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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, System Scientist, engineer, educator – Is invited to speak to Nurses, Teachers and Working people of Oregon organizing to strike for Truth Freedom Health.
  • The elites teach us a way to look at the world by just looking at a little piece of something so that they can manipulate us, and how when you start looking at the interconnections between things, which is what System Science is, you can really come closer to understanding Truth. 
  • Over the last 10 years, pharmaceutical companies have been losing top line revenue. Pfizer lost close to $25 billion in top line revenue since 2013. They made about $67 billion in 2012-2013, and they made about $40 billion in 2020. Pharmaceutical companies, a trillion dollar industry, are failing, because their entire model of developing synthetic drugs is failing. 
  • Dr.SHIVA discusses the first election of its kind to expose how State Election Directors delete Ballot Images, a violation of 52 USC 20701. He also exposed the Infrastructure which the government used to have Dr.SHIVA thrown off of Twitter during his senate run in Massachusetts after he criticized a public official’s violation of Federal law. This Infrastructure allows the government, NASED, and social media platforms to surveil, blacklist, and censor Americans and political opponents. 
  • By 1948, 99% of the measles infections had disappeared. This is because the American working class was rising up, which scared the elites and they were forced to deliver Infrastructure. Child labor was eliminated, we started getting sanitation, we started getting hygiene, we started getting the eight hour work day, and water systems were built. That didn’t occur by Democrats or Republicans. It was out of working people striking and building Bottoms-Up.

Interviewer: Some of the people at our Citizens Restoring Liberty group here are not familiar with you. And could we get just a quick synopsis and introduction to who you are and how you got where you are?

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Sure. First of all, welcome to everyone. And as I understand, Rod, this is a group of hard working people who are nurses, health care workers. Is that right?

Interviewer: Yeah, we’re patriots across the entire stride. We do have some nurses, we have some teachers, we have some school board members. And we also have people like Scott and me just regular Joe’s.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, welcome everyone. My name is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, let me just give you a little bit of background. I’m actually based here in Massachusetts, in Cambridge. I grew up in New Jersey when I was seven years old. I came here from India. But some of you may know India has a very, very interesting system called the caste system. And you won’t find a lot of Indians like me here. Meaning my parents and I were quite fortunate to come here. India has this deplorable caste system where your birth determines what you’re supposed to do for the rest of your life.

The fact that my parents made it out of India is quite extraordinary. It speaks to a lot about their resilience and who they were. My dad had grown up in war torn Burma, my mother was a woman in the 1940s at a time when women weren’t even supposed to get educated. So, both of them were quite extraordinary people. So we came here when I was seven years old. And I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey. By the time I was 14, I was not only reasonably good at math and science, but I also played baseball and mowed lawns, like your typical American kid. But by the time I was 14, I started working full time as a research fellow at what is now known as Rutgers University as a medical researcher.

I had the year before gone to New York University. As a 14 year old kid, this is the 1970s when computers were just coming. And so I was reasonably good at that. I ended up getting a job while in high school, working full time doing medical research, to try to understand why babies were dying in their sleep. Some of you may know there’s an interesting disease called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And so that was back in 1978, when computers were just new. I ended up creating a way to understand sleep patterns.

I got really good at math, and I started applying it to medicine. Now while I was at that medical school, and by the way, this was a very small medical school in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, where nothing is supposed to come out of there, right? Predominantly African American people, a very poor neighborhood. But in the center of Newark, New Jersey was this medical college. Anyway, while I was doing that research, I was also given another task. Anyone in the audience there who’s over the age of 40, will remember there was a very interesting system, the way that people communicated in large organizations or small organizations.

Some of you may remember there were two ways. One was with a phone. Remember that? The hardwired phone, not cell phones. The fax was actually another one that was just coming. But you had this thing called the inner office paper-based mail system. Typically, in every one of these doctor’s offices was the secretary, always a woman who had a typewriter and she’d write something called a memo to, from, subject, and sometimes she’d create a carbon paper called a carbon copy. And if she had to do five carbon copies, CCS, she would be there typing away all night.

And you had the inbox, you had the outbox. To the young people out there, these were physical boxes, they weren’t just virtual things. You had a trash can, this is called the interoffice mail system. You had pneumatic tubes. I was asked to convert that entire system as a 14 year old kid to the electronic version. And we’re not talking about simply exchanging text messages. We’re talking about that entire system. I did that as a 14 year old, named that system Email, wrote 50,000 lines of code, and this was before I went to MIT.

And this system was used throughout the organization. And when I came to MIT, I didn’t even know what MIT was before I applied. And when I came there, they had listed this kid who had created this first Email system. And I ended up getting the first United States copyright for the invention of email. And this was in 1981, when the patent office and the courts didn’t even accept patents, software patents. It was only 1994 when software patents were allowed.

Patenting allows you to get royalty on every piece of software. Copyright doesn’t protect that. But no one knew what software was. Otherwise, I’d be a gazillionaire today. But anyway, I was recognized as the inventor of email by the United States government. And then the rest became history. But email was really used as an Office application. I never spoke about it, I was always brought up to be a good Indian, humble Indian kid, right? Anyway, my journey from that point on when I came to MIT was, I went in and out of MIT over multiple decades and got four degrees. I was always very interested in systems. You see, Email was a system. Emails, not the simple exchange of text messages.

