electing or putting people like booby fucking Kennedy, Biden, Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, you go down the list, Bernie Sanders, your leader, Saab guru, come on, these people say they’re for help. And the other day, they were forcing people to get vaccinated at their own ashrams. We’re not going to put up with contradictions.

We’re going to demand the highest. We deserve that. Life is very short and why live as slaves. So this movement’s about you. You have to do a little bit of contemplation and you have to intersect your journey to the collective journey. And that is truly enlightenment. It’s not sitting under a tree and, seeing the lights and all that.

You can have those experiences, but that’s not enlightenment. Enlightenment is connecting you, your soul, your journey, to the With the collective journey, and then fighting, not just meditating, but fighting. And that is what we’re teaching people. We’ve created an extraordinary environment to do that. And we’ll keep growing.

We’ll keep getting better and better. But our goal and our mission is so profoundly clear. And it’s an honor for me always to share this with you guys, because for me, it’s been a very long journey, of 60 years. And for each 1 of you just reflect on your journey. So we have a powerful framework here.

It’s an educational system. It’s a technology. It’s a community and reflect on the fact that as you raise your consciousness uncompromising, and you act. And you act, and you have experiences, and you raise your consciousness, and you keep doing that every day, we’ve created a system where just like a gym, you go in and maybe do 20 minutes, maybe do for 4 workouts a week.

This is a place to work out. It’s a place to exercise as your citizenship muscles and you get as much as you put in. But we’ve created that wonderful environment. And as I shared before, a great author once said the most illiterate people are those people who say I don’t want to be political.

I don’t like politics. Those are the most illiterate people. You cannot but be political. You have to be political because politics is what determines, as Bertolt Brecht said, the price of food inflation, everything around you is determined by politics and the elites purposely intentionally by design want to frustrate you want to make you complacent want you not to participate in politics.

You have to participate in politics. It is a nature of life and whether you don’t, if you don’t participate, you are participating by your lack of participation because you’re owned by somebody. So that’s what this is about. To all of you, we’re new get involved a, take the course. Teach it, take it, teach it, take it, teach it connect with a leader.

If you have an Emily and crystal and, they’ll connect you. Download a flyer, the shatter, the swarm flyer, share the shatter, the swarm website with your friends. You should think about every day, handing out a few cards, meeting people. We’ve made it easy. You can just say, hey here’s the thing.

Come to this open house. Got 110 people here. Everyone should go do that with 10 people. So we made it easy. We made it as easy as going to a gym. Okay, we have and we give you lots of different exercises. You’re not doing a bench press. You’re not doing a lap pull. You’re not doing a squat, but you are handing out a flyer.

You’re learning how to talk to people. You’re learning how to challenge people. You’re going to learn all this stuff. And so it’s just a matter of time. It’s an extraordinary movement that we’ve created. We have extraordinary people. And so get involved right now. On the Senate, on the sorry, on the president side, we’re running for president in the United States.

We’ve exposed those people who’ve been involved. All of, corrupt the system is now you’ve seen it. We go to collect signatures, they call the cops on us. Extraordinary. Now we’re teaching people how to file legal notices. We’re going to have a bunch of lawyers on our staff soon. Pro se lawyers who teaches that we do.

By the end of 2024, we will have leaders in every country. We already are in every country, but leaders. Organizational structures in every country, every state. Hopefully, every village eventually, so that’s what we’re building and we’re doing it by ourselves. Everyone Pat yourself on the back, there’s no, a pack here.

There’s no Zionist funding us. We’re doing it ourselves and don’t think they’re gonna cover us. My followers will stay 520, 000 on Facebook, probably for another 10 years. Okay? And don’t whine that they’re shadow banning us. That is what they will do. But you know what? You get you watch what’s going on social media.

Random people are picking up our stuff and they’re hitting them. So the offline, the future is offline. The future is you. So get involved. You are the agent of change. No one is coming to help us. No one. Tracy Peters is the agent of change. Nick Rivera is the agent of change. Bob Smith is.

Delio Fernandez is. Nicholas Lupo is. Doris Dabish is. One flyer you hand out, you’re being out there. People are wondering, why is this woman out here in the rain? Let me find out what this is about. Wow, there must be something extraordinary. She stands out here alone on her own two feet. She’s not waiting for a crowd, wearing MAGA hats.

For, she’s doing it on her own. Marianne Berry is organizing people. She’s got a list. She’s got to call people. She’s got to motivate them. Marianne is going to forget about what anyone else does. Marianne’s going to grow extraordinary, so this is about you. That’s what this is about. And the collective.

But it begins with you. Don’t diminish you. You have to intersect you with the collective. It’s both. In closing, this is really about raising our consciousness. We raise our consciousness, it sends out a ripple effect into the universe, and I’m not fully sure how that works, but it works that way.

It does. And we know this at the physical chemistry level. Particles communicate to each other. We don’t know how, but they do. You raise your consciousness, halfway across the universe, your consciousness raising is moving someone else’s information, matter, and energy. It is. We can’t explain this, but that’s how it works.

Don’t diminish the, what you’re doing. It’s just going to be time. That’s all. It’s time and consistency of effort. There’s no shortcut. We’re playing the long game. All right Trey, keep streaming. We’ll take questions. Trey, if there’s any comments. Online, you can share it with us. But let’s take any questions here.

It’s 939. We’ll take questions until about the next 20 minutes.

All questions are open in this context of governance. Leadership, education, et cetera.

Wow. Silence. Please raise your hand. If you have a question. Okay, we have Justina Wallace. Hi, Justina. How are you? Hi there. Can you hear me? Yeah. Hi, Dr. Shiva. I’ve been following you and supporting you on social media for quite a while since at least 2020. Oh, really? What’s your, are you on Twitter or on Facebook?

