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Green Lipped Mussel is a Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 496 Research Articles, Spanning 32 Years that Include 21 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on how Green Lipped Mussel affects joint health.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 496 research articles, 21 clinical trials, and over 32 years of data research on Green Lipped Mussels.
  • Perna canaliculus is a bivalve mollusk that is only found in New Zealand clinically shown to give symptomatic relief for joint pain.
  • Green Lipped Mussels are made of 2 compounds called Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and both are anti-inflammatory molecules.
  • However Green Lipped Mussels does not affect much in reducing oxidative stress & cartilage degeneration nor does it affect cartilage regeneration.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Welcome. I hope everyone’s having a good evening with their friends and family. Today we’re going to be continuing our series on joint health and obviously, educating everyone on why we need to take a Systems Approach to pretty much everything in life because when you take a Systems Approach, you have an opportunity to find truth. So the agenda we’ll get into, but I just want to let you know that Michelle went to visit her mom down in Virginia, and she got in a car. You know, one of the Uber drivers drove her and he wasn’t wearing a mask. And she asked How come you’re not wearing a mask? Well my immune system is really healthy. And it goes really and she goes, What do you do? And he goes, Well, you know, you take vitamin d3, I take vitamin A, I take iodine, and he was basically listing off the protocol that I had sent to Trump back in March. That, you know, we shouldn’t shut down the economy, something I shared and she said, Where did you get that protocol from? He said my sister, she listened to Dr. Shiva. And then when she was in Virginia, there was a woman she was staying in a hotel, a woman who was cleaning the room and African American woman we’re all talking. And you know, and you know, she was also explaining these masks, I don’t like wearing it, it affects my health. But as she goes, I boost my immune system. And she goes, where did you hear about that? She goes, Well, you know, I take vitamin d3, etc. So same thing, she heard it from a friend who saw our video. So it’s very exciting, because, you know, the, the notion of boosting your immune system is something that should have been talked about for four years. Trump didn’t do that. And I remember in March of 2020, I got a call from a senior guy in the White House, a senior economist, and he was saying, you know, Trump is not listening. He’s listening to Fauci. And whatever reason, the bottom line is, he was given other options. He listened to this guy Fauci, who, from a systems perspective, essentially promoted this unscientific way of looking at the immune system. And that unscientific way is that a microbe is the thing that always causes a disease.

And if you look at history over and over and over again, it has been consistently shown, it’s not a microbe, there’s microbes all around us. You have 60 trillion bacteria in your body of 380 trillion viruses, viruses everywhere. If it were microbes, which cause disease, we’d all be dead by now. The truth is that, fundamentally, you know, when they said scurvy, for years, they said, you know, scurvy in the 1700s you know, scurvy was caused by some, you know, soldiers being unhygienic and hanging out together, which turned out was because of vitamin C. So that’s why they started, you know, carrying lime and lemons on ships. And then I give you another disease pellagra, which is where you get almost like an awful skin disease? Well they said, all the Italians were bringing it here. Well turned out, it was essentially, B3, okay, another vitamin, and you look at the history of disease, that ultimately realizes that the body’s a very complex system. And it was designed to be a resilient system, it was designed to be supported. And the issue is that that knowledge is not educated or taught to people, right? It’s a Systems Approach. So what we do is we try to take what’s called a reductionist approach, and that reductionist approach we’ll talk about is always trying to take this complexity of nature, and try to say just do this. Okay. So what I want to do is I, you know, today we’re going to, you know, we’re going to go look at something called Green Lipped Mussel, it’s very interesting. It’s called Green Lipped Mussel, it comes from mussels, and we’re going to look at its profound value on joint health. One of the things I want to educate people since we’re getting a lot of people now understanding some biology, some systems thinking, and I want to just share with you when I do diagrams here, you will see that there are diagrams where you have a red line with the hammer thing at the end, and then so it looks so it looks for example, like this. So for example, if you take something like let me take truth here, okay, if I take truth. Okay, and now let’s take another thing here called, let’s say scientific consensus. Scientific consensus has nothing to do with science. Well, scientific consensus, the problem of scientific consensus is what scientific consensus does, it is the thing that will stop truth, that’s what this symbol means. And you’ll see when I use when I do molecular data from a systems perspective, this means it stops truth. Okay? On the other hand, when we look at scientific method, which is a way that we arrive at truth, the scientific method, which is where we do experiments, this gives rise to and here we use a green, okay? This gives a positive arrow here gives rise to truth, okay, so these are two different symbols we will use when we talk about this. Okay, so the scientific method supports truth. Scientific consensus, destroys truth.

Okay, similarly, I can take another diagram, let’s say I do, let me clear this here. Similarly, if you take something like, let’s take something like freedom, okay. Your freedom? So freedom. So we take freedom? Well, we find that censorship, right, is a way that the establishment and those in power have historically used to stop freedom. That’s what the symbol means stop. Okay. And this comes from systems thinking. Now, on the other hand, if we look at things like, you know, in the United States, we have something very powerful that a lot of other countries do not have. It’s called the First Amendment, right? The second amendment, okay. These things are very powerful because the First Amendment and the second amendment are used to support freedom. Okay. So, you’ll see how, you know, you can look at it from a molecular, it will say, we’ll use this sort of thinking when we look at different forces, okay. So these are literally forces and you can start looking at things up in politics from an example of forces. Okay, so I want to teach you fundamentally, that there is a fundamental physics and that physics that you can understand political concepts, you can understand molecular concepts, you can understand how your computer works. And that is the science of systems. And that systems understanding which you can’t learn, you know, I had to, you have to take a couple of years of MIT or three, four years to learn this. But to me, that’s the foundational knowledge that everyone needs to learn. And if we learn that knowledge, we can go beyond left or right, beyond the dialectics you know, beyond, you know, black and white, beyond left and right beyond republican democrat, beyond WWF wrestling, the establishment wants you to be in this, they want to pit you in this one of these areas. Trump pro Trump, Bernie, not Bernie, right, Republican, Democrat, and they need Trump’s and Bernie’s they need AOCs and Tucker Carlson’s to keep the dialectic. And these guys are entertainers. Okay, they make a ton of money. But we as working people, this is nothing, we have nothing to gain by their dialectic. The only way out is for us to build a bottoms-up movement. And understand the physics of change. The good news is I spent my whole life understanding that I got a ton of degrees. But most importantly, I wanted to understand the science of systems. And I’ve made that easy for you. So I’ll talk about this. But a Systems Approach is how we get the victory that we deserve. And that fundamental science will help us understand anything, frankly, anything. It’s a system science. Okay, so I just wanted to give that preview, I’m going to get more into this.


