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Yucca is a Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Chondroprotective Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 310 Research Articles, Spanning 30 Years that Include 11 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on how Yucca schidigera affects joint health.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 310 research articles, 11 clinical trials, over a 30 year span.
  • Yucca schidigera is part of the lily family where the components contain polyphenols & saponins, this plant was used by the Native Americans for centuries and is non-toxic with no known adverse effects.
  • Yucca schidigera helps in both reducing inflammation and lowering cartilage degradation, the resveratrol in Yucca was shown to lower PGE-2 and MMP-13.
  • The biological effects of Yucca are that it is Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-protozoan, Antibacterial, Anti-nematicidal.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening everyone is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai we’re gonna be waiting for people to come in today we’re going to talk about Yucca and joint health. We’re gonna be talking today about Yucca, sounds bad but it’s not really that bad as I understand. Want to start my sketchpad to see if we can see that. So, I wanted to do some diagrams today, molecular diagrams to teach us how some of this stuff works. But we’re gonna be talking about Yucca and Yucca is also been shown to be good for joint health. And this will end our joint health series, we’ve done a whole range of ingredients and herbs, we did MSM, we did Chondroitin, we did Glucosamine, we did Hyaluronic Acid. We did Boswellia Serrata, which is an Indian Frankincense yesterday, and today, we’re going to do Yucca. And the interesting thing is each one of these ingredients has different effects on joint health at the molecular level. So we learned and we’ll review this again. But at a high level, there are 4 molecular pathways that are important for joint health, or to keeping joint health in good shape. One is you want to keep inflammation down number one, number two, you want to keep oxidative stress down. Number three, we want to focus on reducing cartilage degeneration, that’s where your cartilage starts degenerating. And then the last thing we want to do is we want to make sure that we do things to promote cartilage regeneration, that’s sort of the anti-ageing effect. So those are the 4 components. And we’ve looked at each of these ingredients, and we understand that they have different effects and the way we look at ingredients with the CytoSolve. You know, technology analysis is first of all we look at, we do like a 360 view of all the literature that we know is out there, knowing that science is constantly changing. And it’s subject to things changing. So we want to make sure that we’re on top of the science. And as a part of the science, we get a holistic view from what the science says we don’t cherry pick. The second thing is using the CytoSolve of technology, we can mathematically model the molecular reactions we’re finding across all those pieces of literature relative to inflammation, relative oxidative stress, relative to cartilage regeneration, degeneration. And doing that, we get an understanding of what’s going on mathematically without having to kill animals, before we go into the lab, because we’re taking advantage of all the laboratory experience that was done before. Okay, so today we’re going to talk about Yucca. So, let’s go and look at our agenda for today. Our agenda is, by the way, it’s Yucca schidigera, okay. That’s the official term Yucca schidigera and joint health. And we’re going to do a Molecular Systems Biology analysis. By the way, those of you who asked about where you can find more information, you can go to That’s where people can join our Institute’s program for Truth, Freedom Health and CytoSolve is a technology So first of all, give a little bit of background, we’ll cover the System’s Approach. Those of you have heard it before, it’ll be a review, Truth Freedom Health, what’s the movement, then we’re going to give a high level view of Yucca schidigera. CytoSolve, how does CytoSolve work, then we’re going to go over the large mechanisms of joint health or the architecture, then we’re going to look at the effect of Yucca schidigera on joint health, then we’re going to always cover the Synergy Principle. The Synergy Principle is important because it lets us know that nature is organized around synergy, not a centralized approach, but a decentralized approach, where multiple things can have many effects, then we’ll get an Eastern Systems Approach to understanding Yucca, then we’re gonna talk about dosing.