I was very interested in systems and I was very particularly interested in understanding why this caste system existed, why there was oppression, why there was injustice in the world. I went in and out of MIT, got four degrees, my undergraduate in electrical engineering and computer science, went and started a company, came back to MIT, got two masters degrees, one in mechanical engineering, and another one in visual studies, went back. And in 1993, while I was in the middle of my PhD, it looked like I couldn’t get away from Email. The Clinton White House, believe it or not, was getting tons of Email. If you remember, 1993 was when the World Wide Web came.

The internet had existed, but the World Wide Web put a front end on the interface, so you could use your mouse and point and click. And so that means the internet became more of a consumer application. People started creating email for everyone else to use. Up until 1993, Email was really an office application, the Email that I created. So by 1993, Email volumes started exploding. The White House is getting tons of Emails, and they run a contest to see if someone could automatically read President Clinton’s email and categorize it. I was the only graduate student, I ended up winning that. And I ended up leaving MIT and starting a company to automatically read and categorize email. And that was called EchoMail. So what we call pattern recognition.

And that’s what I’d been doing for many years. Analyzing sleep patterns of babies, analyzing ultrasonic waves, speech patterns. So analyzing Email documents was no different, or analyzing handwriting on bank checks. So I’ve done all these projects. I ended up leaving MIT and started a company called EchoMail. And we grew that to around $240 million in value, and started it bottoms-up. No one helped us, people thought this was crazy. We had clients like Nike, in Oregon, and every major company, people would send us their Email and we would automatically figure out what was in it, route it, etc. I came back to MIT in 2003. I have always loved medicine and systems. And in 2003, something very interesting was going on. The world of biology was changing. And this is where the notion of systems comes.

You see, science up until then, thought that the number of genes in your body determines the complexity. In 1993, we knew that a small worm had around 20,000 genes. And so when the Human Genome Project started in 1993, we thought that a human being must have a lot more genes than a worm, right? We’re more complex, more genes. And it turned out that when the genome project ended in 2003, we only have 20,000 genes. The protein coding genes are the same as a worm.

This flipped biology on its head, because people realized that the complexity is not a function of the number of parts. This is a very important concept to understand. That people always think the more parts, more complexity. But what you find out is the reason a human being is more complex in a worm, we have the same number of genes, but the genes create proteins, and they interconnect in very, very profoundly different ways.

The real issue is that the interconnections between things in the universe is what creates complexity. I can give you 10 marbles and a bunch of string, and one person may just put the marbles one after the other, very simple complexity. Someone may use all the string to connect every marble with another marble. So, it’s the number of interconnections. It’s a very important thing in systems.

When we look at the world, the elites around try to teach us a way to look at the world by just looking at a little piece of something so they can manipulate us. But when you start looking at the interconnections between things, which is what System Science is, you can really come closer to understanding truth.

The net of it was in 2003 The Genome Project ends, biology goes through a revolution, we find out we’re not our genes. It’s much more complex. And a field emerges called Systems Biology. I was literally walking back through MIT and an advisor of mine said Shiva, you got to come back to MIT, you really know how to do computing, your computational guide, there’s this amazing field called Systems Biology, you should come back and contribute to this. I came back at the age of 40 to do my PhD back at MIT. I was running a very lucrative company.

And the goal was could you mathematically model the whole human cell on the computer. Now think about this. Up until 2003, the way drug development companies, and this comes back to the whole jabs and the masks, etc. If you look at how pharmaceutical companies make money, the way they make money is they work on something called a pharmaceutical drug. What’s a pharmaceutical drug? A pharmaceutical drug is a compound that doesn’t occur in nature. It’s a synthetic compound that’s made in a lab. Today, pharmaceutical companies have around 60,000 compounds in the library.

And the way they do pharmaceutical drug development typically takes 13 years, $5 billion, in a test tube. But I’m sort of simplifying this, they’ll put cancer cells, and they’ll test one of those 60,000 compounds. And if they see something occurred, oh, wow, this looks like it’s killing the cancer cells, they’ll apply for a patent. And then they have 20 years to get that drug to market to make money off of it. They’ll do more test tube testing, maybe two or three years, and they’ll kill a bunch of animals for another three years.

And if they don’t kill too many animals, and they think the drugs are not toxic, then they’ll go to the FDA and say, Hey, we want to test on humans. And if they get the allowance for say, test on maybe 50 humans, that’s called phase one. Maybe 1000 humans phase two, maybe 10,000, 20,000 humans phase three. That’s the FDA testing process that takes about 13 years, $5 billion. When the drug comes out, it has side effects. And they have seven years because patent life is 20 years to make all their money back. If you really look at the reality over the last 10 years, how many people think pharmaceutical companies are making money by the way?