Instagram and YouTube. I’m on Twitter. I’m my mystic within. Okay, great. Thank you. Anyway, but yeah I’ve do you know, Michelle Santonosa? No, not yet. Yeah. So Michelle and you should connect as Michelle’s created a social media team. Oh, good. You should get on board and you can help her, but go ahead.

I have a lot of fun with it because anyway, I spoke with you last year and you had helped me with a lot of Things like getting off of cannabis, which I used for getting away from pharma, but anyway so my journey was like all health related and I I spoke to Glenn this week and I’m in Alberta now.

I was in Toronto before and Ottawa. So I’m in Canada. So my question is like, how. I’m not in America, right? Like how, for a while I was actually really scared to participate because of how we got shut down during the trucker convoy, the financial fears what I see I had it and I see a lot of Canadians are in that same boat, so anyway, I’m at the point where I’d like to help, I’d like to, I’d like to help and connect with others in Alberta, but I just don’t know, I’ve taken a course.

I find the website a little bit overwhelming. Know. How do you see people from other countries helping? First of all, it’s a great question, Justine. It’s a very timely question. The movement is global, okay? In different countries, we have set very practical goals. I don’t know how much Glenn shared with you, but we have about 3500 people across Canada who have, signed up to be part of our movement.

Thank God, and we let that just sit there because we didn’t have an organizational structure to reach out and mobilize them because we wanted it to develop. Now we have leaders who are emerging, bottoms up, Glenn, Natalie, and probably about 7 or 8 other people across Canada. Those people have a very specific goal and we have to do this methodically, which is what occurred with the truckers movement in Canada.

People can go take action, which is good. Action is very important, but action combined with the right theory is like.

Potent, to really do change. So the truckers movement had passion, but it didn’t have the right political theory. Okay. That’s still Canada doesn’t there’s all these different groups. That really don’t know what they’re doing and yeah, go ahead. What we’re doing is step 1, we put together a very nice manifesto, a flyer for Canada.

Okay, which lays out, look. Here’s the real salute. Here’s the problem. That’s going on. It’s very similar to the United States. There is a serious health. Health is a very powerful place to start because health intersects. It’s a multi systems problem, but we’ve tuned it to Canada and then what we’re doing now in Canada is we’re mobilizing people across Canada.

A, by inviting them to understand this problem and then saying, look, you need to get training. Some people will hand out flyers, but we’re going to create enough people in Canada who go through the systems training. Because you have to have across Canada enough people have the theory. And the training, okay, so we’ve done that.

Ken, I don’t know, I don’t know if Glenn Natalie’s here, but you should connect with them. I think Glenn, we’re probably gonna have another meeting this Sunday. We should. With the team and so there’s a core leadership that has emerged, but we’re doing it very methodically. Justine and you should get involved since you’ve been following us since you should connect with.

Yeah. Yeah. For a while, it was, having to secure a house. I have 2 small children. Yeah, I moved from the Toronto area to Ottawa. We did the whole off grid. Acreage thing, but it was so hard to get any permits. It’s to build and blah, blah, and it was really soul crushing actually how much Ontario is under already total there and it’s just a very extreme there.

So I moved back to, I was here in Alberta 15 years ago, I find it to have different issues for example, they’re really, they’re doing all the same things here in Canada, but they’re pushing different issues like Alberta has that pear polyp on my whatever his name, pear polyvier, like he’s one of them too, right?

His wife was she was the CEO of the company. I can’t remember the name that was importing the test kits. Yeah. And so it’s the same thing. It’s not so obvious establishment that really pisses me off. But Justina, look at the words that you’ve learned. What we need to do is we need, there’s not going to be there’s there is an urgency, but if we don’t do the right things in the right way, we have to create the right foundation in every country.

Which means you have to have enough people who understand why we must hammer the not so obvious establishment. They are the evil. So I’m so tired of having I make the predictions, I gave birth in an empty hospital in 2020. I’ve, I predicted Trump. Like I’m, I feel I’m psychic. I feel that RFK is going to get in and it’s just it’s just.

It makes me so angry. But the cool thing is, Justina, for the first time in history, a movement like ours exists. Which is exposing the not so obvious establishment. And this is what’s historic. Typically an RFK would be able to bamboozle people. You see what I’m saying? But when I hit him in 2020, I lost 20 percent of my followers.

Yeah. People are like, Oh, why don’t you work with boobie? You and Hinton could be a powerful, team. But the fact is that we’re creating enough people who have the courage like you have and others to break from these devils. Okay. And the Kennedy family is an organized crime family and to end.

And the fact that you get this so deeply, and there’s were on the fence about this. You become a very powerful vehicle to educate them. Now, you see what I’m saying? Because there are so many women. In the medical freedom movement who’ve been bamboozled by that fool who have lost a lot of children. Yep.

Mothers who he’s stolen money from leveraging their guilt. You say, yeah, and then he sinks the movement. He just sinks it. That is his job. He takes over other hijacks movements. And then moves them elsewhere. You see what I’m saying? That is his job. That’s what, that’s why he gets publicity. But the fact is you get it, Justina, and you get it, Glenn gets it, Natalie gets it.

And this is why, it’s just a matter of time now. If our movement didn’t exist, they would keep getting away. It would just be you in your little hovel trying to expose Kennedy or me trying to expose him. So that’s what’s so powerful about this movement that people are figuring out Saad Guru in India.

Black people are figuring out Martin Luther King. People are figuring out all these shills that were created to keep people in abeyance. And outsourcing their future to these people, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, at least at least Western Canada still has some heart left. It’s not that learned helplessness as in Eastern Canada.

Not as much anyway, I understand. We just have to build the movement because we have the right theory, the right framework. And it’s not going to happen overnight, but I guarantee you. All of these other parties, which are out there, we’re going to win over time. Many of those people to us because they’re going to see the clarity of thought and direction.

