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Boswellia is a Potent Anti-inflammatory Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 699 Research Articles, Spanning 52 Years that Include 57 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on how Boswellia Serrata affects joint health.
  • Boswellia Serrata also known as Indian Frankincense grows in dry mountain regions of India, North Africa, and the Middle East and is a gum resin, famously known for being one of the gifts the 3 wise men brought for the birth of Jesus.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled 699 papers, 57 clinical trials with research spanning over 52 years.
  • b-Boswellic acid (BA) and acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid (AKBA) are the two that have the most important effects of lowering inflammation.
  • CytoSolve found that AKBA is the most active in lowering inflammation but does not do much for oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, or cartilage regeneration.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Kathy Stuart just asked a question, whether I would put up the protocol I did back in March. When all the “pandemic” started. I shared with people the protocol that people could use. Obviously, you should consult your doctor. This protocol was given to the president to protect your immune system. I’ll put that up again, this was back in March. And good news is a lot of people took advantage of it. And a lot of people I think protected themselves. I still get tons and tons of email about that. Alright, so today, we’re going to be continuing our joint health series today. This is the second to the last thing we’re going to consider. We’re going to look at Boswellia and then we’re going to look at yucca tomorrow. Then that’ll sort of close out that series on joint health. And then we’re going to start a whole another series. I mean, obviously, we could come back to it. But there’s some interesting work that I’ve been looking into on radiation, as well as some of the effects on how they manifest themselves in the body. High Frequency radiation. A lot of you’ve been asking about 5G, I did a several, I think a month ago I did a whole thing on the pineal gland, and how electromagnetic radiation affects the pineal gland which some people call the circadian rhythm. Some people call it the third eye. But we’ll be doing that shortly. Boswellia, we’re going to talk about today is called Indian Frankincense. And earlier today I did a talk on the Healthcare System. So, someone says How do you feel about 5g? Well, I did a talk on radiation. Look, as a scientist and an engineer, there are a lot of people on any of these issues that are very new issues. You have people coming out of it, and then they’ll start making certain claims. I don’t want to do that. Because when you don’t apply the Scientific Method, sometimes there are some legitimate concerns, but the people who come in and start talking about the concerns, but in a wrong way, they actually hurt our ability to actually discover what’s going on. So I rather take a very Systematic Approach like I do here. Otherwise, for example, on the genetically engineered food saying there were people out there talking, you know, they would draw a curve about glyphosate usage, and autism, okay. And they’d say, Okay, look at Autism is growing up like this glyphosate usage is going up like this. Now, that’s called an ecological curve. It’s actually one of the dumbest things you can do in science. And then they would say, Oh, my God, glyphosate causes autism. Let’s say it does, okay. But that curve doing that actually hurts the science, because I could easily do occur, which shows autism rates going up. And I can say, the use of organic food, does that mean the use of organic food causes autism? No. So this way, you have to be careful this way. We need to take a Mechanistic Approach, not a Correlation Approach, because sometimes, you know, for example, the government may want to make poo poo that the effects of let’s say, this poison glyphosate, and they will hire people who act as though they’re scientists to do these kinds of things. So the opposition can attack them. This is what we call the controlled opposition that takes place.


Alright, let’s begin. So today, we’re going to continue our series, and we’re going to do a talk on Indian Frankincense which is known as Boswellia Serrata. You may have not have heard of it. And but it’s a very powerful resin. It’s actually if you take trees and the bark of a tree, sometimes you’ll have stuff oozing out of it. That’s called an Indian system medicine that’s called Guggul not like Google but GUGGUL, and Gugguls are basically Oleoresins. And they’re known to be very, very powerful nutrients. And there’s a whole class of these, Gugguls out there some people say they’re one of the most powerful anti-ageing nutrients, in some ways, I hate to say this sort of like the blood of a tree, right? Because if you poke a tree, you get the oozing stuff coming out of it. And those are these things called Gugguls and people say these Gugguls have very, very anti-ageing, very powerful properties.

So, let’s just jump right in. So when we look at Boswellia and joint health. And we’re going to take again, as Systems Biology Approach, the path that we take is we’re going to, again, give a background I’m going to educate those of you anyone, I want to make sure you understand what is a Systems Approach, how we can apply a Systems Approach to science. But we can also apply a Systems Approach to understanding pretty much everything in the universe. I keep saying the ‘Foundations of Systems’, the course that I teach, I have a class coming up tonight at 7pm. And I do it every Monday. It’s part of our Truth Freedom Health warrior training program, those people who want to do that, it’s those people who contribute to the platform, we make that accessible to them extremely affordable for everyone. But I used to teach that at MIT, I’ve taught it all over the world. But we want to interconnect Truth Freedom Health because basically the same science, the same foundational science that we used to understand the body is a system, that computer as a system, you can apply to understand political systems because the principles of the universe are invariant, right. And that’s what we’re going to talk about, so if we can focus on understanding how the universe operates. We can use those same principles to understand our political system, or should be based on. Unfortunately, all your mainly lawyers and bureaucrats and people who have no jobs have never created anything or worked hard, are in politics. So they just make slogans up with good marketers. Slogans will never get us anywhere. What will get us somewhere is when the slogans quote, unquote, “slogans” are interconnected with Truth Freedom Health in this case.

Okay, so then we’re gonna go give an overview on Boswellia Serrata. And then we’re going to go into CytoSolve, we’re going to review what is joint health, we’re gonna look at the effect of Boswellia on joint health. Then we talked about the Synergy Principle. The Synergy Principles is really, how the universe doesn’t operate on a single thing affecting something else, it’s a combination of things. You can think about this in your own health or your own environment, right? In anything. It’s not just one thing that gives you success in life, it’s a combination of things. And the body works that way too. I’ve added a new section today, I want you to actually understand that we’re going to first of all, take the Western approach to understanding how Boswellia Serrata affects your body Bottoms-up from a Systems Biology standpoint, but then I’m going to also look at it from an Eastern standpoint, to also teach you that because in the Eastern methodology, they look at herbs and their effects in a very different way, particularly in the Indian system of medicine. So I’ll talk to you in that language and also see Oh, appreciate that. It’s a new section I’ve added and then we’ll talk about dosage.