The reality is over the last 10 years, and we knew this back in 2003, pharmaceutical companies have been losing top line revenue. Their entire model is broken. Meaning if a pharmaceutical drug hurts you, remember you can sue them, right? It takes 13 years. Pfizer, for example, if you look at their revenue numbers since 2013, they’ve lost $25 billion in top line revenue. That made about $67 billion in 2012-13, and they made about $40 billion in 2020. They’ve lost close to $25 billion in top line revenue. The news doesn’t talk about this.

We know that pharmaceutical companies, a trillion dollar industry, are failing, because their entire model of developing these synthetic drugs is failing. Every year, they put more and more money, 30% per year into R&D, and they’re finding less and less new molecules. In fact, the FDA is not even allowing their molecules because of their side effects. Pharmaceutical companies need a different way to either produce drugs, or they need to move into a different industry. In 2003, when I came back to MIT, the idea was if we could create a technology that you can use a computer to mathematically model diseases on the computer, then you could save six years. You don’t have to kill animals, you could find out the stuff that doesn’t work, you’re not going to hurt people.

That was the invention I created for my PhD work. It was called CytoSolve, which means cell and solve. I spent four years back at MIT, creating this very innovative technology, which no one thought could be done, just like email. I’m back in 78. And the technology, I created a way that we could look at the scientific research in any field, like Alzheimer’s or cancer, and we could take all the research together and we could extract the findings. The molecular pathways, mathematically model it.

I was able to model Alzheimer’s, I could model arthritis, I could model cancer. In fact, in 2012, as a proof of concept, we used this technology to model pancreatic cancer. We went through all the generic drugs for cancer out there and we did combinations and we found a combination without killing animals, on the computer, that did better than the leading drug and we actually got it allowed by the FDA. And I just did this as a test to show the power of this technology.

And I thought pharma would embrace this. But frankly, they don’t want to embrace anything new because they actually make a lot of money by doing things in the dinosaur way. The stock market rewards them, phase one, phase two, phase three. So that was my journey. And what I do today is using CytoSolve, I go back to my roots. My grandmother was a traditional healer using traditional medicines.

We are actually using CytoSolve to look at all the amazing herbs and botanicals in the world. The problem with a lot of the vitamins and herbs out there, you have a lot of snake oil. But with CytoSolve, we can actually understand, we can model molecular pathways, and we’re actually finding combinations of natural products that have profound effects, but validating with science.

For example, we just published a paper just a few days ago, where we found out how Green Tea lowers the cytokine storm, and can increase transplant tolerance. So anyway, that’s what we do. We went through thousands of natural ingredients, we modeled trillions of biochemical reactions, and we found two naturally occurring ingredients which have a profound effect on pain and inflammation. That’s my full time job. But throughout my life I’ve always been a political activist.

When I was 18 at MIT, I organized the food service workers at MIT because they weren’t getting treated well. I made sure more poor blacks and poor whites and women got to come to MIT. We led massive protests. There’s a picture of me at my PhD graduation, saying US out of Iraq, when it wasn’t that popular to be an anti war activist against Iraq. I’ve exposed academic corruption. And so I never believed in the left or the right. I thought both of these political parties were scumbags. I never voted in my life.

By the time I was 18, I’d read all sorts of revolutionary politics. And so I never voted. But I believed in the Bottoms-Up movement. So you would always see me as an activist. I studied political theory, but I was very interested in understanding when you looked at the history of movements, why movements would grow, and then suddenly they would fail. So you look at the Paris Commune of the 1700s, you even look at the early parts of the Russian Revolution for about 16 months, it was going the right way. The American Revolution, even when the Indian people in India were rising up and then the British, eventually that was misled.

In addition to being a student of science, I was a very important student of political movements, but always a ground activist. There’s a picture of me burning the South African flag on the steps of MIT. People would think I was a lefty because MIT had investments in South Africa. But the first time I ever voted in my life, even though I was a citizen for many, many years, was when Trump ran. Now in Trump’s rhetoric, I saw someone who’s willing to take on the establishment, at least he spoke that way, right? “Lock her up”, and so on. “Drain the swamp”. And I voted for Trump in 2016. And then in 2018, I ran for office against a woman called Elizabeth Warren.

We ran as an independent because the republicans in Massachusetts are completely corrupt. They didn’t want an outsider like me. They had a guy whose name was Diehl, we call him Dirty Diehl, who had actually stolen Trump’s own data here. And our campaign was only the real Indian can defeat the fake Indian. And we forced Elizabeth Warren to take the DNA test. It wasn’t Trump, it was us. You couldn’t leave Massachusetts without seeing these huge billboards which said, “Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian”.

In 2020, I decided to run as a Republican. And we thought the republicans would embrace us, but they don’t because the Massachusetts GOP is in cahoots with the Democratic Party. We had 3,000 volunteers. Now just think about this. 3,000 volunteers, and our volunteers weren’t like students. They were everyday working people like all of us here. People with thousands of standouts. We had 20,000 lawn signs, 10,000 bumper stickers and huge billboard signs. We raised $2 million. $5, $10, some of you may have even donated, all over the country. This was in the Republican primary on September 1, 2020. We were campaigning everywhere. The Republican establishment had found some fool to run against us. No one even knew this guy. In fact, his website was ‘Koc for Senate’, that’s how good his branding was. Literally Koc for Senate. We were everywhere. You couldn’t leave Massachusetts without knowing who Dr.SHIVA was.