Alright, so a quick background, by the way, those of you go to, you’ll see all the different activities that I’m currently involved in. And I was involved in the invention of Email, you can go read about the invention of Email, by the way, was a system, some people get confused. Email is actually a system, that it’s not the simple exchange of text messages. I like to talk about that here. Because when I created Email 1978, as a 14 year old kid, it occurred in an environment, we’ll come back to this diagram of where I was given freedom, I was given infrastructure, and freedom and infrastructure is where innovation took place in innovation demands freedom, innovation demands infrastructure. But in 1978, as a 14 year old boy, I was a hard worker, I was given an opportunity to work as a research fellow, full time Research Fellow, while I was going to high school at what is now known as Rutgers medical school. In the heart of Newark, New Jersey, my teachers changed the rules, so I could leave in the middle of school to go have this full time job, my parents supported me, and I had a good mentor. And by the way, keep an eye out in a month from now, I’m going to be offering a course for young kids between the age of you know, 10, to 18, or even younger, to teach them the seven principles of innovation that I learned, it’s going to be a course for parents as well as students. And it’s going to be called, you know, the seven secrets of innovation, but it’s going to teach people that you don’t need to go to MIT or Harvard to innovate. In fact, the invention of Email took place long before that it was because of the system where I was treated as an adult, I had a lot of freedom. But I also was told that I had an incredible amount of responsibility. So the mention of Email is an important story, because it’s a, it’s a story of the creation of a system, Email is not the simple exchange of text messages. Which a lot of idiots on Wikipedia don’t get right. And no one should give money to Wikipedia. They’re a racist organization. They’re an elitist organization. And they frankly lie. But Email was invented long before I came to MIT, in Newark, New Jersey. But it occurred in this environment of what we call an environment for innovation, freedom and infrastructure. If you also go on is one of my latest inventions more recently. Now, it’s 14 years old out of my PhD work. CytoSolve and CytoSolve is a 23rd century platform for discovery, we’re able to discover how different compounds work at the molecular level faster, cheaper and safer. So we can lower the cost of discovering new medicines, and most of my effort, in fact, all of it today focuses on the understanding of compounds, naturally occurring compounds in nature. And so that means we can take naturally occurring compounds, and we can figure out how they interact with food. Imagine all the combinations and food 1000s of molecules when you eat, we in fact have a new product that we’ve just released, I’ll get to the end of it. A lot of you have shown a lot of interest called mV25. It’s a product that we created by looking at many, many different ingredients and going through billions and trillions of different chemical equations and mathematical modelling it without killing animals or any of that so that CytoSolve The other aspect is when we look at joint health. So we’ve looked at applying CytoSolve to understand not only joint health, but to understand different ingredients that affect joint health. So many of you out there, you know, we’re finishing up the joint health series, we come back to it. If you have a particular ingredient that you’re interested in, or particular vitamin or supplement how that affects a particular function. Please go to and on the customer service area, you’ll see a contact page under contact customer service, you can send your ideas for videos, or you can also email me Takes me about 48 hours. But I do try to get back to everyone’s emails. But give me your ideas because we’re organizing our schedule for the spring in the summer. So if you have an idea as a public service, we will take your idea and run it through CytoSolve. And it’s a great way to support an independent understanding of how these ingredients work. Okay, so when we look at Yucca, this is a background on Yucca. So, Yucca schidigera is an herb, it’s a plant of the lily family. So you may see it like this, right. So you see these points and you see it, sometimes in the desert growing in a tropical environment, but it’s just pointed, it looks like a palm tree in the sense, but it’s much more like a shrub, and it has these flowers growing on it. It’s native to the hot and dry parts of the Americas and the Caribbean. The functional components we’re going to talk about are polyphenols, and saponins. Very powerful class of ingredients. It was used by the Native Americans over centuries as an anti-arthritic, and Yucca based products are non toxic. As we know today and have no adverse effects. Again, you should consult your medical professional, you know if you have any questions about how to use it. So it’s an emerging dietary supplement. And, in the lectures we’ve been doing, we classify things into, you know, supplements like Hyaluronic Acid or, or Glucosamine, where there’ve been 20-30,000 papers written on it. But yucca is relatively new. As you can see here, Yucca has about 310 research articles written on it. And about 11 clinical trials were done on it over the past 30 or so years, so you could consider it even though the Native Americans have been using a traditional medicine for centuries. From the Western System standpoint, it’s a relatively new ingredient. Now, with CytoSolve, there’s two things that we do. This diagram is important to understand because, we first of all, do two kinds of analysis. First of all, we take all the literature, and we do a bioinformatics analysis, which means we look at the literature, that’s the top of the funnel there. And then we take that literature, and we curate the articles, you know, throwing out the stuff that was published, either not published well, or you or you find out that the articles didn’t really fulfil any type of real experimental guidelines, we throw those away. And if it’s not related to humans, because we’re looking at humans, if it’s dogs and cats, we’re looking at relative to human subjects. And then we take those articles, then from those articles, we extract the molecular mechanisms. Sometimes in those articles, they’ll tell you, oh, we discovered, you know, A reacts with B, B reacts with C, that’s called the molecular mechanism. That’s the next layer. Then relative to joint health, we’ll show you we’ve already built that system, where we looked at all the papers written on joint health. And we’ve created amazing molecular systems, map systems are a key, the interconnections of all the chemical reactions involved in joint health. So now using the papers on Yucca, using our molecular systems understanding of joint health, we marry them together. And then we get a holistic, scientific understanding based on the science today, you know, as of March 16, it could change and then using molecular diagrams, we convert them to mathematical models. And then we use those calculations to run different scenarios. To understand what happens when you give different dosages of Yucca, how does it affect the molecular pathways of joint health? I hope that’s clear. So we’re getting two kinds of analysis. So you’re not going to get this kind of analysis anywhere. First of all, no one else is CytoSolve, B. Unfortunately, the Pharma guys want to poo poo you know, natural products and the natural product guys, most I would say 95% of the natural products industry is unfortunately filled with snake oil salesmen, they find an ingredient, they put it in a capsule, and they just shove it out there because they have one or two papers. And that in my view, that’s equally bad as what the Pharma guys do. So one of the goals of CytoSolve was to really become a source for truth, scientific truth. And the point we want to make here is that as science changes, should our understanding. Like the product that I’m going to share with you mV25. The ones that we just created our first product after we’ve helped many other companies create products. But given all the technology we created, we said why don’t we go after pain and inflammation, joint discomfort and swelling? Could we create a great product and that’s been the result? And I’ll come back to that.

