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Hyaluronic Acid is a Potent Chondroprotective Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 39,994 Research Articles, Spanning 82 Years that Include 1,695 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on Hyaluronic Acid.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 40,000 research articles, 1695 clinical trials, and over 82 years of medical research.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in nature and is a polymer that is clinically shown to protect cartilage by cushioning and lubricating the body, some sources are bone broth, organic meats, fish eyeballs, root vegetables, soy based, citrus,and leafy greens.
  • Biological effects of Hyaluronic Acid are skin hydration, promotes wound healing, improves cartilage regeneration, and facilitated targeted drug delivery for tumor treatment.
  • The 2 biomarker affects Hyaluronic Acid has on joint health, is it stops cartilage degeneration and promotes cartilage regeneration but does not stop inflammation.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I welcome all of you, we’re gonna have a discussion today on in our series on understanding different ingredients upon joint health. That’s what we’re going to talk about. But today we’re going to talk about a very interesting compound called Hyaluronic Acid. You may have heard about it, but it’s called Hyaluronic Acid. So as many of you know, what we really want to talk about, and I keep pounding away at this is my goal is to teach all of you in a very deep way, but through examples. So as you know, I’ll give examples of systems, how basically the Science of Systems. As you know, we’ve created a platform at, which I’ll go through shortly. It’s something I want to always repeat to people, we’ve created a science, a technology and an educational platform and a community platform. And that we’re building our own Bottoms-up movement, we have our own data center here, we have our own infrastructure, the same infrastructure I created for many fortune 1000 companies. That infrastructure, I’ve donated it to the cause for Truth Freedom Health. And that infrastructure is really a technology, scientific educational platform, number one to teach you System Science, which I believe is really the science of everything. And it’s taken me probably 40 years to distil this. And that’s really the innovation here, the innovation here is to take this very complex knowledge and to educate each one of you on a Systems Approach to look at the world. So whenever I do a lot of my videos and discussions, what I do is I’ll take a complex problem like the Healthcare System, or the electronic voting system or political systems. And then I’ll also go down to the molecular level and molecular systems, because what I want you to see is across these different spatial scales, whether we’re going down at the microscopic level, or the much higher dimensions in the physical world, here at a larger spatial context, that the same principles apply. So if you take a Systems Approach, we can actually get to Truth Freedom Health, we can get to particularly going beyond Left and Right, beyond the dialectic. The establishment wants you, wants all of us to be fighting against each other. Most of the spiritual traditions talk about this, that you want to go beyond duality. And beyond duality exists truth and to get to truth. There is a scientific method, and that’s called a Systems Approach. Okay? And that Systems Approach is what I will teach you there. So as I start as people are joining in, I’m going to play my video, because I think it’ll really set the tone. And then we’ll jump right into what we have. So I’m going to share with everyone the standard video, we’ll play every evening. And, but will really give you the tone of what the purpose of what we’re doing here and why we do what we do here at VA Shiva. And it really gives you sort of the context of all of it. So let me start here.

Alright, everyone, welcome back. So we’re gonna be talking about Hyaluronic Acid today. And that was just to, you know, impart on people to be emphatic about the fact that we need to build a Bottoms-up movement and system science is a physics that I can teach everyone, it is truly the science of everything. It’s taken me as I mentioned a long time to get to this. But using a Systems Approach, which we teach at, you can become a Truth Freedom Health member, where you can support our movement is our goal. My goal is to educate each one of you that if you learn this science, which I can teach you in a very short period of time, you don’t have to spend forever, you don’t have to go to MIT for however many years. But with that science, you can understand many systems. But most importantly, you can understand principles of existence and life that you can apply to your personal life, you can apply to many, many things. And what I do is I apply that Systems Approach to understand molecular systems as well as complex systems. So let’s jump right in. And today we’re going to talk about a very, we’re going to talk about the joint health system in your body. And as a part of that joint health system. Today, we’re going to look at this system of Hyaluronic Acid and how it affects your body. Okay, so let’s talk about Hyaluronic Acid. All right, what is Hyaluronic Acid? And how does it actually work? All right, what does it actually do? And how can? How can you actually learn and appreciate all the different things it does? Alright.


In order to do that, what I’ve done is we’re going to walk to take a Systems Approach. So all of you actually start understanding this. And we have a very detailed agenda. What’s our agenda today? So we’re going to begin our agenda today, to really start looking at a couple of factors here that we want to look at. Okay, we want to start looking at, we just want to start looking at a couple things here. So what we’re going to start here today is we’re gonna get a little bit of background, I’m going to for those of you who are new, we’re going to educate you what is the System’s Approach and the discoveries I’ve made. We’ve already gone over the Truth Freedom Health movement, we’re going to cover what is Hyaluronic Acid, the methodology we use to do the scientific effort here at VA Shiva, what is joint health, then we’re going to jump into really understand the effect of Hyaluronic Acid on joint health. And then we’re going to look at the Synergy Principle, which is one of the important Systems Principle where the sum of the parts, you know, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and then we’re going to end with looking at dosage. Okay. So a little bit of background, many of you know that I love to take a Systems Approach to everything I do. Be it running a senate campaign be at CytoSolve. And you can go to and check all that out. Email. Yes, I did create Email when I was a 14 year old kid. And there’s no controversy about it. Email is actually the system. It’s not the simple exchange of text messages. It’s a system that I learned that I built which is really an interoffice mail system in electronic format. CytoSolve is a system CytoSolve is a new innovation I did as a part of my PhD, which really allows us to eliminate the need for animal testing. And that allows us to understand molecular systems. So if Email was the electronic version of the interoffice paper based mail system CytoSolve enables us to mimic the electronic version of the molecular communication system. And that means we don’t have to kill animals. We can use the computer to model complex biomolecular function.

