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  • Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives a presentation of the Seminal paper by Cytosolve modeling the molecular mechanisms of Green Tea reducing Transplant Rejection. 
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 36,907 research papers, 1,408 clinical trials, over 211 years of scientific research on Green Tea. 
  • Green Tea Catechins consists of Epicatechin, Epicatechin Gallate (EG), Gallic Acid, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and Epigallocatechin (EGC)
  • Powerful biological effects of Green Tea includes that it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti thrombotic, vasorelaxation, and is anti-angiogenic.
  • Health Benefits of Green Tea include aiding in weight loss, anti-aging, immune function, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cold & flu, asthma, depression, and periodontal disease.
  • When Th1 is lowered, Th2 is increased, Tregs is increased, and Th17 is lowered you get Transplant Tolerance because it supports anti-inflammatory mechanisms while inhibiting pro-inflammatory mechanisms.
  • Catechins from Green Tea modulate the immune system through their anti-inflammatory properties and exhibit antimicrobial effects. 

Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. It’s Friday, and many of you know that we’ve been doing a lot of videos over the past couple of weeks since I’ve been back on election issues, on election integrity issues. But today we’re going to share with you a very important piece of research that we just published out of our research in a journal, and it’s on Green Tea and its profound effects on reducing transplant rejection. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

It’s clear that unfortunately Facebook is doing a lot of throttling. Unfortunately, they really don’t want people to get good health information, particularly scientific information, they just want to push other nonsense and it’s really sad that I have to even discuss this because Mark Zuckerberg’s wife claims that she’s an MD, but she’s a conventionally trained MD, which is really about pushing drugs and pharmaceuticals. So, they don’t even like a MIT PhD with a degree in biological engineering to really share information about evidence based research, but that’s what we’re going to be doing today.

We’re going to have a detailed discussion on Green Tea and transplant rejection. That’s what today’s talk is about. Many of you know that everything we do is done through the auspices of VA Shiva. And if you want to learn more, you can go to, and you can understand a little bit more about my journey to this video and where I came from. But I’ve had a deep interest both in innovation, as well as politics, as well as science and health. And that journey is what brings me here today because we take a Systems Approach.

The invention of email, email is basically a system. That’s what it was. It’s not electronic messaging. Email is a system. When I ran for US Senate, we really promoted the concept that we need people to come together from a Systems Approach to understand the intersection of Truth Freedom Health, and so on. But you can go to, and you can learn more. What you’re going to learn today is the effect of Green Tea on transplant rejection.

And I’m going to share with you today a major discovery that came out of my research work at CytoSolve. Some of you may know that I still work as a research scientist, but we’re going to talk about the discovery that we came across on how Green Tea, the mechanisms, the molecular mechanisms of action of how Green Tea actually reduces transplant rejection. So Person A gives an organ transplant to person B. Person B’s body will typically view that as a foreign invader and reject it but Green Tea reduces transplant rejection, we’re going to talk about the molecular mechanisms of that.

And this research was just published a few weeks ago in a very esteemed journal called The Journal of Clinical Nutrition. And it was just published there. And you can see I’m the main author with my colleague, Dr. Deonikar. And the title of the research as you can read says ‘Bioactive Compounds in Green Tea May Improve Transplant Tolerance, a Computational Systems Biology Analysis’. And this research was funded by the City of Hope, a major research center. What’s profound about this research that I want to really emphasize is that this is a very important piece of research because we’re intersecting three different areas.

First of all, we’re taking Green Tea, which is a natural substance, and all the different molecular compounds in Green Tea, which we’ve understood. Then we’re looking at a very complex disease model, or a phenomenon in the world of medicine called transplant rejection.

And then we’re using Cytosolve, which is an amazing technology that I created for my PhD work at MIT that have been working on for 16 years, which allows us to understand how these compounds of Green Tea, using the computer, affect the molecular pathways of immunomodulation, which are involved in transplant rejection. And many of you know I take effort and a lot of work to try to make these concepts accessible to you, so you’re going to learn a lot this evening.

What You Will Learn

So fundamentally, what we’re going to talk about is the fact that Green Tea has a profound effect in these papers, in reducing the risk of transplant rejection. We’re also going to learn what Green Tea is, we’re going to learn the biological functions Green Tea has, what health benefits Green Tea offers, and also how Green Tea affects the immune system. Some of this I’ve covered in a previous video, but today’s focus is on how Green Tea lowers transplant rejection, and we’re going to also share with you the clinical findings on dosaging. That’s today’s video that’ll be coming up.

Truth Freedom Health Movement

Before I go into this, many of you know that I’m a big proponent of a Systems Approach to understanding how everything in the universe works. Whether you look at your body as a system, whether you look at this technology called the computer as a system, whether you look at politics as a system, the world around us. So as a part of this, independent of my scientific research, actually coincident with that. I’ve spent a lot of time taking the knowledge of Systems Science and making it accessible to all of you. It took me about 50 years to create the curriculum I used to teach at MIT.

People used to pay thousands of dollars to attend MIT, but I’ve made this very accessible because I believe that you need to understand Systems Science. And most of you are working people so you don’t have the chance to spend a lot of time, so every Monday evening I teach a class that I want all of you to sign up for.

You can go to, but one part is the curriculum. We have a whole social media portal we’ve created for our students, and then we have activism. So it’s technology, education, and activism.

I want to share with you what the Truth Freedom Health movement is, that I want you to be part of and support, and then we’ll come back to Green Tea shortly. So, let me play that video.

Alright, everyone, I hope that was helpful. So, let’s go back to Green Tea. That was really a video to encourage all of you to become Truth Freedom Health Warriors. And the purpose of that is I want all of you to really take a Systems Approach to understanding life, nature, everything inside and around you. That is the approach that we take when we analyze anything from a molecular Systems Approach.

Green Tea Nature’s Antibiotic

When we look at something like Green Tea, what we want to recognize is that the aspect of Green Tea that’s interesting is that it’s considered nature’s “antibiotic” in some ways. “Antibiotic”, so we don’t get in trouble with some of the traditional definitions, because I look at it much more broadly on its effects on the immune system. It’s been used for over 4,000 years in China, it’s the most consumed beverage after water.

It’s produced from the fresh leaves of camellia sinensis, that’s the Latin name. And the major medicinal benefits of Green Tea are attributed to catechins and the amino acids. Catechins are the key molecules in Green Tea. It’s one of the most widely researched natural products out there. You can see it’s got 36,907 research articles as of last night.