We have. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s no, no longer about oh, I’m right. I was right about covert. I was right about. I don’t want to be right. I wish I was wrong. Yeah so anyway, I want to take a couple more people’s questions if that’s okay. Yeah, so just methodically finishing the course. Is that where I start the course?

Go through it again. Come to the open houses. Connect with Glenn because, the course is 1 piece. He sent me the internal, like the messaging thing. So I’ll do that. Connect there, but come to Glenn and, all the people throughout the world in different communities are holding meetings, like in Finland, they, for Eastern Europe, that for Norway has their meeting Southeast Asian.

So I am directly now getting myself more on the ground by directly working with leaders. Awesome. Over the last four years to build all of this. But now I’m coming full circle and spending time with leaders. And I did 3 meetings today, with a number of people. Awesome.

That’s very exciting because you’re getting back on the ground. Yes, I would suggest that you connect. Get involved, help Glenn make some phone calls. We have a big list that we got to go through. Mobilize people, beat up people, tell them, look, you signed up. You liked all the videos. What the fuck are you doing?

Yes. I’m busy when you got to slap him upside the head. What do you mean? You’re busy? You have to talk like, because they did see the videos. They did give us their phone numbers. They did all this work. Now get off. So get out of the get out of the fear. Get out of the fear. Yeah, get out of the fear and get out of the habit of thinking someone else’s deep down.

People think someone else is going to come down people. That’s right. And yeah anyway, Dr, thank you for just doing to do 2 things. Connect with Glenn. Please, I expect to see you, the Sunday and at the regular meetings. The other thing is connected with Michelle. Santa knows that.

Because I do regular videos and stuff, but it’s really good to have people on social media bringing people back to the open house. So get involved with that. Okay. Sounds fine. Thank you very much for your work. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for everything. You’ve done Artemis. Let’s go Estrada from Maryland.

Maryland. Is that yes, Maryland and the United States and the Washington D. C. Metro area. Okay. Great. Yeah. Your cytosol interest that Open Science Institute interests me and it’s I’ve found what I’ve learned is called scale, energy and orus minerals for health. There’s a, there is another group who did their, who’s doing their own grounds up movement for one of the scalar technologies, but. You have to be physically healthy enough to walk and do all these things. I can’t do that. So I’m wondering so I saw I went through the portal so to know how to do that research.

I know. Like how much I guess my question is that can it be done for things that are not like a supplement or, some, if it’s something that’s a bit less traditional, let’s put it that way. Because like how you have your systems theory, you explained all this stuff, it’s also really different.

Extremely different. And I think this is one of the things that, made it so I could it before like I, I couldn’t I literally because of health. I couldn’t order about bumper sticker. It didn’t. And just which is better than it was before, which I couldn’t get food by myself. So my friends were helping me.

And these things I think would be very good for other citizens to have. I wanted to I wanted to know if something like that would, provide a framework so that, I could introduce it. Let’s say, for example, like work when I tried to do it something like 1 of them recently.

So can you just succinctly ask what your question is? Okay, yeah, like how you’ve done a framework of, how you have the cards and other things for different topics that you’ve come up with for you, it was like, say, it was COVID or climate change. So what’s your question?

Okay, so I want to do that same thing for Scalar and ORMIS. I’m wondering if Cytosol, that research would be the Okay yeah okay okay. Okay. For years, I’ve had people in the, in this world of the alternative world, talk about scalar enormous. And I say. You need to design an experiment.

Okay. Yes. Okay. Side to solve is a a systems biology framework that allows people to do research, but all research begins with a hypothesis. You have to have a a what you think are going to be the potential outcomes and then everything in the universe, ultimately is information matter and energy.

The problem with some of the alternative medicine people is that they don’t know how to translate. Anecdotally, or experientially what they had into a scientific framework. So they get, put into this world of medicine. Okay. And those same people, it takes a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work to do this work.

If you look at the works of Richard Feynman, who’s 1 of my heroes. Richard Feynman, yeah, when they looked at quantum electromechanics. He did a hypothesis, they mapped out an experiment and they were able to measure things up until point. Oh, one. Okay. Which people didn’t think you could do.

So the 1st step, I don’t want to do it here. If you have a research idea, you can set up a. A call, but you have to come in with a grounded. Okay. Something that’s. You can measure that you can execute, get results on because everything is ultimately information, matter and energy electromagnetic waves.

You cannot see with our physical eyes. But they are inner convertible energy gets converted to material changes in the body. And you can measure these things, but if you can’t frame it that way. Then it just becomes when you go around in circles, and it’s frankly, very time consuming and it doesn’t get you anywhere.

And it frankly distracts people. So what I would suggest is you can set up time Emily or crystal or somebody will send you my assistance email and you can set up time. But please. We’ll put a couple of PhDs on, but you got to be ready. You can’t just make it just something random.

Okay, you’re gonna have to get a little bit tighter in the way you ask these questions. But thank you. Good to have you.

Okay. Ray Martinez. Go ahead. Ray. Hello, Dr. Shiva. And welcome. Yeah. You’re awesome people. Question I have here is, I’ve come to know how connections are and small things matter. Can you speak a little louder? Yeah. Can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah. I got to just get closer here. Anyway, the question I had was when we are engaging the people, I’ve come to know how important small things matter and actions are, and when I’m handing out cards and flyers.

I find myself giving them my phone number because I highly recommend and challenge them to watch Shatter the Sworn Video to help raise their consciousness. But I put my number on there for them to be able to call me back and dialogue. And people are calling back and dialogue because at first I was just handing out cards, but I wasn’t making the connection.

I, I, yeah, connection. I want to maintain it and continue to develop it. And so I put my number on there and I encourage them to make contact with me and ask, so that I can answer any questions that come up. So that’s great. Yeah. Look Michelle will tell you that I’ve spent like three hours with people on the phone, just explaining a simple concept like booby fucking Kennedy or Trump or, and it’s over and over again.