Systems Approach

But this is the approach we take. It’s a radically different approach than how product development is done today. It’s really a 23rd century approach. Now The opposite of taking this approach is what I call the reductionist approach. Simply put reductionism is where you don’t look at the whole. See, we’re not claiming we understand everything, but when you mind all that literature, you get a better idea. But the reductionist approach, unfortunately, the way science works today is people are actually looking at a part of the system, right? They only look at this or that. That’s like the story of these six blind men who the king invites, and he presents an elephant to them, and they’re all closing their eyes, and they touch different parts. And each one gets a different understanding. Now, the reality is the understanding that they get of that complex whole is not the whole truth. In fact, they would get an understanding like this, okay, this is what they think this is what they think the elephant looks like. So one of the critical things that the purpose of this diagram and I point this out is that there are really two ways to look at the world. If you want Truth Freedom Health, you have to take a Systems Approach, which is looking at the whole elephant, and that requires a different science, the ‘Foundations of Systems’ is what I teach. Every Monday night, I’ve created a whole platform for education. I’ll show you that shortly. But a Systems Approach goes beyond left or right. You say the Republicans and Democrats, the Trump and Bernie’s left and right, republican democrat, want to bring you into one dialectic or the other, which means one side or the other. It’s like, basically, they make you blind. And so you don’t see the whole and a Systems Approach. And that’s called reductionism, by the way they do, the system’s approach says, you know, what, there is a methodology that I could get to truth on medical freedom, on vaccines, on masks, on election integrity, versus the fake stuff that the left and right put out, and the left and the right really work like this. Okay. So you want to take a Systems Approach? So what is a Systems Approach? And where does it come from, for me, the System’s Approach originated from my desire to integrate two worlds, many of you may know that I grew up in two worlds, I grew up in the world of a young kid in South India, where my grandmother was a traditional healer, she could observe your face, she could apply an ancient system of medicine and she could figure out what was going on in your body, that system the medicine that she use, look like this, okay. And in that system of medicine, they had a very different way of looking at the body, in that system of medicine, they thought about non existence which is known as Prikiti, and then they talk about existence, which was Purusha which everything came to life, and then they talked about the subtle energies, Sattva, Rajas Tomas in South India, this is known as Siddha, In North India, this was known as Ayurveda and then they said those energies gave rise to the five elements; space, air, fire, water, and Earth, which is in congealed into three different Doshas, as you can see are in the orange area, Vata which is composed of space and air, Pitta which is ire and Kapha which is composed of water and earth. And that gave rise to the tissues and that gave rise to the whole body. Why am I talking about this? Because in that system of medicine, they had a whole language, typically, my grandmother would look at you and she’d say, oh, you’re a Vata, body type, you know, blah, blah, blah, is a Pitta body type, and someone else is a Kapha body type, run, okay, here. Good. And based on that understanding, she could figure out what your constitution was different from someone else’s. So for example, if we have some, someone like Ken Fielding here, or Angelina Jolene, as they’re writing in, they may be very different body types. And then let’s say they were off balance one day, they would get a very different type of prescription, which means different foods, different yoga exercises, different massages, because it was tuned to them. So anyway, I was exposed to this as a kid, and I studied it for many years, even after that exposure. So this, by the way, if any Western scientist looks at that, they’ll laugh at this, I go, Well, this is this garbage, right? This is just a bunch of words, right? We don’t understand it. But this was the other world that I studied, I was fortunate to go to a place like MIT to get all the credentials of the Western world. I have a PhD in Biological Engineering but I also understood in a different way that the body is composed of molecular reactions, which are an integration of messenger RNA, and genes and proteins, all of this kind of stuff, right? So think about it. These are two different worlds, ultimately, right? You have the East and the West here. Here’s the West, here’s the East, and there’s East and West. So when I finished up my PhD, in 2007, I did something radical, which I’d like to do. I applied for a Fulbright to say, hey, I wanted to go to India as a proposal. I want to figure out if I can find the interconnection of Eastern and Western medicine. More specifically, why you know what connected these two systems, so it’s a pretty wild card. Luckily, I was one of, I think, three people that you’re chosen at MIT to get the Fulbright, and I got the opportunity to go to India fully funded for two years to study the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. And what came out of that, became a course, because I made a profound discovery, I found out that the terminology that they used in the Indian system matched directly one to one with the terminology we used in control in systems theory, which came out in the 1930s. So, the science that was used for 30,000 years in India actually match one to one with the modern science of control system science. And then, when I got back from India, I went to the department headed MIT. And I said, Doug, I believe I found an amazing bridge, I’d like to offer a course at MIT a lecture series, and he was great. He supported me in doing that, it was a 10 part lecture series. It was called Traditional Medicine and Systems Biology, and was fascinating, every Thursday night, seven to 10. About 200 people show up on one side of the room, you had the hardcore, engineer, scientists, MD, PhDs, Harvard, MIT, etc. And on the other side of the room, you had the naturopaths, the new age people, the astrologers, the yoga people, and when they walked into the room it was fascinating, because people would sit at different sides of the room. And the people on here showed a level of arrogance, you know, they didn’t understand why these people were there. These people here showed a sense of, well, these people don’t understand us. But within an hour or two, I had created a methodology which, and by the way, you know, going to MIT is very expensive. This course, I used to teach all over the world for you know, 2- $3,000. But what I did was I took the core elements of that course, and I created an online Institute to make it affordable to everyone called Systems Health. And that program has gone, you know, 10s of 1000s of people have gone through it, where people take that course medical doctors, nurses, healers, lay people, and they start understanding the body as a system using a whole different language, which comes from Engineering Systems theory. Well, about three or four years ago, I realized that the universal principles of nature, which are presented here, match one to one with not only Indian systems of medicine, but political theory.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement

So our campaign Truth Freedom Health, literally comes from and is founded in Universal systems theory, where freedom is the forces of transport. Okay, truth represents the forces of conversion, where you’re trying to take an idea and apply the scientific method. And health comes from the forces of storage and structure. I can’t get into that much detail, because I take three hours explains but the point is, I had discovered a fundamental science of everything, that you could apply that system science to understanding your body as a system, I’ll show you that you can understand things at the molecular system, like we’re going to walk through Yucca, you can understand political systems. And my thesis is that if all of you can learn this system science, which you can’t get anywhere else, because the universities and, and MIT and Harvard, you know, you got to go through, you know, undergraduate, they got to go through graduate school, most lay people can’t figure it out. And they make it so complicated. So 40 years of my effort, I’ve been trying to distil that, to make it accessible to everyday people. And that’s what I’ve done. But with that political theory, you can become a force for change for your own body, for your own system, everything. And that is what I’ve discovered. That’s why I pound away about how I want to create an army of people who’ve gone through this training Foundations of Systems, because many of you have asked me, Dr. Shiva, how could I help you? How could I help you? I want to help you, I want to give you money, I want to work for you as a volunteer. I said, Look, what I’ve done is I’ve created a platform now. And I’m going to show you that, if people go to

On the website, we have created a technology platform, which is hosted in our data center, Amazon doesn’t own it. And on this platform, we have created an incredible platform where all of you can get educated on the system. So I’m going to play this video for everyone. So you understand this. It’ll take a couple of minutes. It’s our intermission. But the bottom line is the goal is for all of you to become systems thinkers, systems revolutionaries, because without a Systems Approach, you will get confused. You’ll think Donald Trump is your savior, anything Bernie’s your savior and you’re going to get caught right in the establishment. You will not understand why we need to build a bottoms-up movement. You may say Oh, yes, Shiva’s saying something, but Trump is such a nice guy. He said this, Bernie said this. They seem like they’re anti-establishment. No, you will Understand, when you take this course, the Foundations of Systems, you’ll understand about controlled opposition, you’ll understand why we need to build a bottoms-up movement, and you’ll understand the relationship. So I have to emphasize to you because either you’re an unconscious incompetent, which means you don’t even know what you don’t know. And you act like you know, which is what’s unfortunately the situation right now. Or you become a conscious, incompetent, you say, you know what, what Dr. Shiva saying makes sense. I want to understand what the hell happened over the last four years. Why didn’t Trump lock up Hillary? Why did Trump talk about all this stuff? You know, push force vaccinations? Why did Trump not do anything to Fauci? Why did Trump, you know, not really go after censorship? He sounds good, he had a lot of people come, but actually look at how you look at the left and the right. And without this political understanding, you will always be screwed. And let me play the video for you. So I pound away at this point, because it’s important. You know, repetition is a mother of skill. And that’s why I keep playing this video. So here we go.

Okay, everyone, so please take advantage of that. And as a part of this. Remember, we built a platform. And this platform is an educational platform. It’s a platform for building community, independent of Big Tech, we built our own technology framework underground, right, where as you get educated, you’re going to want to look around, so you don’t feel lonely. For other people, because your consciousness is going to raise significantly, you’re going to start seeing things that you didn’t see before, and it’s going to become so clear what you need to do. So as a part of that, you need a community of people that you can connect with all over the world or locally. So we’ve created our own social media platform underground, I could sell it to a lot of people and do that. But I’m more interested in the bigger game, you’re building a movement. So that’s the second piece. And the third piece is, I want to get you activated, which means what is to be done, it’s not about whining and whining and saying, Oh, my God, okay, I got friends, I got educated, what do I do? Everything we do is to give you tools to do stuff at the local level, we train you on masks, what can you do at the local level, scientifically and legally on vaccines, on election fraud on lockdowns, it’s about training you. So you take responsibility, and stop outsourcing it to foolish people on the left and the right. If you go, if you go to the website, you’ll see this capability, but to summarize, on the tools. The tools that I just shared with you came out of my work that I did in India. And you can see this on the front page of MIT, they were talking about why I went back to India. So this discovery of understanding the forces of transport, conversion and storage. And when you go through the course, you’ll understand that this is like getting three years of MIT education, you’re going to get in a very short period of time. But I discovered that these forces are directly related to forces in Indian medicine. And that became the basis of, which anyone interested in the health aspect, you want to learn more, you can take the Masters course, you can take a whole bunch of courses, understanding why yoga works, how acupuncture works, a whole bunch of herbs, how they work at the molecular level. You get access to all the textbooks, and you can actually get certified and then you get tool sets that you can train others. But what I fundamentally learned was these three forces that always exist in nature, are directly related to Truth Freedom Health. Everyone see that? Transport is the interconnection of movement of matter information freely, that’s freedom. Truth is a conversion of ideas, thoughts that you have designed using the scientific method, and health is the storage, the infrastructure part. So that became the basis of the Foundations of Systems course, which is offered for the warriors in training. You know, we sell this for a lot of money, anyone who contributes even $100 bucks gets access to all of this now. And then, in the Truth Freedom Health movement that I just went through. Our goal is to educate you, build community and to get activated. So when you log into the dashboard, you’ll see there’s a whole bunch of capabilities, you can get educated. There’s the course where you’ll understand what this diagram really is. It’s a two year MIT course you get in a couple of hours, then you can understand your body as a system. You apply those principles to answering a set of questions for yourself or your friend, you can understand what kind of system you are. That’s that red dot, you can understand when your system is off course, then you can understand what it takes to bring your system back into alignment, how foods and supplements and yoga and activities, working out how they differentially affect people, and then you get access to all books. Okay, all of this is for our warrior training, plus a whole bunch of research reports. But not only that, I want you to build community. We have a forum where you can go start topics and start interacting, engage debate people, we want you to be interactive, then you can go and also build your own social pages for the Warriors, you can build your page, you can join different groups, you can connect with people, and then you get activated. Activated means we are using science and legal stuff to create new tools. There’s an amazing Mask Card, you can print out these cards, we’ve I think about 200,000 have been printed and distributed by all our warriors. You print them the front page of the card has our branding, but it hits it right between the eyes, masks and oral health, the back of the card talks about the science of masks, how they affect oral health, and what the public health implications are to working people and parents and what they should do. Same with vaccines. We don’t want to take the stupid Robert Kennedy and the Big Pharma Vax Anti-Vax, because they just want to keep that left, right narrative. The real issue is we need to boost immunity. We talked about the science, the real issue of what the problems of vaccines are, and what and the public health implications. And then, many of you have said Dr. Shiva, we want to support you. Well, anyone who supports $100, or more gets access to the entire warrior package. Anyone who wants to give 25 bucks, you can get access to the book and the basic tool, and anyone can join for free and those of you who are indigent and need scholarships, please let us know. So that background is extremely important. Because the reason I do these videos on training you on how a particular ingredient affects the body is to get your mind thinking, Wait a minute, Dr. Shiva is figuring out how an ingredient affects the body by taking a Systems Approach. That’s the same approach you can take at a macro level. Oh, is wearing masks going to help the system and you can figure out how to explain it, is vaccines a cure all? Is a lockdown going to help? This is why in early March, I was the first one to call out Fauci. I was the first one to say that, you know, this quote unquote pandemic will go down in history as one of the biggest fear mongering hoaxes, intended to suppress dissent, suppress, to push mandated medicine, and to destroy economies. And everything I said came true because I look at it as a system scientist. And that’s what I want to train you. And without this training and System Sciences, you’re gonna be like a hamster going around habitrail. Alright, so it’s here, take advantage of it.

