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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, The Inventor of Email, reveals the system of how intelligence agencies use middlemen and deliberate partial “leaks” of information, known as a “limited hangout,” to distract and placate the public in order to hide a much deeper secret.

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All right, good morning. We’re thrilled today, Joe Hof my twin brother and myself to have Dr. Shiva. I adore him with us to describe and explain and tell us about the research he’s done. Of course, we know the Dr. Shiva has been instrumental in deciphering and releasing information of the 2020 election. really outstanding work he’s done throughout his career. But that’s where we really got close with Dr. Shiva. And before that, Dr. Shiva and I had exchanged several communications around his lawsuit he had against Twitter. And that was because of his election in a primary election that had several flaws. And Dr. Shiva was the first one to actually discover that there’s a secret portal on Twitter that was just the elites, the tech giants, the government agencies, and Democrats who are able to communicate directly with each other and, and shut down conservative content and shut down his voice. Because he was he was infringing on the monopoly that they had anyway, Dr. Shiva, obviously, you can explain this much better than we can. But it’s just a thrill to have you with us.

Great to have you guys. Also with us this morning. I’m glad we carved out some time on a important weekend. But great to have you. What I want to start with Jim is, you know, we have a website, if you remember that we created at the time of that lawsuit, which was called Winback That site is literally being updated, and people should go look at it. And what I want to do is just sort of step back, Jim and Joe and just sort of lay this out as a continuation of the attack on a US Senate candidate on the attack of a US citizen. And this attack is basically censorship. And what I want to engage everyone to think about is that that censorship of a US Senate candidate ran for political office in the United States, started in September 2020. And still continues today, before the lawsuit during the lawsuit, and now and this is why people are gonna have to open their eyes to is that the intercepts quote unquote, DHS leaks is actually an intelligence operation. And people people are gonna think this sounds different, but you’re gonna see all the evidence of it today. It is a continuation is nothing new in the DHS leaks. But it is part of the censorship that started because the intercept as people are gonna learn very quickly is founded was founded and funded by Pierre Omidyar, who is the same person which are lawsuit exposed in the wonderful detail, almost a PhD scientific level systems diagram of Pierre Omidyar’s central involvement with the Department of Homeland Security in creating the gateway between government, quote, unquote, “to fill in the gap between government and big tech, so they can Launder Censorship.” That was the heart of our lawsuit discovery. I hate to say it, these plagiarists, these mis attributederrs, these prevaricaters at The Intercepts Fang and Lipin style should actually be censored by the journalist ethics committee for what they’ve done. Because what they have done is pilfered. Our detailed research, not attributed it, manipulated it, and then prevaricated it, and people are going to do understand that. And there’s a reason they did this. This is part of an intelligence operation that I just found out a couple of days ago, because I was trying to figure out, wow, 200,000,000, 250 million people knew about our stuff. We added up all the views. We looked at it, you guys covered it. All the independent media covered it, went viral everywhere, everyone knew about our lawsuit. Everyone knew that it was us in two years ago we did which had discovered what we call the government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure. No one else did it before us. We did it. And it was shocking because we told Tucker Carlson about it. And I’ll have all the emails that’s on the site. We told Glenn Greenwald, supposedly the investigative journalist. The ACLU knew about it and they did Zippo however, they have a problem right now. Because guys like you, guys like me, independent media, all the videos, all the blog posts are out there. So typically what happens is when these guys try to plagiarize misattribute and try to own a narrative, guys like us gets squashed because we don’t have the volume. But in this case 200 million people already saw this. So the point I want to make here is that it was government. When you go back and 2020, which stole my election in Massachusetts, it was a government, which ran those machines under the purview of certification by the National Association of State Election Directors. It was a government that de platformed me using this censorship infrastructure on September 25, for the first time, and then again, on February 1, permanent Deplatform when I expose this infrastructure. Then when we got into the lawsuit, the government wanted me to drop all claims against the government, and just be happy that I went back on Twitter, which they said would be a historic event. This was in May. And in the May 2021, hearing, it is when we exposed and there were at least 1000 people on that Zoom lawsuit hearing. So if Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald, the intercept didn’t know about that, well, then you should remove your moniker as investigative journalists. It’s a disgrace.