So let’s talk about Hyaluronic Acid so when you look at Hyaluronic Acid. So if you look at Hyaluronic Acid it is quite well researched. There’s really been nearly 40,000 papers written on Hyaluronic Acid. So, it’s been 40,000 papers written on Hyaluronic Acid 39,944 over the last 82 years of medical research, and 1695 clinical trials. So just think about that. That’s a ton. We did MSM, as many of you know, a few days ago, right. Yesterday, we did one on Chondroitin Sulfate which has another very powerful effect on joint health. But today we’re doing Hyaluronic Acid, it’s our third ingredient. Again, a number of you asked about this, as a public service, we’re taking an ingredient. It takes us months to do this research. We ran it through CytoSolve. And we have those results. But what’s fascinating is MSM had the least amount of research, Chondroitin Sulfate had about 20,000 papers. But you can see when we look here, when we look at Hyaluronic Acid, nearly 39,994 pieces of research have been done on it. Okay. So it’s quite a lot of research, when you put it put it in perspective to the other things we’ve talked about. All right. So of those 39,000 pieces of paper, nearly 1700 clinical trials were done. So this is nearly double the amount we did on Chondroitin. If we look at this, what do we do at CytoSolve, we take all of that research, okay. And then we drive it through a bioinformatics process. So we’re looking at that research, we’re identifying the key papers, the relevant ones, the ones that had a lot of citations, references, etc. And then out of that, we extract out right here the molecular mechanisms, which we’re going to walk you through. And then we create an architecture. In this case, we’re looking we’re not looking at Hyaluronic Acid, it’s all different functions. This is across all different areas, Hyaluronic Acid, probably for skincare, a whole bunch of things, we’re looking at the ones on the molecular system of joint health, and then we integrate all of these. And then right now we’re publishing, we are publishing directly to you.  What I want to contrast with this, the approach that I’m talking about here is a Systems Approach. We’re not taking what we call a cherry picking approach. The cherry picking approach is what unfortunately, the reductionist science does. If you look at a large problem, you don’t try to understand the whole you look for pieces that you want to do because you have a political agenda or some other monetary agenda. What we’re doing is we’re taking a Systems Approach, a Systems Approach says, we’re going to look at the whole we’re not going to look at the parts that are convenient for us.

Systems Approach

So that’s and by the way, that reductionist approach is best exemplified by these blind men, you know, the story of the blind men touching the elephant over here. So they’re looking at the pieces of the problem. And the problem with the blind man approaches, you never see the whole elephant, the blind men are touching. And if they were to get together, this is what you would see. And it’s a funny diagram that I wanted to put together, but it gives you an idea of reductionism. This is the opposite of a Systems Approach. And what I want to emphasize is the idea of understanding all systems in the world, politicians, lawyers, Republican, Democrat, left, right, they don’t want you to see the whole problem. They want you to see a little piece because they’re looking at you cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching, they’re looking at making money for themselves in some way, they may talk a good game, but ultimately, they don’t want to see the whole problem. Either they’re ignorant of how to do it, or they’re purposely doing it. They want to keep us blinded, like these blind men in a left, right perspective. So one of the foundations of CytoSolve was, we don’t want to be the stupid blind men, we want to see the whole and this occurs in every field. It’s occurred in medical research and has occurred in climate change research, people just look at a piece of the problem. Now, what is a Systems Approach? Well, a Systems Approach for me really began in wanting to understand the whole well and I was very fortunate, because I have the ability or the fortune I had was the fact that I was exposed to the Western Systems Approach of looking at the body. So if the bodies on top to large scale organizations can be composed of various functional modules which relate to different biomolecular pathways, which are composed of genes, proteins, etc. So this is the top down view of the Western approach of medicine. And, you know, it’s done some amazing discoveries. If you’re in a crisis situation, definitely, this approach is quite profound. The other approach is the Eastern approach, which I was also exposed to as a child growing up in India, where my grandmother looked at the body as chakras and energies, which are composed of tissues, which are composed of these energies of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Which are further composed of the five elements space, air, fire, water, earth, and energy. Sattva, Rajas. Tamas, this is known as the system of Siddha, or Ayurvedic medicine, and then you had Prikriti, Purusha.

So, my interest was, well, I finished my PhD in 2007. And I had all their credentials, right? Meaning, if I wanted to go explore Indian, what they would consider “woo woo” medicine, if I didn’t have my PhD people would try to dismiss me. So actually, I’ve been studying this for a long time. But I decided, Hey, now that I have all those credentials, why don’t I try to unify these two worlds, of East and West, which means this world and this world in this way? So because I know both of these systems have value. I’m not here to take an East Pro-East perspective or Pro-West, I want to take a very functionally unbiased, objective view to say both of these systems can be valuable. But what is the inner connection? So I applied for a Fulbright, and this was on the front page of MIT, where MIT thought it was quite interesting. Why would I want to go back to India, to them, Hey, you got all these degrees? You know, start your next company. I’ve already done about 4-5 companies. But instead, I took about a two year hiatus on what’s called a Fulbright scholarship, a very prestigious, competitive scholarship that I applied for. I was one of the few at MIT to get it. And so I use the scholarship to go back to India. And I studied this System of Indian medicine. Now, the Western perspective of Engineering Science that taught me three very powerful phenomena that drive the universe: transport of information, matter and energy, conversion of information matter and energy storage or structure of information, matter and energy. So if you look at your body, the transport part is let’s say, you put something into your mouth, it flows through and you get your bowel movements and out that’s transport. conversion is the ability where you’re taking whatever you eat, and your digestive system converts it. Storage is where you’re storing the nutrients, fat cells or muscle tissue, etc, right? So you can think about your computer, you transport input output, and your CPU converts it 1+1=2, and the storage occurs in USB drives. So what I want to share with you is that I had learned an Engineering Systems theory that transport conversion and storage from the Western perspective were very amazing concepts. And in our course, when you become a Truth, Freedom Health warrior, we train people in one hour, I can teach you these concepts. I can’t do it right here in five minutes. But transport, conversion, storage is something that you learn in the Engineering Sciences. However, what my grandmother taught me was a different way of looking at the world. But what I discovered was she looked at the word as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. She would characterize your body as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Guess what Vata is: a transport, Pitta  is conversion, and Kapha is storage. And in fact, the Indian healing system didn’t even recognize. So I was the first one to really connect this system. And then I created a whole course when I got back to MIT. In 2010-11. I went to the director of MIT, or the head of the department, I said, Doug Laufenberg, I think I have a way to interconnect Eastern Western medicine. So I created a lecture series. You know, it is very expensive to go to MIT. So we have 200 people in a course. And then I used to teach it at one of the large Institute’s the Chopra Center. People used to charge 2500 bucks for this, a lot of people who had disposable income came, but I wasn’t interested in the lecture circuit, I took all that knowledge. And I made it a course that was accessible to many people called And we’ve put 1000s of 1000s of medical professionals, nurses, healers through this program, and you can go check it out. As a part of that program, I also have a tool called ‘Your Body, Your System’. And you can actually use this tool to ask yourself instead of questions, figure out how much transport, conversion, and storage you have in your body. And that determines your system type, then we can figure out that black dot, answering a different set of questions about how you’re off course. And that’s, and this is Your Body, Your System. It’s a tool, and anyone who joins as a supporter gets this as a part of your contribution. Anyone who becomes a Truth Freedom Health warrior gets this tool. But this tool integrates Eastern and Western medicine. And finally, you can understand how foods and supplements and things can bring you back to you. I also created that into a certification program called a Systems Health Master Certification, many, many different courses and everyone’s welcome to take it. It’s again, we used to offer it at MIT. We offered it all over the world. But I’ve made this accessible now for about 100 bucks for people who contribute. So it’s what used to be 25 times more, I wanted to get it to lots and lots of people, so that The Master’s Course is up there. And those of you join, and you get certified. But those of you who join the warrior program get access to a distilled version of that called the Foundations of Systems program. You can take an exam, you can get certified, but fundamentally, what I teach in this course, the big discoveries that if you take the forces of transport, conversion and storage, they interconnect to Eastern systems medicine, but they also interconnect any kind of system in the universe. They In fact, interconnect to political systems. So when I ran for office in Massachusetts, our movement was Truth Freedom Health. Well guess what? Truth Freedom Health is directly related to transport, conversion and storage, okay. So our movement, the movement that we’ve created for everyone here is not a political movement that is founded on some dumb slogan, you know, lock her up, and you never deliver. But it’s created on the slogan that freedom is the infinite nature of the universe wanting us to move energy, move, information, move, matter, transport. Truth is our ability to take a concept or an idea, apply the scientific method, convert it, find if it’s truth, health, which is based on the storage and the infrastructure aspect of our body. So that’s what we created. And that’s the Truth Freedom Health movement that I play the video for. And those of you who want to join it, what the intention here is, this is not just pure education, pure theory. That’s not what I’m interested in. In fact, the symbol at MIT, if you look at it, it’s Mens et Manus, which means mind, scholariness, theory, and practice. If you look at the symbol, it’s got a guy who’s studying a book, which teaches you all the deep knowledge of the physics of political physics, science of systems, but then you go do action. Now in order to do that, the technology platform I created for all of you, which is frankly, because of your contributions, is that on that platform, you yourself, can engage in this platform. As I’m going to show you right here in some of these slides. And you can go to and become a member, where you’re able to do so here on this platform. The goal is to get you educated, to build community and then get you activated. It’s not just about getting you just, you know, I know more than Oh Shiva, an MIT guy taught me so when you go to the platform, you sign in, we have featured videos, we have the educate the education, where you can take the Foundations of Systems course, you will understand what this diagram is, you will you will get an MIT control systems education out of this in a conceptual way you can understand the fundamentals of all systems, then you can understand to apply this to ‘Your Body, Your System’ what I shared with you earlier, then you can take it another step further, you can then get all the training material, the ebooks. Again, this is a best selling book, The ‘System and Revolution’ book and three other textbooks you get. And then finally get access to scientific reports, which I’m going to share with you one of today. And then you can build community so you don’t feel alone. We have a forum where you can join, (independent of Big Tech) where you can interconnect with hundreds of 1000s of other people all over the planet, and have conversations with them without thinking Big Tech is gonna throw you off. This is in our infrastructure. Then we have the equivalent of Facebook, right where you can set up like Marie has her Facebook, or she has a social page, you can connect with other members. And then you can get activated, we have actions that you can do. There’s a Vaccine card or a Mask card here, we can print out these cards where you don’t fight with people, but educate people on the science of masks. You can educate people on the public health implications. You can educate people with the Beyond Vax Anti-Vax flyer on why this is not about vaccines, or anti-vaccines, this is actually about boosting the immune system. So anyway, all of that we want all of you to have as a Truth Freedom Health warrior contributor, or if you want to be a supporter, or if you just want to be a member. Okay, so that’s what I’ve created. And the reason I have to share that each of these things is because it is your contributions, which are making our science possible. It is your contribution that you’re helping us to actually build the infrastructure. So it’s what’s enabling me to do this talk I’m doing today because of your support.