And so if you can hand out a flyer, and you can have a direct connection with people, when you can educate them, that’s really cool. And that’s what we want people to be able to do. But that’s excellent. It’s a great thing. Thanks. Thanks for sharing that. Let’s go over to Anuradha Griffiths, and then we’ll go to Canada Finney.

Canada Finney. Anuradha, how are you? I’m fine, thank you. My question is Is there a bottoms up movement in the United Kingdom anywhere and how can I get connected with those people? My second question is, why should the elite, why should the swarms get the privilege of having the title elite? Because we all are Equal to elite in some way.

We are, we may be not having as much as money as they have, but we are good in knowledge, good in doing other things, connecting with people, helping people, giving them the knowledge. So basically the swarms are and I call them predators. I call myself as idiot because I feel proud because I have got the knowledge with the NHS and helping the people who are needy, whatever I can give, I gave, so I’m no different to the idiots, but I don’t do anything.

What the swarms does. First of all, yes first of all, Michael Griffith, Michael is Michael Geetha are quite extraordinary leaders in the United Kingdom. So Michael’s here. Michael runs regular meetups, and you can connect with Michael and Geetha, that’s 1. 2nd, to answer your question, and the words have meanings that obviously are dynamic.

They change over time from a political context. The word elite now refers. To the scumbags. Okay, but you’re absolutely right. The elite model comes out of the fact that they’ve created this. Infrastructure where point 0. 001 percent think they can rule over. In this word, when we use the word elites, it’s not to mean that we’re not equal, but it refers to them in a derogatory manner.

Okay, when we use that term, but thank you. Good observation. But connect with Michael. Michael’s going to text you right now on a rather so you can connect with him. Yeah, we’re connected. Shiva with we, we’ve met a few times. Yeah. Okay, great. Yeah, we connected up. Great. Let’s go to Canada. Finney Canada.

How are you? Hi, Dr. Shiva. It’s actually Canada. Where are you from? Canada. I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, but right now, and I’m living in Jacksonville. Oh, okay. I heard you speaking with Emily when I first came in. Yes, sir. So my specific question, I’m sorry, I have it in a note. Let me pull it up. What are your plans on how to gain the black vote and what policies are you planning on having or not having for black people, specifically American descendants of slaves?

Yeah, so let’s so 1 of the things that’s happened, when I 1st came to my team, 74, I’m sorry, 80, 81. I don’t know if, this Canada, there’s, I just got this very interesting old book, but the 1st, there’s quite a bit of evidence now that concomitant with the slave trade that took place.

From Africa, the first indentured slaves were out of South India. I don’t know if you knew this, okay? Indians were the first ones that were taken all over the world as indentured slaves and servants. That’s why you have a lot of people in Trinidad and Tobago who are, people from India. Okay. In fact, there’s a wonderful book that points out that the, that it’s likely even before the 1st slave came here, the 1st indentured servants were brought here from India.

And it’s a very interesting book that I’m reading and I’ll share more about it. But my great grandfather was an indentured slave and a servant. Okay. So when I came to MIT. In 1981, the Indians, quote, unquote, the Indians here would consider me a, quote, unquote, a black because they were all the Brahmins.

So my friends were all the poor blacks from the inner cities and the poor Hispanics and poor whites. That’s why identified with because the Indians where the upper caste Brahmins are actually quite racist. What’s happened to people of minority backgrounds, not only among when minorities, I’m talking about.

Not only among black people, but most oppressed minorities from colonial colonialism era. Which, by the way, also include poor whites. Okay. Is that I am aware of the fact that we’re all on the same playing field. I just specifically feel black people trend on a lot of topics. Black people what?

I’ve trended on a lot of topics. I’ve always been a blank sheet. I’m sorry, you can go ahead. What’s happened since 1960 in the United States Is there has been a policy by those in power to make sure that real leaders do not emerge from the from black for black people. And there’s been an active effort to push uncle Tom’s.

And misleaders among them, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and go down the list, particularly a lot of the evangelical priests. Have been used to oppress large scale sections of the black population and Martin Luther King was one of that. And we can have a longer discussion. If you want Malcolm X was actively suppressed.

This has also occurred with other minority groups, but 1 of the 1st thing that needs to happen. Is that and we’ve done this, and I’ve been doing this for about 40 years. Is that there is the revolutionary black movement, which is about truly liberating black people by providing infrastructure in the inner cities, which is what Malcolm wanted to do, and a number of black leaders, but those people were subsumed and sabotage by the Kennedy’s who push Martin Luther King, and this is very, this knowledge needs to be broadly shared with the vast majority of black people.

It’s very important. Our movement wants to educate among all minority groups, particularly among black people in this country, real revolutionary leaders. Because what’s happened is that there’s been an active effort. To create a multi racial aristocracy, right? During the civil rights movement.

There was a move to actually have real infrastructure and inner cities. That movement was taken over by the quote, unquote, affirmative action movement. Not that it was a bad thing to demand. People have equal rights, right? Because of the way that the situation was set up, right? You started. People at a different starting point.

So it wasn’t that. Those things were a bad thing, but they didn’t address the fundamental real issue and it created by design a fight between poor whites and poor blacks right for resources. The demands of infrastructure in the inner cities must be addressed and they still haven’t been addressed fully.

I worked in Newark, New Jersey, most of my life. Most white people are afraid to go into Newark still. Okay, but my friends were everyday black people, custodial workers, et cetera, but Newark hasn’t changed that much. You know what’s sad? Black. Black Uncle Tom’s running it. So the infrastructure in the inner cities has not been addressed, and that’s one of the first things that needs to be addressed.