People have conducted over 1,400 clinical trials as you can see, and over 211 years of medical research. So, think about that. That’s years of medical research, more than some countries have even existed on the planet. An incredible amount of information has been done on Green Tea. If you want to really understand the effects of Green Tea, you would have to read all those different thousands of papers.

But with CytoSolve, the technology that I created, we have the capabilities to go across that knowledge, extract out from the relevant curated papers what we call the mechanisms, and use those mechanisms. We take all the papers, we extract out the relevant ones, in this case we’re looking at Green Tea and its effects on transplant rejections, then we’re able to extract out the molecular mechanisms, then mathematically model that to get as of this point in the history of where science is right now, to get a holistic Systems based understanding.


That’s what CytoSolve is capable of doing. And a little bit about CytoSolve so you understand the power of this technology is that it has this ability to do this analysis, but it really came out of my interest many, many years ago going back to 2003, when I was really realizing that the entire pharmaceutical industry is basically going bankrupt.

This is something many people don’t understand. Pharmaceutical sales, Pfizer, for example, lost close to $25-$30 billion over the last 10 years. Why? Because look at their process. As many of you know, when I talked about the election systems process, what pharmaceutical companies have is this very medieval process.

First of all, they can’t really do discovery of more than one chemical compound, typically. By and large, they’re finding a synthetic compound in nature and then they test it in a test tube. So in a test tube, maybe they’ll put a bunch of cancer cells and they’ll test all different kinds of these compounds.

There’s around 60,000 compounds. And if they see some effect, they’ll file for a patent. Patent life is for 20 years. This itself may take two years to do. Then they’ll go kill a bunch of animals for three years. Now, this entire process, the invitros in a test tube, invivos in an animal, takes six years. And after this period, they may then go to the FDA and say, Hey, we think we got something that can help humans, we’ve killed all these animals, or we’ve tested on animals, it didn’t kill too many of them, we want to now file a paperwork with the FDA so we could go do research.

That’s called an IND, an Investigational New Drug. And if they’re allowed, they then go into phase one, which means they test with maybe 50 humans, phase two maybe 1,000, and phase three, like 10,000 humans. This is the entire pipeline. This process sometimes takes 13 years, $5 billion dollars. And by the time the drug comes out, 7 or 13 years later, they only have seven years of patent life left.

What this means is drug companies have to sell that product for a very high amount, and more importantly that product can have side effects and people can sue pharma companies. Remember, the jab has no real regulations, it’s a biologic, it’s not considered a drug, and you can’t sue the Big Pharma guys.

Therefore, pharma guys, who’ve been tanking because of this process as you can see in this diagram here, are spending more and more money on R&D, and even the FDA is not allowing new drugs. So, this is the problem pharmaceutical companies have. A very medieval process. Frankly, they’re losing money, and this is why pharma companies need the jab. We can talk about all the other reasons for the jab, but I can tell you, the big elephant in the room is pharma companies are losing money big time.

They need the jab as a way to make their money back because there’s no regulations, you can’t sue them, etc. When I created CytoSolve, I naively thought that these guys would want to use CytoSolve to reduce that timeline, get rid of all the stuff that was horrible that would hurt people.

But in fact, we worked with a few pharma companies, Pfizer, for example, early on, wanted to use us to mathematically model lupus. And we did that for them. And then the guys who are really smart, suddenly that entire group disappeared. We’ve worked with companies like Alnylam, where they were spending hundreds of millions of dollars on killing animals, and we figured out a way that they could not do that and get through stuff faster and cheaper.

The point is, Big Pharma companies really don’t want to do anything significantly different because they’re making so much money. So, I was very naive. But my real interest is, as many of you know, natural products. Natural product companies, on their side, there’s a lot of people who are selling snake oil. Big Vitamin is as bad as Big Pharma. Meaning they’re putting all sorts of junk out there. They don’t even know what works, how it works.

CytoSolve was a way to help us figure out because typically if you eat an herb, drink Green Tea, there’s many compounds. How do all those compounds interact? Well, you need the technology to do that, so CytoSolve was created to do that. In fact, when we did the research on Green Tea, we used CytoSolve. That’s why this paper that we published is so profound. I want to share with you so you get a little bit of a better understanding of how CytoSolve actually works, because it’s extremely important, it’s a revolutionary technology.

A number of you have asked to actually work with CytoSolve in a couple of different ways. We have some very good people out in the Caribbean, they want us to look at Bayleaf, which we started looking at. But let me really share with you what CytoSolve is, and then we’ll come back to Green Tea.

Alright, so that gives you a background on Systems Biology. Again, I recommend everyone to sign up for Truth Freedom Health, because it is a Systems Approach that’s going to really give us a real understanding of how “healthy products” work. If you believe food is medicine, and medicine is food, It’s all about dosage. You can have too much of anything. But at the right dosage, things have very different effects. So, let me repeat that. It’s all about dosage.

For example, in traditional Systems of medicine, people used to give people very low doses of arsenic if they had a health issue in the heart. In fact, if your dog has heartworm, they typically use a little bit of arsenic. It’s all about the dosage. In fact, low levels of mercury actually have profound positive effects on neurological function. But when it goes above that, above a certain dosage, it can have harmful effects.

Selenium water, you’ll read one group of people saying it’s the greatest thing, and another group of people saying don’t take it. The reality is, it’s about the dosage. And the reason I invented CytoSolve is because everyone’s body is different. What’s right for you may not be right for me. We need to get a little more accurate in calculating that.

That’s what CytoSolve is about. And the main takeaway from that for you is, it’s about understanding dosage. That’s what we’re going to talk about today when we look at Green Tea here. Now that everyone understands what CytoSolve is, for years we used CytoSolve to help a lot of the other health companies who were putting stuff together.

And about three years ago, we realized, hey, we had built up so many mathematical models. We had built up all these models of understanding how inflammatory processes work, pain processes. We said why don’t we use CytoSolve to look at all the potential nutrients out there to understand which compounds in nature could be really good for pain and discomfort and those kinds of things.


We have typically helped others, but this is the first time that we decided to use our technology to create something for everyone. By the way, you don’t need to pre order, it’s out there, but mV25 is a product that really addresses the issues having to do with inflammation and pain pathways, and it’s CytoSolve optimized.

It’s a proprietary band of bioflavonoids, two very interesting bioflavonoids we discovered. The key here is that mV25 was formulated using CytoSolve. We ran trillions of combinations of bioflavonoid dosage levels, but it’s the different dosage levels of computing trillions of molecular pathways.