Hyaluronic Acid

So let’s go to Hyaluronic Acid, what is it? What is Hyaluronic Acid? Well, first of all, it’s what’s called a disaccharide. Yesterday we looked at Chondroitin which is a polysaccharide. And it’s a joint health supplement. And you can see the connection of this, this looks a lot like sugar. It’s got d-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-d-glucosamine. Okay, so here’s N-acetyl-d-glucosamine right here. And here’s d-glucuronic acid right here. Okay, so these two structures, N-acetyl-d-galactosamine, and d-glucuronic acid, make Hyaluronic Acid. So it’s really a naturally occurring, what’s called a polymer is this is multiple molecules that are interconnecting. Now this is in both prokaryotic as well as eukaryotic cells. And its key role is in cushioning and lubricating the body. It’s clinically shown to protect cartilage. Alright, so that’s what Hyaluronic Acid is. It protects your cartilage. It’s clinically shown to do that. But it’s really the cushioning aspect of what works that is found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. So where do you get Hyaluronic Acid? Well, these are some interesting areas, well, first of all, you can get it in bone broth. You know, there’s a lot of people really supporting bone broth. Well, one area is bone broth. The other is organ meats, fish eyeballs, you know, some cultures, as you may know, or you may not know, are very much into, when I was in Singapore, or you know they’ll or in even in India, one of the most prized elements, if you eat fish is you eat the entire fish head, that is called fish soup. And you eat everything because a fish head is known to have lots of nutrients. In many cultures, you make traditional cultures, you make bone broth soup, right? You take bone, most cultures, you put a big bone in, and you cook it very, very slowly. So the bone broth has a lot of Hyaluronic Acid, right? That’s the other piece. So these are the sources of it. So what are some other sources? So remember, I said prokaryotic and eukaryotic. So this is eukaryotic, the animal cells and prokaryotic. So unlike Chondroitin, where you can only get an animal. Look, in Hyaluronic Acid you can also get it in root vegetables, soy based foods, citrus fruits, and leafy greens. Okay, you want to take a note of that. So you’re getting it in the meat. So those of people who are meat eaters, you’re also getting it from vegetable sources. Alright, so multiple sources. So what are the biological effects of Hyaluronic Acid? What are those biological effects? Well, one of the biological effects that hydrates your tissue. This is why you’ll see this in a lot of skincare products. It lubricates your tissue, it provides structural integrity in cells and tissue. So what is structural integrity? If you understand transport, conversion storage, when we teach this to people in our course, in our system, structural integrity, it’s the infrastructure. So if you think about the highway system, in an organization, if you think about the cell membranes, if you think about the structure of your home, Hyaluronic Acid provides structural integrity. It’s really the infrastructure part. Very, very valuable for that.

So when you look at this, it provides a large polymer, okay, it’s about 1000 kilodaltons. It’s antiangiogenic and it’s immunosuppressive. What does antiangiogenic mean? Well, angiogenesis is a process that occurs (knock on wood no one gets cancer here) but when a tumor lands and it starts to proliferate, it starts putting out his own vasculature, which means its own blood supply lines. That’s called angiogenesis. So Hyaluronic Acid as the research shows, the large polymers are antiangiogenic, the small Polymer. So there’s two sets that are proinflammatory or proangiogenic. Okay, so there’s two types of polymers here. So, the health benefits are it improves cartilage regeneration. And this is what our research has shown from looking at the literature, it improves skin hydration, promotes wound healing, it regulates skin ageing, and it facilitates targeted drug delivery for tumor treatment. What do I mean by that, what that means is, a lot of the drug companies are incorporating Hyaluronic Acid because it can deliver an antitumor drug to its place. And basically make things much more bioavailable. So even the drug companies are interested in Hyaluronic Acid. Alright, so it facilitates targeted delivery. So everything I’ve shared with you is from our literature analysis.