But today we’re going to look at Green Lipped Mussel, you know I do, I’ll do a political talk, I’ll do a scientific talk. And the reason I want to mix it up is you’re going to see that, wait a minute, the core way that I approach the world is a system of science, which has been around for 1000s of years. So if we can all understand that we have a huge opportunity to win on our terms, not on waiting for some politician, some billionaire to help us it’s never gonna happen. In fact, if anything, we’re going to get enslaved. That’s why our slogan is get educated, or be enslaved. So let’s jump into our talk today. So we’re gonna look at Green Lipped Mussels and joint health. And again, we’re taking a molecular Systems Biology Approach here, we don’t take a reductionist approach. So we’re going to give some background, some systems background, we’re going to talk about the Truth Freedom Health movement. I always embed that into these talks, because I want all of you to become Truth Freedom Health warriors, I want you to get trained. That’s why I keep emphasizing that. And once you take the course, you’ll say, Oh, my God, I should have done it before. You know, why did I wait this long, then we’re going to talk about a high level what is Green Lipped Mussel, then we’re going to show you the scientific approach that I take to that using this very powerful technology that came out of my PhD work called CytoSolve. We’re going to then talk about joint health, like what is joint health, and I’m going to share with the details of that, then we’re going to look at the effect of Green Lipped Mussel on joint health. And then we’re going to drive this principle home to all of you, which is a principle of synergy, then we’re going to look at how much of the Green Lipped Mussel you’re going to take as a part of when I go into this.

I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve come up with our using CytoSolve, we have our first product coming to market. It’s very exciting, where we’ve used a completely different approach: a Systems Approach to a product that can support or alleviate inflammation and pain. So that’s a quick background. By the way, everyone wants to go very quickly if you go to And we just take you there. So if you want to know where that website is, you’re welcome to follow along. But if you go right here to that’s our website. And on the website right on the top, you’ll see there’s a range of things that I’ve been doing, you know, my life, it’s not just the invention of Email running for Senate. CytoSolve is a very powerful technology, we have System Health. I created a technology and a company called Echomail for analyzing Email, we built our own data center which we still have for helping the largest fortune 1000 companies in the world. Also we have a very powerful certification I built that’s being used by 1000s of products called Clean Foods Certified, etc. So there’s a number of things I do, I do have a full time job, like many of you do. I’m not a politician here. I did run in politics, but it’s not my main focus. So the reason I wanted to share that in all of these endeavors, I’ve done, I take a Systems Approach. So if you, if you want to take a look at, for example, the invention of Email, I could talk more into detail. But fundamentally, the invention of Email was about creating a system, Email is not the simple exchange of text messages. It’s actually a system. And when I invented Email, I did it when I was a 14 year old kid, working in Newark, New Jersey, as a full time research fellow. Before I came to MIT, and was converting the system of the interoffice, paper based Email mail system into its electronic version, I named that system Email wrote the 50,000 lines of code and got the first US copyright This is back in 78. In the early 80s, when that was the only way to protect software inventions, the reason I bring that up is if you look at that system, the way that Email came from a systems perspective, interesting enough was not because of MIT or Silicon Valley. Email was developed in a very different environment, Email is developed in an environment, let me go back to this diagram, because it’s important to understand this Email was developed in an environment where I was where I had three different things. First of all, I was given incredible amounts of freedom. And this freedom enabled me to do innovation, okay. And this was as a 14 year old kid, but they gave me freedom, they treated me like an adult at this medical school. But in addition, I was given access to infrastructure, okay, that most kids my age wouldn’t have access to. And this infrastructure led to innovation. And it was this infrastructure that enabled me to have this freedom. And it was a freedom that enabled me to also add to this infrastructure. And it was innovation, that Email was really adding to this infrastructure and innovation, all these things are interconnected, but it was freedom, innovation, and infrastructure that gave rise to the invention of Email. And all of that occurred in an environment of a loving family, a mentor. And the fact is that I was given good public school teachers to support me, but Email occurred in that very, very important environment. It occurred in this very interesting environment where I was given access to all the resources.

CytoSolve is one of my more recent inventions out of my work at MIT, which is actually an infrastructure for modelling molecular pathways, just if Email was the electronic version of the interoffice mail system. CytoSolve was the electronic version of the molecular communication system. So we looked at the Green Lipped Mussel. What is Green Lipped Mussel? Well, Green Lipped Mussel is a bivalve mollusk. It’s a mollusk, right. And it’s found only in New Zealand, interesting. Green Lipped Mussel is only found in New Zealand. And it’s clinically shown to provide symptomatic relief of joint pain and the bioactive compounds found in the oil extracted from the Green Lipped Mussel. So here is the shell. Here’s it, here’s a mussel like if you eat mussels, and an oil is extracted from this, and there are bioactive compounds in this, which are found to have effects for joint pain. Okay, so I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Green Lipped Mussel. I know we have people from Australia, let me let me let go people are saying anyone from Australia. Okay. So, Green Lipped Mussel, that’s where it’s from. So, here is a background on it. And by the way, if you remember, we talked yesterday when we discussed hyaluronic acid. They had about 30,000 papers written on them each. Green Lipped Mussel is sort of new on the scene. It’s sort of a newbie in the world of ingredients. It has about you know, it has nowhere near the amount it has about 496 research articles, quite a number of clinical trials 21 clinical trials and that’s over 32 years of data Research, if you went on PubMed, and you looked it up and you typed it in, this is what you’d find as of today. So if you had to read all these articles to figure out how would you do that? Well, it’d be pretty hard to do that, what we do is with CytoSolve, we have an approach, we can take all of those articles, we can curate the ones that actually talk about, let’s say, have evidence in there about molecular mechanisms. And then we can extract out the molecular pathways, and we can look at a particular system, because some of these articles have nothing to do with joint disease, some of them have to do with some other issue. So out of that, we find the ones that have to do with joint health, we have a systems architecture of that, then we mathematically model it to get a holistic understanding. So what we’re going to go through today, as we did yesterday, is we’re going to look at all the literature out there. And we’re going to understand from a bioinformatics standpoint, what the literature says, and then we’re going to use CytoSolve separately, to actually take the molecular pathways, and mathematically model it again, we’re the only technology that can do this, in terms of taking all this and applying it to these ingredients.

Systems Approach

So we’re gonna have some really cool stuff to discuss there. So that’s Green Lipped Mussel, and that’s the approach we’re going to be taking today. Now, the reason we take this approach, it’s called a Systems Approach. It’s very different that I, again, want to emphasize the story of the six blind men touching the elephant, this is called a reductionist approach, it’s a big word that I use, reductionism is not a Systems Approach. You look at the whole elephant, a reductionist approach is like the blind men touching the tail, the leg touching the leg, and they’re trying to figure out what the hell they’re seeing. And if they ever got together, you get a completely, you get a completely blinded view of what that elephant was, you would think the elephant, if they all got together with some snake attached to a fan attached to a wall, you know, with a spear sticking out it with a rope, and sitting on an oak tree.

