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Glucosamine is a Potent Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant and Chondroprotective Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 36,275 Research Articles, Spanning 132 Years that Include 410 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis on Glucosamine and it effects on joint health.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 36, 275 articles, with 410 clinical trials, over 132 years of medical research.
  • Glucosamine is a polysaccharide that supports structure and comes from shellfish shells, animal bones, bone marrow, and fungi.
  • Biological effects of Glucosamine are it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and chondroprotective with no known drug interactions.
  • From the CytoSolve analysis on Glucosamine the health benefits are it mainly reduces oxidative stress, improves non-arthritic knee injury, improves range of motion, reduces pain in joints.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening everyone this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, we’re going to start shortly as people come in. We’re going to be talking about continuing in our science series on joint health and we’re going to continue to talk about another. One of you asked yesterday about Glucosamine. So interesting enough, we had done some work on it. So over Friday night and Saturday morning, we worked on that for you because we thought it would fit in nicely because we did Chondroitin, but we didn’t do Glucosamine so we’re going to talk about Glucosamine today. What I want to start with is, first of all, many of you are asking about our website, what’s going on, I just want to let you know that we have a website, And I’ll just show you very quickly what that website is. And where it is, if you go to It’s a very, very cool website, the top part of it really gives sort of the timeline of the many, many different things. I’ve worked on, still work on. On the top of the website, we always publish an article that’s redone, there’s a whole video blog on it, etc. So this is a Systems Approach to Osteoarthritis, you give a little background of all the different things I’ve done, scientifically, politically, etc. And then this is our whole blog series that we have, that we do, which is typically about seven days after I do a live. And then over here is our Truth Freedom Health leadership training program, how you can become a warrior. And then if you want to know my background, that’s what we have on the website. So please take advantage of that. We do a lot of work to keep it up to date. That’s So let’s go jump jump right into the PowerPoint, because today we’re going to be talking about Glucosamine.


So this is Glucosamine and we’re gonna talk about joint health. We’re gonna take a Molecular Systems Biology Approach using CytoSolve. The technology that I created for my PhD work out of MIT, and which we’ve been working on for 16 years. CytoSolve is a technology. It’s a revolutionary technology that allows us to use the computer to eliminate the need for animal testing. So we can model complex biological phenomena using the computer. And I’ll talk more about that but we use CytoSolve. Now as a public service, we’ve used it to make money where companies are trying to figure out what products did create, does it work or not? And our goals, we don’t need animal testing, and I have a couple dogs. In fact, the FDA even argues that if you’re going to test something on humans, why are you even wasting time on dogs, okay? or animals or etc and causing them cruelty. It’s a whole nother discussion. But CytoSolve’s aim is to eliminate that need. And we’ve created that technology to do that. But you can see over here, we’ll come back to the molecular structure of Glucosamine. So everyone understands what Glucosamine is, but this is really a molecular Systems Biology Approach. Okay. So we’ll go into a little bit of background, but I really want to talk to you about the Systems Approach, how that led into the movement for Truth Freedom Health, then I’m going to cover the high level Glucosamine, I want to really explain to you how Cytosolve works. So you understand how we develop the mechanistic understanding of joint health. And then we’re going to look at the effect of Glucosamine on joint health, we’re going to cover the Synergistic Principle. And before we go to Glucosamine dosage, I also want to share with you that we have recently also created the ability to use CytoSolve, to do our own product development. And so we have some very, very exciting news, I’ll share with you on the development of a new product, which actually allows us to understand inflammation and pain in a very profound way. So the background is I get if you go to the website, you’ll see a whole range of things that I’ve done, but all of them have been bounded by taking a Systems Approach. So for example, the invention of Email was really about this. Okay, so some of you may know, I invented the first Email system when I was a 14 year old kid, the key thing to understand is, we’re going to be pounding away on system, system, systems. And that is what the common theme that sort of the common DNA with everything I’ve done is systems, and the science of systems from being a 14 year old kid inventing Email all the way to, you know, going through all the degrees at MIT, my PhD work in CytoSolve the development of systems health, the development of Truth Freedom Health, the movement, the movement is a Systems Approach for our liberation, for Truth, Freedom Health.