So let’s jump right in. So by way of background, if I encourage everyone to go to be at, and that’s the website, that’s also our portal for Truth Freedom Health. And if you go there, you’ll find out I’ve done many things. I created the first Email system, you can go learn about that. The reason I put this slide up is, you know, when I created Email, and as a 14 year old kid, this was when I was working as a research fellow, the quote unquote, any “issues” that people have about understanding that I created Email when I was 14 back in 1970. It has nothing to do with the facts. You know, I wrote 50,000 lines of code, converting the old fashioned interoffice mail system. Remember the inbox, outbox, folder, cc, bcc, attachments. There’s an entire way people communicated, I converted that entire system into 50,000 lines of code. And I named that system Email a term I was to create. And then I got the first US copyright on it at a time when that was the only way to protect software inventions. But the most important thing is, Email is a system. It’s not simply exchanging text messages. The idiots at Wikipedia seem not to be able to understand this. So they have to do racist hit jobs. And no one should, by the way, donate that organization, anything. It’s they don’t do they do fake history, they don’t really do anything historical. But anyway, Email was invented by a 14 year old kid, me, before I came to MIT. But the reason I bring this up is the invention of Email also occurred in a system, it didn’t occur in the system of Big Tech, you know, big military, or big corporations. It didn’t, it occurred in a small university, by the triangle of a loving family who supported a young kid. So I could travel 30 miles to work at Rutgers medical school, when I was 14. A high school teachers who changed public school teachers have changed the rules. So I could work there and a mentor. And by the way, many of you have asked, I’m going to be starting a series in about a month, once a month, I’m going to teach a class for young kids. And it’s going to be the seven secrets of innovation.

My goal is to educate young people how they can really find there’s a method to innovate and how you as parents can help them. So that’s gonna be starting in about four months, but I’m sorry about a month. But the invention of Email occurred in some very interesting circumstances, it occurred in this system, it occurred in a system where I was given access to, I was given freedom, right? I was smart, and I worked hard. So people at this university gave me freedom to work on their computer systems. They gave me infrastructure. And in that environment, freedom and infrastructure is where innovation took place. And this is why the founders of the United States were very specific. On the First Amendment, the Second Amendment that was freedom, they created an amazing patent system to protect small inventors innovation, and then they created infrastructure. And a lot of the infrastructure is being destroyed in the United States, the United States, by the way, only has a D in infrastructure now globally, okay. Massachusetts is an F – -. It’s quite ironic, where MIT and Harvard are, and relative to freedom, we’re destroying freedom with a lot of the censorship that goes on. So when you constrict freedom, and you construct infrastructure, only, quote, unquote, the big guys are going to be able to create. Email was done by a young kid outside of the Military Industrial Complex, and this bothers some people. But anyway, I wanted to show you this diagram, because you can start, you can start seeing that this is a system, okay, innovation, freedom and infrastructure. And you’re going to see the importance of this when you start learning the ‘Foundations of Systems’, you’re going to see the importance of this. But this is a very, very important diagram. As you’ll find out, once you have that you yourself go through the system training.

The other thing, if you go to the website, my recent invention is CytoSolve which is a very powerful invention, which allows us to mathematically model disease on the computer and eliminate animal testing. So this is a technology that I recently did for my PhD work. Actually, it’s not so recent, seems like yesterday 2007, I finished my PhD and for the last 16 years, we’ve been developing CytoSolve we’ve been validating, we’ve published papers in all the major journals, we’ve helped a lot of companies who do natural products development really helped them understand if they’re starting to combine ingredients they work or not separating snake oil from reality. Okay, so that’s CytoSolve. So when we talk about Boswellia Serrata, we’ve applied CytoSolve to really understand what it does. So what is Boswellia Serrata? So Boswellia Serrata. I want to share with you. It’s called Indian Frankincense, okay, it’s growing in dry mountainous regions of India, North Africa and the Middle East. So if you’ve heard of, you know, the, the three wise men remember the story of Jesus birth, they brought him Frankincense. Well, this is what we’re talking about: the Indian Frankincense Boswellia Serrata is what was brought to Christ among the various other gifts that were bought when he was born. So, if we look at Boswellia Serrata, you can call it an herb, but it’s more specifically, it’s the resin. It’s a gum resin. So you know from the gum tree where rubber comes out of, so this like that as a resin, a very sticky sappy thing, okay, so if you, if you go to your pine tree outside, I’m sure you have different trees, wherever you are in the world, the sap that comes out that’s called a Guggul. In a botanical medicine, that’s called a gum resin, and it’s extracted from the bark. Now, this has been employed in traditional medicine for over 2700 years. And you know, when it dries, you get this hard sort of crystalline structure, but it’s a gum resin. That’s what Boswellia Serrata is, Indian Frankincense. Just to give you an idea, it’s an emerging dietary supplement, unlike what we saw with Hyaluronic Acid, or what we saw with Glucosamine, that had nearly close to what if you remember that at close to 30, or 40,000 papers written on this? In the case of this, we don’t have as many papers written on this, we have about 699 papers written on it, quite a number of clinical trials, close to 57 different clinical trials over 52 years, that means about one clinical trial per year, a lot of clinical trials, but not that many major research papers relative the other still a good amount 699. Boswellia Serrata has a number of clinical trials on it. And it’s reasonably studied, but not as much as Hyaluronic Acid. But that’s why we call it an emerging dietary supplement. As you know, when we do research using CytoSolve, we don’t take just one. By the way, you can see on this graph right here, very little research, but in the last 15 years, you can see the explosive amount of research has been done on Boswellia. People are very interested in this. But in order for you to understand all of this, how would you understand all of this, right, because there’s a lot of data in there. So what we do with CytoSolve, is we can take all of those papers. And first of all, we can organize it in a profoundly cool way. And I think this diagram expresses this. Well, first of all, we get all those papers, then we organize them, meaning we found the papers that have to do with joint health, right, that’s curating. And if they’re written in decent journals that are garbage, so we do an analysis. Then, from those papers, we extract out these molecular pathways, which are little ball and stick diagrams, which really show the chemical reactions. So if you read a paper somewhere in the paper, they’ll have this ball and stick diagram, these chemical reactions. So what we try to do at CytoSolve we try to get that out. So now that gives us a mechanistic understanding of what’s going on, then the next step we do is once we’ve gotten that, we then understand the overall system relative to joint health. And by the way, we’ve done this, and I’ll walk you through this.