And, unfortunately, science is moving in this direction, because of the fact that of the enormous amount of politics and money that’s involved in science, biologists study little pieces. And they take a reductionist approach. So because you take a reductionist approach, you don’t get a whole approach to the entire thing. Be at the immune system. So you say, okay, all we want to do is get the antibodies up, right? Well, that’s not the whole immune system. And we’ve talked about that in other videos. But a Systems Approach is very, very different from this reductionist approach. And I hope all of you study that approach, which I’m committed to teaching you. Now a Systems Approach. What is that? Well, a Systems Approach for me, emerged from understanding systems. Well, this is how the Western world looks at biological systems, right? Here’s their system, you have genes and proteins and mRNA, and metabolites. And this gives rise to metabolic pathways how these interact, and then this gives rise to functional modules, right? Like, you know, apoptosis, or cell processing or fat metabolism, and this gives rise to the whole human being, okay? So in the Western world, you look at the world like this, but in the Eastern world, you look at it a very different way. As a kid growing up in India, when I was a child, or even more, throughout my adult life, I was very interested in traditional systems of medicine as my grandmother was a traditional healer. She practiced the traditional system of Indian medicine, which had a very different approach. It looked at the world, in this way, right? In that system of medicine, you had completely different words you had but they had a system you had Chakras, and Koshas, is the human body, which is made up of organs, but was made up of these forces of Vata, Kapha and Pitta. And space, air, fire, water. Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. Anyway, the reason I’m putting this in words is that Western scientists thought like this, but Eastern people in the Indian medicine system saw it like this. So my interest after I finished my PhD, was could I interconnect these two worlds. And as I’ve shared before, this came out in the front page of MIT, because MIT was like, wow, I had applied for a Fulbright to go back to India in 2007, to see if I could intersect the worlds of engineering with the worlds of Indian medicine. And MIT found it interesting that why would a guy with 4 degrees want to go all the way back? So they did this was a great article, you know, front page, MIT, talking about my journey back to India. And so during 2008, 2009 and early 2010, I literally immersed myself in going back to understanding the Eastern systems of medicine, from an engineering systems Approach. And I had a ‘Big Aha’ moment, which is what I teach in the course, because what I realized was in engineering systems theory, the way we study the world is through a certain terminology, and I don’t have time to go into this, but what I want to share with you is there is a world in general systems theory called Transport, Conversion Storage, where you look at the world of this transport of information matter and energy conversion of information matter manager or storage or structure. So, we in the Western world understand this, what I discovered was that these three phenomena were related to Vata, Pitta, Kapha, this is how the Eastern world and they had completely different words. So I intersected, I was able to unravel when my grandmother looked at you and said, Oh, you’re a Vata body type, your Pitta there, your a Kapha. Those terms, if you ask the Eastern people, they couldn’t really explain it. But using an engineering Systems Approach was able to show that this system of knowledge was directly related to this. And this is called the ‘Foundations of Systems’. So when I got back to the United States, in 2010, I taught a course at MIT called, Integrating Systems Biology, with traditional medicines. And what I had brought back to the world was recognizing that Eastern medicine and Engineering Systems theory were once in this class 200 people show up, you know, we had one side of the class, you know, traditional healers, right? We had, you know, yoga people, all those in nature, on the other side of the class for your Harvard, MD PhDs, your engineering students, and they would look at each other sort of an cross-eyed. But within an hour, I was able to teach him this whole discovery that I’d made, which I teach in the ‘Foundations of Systems’ class, to show that they were basically speaking different languages, at the heart of this is a foundational knowledge that intersects everything in the universe. And I can teach that to people in a couple hours. So you don’t have to go to MIT for two three, you know, decades.

So that got put into a curriculum, which I taught for many, many years. It was really the professionals. And I’ve made that accessible to everyone. So that was really Systems Health, where I would teach people these principles, and I gave people tools, using these tools, they could understand their body as a system, they can answer a set of questions, understand how these forces came up in them, and that this red dot, for example, once you answer these questions, it figures out your system type. The black dot is how your body’s off kilter, and then you can figure out using this tool, how to bring your body back to you, homeostasis. And then I created a whole set of courses, we used to offer this all over the world, Master certification, etc. And you can go find this on, we have a lot of people a whole range of courses, books, there’s a tool that you can use this to train others, you can get certified. But fundamentally, this core structure is based on this fundamental view of the world. And then more recently, what I did was, I felt that what was missing was, you know, it’s nice training, the yoga people and the strength training engineers. But imagine if I could create a course, that I could teach everyone on the planet like that. But it wasn’t just about medicine, it was about life. So that resulted in the creation of the latest course that I have, which is called Foundations of Systems, and Foundations of Systems. Anyone can take, it’s part of our Truth Freedom Health warrior training. And what it says is, look, Truth Freedom Health are essential. They’re founded on natural law principles. Truth is conversion. Freedom is transport and health is the foundations of infrastructure. Without health, you can’t fight for freedom, you can’t get to the truth. Without freedom, you can’t get to truth and health. But there’s a foundational set of principles. And that foundational set of principles is embedded now into a platform that we’ve created called Truth Freedom Health. So the the bottom line here is that the scientific principles that run the universe, transport, conversion and storage, are exactly the same as a scientific principle that you can use for political advancement, political physics, but without understanding those principles, which are founded in natural law, we’re always going to be looking at left and right Trump, Bernie, all this and we’re just going to waste our time. So I don’t want to waste our time. So have a very clear direction.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement

We want people to be educated on these principles. Then we offer tools where you can communicate independent of Big Tech on this platform, and you can get activated so let me just share that with you. And we still have people joining. Hey, Brandon’s back, Brandon’s one of our Truth Freedom Health warriors. He’s also a National Guard person who served this country best to Brandon. I’m going to just play the video we’ll share that with you and then we’ll come back to green liquid muscle but I am committed to pounding away with with the most emphasis because of my deep caring for all of you that we need to build a Bottoms-up movement, but we’re not going to be able to do it without the physics. And I have created the technology that I can educate you on and enable you guys to interact independent of Big Tech, and then we can get activated on every issue. So let me play the video. It’s something that’s part of the ritual that we do here. If you guys want to get to the video and go to, and all you do is you just scroll right down here right on the front page, or you can go to, and join right there on join, you can join the movement.