Now CytoSolve not only does a bioinformatics analysis, but we can actually mathematically model on the computer joint health or cardiovascular health. We’ve been doing this for 16 years, we’ve helped a lot of companies. So I’m going to talk to you about CytoSolve. Because what we’re going to do in this presentation, first is a literature analysis. And then we literally model what Hyaluronic Acid does at the molecular level. And you’re not going to get this anywhere because we took years understanding these molecular pathways, and then modelling it. Alright, so what and what are those results show? So let’s go to understand that first though, just a quick background on CytoSolve. If you want to know more, go to And the reason we show this pill with this grid is because we are literally helping a lot of the nutritional companies in the world. You know, there’s a lot of snake oil in the nutritional world, people are throwing all sorts of crap together, if you ask them. Why did you do that? bla bla bla bla, on a hand waving? What CytoSolve does is we’re finding out what stuff actually works in the nutritional world and what stuff’s garbage. And, you know, that’s what we do without killing animals. That’s what’s powerful. So here, by the way, this is how pharma companies discover drugs. It’s this unidirectional model. And by the way, when they discover drugs, they are not, what they’re doing is they are not just looking at natural compounds, like Hyaluronic, they’re looking at compounds that don’t exist in nature. Then they do stuff in a test tube, then they kill a bunch of animals, and then they go to human trials. What takes them about $5,000,000,000 & 13 years. This is why they want to move into the vaccine market, because you don’t have to go through the same process. Okay? It’s a very different process. It’s cheaper, low liability. And if you look, they spend year over year a ton of money in this defunct process. And even the FDA is not allowing their drugs because of the side effects, so Pharma’s losing big right now. So, my view was I thought Pharma guys would want to use this. We work with some of them, but they are really, they move slow. They want to follow their old process. But we found a lot of nutritional companies want to use us. So what is CytoSolve? Well, CytoSolve, we discovered in 2003, the Human Genome Project, that we have the same number of genes as a worm, right? We don’t have 100,000 genes, we only have 20,000 genes. So that led into the recognition that genes are not what make us, it’s all the interconnections. So if you look at the cell, it’s just not the cell nucleus, where the DNA is, it’s all the molecular interactions.

So in 2003, this is when I returned back to MIT, because I wanted to use my mathematical experience and use my experience in engineering to build software to say, Hey, could I mathematically model the whole human cell? That became my PhD work between 2003 to 2007. And during that time, what I did was I created a whole new invention, which was literally we could model molecular pathways like these little ball and stick diagrams, convert them to models, and integrate them to create large scale mechanistic understanding of any kind of disease, all different kinds of biomolecular function. So using this, what this means is, I could go through all the literature without cherry picking, take a Systems Approach, and literally develop a holistic Systems Approach to understanding different diseases. So several years ago, we were funded by the Arthritis Foundation, and the University Health Network of all of Canada to use CytoSolve because we could do the work of hundreds of scientists in a short period of time. So we literally went through every research paper that had ever been written in the literature. About guess what about Osteoarthritis, joint health, and we went through all that literature and using our approach, we can extract the literature we can bring in the research community. We wrote papers on this. But fundamentally, what CytoSolve was able to do was we were able to analyze all different compounds using this technology long before we did cell testing. By the way, that’s how we build airplanes, right, we don’t just throw pilots in here, we use the computer. And so we were able to take the System’s Approach to understanding joint health or human knee Osteoarthritis. So and one of the most important things that I’m very proud of was the research that we discovered, which I’m going to share with you very quickly is all the molecular mechanisms of joint health, Osteoarthritis, we just didn’t publish it in a little journal only for the dweebs to read or the finite set of scientists, we published it in an open source open science, so I’m going to share that with you. So if you go to, Again

Joint Health

This is the site that we created as really a huge public service for the world. It’s for the world science community. So what we can do with CytoSolve here is we publish this for the world. That was done with and want to thank our colleagues at the University Health program at the division Orthopedics in Toronto, Ontario, as well as the CytoSolve Systems Biology program. And by the way, there’s a white paper here, and anyone can read, it’s free, Open Science, you can actually read all the stuff that we did, how we did all this, I encourage you guys to all go enjoy this. But for those who are not, you know, super science nerds, you can just use this diagram so you can explore the entire joint, we’re looking at the human knee joint, which has seven different tissues. Osteophytes, fat pad, Meniscus, Subchondral bone. If you click on subchondral bone, it gives you the different cells that make it like Osteoblasts. And you go to Osteoblasts, you can go to Ligands, you can find the different ligands. And you can find the different cytokines and you can really look at TNF-a. You can literally traverse all of these to understand how all you know, just this one little tissue. When we look at a cartilage, which is what we want to look at here, cartilage has a particular tissue made up of cells called Chondrocytes. Chondrocytes are a cell, now on that cell, it has many receptors and different molecules called ligands can land on it. And one of them is called cytokines. Now here, if you look at IL-1b, which is an inflammatory cytokine, I’m going to explore that you can go look at all different kinds of different molecules that IL-1b, which is an inflammatory cytokine, upregulates, those are the molecules in green.

And by the way, this was our Herculean effort. So if you look at COX-2, COX-2 has an inflammatory effect. And then you can go explore this. And you can see, here’s IL-1b, it creates COX-2, and you can see, hey, look at Cordyceps, which are very powerful mushrooms, cordyceps, literally prevent IL-1b, very cool. You can go back here and you can say, Okay, I want to look at something else. I don’t want to look at the human knee. I want to look at maybe something beyond the human knee architecture. I want to go back and I want to look at a different ligand here. Okay, maybe I want to go look at how it up regulates another inflammatory cytokine called MMP-13. This is the one I like to show off here because it’s pretty cool. MMP-13 which actually degenerates Cartlidge, it has a catabolic effect. And when you go in through here, you can find out all the different molecules. So if you can see, here’s IL-1b, IL-1b gives rise to MMP-13. And look at all these amazing nutrients that can inhibit it. So here’s ginseng as I talked about, so if you click on ginseng, you go right to the paper that has it. So literally, what we’ve done here is we’ve mapped out every molecular pathway of joint health. And this has not been done. And more importantly, we’ve made this accessible to the world. And this is a way my view is part of the thing I think the world needs is we need ‘Citizen Science’. We need system science. So every one of you please take advantage of this. But this was about a three year research effort. So that’s what we’ve done here, we created a way that all of you can become citizen scientists.