And that combination that we discovered is based on the latest science, which is papers that were written over the last four decades across 68 major institutions. What we’ve discovered with mV25 is a set of compounds and we’ve computed it, versus you going to Whole Foods, and you pick up a product and say, hey, how did you come up with this, and someone says Well, my grandmother put it together. Maybe she did a great job, right?

But we live in a world of modern science where people want more than that. CytoSolve has helped us really mathematically model all these molecular pathways from known science. And one of the things we say here is, as the science changes, so will the formulation. We’re not just stuck, because science is constantly changing.

The product is Certified Clean, it’s produced in the United States as GMP certified. And if you want to learn more, go to and you can go to the shop. You’ll find my books, and you can find mV25. When I first offered it we sold out very quickly, so we just ordered 10,000 new units. Very excited about this, because this is really for you to understand that there’s a very different way to approach health. We want to take a Systems Approach. Very different way to understand election systems, we want to take a Systems Approach. And when you take a Systems Approach, you always want to improve things. With mV25, as the science changes, we’re going to improve it. Please go there and check it out.

Green Tea Composition

And we use this same process to understand Green Tea. When we looked at Green Tea, we first of all wanted to understand what it’s composed of. Green Tea is composed of caffeine, 4% of it. It’s got minerals, it’s got amino acids, but look what it’s got a lot of, these things called polyphenols. 36% by dry weight. It’s got a bunch of these minerals; potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, chromium, selenium, someone just asked about selenium water – zinc, cobalt and nickel.

But it has these very important amino acids, L-theanine. This is something important to understand. People always say, Hey, I drink coffee, and I drink tea. What’s the difference? Well, coffee you want to think about it as high octane caffeine. But when you’re drinking Green Tea, you’re getting this thing called L-Theanine, which sort of has shock absorbers on caffeine.

But we also have tyrosine, tryptophan, threonine, fiven, ethyl glutamine, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, beilein, leucine, aspartic acid, lysine and arginine. Arginine is very important for cardiovascular function, anabolic effects, if you’re lifting weights, those kinds of things. But Green Tea has a whole range of amino acids.

Green Tea Catechins

And what I want you to focus on right now is these things called catechins. One of them is Epicatechin, which is this molecule with a lot of hydroxyl groups here. Then we have Epicatechin Gallate (ECG), we have Gallic Acid over here, and we have Epigallocatechin Gallate, which is (EGCG), which you’re gonna see is one of the most powerful catechins. And then we have Epigallocatechin (EGC).

You have these very interesting catechins. When you’re drinking Green Tea, you’re getting lots of different things. But what science has shown is these five catechins have the most profound effects. When you buy certain extracts of Green Tea, they will actually tell you, sometimes they tweak it to have certain catechins at higher levels. But these are the catechins in Green Tea.

Biological Effects of Green Tea

Now, what are the biological effects of Green Tea? We’ve talked about this before so this is a review for some of you who’ve seen the videos. Green Tea has a number of very powerful biological effects. It’s an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, that’s what’s called antiproliferative, antithrombotic, vasorelaxation, anti-angiogenic. What that means is that it stops angiogenesis, which means the vascularization of a tumor.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

What are the health benefits? Well, obesity, weight loss. There are weight loss supplements which will put in Green Tea, anti aging, the antioxidant effect, immune function, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cold and flu, asthma, depression, periodontal disease.

This is all coming from the research, close to 35,000 papers written over 200 years. If there’s one ingredient, one beverage, it’s a very good beverage. But again, one of the things I recommend is, when you’re drinking tea, when you’re drinking plants or using plants, you have to make sure that you’re getting organic versions, because whatever’s in the soil, the plants are going to soak up. Obviously, organic does matter here.

You want to look at the source of where the Green Teas are coming from. Because if it has a lot of heavy metals, you’re also going to get that in the Green Tea. So, be aware of that. Now that you understand what the compounds in Green Tea are, let’s step back and understand what the immune system is. One of the things I want to emphasize, because we’re going to talk about transplant rejection, is remember this, and this will help you in educating your friends about the jab.

Many people think that a virus is what kills you. We were given this almost horror movie type stuff from CNN, Fox News and the idiot Fauci. That is, oh, there’s this virus, and it’s like, Godzilla, or like a big crocodile, that this virus enters you and this crocodile, or this Pac-Man starts eating away at your lungs or starts eating away at your tissues, and you start bleeding from inside.

We’re given this horror movie effect of the virus attacking you, and that it eats you up alive. This is what’s not true. The reality is, we have, as I’ve talked about before, 6 trillion cells, we have, you know, trillions of bacteria, 300 trillion different kinds of viruses all around us. We’re a walking jungle.

In fact, the human cells are a very small part of the jungle we walk in, called the microbiome and virome. The number of cells is relatively small compared to the number of bacteria and the number of viruses. We coexist with viruses, we coexist with bacteria. When a virus comes into us, what actually happens? What really happens is it’s a foreign agent coming in, and that foreign alien wants to use your body to replicate itself.

You know, we come to this earth and we use the earth to replicate ourselves, sort of the aspect of nature. When that virus comes inside of you, most viruses have a little home. Some of them like to go over to your heart, some of them like to go over to your lungs, some of them like to go to your spinal tissue, they have different places they like to hang out. Now, in a normal case, a virus tries to go and bore into you, into your cells and tries to replicate itself.

Immune System – Two Box Model

The normal immune system, if your immune system is strong, your immune system will unleash a response. And it has various immune system responses. Now, the typical model of the immune system that goes back to 1915 is this two box model. Pathogen comes in, and you have your innate immune system which will release cells; a bunch of marines, to try to take out that pathogen. And if this fails, then your body will move to the adaptive immune system which will try to create a targeted bullet to take out that pathogen, that’s called an antibody. This model of the immune system goes back to 1915, and this was the basis of creating the jab.

The jab said, okay, you’re gonna get this pathogen, I’m going to give you a dead-end version of the virus so your body will create these things called antibodies. That was the basis of the jab. Now, what we want to talk about is in 2019, I gave an important lecture at the National Science Foundation. I said this is actually not true, the immune system is far more complex based on modern science.

Modern Approach to Immune System

We have the interferon system, we have the microbiome and the birome, this is all the stuff in your gut. Very, very important that we’re finding, it’s very important to take care of your gut. Just to give you an idea, my great grandfather, one of my earliest memories I have in the village.

I mean this guy was 90, would still go work, late in the evening he’d have his rice, and he had a wooden barrel out there. And before he went to bed, he would take that leftover rice, he’d put it in that barrel and add like seven times the amount of water and he’d cover it. That would ferment. The next morning before he went to work he would drink that fermented rice water. I’m not saying it was Sake, but it was fermented.