Alright, everyone, that’s that sets the tenor for today’s talk. So by the way, those of you when you go to that website,, there’s an infrastructure that we built, we’re not hosting this anywhere, this infrastructure is in our infrastructure, Your support is what’s helping us build it, we have our own hardware, we have our own bandwidth, we have our own data center. Some of you may know that I built a company for many, many years, we used to host the largest fortune 1000 companies. So we have our physical data center that has contributed to this movement, your contributions are helping us buy hardware, you know, continue to evolve the software. And when you log into the site, you are given three things. And I want to cover that, this is not just oh, we just want another Twitter something called Facebook. It’s easy, frankly, from a software standpoint, that’s really not that challenging to do, if you actually study it. What’s really interesting is us having our own technology, where we then the technology is a Systems Technology, we educate people, we build a Bottoms-up movement by allowing people to commune so they don’t feel alone, and then giving you practical things to do. That’s what this platform is. And that platform is accessible to anyone who wants to get access to it, you know, support this movement. And depending on your commitment, you can get access to tools too. So for example, the key thing is we want you to get educated and build a community, get activated. This is a platform, it’s not just a Facebook, so when you log in, you get access to videos that you can’t get on YouTube, you can’t get on Big Tech, you get access to tools, so flyers and tools, you get access to, for example, on the get educated side or be enslaved, right, we don’t want you to be enslaved, you get access to the the videos tomorrow evening at 7pm, I do a three hour course, this diagram right here will probably take you two years of an MIT course to do. Instead of doing that in one hour, I will teach you this, but you will learn the Foundations of Systems, you will understand the science of everything from this diagram, then you get access to a tool, like I showed you earlier where you can actually analyze your own using those same principles, you can analyze your body as a system, and then you can figure out what are the right foods supplements for you from a Systems Approach, then you get access to incredible, the textbook, the scientific textbooks easily understandable, you don’t need to go to, again, MIT, I’ve made it accessible. That’s one of the things that I enjoy doing. So you understand systems, you understand how you can apply this to your body, your life, and then you get access to scientific reports. And then, and this is for everyone who becomes a Truth Freedom and Health warrior, okay, you get all of this. And then I don’t want you to feel alone, we’ve set up our own equivalent independent, a Big Tech where you can interact with people, you can start discussion forums, you can start topics, you know, 1000s of people are now interacting up there. And then there’s also a social media component, where you can create your own page similar to Facebook, but it’s on our infrastructure. You can have groups, you can interact, and then you can get activated. Activated means we’re giving you flyers and tools that integrate science and politics. So here’s a card that you can print out in your own printer, three and a half by two inch card. You can hand out to people about the risks of masks. What’s the science, what’s the public health implications on vaccines, we don’t want to bring people over we want to take it beyond Vax and Anti-Vax. This is really focused on people teaching the science of vaccines, teaching people, the power of nutrition and the public health implications. And those people who contribute to this. You know, and you want to be a warrior, it’s right there. Okay, we also have scholarships, or people just want the courses, the basic textbook or just be a member for nothing so you can interact with people. I have to do this, it would not be of service to you if I didn’t do this. But as an educator, I can tell you that without education, you’ll just be flailing in the wind and you’ll just be a dilettante. We want people to learn science. Now, the science I’m going to share with you is that system science is what we use to understand beat at the molecular level, or be it to understand the healthcare system, any system. So Green Lipped Mussel, we want to now focus on that using this Systems Approach. All right, now you’ll see when you don’t take a Systems Approach, some people say oh, Green Lipped Mussel doesn’t work, or you’ll have the other extreme in the health, In the nutritional industry. People think, oh, it’s a cure for everything. This happens with cannabis. Okay. People say, oh, cannabis is a cure all for everything. Right. So people start, you know, distress free Look, look at this distrustfully looking at those people. But when you really look at anything, when you take a Systems Approach, you have a much deeper appreciation for science, and you are much more honest.

Green Lipped Mussel

So let’s take that Systems Approach to understand Green Lipped Mussel. As I mentioned to those of you who are just joining, this is called Perna canaliculus. It’s a bivalve mollusk is found only in New Zealand, it’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief for joint pain, clinical results, and it has certain compounds, we’re going to go over what those are. And it’s found in the oil. So they take this and they extract the oil. So what are those components? Well, what you find is the two components are EPA, which looks like this, okay, which is a Eicosapentaenoic Acid, (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), EPA. And both of these are potent anti-inflammatory molecules. So by the way, EPA is 20 carbons and five double bonds. That’s what these lines are here, this is actually oxygen here. And DHA has six double bonds. So two, these are called fatty acids. These are the omega three, they’re not omega six, they’re the omega three, polyunsaturated fatty acid. So these are the two important ingredients. So what are the health benefits people are finding? What are the biological benefits? Biologically, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s an antioxidant, an anticoagulant. And it supports blood Lipolysis, which means a breaking of triglycerides. Which can be good for people who are looking at let’s say, cholesterol or fat, you know, breaking down fat. So this helps burn fat anticoagulation, antioxidant, anti inflammation, and that’s what the research to date shows of the Green Lipped Mussel. Now the health benefits from the research is it lowers inflammation and pain, it improves metabolism. That’s why it supports lipolysis just burning up fat, it helps reduce weight, and as gastroprotective It protects against ulcers. Okay. So now how do we go about understanding this, right?


So I mentioned to you CytoSolve, CytoSolve is the technology that is the rocket science that helps us look at this in a very holistic systems way without killing animals. So what is CytoSolve? You can go to and use the technology that I created out of my PhD work during 2003 to 2007. And for the last 14 years, we’ve been using CytoSolve in very powerful ways. But I originally was very upset that the pharmaceutical industry just works on a single compound, right? They just work on synthetic compounds. It takes them around 13 years to do test tube testing in labs, and then they kill a bunch of animals, this takes around six years, and they spend nine years in phase one, phase two, phase three human trials. And it costs around $5 billion, very expensive for them. And by the way, the drug that comes out of this has a lot of side effects. So pharmaceutical companies are actually a major problem, because they’re spending every year they spend more and more and more money on this very stupid process. And they’re finding less and less new drugs are even being approved by the FDA. So this process is failing and a lot of people don’t understand that. Fundamentally, pharmaceutical companies are crashing and burning. Meaning a pharmaceutical is a synthetic drug. This is why they’re looking at the future of vaccines for them because it’s a biologic, it doesn’t need to go through all that rigorous testing. It can’t sue pharma companies in court, if the vaccine fails or injures you. You  can with pharmaceutical drugs. So pharma companies see a huge opportunity for themselves with it, which means it doesn’t have to be tested in pharmaceutical grade testing, they can make a lot more money, and it doesn’t need to go through as much testing. And it can’t they can’t be sued. Okay, thanks to the Kennedys, by the way. All right. So that’s why a pharma company is involved. So when I looked at this process, this is really dumb. And I said, you know, imagine without going and doing all this work, imagine that you could actually find the drugs long before doing all this human trial testing ahead. So that was really one of the motivators for CytoSolve. The other motivator was in 2003. Right here, when I got back to MIT, was that, we found out that the Genome Project had just ended. And it turns out, the human being only has 20,000 genes. When the Human Genome Project started, we thought what made a human being different from a worm was a number of genes. We knew that a worm had around 20,000 genes, we thought we had 100,000 genes. And as the research progressed over 10 years, or over 13 years. Turns out, we only have 20,000 genes. What that means is that genes are not who we are, it’s the interactions with the proteins and the cells, in order to understand the whole human, we have to go across these different scales. So the reality is, reductionism will tell you that, oh, it’s only the nucleus, we should focus on, if you have this gene, you’re gonna get this disease, you’re gonna get die. That was the old biology, the old biology, starting in the 1950s was, if you have this gene, you’re gonna get this disease. So a lot of biological sciences, but we, you know, we, as a society funded so much science, find this gene, find the gene, find the gene. Well, turns out genes can be turned on and off. If we have 20,000 genes, and a worm has 20,000 genes.