Yucca Schidigera

So when we look at Yucca, what we find here is, as I mentioned, Yucca is used as an ingredient for many things, but it’s used as a joint health ingredient. It’s a plant, it’s in the lily family, as I talked about, it grows in the hot areas of the Americas. You know, it’s got polyphenols and Saponins, the American Indians used it. From everything we know today, it’s non-toxic and not without adverse effects. And by the way, it’s a natural ingredient. So what are the two components of Yucca as you can see here? Remember, it’s very important what ingredients we’re talking about. So here with Yucca, we have two parts here. We have the bark that’s used as well as a stem. Okay, so two things are used in Yucca, it’s not just the flowers, but it’s a stem where you get the saponins and the polyphenols from the bark. So here are the saponins as you can see, these are these wonderful chemical structures. Thank you to the organic chemists who figure these out. There are about six saponins in here, Sarsapogenin, Markogenin, Smilagenin, Samogenin, Gitogenin, Neogitogenin. So, these are the molecular structures of all of these and you notice they have these ring structures and with the CH & OH groups varying. So, it sees if you notice the core here is the same and what varies is the end parts over here these residues Okay, now saponins form insoluble complexes with cholesterol leading to anti-cholesterol effect and antiprotozoal effect which means they can take out parasites and Yucca’s stem is the richest source of the saponins and so the stem right there is where we are getting the saponins from. So, there’s six major chemicals in Yucca that are of importance okay. And those are the six ones right here. Then Yucca bark contains polyphenol, so this is saponins. This has what are called the polyphenols and you’re looking at 7, you’re looking at resveratrol. So you’ve heard about resveratrol that I’ve talked about which is in the skin, which is typically going to come from the skin of red grapes. People who drink wine say well I’m drinking wine because I get a lot of resveratrol when it comes from the skin. But here it is also in the outer layer of Yucca, the bark that contains resveratrol. It also contains trans three prime, five prime tetra hydroxy four methoxy. Still, being again another polyphenol, three in Yucca. Yuccaol A, B, C, D and E. Different aspects as seven major polyphenols, okay, these are three of them Yucca, all A to E and resveratrol and methoxy stilbene. Seven different polyphenols and these possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, quite an interesting plant. So the biological effects which we always like to cover, what are the biological effects of Yucca? Well, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-oxidant, antiprotozoal, antibacterial and anti-nematocidal. What is nematode? Anti-worm nematodes, right? those awful worms if your dog ever has worms, right? So Yucca has that, if you notice some of the cleanse products, you know, in the springtime, I’ll typically do some type of herbal cleanse or water cleanse is a good time when the seasons change in the fall. But some of those cleanses will have Yucca in there, many cultures always did some type of deworming throughout the year, or at least twice a year. It’s something that’s from a traditional standpoint, it helps the body and you can read more about it. But I may do a whole video on that. But these are the biological benefits. And these are the health benefits. So Yucca is effective against Osteoarthritis. That’s what we’re going to cover today. If some of you said, Hey, Shiva does Yucca against diabetes, or high cholesterol, that would be a whole different analysis. But today, we’re going to look at it under Osteoarthritis, Yucca also has effects on high blood pressure, migraine headaches, colitis, high cholesterol, stomach disorders, diabetes, and essentially it’s a way as a preservative for food.