And that would support his gut microbiome. Then he’d go to work, and then he would come home, he was very fit. He died when he was about 100. But he worked when he was up until 93 out in the fields. But the gut microbiome that you’re looking at here needs this support. The microbiome, because it’s all the bacteria and the viruses within you.

The innate immune system is not the only thing or the adaptive, but we have the interferon system, which is the missing link. We have the microbiome, we have the neural system, this is really the modern idea of the immune system.

Innate Immune System

If you look at the typical immune system, innate immune system, that’s this part right here, when the innate immune system is there, the innate immune cells, and by the way, your innate immune system has all different kinds of militia. It’s got macrophages, NK cells, neutrophils. One of them are these things called macrophages.

And what macrophages do is when they see an infectious agent, they try to surround it, and then they try to eat it up. That’s the first phase of the immune system. And then they present the remnants of what they’re seeing. If this is the virus, they present the remnants of that virus. For example, in the case of the Coronavirus or outside the Coronavirus is a spike protein.

In a typical case, if I sneeze on you and I have COVID, your macrophages will try to get those spike proteins and present them to your T cells. And those T cells will then create antibodies. Here’s a virus coming in, we’re looking at the end of your epithelial cells in your lungs, for example.

This virus comes in, and what you’re seeing here is this is the innate immune system. And eventually as this virus is being “digested”, the CD4+ T cells, they differentiate into two kinds of cells. Th1 and Th2. And the Th1 cells promote the activation of the CD8+ cytotoxic cells. So, the CD8+ cells try to take out the infected cell and the Th2 cells promote B cells. And the B cells produce the antibodies that target the infectious agent.

You have the early virus response, which is the innate immune system, we’re not talking about all of the interferon system, but you have a set of reactions that take place through the T cells. Ultimately the B cells are the ones who create the antibodies, so next time you see this virus, it takes it out.

Interferon System

The interferon system is another part of this which Fauci will never talk about. Because he either doesn’t know about it or he does and he wants to keep people blind about this. Because not only do you have the innate system, not only do you have the system that creates antibodies, but there’s another system called the interferon system.

And the interferon system is critical to the function of your immune system, because the interferon system literally is the system that constitutes the line of defense between your innate, and it is extremely important because it creates an antiviral environment. In fact, recent research shows that the interferon system upregulates thousands of different genes.

It’s got interferon alpha and beta, and these are critical to support your innate and adaptive system. The net of it is, our immune system is not just this 2 box model; going back to 1915, which is the basis of the National Vaccination Act. But the reality is the immune system is much more complex, we have many, many different secondary systems. And the notion of natural immunity can be significantly affected if you understand all the subsystems you have.

So, let’s talk about transplant rejection. Once you understand this, what happens in transplant rejection? What I’m going to share with you is, when a virus comes into you, what is your body trying to do? In the normal case, your body will sense that virus, try to take it out, the interferon system will kick in, the adaptive immune system will kick in, your microbiome is involved, and your body will figure out how to handle it.

You may get a sniffle or you may feel a little bit groggy, may get some sneezes. But if your immune system is strong, you’re actually going through this process of taking out that virus. I highly recommend to people, listen very carefully, when you look at the range of the interferon system when it kicks in, it’s anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes. A viral infection, and then it’s got another 72 hour period.

Right when you feel that something’s coming on, you have to use your intuitive mind. If you weren’t taking your vitamins and you weren’t eating well and you weren’t getting enough sleep, you have to make sure right when you feel your throat ache, or feel the sniffle, you have hit your body with the proper nutrients. You have this window to really beef up your system.

I tell people, this is a regimen I follow. Right when I feel something coming on, the first thing I do is I will take literally a bulb of garlic. Very powerful sulfur compounds in there. I’ll chop it up, put it in a little bit of ghee or butter, don’t kill it. And I’ll make literally a garlic toast, but I’ll eat a ton of garlic.

I will take about 4,000 milligrams of vitamin C. I will do high dose vitamin D3. If I haven’t been getting enough sun, and I’ve been inside and I haven’t been taking my vitamin D3, I’ll do anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 IU of vitamin D3. Plus, I’ll take a doubling amount of vitamin A. I will also take quercetin and zinc. Quercetin as an ionophore, allows zinc to go and stop viral replication. Drink tea with honey and lemon. That’s the protocol I use.

And in fact, people say Dr.SHIVA why don’t you package it, we may do that. But you have to do it right when you feel this. In fact, there’s a homeopathic product out there called Zicam, where you can literally deliver zinc right into your nasal cavities because that’s where you can stop the viral replication. But you have got to watch your body and you have to listen to it, because you can support the innate, adaptive, and the interferon system with nutrients. If you wait too long, your body’s weakened.

A friend of mine is very sick right now, he was traveling, he ended a lot of work, he wasn’t taking proper nutrients. Now he’s catching up, but he waited a little bit too long. You have to listen. When you feel the sniffles, etc., you’ve got to hit it because we’re all under stress right now with all this nonsense that’s taking place, so you’ve got to take care of your body.

Vitamin D3 which we’ve talked about, vitamin A, which we’ve talked about, quercetin, zinc, iodine, garlic, fluids, are very important. And if you can really support your microbiome, it is very, very important. You’ve got to watch your body. The reason I say this is going back to this diagram, the innate system, the interferon system, this is about 24 minutes from the time a virus hits you, to around 72 hours. You have a window. The sooner you’re in touch with your body and you hit it, the better you are.

So, now let’s go to transplant tolerance. The reason I gave you that background is, just like a virus is coming into you as a foreign agent and the virus is trying to go into different organs. If your body’s immune system is in good shape, your body doesn’t overreact and try to attack the organ where that virus is. If a Coronavirus lands in your lung epithelial tissue, it’s not the viruses eating away, your own body overreacts. Your body attacks itself.

Immune Response Leading to Transplant Rejection

So, think about what I’m saying. This is not that different than if God forbid, you know, something happens to your lungs, and you need to get a lung transplant. Now when you get a lung transplant from somebody else, they obviously try to make sure that the blood type is the same, etc. They try to match. But when you get that lung transplant, your body’s viewing that lung in some ways as a virus, as a foreign agent coming in. Your body is going to launch an immune response. If that immune response is massively pro-inflammatory, you’re going to get transplant rejection.

What we discovered with CytoSolve that we published, CytoSolve and our research team just made a major breakthrough. We have understood based on what people have seen in the clinics, people have seen people consume Green Tea and were reducing transplant rejection. Using CytoSolve, the same technology we just used to create mV25, a product which you guys can find online, we have understood from a research perspective what goes on. So I want you to follow this closely.