Millions of people knew about what we were doing, and what we shared at that time. Vary and what you guys covered. Right, others didn’t cover it, you guys did. And we covered it was the following. We shared and we published, we were very good about documenting everything because we knew the mainstream media and if people go to Winback,, we published on this site, this diagram. Okay. And this diagram is it took a significant amount of effort. And this is if you go down to the where the lawsuit is right here, the original lawsuit, people see that this was a lawsuit. And here’s the high res version of the diagram, and I’m going to bring it up here. Can you guys Hmm,

that’s it this small right now. Yummy. Okay.

All right. All right. So when you see in this diagram, is the title is how it works, how election officials and government actors coordinate with platforms to silence speech. Okay. And this is the Secretary of State, a government official, his counsel who I expose when she deleted Ballard images, and was arrogantly saying she could do that when we exposed her. She and this woman, Amy Cohen. We found out in testimony all in transcripts, which so called investigative journalists could easily look up. They’re the ones who had Twitter, knock me off. All right. That’s what happens on courtroom testimony. And October 30, we have all this, but by May I had discovered as you see, Joe, all these playbooks, okay, these documents, which we also published, okay, everyone see this, all these playbooks here? And these were documents, which we were able to sleuth around and find all these playbooks right here. Now, who created all these playbooks, these playbooks are created by Amy Cohen, Robby Mook over a Belfer, Harvard, former adviser to Hillary Clinton, Tommy Hicks over at the EAC. Okay, Michelle, Tasha denari, who was the actual Secretary of State’s council who had made the platform but Matt Masterson, who now is being revealed by Fang and lip unseen, and they did not, which is massively unethical at best reference us, Eric Rosenbach, at the Belfer Center again, all these people were involved Alex Stamos over at Stanford, Chris Krebs, and Kate starboard, who they referenced, but they don’t reference ours because we were the first to expose it. So all of these documents laid out the plan the map of how they would launder censorship through for the government. So the government’s right here, and maybe they don’t know how to read logos. There’s DHS, there’s Siza. And these are all the election officials and the Global Engagement Center. So here’s the problem. Here’s the problem that we discovered, and we articulated first in that lawsuit, and what was that problem? Why did they create this infrastructure? Okay, let’s be clear why they created this infrastructure.

Government. So over here, the people are over here. Okay. Let me go back to this sort of the masses are here. According to the United States first amendment, the government can Not since do censorship on domestic US citizens domestically. They can do it for foreign but they can’t do domestically. So they had to fill in the gap by creating non governmental organizations which would do that long, long censorship. That is the heart of our lawsuit. That is the essence that we discovered, Jim and Joe, in 2020, which now Fang, as you notice, is literally plagiarizing, and taking credit for, again without attribution. And to make that clear, let’s go and we’re going to talk about why this level of plagiarism is taking place. It’s not about just plagiarizing our work. There’s the fundamental reason is to protect the guilt of Pierre Omidyar, the founder and funder of the intercept itself, who is who’s who, which is the organization that pays these two guys are supposedly making a bogus breakthrough story, which is essentially our lawsuit by taking pieces of it and not sharing the whole story, we’re gonna understand the motivation for that. So if we go here, and we now go to the actual lawsuit, which is our lawsuit, which is, by the way, read into the court record 1000s of pages of transcripts, right, which if you are an investigative journalist, you would go look at you guys looked at them. You guys reported on it two years ago, okay. But, and we were branded as conspiracy theories, these guys get to have the moniker as investigative journalists and get amplified by the other not so obvious establishment media. So let’s go look at this. What did our lawsuit what was the heart of our lawsuit? Okay, because this is where we go to the primary source material. And I’m going to bring it up right here. And this is the heart of the foundations of what we discovered, okay. Two years ago, in this historic losses, let me go right here. So what are we talking about here? This is what the lawsuit says. Okay. It says starting in October 2017. Government officials concluded that though the nature of US elections was decentralize. You see, this is a problem to them, Jim and Joe, which is spread across 10,000 jurisdictions and using different kinds of machines, and different methods, paper and electronic, even though they were using machines, they were diverse. So this is a problem if you want to centralize it, right. Sure, very best defensive cyber hacking. So they’re admitting that the diversity and decentralization is the best offense. They needed to eliminate such decentralization, which is the government because it was a hindrance to their desire to establish and use a centralized infrastructure with non governmental entities, NGOs, nonprofits, to, quote unquote, fill the gap between domestic government agencies who had no power to curtail speech, and federal agencies who were forbidden from curtailing domestic speech in order to censor speech by surveilling, blacklisting, silencing new assistant citizens domestically, and thus allow government officials to violate the First Amendment without fear of being sued. You guys see what I’m saying? Sure, that was the entire architecture of our lawsuit, which is, and what we’ve found through all those playbooks, and if you look at we have a huge chart that’s in my room over here, we printed it. And every line is meticulously footnoted, as true investigative journalist would do, which was submitted also to the courts. And it’s all in testimony. And by