The word on the street was landslide everywhere. So on September 1 2020, the results are coming in. One of the counties in Massachusetts is called Franklin County where primarily most of the votes, if not all of them, are hand counted paper ballots. Well we won there, all white working class neighborhoods, everyone loved our campaign. We won by 10 points.

In every other county which had machine counted votes, we lost 60-40, 60-40, 60-40, 60-40, 60-40, 60-40, and so on. Now, I never believed election fraud took place in the United States, I only thought that it took place in third world countries. And so that began me applying all my four degrees at MIT, my engineering skills to understanding voting systems.

And one of the things I came to understand was that when you put a ballot into these voting machines, they take a picture of the ballot, it’s called a Ballot Image. And then the machine looks for the dots on that. According to a law that was passed nearly 50 years ago, 52 USC 20701, which, by the way, encourages audits. But for 22 months after an election, the Ballot Images are supposed to be saved for auditing. Now you have to understand I had probably about 2 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, probably about 400,000 followers on Twitter.

I sent a letter to the State Election Director of Massachusetts. In fact, we went there to her office with a camera, and we said we would like the Ballot Images. The election official says, “What are you talking about? We turn that feature off. We don’t have those ballot images.” So we issue a formal public records request. And 10 days later in a series of email interactions, a state election director, her name is Michelle Tassinari. She responds back and says “we don’t have to save Ballot Images by Massachusetts law.” Remember, I’m running for US Senate Federal Office. I said, “Please show me the statute.” She doesn’t answer that, diverts it to some other issue, and I said you violated federal law. This entire election is null and void.

Those four emails, two of mine, two of hers, I put up on Twitter. They go viral. I said Massachusetts deleted Ballots – Ballot Images. Well, within days of putting that up, it was September 24, one day later, I’m thrown off Twitter. Now remember, we had moved our campaign from a primary campaign. We had so much support, we said we’ll do a write in campaign. So we’re bona fide candidates. In fact, our campaign slogan starting September 25, was ‘Stop Election Fraud.’ We put out nearly 2 million flyers. That’s how strong our ground base was. Amazing people Bottoms-Up. Trump never helped us, the Massachusetts GOP never helped us, no one helped us. Because we had our own independent base among people who really love this country.

Then I’m thrown off Twitter, which is The platform for political office. And a very fake news organization which does “fact checking” and you can look them up, called Lead Stories, does a hit job on me. They say Dr.SHIVA is lying, ballots weren’t deleted. I never said ballots, I said Ballot Images. And in that article, they said they had communicated to the Secretary of State of Massachusetts and they had said they had contacted Twitter to throw me off. Let me repeat that. The government of Massachusetts had contacted Twitter to tell them to throw off a US Senate candidate off their platform.

This is the grossest violation of the first amendment. The First Amendment, the highest form of protection, was for political speech. I have every right to criticize a government official. In fact, our campaign was against election fraud. So anyway, I tried to find a lawyer in Massachusetts who would take it on, but we couldn’t find anyone. I had to file the lawsuit myself. Pro Se, it’s called. The judge decided to hear our lawsuit, which is the first big victory. No one picked it up. We know Tucker Carlson, he didn’t pick it up. I go into court, it’s me against three lawyers. And the judge had me read case law, the very famous law called the Blum Test where I had to prove that Twitter was acting as a state actor. When they took instructions from the government, they became a part of the state. It’s a very interesting area of law.

I proved that. I argued that. And it was supposed to be a twenty minute hearing and ended up going for four hours. And in that lawsuit, what we uncovered was the young social media director, during cross examination, she blurted out to us that when I put up those four tweets, or those four emails, the State Election Director told her to contact Twitter through a special portal. And the judge said, What do you mean? She goes, we have a partnership with Twitter, we have a Trusted Twitter partnership. That means that the government has VVIP access to Twitter. And he goes, What are you talking about? So the government used their special portal access which was set up in 2018, to contact Twitter. I’ll go more into this. And then we found out that the State Election Director Michelle Tassinari, a government official who I was criticizing which I have every right to do, which you have every right to do. That’s why we broke away from the monarchy, right? So we could critique our government.

She had also contacted another organization, everyone should remember this acronym NASED. National Association of State Election Directors. The organization, which is the one which figures out if voting machines should be certified or not, and it’s an association of all 50 State Election Directors who also have a Twitter Partnership. So she also contacted them and she was supposed to be their president that year. They also contacted Twitter. Not only did the government of Massachusetts call, but the force of the State Election Directors of 50 governments that threw off a US Senate candidate in the middle of his election.

The judge was appalled. He gave me all the terms of our preliminary injunction. He said, A. you cannot do this anymore, you cannot contact Twitter. If you have a problem with Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, you go on Twitter and argue it out. He said, I don’t know if you know, that’s called the First Amendment. Anyway, I’m back on Twitter after the election is over on November 4. And between November 4 and February 1, I’m tweeting away on all sorts of issues. On my displeasure with the jab, displeasure with the mask mandates.