The green box represents transplant tolerance. Transplant tolerance means your body can tolerate receiving that new lung. Now transplant tolerance is supported by four different kinds of T cells. Remember those are in the adaptive immune system, and they’re also in other aspects of the immune system. But Th1 is one of those T cells.

When Th1 goes down, you get transplant tolerance. When Th2 goes up, you get transplant tolerance. When Tregs go up, you get transplant tolerance. When Th17 goes down, you get transplant tolerance. Why? Well when Th1 goes down, it’s anti-inflammatory, it supports this anti-inflammatory mechanism, supports Th1 going down.

This mechanism right here supports Th2 going up. Similarly, this mechanism supports Tregs going up. And this set of molecular pathways helps Tregs going up. What you’re seeing here is these two molecular pathways, which are anti-inflammatory molecular pathways. And ultimately, what they’re doing is they’re supporting Th1 coming down, Th2 going up, and Treg going up, and this going down, this going up and this going up, increases transplant tolerance, which means your body’s got good shock absorbers. When that new lung comes to you, you’re not going to kill it and annihilate it.

What our research discovered was these two molecular pathways which influenced the immune response of, as we’re showing here, Th1, Th2, Treg, and Th17 to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The key takeaway, and I’m hitting you guys with a lot, is that there are molecular mechanisms which support anti-inflammatory response. And those anti-inflammatory mechanisms affect four of these T cells in different ways which increase your chance of the transplant being tolerated.

That’s the anti-inflammatory side. The other side that we discovered was the following. We also have pro-inflammatory mechanisms which means mechanisms in your body which create inflammation. Now you know you want a certain amount of inflammation obviously. If I cut myself I want inflammation. I want my white blood cells to go there to improperly do inflammation, you want healthy inflammation so you protect yourself.

But if your body overcompensates, which is what happens with unhealthy people with unhealthy immune systems, a virus comes in, the body overreacts right, and it starts hurting you. We’ve discovered seven of these pro-inflammatory mechanisms and their effects on these different T cells.

For example, you can see the two blue ones here, the green one here and the yellow pathways here, if you follow the red, they have an effect of increasing Th1, which increases transplant rejection. And then you have these pathways on Th2, follow the green here, which is this pathway here affects Th2 going down, which also increases transplant rejection.

And then we discovered this set of pathways here, which lower Treg, which is done by this pathway, follow the purple, and this lowers Treg, which also increases transplant rejection. And then over here, this pathway 4, and this pathway 5, affects Th17 increasing, which also affects transplant rejection.

What we have fundamentally discovered is pro-inflammatory pathways and the anti-inflammatory pathways which have effects on transplant tolerance, and transplant rejection. Simply put, CytoSolve’s very powerful technology, looking at all the research, was able to identify these two pathways which have anti-inflammatory effects on the four T cells.

And then there are these other six or seven pathways, which have a negative effect on increasing inflammation. And they have an opposite effect on those four T cells, which increase inflammation and increase transplant rejection. That’s the first thing we discovered.

Effects of Green Tea on Immune System

Now, how does Green Tea work? Remember I told you about those catechins? Well, the catechins from Green Tea modulate the immune system through their anti-inflammatory properties. When we say modulate, the best thing I can think about is, imagine you had a car and you didn’t have shock absorbers and a car that has shock absorbers. You hit a pothole, the car can take it, you don’t bang around and hurt yourself. If you didn’t have shock absorbers, you can’t modulate that bump.

Similarly catechins from Green Tea modulate the immune system through their anti-inflammatory properties. Catechins from Green Tea exhibit antimicrobial effects. L-Theanine is one of those amino acids that promotes proliferation of the innate immune system. It’s very important, the first part. And Green Tea compounds alleviate asthma symptoms through smooth muscle relaxation.

Again, it modulates the inflammatory process. Just to give you a quick analysis, here’s that molecule L-Theanine. L-Theanine promotes a proliferation of the gamma delta T cells right here. And that results in supporting the innate immune system, which has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal effects.

Then EGCG, a very powerful catechin. If you go and look at commercial products, and you go look online, they’ll typically tell you what percentage of the extract of Green Tea has EGCG. The way EGCG works is it works through a tube in the Th1 cells, which are those T cells. It stops NF-kB, it stops Ap1, these two are not good molecules because they will actually upregulate these molecules here, TNF alpha, IL 6, MCP-1, and IL-1 beta, which are inflammatory.

Essentially, these molecules lead to what we call the cytokine storm. If you remember, when the Coronavirus was coming out, people who had weakened immune systems, their body was overreacting. They didn’t have those shock absorbers. Again, build your immune system. What we see here is EGCG modulates these so you don’t get the cytokine storm.

EGCG inhibits NF-kB and AP-1, thereby mitigating the cytokine storm. EGCG also does something else. There’s an enzyme here which is necessary for the activation of the proinflammatory Th1 cell. Remember Th1 is proinflammatory. Guess what EGCG does? It knocks down IMDPH, which is an enzyme that’s used to activate the Th1 cells, and EGCG blocks that because you don’t want this.

Then finally EGCG has antimicrobial effects. So over here, you can see the antiviral mechanisms of action. EGCG inhibits the virus from binding to the cell surface. Very, very important. Remember, the virus wants to attach to your cell surface, take over your immune system. So EGCG stops that. EGCG also has an antibacterial effect. It blows up, essentially disrupting the membrane of bacteria. And it basically serves to destroy the DNA of the bacteria so they can’t replicate.

But EGCG also has an effect on disrupting the membrane of fungi. It’s antifungal, it’s antiviral, and it’s antibacterial. Theophylline, another important element in Green Tea, for people who have asthma, they’ve shown that when you have the vasoconstriction of the bronchial tubes, that’s what increases the severity of asthma. So, the bronchial tubes get constricted. Theophylline actually opens it up, it dilates them. Theophylline from Green Tea relaxes the smooth muscle, ASM cells in the bronchial tubes. And that relaxation of the smooth muscle cells reduces the severity of asthma symptoms.

Effect of Green Tea on Immune System Modulation

Remember, we said transplant tolerance. What we discovered is that EGCG, which is the green ball, epicatechin is a yellow ball. Guess what happens, EGCG and epicatechin, remember, they’re these two pathways which affect transplant tolerance because they’re anti-inflammatory. EGCG and epicatechin, the green and the yellow balls from Green Tea upregulate the production of antioxidant enzymes, such as Heme and GSH, glutathione, and NADPH right here.