But before, in parallel to that, K we need to educate enough revolutionary black leaders to understand system science, to understand how black people have been sold out repeatedly. By these misleads, . So this, so we have to, in some ways, say time out. If we’re gonna liberate black people, they need to have their own leaders bottoms up.

And they haven’t had that, right? Every time real black leaders came they were diminished by the Uncle Tom’s, who totally took advantage or Aunt Jemima’s. Okay, both. You have an incredible opportunity to take this material and really become a revolutionary black leader, black woman leader.

So that’s what, I really think you should. Consider, because, if you look at Malcolm X’s journey he went, he was bottoms up, right? He came from a family where I think his mother and his father were Somewhat activists, right? But he went through his journey getting involved in cultural black nationalism.

That’s what the black Muslim movement was. It was cultural black nationalism in the vein of Marcus Garvey. But as Malcolm went to Mecca and he came back. He was actually starting to read more and more real books on political theory. And even Huey Newton from the Black Panthers before they were executed, right?

So there were elements of the Black leadership, which was starting to connect workers struggle. Malcolm’s last speech was, I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing, but it will not be based on the color of the skin. And that’s when Malcolm would have become such a powerful leader.

That, the establishment executed because he was going to unite for blacks and poor whites. While still supporting a progressive nationalism, not a regressive cultural nationalism, which is what. Elijah Muhammad was doing and also he, he was a scumbag. Okay. On top of it. He wasn’t doing what he preached. So we leave off in many ways where Malcolm ended. Okay, by layering in deep systems theory and political theory. That’s been my journey. If you go to India, we’re considered the darkies of India, the low cast Indians and. And the low cast Indians of India have a lot of commonality with black people here.

And that unification also needs to occur. You say. Okay. And that education. So there’s a lot of education that needs to happen. So I really agree. Yeah, I hope you know, you and Emily connect, but this issue of race has not been fully discussed. In America, the real racism, there is a real racism. So the right wing says there is no racism and the left wing has taken over the race discourse and they’ve diminished it to don’t use the N word.

Don’t do this very minor symbolic things, but they’ve not addressed the real issue of racism, which is really a pillar of advanced imperialism. That’s why we say Zionism is racism. It’s total racism, right? Which supports you, you play, you pay black people less wages than their white counterparts. Now, you have the poor white person thinking they’re better than the black person, and that’s how they create these differences, but we need to educate enough.

Black people on theory, and at the same time, focus on these infrastructure issues on economic issues. Please get involved and I’m really good question. I will be involved. Thank you, sir. Yeah, the people who’ve owned the discourse on race are a bunch of white, liberal, multiracial aristocrats in places like Harvard.

And they write these ridiculous things, diverting the race issue. Or dividing the race issue from the issue of capitalist imperialism. They’re both intimately connected. One cannot exist without the other.

All right, Canada. Good to have you. I’m very glad you came today. What do you do, Canada in Tennessee? So I’m not in Tennessee. I’m in Florida. But I am a landscaper. And I have a side yes, I have a side hustle. Yeah, me and my husband, I’m out in the sun all day, but and I have a little side hustle with print business.

I just cut a bunch of trees down and I got to figure out what’s the right ground cover to put. So all the land would go away and I’m just researching all these plants. So maybe you can give me some advice. So yes, sir. And I also have a side hustle like print company. I’ve already printed off all your files.

Oh, great. I’ll print them all. Hand them out. Burn those. I’m waiting on my bumper sticker and I’m waiting on my meeting and I’m waiting on my my login information, to get into the TruthBeam health system. Yeah. And you should get involved in the leadership. Program, you should connect with crystal and Emily, because we have the basic program that we have advanced leadership program.

Okay. Yes, there are me a very revolutionary black women and men in this country. We got it because they were all slaughtered at the end of the 1960s. Deliberately and the Kennedy’s installed people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all these absolute sellouts who have basically taken advantage of black people for the last 60 years, leading them on the plantation.

I agree, I’m just ready for my people to wake up. It’s the way it’s going to happen. Canadians. We have to once you get the theory, the political theory, and I’ll work with you. Okay. But this is an extraordinary important point that we need to focus on. Because all the Democratic wing.

Has, thinks they own black people and then. Then they move over to the Republican side, which is equally worse. And they just use. The black vote repeatedly. And there’s no, I don’t, I can’t point to one revolutionary black leader right now, at all. I can’t either. I’ve even been commenting under certain people that I do look up to and I’m like, hey, have you heard about Peabody?

And they just ignore it. I’m starting to look at a lot of people different and. Maybe this is, I have to be the change that I want to see. So there’s been massive devastation has been done to revolutionary movements across the world because a swarm has deliberately put forward the not so obvious establishment in Uncle Tom’s.

And we have to acknowledge there has been serious devastation done and that’s what we’re rebuilding. Thanks. Good to have you. Thank you. Emily, can you give my email address please? Yeah, I will. And I sent you my contact in the chat as well. Perk Singh, how are you? I’ve seen you do some tweets. Nice to have you.

Thanks a lot, Dr. Shiva. I know you’re I saw a couple of tweets you did. I retweeted. Where are you out of? I’m a street art photographer in Los Angeles. Oh, really? I’m in Narcissic Central, though, Beverly Hills. You can imagine the Zionist hatred I get just for having long hair and tan skin. You’re in a rush.

So I’ll ask a few succinct questions. Why haven’t you done a Twitter space in a month and a half? Do you see the value in doing it on a weekly basis? And does my offer of collaboration intrigue you at all? I forget what did you offer? I forget the collaboration offer. Oh I think it’s better to host on my space than on your account because if there’s an incident, Then your account won’t get nuked.

And if mine does, then only a few dozen people will be really sad. What’s happened is they don’t nuke my account anymore. Okay. What they do, because we’ve, I don’t know if we fought, I just served Elon Musk today. Okay. So they’re afraid to touch me because they know that we’ll nuke them because of the last lawsuit, we had a big part in federal court, but what we can do her we did this.