Clearly, genes are not what define us. What defines who we are, is not the genes, it is the interactions of the genes with what is called the proteins through molecular pathways. So it’s all the chemical reactions, and the molecular pathway looks like this. So in 2003, I came back to MIT because one of the ideas was Imagine being able to mathematically model the entire human cell understanding all these chemical reactions, converting them to mathematical models, and this was seen as an impossible problem. So my advisor at MIT, Professor Dewey, who held free professorships, great guy, he said, Shiva, Look, you’ve always loved medicine, you’re wizz at computers, why don’t you come back to MIT and take on this challenge for your PhD. So that’s what I did, I left one of my businesses and came back to MIT in 2003. And for four or five years, I put all my energy into creating a technology, which would allow us to mathematically model complex reactions on the computer. And that was really the development of CytoSolve. So that way, we could not only eliminate animal testing, but we could decide what areas of research we didn’t even want to do. So CytoSolve allowed us to scalably integrate these models. And this was the infrastructure I created. And this infrastructure is really a way that we can enable Truth Freedom Health because we’re not only looking at one piece of literature, we can look at all the literature, we can mathematically model that we can work with scientific institutions all over the world. It’s a collaborative infrastructure. It is an ecosystem. So I published a major paper on this many papers I published. But fundamentally, what CytoSolve allows us to do is to look at combinations of ingredients. Which is what nature’s made of, in this technology long before we go killing animals or wasting our time in the physical lab. And by the way, this is how we build aeroplanes, right, we take a design, we modelled on the computer long before we risk killing pilots. So using this Systems Approach.

Joint Health

I was giving a talk several years ago to the Arthritis Foundation. And they said wow, couldn’t we use this technology to really map out all the molecular mechanisms of Osteoarthritis and joint health. So we were funded by the people at the Arthritis Foundation, as well as people from the University Health Network, a great group of people, that are leading researchers on Osteoarthritis, and I took that effort to use CytoSolve. So CytoSolve did the work of hundreds of graduate students and scientists. So in a very short period of time, we created the first molecular systems map of Osteoarthritis, and not only did we publish a paper on it, which we get, we’re giving way to the world, instead of just putting it behind some paywall. More importantly, that entire map, we’ve done it in an Open Science format, which means it’s for the world scientists. So we’re not just holding on to it. I mean, we can derive technologies, but we’ve shared that information. So, if people want to go to, and there’s a URL called human knee osteoarthritis,, everyone in the world can access it. So, if we go right here to

By the way, there’s a paper here, that’s free. It goes through the entire three year research effort we did with UHN, how we came across these results. And then you can literally go to the actual tool, and you can click on this and you can literally go and explore human knee osteoarthritis, we have like the Google Maps equivalent for the layman. So here’s the human knee joint, and you’re looking at all the different tissues, then we can go to the cells. So for example, here’s the synovial tissue, which contains three different cell types. We can go to cartilage, which contains one cell type called Chondrocytes, then we can go explore the different kinds of things that land on Chondrocytes, for example, different ligands, you have growth factor cytokines, I can go into cytokines, typically I want to go look at IL-1b, and IL-1b, we’d map that every molecule that IL-1b gives rise to, that’s a green, which means it increases and the red ones are where it lowers it. So if I look at MMP-13, which I always like to look at MMP-13 as a catabolic effect, which means it degenerates cartilage. And here, we can then go into the details of it. So we’ve mapped up all the molecular ways that molecular pathways of IL-1b giving rise to MMP-13, which causes this catabolic effect. It also and what you see right here, there’s a molecule like ginseng, Ginsenosides, which comes from ginseng, which blocks it. So anyway, the bottom line is we have this incredible tool that we’ve made accessible to everyone on the planet, people can use this now to really understand Osteoarthritis. And what we did when we looked at joint health is we looked at a subset of these issues to really look at what are the things that affect joint health as a way to understand Green Lipped Mussel. So when we look at joint health, we’ll understand that joint health is composed of a number of areas. It’s composed of these four main areas. Now, those of you who have been following the series on this, you can go to and you can get access to all the previous videos, we do the live version, then we have another team of great Truth Freedom Health warriors, who have a lot of skills who have produced some into blog posts that are also coming in their own cycle. But this is when we began with looking at MSM, then on joint up then we looked at Chondroitin. Then we looked at Hyaluronic Acid yesterday we did Glucosamine.

Effects of Green Lipped Mussels on Joint Health

Today we’re looking at Green Lipped Mussels. What you find is, each one of these ingredients affects joint health in different ways. The supplement companies try to market take our product, it’s going to cure everything right? Well, what we want to train you here is to understand that these individual ingredients have effects on different aspects of joint health. They don’t do everything. Okay. So if you look at Green Lipped Mussel, when we look at inflammation, which has all these molecular pathways,when you look at oxidative stress, it has different molecular pathways. Cartilage degeneration has different pathways and cartilage regeneration. Now to put it in a very simple way you want to lower inflammation, that’s what the red line means we want to lower oxidative stress, we want to lower cartilage degeneration, and we want to increase cartilage regeneration and there are different molecular molecules, which are indicators of this. So PGE-2, prostaglandin-2, is an indicator if you have inflammation in your blood. Oxidative stress is denoted by ROS cartilage, degeneration MMP-13 and cartilage regeneration by a Collagen II so by the way. A quick term these are known as biomarkers. So if you go to your doctor, right, and you do blood tests, typically people can look for these biomarkers to understand the level of inflammation in your body, right to understand oxidative stress, etc. So what is the phenomena? Well, inflammation is clearly when your body thinks it’s under attack, right? So it unleashes a lot of different types of cytokines, inflammatory cytokines. Now if you obviously take a hammer and you hit your hand or you get injured, you want inflammation, you want your body to resolve that. But you do not want your body doing that forever. That’s called the cytokine storm, or you don’t have modulation. And this is when you get problems because your body starts attacking itself. So inflammation is valuable, but not if it goes uncontrolled. Oxidative stress is what occurs to your body when going through different biological processes, like a metabolism creates reactive oxygen species, that’s like when you run your car, you create exhaust. But the issue is you don’t want that exhaust to go uncontrolled, then you start rusting. okay? Faster than you should, okay? Anti ageing is very closely related to this. MMP-13 is that molecule, which is when your body’s undergoing cartilage degeneration and Collagen II is an indicator of increasing cartilage.