the way, Doctor, this was this was brilliant, because nobody else had come up with this at that time. But we are getting censored. I mean, we watched get, we probably get censored from 2016 to 2020, through Twitter, Facebook, everything. It was it was getting crushed. Yeah. And so because the 231 or whatever, saying, no, they can do whatever they’re not

only the intercept, dribble. DHS leaks doesn’t even go into this detail. And there’s it’s on purpose. It’s a dribble. Okay, and look at what Fang puts out there. And I just found this DHS officially working on disinfo for mation noted during an internal strategy session that agencies should use third party nonprofits, you say as clearinghouse for information, this is our freakin lawsuit. We already had this. And moreover, this Clearinghouse is ISAC which is in the diagram, which was housed at the Center for Internet security, funded by Omidyar. And they don’t know how to use Google OMA DRS we want to fund or the Center for Internet security. And our diagram comes up pretty much everywhere. Okay. You guys see the diagram here? Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, let me share it here. Okay.

By the way, isn’t Glenn Greenwald? Didn’t he? Wasn’t he a co founder of intercept?

Yes, he was a co founder, but he didn’t fund it. Can you guys see this right now? Yes. Okay. So let me go back to this. So you guys saw what I read from our lawsuit right? Sure. Well, this is Fang absolute plagiarism. He This is an interesting as they attribute it to somewhere else we’d had this two years ago. And he says, oh, you know, he’s saying, you know, there’s this ice axe that they created, which are the clearing houses. What he leaves out is that the ISAC is housed at the Center for Internet security, which was the foundation of the communication infrastructure. The manual was funded by Pierre Omidyar is democracy fund, who is the founder and the founder of also the intercept. All right. So when you look at Omidyar, and you want to really get it a diagram of him who he is, this is the best. He’s got both sides, he starts the intercept. And he’s at, frankly, an intelligent asset. He’s here. And he’s the one who created funded the Center for Internet security to define the protocols of how government would complain to these big tech companies using this NGL. You see this? Jim and Joe, this is the in between Filling in the gap government up here, and private companies here. And by the way, we just didn’t do Twitter. If you go look at our lawsuit, we talked about all of them, Facebook, Google everything. The diagram had to do Twitter for the judge. Okay. I hope that’s clear. Sure. All right. Now, if you actually go look at what Pierre Omidyar is about, he’s everywhere. He’s everywhere. He’s involved. He’s a government intelligence asset. He’s involved in Ukraine. He’s involved in funding the ACLU, he’s involved with USA ID. He’s involved with a technology called Rappler, which watches people’s behaviors can manipulate behaviors, and he’s of the fundamental opinion that the masses need to be controlled by him and the government. Okay. So let’s really think about Pierre Omidyar. He funded and founded the intercept. He’s the one who, basically these guys get paid from his right, he’s on the board, etc. And over here, he’s the one who funded and supported the creation of the Center for Internet security, which was to fill in the gap. So we could launder censorship. So if you’re doing a thing called DHS leaks, and you want all the freaking credit, and you want to be an investigative journalist, you better put the mirror up to yourself. And they didn’t do that. So now, the question is, why? What is this all about? So I hope it’s clear, just to sort of summarize, right was in 2020, through a lot of hard work through the support of independent journalists, like you guys, and the millions of 200 million people learned about us, there was no one can say we didn’t No, no, this was out there, thankfully, because we were able to get in here and there, do our own pages, etc. The wind back freedom site, that diagram has been up for over two years. Right. Don?