We could set up some regular time and date. This is what I think is valuable for what you’re saying to do Twitter spaces. And we do is when we do the we did the last Twitter space we did was a fun one at 1 a. m. in the morning. We had 4 of us and it just we had 3000 people show up. It’s quite a fun.

So why don’t if you’re interested in that? Why don’t we choose a particular day? In the week? And do them, and organize that. So if you want to facilitate that, because typically we’ll have 4 or 5 of us be, I think what they, I think a lot of 2 co hosts right on Twitter space.

And then 2 speakers, we can do that. So let’s start doing that. It’s just, we have so many things going on right now. We’re getting people on the ballot. Literally, if you look at my calendar, it’s 5 in the morning until 10 and now it’s not easing down, but we’re able to do a lot more things because we have a lot more.

People and infrastructure set up, but we can do that. Have you gone through the program? Harsh. You should connect with we have a number of people. I don’t know if Maria’s here. Jill Jones is here. We have a whole organizational structure in California. But you should connect with Maria and Jill Jones.

Oops. Are you muted? I’m muted when you were talking and I went so so Emily will send you my email. So let’s try to figure out a, some scheduled day that we can do Twitter spaces. I was doing them on Friday nights, so your time would have been around 1030 my time would have been around 730.

Okay let’s send me some emails, and we’ll figure it out. Okay. Okay, but good to have you. Thanks so much. Yeah. Yeah. Emily and Crystal, if you could share to her, Jill Jones and their email, that’d be good. All right. Let’s go over to Tara McCluskey. Tara

McCluskey. Okay. Wait for her. We’ll go over to Zindoua Tembouzi. Zindoua Tembouzi. Yes, I’m here. Hi, Zindoua. Where are you out of? Newark, New Jersey. Oh, really, man? What part of Newark? South Ward, about across the street from Sharpe James. I grew up in the South Ward, so Okay, I know where that is. All the things you guys was talking about with the young lady, I’ve just You know, people who are very nationalistic, compelled to go underground because we’ve seen this still extermination from Betty Hampton all the way up to, like you said, from so you can’t be over the top unless you always say an organ must have a rib cage in order to fully operate.

And if there’s no design skull for the brain that you can’t be out there overtly. And so I’ve had a list of things about a movement that I’ve seen A global movement focusing on African consciousness. For some 20 years, but there’s no one who had, I found in America who is not secular, either in religion or either in money or either in this.

And what you’re doing is one of the first ones that I’ve seen. I lived in Africa for years. I spent the 10 countries speak three languages, but how to execute, I got a math and science background from being my undergrad. So when you, when I started seeing your systems, I was like loving it because. I’ve done enough of Taylor series and LaGrange and the whole bit Oh, okay.

To understand the dynamics. But I never saw an application of it that could be used. So when I saw that and I saw a jersey and I saw a movement and I saw a global, I was like, this has got to be it. I’ve been looking for this for 25 years. Oh man. That’s great. Yeah. So we gotta talk. Let’s can, Emily, can you send Zen my email so we should have a conversation perhaps Sunday.

This weekend. Okay. Yeah. Perhaps me, you and K should all speak. Okay. But let you and I speak because it’s really great because Newark is where I grew up when I was young. My best friend. Where did you grow up? Outta Newark. Where you at? I went, do you know where south Orange Road is?

Across from Marland Hospital. Yeah. Yeah. Uhhuh. . Yeah. South Orange Avenue across the park. Yeah. Yeah. Those are my stomping grounds. I actually worked at UMDNJ. Okay, good. Yeah. I know that I was born in city hospital, Martland, and I went to, so I know the, the landscape lived in Detroit for 30 years.

So I just came back. The iron bound section, right? So all that East side, all that stuff. I know this is my hope. So we should talk because your journey. And the journey of this movement, it cannot come at a better time because we need to have real leaders among the black community, not these sellouts and waiting connect, but we just have to wait.

Because you can’t push this on people. Emerge. So 25 years I’ve been waiting. I’ve been in the nation, Islam, you name it. I haven’t been all up and seen them all. And I know the limitations because it does not solve three things. My slogan was get free, getting control and getting power.

Yours was truth, health, and. And I was like, so I was like, Oh my God, it’s the same three standard pieces going up. And I have a group called healing our vulnerabilities, which is designed to restore our power and confidence. Because until you do the restoration, you can’t be healthy enough to do an application.

And everybody’s been trying to do things without curing disease, emotional, psychological, cultural, and spiritual disease. And yeah, you got to do all three. You have to. So let’s talk. How do I pronounce your first name? Zindoua. Zindoua. Okay. Yes. Zindoua. Okay. So Zindoua Emily’s going to send you my email address.

Please email me and we’ll set up a time to talk. I look forward to speaking with you more. Great. Great. Look forward to it. I’m very grateful that you came today. I’m very excited. And I was stunned. I was going to stay quiet. But when she said what she said about the black leaders and what you’re going to do, I was like, okay, I feel compelled to have to say something now because I didn’t want them to think that void was really as big as it is.

It’s just being subcutaneous is essential because extermination is in vogue at every level. So we have to be always mindful of that. Yeah, how to replicate like the Thomas crown affair, how to quickly replicate you and what you do. So you’re not don’t have a bullseye on your back. Exactly, man. You nailed it.

Anyway. We’re on the same page. Okay, yeah, so so we should talk, let’s have a conversation. I look forward to it. Chris is also excited. Chris Bradley. Okay, thanks and do I think I’m glad you. Glad you came here. I’m glad the universe brought us. Thanks. Okay. Let’s go over to Noel A. Noel A? Noel A? Noel? Yes. Hi.