Systems Approach

We can do mathematical models to figure out how well the ingredients in this case Frankincense or Boswellia affect those molecular pathways. So many ways, what we’re doing is, the first step is we’re looking at all the literature getting that and that’ll give us our first answer. If you go to most of these supplement companies right now and you say, oh, does Frankincense work? They’ll go Oh, yeah. And then you’ll say, show me something. And they’ll only show you three or four papers. And this is why the pharmaceutical companies attack them, because they really haven’t done a research because the pharma guys will say, uh uh, this paper says this. So the problem is, we don’t want to be cherry picking, we want to take a Systems Approach, which means to look at all of it. So CytoSolve allows us to curate that literature and look at it. And that’s one part that’s called Bioinformatics, looking at the literature. The other piece that we can do is take all those molecular pathways, and use CytoSolve to mathematically model the chemical reactions. It’s pretty cool. And with that, now we have a mathematical model of joint talk with Frankincense. We can change the dosages and we can see how it affects different pathways. Okay, so in this example, like I’ve done before, we’ll do both, but we’re going to get a good understanding from the known science today. You really can’t get this anywhere else. So that’s the way we do scientific research. So CytoSolve is a way for getting to truth because we’re not going to cherry pick. Now, this is what I call a Systems Approach to even doing scientific research. The opposite of a Systems Approach is what I call reductionist, okay? Reductionist approach means you cherry pick. And, cherry picking research is done not to get to the truth, but to have a political agenda.

And starting in 1970, the institutions of the United States science because of the passage of the Mansfield amendment became more and more institutionalized under two organizations, the NSF and NIH. And because of that both of those organizations are highly political organizations, by the way, Fauci is over at NIH, which means these two organizations controlled so much funding to universities, that if you are a researcher at a university, you had to bow down and to beg to NIH and NSF to get funding. And because of that, starting in 1970, science became a mediocre field. It became more about salesmanship more about politics, less about science, because you would cherry pick. So today, there’s nearly, you know, a couple billion dollars in climate change research. So if you want to make money put co2 as a problem to anything, due to climate change, and boom, you’ll get funded. That’s unfortunate. So that’s why in many ways CytoSolve was revolutionary, even as a political weapon. Because we don’t care what the academics think we go look at what’s actually going on. So that’s the importance of a Systems Approach. Now, this is the opposite. And you can teach your friends this is the opposite of a Systems Approach. It’s the blind men touching the elephant. And why is this important? It’s the old story of the king, who brings in the six blind men, and it gives him an elephant and they’re all touching it. The guy who touches a leg thinks it’s an oak tree, the guy touches a tail thinks it’s a rope, the guy touches a tusk thinks it’s a spear, the guy gets a trunk and thinks it’s a snake. So when you have people blinded by just focusing on parts, in medicine, or in politics, like with the election systems, you can manipulate people because you only pick up one thing, you don’t go to the heart of the issue. Alright, and this is a way to, again, fool people. And that’s called reductionism. What I want to teach all of you is Systems Approach. And I want to make you warriors, for Truth Freedom Health. And the way you get to that is understanding the ‘Foundations of Systems’. So this is what’s called a reductionist approach, and what a reductionist approach leads you to is something like this. It’s sort of funny, and it’s really not that funny. But this is what’s going on in science right now you have a bunch of fools. For example, looking at the entire complex climate system, and saying, Oh, we have to co2 is a problem, complete idiocracy. They don’t talk about lowering pollution, they talk about lowering co2. And by the way, if you go below about 200 parts per million of co2, everything on an earth dies. So they don’t talk about this. The real issue is we got to lower pollution, the Paris Accords, actually allows China to double their pollution from 11 billion metric tons of carbon to 22 billion metric tons of carbon. So this is a stupidity that’s occurring in science today. They’re doing the blind man approach, which is this approach, not and not a Systems Approach.

Okay. So why, for me a Systems Approach is really fascinating because I grew up in two worlds. And let me explain this. I grew up in the world of East and West, which means if you look at the left side, I grew up in understanding molecular systems. Okay, I grew up in understanding how you integrate Eastern and Western systems, right. I mean, I grew up in understanding Western systems on the left, which is what you would call the western medical system. That was my PhD. Understanding, you know, genes and proteins and large scale organization. And I mean, there’s a whole language here. But I was fortunate because of my grandmother having an interest in studying Eastern medicine. I also learned this system of medicine, which is very different. It’s not genes and proteins. It’s words like Vata, Pitta, Kapha, which are used to figure out what kind of body you have. Space, air, fire, water, chakras. And if you were to talk to a Western scientist about this, they’d laugh at you, they go haha, this is, you know, just nonsense. And they go, I understand this, but this must be garbage. So when I finished my PhD in 2007, I went back to India to see if I could figure out what is Eastern systems were. And so in fact, this appeared on the front page of MIT saying, I want a Fulbright award. And I didn’t share this with you. But I also wanted to show this, this was another article which said, East meets West, armed with 4 degrees, Shiva Ayyadurai embarks on a new adventure. And this is written by the MIT news office. So why is this? Why is this interesting? MIT was fascinated why I wanted to go back to India, after getting all my four degrees starting all these companies, they thought, Okay, he’s probably going to do another high tech, you know, lucrative venture, why is he wanting to take time off. And the reason I wanted to do that was I had seen with my own eyes, the benefits of Western research, you know, the concept of biology and molecular biology, the amazing insights that could give us but I also saw the insights that my grandmother could do, by observing your face, she practice a very different system of medicine, where she would understand your body at a certain constitution. So when she looked at your body, she would say, oh, you’re a Vata, you’re a, Kapha. Okay, these are terms or your Vata-Pitta, then based on that she would figure out what kind of system you were. And then she would figure out the right foods and supplements for you. And then by the way, in South India, this is called Siddha. In North India, it’s called Ayurveda, but it was a Systems Based Approach to the body. So when I finished my PhD, I said, Well, maybe I can unravel it because I was convinced there was something definitely going on there, because I saw her in that small village heal many people. And I wanted to find the relationship. So that took me back to India for two years, a big commitment of time. But I found out that in the ‘Big Aha’ I had, which I talked about in the course, which I teach every week, is that if you use these concepts, transport, conversion and storage, this is how the Western world understands everything in the universe. And that’s called the Science of Systems. And I can teach anyone that in literally about an hour to two, okay, so the Science of Systems, we understand the interaction of the transport of energy, the conversion of energy, or the storage or the structural aspects. Well, guess what, I discovered, and this is a short version of this, that what the terms my grandmother used Vata, Pitta and Kapha, were no different than Transport, Conversion and Storage. And this was a huge discovery, because what I was able to do was truly intersect Eastern and Western medicine and open up a huge gateway. And that was really what my research was about. And so when I got back to the United States, and some of you are interested in this, there’s a whole course program. It’s an advanced course program I created that’s been taught all over the world to medical doctor naturopaths, you can be anyone, you don’t have to be any of those calls Systems Health, its, there’s a whole Master Certification program involving 25 to 40 hours, of course, material where you can learn why yoga works, how these different meditation forms work, and you can actually get certified, you get a whole curriculum as a part of this, and you can get certified with a Health System Certificate.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement

And part of this understanding is what I share with people is that not only this course is about the health side, but not only is there an interconnection between transport, conversion and storage, but transport, conversion, storage, are related to Truth Freedom Health. Are no different than conversion, transport, and storage, and so on. So this is quite profound. And that I put into a new course called the Foundations of Systems, which is a much shorter course, but anyone can take it. And that’s the foundation of Truth, Freedom Health. So what I’m sharing with you is, when you take a Systems Approach, you can understand the essence of anything in the universe. And if we’re gonna build a revolutionary movement to change the world, to get to Truth Freedom Health, you have to get educated on the Science of Systems. And I think we have about 3000 people in since November have gone through the course is quite amazing. And then we want to take once you have that education, I want to unleash you guys in your local communities. So you can educate people so they break the ridiculous mindset of Republican and Democrat, black and white, left and right. A Systems Approach will always get you the truth. Okay, and non Systems Approach, the blind man will allow you to be manipulated one day by Trump another day by Bernie, one day by Kennedy, another day by Obama, and so on. And that’s what’s been happening in this country, we have not taught people of political physics, which is grounded in hardcore science. And that’s what Truth, Freedom Health is. So I always play my video here at this point. So everyone understands why I do this. And if you go to, you can understand this. But our goal is to get you educated, to build community and get you activated. The video is essential. It’s part of our mantra that we do here, Truth, Freedom Health. And I want you to become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. At 7pm, I go until 10pm. It’s a very awesome course. But our goal is to educate people on physics, you don’t have to go to MIT, I can train you in about three hours, and you have a lot of course material. So everyone understands what this movement is about. And more importantly, you’ll understand that there’s science, there’s physics to this, and I want all of you to take advantage of this. I used to teach this course all over the world charging 1000s of dollars, I’ve made it so affordable for everyone and if people are really indigent we give scholarships, but bottom line, this course is taught on our platform without Big Tech. And a lot of people want to contribute support, when you contribute. It’s awesome. But I don’t feel ever good taking something for nothing. So when you contribute, depending on your commitment level to the courses you can take, I give you educational content. So let me start this video here. And hope you guys enjoy it,

When you go to the website, you’ll find out in the interest of time, I took some screenshots from the website, so you guys can see it much easier. It’s a little bit easier to see this. Okay. And you’ll see that on the website, we have a bunch of capabilities there. And what you’ll see here, when you go to the site,, where you can sign up, there are three things you get all the tools when you log in, to get educated. So you can get access to all the courses. And this is a central diagram that we focus on in the course, once you understand this diagram, you’ll understand the Science of Systems, it’s about two years of MIT knowledge packed into one hour. The second thing is you’re gonna understand how you can apply those principles to understand your body as a system. And in that case, I give you access to a tool called ‘Your Body, Your System’. It’s a tool that took me about 20 years to develop. And you can actually use this tool to integrate Eastern and Western medicine, you can understand how the different kinds of phenomenon that who basically what kind of system you are, until you answer these questions, this red dot will move throughout the triangle based on what kind of system you are my red dot maybe here is yours maybe or someone else’s maybe here, this is called your natural system state. The black dot once you answer another set of questions, is how you’re feeling today. Let’s say you had jet lag or you didn’t get enough sleep, the red the black dot will move and the purpose of health. This is your goal is to move the black dot here and it teaches you all different kinds of foods or foods affect you This is quite powerful because from a Systems Perspective, when we want to teach people like you, there’s the forces of motion, there’s a forces of conversion, and then the forces of let’s say storage. So for example, in your body, digestion is a force of conversion. Okay? motion, like bowel movement that’s transport, okay, or storage, fat storage. So transport, conversion and storage, which occur in Western engineering theory, also occur everywhere in the universe. And that was a discovery that I made. But what I’ve done with this very simple powerful tool that took me 20 years to write is I’ve interconnected, East and West, that’s called ‘Your Body, Your System’. And by the way, anyone who signs up as a Truth Freedom Health warrior guests that tool, people, if they become a supporter, get it, members don’t get access to other things, but the tool allows you to start really recognizing your body as a system. And now these three energies of transport, conversion and storage, move through your body, and our food, etc, affects your body. Okay, so that’s one important part of it. The other piece of it is you get access to a bunch of ebooks, which teach you the theory, okay, not only of ‘Systems and Revolution’, but how it applies to ‘Your Body, Your System’ in the science of everything, then just like the one I’m going to do with Boswellia. Right now, there’s CytoSolve reports on turmeric, ginger, and then there’s this amazing paper that shows you the integration of East and West. And those of you that’s just the first part, then I want you to build community. You get access to the forum, where you can, there’s all different forum topics. This also works on your iPhone and your and your Android, you can log in, and you can participate in lively discussions, independent of Big Tech, for those of who are Truth Freedom Health warriors, we also give you the opportunity to create your own quote unquote, ‘VA Shiva social media page’, you can join a group, you can interact with others very much like Facebook. Then you can get activated, which means not only are you educated, not only do you have community, but we have flyers and information that you can pass out to your local community, like how you can teach people the importance of oral health and how masks are affecting the science and the public health implications. Same thing with vaccines, we want to go beyond Vax, Anti-Vax, what are the real issues of health, which is boosting immunity, and vaccines for all, basically is based on the notion everyone has the same body type, okay. And, by the way, anyone who contributes 100 or more gets all of those tools, people who contribute $25 get access to ‘System and Revolution’, the tool. And by the way, anyone can join for anything. So you get access to the forum and other things. But this is a way of me. repaying, you guys back are being reciprocal by giving you education.