So, let’s go to the effect of Green Lipped Mussel. Now. Again, I want to emphasise that we have a very powerful set of capabilities here. We’re going to take it from CytoSolve, which is a two part process. One is to look at bioinformatics, which means look at all the informatics, the biology, and we look at the literature. The other thing is we then use CytoSolve to mathematically model the chemical reactions of joint health. These inflammation and then we drop in the components of Green Lipped Mussel, the EPA and the DHA. And we see how that affects us. So, we get a much more detailed view of bioinformatics and a computational view. So, what you see here, is Green Lipped Mussel has these two very powerful molecules, EPA and DHA. And if you remember the reason I wanted to do the diagram early on, the diagram the green means it gives rise to EPA. And this means it knocks off inflammation so that’s a one two punch, it hits it with EPA and DHA. So, Green Lipped Mussel affects one of the joint health mechanisms, inflammation. So what we’re finding is that it affects inflammation using this, and EPA & DHA from Green Lipped Mussels lowers inflammation. So out of all those different mechanisms that are involved in joint health, Green Lipped Mussel really doesn’t affect oxidative stress, it doesn’t affect cartilage degeneration, it doesn’t affect cartilage regeneration, it really is good in lowering inflammation. So again, the reason I want to do this is CytoSolve is really a tool that helps you find the truth here. So someone’s trying to tell you how Green Lipped Mussel does everything. It’ll affect joint health in all the multitude of ways. At least from our work, it’s not true. So the truth is, it really helps affect inflammation. So how does it do this right? Well Green Lipped Mussel generates these two molecules, which go in and stop COX-2 from producing PGE-2. And COX-2 is produced from IL-1b. And as you can see your inflammatory cytokine IL-1b is a hallmark of joint disease. IL-1b promotes expression of COX-2 via NF-kB activation. EPA and DHA from Green Lipped Mussel inhibit COX-2 and downregulate pG production and Green Lipped Mussel lowers inflammation through the downregulation PGE-2. Now, one of the things I want to mention to you guys, that you want to understand something quite interesting. How many people probably know what ibuprofen is? What is ibuprofen? Ibuprofen if you read the back of it, is what’s known as a COX-2 inhibitor okay? ibuprofen is a COX-2 inhibitor, so what if you take Advil, which is ibuprofen is the actual chemical ibuprofen. Okay, what ibuprofen does is here’s to stop COX-2. And COX-2 is a thing that produces and gives rise to a chemical called PGE-2, okay? PGE-2. This thing causes something you don’t want going out of control in your body. inflammation, okay? So this is inflammation. What does Advil do? Advil. It’s called a COX-2 inhibitor, okay? Advil literally will block COX-2, it’s like a hammer that blocks COX-2. And this is why Advil is known as a COX-2 inhibitor. Now the problem is, you know, Advil has, you know, a significant amount of side effects, if you have kidney issues. It’s going to cause kidney problems. So this is one of the problems that we need to be aware of. Okay, as you can see, this gives rise to what we don’t want in the body, which is, let’s say, kidney issues. Disease, okay. So, this sort of gives you an idea very quickly what ibuprofen does. Alright, so I wanted to give you that diagram. So if you wonder what ibuprofen does, okay? So you can see that Advil is a COX-2 inhibitor, and what we’re seeing here, if we go back to our other diagram here, that EPA and DHA are also Cox-2 inhibitors, but you don’t have any side effects. Okay. So, what I just shared with you is a bioinformatics of understanding COX-2.

So the literature says, Green Lipped Mussel is very good for reducing inflammation. Now, what we did was we modeled all the molecular pathways of inflammation. And then we started looking at what different dosages of Green Lipped, the key ingredients in Green Lipped Mussel and what do you see here, so we’re looking at dosage, so here’s PGE-2 on the Y axis. And, the control conditions are about 15 nanomolar. By the way, just a very interesting point. When we model when we mathematically model with CytoSolve, we’re actually modeling stuff, literally, if you were to take a microscope and go to a single cell, we’re modeling all the activity at that cellular surface. Okay, so we’re looking at in the bloodstream, how much of PGE-2 it is, which is a biomarker of inflammation. And then we’re looking at, now we give the input of Green Lipped Mussel and what does that do to affect PGE-2 so we’re modeling what’s called at the cell surface to be very specific. So this is the work that we’ve done. Where Y axis is PGE-2, we’re simulating inflammation, this is called a control condition. So under control conditions, PGE-2 levels are 15 nanomolar. And that’s what the literature says in terms of clinical. So we gave 2.5 grams and looked at this dramatic drop. It went from 15 down to around 7. That’s nearly a 50% drop. We gave 5 grams here and went down to around 5  there. So we’ve dropped by nearly 60%, you know, 15 to 5, what’s that? Nearly 60%. Right. So you have a massive drop. So PGE-2 levels are reduced with increasing EPA from Green Lipped Mussel. So our position is, we look at DHA, remember it has two components. It has EPA and DHA. So here we got 14, and also this drops by nearly around 20%. So we’re looking at DHA components. Okay, so we’re looking at the same dosage of 2.5 – 5 grams and you’re showing under control conditions, it’s 15. And the PGE-2 level reduces with an increase in DHA from Green Lipped Mussel. So we’re finding that Green Lipped Mussel, the component of EPA, reduces it plus DHA. It has a profound effect on reducing inflammation. And so when you look at the different pathways, oxidative stress, cartilage degradation, cartilage regeneration, You can see EPA, which is one of the main components in Green Lipped Mussel, has a profound effect. So I hope that makes sense.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So what we’re finding in our takeaway is that Green Lipped Mussel is a powerful, anti-inflammatory. Now what I just shared with us from a Systems Approach, you can see that with the Green Lipped Mussel, this is what’s important to understand. Pharmaceutical drugs are just one single compound that doesn’t appear in nature. Green Lipped Mussel is a natural product. And it has two compounds, EPA and DHA. And they both pound away at the pathways of inflammation to lower it. That’s called the Synergistic Approach. It’s a Systems Principle. So what I want to share with you is that with CytoSolve, we’re able to model not just one ingredient but combinations of ingredients, we’re able to actually model food with CytoSolve, which is the Holy Grail. So with CytoSolve, I want to share with you that you can look at combinations of ingredients, right now, forget Pharma companies, even the nutritional supplement companies, the way they produce those products, you get Whole Foods are Amazon, no, they just sort of throws, frankly, they do some science, but that not this kind of science, they read a paper they throw this in, and then they do some clinical work, but they don’t really understand what’s going on at the molecular systems level. So with CytoSolve, what we can do is we can actually understand what’s going on there, we can do billions of combinations on the computer faster than one scientist or two scientists. So this is the rocket science that we’ve created. So to understand that combination principle that we’re able to understand, I want to take you through a simple example. Imagine, you decide to go to get some Indian food and Indian food has a lot of herb called turmeric, which is that yellow spice, the active ingredient being curcumin, and we know that curcumin lowers inflammation. In fact, they did an epidemiological study. Turns out Indians have 1/3, less liver cancer than all of Asia. And they looked at it, it’s because of the active ingredient in Turmeric. Okay, so imagine you’re having your curry meal consuming turmeric, curcumin, and you’re also having a glass of red wine, maybe you’re hanging out with some Italian friends, okay, who love Indian food. So you’re having great Italian wine, which has a lot of the skin of red grapes. So that has resveratrol in it. What happens when those are combined? Well, with CytoSolve, we can actually look at that. And you can look at that relative to a cytokine. A cytokine is an inflammatory marker, which means you have inflammation in your body. So I’m going to walk you through what we do. And we did this as an example to show the power of CytoSolve. This is how people do combinations in India. My grandmother used to do this, but they can’t explain to you well, how do they decide to put dosage of A or B, with CytoSolve what we’ve done is we’ve modeled, we’ve mined the literature. The outer circle, here’s the cell wall, the inner circle, is the nuclear wall, and we have looked at all the molecules of interest in inflammation, and how they interact with curcumin, which is in the curry meal. And you can see all the different places, those red arrows that curcumin is blocking different things. It blocks COX-2, it blocks NF-kb over here. That’s why it’s good as an anti cancer weapon. Then over here, we looked at resveratrol, resveratrol also blocks a lot of these pathways. And then we can look at how they combine and we can literally let run computational experiments without killing animals. So that last column here is the bad molecule, the cytokine. And we want to bring this down. So first, we don’t give any curcumin and resveratrol. You can see this is high. Then we just give curcumin right here, second row, I drop in 5 units of curcumin, and you can see boom, the inflammation comes down matching what the literature says, the clinical literature. Then we mathematically look at what happens when we then just get resveratrol, which is from the skin of red grapes. And boom that also comes down, not as good as curcumin, but it’s pretty good. Then we say what happens if I start combining these two? And I don’t give as much curcumin and I don’t give as much resveratrol, 40% less 60% and boom, it comes down by another 50% .03. Let me just show that. Okay, this brings it down pretty good. But when you combine it, we’re using the same amount of ingredients, but we’re doing less curcumin, less resveratrol, and we get a much more profound doubling effect. And this is what’s called the Synergistic Effect. It’s called the ensemble effect. It’s like you’re an orchestra conductor. That’s why food is so powerful, because you’re not just playing the violin or you’re not just playing the oboe. You’re putting things together.