They are actually supporting this pathway. And what this does is what our discovery showed is that this pathway increase affects this pathway, which lowers Th1, you don’t want Th1. And it also increases Th2, you want more of that. It lowers Th17, which is good, and it also increases Treg. It does everything that you want. This is why it’s improving transplant tolerance. Meanwhile, EGCG in this pathway increases Treg, you want more Treg. You want more Th2 but you don’t want Th1, and you want to lower Th17. That’s what’s beautiful.

The key takeaway is that Green Tea is affecting two very important pathways, and it’s doing what you want it to do. Green Tea is literally lowering Th1, it’s lowering Th17, which are things that are pro-inflammatory. And it’s increasing the mechanisms that increase anti-inflammatory effects, Th2 cells and Treg.

This is why Green Tea from our analysis is supporting transplant tolerance, but it also does something else. It has the other side effect on the pro-inflammatory mechanisms. Wherever the green is here, it shows up in all seven pathways, Green Tea is inhibiting the pro-inflammatory mechanisms, epicatechin is doing it here and here, and gallic acid is doing it here.

The bottom line is Green Tea is on the one hand, increasing the anti-inflammatory mechanisms, reducing the pro-inflammatory mechanisms which lead to transplant rejection, but Green Tea is going and blocking those. In some ways, Green Tea is an all around athlete. It’s supporting the anti-inflammatory pathway. You get transplant tolerance, and it’s a good blocker. It’s blocking those seven mechanisms which increase inflammation and it’s reducing those pathways. So, you get a reduction in transplant rejection. The net of it is this is a very profound discovery because we’re able to explain at the molecular level.

A simple diagram is if you take Green Tea, the EGCG, the epicatechin, and the gallic acid, these three compounds, so on the one hand, it promotes anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Awesome right? So even if it just did this, you should be happy, right? It promotes anti-inflammatory mechanisms, which leads to transplant tolerance.

What it also does is Green Tea inhibits the proinflammatory mechanisms which lead to transplant rejection. So, you’re basically getting a left hook and a right hook. The left hook is the anti-inflammatory effect leading to transplant tolerance, the right hook is inhibiting the proinflammatory pathways, reducing transplant rejection. I’m very proud of this research.

We’ve done a lot of papers with CytoSolve, but this is one of the most powerful papers because we’re showing that we can use CytoSolve’s engine to look at a very complex herb, like Green Tea, understand all the compounds and then use it to understand transplant rejection, which is a very big clinical thing. Transplants are occurring every day, every hour, every minute all over the world. And this is funded by an establishment institution, the City of Hope.

We are showing even those conventional people who may not want to accept the power of these kinds of natural products, that it does work, but we’re using Systems Biology. So, this is where we can win. Because from a Systems Approach, it’s not conventional, it’s not about east or west, it’s about finding what works. It’s going beyond east and west. That’s why this is powerful. So, just look at this diagram. Green Tea molecules, EGCG, epicatechin, and Gallic acid, inhibit transplant rejection because they are blocking the proinflammatory environment. That’s the left hook, and they’re promoting transplant tolerance, that’s the right hook.

Now, I want to encourage all of you to go to You can just sign up as a Member for free, you can sign up just to understand the Science of Systems, there’s a book called System and Revolution. And you can also get access to a very powerful tool that I created. And that’s for anyone who contributes $25 bucks. We used to sell this tool for hundreds of dollars. But this tool allows you to understand your body is a system using the Engineering Systems Approach combined with Eastern systems of engineering, Eastern science.

Green Tea Eastern & Engineering Systems Approach

And this tool is called Your Body, Your System. And you can use this tool to understand your body in the space of your body as forces of transport, movement, conversion, like digestion and storage, like your skeletal system. You can answer a set of questions, and we’ll figure out in this triangle where your body is, that’s the red dot. Everyone’s red dot will be different. The black dot, you answer a different set of questions. And that’ll tell you where your body is today. The red dot is where your body likes to be, and the black dot is where you are.

And then the tool will tell you how different products, different supplements, different foods, in fact, it’ll create a menu for you, tell you how you can bring your body out of whack, back into where it is. It’s a tool to teach you Systems Science. You can use it for your health, and you can learn the philosophy, you can use the product, and I want everyone to do this for themselves. And furthermore, you’re supporting our ability to do these videos. You can also become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior and you get a lot more other tools.

But when you use this approach, you can find out that every food in the world affects increasing transport, increasing conversion, or increasing storage. In the Indian system we call transport Vata, conversion Pitta, and storage Kapha. You can see, Green Tea increases transport and motion, because it’s got that caffeine in it. Conversion, it supports digestion. Very nice to have Green Tea after a meal. And then it lowers Kapha storage. It burns fat.

You can see even from the Eastern approach, you can see the power of Green Tea. Learn how to use the tool Your Body, Your System, where you can understand your body from the Eastern approach or Engineering Systems Approach, which I discovered from my Fulbright research, where you can answer about 30 questions, and it will figure out what kind of System you are.

And the red dot will vary in this triangle. Some people are here, here, or here. And then you can answer a different set of questions and find out how your body is not where it should be. The red dot is your target, the black is where you are today, and the tool will actually calculate menus and help you figure out how different products and different supplements and different things affect you. And I want all you guys as I mentioned at least to go to, become a Warrior, but at minimum, get the book, get the tool, it’s beyond affordable. And you’re supporting our movement.

Now, you can see every food in the universe is a System. Every food affects motion-transport, affects conversion like digestive processes, or affects storage or structure like your skeletal system. And when you come to the Monday night courses, you’ll learn more about transport conversion and storage. So, Green Tea also has that same effect. In the Indian system, Transport is called Vata, Pitta is Conversion and Kapha is storage.

You can see Green Tea increases transport obviously, it’s got caffeine. It supports digestion, the conversion element, but it also supports fat loss, you don’t want too much storage, it cuts it down.


How much should you take? Well a maintenance dose, three to 10 cups of brewed Green Tea. I must drink probably five cups a day. I try to get organic tea. For cardiovascular benefits, (Frank et al. 2009, Nantz et al. 200-, Serban et al. 2015) you’re looking at about 160 to 2500 milligrams of Green Tea extract. You can go on supplements, and you can see wonderful products now out there, please get organic, especially if you get these concentrates.

But you can literally get the concentrated version of the Green Tea extract. For neuroprotective benefits (Park et al. 2011) for your brain, you’re looking at about 1700 milligrams per day of the Green Tea extract.

For diabetes, which supports fat processing, you know, fat metabolism, through an 86 milligrams of EGCG Green Tea extract. There are companies who will just give you the EGCG extract.