Boswellia Serrata

So let’s go to Boswellia Serrata, as I mentioned earlier on, it is a very interesting herb. It is what I call Indian Frankincense. It’s grown on the dry mountainous regions. It’s a functional component, it’s a gum resin, and it’s employed in traditional medicine for over 2700 years. So when you think about this Boswellia Serrata really is composed of five major component components. Some of you who are looking at the cannabis space, okay, if you’re into cannabis, you may have heard of Terpenes. Terpenes are these very, very powerful molecules, they occur in different kinds of resins, okay. But terpenes are what is predominant in Boswellia. So it has the Mono-terpenes, the Di-terpenes, the Di-terpene Alcohol, (which is the alcohol version of it) Tri-terpenes, and Triterpenic Acid. So you have various organic compounds, the terpenes, the alcohol version, and the triterpene. So let me look at some of these. I really enjoy looking at these chemical structures, having studied biochemistry, but what you see here, they’re pretty cool structures. So here’s b-Boswellic acid (BA), here’s Acetyl-b-boswellic acid, here’s Keto-b-boswellic acid, sorry, acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid. So these four boswellic acids have proven functional benefits. So remember, there are many different components in frankincense, but these four components are the ones when people do their research that they focused on. I mean, there could be others, science constantly advances, but these are the four things that we’re going to talk about and the effects that they have.

So, what are the biological effects of these components? Okay, well, the first biological effect that we need to understand is that it’s Anti-inflammatory, Anti-hyperlipidemic, (we’ll talk about this is a very good for burning fat), Anti- atherosclerotic, (for people who are arterial sclerosis, heart things) and Analgesic, and some of you who’ve smelled it. I know that as sort of a great calming effect against pain. Hepatoprotective (which means it protects the liver), and Diuretic (which means if you consume it, if you if you’re having problems urinating, it’ll get water out of your system) So, It’s Anti-inflammation, Anti-hyperlipidemic, Anti-atherosclerotic, Analgesic, Hepatoprotective and Diuretic. And again, this is coming from known science. Here are the health benefits. This is the biological benefits, which means what it does, and here are the health benefits. It’s been used for, again, 2700 years in these various areas, diarrhoea, dysentery, ring worms, fevers, mouth sores, bronchitis, and asthma. Alright, these are the different health benefits where it’s been used.


So, when we apply CytoSolve, some of your new to CytoSolve is a technology I built for my PhD work. And I originally was looking at the way that pharmaceutical companies build, they take a synthetic compound, which doesn’t occur in nature. By the way, all of these compounds that I just showed you here, these occur in nature, these are not pharmaceutical compounds. Okay, these are naturally occurring compounds, pharmaceutical companies in this example, they actually take a compound that never existed synthesize. They will throw a bunch of cancer cells in a test tube, see if it does anything. If it does, they’ll get funding and they’ll go kill a bunch of animals, unfortunately, and this takes around six years, then they get FDA allowance to go do phase one, phase two, phase three human trials. What’s interesting is you’ll see that less than 20% of the stuff entering that phase one even makes it which means a lot of the mistakes are made here. So they’ll spend six years and I’ll find out this stuff doesn’t work $5,000,000,000.13 years and I thought wow, pharmaceutical companies would love to use CytoSolve because I can tell them don’t go kill animals, or, for example, don’t even do this because it’s never going to work. And by the way, what’s happening with pharmaceuticals, they spend more and more and more money R&D, on using this archaic process. And even the FDA is not allowing their drugs to get out there. And the reason this curve is important is you need to understand that pharmaceutical companies are actually tanking. This is why the vaccine future is so important to them, because vaccines are biologics, they don’t have to go through that regulatory process. They don’t have to go through that rigorous testing.

And pharmaceutical companies can get sued for pharmaceutical products. However, for these kinds of products, which are biologics, and because thanks to the Kennedys, Ted Kennedy, for example, he sponsored a bill which says you cannot sue a pharmaceutical company, this is the United States in court. You have to take them to a vaccine court. And you can only get $250,000 liability if something happens to your child, let’s say. So that was brought to you by the Kennedys. But the bottom line is that it’s a huge opportunity for pharma companies because they can essentially like the Wild West for them, okay, they can go out there and push stuff out there. And then this is why the vaccine market is so important for them, because pharmaceutical companies are actually failing right now. And that’s why vaccines are like their Messiah for them to help them. So my interest was, Hey, I could help, CytoSolve could help eliminate the need for animal testing. The other thing is, in 2003, I’ve shared this before, when the Human Genome Project started, we thought we had about 100,000 genes, and we knew a worm at 20,000. But when the Genome Project ended, it turns out we only have 20,000 genes, this led to a field called Systems Biology saying, look, the nucleus isn’t everything. It’s not the gene that makes us make who we are, but the genes over here give rise to proteins. And in order to understand the whole human being, the organs, we have to intersect all of these chemical reactions inside the human cell. And one of the ideas was Imagine if you could mathematically model all of those chemical reactions, like for different diseases, then you could theoretically use the computer long before, you know we funded research to really understand what was going on. So that really led to in 2003, when I came back to MIT to the development of CytoSolve. So I came back to MIT. I love this problem. And by the way, this is a molecular pathway. So when you take a lot of the literature, we find these little pathways, these can be converted to mathematical models, which you can compute. CytoSolve is a way that you can integrate an infinite number of these mathematical models to create large scale models of molecular mechanisms and we’ve created a whole environment. In the last 16 years, we worked with major research institutions, we published papers, etc. Okay. And so CytoSolve fundamentally can take many compounds, we can test it in-silico on the computer long before we waste our time and kill animals over here. And by the way, this is how we build airplanes, right? We test stuff on the computer, we don’t just throw a pilot in a test flight, we eliminate all the mistakes, so we reduce the amount of deaths. Alright, so now, what I just shared with you is the power of CytoSolve.