But on February 1 of 2021, I once again shared those four emails. And within 17 minutes, I’m thrown off Twitter for good. So we went back into court again. We told the judge, Your Honor, when they took me off Twitter the first time they had put in the algorithms, so anytime I critique the State Election Director, I’d be thrown off. Anyway, the end result of that was the judge said I want you to bring Twitter into the lawsuit, into the courtroom. Now on May 20, no lawyer wanted to take this on, it was me against seven lawyers. Three from Twitter, three from the government, and one from NASED. The night before that lawsuit, I wish I had the documents here, we discovered thePlaybooks. And everyone should listen to this.

ThesePlaybooks were documents that were created at Harvard in 2018. And I had found it the night before. They were documents which originally, the theory was laid down in England, and then tested in India and Australia, and then in Taiwan. It was a Twitter Partnership where the government has a Partnership with Twitter, with social media companies. And what we discovered was in 2018 at Harvard Belfer School of Defending Democracy, a project, who’s headed by Robby Mook, who is Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, and also a RINO from Romney’s campaign, both of them had gotten together, and they created this Defending Democracy project, a very Orwellian term.

And they had decided that they needed to censor Americans, and they created two Playbooks. One of them is called The Election Influence Operations Guide for State and Local Officials. And this Playbook, it’ll freak the hell out of you. It lays out step by step how you identify an American citizen who is a threat, how you put their severity, how you will monitor them, surveil them, and how you will throw them off Twitter. You can find it and we’ve exposed it, and here’s one of the Playbooks. It’s called The Election Influence Operations Playbook for State and Local Officials. And what this Playbook has right up front, it says “someone is an enemy of the state if they say that an election official is corrupt.” That’s what it says in there. If you say an election official is corrupt, that is grounds for you to be seen as an “influence operator”, this is CIA stuff.

When I went into court on May 20, I held this Playbook up and I said, Your Honor, all of these defendants have acted like they don’t know each other. In fact, their names are in these Playbooks as author’s. Twitter’s legal counsel, the defendants, all of them. And they have created the Censorship Infrastructure. The next day the judge comes into office because he spent all day reading this and he said this lawsuit will go down in history as a law school case that will be taught in every constitutional class. Again, no press picked up on our lawsuit. Trump didn’t help us, obviously the democrats didn’t. We were fighting the real historic lawsuit here.

And eventually the judge said would you like a lawyer, you’ve done all this on your own. The net of it was we took on a lawyer, and then we discovered another document which said that I was being surveilled since June of 2020, along with six other people who were considered the most important threats. Because here’s an MIT PhD credit, the way they say you’re a threat is high credibility, high engagement, and high volume. So I fit that perfectly. The net of this lawsuit was, the judge got freaked out. He goes, Oh, my God, this guy doesn’t just want to go back on Twitter, he wants to take down all of these people, because that’s what our claims were. He thought he would bribe me using this lawyer for me to drop all my other claims. And homie wasn’t willing to play that game.

And what ended up happening was he sealed our lawsuit, and he made sure that the diagrams and everything that we found were sealed. The point I’m telling here is that during this entire process from September to that, in addition to doing this lawsuit, no one funded us. We did the computational analysis, like Rod said, we exposed what occurred in Michigan for Trump, we exposed what occurred in Arizona, and recently.

Now what was fascinating to me was during that entire process, when we were exposing all of this, no one funded us, I put all my businesses on hold, everything we sacrificed for this country. And what we noticed was on November 4, when I was teaching a class here, Mark Meadows, chief of staff at Trump’s campaign called us and he said, How can we help you? Because I had just done the Michigan analysis which was going viral.

The true patriots are saying oh my God, Dr.SHIVA is fighting for us. So Mark Meadows calls me and goes, how can we help you? I go, give me data and I can expose every state’s audits. Well, days go by, never gives us any data. Ronna McDaniels office calls us. The White House called us, then the RNC called us. I said, give me data. They don’t give us any data. Weeks go by. Then I tweeted out, because I started really wondering if Trump was serious.

I said, “Dear President Trump, Dear Mr. Biden, I have unequivocal evidence that the election systems in this country are completely compromised”. Eric Trump reached out to me on Twitter. And I said, Eric, I don’t think anyone really is serious about this. He said, talk to our lawyer at the Trump campaign. So I’m dealing with three organizations. The Trump campaign had the data, they never gave it to us.

By the way, all these three parties started putting out emails to ‘fight election fraud.’ You may have gotten some of them. They raised $300 million during that period. During the first quarter of this year, they raised another $75 million. My end conclusion was that these people are making money off election fraud. They are not serious. So why do I share all this with you?

I voted for Trump, many of you probably did. I had to unfortunately also critique Trump, because I started seeing him potentially as the Not-So-Obvious Establishment, because the campaign was ‘lock her up’, nothing got done. The next day it was Well, that was for the campaign, now we move on. And you have to start looking at these things, we can’t be in a cult. Next thing it was “I’m against Big Pharma”, yet he took money for the inauguration.