I have a quick question. And that is, it’s amazing that you were able to put this together. Back when you did, we’re seeing that it was released, you know, by Fang, and this past week and is in his associate, but um, what I was thinking was they they’re saying that they got this information from this lawsuit, where they release these documents, these these government tech documents in the Missouri and Louisiana Attorney General’s lawsuit to expose the censorship, Cabal. And so what do you say to that?

What I say to that is bullshit. That’s what I say to that. absolute bullshit. These guys should remove their themselves as a monikers of investigative journalists. Let me tell you what happened. This is classic, classic, classic plagiarism 101. A guy here does all the work happens in academia and people get caught, happened to one of my great professors at MIT, he did some of the earliest stuff on hyper supersonic fluid flow, published it over here. And he told me what they do is a another guy, and he was at a small school, then he didn’t have the big amplification of a big school like MIT. Another guy here says, holy shit, this guy’s done this. In order to steal it, they reference some guy over here who did some similar work, who may have referenced it. They make they reference that and then they present the whole thing. The Missouri lawsuit guys, that’s another thing. They should have also referenced our stuff. You see you have a set of people there is also egos and people don’t want to attribute the right people this what happens in academia is unethical behavior. But what Fang and those guys did they have a problem because 200 million people saw this stuff. But more importantly, is that their associates in the mainstream and not so obvious establishment media, Tucker Carlson Glenn Greenwald actually knew about all this. They can’t say they didn’t know about it. It was out there. But more importantly, let me share with you this, okay? The reason they knew about it if they could have known about it easily two ways, Okay, number one, everyone else knew about it. Okay. Number two. This is how they also knew about it. Here’s my emails to Tucker, October 20. About our lawsuit about when we won our first thing against Twitter, October 30. Please cover it. Okay. Then for free speech on Twitter. Okay. This is a second thing about what actually happened. Then this is our press first case to show government makes Twitter to silence political speech. Okay. And points to all the censorship, infrastructure, everything. Got it. So Tucker Carlson. Now, when his interview he gives fan, all this apple amplification. We go over here. It’s all up here. So now he’s giving amplification. And this is Tucker Carlson’s actual statement and interview. This seems really like a very important story, which is for some reason being ignored. Do you understand the ludicrousness of this? ignored by who? It wasn’t ignored by Gateway Pundit. It wasn’t ignored by all of our followers. It was ignored by Tucker Carlson. He knew it. In fact, we sent him the documents and hundreds of millions of other people knew it. Glenn Greenwald, okay. Let’s go look at him. All right. So called investigative journalist. Well, here’s the let’s go to did I inform Greenwald? In fact, I tried multiple times. All right. So and I’ve and I got his direct email address from, you know, a colleague of mine, Noam Chomsky, who I’ve known for years. And he said, you know, you should let Greenwald know about so let’s go. I’m sorry about this sort of moving around here. But let’s go over to Greenwald, right here. So here’s Greenwald, Glenn Greenwald knew about our findings as early as and concealed it, okay. It was on the media. So here’s me saying, Hey, this is there’s a lawsuit and that expose Twitter’s backdoor enables government to silence political speech. The lawsuit is sustained multiple motions. I talked about the playbooks. I tell him he can even call me and I give him the website, you see this. And then I have a friend of mine saying, Hey, you should call Greenwald. And I say he’s not returning it to me. He goes, Well, that’s what he did to Snowden. You got to try again. So we do another thing. In July 16. I said we have not spoken before. But as a follow up to gnomes recommendations. I’ve sent you various emails. This is the first lawsuit of its kind, which has survived multiple motion to reveal the infrastructure used by government to launder censorship. We have government actors or private companies, Joe and Jimmy saying this. Yeah. If you’re interested on how government silence us, Senator Kennedy in the midst of his election to so on and so on the network and infrastructure I’ve discovered documented, my lawsuit should be shared far and wide. While Trump has recently filed a lawsuit aiming Democrats is lost it doesn’t address this foundational issue and appears in my view to be another Trump over to raise money. Okay. The infrastructure is the exact same infrastructure being used by Biden to launder censorship to Facebook, please call me okay.