Joint Health

So when it comes to joint health, about three years ago, I was asked to give a lecture at the Arthritis Foundation international meeting, and I gave a whole discussion about CytoSolve, it’s power. Three of the leading researchers in the world on joint health and Osteoarthritis were very excited. And they said, Dr. Shiva, we would like to fund you to use CytoSolve, to map out all the molecular pathways of joint health or Osteoarthritis, which is a bigger field. And so, it was awesome, right? We get to do what we love, we also get paid to do it. And so the Arthritis Foundation gave us this great grant, along with the University Health Network of Canada, a great group of people, some of the smartest people in the field. But what we could do inside CytoSolve, it would take them, you know, 100 graduate students, we didn’t, but a couple years. So we looked at nearly 22,000 papers that were written on Osteoarthritis, we curated all those papers, which had to do with human knee arthritis. Which is around 6 to 7000 papers. And from those, we extracted every molecular reaction, so think about that. And then we interconnected all of that, okay, to create the first Molecular Systems Map of Osteoarthritis, quite revolutionary, quite radical. And then we did something even more radical. And so this holding on to that knowledge for ourselves, we published it, and we gave it to the world to you can go access it, any researcher anywhere, in any university, any academia, any citizen scientist can do, because our idea is, if we publish this interconnected Systems Approach, maybe some person in the village who studying has access to the internet will discover something about some herb, etc. So that’s what we’ve done. But using this map, we started modelling pieces, we started finding our own combinations. And mV25, is one of our new products that we’ve just discovered is quite amazing. But so what’s happened is, when I talk to you about joint health, I’m going to walk you through. One of the things we did was we published this paper called Molecular Systems Architecture of Human Knee Osteoarthritis, or research collaboration, we published this, you can get the research paper, but we’ve also open sourced it, it’s part of our Open Science project. I can share with you the actual website and you’re welcome to go there on your own and explore. By the way, this is absolutely huge public service that we’ve done for the world. So if we go to The papers right here, you can download it. And then we can literally click on this graph right here. And we can go right into this, so you can read the paper. But we’ve also made this accessible to anyone on the planet. So you can go here to the Osteophytes (which are a tissue), you can go to the Ligands on it (which are the things that land on it). You can look at different cytokines, for example, IL-1b, and you can find the different things that it interacts with. There’s not that much research on that. But if you go to something like Cartilage over here, you’ll find that there’s quite a bit of research Cartilage as Chondrocytes, which are the cells, Chondrocytes, many different molecules, which are ligands, can interact with that. So for example, the Cytokines there’s a whole range of Cytokines, for example, here’s TNF-a, very, very inflammatory Cytokine, we can go here, and we can look at, you know, the stress affected has, then you can literally go into this and you can find out all the molecular pathways involved in that, right. So TNF-a causes ERN-1, and then you can click this, and it’ll bring you over to the actual paper having to do with that. So that’s a simple example. But we can also get more complicated than this, we can look at something another Cytokine, which is very, very well researched called IL-1b. All these are the molecules that upregulate it. Here is MMP-13, which I’ve looked at before, here’s COX-2. For example, when you take Advil, COX-2 causes inflammation. And if you go here, we can start looking at the different things that COX-2 is involved in. If I go here to MMP-13 and we’re going to look at the catabolic effect and at the catabolic effect, you can see that there is Cartilage. Okay, so we can look at all of these different molecules, and you can look at the different effects that they have. So here’s IL-1b, which creates MMP-9. And you can look at the ways that different molecules interact, and they stopped their interaction. So for example, this is an example. This is a root extract of Wogonin, which actually suppresses IL-1b. So basically, this is a very powerful way for you to understand all the research that’s been done in a graphical way on Osteoarthritis. So what we did here was, for the sake of this example, we took those, that entire systems map, and we went and looked at, okay, what are the key things that affect joint health, and when you’ll find out as a key things, which I’ve talked about before, to keep it consistent Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Cartilage Degeneration and Cartilage Regeneration, so if you want to have great joint health, you don’t want to have inflammation, right? You don’t. So these are those pathways. You don’t want to have oxidative stress, okay? You don’t want to have cartilage degeneration. So these are those molecular pathways, but you want to regenerate your cartilage, that would be a good thing. And so the red arrows mean, you want to down regulate these and you want to increase cartilage regeneration. There are two molecules PGE-2 and LTB-4, which are indicators of inflammation in your body. These are molecules, ROS is reactive oxygen species, which is an indicator of oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, and then MMP-13. And Collagen II for cartilage regeneration.

Effect of Boswellia Serrata on Joint Health

So, Boswellia Serrata, what’s its effect on joint health? Well, let’s jump right in. Well, this is what the research shows this is what’s quite valuable. Out of all those things. Boswellia Serrata, Indian Frankincense has a very powerful effect in lowering inflammation. Okay, so our research shows it’s really powerful at lowering inflammation. I think one of you said, Hey, I take Boswellia with turmeric, that’s a very good combination. Turmeric, lowers inflammation, Boswellia, lowers inflammation, Now, with CytoSolve we could actually figure out the dosages, we can run through billions of computations, figuring out the right dosage. That’s what’s cool about CytoSolve versus trying to hand wave it. BetaBA, and AKBA from Boswellia, lower inflammation. So, remember what I shared with you, there are two molecules here, that lower inflammation. But it’s these two molecules, so b-Boswellic acid (BA), and this one, acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid (AKBA) These are the two things that we find as the most important effects in lowering inflammation. So you know, some people do extract. So if you’re looking for Boswellic Acid, and you’re looking at a supplement, what you want to look at from this research is you want to look for it’s BA, and AKBA, if you’re looking at a supplement that’s out there in the market, make sure they have the high values of AKBA, or BA, or you want to know the percentages because that’ll let you know if it has a potent materials in it.