We’re the ones who started the Fire Fauci campaign. If you remember that, we took nearly 200,000 signatures. We sent all the evidence on Fauci in March of 2020. I was the first one to expose Fauci because my field, as you know, is Systems Biology. Fauci is a complete fraud. Rand Paul didn’t say anything then, none of these doctors said anything then. One of the most important things in life is to do the right thing at the right time. Not a year later. So it is very important to understand.

Roger Boisjoly and Alan McDonald. Do you remember him? Alan McDonald was the guy who said, Hey, I don’t want the space shuttle to fly, I’m not going to sign off on it because those O rings aren’t going to work. He was vilified. Alan McDonald just passed away about a couple of months ago. He goes one of the most important things in life is to do the right thing at the right time. Well, now you have all these congressmen saying, oh, we’re against the jab mandates and the masks and Fauci blah, blah, blah. I get emails from Rand Paul saying give me money. Well, where was he a year ago?

This is very important for movements to understand. What I have also been doing separately, remember, I’m very interested in political theory, I’m very interested in Systems. So, after I ran for senate our campaign slogan was Truth, Freedom and Health. Truth, Freedom and Health. That’s not a slogan. What it is, it’s going back to the universal laws of nature.

Freedom is an aspect of nature called movement of things, called Transport. And I’m teaching you very simple System Science. Movement, that is a phenomenon in general Systems Theory called Transport, Freedom. Without movement of matter or information or energy, the world would just stop, right? Imagine if the earth didn’t rotate. Movement of me being able to move from point A to point B without a jab passport. Movement of me being able to share information with you without the government and Twitter and Facebook intermediating. Freedom is the aspect of Transport in nature. When you have Freedom, you can do science, to convert hypotheses into Truth. That’s called the scientific method.

If you don’t have Freedom, you can’t do the conversion process, which is called getting to Truth. So without Freedom, we can’t get to the Truth. If you have Freedom and you can get to the Truth, you can figure out what’s right for the Health of your body, the Health of the Infrastructure, etc. And that’s the Health aspect, which is the Infrastructure. Truth, Freedom and Health is a Systems phenomenon related to Transport, Conversion, and Storage. So what we started doing was, we realize that you can’t trust these politicians. They’ll even take a good thing and make money off of it. So we today have a movement called Truth Freedom Health. And when you take the scientific approach, what you understand is that we have a goal, Truth Freedom Health. In order to achieve our goal, one of the important things that you realize from Systems Theory, by the way, all the elites in the world, they teach all their intelligentsia System Science.

And Systems Science is the nuclear weapon of the modern world. If you do not understand Systems Science and you think we’re going to win a movement, you’re out of your mind. It’s like we’re shooting with bows and arrows, and they have a nuclear weapon. So one of the most important innovations that I believe that I’ve contributed right now separate from Email and CytoSolve, is over the last 50 years I’ve been able to take the theory of Systems, organize it into a curriculum where I can teach people in about an hour to two hours. So you don’t have to go to MIT for 20 years. But that System Science is the foundation of understanding how we build a political movement.

There will be no revolution without the right revolutionary theory. Just like you can’t build a bridge without understanding Newton’s laws. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll build a bridge. Maybe you’ll get lucky. And you can build an airplane, but it may fall out of the sky. But once you understand Bernoulli’s principle, you can do that.

Once you understand Maxwell’s equations, you can build a motor. And we’re not going to be able to build a movement without understanding the physics of how a movement works. So what I want to share with you is one of the things that comes out of that, is movements get built Bottoms-Up. No movement in the history of human beings fighting for their freedom has ever emerged top-down from a politician, etc.

And that’s the opportunity we have today. If we, first of all, study the Science of Systems. And everyone should go to, and we’ve made it easy. We have 60,000 people, it’s a global movement now. We’re training people. We want to teach people to teach others. And one of the central pieces is that first you have to learn the theory, but we have to go local, local, local. So when Rod said that you guys are doing this, with the political theory, we can explosively grow this movement. And one of the important things here is that we learn, go back to the 1800s in the United States. The American working class is the most fearsome working class to the global elites. Why? Because the American working class had the First Amendment. It’s gone right now from what our lawsuit has shown. Still has, fortunately, the Second Amendment.

So in the 1800s, there was a great upheaval in the United States. In fact, by the 1900s, there were revolutions brewing all over the world in India, the Indian workers wanted to oust the British. In Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution in the early stages, which was the working class rising up. We’re not talking about Stalin, but I’m talking about when workers were rising up before it was taken over by Stalinism.

When you look at the American working class movement before the democrats or republicans got involved. In 1886, just like us, four American workers were hanged. Hanged in America in Haymarket Chicago for fighting for the eight hour work day.