And for the immune boosting effects as (Matsumoto et al. 2011). By the way, I didn’t mention all the great research people have done. It’s about 580 milligrams per day of Green Tea extract, 378 milligrams of catechins, and 210 milligrams of L-Theanine. So this gives you an idea what the dosage is.


In summary, Green Tea modulates the immune system, it’s the shock absorbers. It regulates the cells of the innate and the adaptive, it inhibits the cytokine storm, it promotes anti microbial action, and it’s a promotion of a bronchodilator. If you have problems breathing, asthma, it’s going to relax the smooth muscle cells as we talked about.

But Green Tea also modulates transplant rejection via inhibiting the proinflammatory processes, upregulating the anti-inflammatory processes, as well as the upregulation of antioxidant enzyme systems. Again, we’re very, very proud of this paper. Let me tell you why this paper is important. We have to play in two worlds. As many of you know, I’m out there fighting for Truth and Freedom, but when it comes to Health, I have to be able to publish in the existing journal.

It took us three years to get this paper published. It’s a huge feat, because you have to submit it, then you have to get rejected and they say this is not right, that’s not right. So you go back and forth. This is like a mini PhD project. But it’s a huge service for all of you because now you’re really understanding from a molecular systems level why this works. And the more we understand why things work, it increases confidence. And we’re bringing even our “enemies” who typically don’t want to agree with us, they just want to push the pharma model, but we’re also making the people in the Big Vitamin world more honest. Because they just push crap out there. Any questions John?

John Medlar: Some people are asking about the effect of Green Tea on their own bodies. For example Christine says caffeine in Green Tea bothers her due to it being a stimulant, but she likes traditional medicinal teas, like with hibiscus.

Dr.Shiva: So, one of the important things we need to understand is, everyone is different. Everyone is different. So, what Christine is saying is you have to ultimately use your own intuition. That’s why I recommend everyone go to Your Body, Your System, because Your Body, Your System will help you figure out what are the right foods, right supplements, right things and how they affect your body. If you are consuming Green Tea and it doesn’t feel right, you’re seeing it’s not one size fits all. What we’re looking at here is the chemical compounds in Green Tea. Green Tea has many, many, many different compounds in it.

Depending on the nature of the Green Tea, some of the compounds in Green Tea may have histamine effects. Some people may not be able to handle that. One size does not fit all. We’ve looked at Green Tea, we’ve looked at the catechins in Green Tea, and the active components in it. So Christine, just to let you know, so you don’t feel bad about this, you have to understand your own body, and you have to recognize that ‘one size does not fit all.’

Medlar: There’s another question here about an experience with Green Tea that says it makes his blood run cold and drives him into an anaphylactic shock, and he’s wondering where he would wind up on Your Body, Your System?

Dr. Shiva: You should go check it out. Look, it’s very interesting. CytoSolve is showing the molecular effects, Your Body, Your System is like an Eastern approach to understanding. So we have CytoSolve, the Molecular Systems, the best of the West, and we have Your Body, Your System, the best of the East. So you should take the test. Let me go there so everyone understands what we’ve created for you.

Because I really want you to do this for you. I’m going to What you’ll see here is that you can join as a Warrior, and there’s 15 different gifts people get, and you can go check all this out. You can get five other gifts, you can get certified, you can learn the Science of Systems, you can become part of an entire community, you get four different books, you get access to Your Body, Your System tool, you get papers, it’s pretty generous. For $100. So go do that as a Warrior.

Those of you who are not ready for that, you can just become a Supporter. As a Supporter, what you do is you get access to all the videos, you get access to the scientific paper, you get access to the book, you get access to this other gift called Your Body, Your System, which is a tool that I created out of 20 years of research, where you answer a set of questions, and I will figure out who you are using the Systems Approach.

Then you can answer a different set of questions and figure out where you’re at today, and the system lets you figure out how foods essentially modulate. If you’re someone who moves very fast, and you’re a fast talker, fast mover, your red dot is going to be up here. If you drink Green Tea, or caffeine, more than one cup, you’re already high, you’re going to imbalance yourself. Those of you who are down here, you may benefit from Green Tea more. If you’re lethargic, etc.

My point is that food is medicine and medicine is food. What that means is, every food has an effect on transport, conversion and storage. If you’re already transport and you move very fast, then obviously if you take substances that increase transport, you’re going to imbalance yourself.

So take advantage of this, because it took me 20 years, it was out of my Fulbright research that I went back to India and I wanted to use System Science to understand the Eastern Systems of Science. And I made it very easy. So you don’t have to fly around the world looking for gurus, you can literally understand the best of the East and the best of the West, using Your Body, Your System.

Medlar: Someone is asking about the Warrior Program, if they can pay $25 as a Supporter and then upgrade later?

Dr.Shiva: Yes, you can do that. You can just join as a Member by the way, there’s no cost at all. And we give people five different gifts. And by the way, all the contributions we get goes to our data center, all of this stuff runs our own Infrastructure. We don’t use Big Tech, as I shared with you earlier, our goal is not to be relying on Big Tech.

Our Infrastructure is running and we’re building a community. We have nearly 60,000 people. So you can become a Warrior, you can become a supporter, I think you get six different gifts, or you can become a member absolutely free, and you get access to videos, you get access to the paper, you get access to a whole bunch of tools.

This will help you become an activist on the ground and educate others. And you can see there’s a little chart here. We’re not here to sell, but people say, Dr.Shiva, can you tell us what I get for different amounts so go take advantage of that. This is really about educating you wherever you’re at.

Medlar: Christine asked, is Systems Health connected to Your Body, Your System?

Dr.Shiva: Yes. So when you get Systems Health as a Warrior, you get 15 gifts. One of them is Systems Health, you also get four different books. Just to give you an idea, I used to teach this course at MIT, I used to teach it all over the world. People used to pay me thousands of dollars.

But I didn’t want to be on the lecture circuit all day, I wanted to make this accessible to as many people. I have other ways of making money, but we wanted you guys to contribute something so you’re doing it for yourself, and it helps build our movement. Your movement, frankly.

Medlar: Catherine says to Dr. Shiva, I haven’t seen you live in some time. I just became a Warrior today.

Dr.Shiva: That’s excellent, good to have you. Look, the bottom line is this, when you take the warrior course, you’ll understand the Science of Systems. And you will understand the same science that is involved in how the body works is the same science that’s involved in how the computer works. It’s the same science on how election systems work or don’t work, and it’s the same science of how we build a movement.