Effect of Hyaluronic Acid on Joint Health

So when we look at, when we look at this whole mapping we did. And we want to look at how Hyaluronic Acid affects this mapping. We now let me go back here, we now want to look at the particular molecular pathways that affect joint health relative to Hyaluronic Acid. So that was all the research we did for about many, many years to put all of that together. Once you understand that, what are the mechanisms? Now we’ve talked about this before, these are the four major mechanisms involved in joint health, which I’ve talked about before, alright. inflammation, right, you get into pain and inflammation, oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, cartilage regeneration. These are the four main there’s many others involved in joint health. And these are the different molecular mechanisms which we’ve mathematically modeled with CytoSolve, inflammation, oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, cartilage regeneration, okay. And we’ve mathematically modeled this and for each one of these mechanisms, there are different biomarkers. So, if you have high levels of PG-2 inflammation is going on, if you have high levels of ROS, which means reactive oxygen species that means you have the aspect of oxidative stress your body is undergoing rusting. Cartilage degeneration comes from that MMP-13. Cartilage regeneration when you get collagen to development, okay? So when you really think about it, there are four major mechanisms that you want to assess. How does this ingredient affect any one of those four and what you’re going to find is not all ingredients work for everything. This is why this deep dive analysis really helps you. Now when you’re going to shop for supplements, this gives you a grid. Well, what is Hyaluronic Acid really good for? Yesterday day before we talked about how MSM is good for oxidative stress. We talked about yesterday how chondroitin is good for cartilage regeneration, right? It wasn’t that great for inflammation. Well, what is Hyaluronic Acid good for? Okay, so that’s what we want to find out. So let’s jump back into this. So we find out Hyaluronic Acid on joint health. Number one, the bioinformatics analysis, let me just be clear, at CytoSolve, we want to give you a holistic systems picture. So first, we look at all the body of literature and what that says that’s called bioinformatics. Then we take all the molecular pathways, and we mathematically model it inside of CytoSolve. And that will give us even a deeper microscopic understanding. And that to us gives us a much deeper idea. So you don’t just want to believe what this person says. We want to combine it and further combine it with a computational approach. So if we take the bioinformatics approach, well, what our discovery showed from the bioinformatics is Hyaluronic Acid effects to have the joint health mechanisms, cartilage degradation, and cartilage regeneration, okay. So it really affects these two, it doesn’t affect all four, it affects two, according to the bioinformatics research. So again, to be clear, it’s not going to help you with inflammation. It’s not going to help you with oxidative stress. But our research shows it’s gonna have profound effects, at least from the bioinformatics and degradation and regeneration. So Hyaluronic Acid increases cartilage regeneration, and it reduces cartilage degradation. And so this is how it does it right. So it supports cartilage regeneration, and it stops cartilage degeneration. So when you look at these drawings, what I want to mention to all of you is the green arrow means it’s supportive of something, the red thing with the hammer at the end, this is again, in biology, or biochemistry means it stops something, or it inhibits something. The other is it accentuates it or upregulates something, okay? So I’ll be doing a lot of those diagrams, you’ll see many of the talks we’ll give and you by the way you can apply this, you can think about this, you can apply this tip, there are certain things that promote truth, good scientific method, scientific consensus stops truth, okay. There’s certain things that promote health, right? There are certain things that stop health, certain things that support freedom, the First Amendment and the second amendment support freedom. Censorship stops freedom, okay, so you can take a Systems Approach.

So, what we see here is, is that Hyaluronic Acid has these two effects. And these are the two mechanism hits. So now let’s talk about the health benefits again from a bioinformatics example, how does Hyaluronic Acid stop cartilage degeneration? So cartilage degeneration is right here. Well, we know IL-1b, which is an inflammatory cytokine, is a hallmark of joint disease. So if you were to go to your doctor and you say, look, can I have my IL-1b levels checked? Okay, it’s a marker, it’ll tell you, where you are in the spectrum for joint health, okay? joint disease. So, IL-1b, a very, very good marker. So if you have IL-1b a lot in your blood, it’s going to promote the production through this other. That’s what it promotes, the P38 MAPK, is going to give you an MMP-13, which is going to cause cartilage degeneration. Alright, you don’t want this well guess what Hyaluronic Acid does, boom, it stops this. It stops IL-1b from up regulating this, to get this pathway. So the downregulation of MMP-13 right here by Hyaluronic Acid prevents cartilage, degenerative degradation. Okay, that’s what the bioinformatics work does. But Hyaluronic Acid also supports cartilage regeneration, Hyaluronic Acid activates AKT enzyme, which supports Collagen II, which supports cartilage regeneration. So let me just make that very clear. Collagen ll is the thing that you want your body to produce, right? You know, you don’t want that to be degraded, and Collagen ll production is supported by Hyaluronic Acid. So Hyaluronic Acid is a one two punch, it creates AKT which increases Collagen II production. And it stops IL-1b going to MPP-13, which stops cartilage degradation. Okay, so that’s what I mean by the one two punch. Alright, there you go. Alright, so the key point here is the bioinformatics that’s from taking all the literature. Now what I’m going to do is we use CytoSolve, the other part of the technology to mathematically model the cartilage degradation and regeneration functions. And then we’re going to actually do experiments where we drop a certain amount of Hyaluronic Acid to see if it lowers MMP-13, right, because that’s the thing that’s involved in cartilage degradation. And on the other hand, does it increase Collagen II? Alright, so that’s what we did in our computational experiments, right? Again, no animals were killed in this research.