There was a revolution that was going to take place in this country. Women were the leaders of that revolution, starting in the mid 1800s, in places like Lowell, Massachusetts, in places like New York, and I’m sure in places like Portland. There was a Bottoms-Up movement. In 1900, the measles infection rate was about 14 out of 100,000. By 1948, 99% of the measles infection rates had disappeared. Why? Because the American working class was rising up and they scared the shit out of the elites. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was a racist, and an elitist was forced to deliver Infrastructure. Child labor was eliminated, we started getting sanitation, we started getting hygiene, we started getting the eight hour work day, and water systems were built. That didn’t occur by Democrats or Republicans. It was out of working people striking, building Bottoms-Up trade unions. And that scared the shit out of the elites.

Anything that occurred between 1940 to 1980 in America, the American Pie grew during that period. Why? Because the American working class was fierce. Nearly 100 million people struck. And we nearly had 11,000 strikes Bottoms-Up. But in 1950, the right wing and the “Republicans”colluded with the Democrats. They wanted to make sure a Bottoms-Up movement would never occur again. They never wanted working people organizing independently of the establishment parties. So they started creating the McCarthy era. You have to listen to this. They created the Red Scare. If you said “workers unite”, you must be a Marxist and a communist and from Russia. And that created the conditions for the Democrats, people like Bernie Sanders and the AOC’s to take over the workers movement top-down, and they created the unions.

By 1970, the top-down unions basically told people not to strike and they helped the right and the left work together. So 1980 till today, there’s only been maybe about 900 strikes, 2 million people on the streets fighting. And during the last 40-50 years, the American Pie split into two American pies. One for the 5% and one for the 95%. Small pie and a big pie for the Jeff Bezos’s. Over the last year, 600 billionaires doubled their wealth to $2.3 trillion. Over the last 50 years, $50 trillion got transferred from the American working people upwards. Yes, there was socialism for the elites.

And where we are at today, if you want to understand where we are today, the jabs, the mandates, the censorship, the elections being selections, is the end process. It is the end process of a long process that has been taking place in American history. It’s the end process. And it’s basically about Power, Profit and Control.

We’re going back to slavery. It’s saying you can’t travel from village A to village B` without the King’s acknowledgement. You don’t have the right to speak. But we have to understand it’s not just the anti-vax movement. It’s not just the anti-mask movement. It’s not just anti-censorship. Every Tom Dick and Harry of the republicans is now for election integrity, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. We have a guy here that I ran against who Trump just endorsed, who said Trump’s election was not stolen, and he actually committed election fraud against us.

You have a lot of bullshit going on right now. And the reality is, if we want to win, we have to go back to a central principle: the Bottoms-Up movement, working people unite, we have to go beyond left and right, beyond black and white, Truth, Freedom and Health, working people unite. So when Rod told me you guys were doing this, Southwest workers struck. You have the construction workers in Australia who defied their union who told them to get the jab.

We have to recognize that Republicans and Democrats are one. It’s a hard pill to swallow. And even if there’s some nice people in that, fine. But the reality is no gains are going to be made unless we build a Bottoms-Up movement. And if you have illusions about this, because why vote for anyone, if the election systems are controlled? The issues that we’re facing today are fundamental issues. Censorship, complete slavery of people telling them how they can move, what they have to wear. And then fundamentally, these election systems.

The solutions to this are not going to come from elections. They’re not going to come from lawsuits. They’re not. They’re going to come from the fierce re-rising of the American workers Bottoms-Up. That’s how they’re gonna come. And that’s the only way they’re gonna come. No matter what these politicians say.

Look, I’ve been involved in the middle of the Arizona audit, I’ll help these guys, I’ll do the analysis. But I’ve seen the gamesmanship. Will the Attorney General do something? Hopefully he will. But he’s got to watch which way the wind blows. We don’t have 20 years, 30 years, 40 years. The way that history gets accelerated is through revolutionary Bottoms-Up movements of when we flex our muscles.

Look, if the nurses strike tomorrow, they’re not gonna be able to get enough people. If the American truckers forget the AFL-CIO, and the Teamsters. That’s only 15% of the truckers. 85% of the truckers in the United States are small businesses. So we need to get the political theory straight. Without the right political theory. It’s like if you hit a ball, and you’re off by two degrees, it’s going to go 200 yards off.

I guess I can’t overemphasize, as someone who came from the caste system. Look in India, everyone thinks Gandhi was a great guy. Gandhi was a scumbag. In the 1920s, the Indian workers wanted to rise up and have a good revolution. Gandhi was parachuted in, white robe, he was an actor, and he misled the Indian working people. Told them to shut the hell up, it was good to get their heads beaten in as though nonviolence was something profoundly good.

And he basically transferred power from the British elites, to the Indian elites. So it’s not going to be billionaires, it’s not going to be celebrities, it’s going to be us. And that’s where we’re at. And we’re not going to get clear on this until we have the ground movement. But you have to study political training, you have to read, and you have to do. You have to be the blacksmith, and you have to be the scholar. And that’s where we’re at. That’s the message I wanted to share with you. But we have to build a Bottoms-up movement.

The election systems are completely a sham. They have so many areas in the election systems they can manipulate them. That’s where we’re at with these election systems. I mean, I knew more as an 18 year old kid than I knew as a 50 year old running for Senate. They’re completely rigged. We won that election in Massachusetts. And you have these contradictions. And it’s only going to be us who’s going to do it.