All right. And, and then when the Alex Berenson story comes up, people reached out to me Berenson again, didn’t cover ours. These are sort of the pseudo refusenik elites who knew about our stuff. So what happens here? Now, the this this this stuff comes out just like Carlson amplified it. So did greenwall great work by OHS fact expose a crucial evidence? Really. I was a frequent we’re the ones who had the evidence, a transcript. We were the actual victims and the journalists, the censorship, this censorship was not done at the sole or even primary initial big tech. It is so often done in conjunction with US government. No amplification of our stuff. ACLU same thing. Here’s the ACLU were my attorney said You know, you should reach out to them but they’re not going to cover it. Why? Because they had gotten into a process and we go over here of being against progressive sorry about this right here. We can edit this out. Right here. Okay. So at the time, I was ACLU, by the way they knew about it, my attorney said but they weren’t gonna cover it. And my one of my attorneys sent me this thing saying once a bastion for free speech, the ACLU face an identity crisis. They only cover progressive issues. That’s what this article is about. Okay. In fact, the founder lamenting about that. However, when this comes out, day along with Greenwald, along with what’s his face, great, Carlson, amplify it

Guess what the difference is?

Omidyar gives them a million bucks a year. Ah, okay. All right. So the bottom line is the evidence is more than overwhelming. These guys knew it, and they concealed it. And then they waited, delayed, and now they dribble it out. And so I was thinking about this dynamic gym and Joe, like, you know, as a system scientist, I tried to understand the generalized picture, right. And the conclusion I came to, and I, and this is where I’ll discuss this thing called the limited Hangout, okay. I was trying to figure out why would someone do this? Right. And, and I was just remarking as just as a scientist just trying to understand this. And I did this for, you know, we have a class that we do. And I said, this is what really happened to us. You have the whole truth, the big iceberg, right? And the little tip of it. That’s the whole truth. So what happened here was first they concealed it. I’m talking about the intercept, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, the so called people who we think are on our side. Then they delayed putting it out there and then they stole it. And we have every we’ve gone through every cent and and Frank stuff. And we’ve shown how it’s literally taken from our stuff without attribution. Then they hijack it. And then they hijack it put out a little bit of it. Overtly leaving out Pierre Omidyar and leading people to ignorance. So when you can understand this process, I was sitting with my family and others, I’m saying Jesus Christ, like I can’t believe this, there’s got to be a word for this. Like, because I could see what they systematically did here. And I was on a call with for my biotech company with some very interesting, very smart scientists, two of them on the phone, and they love to hear about mice, if they wanted to talk politics at the end of it. One of them said, Oh, he goes, that is called the limited Hangout, what they did to you. It is what intelligence agencies do. And I already talking about what’s a limited Hangout, because that’s precisely what you were just a victim of. Okay. So what I did, Joe, it and Jim before yesterday, that’s why I delayed and to do this call today, is that I went found out what is a limited hangout. All right, I want to read this, and I found it Googling and this is what David Brown says he’s actually at a at an eight he works at an agency which hires spooks, okay. And that’s what he says he goes, there is a term of art and politics and among intelligence professionals that is known as a quote unquote limited hangout. Whenever one’s veil of secrecy is penetrated spies or politicians can employ misdirection to distract the public. The technique involves disclosing a self contained, like the DHS stuff, and sensational but relatively benign story to overshadow something more damaging. It’s a non confession, with the agency or individual seeming to quote unquote, lay out all the cards on the table, and quote, and as sewage concerns that anyone is trying to hide anything. Upon learning the quote unquote truth as presented, the public is mollified and moves on with no real scrutiny of note missing the real story altogether, eg Pierre Omidyar, and that the intercept is essentially a proxy for government actors to mollify people. Then he goes on to say it’s a kind of public relations pressure valve designed to relieve interest without damaging the larger system. The phrase was popularized during the Watergate scandal and President Nixon senior White House officials were recorded having used a term limited Hangout, while discussing the merits of releasing manicured details about the burglary, they would acknowledge certain events and withhold others with the effect of clearing the president in this case, Pierre Omidyar of any wrongdoing.