We just finished a major research project for a company called Juice Plus, where they came to us. And they said, Look, we take juice and we dry it. We have done clinical research, but we don’t know why our product works. So we took all 130, phytochemicals, we modeled the pathways of low grade inflammation, we tested all the combinations, and we found out why it works. That’s why CytoSolve is so powerful, we can find out why things work. So recently we did, we looked at a whole range of natural ingredients out there. And we found two very powerful bioflavonoids that come from natural products that were not pharmaceuticals. And we ran through trillions and trillions of chemical reactions and combinations. And we found two ingredients that have an amazing and incredible effect on lowering the markers of pain and inflammation, discomfort, and swelling. And so for years, you know, for 16 years, I’ve been helping lots of other companies. But over the last years, we built our own mathematical models. And we said, why don’t we start doing this? Because you know, it’s great working for companies helping them, but you know, they take a long time, one year two year project. We said, Why don’t we try to figure out our own Truth Freedom Health movement for the all the community people, what would work.

And so I’m pleased to announce that this is our first product that we’re also launching called mV25. So let me show that to you. And, and you can get this at our shop, it’s on pre order. We’re right in the middle of production of this, it’s quite exciting. So we have a product called mV25. And mV25. You can go to The shop and I’ll show you where it is. And what is mV25. It’s coming under our movement, which is a Systems Approach. So we’re not taking the New Age approach of just sort of reading some papers or saying trust us. The earthy, crunchy granola, good people, We’re not taking a Pharma approach. We’re saying, look, we’re taking a Systems Approach. mV in physics means momentum, mass times velocity. That’s why we named this and it’s a momentum to move. And it’s a proprietary blend of bioflavonoids to help relieve discomfort and support the body’s normal inflammatory process. And the labelling on the back is really cool, because we’re not making some great claim. We’re saying that the powerful way we’re formulating this product, it says mV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve computational engineering and computational Systems Biology platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating. So we’re not just taking one or two papers, we went through 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers across that for decades, in 68 research institutions, that’s what those papers represent. And we compute a trillions, not like a few reactions, but trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate those biomarkers I just shared with you of pain and discomfort in normal swelling, and CytoSolve optimized so when you see this brand. What it means is that this formula has been optimized to maximize the benefits of bioavailability, while minimizing toxicity, based on current research curated by CytoSolve. So as the Science Advances, so well, this formulation, this is our promise that I want to get back to that, but it’s Clean Certified, you know, vegetarian sources on the capsules, and is GMP certified made in the United States, and it supports this movement. So why did I want to share this with you? Because, look, the bottom line is we’re building our movement, and I don’t want to wait for the pharma guys. I don’t want to wait for a lot of these nutraceutical companies. It was great helping them but I want to accelerate our movement. So this is very exciting because we are taking this very powerful rocket science engine. And we want to bring it to all of you where we went through all those combinations. We did the molecular reactions, but most importantly, CytoSolve was like an operating system. We’re not saying that what we have today won’t change. Remember, science is constantly changing. As new science comes, we’ll update our chemical reactions. So if we find someone in a new lab that has a new reaction, we’ll include that we’re not going to just cherry pick it, which means we’re going to get closer and closer and closer to the truth. So as the science changes, and the mV25 formulation will change. Oh, okay, where do you get it? Okay, sorry about that. I mean, you can get mV25 right on the websites. If you go to, we take you right there. If you go to right onto our website And by the way, we’re, I want to thank all of the support, you know, it’s your contributions that are making this website possible every day, now we’re updating content, we have new blog posts coming. And by the way, people can go to the dashboard to sign in. But if you go right here to the shop, when you go to the shop, we have our books, and here’s our new product, mV25. So you can go right to the shop, we have pre orderings out there, you can find everything you want to know about the product here, the labels here at the front, and this is going to be coming up very soon, it’s going to go very quickly. But this is our first opportunity to share this with the world. And we’re going to come up with more and more products because what we want to do is instead of waiting for some other nutraceutical companies, pharma, whatever, they’re doing these very reductionist approaches, we’re taking a Systems Approach using CytoSolve, so please take advantage of that. But on that same website, you know, a lot of you are very excited about mV25, awesome. All you know, when you buy the product, it supports the movement. But also, I want to encourage you, all of you, we want to build an army. You know, the invention of Email was obviously a great technology, CytoSolve, a great technology and I did Echo mail.