So MMP-13, which is the biomarker of cartilage degradation. So, we did experimental conditions, we did dosage of 2.5 – 5 milligrams per day over two days. So look at this, this is pretty cool. So you have a high level, have you ever thought 556.1 level of MMP-13 and it brings it down, doesn’t bring down massively but it definitely does bring it down. If you look at the scales here, under controlled conditions MMP-13 where we have 456, without Hyaluronic Acid increased supplementation showed a decreasing trend towards lowering MMP-13. Okay, and this is only for two days as you do it will probably go lower and lower Hyaluronic Acid is a load of moderate effect and cartilage degradation at the dosages study. So we only studied this dosage. And there you see the trend is it definitely reduces cartilage degradation. The next thing we did was we looked at Collagen II production, we started with around 1500. And look at this, this goes up by nearly 20%, you know, 15 to 20%, massive improvement, okay, and this is only at about 2.5 to 10 milligrams per day. So under control conditions, the Collagen II values were 1520, right here that’s controlled this way you’re normal. And with supplementation, it has a very nice effect at about 100 milligram dosage of Hyaluronic Acid. And beyond that, it doesn’t seem to go much higher, which we didn’t do, which we can do. So the bottom line is, what we’re finding is Hyaluronic Acid, lowers cartilage degeneration, it gets rid of that, and it increases Collagen II. And we in fact, if we do it as a heat map, so it doesn’t affect these two pathways. It affects someone nominally cartilage degradation, but it definitely affects cartilage regeneration.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So now one of the principles that I want everyone to learn is that the reason I created CytoSolve is because I was very fascinated by traditional cultures and the different foods they ate. India, for example, you don’t just eat turmeric, right? You don’t just eat one herb. They created something called curry over 1000s of years. What is curry curry is a combination of many, many herbs. What we just saw here is Hyaluronic Acid affects multiple pathways. It has a Synergistic effect. Well, similarly, if you take multiple ingredients, you can have a Synergistic effect. So what happens if you take MSM, and you take Chondroitin, which we discussed yesterday, and you take Hyaluronic Acid, it may have a Synergistic effect. With CytoSolve, we’re able to discover those Synergistic effects. Now, for nearly 15 years, we’ve been helping a lot of companies do it. But over the last five years, we realized that we had built up this amazing knowledge base of mathematical models. So we started saying, Wow, why don’t we, you know, instead of begging to those companies, they give us good money, we’ve helped them a lot. Why don’t we start using our own technology, to start looking at nature and start computing ingredients, and I’m going to show you an example, we created a new product called mV25. And you can get it online. But this came out of a lot of research, which is really for joint discomfort and swelling and pain and inflammation. But before I go to that, I want to teach you from a Systems Perspective. It’s not just we need Truth, and we need Freedom. And we need Health. We need all three. You know, you can’t just have a bunch of yoga, people are doing yoga all day being earthy, crunchy granola. You can’t just have the 1A to people wanting the First Amendment, free speech and the Second Amendment, you don’t just want nerds fighting for truth and innovation. We need all three, we need Truth Freedom Health. That’s how we get what we deserve. And that’s what the universe wants. Similarly, same principle, same Synergy Principle of Systems, we can apply to at the physical body level, we need to take a Synergistic Approach which CytoSolve, were able to identify those synergies. So let me give you what that principle is. So some of you may know that one of the big discoveries is that turmeric, which is the herb in the Indian tradition, which is this yellow, deep yellow saffron herb, by the way, when I grew up in India, you see these Yogi’s mixing stuff? And if you went to them and said, Hey, what are you mixing? Can you tell me why you’re putting this much it is that much of this. They can’t really explain it to you directly. In fact, many of the supplement companies can’t. At CytoSolve, we took turmeric, which is that yellow herb, and we were able to outer circle, here’s a cell wall, the inner circles, all the molecular pathways, we looked at 6000 papers. And we did the first integrated look, and where does curcumin hit, and this is a nucleus. And then we were mathematically able to model curcumin, then we looked at resveratrol, which is a skin of red grapes. And then we said what happens when you’re having your curry meal, and you’re having a red wine, because that’s where resveratrol, you can find a lot of it. So what happens when you combine these will it lower inflammation more and what should the dosages be? So here, what we’re able to do is we’re able to do a mathematical experiment without killing animals. So what I want to show you here, the right column here is we’re simulating inflammation. When you have .15 that means you have inflammation taking place in your body. I’m not giving any curcumin, any resveratrol. So this is called the control. So by the way, in the biological sciences, you always want to set a control condition. So we’re saying I have a lot of inflammation. I’m not giving any curcumin, I’m not giving any resveratrol, no red grapes, no red wine and no turmeric, right. And so that’s the first experiment we did right here. So the second experiment we do is what happens when you just give curcumin right here, you say no resveratrol, just watch what happens. The inflammation goes from .15 and it drops dramatically. Very good. Then we just gave resveratrol. Again, no animals were killed. We’re doing this mathematically from .15 to .06. But this is what’s called a Synergistic Principle. I lowered the amount of curcumin from five to three by 40%. I lowered the amount of resveratrol by 60%. Watch what happens the inflammation drops from .15 to .03, nearly double the 200% drop. This is called the Synergistic Effect.

This is why food is medicine. This is why we want to combine things. Now to find those right combinations before the advent of CytoSolve people are just doing an ad hoc, they throw this in and they throw that in. Now over 1000s of years, people figured out like in curry how much you put in. But with CytoSolve we’re able to take a Systems Approach to find the right combinations for the right person. In fact, back with CytoSolve we can even load up genetics by the way. Alright, not going to get into that right now. But CytoSolve allows, by the way, people are asking what is the name of the site So what I’m really pleased to share with all of you today is that I’ve been doing this research. We’ve helped lots of companies, but I realized that the company’s move slow. We actually have all the technology. We have a lot of intellectual property we created. So we said wow. Since inflammation and discomfort are one of the biggest things that affect people. We started looking at all the different kinds of ingredients out there. We ran them through CytoSolve. We did trillions of computations. And we’ll come up with our own product. It’s going to be coming up soon so people can start pre-ordering. It’s called mV25. And I’m really excited to share this with you. And as some of you guys have been going crazy ordering, and probably well, you got to order it soon, because it’s, but it’s a completely different approach. It’s taking an East West approach. So mV25. Here it is. And by the way, if you want to know where to get it, everyone asks where to get it. I’ll come to it, you can go to, the shop, but what is mV25. It’s under our new label. And we want to emphasise to people, we’re not taking some natural approach. We’re not taking some Pharma approach. We’re taking a scientific Systems Approach. That’s why we’re clear to let people know I’m a Systems Biologist. It’s an engineering Systems Approach. So mV means mass times velocity, which means momentum, and momentum to move. And notice it’s a blend of bioflavonoids. And on the back of this thing, I want to share with you what we’re very clear to share with people. I want to emphasise This is that we want to tell people to look, we want to take this very powerful Systems Approach and what does that mean? So if we go to mV25. On the back of this label, you’ll see what we’ve done to be very clear what we’re doing. It says Dr. Shiva, mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve computational Systems Biology platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers across four decades in 68 research institutions. So we literally went through 68 research institutions, paper 1000s of papers, and computed trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling. CytoSolve optimized means, this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits and bioavailability, while minimizing toxicity, based on current research curated by CytoSolve, as the Science Advances, so well, this formulation, this is our promise.