So CytoSolve, as you know, is a technology that we use to get to the scientific source of truth. And the origin of this was when I looked at the awful way in how pharmaceutical companies are very time consuming ways of producing drugs. They take a compound, typically a synthetic compound, they do in vitro testing, which means test something in a test tube, then they kill a bunch of animals. And then this takes six years, and then they go to clinical trials, if they get FDA allowance. Well, this takes 13 years and $5 billion. And we can see there’re pharmaceutical companies are spending more and more every year on R&D on this process. And guess what? Less and less new drugs are actually being allowed by the FDA, because the stuff that comes out here, only has 10% efficacy and a lot of side effects. And pharma companies can be sued. They don’t have the protection that vaccine companies have right. So this is why it’s important to understand that the reason pharmaceutical companies are moving their engines towards vaccine manufacturing is because they’re under a lot of litigation, they can be sued, it takes too long to produce these drugs. Because of all the strictures that the FDA imposes, vaccines don’t have any of those they’re considered biologics, they don’t have to go through as much testing. And if you get hurt, you can not sue a pharma company. Thank you to Ted Kennedy and the Kennedys, they made sure that there was a protective, quote unquote, wall. So you could not sue pharma companies in courts, you have to go to what’s called a vaccine court, where the liability is limited. So this is why economics are important. Pharma companies are losing money, they need to move into vaccines, that’s what they’re doing. So my thought was, wow, if I could create a technology that could figure all this out, first of all, you could save animals. And we could figure out all the deleterious side effects. I’ve said, a couple of the Pharma guys wanted to work with us, but they moved way too slow. And they’re really not interested in finding out what works because their entire business model is based on stock price increase. Okay. So, at the same time, I also noticed that in 1993, the Human Genome Project thought we had 100,000 genes, when the Genome Project ended, it turns out, we only have 20,000 genes. Now, why is this important? Because the entire basis of biology was telling people that if you have this gene, you’re going to get this disease, if you have the gene for diabetes, you’re going to get this if you so it was basically a complete emphasis on the gene. It was, in fact, a complete emphasis on the nucleus of the human cell. People are saying, look, you need to focus on the nucleus, nucleus, creates genes, and you’re going to get this disease because you have this gene. Well, it turns out, we only have the same number of genes as a worm. So if that’s the case, that means genes are not who we are because we’re clearly more different than a worm. So this led to a field called Systems Biology. And Systems Biology said if you want to understand the whole human being, and the organs, you have to look at not only the genes, but all the proteins, but more importantly, their molecular reactions inside the human cell. In fact, you got to start understanding all these biochemical pathways. And imagine if we could convert these biochemical pathways to mathematical models, then we could use the computer to model disease. And that’s why I came back in 2003 to MIT. So Email was the electronic version of the interoffice mail system. I took on this challenge to see if I could create a new system which could mathematically model the molecular communication system. And so that was my 4-5 years of effort for my PhD at MIT. And I created that technology. And that was called CytoSolve. And it was a revolutionary technology equal or greater than Email. Because what it did was it allowed us not only eliminate animal testing, but we could figure out stuff through running billions of computations. Long before we wasted our time BS-ing people, the new product that we’ve discovered mV25, comes out of that process, we modeled the molecular pathways of pain and inflammation. And we went through looking at all different bioflavonoids. And we found an amazing combination of two that has profound effects. And this is the first time I’ve ever manufactured, something we’ve helped a lot of big companies in the world help them. But now we’re coming out with our own product. And I’ll get back to that. But this is a process, we can really use CytoSolve, to get to understand what’s going on at the bio molecular level. So with CytoSolve, I’m able to integrate systems of systems and models to model very complex diseases. And this is the engine we’ve created. CytoSolve is an engine for Truth Freedom Health. It’s decentralized, it’s inclusive, it’s transparent, etc. and publish papers on it. And so what we’re able to do with scientists, obviously, we can handle not just a single compound, we can handle many compounds, then we can do the analysis online on technology long before we kill any animals and figure out what works just like how we build planes today. We don’t you know, it’s really stupid, we don’t take a pilot, we throw them in a test plane that was in the 50s. We don’t throw monkeys and their chimps anymore, we do it on the computer. That’s what CytoSolve is, that is breakthrough technology for us figuring out all of our mistakes, so we don’t waste life and we don’t waste time.

Joint Health

So now when we look at Osteoarthritis, what we did was about three years ago, we were funded by the Arthritis Foundation, and by the University Health Network, and was a collaborative research, they said, Wow, CytoSolve can do amazing things. So we literally went through 22,000 papers written on joint health and Osteoarthritis, 22,000 papers, we use CytoSolve to understand all those biological mechanisms, okay, and understanding those biological mechanisms we did the first sort of the world map, the cartography of Osteoarthritis. And in addition, what we did was we made this research public, so everyone can use it. So, if you go to, you can literally see what we’ve done. We’ve literally created the first molecular systems map of Osteoarthritis, I can go right into it here. It’s at, and I can literally explore Okay, so I can go for example, explore, you know, immune cells.