Okay. And by the way, just a note here, one of the things you want to understand is, herbs are growing in all different conditions, trees, all these herbal supplements occur in different conditions. And this is one of the problems with standardization. You could grow something in, in the northern regions in Africa, they can have very different compositions of these active molecules. So that’s why some people like to get the extracts, because then you can standardize those. It’s called the standardized Extract. Okay, so that’s a subtlety, but it’s something important to understand on why standardization can be valuable. But Boswellia b-Boswellic acid(BA) and acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid (AKBA). These two things stop inflammation. Well, how do they work? Well, our research shows that they affect we’re going to now explore how it affects PGE-2 and LTB-4. So Boswellia Serrata. If you look at the Bioinformatics, looking at the literature, etc, and analyzing it using Cytosolve Boswellic Acid, these two molecules, AKBA and BA, again, those are the two things in Boswellic Acid. Now the inflammatory cytokine, TNF-a, TNF-a is a hallmark of joint disease. So right there, TNF-a, TNF-a promotes 5LOX and COX-2. So TNF-a through Akt and NF-kB, so 5LOX leads to LTB4 production. And so you notice Akt produces NF-kB, NF-kB produces 5LOX and COX-2. This produces LTB4 and PGE-2. These are the two criminals here that invade your body and they cause or they cause joint inflammation. Okay, so 5LOX leads to LTB4, and COX-2 leads to PGE-2, right? This leads to this, this leads to this, and AKBA and BA, from Boswellia Serrata. Right here, what do they do they block it, okay, that’s what this means it blocks it. And Boswellia Serrata, lowers inflammation, through doing two things, it down regulates this and this. And that’s how you do it. But it is because it’s hitting this pathway. It’s not hitting TNF-a directly. It’s hitting Akt. So just to step back, again, what I just shared with you is that as a bioinformatics side, it looks like from all the literature and all the analysis that Boswellia Serrata hits the Akt pathway with both those two components. But now with CytoSolve, not only can we do that, we can go even deeper, we can mathematically model this to figure out even further to get even closer to truth, okay? It’s a system within a Systems Approach. Okay, so here we do the computational analysis. on the Y axis, we’re looking at LTB4, which is a biomarker, if you remember, right here, of 5LOX, and we’re giving different dosages 2.5 to 5 milligrams per day, we’re increasing the dosage of AKBA in the product dose. And what you’re seeing is, yes, definitively, it drops, okay, it goes from about 48.4 micromolar. And it reduces to around here, around 47. Okay. So it has some effects. So LTB4 levels reduced with increasing AKBA, that’s one of the nutrients then we looked at what AKBA does to PGE-2, and what we see here, it doesn’t do much. So under control condition. So remember there’s two components, AKBA, and BA, okay. So it looks like the beta BA component really reduces inflammation, but the AKBA does not do a lot on PGE-2. Then we looked at beta BA on LTB-4 right, so this was AKBA, beta BA drops it, okay. And it’s reduce, but it has low to moderate Look, it goes from 48.43 to 40. It’s relatively low, okay. And it doesn’t do that much for PGE-2. So our conclusion is that it’s the LTB-4 inflammation that it actually reduces. And that’s done through. Remember, there’s two components, AKBA or BA, its AKBA is what really reduces the inflammation in the joints. So what am I saying here? What I’m trying to say here is that if you really step back and look at this, there are two components. So the AKBA is what seems to have a powerful effect from not only the bioinformatics analysis, but from the computational analysis and lowering inflammation. So in summary, we’ll come back to this again, the Boswellia Serrata, lowers inflammation, it doesn’t really do a lot for oxidative stress or cartilage degeneration or cartilage regeneration. So if you’re looking at a joint health product, and they say, oh, we’re gonna give you frankincense, it’s gonna do wonders for joint health. Just remember that to reduce the inflammation. Okay? It’s not going to do everything for you. So that’s Something important to realize and that’s what the analysis here shows. But more importantly, it is the AKBA okay? So if you’re looking at supplements with frankincense, make sure it has a lot of the AKBA in the conditions that it was grown because that’ll give you much more of a powerful effect. So, now I want to wrap up and I want to introduce what we’ve done today so if you think about what we’ve done over the last 5 or 6 days we began with MSM, then we did come Chondroitin, then we did Hyaluronic Acid. Then we did what Glucosamine. I forgot we did yesterday. Today we did Frankincense, right? All of these have different effects. And all of them hit different pathways.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

But one of the reasons no one ever takes any one thing as a joint, as our finding is itself is a system. When your joint has problems, it not only has pain, it has inflammation, the cartilage may be degenerating, you may want to regenerate it. So all those four systems you want to support and that’s the Synergy Principle. So I want to and this is a Systems Principle. So in the teachings that I teach, I want to impress on you that if you want to just get the truth, oh, I just want to understand science. Okay, that’s interesting. Oh, I just want to have freedom. I want the First Amendment on the Second Amendment. Okay, that’s interesting. Oh, I just want to be, you know, super healthy. So some people just want health. Some people just want freedom. Some people just want truth. But the reality is, you’re never going to get all the truth, you’re never gonna get all the health you deserve, you’re never going to get all the freedom if all of these aren’t interconnected. Because with Freedom affects Truth and Health, truth affects freedom and health and health effects, truth and freedom. Okay, they’re interconnected. That’s why our movement for Truth Freedom Health is built on a scientific Principle of Synergy. So I’ll give you a biological example of that, to make this more than apparent. So some of you may know, people, my grandmother and other Yogi’s would do this kind of combination of herbs. Okay, so if you looked at one of the herbs called turmeric, which is the ingredient in a lot of Indian foods, and curry powder, it’s one of the ingredients. Here, we looked at the outer circles, a cell wall, the inner circles, a nuclear wall, and I’m looking at all the ways in which turmeric interacts at the molecular level to lower inflammation. Similarly, I can do that with resveratrol. Look at all those ways it intersects. Okay, and then with CytoSolve we’re able to see, well, how much turmeric should I take? How much resveratrol should I take? So if you go to the bottles on a lot of these health food stores, they putting combinations together, but they’re ad hoc-ing it, the revolution of CytoSolve is we can go through millions of computer models, millions of simulations to figure out what is the optimal combination, so you’re not taking too little too, not too less. So an example of that, is this Synergistic example we can do here, we can literally model inflammation in the body. So the right column is a variable of inflammation, you want it to go lower, which means you have less and less inflammation. Initially, I’m creating inflammation. And by the way, this is a in silico experiment we’re doing on the computer, we’re able to actually model without killing animals, right.