There is a fundamental science to every system in the universe. My life journey has been about not only uncovering that science, but more importantly, making that scientific knowledge accessible to you. You don’t have to spend 50 years or 20, 30 years at MIT. And that’s how we’re going to win. We’re going to win by recognizing that we’re not going to build the movement until it’s a Bottoms-up movement that’s founded in science.

Medlar: Fabi is asking, did you take the jab?

Dr.Shiva: Did I take the jab? No. Look, the bottom line is I’ve never ever taken in my life any type of flu jab. And I highly recommend to people to recognize number one, ‘one size does not fit all.’ That’s the first principle here. That’s what Your Body, Your System will teach you. One size does not fit all.

Number two, all of you have to get in touch with your own bodies. I created Your Body, Your System tool because most people don’t even know how their body functions,and are so off kilter. It will at least tell you where you are, where you should be. And hopefully you’ll build your own intuition.

After a while, if you start eating the right foods, you finally start feeling great, you’ll say, wait a minute, I ate that crap, let me adjust it with this. Let me eat some more greens today. And that’s how you want to deal with your body. We all don’t eat well all the time. We have all sorts of different seductions in life. But if you can understand when I’m off course and when to come back on course, that’s really Systems Science.

Medlar: Someone is asking if we could one day in the future get some insights on oral chelation therapy if we want to flush out when we have mass metals?

Dr.Shiva: So a very good teacher of mine said something interesting. Oral chelation, what you’re talking about, if people have heavy metals in their body that you chelate that out of your body. I typically will do a cleanse twice a year of some kind. Fall and spring, very good times to do this. And it’s very, very important to maintain your body.

But you have to be careful when you do chelation therapies and these cleanses. The example I could give you is let’s say you have this building here. It took two years to build this building. That’s like your body, you build it up. But if one little match, let me use a barn as an example, and it takes two years for you to build a big barn and someone comes and lights one little match within seconds, they could burn down that whole building. So when you do cleanses, you’re actually breaking down your body.

You have to be very careful. Some people will chelate and they’ll remove too many minerals that are good minerals that they actually need. So my recommendation is that you do this in a healthy way. Green vegetables, a very good natural way to cleanse your body. Some type of raw salads, a natural way to cleanse your body. Green is good. Green vegetables are one of the most powerful ways to support body detoxification. Now, if you’re in horrible conditions, there’s various cleanses. But again, be careful.


A bunch of people have been asking about Moringa. I think we’ve already done a presentation on that.


Yes, I did a whole video you can find on Moringa. Just to let you know, when I was growing up in our village in India, in a hut where the cows were, there was this beautiful Moringa tree. So Moringa is known as a tree of life. In fact, it grows in the most intense hard conditions. You have the drumstick from the Moringa tree, you have the leaves, it has every amino acid in there. Even the World Health Organization said if there’s one tree that anyone should grow it’s the Moringa tree.

Medlar: Robbie says some say vitamin D3 is not good to take. Is that true?

Dr.Shiva: Well, here’s the thing. Again, everyone needs to understand your body. The ultimate as you go get a D3 test. D3 with K is important. Ultimately, I am a big proponent of getting it the natural way. What is vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 is something that your body creates when you’re out in the sun.

I’m not a big proponent of always doing supplements. But obviously if you live up north as an Eskimo and you can’t kill your whales anymore, or you can’t get blubber, you’re gonna have to get vitamin D3 somewhere. And if you don’t get sunlight, where are you going to get it? That’s why people in those Arctic cultures ate blubber, or they needed that vitamin D3.

But you ultimately want to get it from the sun, because when the sun hits your skin, your body will create D3. And then that D3 creates antimicrobial CAMPs. So sunlight hits your skin, your body creates D3, the D3 through a series of pathways creates these antimicrobial proteins which actually are antimicrobial.

But if you’re living in an environment where you’re not getting it, and you’re not willing to take cod liver oil and other substances like that, then it’s up to you. Everything has a risk reward and you need to be judicious on it. There’s no one hard line on this, you just need to make decisions using wisdom.

A lot of the “homeless people”, very few of them had any of these COVID issues, because they’re out in the sun all day. And that’s where we should be, we should be out in the sun, getting our vitamin D3 juiced up. And then we’re supposed to last during the winter. But most of us were inside.

If your skin is dark, like mine or even darker, you’re going to need 10 to 15 times more sun to produce the same amount of D3 because I have a shielding here. What’s unfortunate is the very, very stupid people who told particularly African Americans and people of color to stay indoors during the pandemic, essentially you’re compromising immune system big time and never even told them about D3.

I want all of you guys to become Truth, Freedom Health Warriors, go to You’re contributing to yourself, you’re contributing to a global movement. Just to let you know, we’re building our movement globally. Without Freedom, we cannot have Truth. Without Truth, we can’t find out what’s good for our Health, science. And without Health, we don’t have the strength to fight for Freedom or Truth. So I’m going to finish up with a video.

But I really want to encourage all of you to know we’re not going to solve the mandates issue with the jabs or the masks or the face diapers, we’re not going to solve the election integrity issue, we’re not going to solve racism through elections. It’s not going to happen through lawsuits. It’s going to happen through a Bottoms-up movement.

You cannot build a Bottoms-up movement without understanding the physics. And that can only happen if you understand the Science of Systems, the same science that moves your body. The same science that affects everything in the universe, is how we’re going to win. I’m going to leave you with this video but I expect to see all of you on Monday evening when I do my Truth Freedom Health Warrior course. I’ll leave you with this video.

All right, everyone. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Next week, we’re going to do a video on beets. The root vegetable beets and its effect on cardiovascular health. And if you want me to do anything else, please email me at But whether it be us talking about politics, whether it be us talking about our body as a system, or Green Tea, the central theme is you have to take a Systems Approach. So, please do this for yourself.

Sign up for the course and become part of the Truth Freedom Health movement. It is the only force on the planet that I know, today. And if someone else was doing it, I’ll stop doing what I’m doing. But it is the only force out there that is going to mobilize in a very conscious way, all of you to become leaders in your communities to build this movement. And you’re not going to get there without the science, the Science of Systems.

And I’ll tell you this, as I tell our people in our movement, the elites in power have trained their minions with the Science of Systems. And if you don’t learn the Science of System, it’s like you have a bow and arrow and your enemies got a nuclear weapon. The Science of Systems is a nuclear weapon of how we win.

Please take advantage of; become a Warrior, become a Supporter, become a Member, whatever you want to do. We have created our own Infrastructure to win and we’re only going to win by getting educated or you will be enslaved. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator shares CytoSolve Discovers Molecular Mechanisms of Green Tea Reducing Transplant Rejection. Just Published. Seminal Paper.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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