And then on the front, you can see it’s Certified Clean, it’s made in the USA. And it supports the Truth Freedom Health movement. So the reason I wanted to share this with you, what we’re doing here is if you go to most of these supplement companies, all marketing, marketing marketing, you asked me how did you come up with these combinations? Well, we threw this in, we read one paper, that’s not what we’re doing here, we went through 1000s of research papers, extracted all those molecular mechanisms and computed them. So there’s no claim here you’re making. We’re basically saying the methodology we’re doing here is like 23rd century science. So that’s what we’re doing here. And by the way, those of you who were asking me, how do you get access to this, if I’ll show you right now, if you go to  And it’s our website. By the way, that’s where you go to support the Truth Freedom Health movement, and those of you become Truth Freedom Health warriors, I think there’s a discount that we’re offering. So if you go to the shop right here, right on top, we just launched this. And you can preorder. So if you go right here, preorder at, it’s in the card here. Please order it, you know, check it out. But it’s, it’s going to go very, very fast. The pre-orders. And the deliveries are going to start, you know, at the end of this month. So pre-order, and this is mV25. And this is what we’ve created. So what’s really exciting about this, is that we are now applying a Systems Biology approach, a Systems Approach. No one’s ever done this, because we have the CytoSolve engine, again, CytoSolve, we take a Synergistic Approach, and we did here we found two very amazing compounds that occur in nature. And we went through all the trillions of molecular reactions to identify this combination but the most important promises, we’re not saying the science is over. We’re constantly mining the literature. We’re constantly updating the science. So this is almost like CytoSolve is an operating system. The combination we found today, you know, six months a year from now we may find a better combination. So it’s just like, you know, you get the iOS and the operating system improves, as the operating system improves, our formulations are going to improve, okay? That’s our promise. So it’s a way also you guys can support the Truth Freedom Health movement, you can support it by helping yourself by the way, one of the things that’s my philosophy is that life has to be reciprocal. you support the Truth Freedom Health movement. We’re going to educate you with becoming a warrior member of the warrior community. We give you books, we give you knowledge we give you community, that’s what our platform is at You join the community. We want to give you support for all the amazing new products that we’re going to be coming up with education, new products, so while we’re attacking the establishment, we don’t have to wait for them to do stuff. We don’t have to wait for Big Pharma ever to get their act together, even the nutraceutical companies with CytoSolve. We’re taking a Systems Approach. So we’re going to develop amazing products. We’re looking at products for immune health, we’re looking at the whole range of cardiovascular health, we’re going to go after everything. Now. We have 16 years, we have models. We don’t want to wait for these big companies to be far more nimble. So it’s gonna get very exciting. But that’s only the health piece. We have the ‘Your Body, Your System’, we have the tools, but it’s about empowering you. That’s what this is about. It’s about empowering you for Truth Freedom Health. All right, let’s say. So in summary, when we go back to our PowerPoint, I’ve been skipping between the PowerPoints, and the website. So we go back here. So in closing, when you by the way, mV25 is at the shop. One thing that we’re very proud of is this is clean food certified, Certified Clean, and it’s gone through GMP certification, etc.

Hyaluronic Acid Dosing

So people are asking, Hey, how much Hyaluronic Acid should I take? Like, what should I do? By the way, this is not a medical program. You should talk to your doctor’s big disclaimer here. What we’re doing is we’re looking at the science and we’re sharing with you what the scientific literature says okay, and we’re distilling it for you. And you’re welcome to go read all those papers too. I welcome everyone to go do their own research.

Well, the dosage thing for wound healing that came out in 2019 from Schneider et al., if you can get it as a cream, about point 2% cream you can go get this for wound healing for Osteoarthritis. Theiler et al., says you can get 2 millilitre 0.8% Hylan G-F 20 (16 milligrams) solution, you can take it every three days. So this is for Osteoarthritis, you can take it as a solution, or you can get as a cream if you’re looking at wound healing because this really supports you know, the cartilage regeneration, the tissue regeneration, but this is what the literature says, right, but 2 millilitres 0.8% remember Hylan G-F 20 and (16 milligrams) solution. This was done in 2005 research every three days, so once every three days.


So, in conclusion, what we found out is that bioinformatics literature says Hyaluronic Acid helps to reduce cartilage degradation, improves cartilage regeneration, and it’s clinically proven improved joint out skin hydration, accelerate wound healing. CytoSolve computational analysis one step even deeper, says Hyaluronic Acid is significantly effective for cartilage regeneration, very powerful anti ageing, Hyaluronic Acid is low to moderately effective for cartilage degradation. So chondroitin is very good. So imagine combining this with con right, okay, we can do a whole nother research on that. So that’s what we found. And remember, when we look at this common combination effect, it has a Synergistic effect, right. And as I may come back to this, that’s why I keep pounding away that you have to take a Systems Approach. So we’ve today as of today, on Wednesday, we talked about MSM. On Thursday, we talked about glucosamine, chondroitin, and today we talked about Hyaluronic Acid. If you think about it, they all affect different molecular pathways of joint health. Not any one of them is good for anything particular. And this is why CytoSolve is a powerful engine because we can find synergistic effects. But that synergistic effect is how you want to start thinking about everything in the universe. Okay, if I want Truth Freedom Health if I want health, it’s not only one thing, it’s not just exercise. It’s not just eating the right foods. It’s not just about getting sleep. It’s a combination effect. This is why it comes down to lifestyle. And in order to have the lifestyle, we need a desert, we need Truth, we need freedom, we need Health. That’s like the macro molecular fact of our life. Now that Systems Approach is what we want to teach you. This is why we want to build The bottoms-up movement, you’re not going to get this from Trump, you’re not going to get this from the non trumpers, you’re not going to get this from Bernie, you’re not going to get this from the Republicans, you’re not going to get this from the Democrats, you’re not going to get this from left and right. So my job is to convince you that you need to break out of that paradigm. That is like the matrix. That is the matrix, the matrix of left and right, getting out of the matrix is a Systems Approach. And that requires you to get your head out of the matrix or head out of you know what, and that means you have to step back and say, Wow, I may be an unconscious and competent, I may not know, something really foundational. And that’s why every Monday evening, I teach the course, Foundations of Systems, and you gotta take it for yourself.