Yes. Can you hear me? Yeah. All right. Yeah. Doing good. Thank you very much. How are you doing? I was trying to reach you a couple of weeks ago to check in, but go ahead. How are you? Oh, I’m great. I’m great. I actually had trouble logging in. This is actually my first Truth, Freedom, Health Warriors meeting.

And I for everybody else, you know this, but I attended Dr. Shiva’s health systems seminar, workshop. And that was I was, my, my brain was, my head was blown away like every single day, but anyway, just to reiterate my introduction because I had tech issues earlier I’m no I’m not from California and I connected right here on the chat already.

So I’m looking to connect with somebody here. In Los Angeles. I’m actually based in Compton, but I would say L. A. Yeah, I just want to look at the chat. You’re going to get a message probably from Emily or crystal. 1 of them connecting you with the Jill Jones and Maria. Okay. Okay, great. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

No really quickly. I just wanted to mention that. What kind of brought me to your movement was and this is just for everybody in yourself But i’ve all my life i’ve been like searching for you know the person everybody had flaws, right? Everybody’s you know had a flaw either too religious too capitalist too monopoly minded.

So when I found the education, the experience and the warrior mentality that I saw in Dr Shiva, especially being in his presence, it’s definitely mind blowing and it’s definitely inspiring. So thank you, Dr Shiva. I just wanted to make that point and I look forward to working in the future. Yeah, and just to so two weeks, I think a month ago, we are launching, we bash the not so obvious established very important to do that.

You have to consistently do that. But starting this year, all the solutions we’ve had in our arsenal for the last 20 years. We’re rolling them out to the movement. For years for a decade, we had the system self education program. I had to put that in stasis as I got involved in electoral politics, but we relaunch.

No, we’ll be 1 of our 1st system self educators. And we’ve created a program where anyone. But by the way, there’s a whole area called health coaching. Health coaching. What’s happened is a lot of people are moving away from, the traditional medical established the conventional medical establishment looking at alternative therapies, right?

Like yoga or meditation or in all different kind. And there’s infinite number of modalities. The establishment knows this. So again, the not so obvious establishment exists in every field. So over the last 7 to 8 years, we’ve The not so obvious establishment wing of the medical establishment, people like Deepak Chopra, people like Mark Hyman, Andrew Wall, they have started creating quote unquote health coaching programs, which is, by the way, going to become about a 30 billion industry in the next few years.

But their health coaching programs go like this. They teach people. Oh, this is energy medicine. Here’s how you play a gong. Oh, this is a little bit of, you eat these herbs or this and it just goes on to say, if you go to, I looked at one of them. That was, it was horrible. It’s they dump.

So much shit on you that, oh, you learned this and they give you a little certificate, but you have no framework to understand how to figure out which is the right program for the right person at the right time. And that’s what I figured out with the work. We’ve done system science. So that educational program anyone can learn, but it’s going to really create real quote unquote health coaches.

Real educators to help, people like Noel are going to become more like a skipper a helmsman and it’s an educational system and a technology platform that will help people who go through this become a real leader to help navigate other people to figure out what’s right for them in the right situation.

So that’s what we’ve created. I, I started doing those workshops again. It was 3 days straight through probably 12 hours each day, but it was a lot of fun. We had a very small group of people. Then we also had dinner at my home. So people got to connect with me. And but it was really good to have, and we’re, we will have regular mentoring things once a month.

But we want to create an army of system, self educators all over the world who will help other people, but we’re going to create it in a way that people can actually create a sustainable vocation out of this. It would be a civil engineer. Or an aeronautical engineer, that’s what this program is.

Thanks. No, good to see you. But please connect with Maria. Great. Great to see you. Let’s go over to Dan from California. And good to have you and just soon from California, and then we’ll go to Tony from Michigan and then we’ll end with Tara McCluskey. Go ahead, Dan. Okay, good to be here. Are you part of this and I listed.

About two days ago to your. Discussion with your lawsuit against. Garland? Yeah. And I have, I’ve done quite a bit of legal work for many years, like about 30 years now. I’m not an attorney. Oh, I see. Okay. And I’m not an internet junkie. There’s a lot of those out there. But I think you were talking about one of the problems we were having was in the complaint was the lies.

And the way you deal with that is, is sanctions. I posted something into the chat tonight for you. Huh. Let me see that. Yeah, if you read my opposition I demanded that the judge sanctioned the attorneys. Okay. I haven’t seen your documents yet. Other than what. Yeah, talking about, so if you could share those out.

Yeah. Hey, Chris, we built that website, right? Get off the plantation. Chris, I know Chris was traveling. Chris, are you here? Yes, we have the website ready. It just needs to be okay. So what we will do Dan, we will maybe Chris and I will huddle up and we’ll Chris, maybe you and I should do a little video and we’ll put that out there.

With the website. Okay, we can do that this coming week, or Chris, if you maybe you and I do it and we’ll send it out to. Hey, Dan, can you send me an email and then I’ll send you the link. Okay. Yeah, just to give you the understanding the opposition that I wrote to the motion to dismiss. I’ve had very senior lawyers look at it who actually hate pro se litigants.

And they were like, they’ve never seen anything like this. It’s quite strong. I’ll send it to you. But, yeah, there’s some other things that I’d comment on, but I think probably it would be better if we can do it on. Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s do a follow up. Whoever’s working with you on the legal, if you can send me the email, I do everything on my own.

But we can talk. Okay. If you want to help. I just had to we just served Elon Musk Zuckerberg. We’re continuing our Rico case against all these guys from the 2020 lawsuit, but we can talk more. Okay. 1 of the things when you look after Garland. He’s not the top of the pile.

You need to name Joseph R. Biden because he’s the top. He’s the one who appointed Garland and yeah, so we can let’s do a follow up. Let’s do a follow up. All right. Okay, good enough. Great. Good to have you. Thanks, Dan and get involved, Dan. And there’s many opportunities for people with various skill sets to help.