But you can literally see all the different immune cells that are here. And these are the T-cells and you can look at ligands in the T-cells. You can look at the Adipokines in here, but you can literally start exploring the entire molecular architecture of Osteoarthritis. From the tissue level to the cell levels. I can go to cartilage for example, I can explore Chondrocytes, we can look at the Ligands. By the way the ligands are the ingredients or the molecules that can land on cartilage cells. So we’re going down the Chondrocytes, look at the ligands then we can go look at cytokines. Then we can look at the different cytokines. As I’ve shown before IL-1b is the one that’s implicated a lot in cartilage and inflammation. So go look at IL-1b, and I can see all the red ones are the molecules that IL-1b downregulates, where it up-regulates that’s known as MMP-13 over here, okay? So MMP-13 you’re gonna know this, like the back of your hand is one of the not so good molecules that are upregulated, then you can click on catabolic effect, and you can literally go and you can look at IL-1b and MMP-13. You can see, look, here’s resveratrol boom. And you can see here’s the paper where it documents literally where that ingredient Okay, like I can go to the full text PDF here. And you can literally bring up the paper and you can understand all the understanding of that one particular reaction, you can look at the chemical research, etc. Okay, so you can understand how resveratrol inhibits MMP-13 formation, that’s just one paper, the 22,000 that we’ve gone through. So that’s what we’re able to do with this understanding that we put together at CytoSolve here so this was again a joint effort. We’re very fortunate to be able to get funded and work on this, but we have the first molecular systems map in the world of Osteoarthritis. Now using that molecular systems map, we’re able to understand joint health. Okay? By the way, that research is constantly being updated. As new research comes, we’ll constantly keep updating it.

Effects of Yucca Schidigera on Joint Health

So, now let me let’s look at given that background, the ways in which Yucca works. Let’s go right into Yucca. So if we look at joint health, we understand these are the four mechanisms of action that we want to talk about: here’s inflammation, here’s oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, cartilage regeneration. So if you want good joint health, what do you want? Well, you want inflammation to go down, oxidative stress to go down, cartilage degeneration go down, and you want to increase cartilage regeneration. Each one of these biomolecular phenomena has a marker, a chemical marker, PGE-2 is a one for inflammation. MMP-13 is a one for cartilage degeneration. ROS reactive oxygen species is the one for oxidative stress and Collagen II. So the first three you want to bring down and collagen you want to bring up? That’s a strategy. Right? So now we got an engineering Systems Approach. I hope that makes sense. We’re not just going after one thing. We’re taking an engineering Systems Approach to figure out how we support our joint health. And as over the last week, as we’ve been looking at different ingredients, you’ll find out this one does that one does this one. So we can take a Synergy Approach also, and we’ll talk about that. So if that’s what we want to do, what we did was we looked at all the literature, and we looked at what Yucca do from a bioinformatics standpoint, remember, Yucca has resveratrol, well guess what resveratrol does? Resveratrol knocks down inflammation. That’s that hammer. It knocks down cartilage degeneration. So the literature says there are two things this ingredient does, it knocks down inflammation, knocks down cartilage degradation, and therefore resveratrol lowers inflammation and cartilage degradation. So, that’s the two things we understand inflammation are the two things that Yucca can bring down and cartilage degeneration. So Yucca will lower PGE-2 and MMP-13. By the way, that’s from the bioinformatics side. But now for CytoSolve. We also want to do the computational side, we want to model it mathematically and see if the literature matches with the mathematical results. So, how does Yucca do this? How does the Yucca do that? Very, very important. So what Yucca does is it blocks 2 molecules NF-kB and COX-2. And this is quite cool, because if you remember the other research we’ve done, typically the molecule blocks one molecule, but here you can see Yucca has a double effect. It is blocking the NF-kB and COX-2 which produce if you remember PGE-2, which causes inflammation and joint disease. So IL-1b is a hallmark of joint disease. And this promotes NF-kB, which promotes COX-2 which leads to PGE-2, which causes inflammation. But resveratrol comes in here and it nudges it’s way in and blocks this and this, okay, so lowers inflammation through downregulating PGE-2. Now, what we did was we then mathematically modeled it, okay, so we took PGE-2, which is the bad molecule, and as we add more and more Yucca, which has a resveratrol. What you notice it goes from 15 nanomolar, and it drops down into around 10. So it almost is a 40% reduction, right? So it really helps reduce inflammation. When we look at here, MMP-13. It went from around 456, a little bit more than that down to 455. So, cartilage degeneration, it does it moderately, this one has a huge effect, look at this drop here in terms of the unit’s almost a 40% reduction, right. And here, it did about maybe, you know, a very small percent reduction, but a 1% reduction. So our conclusion is it definitely helps in both inflammation and cartilage degeneration, but what you can see is Yucca really helps more in the inflammation is green and cartilage degradation.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So, what’s important to just sort of step back and why did I look at multiple pathways because Yucca has a one two punch, it lowers inflammation, lowers cartilage degradation, but this is why food is so powerful when you eat the right combinations of food. Your body is a system that likes synergy, okay. And with CytoSolve we’re able to understand those Synergistic Effects. The pharmaceutical companies don’t look at synergy. Just to give you an idea. There are only, I think five drugs that are for combination drugs. Most of the drugs are just a single ingredient like ibuprofen, it attacks one pathway. It may work there, but it may cause side effects. The mRNA vaccine, it up regulates antibodies, but it doesn’t do a whole bunch of other things that it should do to have an orchestral effect on the immune system. This is why from a Systems Approach, doing this magic bullet stuff doesn’t have the right effect. And you can see this from the Synergy Principle, I want to take you to a different example. You know, as I mentioned, in India, we mix a lot of stuff together, right or traditional cultures. And what you can see here is I’m looking modelling inflammation in the body, right, all these chemical reactions, and then I’m eating turmeric, or curcumin, which is that yellow spice and you can see all the red little lines show where curcumin stops inflammation, then I do the same with resveratrol from the Yucca you notice where it stops, then I can do combinations. What happens if you’re eating some Yucca, and you’re having some curry, we can mathematically model.