And if you don’t want to do it, I’m not here to convince you but I’m what I’m here to tell you is for those of you who really want change, and you’re figuring out you want it you’re saying well, what the hell happened over the last four years what the democrats about what, you’re always going to be in this conundrum, but I have discovered that there is a science, the science of everything, it is system science. And when you learn that you can use it to understand your body is a system we give you tools, your body, your system you can use to understand all aspects even if you’re starting a startup company, the book your system, your life teaches you that. But most importantly, understanding that Foundational Systems principle gives you the ability, then to understand principles, the principle of the interconnection of Truth Freedom Health. While we must fight for freedom, in order to get truth, we must fight for health in order to have strength to fight for freedom. All these are interconnected. Number two, we need to build a bottoms-up decentralized movement, it’s not going to come from Trump or Bernie, or the left wing of the right wing or some freakin politicians. If you’re going to run for election, don’t run to win, run to build the Truth Freedom Health movement, run to educate people. Because the elections are rigged, they are selections, not elections. I’m going to talk about that tonight. Okay. And then fundamentally, the most important lesson is to understand the controlled opposition that the establishment has two wings on its left and right to manipulate you. And without learning these three principles. They’re like electricity, magnetism, and, and gravity, I have actually created the political physics of understanding change. And that political physics is founded on the same foundation, what I just shared with you on how uronic acid works at the molecular systems level. So it’s up to you. I encourage you to build a movement. You know, I invented Email, invented CytoSolve. I got my degrees at MIT and all those great things and better many companies. But if anything I want my legacy to be about is to be someone who educated you to create an army of Truth, Freedom Health warriors, where we fight in our local communities with a scientific foundation of transport, conversion, storage, truth, freedom. And if it’s not based on some frickin slogans, lock her up, you know, whatever the next slogan is, these people are very adept at creating, oh, I’m against the rhinos, I’m against the DNC, it’s all bullshit. The only way to win is to build a bottoms-up movement, do not get caught in the matrix, you were caught in it, I was, you know, almost caught in it for four years. Right? But it takes me a lot to do this critique. Get out of the Trump non Trump matrix, get out of the Bernie, Democrat, Republican, pro anti, it’s not going to win the day. And even though these people may say some nice things, the only way to win the day is a bottoms up movement. That’s the only way and if you don’t understand it, and you want to understand it, then become a truth, freedom and a warrior understand the physics. But without you understanding that physics, you’ll always not know, it’s like, you know, it’s like you. You know, I used to be a pitcher. You know, I used to follow my coaches, but there were other students who didn’t follow their coaches, because they thought they knew it all. So they would blow up their arm, they would do all sorts of stupid things. Okay. It’s like you saying, Oh, I’m going to be an electrician, or you’re going to go to training? No, I’m going to just be an electrician, you start wiring, you blow up your house. And then you say, you know what, maybe I need to go get training, we’re not going to build a movement. You’re not going to build a bridge, you’re not going to build an airplane without understanding scientific principles. And that is what we’ve created here. It is a scientific technology platform. But in that we build community, we have the equivalent of Facebook and form that’s easy stuff. Okay, that’s easy. Twitter is easy to build. I mean, we can build that in a couple of months. Nowhere as complicated as inventing email as a 14 year old kid. But the real technology is to build the technology for liberating ourselves and that’s what we’ve done at VA Shiva. And I hope, this talk and the talks I We’ll continue to do every day. We’ll build that army because we need to build a bottoms-up movement because nature is decentralized Truth Freedom Health is what nature wants for us it is natural law. So anyway, let me see if we have any questions and I’ll obviously finish up with our program to go to and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Someone says here, it’s all about being free thinking and brainstorming without bias. Exactly. Jerry, it’s important that we understand scientific principles. Look, if you look at those old movies, a guy trying to fly off an airplane, you know, doing all these wacky things. And then someone said, Oh my god, I got to understand Bernoulli principle, then we got an airplane off the ground. Now we have restaurants up in the air. That’s what we can achieve. People think it’s impossible to fight the establishment that we’re always going to lose what’s impossible, until someone says how long does it take to model a substance on CytoSolve? Daniel, we’ve done so many substances anywhere between three to four weeks. And those of you want us to do stuff, you can email me You can go to the website,, go to the customer service/contact and send us in, but sign up via become a member if you don’t want to if you’re not ready for the education to contribute, become a supporter, become a warrior, but learn do it for yourself. Yes, great thing we need to learn to become advocates for ourselves and stop the dependency Look, when you become a they are most scared of the bottoms-up movement take you hit it on the nail. Okay, that’s sheer brilliance there. The reason they’re afraid of a bottoms-up movement is that they lose all their funding you’re going to donate to Trump and the Democratic Party. Just remember this, okay? No election fraud was fought by the Trump lawyers, we in Massachusetts are fighting it. We have the only two lawsuits that have gotten four or five victories right now. And you’re looking at MMA who did it without any lawyers, because we take a systems approach even to fighting a lawsuit. They just collected $300 million. And they have a bunch of scumbags on the republicans and the trumper and the Trump establishment now, which is going to start a fight with the RNC and they’re going to try to keep the trumpers attach no different than Bernie and AOC trying to act as though they’re against the DNC. Got to wake up. We got to build a bottoms up movement. All right. unconscious incompetence. Exactly. The unconscious incompetence will say, Well, you know what, Trump did a lot of good things. Bernie says a lot of good things. I don’t know that. That’s unconscious and competence. When you understand the dynamics of the not so obvious established, you’d say wait a minute, what actually occurred last four years, nothing happened to Hillary. We are on the verge of forced vaccinations. We’re all running around wearing masks. 1000s of businesses were destroyed. We have a 25% unemployment rate. $6.2 trillion got transferred, you know, to the stock market. Oh, yeah. Trump did a lot for us. While Trump got us all riled up, because he needs a working class. The establishment needs a working class to always get distracted. Bernie did that previous four years ago, and then sold out everyone to Hillary and Biden. Not Trump is over there negotiating because he wants a negotiating thing. They use this as chips, and they’ll get some monetary enhancement or whatever, they’ll create their own pack. That’s what’s going on. It’s about money. It’s not about building a bottoms-up movement.

I’ll be back tonight. I hope everyone has a good weekend, if you’re not going to be there, but we’re going to talk about how we get to clean elections and how any one of you can get a Clean Election, One Person, One Vote. That’s the heart of the real issue. And that’s going to take a Systems Approach. Anyway, I hope this is valuable. We’re gonna be doing talks again every day on politics and science. But we need your support. We have the infrastructure, we need to grow it hardware, we have our own data center, this is your movement for Truth Freedom Health, join it, support it, be part of it. Get out of the matrix. Thank you, everyone, get educated or be enslaved out. And with our wonderful video. I know some of you are probably hearing it in your brains right now. But let me just go over to the chrome tab. By the way, people are saying where do you get the mV25. You can go to And it’s a revolutionary product that’s out there, shop. Those of you who just want to go and join and help the movement. You can contribute. You can give us ideas. But if you go to, I do not like to take anything from people without giving you something back. So when you contribute to our movement, which is a platform you can contribute. If you contribute $100 or more, you get access to the entire warrior program. $25 or more you get to the book ‘System in Revolution’ and the tool Your Body, Your System, if you don’t want to contribute anything, just become a member, it’s up to you. Okay, but we need my goal is to have 50,000 Truth Freedom Health warriors. And I’ll end with our great video here.

A SYSTEMS approach provides a comprehensive method to understand connections among the parts of any system to elicit the scientific truth across ALL systems.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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