Does it make sense? Sounds like what happened.

It’s exact so what you’re looking at when you look at the arc of our journey with this lawsuit, the government has been completely involved. And extra governmental organizations like the intercept and their colleagues, Greenwald, I’m sorry, he knew it. He’s got to face up to this or apologize. Tucker Carlson conceal plagiarize. Miss attribute or the Missouri lawsuit, really? You knew about the Missouri lawsuit, but you didn’t know about ours? And you’re an internet. You’re an investigative journalist. You guys are investigative journalist Jim and Joe. I’m an investigative not these guys. These guys work for government actors. And then after this stuff comes out, when I am about to put it back out again with Elon Musk saying boom, you put your crap out there, and you limit it and then you have these people amplify it. But they have a serious problem right now Jim and Joe we have a movement for truth, freedom and health as you know we have three Under 60,000 people, we have our own data center. We do our own things we got guys like you, we got other people who do. We don’t need these people. We don’t need to bow down to Tucker Carlson or Glenn Greenwald. And that’s what this shows. It’s time we escalate this movement for truly independent journalism, and recognize that the censorship architecture that we discovered in 2020 is still in full place. The person who funded it, Pierre Omidyar, along with Zuckerberg and the Murdochs they’re hidden still, particularly Pierre Omidyar, this was a damage control thing. Done. So Elon Musk perhaps doesn’t find out Pierre Omidyar who bought PayPal is behind it. But what I want to just say is, this, to me the education is this is how it quote unquote, democracy, we are allowed to do all this research, like I was allowed to dumb allowed to bust my ass and do all this stuff. But they have the safety valve here of these limited hangouts with the People’s like the intercepts. And Tucker Carlson’s, who makes sure that limited amount of it comes out, they can just say, Oh, we get the Pulitzer. They get rewarded, we get d platformed. We get to be made conspiracy theorists, we get sidelined. But they have a freaking problem right now. Because if you go to our site, you know, you’ll see that we got this news out, and we screwed them. And they got a serious problem. And that’s why I want people to understand this because it is the dynamics of deception. This is how they limit real in a democracy and all the stuff we put out there. They can’t deny this. These are all the show symposiums. And we can probably add to that all the stuff you guys did, how many millions of views your guy’s got. Right? Right. So they’re screwed. And it’s time to expose these people, because we should not sit on our laurels and thank them. Oh, my God, you got to do it. No, this is a limited hangout. That’s precisely what they want us to do. John, Jim, this is part of not exposing the hole. So they will use their megaphones and contain it. It’s disgusting, not one attribution to our lawsuit. We’re the ones who busted our buttons. Were the ones who were there risking our stuff. I was the one who’s gonna get sanctioned by a judge. Because I wouldn’t drop all the other claims. It was our lawsuit that was sealed, and I had to get it in by filing another amended complaint. Damn these people, man, they’re as bad. It’s censorship. They’re censoring our lawsuit. They want to bury it. Go ahead, Joe, you need to unmute yourself.

Another thing that came up at about that same time period in late 2020, before the election was the Hunter Biden laptop. Yes. And we know, as a matter of fact that there were individuals that were trying to get this this laptop, this information, this laptop to people like, like Tucker, and it never really met the, you know, saw the light of day until after the election. So it’s time they’re there. They’re covering up this story. They’re covering up the Hunter Biden laptop.