But I believe that one of the most powerful technologies that I’m building right now is the Truth Freedom Health platform. I want 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors, an army of people out there who are getting educated on the physics of revolutionary change, we need the education so you don’t get confused by the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment or top down. It’s not Trump, he is not going to change the world, I’m sorry. He’s now trying to push people to have his arguments with the RNC, push people into the same dialectic just like Bernie did. The only way we’re gonna win is a bottoms-up movement. And during this movement, we’re not just going to wait for the solution, we’ll be creating our own products, we’ll be creating our own solution. So when you go to the website, you know,, obviously, you know, for your health and mV25 there. But more importantly, I want to emphasize it or In addition, not more importantly, is that when you go to join,, you can literally support the movement, because we are putting we’re building the hardware infrastructure, we’re building the software infrastructure, and we’re building the educate educational infrastructure. This is why we were going to beef up our hardware architecture, but we have a lot of people hitting the website. But when you go to that website and you go into the dashboard, you can see that you can literally get access to all the tools that I talked about before. Okay. Someone said let’s take some questions. Dr. Shiva will mV25 be sold on Amazon as well? I’m seriously thinking about it. I don’t really care for Amazon. Yes, it’s a good way to get our product out there. Yes, it’s a good way to get tools out there. But I would rather create an environment where it’s Bottoms-up. We have a lot of our Truth Freedom Health warriors who want to actually support getting mV25 out there. So we’re probably going to create our own distribution channel right off our website, and those of you who are interested in we’re thinking about this being affiliates being able to distribute it we may do that. We want it to be Bottoms-up. I’d rather give you guys money rather than Amazon. I really don’t like Amazon, you know, we’re all having to deal with them. So I’m thinking we’re not doing it on Amazon right now. That’s why we’re creating our infrastructure here. Because we want to have an environment where we can go directly with people. We’re not reliant on any of these companies, that we have our own infrastructure. And we can, I’d rather, you know, one of our warriors, were saying, hey, look, what I want to distribute and you know, I’m a stay at home mom, I would like to distribute your product. So we’re thinking about the fact that why don’t we support our own people. If they want to be entrepreneurial with the products we make, so we may end up doing that, we may do it on our store and do it but I’d rather make it all grassroots Bottoms-up. CytoSolve was a grassroots methodology and mV25 is grassroots meaning we’re literally looking at all the research Bottoms-up. No, Amazon, I love the idea of being the distributor’s honestly. Yes, if you guys, so by the way, and I want to make that to our Truth Freedom Health warrior. So go become a Truth Freedom Health warrior, because I want you to get educated, when you get educated, you’re supporting the movement, you’re supporting yourself. So anyway, I want to end by saying that everything in the universe is interconnected. And that interconnection can be understood when you take a Systems Approach. That’s what the reality is, whether at the smallest molecular level, or the biggest galaxies, or in your own body, or in political systems, everything is interconnected. The physics of that interconnection can be understood through the phenomena of transport, conversion and storage. That’s tomorrow night, I’ll teach my three hour course. I want all of you to really understand that if you can understand this physics, which I’ve taken me 30 years to distil it into an educational way that you don’t need to go to MIT, you can learn this. And that’s really the technology here, the educational technology, and then I want you to build community. And then I want you to become a system scientists, political physicist. So you can start understanding how we go local, go local, go local. Forget, as I said in the video, forget the Democrats, forget the Republicans, forget Trump, forget Bernie, forget all these guys, we build our movement Bottoms-up. That’s how we’re going to win, we’re not going to win by relying on others, we’re going to win by building a bottoms-up movement, that’s so we’re gonna win. We’re not going to win on their terms, we’re going to win it on our terms. So when you go to VA Shiva, and you sign in and you log in, you’ll find out that the dashboard that we have is a tool for you. It’s really your tool. So you can learn this knowledge. It’s like a university. It’s a Twitter, Facebook equivalent. It’s all of it combined. And it’s a platform for activism. So let me just show you here, and I’ll play my video, and you can log in through the dashboard, I just logged in, and you’ll find that you have videos that you can’t get on YouTube, right? You go to the forum, as I mentioned, this is our own social media platform, you can literally start your own groups, you can meet people from all over the world who were members. It’s absolutely free. You can go in here and you can start a topic, right, you can see all of these conversations that are going on, we have people meeting each other hundreds and hundreds of conversations people are starting without being tossed off. Then there is a social media platform that we’ve built. Again, this is our technology platform on our hardware. So you can go in here, you can join a group, you can and this is for the warriors. This is not for everyone. There’s something a little different. So there’s different courses here, you when you go into the groups, there’s members every day and new warriors are signing in. And these are the warriors members. And when you go in here, you can set up your own platform here so you can see people are signing in from all over the world creating their platform.

And then we also have tools for examples I mentioned. Here’s the card that you can print out, go to a printer, go to local staples, whatever you have, and you can educate people on masks. You can understand building awareness of the mask. Here’s a science of mask you can educate people how the mask affects the oral microbiome, and there’s a whole link on here just on master we’re creating powerful content and making you an activist. That’s what the goal is so you don’t whine and you moan we want to get you activated, you meet people and then obviously of all the books. You have all the tools, you have all the lectures. It’s quite an amazing platform, pretty excited for all of you. And I hope you guys take advantage of it sooner than later. My goals by the end of this year, we want to have 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors. So when you go to that site, you contribute, whatever you want, you contribute $100 or more you get you then I give you all the tools to become a truth freedom health warrior, you just want to contribute $25 or more you get the books and the tools or you can just get in there for free, just want to hang out and meet some people on the forum. But the bottom line is, we need to build a bottoms-up movement. Forget left and right. Forget black and white. Because that’s the dialectic. You see. That’s the non System’s Approach. That’s WWF wrestling. That’s Hollywood. Okay, that’s casinos. Okay. And that’s what they’re doing right now. The Democrats need Trump right now. Go look at the videos. The Republicans need Trump because they need the dialectic. And we don’t need Trump. What we need is you, and you need you, and we need a bottoms-up movement. That’s how real change has always taken place. Bottoms-up. Bottoms-up. Bottoms-up. Thank you, everyone. Once again, it was my pleasure. So keep an eye out tomorrow, we’ll have two videos, we have a big launch, I’ve been wanting to launch our Clean Elections thing, which I’m going to talk about, it’s been delayed a little bit. But tomorrow 99% chance it’s going to be up and running. So thank you, everyone, be well be the light. And let’s keep up the fight. Thank you. Let me Oh, by the way, I’m sorry. I got to do the honors and play our video like we always do. And please go to support the movement, do this for yourself, do it for your community, do it. But most importantly, do it for yourself.

A SYSTEMS approach provides a comprehensive method to understand connections among the parts of any system to elicit the scientific truth across ALL systems.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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