So I encourage everyone, we have a lot of Truth, Freedom and Health people in Massachusetts, but one person who understands political theory well is equivalent to an army of a million. You could have a million people on the streets, but they could be misled. That’s what happened with the civil rights movement. The Kennedys brought in Martin Luther King, they controlled him.

The not-so-obvious establishment is the biggest killer. And the sooner we learn that, we will have an explosive movement that will change the world fast. But there’s always been the establishment and the not-so-obvious-establishment. In the “anti-vaccine” movement it has been Robert Kennedy. Complete not-so-obvious-establishment. When I got into the medical Freedom Movement, I found out he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times.

Hillary Clinton is pro-vaccine, Hillary Clinton’s pro- Monsanto. And he says, Well, she’s a Democrat, they always want to do backroom deals. They do not want to build a Bottoms-Up movement. And that’s where we’re at. And that’s the wisdom we need if we want to win. If we want to lose, we follow politicians, follow Republican or Democrat. It’s the recipe for failure. We have to build a Bottoms-Up movement. We have to honor those working people of the 1800s. We have to honor the working people all over the world. And we better get our shit straight this time. And we have a huge opportunity. Thank you.

Interviewer: Dr.SHIVA we have a saying here in Citizens Restoring Liberty. We didn’t invent it here, but we picked it up. And it is, we are the leaders that we’ve been waiting for, so be the leader.

Dr.SHIVA: Exactly. The issue is we want to be catalysts ultimately, because what we tell people in the Truth Freedom Health is, learn this and you’ve got to go neighbor to neighbor. So what we’ve done, which can support what you’re doing is, fortunately in 2002, I have a building here in Cambridge, and I built my own data center. So everything we’re building is in our data center. We don’t put anything on Amazon. It’s all hosted here.

We’ve created the educational model, we’ve created where leaders can have their own private YouTube channels here, and then more importantly, we’re teaching people how to go on the ground, on the ground, on the ground. It’s the only way to win. It’s not sexy. It’s not like you’re hanging out with the Kardashians, right? But you go on the ground, neighbor to neighbor. That’s how we’re going to win. We’re not going to win top-down voting for these fools left or right. I don’t care how good they sound.

Interviewer: Absolutely. I have often said that there is no revolution that’s not a natural revolution. And it sounds like the Bottoms-Up movement. And I just want to say that I’m absolutely stunned by your intellect, combined with your sense of humor, and your common sense. And I think it is going to be a grassroots Bottoms -Up movement, led by a leader named Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2024 for President.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, listen, I can’t run for president, but we don’t need to run for president. We know we need to build a movement. By the way, I just want to let all of you know we have close to 1,200 people worldwide watching this concurrently. But we have leaders and catalysts now in Australia, in New Zealand, in Japan, and so we can connect all of these people. But if I were to beg you guys for one thing, please learn political theory. Come on Monday. But if we can get people really understanding this and make sure that we can never allow the not-so-obvious-establishment scumbags ever in our movements, they’re the ones who mislead us.

And the good news is, typically there’s been the establishment and the controlled opposition. But our movement exists to expose that and that hasn’t occurred typically in history. Typically, people get screwed over and they go, Oh my God, we got screwed over by blah, blah, blah. And the establishment is very, very clever to find the not-so-obvious-establishment. In the civil rights movement, it was Martin Luther King. In the Indian Movement, it was Mahatma Gandhi.

And the left and the right now we’re playing with Bernie Sanders. And I would argue, you know, Trump has supported what I do, etc. But he better get his shit together.

Because he surrounds himself with a bunch of fools. Complete fools. So I’ve had to critique him. And, and we have to, because he didn’t do shit to Hillary, he kept Fauci there, he did Operation Warp Speed, and you can see the video he tells those people, “I will walk with you to the Capitol”. And he got in his SUV and he went the other way. You know, who got locked up? People who supported him got locked up. Hillary did not get locked up. So we have to understand that it has to be us. It has to be.

Speaker: Yeah, absolutely.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, it was an honor speaking to you all, but let’s build this movement. We have to build it. And there’s more of us than them. And look, we’re the ones who do the election audits, we’re the ones who do the math, we’re the electricians, we’re the engineers, we’re the plumbers, we’re the nurses, and we have to start honoring ourselves. Because the brainwashing that takes place on that freakin TV every day, and every time you go through the shopping malls and they put up a picture of the stupid Harry and the stupid, what’s that idiot, Megan, and the kings and the queens, and the celebrities. This is all brainwashing to diminish our own divinity.

We have to go into ourselves and recognize that we are a divine spark of God. It is our responsibility to do this. That’s what this is about. It’s about all of us, honoring ourselves. This is really about you. Ultimately, it’s about your relationship with your Creator. And the more you define that, because all of us are going to die one day, we’re gone one day. Our history will be determined by what we did and the courage we had. Courage has always been the ingredient in history that has changed the course of history. So thank you. We got to win. We got to fight. We got to stand up, Bottoms-Up. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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