And Joe, you bring up a very important point. What we’re talking about here, you know, there’s a great engineer that I love. His name is Alan McDonald. He was the engineer who actually, you know, in the space shuttle, I still love to watch a space shuttle launch, you know, nice to get up early in the morning. And I remember getting at 530 in the morning. So icicles on the space shuttle, Navy six. And I said, Well, I hope they’re not going to launch it. I’ve never seen icicles. Anyway, I went to class. And I was in the MIT students center and I see the space shuttle being blown up. Anyway, Alan McDonald was a chief engineer on the side over at Morton Thiokol. And NASA was forcing sign off on the launch sign off on the launch. And he wouldn’t do it. He goes, Wait a minute, this has never been tested. I can’t I won’t do it. He was vilified, demoted. Anyway, he died about a year ago at the age of 83. And he said the most important thing in life is to tell the truth at the right time. So you can affect change. Tell the truth at the right time so you can affect change. Tucker Carlson rarely tells the truth at the right time to affect change. This is not about telling the truth, a half truth because when we were in the trenches, I as a US Senate federal candidate, silenced by the government. Where the fuck are you? Excuse my language? Where are you Tucker? Where are you? Glenn Greenwald? You wait until after? Because either you have an ego and you don’t want to give us the credit. Possibly, but I think it’s more insidious than that. And that’s what they do. So Hunter Biden story. You sit on it? Well, Hunter, we know that Tucker Carlson had Hunter Biden write his son a recommendation letter and you Guys, probably no other stuff. These guys are part of their elite crowd. They are part of the government censorship network. I repeat that the intercept Tucker Carlson, and their actors are an extension. So our lawsuit continues, I gotta update that diagram, frankly. So that diagram should have a diagram going from Pierre Omidyar over to intercept with all these other people. And this guy, Fang and ClipPin, Stein, whatever his name is, right? What they did was they plagiarized our stuff, concealed it, sat on it, and now got these actors involved to amplify them. So they get to own it, we’re not gonna allow that. The whole story needs to come out and the story of their participation in the censorship. You don’t know Pierre Omidyar is involved in this. He’s everywhere. He’s all over subterfuge and governments are subverting governments and in Ukraine, watching people’s behaviors. And you don’t want to talk about that. And you’re the intercept fearless. It’s obvious to me, the intercept is an agent set up by an intelligence asset. That’s what the intercept is. And we need to all get our head out of you know what, and articulate this. And that’s why the limited hangout concept blew my mind. I just learned about this. But it is an intelligence, innovation. And that is what they did. Absolutely what they did.

Amazing. So it’s just new information gonna be on your website?

Yeah. So on Winback, Jim and Joe. I mean, this has been day and night, you know, it’s like, it’s like, I feel like I’ve done for PhD since leaving MIT. You know, from the pandemic stuff, which we were the first to expose from the government issue from the election system stuff, you know. And what I’ve realized Jim, and Joe is, you can do all this work. But it’s really, and we’ve been fortunate because we have this movement, which I want to also recognize is that the reason we’ve been successful in making sure they don’t squash us, is because we’re very fortunate, because over the last three years, Jimmy No, I’ve been an activist all my life. And I’ve always felt that you need to build independent movements. So what I did was using my love of technology, my love of knowledge, of wanting to share this, we actually built a system called Truth for human health. And what truth freedom health is, it’s a it’s a system, it says the man who invented email now delivers truth, freedom and health, to make you street smart. So you see things as they truly are. So we teach people, the science of systems here, okay? And what is the science of systems? Basically, Joe, we teach people systems thinking, by the way, if you go to Pierre Omidyar his website, he says, he pushes systems thinking, the elites learn how to think systems. It was a aspect of science that developed in the 1900s, to teach people in the modern world of complex systems to see the interconnections. It’s an actual scientific field. And it has about nine principles. I learned it at MIT is being part of that elite institution, the 10,000 elites who run the world who advise governments, they know it, Pierre Omidyar knows it, the masses don’t know this. This is why, you know, I’ve been fortunate because of that training to be able to show those diagrams show this understanding it elicit out the system. So what we’ve done, Joe and Jim, we have now trained over 360,000 people in the foundations of systems. And so we have people all over the world. I wanted to give it away free no one I didn’t want to do so we ask people for 100 bucks. And we’ve done this, we have people of all different backgrounds who learn this now, Joe, but the key thing is we’re using this to actually win and, and part of what we’re doing here is precisely what we just saw, you see that ignorance that got created by by the intercept, which leads actually people to illusion confusion. And this word people end up they get into the left turn right or complacent or desperate. Our view is to overcome this, we need to learn the science of systems. So people get wisdom, they get clarity, they’re able to see the hole. And when you get this, you actually start activating a shelf, you start becoming your own independent journalist. And that’s what we’ve done, but it requires people to let go of the old system. So we’ve created now a movement, which teaches people this rocket science of system science, we do regular events. We have a whole community now. And we’ve created internal technology that people don’t need to use Twitter, social, but we use it for our organization vehicle. This is why you know, we have the course we have books and all of this we give away as a part of this entire movement, and then we get people on the ground to be active. So what I can say is these guys, if we didn’t have this, we wouldn’t have gotten out of 200 million people. It would have just been me doing this. And then you know, clawing my way up and whining oh my god, they stole our stuff, but we don’t have to do that. Now we know the system that they’re running, which is to take original stuff they don’t want in a democratic institution, the real stuff coming out there. So they have the safety valve called the limited hangout hangout.