The right column is IL-1b, okay, which is a cytokine, which is inflammatory. No curcumin, no resveratrol high inflammation. Now I just give curcumin, notice it drops from .15 to .05, just resveratrol .15 to .06. But watch what happens when we do the Synergistic Effect. I give less curcumin 40%, less resveratrol, three and two same total amounts of Just give me one. But look at we go from .06 down to .03. Okay, a 200% a doubling effect. And this is why the Synergistic Principle is important. This is why if you want to look at, food is medicine. That’s why traditional cultures like in the Indian culture, they created curry powder. Curry powder was always added to meats and cooking. Because it was basically you’re eating a supplement is basically a supplement. But as integrated into food. It has turmeric and Coriander and Cumin. It supports digestion, which is the conversion principle. It supports motion, right? So you get good bowel movement, it supports anti inflammation. That spice is a combinatorial effect, just like we’re seeing here that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So what we’ve done recently, and I’m very pleased to report on this, I’ve started sharing this as we said, we’ve been doing this for 16 years, we’ve helped a lot of big companies. Why don’t we, with all the mathematical models that we have, and we’ve done tonnes of them? We’ve modeled now 42, diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer, etc. We said why don’t we go through all the ingredients to figure out the best in class, figure out the dosing. So after many years, we did this with CytoSolve we’re pleased to announce that we found two very powerful bioflavonoids. When mixed together at the right dosages, we have found a very powerful combination. So we went through literally, you know, 1000s of pieces of literature, we extracted all those molecular reactions. We went through trillions of mathematical computations. The nutraceutical companies can’t do this. Okay, they just have one formulator go talk to them. What we’ve done is a work of a million man hours of work using the computer. So what do we have here? Let me show you, that has resulted in a revolutionary product called mV25. It’s, you can get it online. It’s on pre-order. But mbV25. It has our branding on it. Notice we say scientists Systems Biologist, we’re not saying nutraceutical we’re not saying pharmaceutical, but mV means momentum in physics, momentum to move, and it says this is a formulation of a blend of bioflavonoids and you go look at the back of the bottle. You know I’ve said this before, but I want to talk about how uniquely different we’re taking this approach. It’s as mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve computational biology platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers across 4 decades 40 years in 68 research institutions and computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover an optimal Synergy of compounds that downregulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling. And this symbol CytoSolve optimized means that the formula has been optimized to maximize benefits and bioavailability while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve as the Science Advances, So will this formulation This is our promise, Be the Light. And we’re Clean Certified, it’s made in the United States, you know, vegetarian sources. You can go to the shop on and if you go to the shop right here, you can get access to books, and this is a new launch for us. And you can see that you can look at the product, you can preorder it, there’s the front and a back, so please enjoy. Go check it out.

Yucca Schidigera Eastern Systems Approach

Getting back to Yucca, I’ve just recently added this because I wanted to share with you two approaches that you can take to understanding Yucca, everything I’ve shared with you. But you can also take a Eastern systems approach to understanding it. So you can look at Yucca from the Eastern standpoint, by the way, anyone who becomes a Truth Freedom Health warrior gets access to this tool. One of the many capabilities we give you anyone who becomes a supporter gets access to this tool. But this tool is ‘Your Body, Your System’ allows you to answer a couple of questions, about 30 questions, and we’ll figure out what kind of body type you are, then you can figure out how your body is off course. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not eating well. And then you can figure out what are the foods that bring you back to alignment but one of the important theories here is you have this triangle of transport, conversion and storage these are the four elements of the universe. And you can see right here transport is motion, conversion is like digestion, storage is like you know, fat storage or memory storage broadly. And Yucca increases transport, which means motion Okay, it stabilizes Pitta which means supports digestion and it stabilizes Kapha which means makes sure that you’re not gaining weight, but it really supports this part motion. So, this is from the Eastern systems approach.

Yucca Schidigera Dosing

So, what is the dosage? Well, the literature the McAllister et al., 2001 for antiprotozoal, which means anti-worm activity, if you have worms, about 50 milligrams per day, a maintenance dose is around 500 milligrams per day for the anti-inflammatory effects, okay, but it has a lot of effects for just antiprotozoal activity.


So, there you go. In summary Yucca schidigera helps joint health by reducing inflammation, lowering cartilage degeneration, and the health benefits include many other things, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, colitis, high cholesterol, stomach disorders, diabetes, and food spoilage. And our computational research showed it’s really good for inflammation and degradation of cartilage. And most importantly, the resveratrol in it was shown to be effective in lowering PGE-2 induced inflammation, and MMP-13 induced cartilage degeneration. So there you go, I hope this was valuable. But the key thing is, when you look at it from the molecular system science, you find the resveratrol in Yucca, is what does it. So you can actually just get resveratrol, which is a naturally occurring compound, you can go get that also which is a polyphenol, get it from red grapes. So I hope that has been helpful. Please support yourself. Continue to take a Systems Approach. Go to and support the movement for Truth Freedom Health, this is your movement, get educated as I keep saying take a Systems Approach. Get your head out of this republican democrat left, right. It’s not going to take us anywhere except make them money and make them essentially keep you in the entertainment world. Look, if you want to listen to Tucker Carlson and Bernie Sanders and the Trump movement, a lot of good Trumpers know that something ain’t right. Consider that as entertainment. But if you want to build a movement, join the movement for Truth Freedom Health, but begin by getting educated. Thank you, everyone. Be well.

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