So here, we’re looking at all, no curcumin, no resveratrol, and inflammation. Then I just give curcumin, you notice it drops. Then I just give resveratrol that also drops but not as much as curcumin, but look what happens when I do combinations. A little bit of curcumin, a little bit of resveratrol. Mind you, I’m doing 40% less curcumin, 60% less resveratrol, but look at the Synergistic Effect it lowers inflammation even more profoundly. This is why food is medicine. And by the way, you know a lot of supplement companies are selling turmeric Okay, that’s interesting. But one of the important things is traditional medicines, like curry powders, not just turmeric, it’s a little bit of turmeric, a little bit of coriander, a little bit of cumin, a little bit of cloves, it’s a combination. So you don’t need to eat this much turmeric, you add a little bit because it has a Synergistic Effect. So you know medicine is ultimately an art, as my advisor Forbes Dewey said, “An Information Science, you need to know the information, but we need to have the art”. Now, what CytoSolve allows us to do, it lengthens that guesswork. So makes the art even more compelling. Okay? CytoSolve is really an alchemist. Okay. It’s what my grandmother did using her intuition. CytoSolve is accessible, where we can use it for everyone. So what I’m really pleased to talk about is that we use CytoSolve. Recently. Remember, I told you 2003 to 2007 is when I created the technology for my PhD work 2007, around 2012 or 2013, I did a lot of paper writing I had to prove to the scientific world is technology work. We published in major journals like ‘Nature’ and ‘Cell’ and, I Triple E. And then I wanted to help a lot of companies. In fact, I wanted to go to the pharma guys and say, Look, you can eliminate animal testing, I can help you find products that actually work without killing people. Well, we worked with a couple of them, they move very slow. And they’re really not interested in following a very different methodology. But I also love, as you know, nutritional products, all of our clients are nutraceutical companies, they come to us, they have some combination of ingredients, they don’t know if it works, and we help them figure it out. We’re like the alchemists. But more recently, over the last 16 years, we built an amazing database of all different kinds of disease models, all different molecular models. So because, you know, pain and inflammation affects so many people, we decided to apply CytoSolve to look at all different kinds of ingredients. And could we find the best ingredients in the world. And we ran through billions, not billions, trillions of computations. And we discovered a very powerful product called mV25. And I want to share that with you, which we’ve just recently launched. And I’ve shared with you how exciting it is and here’s mV25, you can go online to to the shop, right there. And you can preorder I’ll show you, but the label, it’s got our branding, and we’re telling people look, we’re taking a Systems Approach, not a left approach, not a right approach to me not a Eastern approach on the West approach. mV means momentum, mass times velocity, momentum to move. And you can see it’s a blend of bioflavonoids in fact, got a patent pending on it. And what we can do here on the back of the label is it says it all it says Dr. Shiva is mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve computational Systems Biology platform, and technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers. So we went through 1000s of papers, spanning four decades, in 68 research institutions and computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover an Optimal Synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Now, if you notice on the front here we say CytoSolve optimized What does that mean? CytoSolve optimized means this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits and bioavailability, while minimizing toxicity, based on current research curated by CytoSolve, as the Science Advances. So will this formulation, this is our promise, and I’ll get back to that. But it’s Clean Certified and made in the United States. And what we do is we want to say we support our platform, you know, proceeds from this go to support the building out of our technology platform. Now, here you can pre-order it. That’s the label that I walk you through the front of the label mV25 momentum to move. And I walked you through the back of the label, which really says CytoSolve was formulated by looking at trillions of molecular interactions. And then you know, it’s Clean Certified. And we also have the fact that it supports Truth Freedom Health. Now, one of the things here is from the promises standpoint here, I want to emphasize this. Look, science is constantly changing. If someone tells you this formula works forever, well, they’re out of their mind, or they’re bullshitting you. Excuse my language, that’s snake oil. The reality of science is constantly changing, just like your operating system on your iOS is constantly changing. So what we do at CytoSolve is as the science changes, we update because we take a Systems Approach. And we will formulate this product better and better. Basically, it’s going to get better as the operating system improves as the science gets better, which means our CytoSolve operating system, okay for research. And by the way, those of you you’re asking where do you get it? Here, go to if you go right to Again, this is the same tool that you use for the Truth Freedom Health seminars and the courses and you go right here, it’s a shop. So we just launched this, and we’re getting a lot of people very excited. And so we’ve ordered a lot, it’s on pre-order, and we may have to manufacture more. So make sure you order it soon. So you get in line right away. But this is mV25, you can see everything here. It’s got the label here, the front of it, the back of it, etc. But the most important thing, it is our first product from CytoSolve, that I hope all of you guys take advantage of all right.

Boswellia Serrata Eastern Systems Approach

Now, before I end this, I also wanted to the new content I just added this morning. I wanted to share with you another way, so I’ve looked at a Boswellia from the angle of the molecule approach but there’s also an Eastern approach. By the way, if you remember, I told all of you that there’s a tool, I created another tool like CytoSolve, but it takes the Eastern engineering Systems Approach. With ‘Your Body, Your System’, you can answer a bunch of questions, and we’ll figure out what kind of system you are. Okay, in this matrix of transport, conversion and storage, then you can answer a different set of questions, we’ll figure out where your body is today, knowing where you are now, that’s the black dot. And then it’ll actually tell you menus and foods and supplements that can bring your block to the red dot now, you should consult your doctor and all those good things. But this is a tool that helps you figure out how the inputs of food supplements affect your body as a system. And then finally, what I wanted to share with you errors. So if your body is this red dot here, and that’s where you are, you can actually figure out what Boswellia will do to your body. So look Boswellia increases Vata which is transport motion, right energy, increases motion movement, it stabilizes Pitta which means supports digestion, and it reduces Kapha which is right here, it reduces Kapha meaning it’ll bring it more to zero which means this will basically help reduce weight Kapha storage Weight, you said I’m saying? So I encourage you to take advantage of ‘Your Body, Your System’. Those of your Truth Freedom Health words get access to that and those of you want to become supporters or warriors also get access to it.

Boswellia Serrata Dosing

So how much should the dosage and be on Boswellia Serrata? Well, from the literature. You know, the current literature to the maintenance dose by Siddiqui 2011 is about 125 milligrams per day for pain 450 to 750 milligrams per day of the Boswellic acids, remember the ones we discuss. Now, for Osteoarthritis, you can get the resin extract for milligram 40 milligrams per day, that’s also Siddiqui. But this goes right to pain, this has helped you really reduce the pain and inflammation.


Alright, so in summary, Boswellia Serrata helps joint health by reducing inflammation. It’s anti-hyperlipidemic, (which means it helps reduce weight). Anti-atherosclerotic, (which helps blood flow), it’s an analgesic for pain, and it also protects your liver. The other important piece wanted also so that’s from the bioinformatics side, our computational analysis definitely shows Boswellia Serrata lowers inflammation. But what we wanted to let you know is, it does it through AKBA, beta BA, were shown to be more effective in lowering LTB-4, but not PGE-2 induced inflammation. So there’s different kinds of inflammation that help LTB-4 induce inflammation. We’ll go back to Truth Freedom Health. But I just wanted to let you know. We discussed Boswellia Serrata today, now in the interest of time, I have to go teach my course, I won’t be able to play the Truth, Freedom Health video. But I encourage all of you to look at mV25 preorder it, but more importantly in it or in addition to that, I want to create an army of 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors by the end of 2021. And we want to arm you with knowledge with systems knowledge. So we go beyond left and right Republican and Democrat. We go beyond being just entertained by Tucker Carlson’s or CNN, we go at the root of the problem, which is come on the root of the solution is you so learn the Science of Systems. Thank you everyone. I wish I had a little more time in my classes a little bit late. I have to go to that. Thank you, have a good evening. Be well be the light. Thank you.

A SYSTEMS approach provides a comprehensive method to understand connections among the parts of any system to elicit the scientific truth across ALL systems.

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