It’s fascinating.

It’s really is. That’s fantastic. It’s great. And I think Jim at the Gateway Pundit for years now seen how people understand there’s a problem. And that’s kind of the first step size. Not right, we know they recognize it, but they don’t know what the next step is. Right. Sounds like you’ve got an A, you’ve got the answer.

Yeah, so what we’ve done here so when we updated the wind back freedom paid we lead with this now, as it says the intercepts quote unquote, DHS leaks is neither new nor breaking story, but a blatant and desperate cover up, quote, unquote, a limited hangout. Now you understand it right? To conceal the guilt of intercept founder and funder Pierre Omidyar, who funded the creation of the government and big tech censorship infrastructure first discovered and documented by Dr. Shiva two years ago in his 2020 loss it we’re gonna keep putting this right in their face, because credit needs to go to the people we’re actually trying to make impact. Not coming later on and trying to win Pulitzers, and it says, intercepts DHS leak story is an interception, concealing plagiarizing Miss attribution, prevarication manipulation of the finding of Dr. Chivas 2020 historic federal lawsuit, Twitter, you know either versus Twitter to serve as a limited hangout to conceal Pierre Omidyar is intercepts funder and founders involvement in the founding and creation, the government big tech sensitive infrastructure. So we laid all this out. And one of the things we ask in this, we must ask the question does Elon Musk’s know that Pierre Omidyar funded the creation of the government, big tech censorship infrastructure discovered by Dr. Shiva two years ago, that is still in place at Twitter and every social media company. That’s where we’re at. So this is bringing it relevant to where we are today. Here we go, Joe and Jim. So we got some. But I think what I find is when I, what I saw was I don’t have access to Twitter. So I went on someone’s Twitter and I was watching. We’ve seen people actually going attack, Greenwald that Tucker said, What are you talking about? And a lot of these, this was done before, that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have our movement, Jim. And if we didn’t have independent journalism, like we’ve been doing, right, typically, it comes out and people think that was it and they move on. But to me, the story must continue to show that the big discovery that we made with the government involved with academics involved with the private companies involved with the intercept involved, frankly, needs to be exposed. Otherwise, we’re going to be victims to this censorship infrastructure using this thing called the limited hangout that is part of the censorship infrastructure. So it’s really, really important that we get this out and educate people and I think people are ready to hear it. Just that’s why we built the site, you know, to take people down this educational process.

It’s amazing information. I think we see limited hangouts all over the place, when once we start thinking about it, it’s not just certainly in this instance, but we see it all the time from the media, gaslighting us the government, gaslighting, US, and the tech giants spreading their, you know, misinformation, their own misinformation. So this is this is excellent work. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Well, I thank you guys and all the other people who did get this story out. And I think we should pat ourselves on the back as a real investigative journalist, and expose these fake investigative journalists who come Johnny come lately and they have an insidious plan. It’s not something that they’re just Johnny Come Lately, are doing some innocuous plagiarism and mis attribution. It’s much more insidious.

Absolutely. Yeah. All right. Recording

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