But, I’ve been doing all the lawsuits myself, but if you want to help it, I’ll take it. I’ll give you what help I can and give you some of the experience I’ve had on it. Yep, let’s go to just soon from California and then Tony from Michigan. Justin. Good. Hi, Dr. This is just on, a couple things, but I feel like I really like to donate your books to my local libraries. And I know that I’m from South Korea, and I see South Korea is such a big mess. Huh. It is so messy. And I have two scholars that I’d really like to have them contact you, because one scholar for, Kim Jong un, he studied at Harvard, so he speaks English, no problem.

I’m trying to get him sort of a hold of you. Oops, we lost Jesson. So where did Jesson go?

Crystal, did we lose Jesson?

All right, we’ll wait for her to come back. Let’s go to Tony Mewson. So I think Emily and Crystal, she wanted some books to donate. We can work with Ken to set that up. Ken Fielding. Tony, go ahead. Tony Mewson, if we can connect back up with Jesson. She probably had some internet failure. Tony Mewson. I’m back.

Yes. Good evening, sir. One second, Tony. Go ahead, Jesson. So Jesson, what do you need right now? Justin? Yeah, I’m here. Do you need me to connect with your friend at Har? The, your friend? Is that what you’re want me to do? Yeah, I’ll get their email, anything first. I’m trying to get it anyhow what were your thoughts are you are willing to form the political party?

Yeah, so it’s a very interesting question. The goal is should truth and help be a political party. Justin, we may do that. Okay. Yeah, but we want to do that when we have the right if we want to do that, we’ll assess that if we have the right infrastructure in place. The infrastructure means. Let’s say in the United States in every state, there are leaders, they have a strong community around them.

Okay. We’ll be able to explore that at the end of this year. Okay. But you don’t want to put the cart before the horse, right? You want to have a solid foundation. For that matter, that entity may be a global party. You see what I’m saying? In all different parts of the world. But we don’t want to, it’s you’re building something, you have to lay the right foundation.

Then you put the plumbing and the electricity in, and then you talk about these other things from an engineering standpoint. So that’s where we’re at, but it’s a good question. Thank you for asking. Yeah, it’s a great question though. What is your best email address for those from Korea? Emily is going to give it to you.

She’s going to text it to you. Yeah. Thanks, Justin. Thank you. Good to see you again. Let’s go over to Tony. Sorry, Tony. Go ahead. And then we’ll finish. That’s okay. Good evening, everyone. My first question is it possible that we can help you develop a social media platform? Where Zionists aren’t controlling it and maybe you are.

And my second question is, we all know the influencing the influence of lobbying lobbyist groups like AIPAC have on our elected officials. And we know our elected officials serve their own self interest with that said, can we beat them in their own game by forming our own lobbying group?

Yeah, so the 1st 1, there is a technology platform that I’m in the middle of developing. That’s completely decentralized. We do need a couple of it people to help. Okay. If there are people here that want to give a little bit of time. It would be, that’s what we need. It’s more time of people.

And then if there are people who know how to do some product design. Hardware product design, that’s what I can tell you there. Tony. The 2nd thing is. Yeah, we’re creating a movement, right? A movement needs to fund itself. Sometimes there are people with a shitload of money who don’t know what to do with their lives.

They should give it to our movement. And, we haven’t gone out and done that resource development. If you want to help with that, Tony we should talk. Typically organizations also create what’s called a resource development team, which means people who go bang on people’s door and says, give me your money.

We can do that. We haven’t put the effort into doing that because we’ve been laying the foundation of making sure we have proper infrastructure, et cetera. But if you want to help with that, Tony, let’s do that.

I don’t know if Tony heard that. Sorry, Tony. I don’t know if you got muted. Yes, I heard that. Definitely. I would love to help. Yeah, it’s basically there. People are very good at fundraising, and they do that as a job. They know how to get money from people and there are people who have money but they don’t have time.

So they look at and we’ve had people come to us like this, but. It has to be done in an organized way. Now the swarm, that’s all they do, right? All they do is raise money all day long, and they circulate it among themselves. One Zionist gives it to another Zionist who gives it to a Kennedy who then gives it to a Trump who then gives it to an, they just move capital among themselves.

But there’s some interesting ideas that we have, Tony. So if you want to help, let’s do that. Also, you should connect with Sabre in Michigan. Chris Bradley and Rebecca Mahopolis are the Midwest leaders. But Chris will connect you up with Sabre in Michigan. Okay. Great. Thank you, sir. Let’s go to Tara McCluskey and Tony said Emily will send you my email if you want to follow up on the resource development side.

Go ahead. Tara McCluskey

Tara. Can you unmute?

Maybe someone can text Tara. Tara. If you can’t unmute there, a little pop up will come and you have to hit the unmute on that.

Okay. That’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to speaking with her anyway. Today was a great day. There’s a lot of people who have a lot of skills. And I enjoyed the conversation today, because people really want to jump in and start helping and building stuff locally. So I, you guys have Emily may have given you my email.

Please send it to me and then you’ll see. My assistant will help set up those follow up meetings. Please do that follow up. I want to thank Chris Bradley and Emily. I think you guys were hosting for doing a great job and hosting this and then follow all of you for your time and coming out today.

But in closing, here’s the call to action. Number 1. If you made it here, You’ve gotta go through the training, get involved and take the training. Number two in addition to that, go get a bumper sticker. Get, download the flyer, print it out, handed out to people. And then invite other people to the open house.

Share the shadow, the video, and if you have skill sets. Connect with local leaders with Emily and crystal. I’m sure. Intimated you on and get involved. All right. Everyone. Thank you very much. Thanks for the opportunity. To share what we’re doing, and thanks for your time and sharing what you guys are doing is very inspiring.

Hearing all of your stories, thank you. Be well, be the light.

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