So when I was 14, I was asked to convert the old fashioned interoffice mail system to the electronic form. And I did all the work on 50,000 lines of code. And I named that system Email, got the first US copyright at a time when Email was the only way to protect software inventions. didn’t really talk a lot of I was brought up to be a very humble Indian kid, I came to MIT was on the front page was many, many years later, that in 2011, that Time Magazine, when my mom was dying in a suitcase, she had left all the materials, clearly documented the invention of Email, there were one of the few journalists guy called Doug Aamoth, who went through it and he wrote this article that you’re seeing here called the man who invented Email. And then a few months later, on February 16, 2012, it went into the Smithsonian. It was a big day, honoring the American Dream from essentially the background I came from, and it was America that afforded me that opportunity. What was interesting was that you had this huge vitriol. You had people calling me all sorts of names, because people did not want to accept the fact a 14 year old kid, not at MIT. But before I came to MIT I had invented Email, and the facts are so obvious. So they had to create a bogus controversy. And that bogus controversy at the heart of that bogus controversy, you can take a Systems Approach to understanding that. So the environment in which innovation took place. Okay, and this is a systems way of looking at this. And Email did not occur in the Military Industrial Complex, it occurred in this environment where I was given freedom, because I was pretty smart, worked hard, predominantly because I worked hard. I was given the freedom to work as a full time Research Fellow, as a 14 year old kid in Rutgers. And I was given and with that freedom, I could innovate, and I was given infrastructure was this triangle of freedom, and support right from my family, from my school teachers from a mentor Dr. Michelson, who allowed me to perform innovation in any and that university, provided me access to computer infrastructure. So I want you to remember this diagram, because you’re going to see this diagram over and over and over again. And that diagram is not something that’s just sort of coincidental, because you’ll find that freedom is the essential element for us to do anything. But it is a Systems Approach to understanding how innovation takes place. It’s freedom, you get innovation, but you need infrastructure, okay? So if we want to help The world, you know, all these stupid politicians, what they should actually be doing is supporting infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure infrastructure. However, in the United States today, the United States has a D, an infrastructure a D, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Massachusetts has an F – -. So these scummy politicians and lawyers and liars, they destroy our infrastructure, they want racism, so they never want to actually support bottoms-up innovation. And in 1978, because of that support of my family, public school teachers and a mentor in Newark, New Jersey was where Email was created. All right. So that’s what that background gives you. But it really gives you that you can look at the world by understanding this very simple diagram, it’ll keep coming over and over and over again. So I hope you appreciate that. That’s where this innovation, freedom and infrastructure, now CytoSolve, like Email, if Email is the electronic version of the interoffice mail system. CytoSolve is the electronic version of the molecular communication system. So CytoSolve was done as one of the one of my recent innovations that I did out of my PhD work at MIT.

And so when you look at Glucosamine, CytoSolve, helps us do a number of things. Look at all the articles on Glucosamine, nearly as much as hyaluronic acid. There’s about 36,000 or as of right now 36,275 research articles. And that’s over 132 years of medical research 410 clinical trials, that’s a lot of information out there, and Glucosamine. So if I were to tell you that you got to read all those papers, and figure out what they say. And you can’t cherry pick the ones you like, you gotta go go through them. How would you do that? So what happens in science today, people go cherry pick, and if they have a political agenda, but with CytoSolve, we have an approach where we can take those articles. And I’m going to share that with you, we have a very powerful way to take a methodological approach that allows us to organize those articles, right, and then extract out the molecular mechanisms relative to a particular system, today’s system that we’re interested in, we’re interested in the system today of joint health, right? So if you’re interested in cardiovascular health, it would be a different way you organize the molecular system. So we’re looking at Glucosamine relative to joint health. So when you look at this diagram, we can literally go through and we can organise that. And then we can do mathematical simulations. So first we organize the content. And we’ll get some indication. That’s called the bioinformatics approach. Then we do the computational approach. So this approach that we’re going to do on Glucosamine, like I did, you know, we did MSM, we did Chondroitin yesterday with Hyaluronic Acid, this is a way for you to get a much richer understanding is it? Are we covering every little detail, but I’ll tell you, we’re about lightyears ahead on just some guy saying, Oh, yeah, take Glucosamine, and it’s good for you some guy at Whole Foods, they don’t really know. They haven’t had the chance to do the depth or even be a medical professional has not.

Systems Approach

So this is a Systematic Approach to understand. And by the way, this is the way most scientific research gets done. It’s called a reductionist approach. So it’s from a CytoSolve perspective, this is a Systems Approach. But the reductionist approach that I also want to share with you, which is the opposite, is that if this the elephant is understanding Glucosamine and joint health or cancer or understanding what happened with Trump over the last four years, or what’s going on with the climate, that’s really the big event. The story is what happens in science, it’s more like blind men are in biology touching pieces of the elephant, and they end up with something like this, because they’re just they don’t communicate, they look at pieces. It’s a non holistic approach. You know, the guy touching the trunk here thinks it’s a snake, the guy touching the ear thinks it’s a fan of the guy touching the tusks thinks it’s a spear and so on. So you end up with something like this, this is called reductionism. So I want you to think about that diagram, because a reductionist approach will never get you the truth. Okay? The way that we get to the truth is we have to take a Systems Approach, it’s beyond even holistic, it’s much more detail. What does a Systems Approach mean? Well, and where did it originate from? So in terms of applying to medicine and control systems theory, so this is a way that a biologist looks at the world, right? So if you go to a biologist, and you say, Oh, you know, I believe in yoga, and I believe in energy, they’re gonna like, sort of look at you strangely. But a biologist understands the world like this genes and proteins, and functional modules and the whole body. So this is the system of understanding of biology in the modern world. But, this is a way that Eastern systems of medicine, at least in India, sit down are the two ancient systems of medicine look at the body, they look at the body in a different way, you have the whole body, and it’s made up of tissues. And it’s composed of energies, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which are composed of five elements which are composed of these subtle energies. And that is what contained nature and purusha. By the way, there’s a whole course I offer on this. So I’ve studied this with my grandmother, I, and other people who’ve taught me traditional healers. I’ve studied this, my interest was could I connect both these worlds? So after I finished my PhD in 2007, after the invention of CytoSolve, I took two years off, went back to India, and I wanted to understand the interconnection of these two worlds, Eastern systems of medicine, and Western. And what that led me to was to a much deeper, profound understanding.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement

So I made a significant discovery there scientific discovery, which was, if you look at the forces of nature, transport, conversion and storage, and I teach this in the course, by the way, people are asking, Where do they get to the course? And we put this, so we have the Truth, Freedom Health warrior course, I just put the ticker on which you can get at But anyway, this understanding of the universe says that the universe is composed of these three phenomena, movement of energy transport, the conversion of energy information to matter, conversion, the storage, or the structural thing that holds everything up. And I teach this in the course. But these elements of nature, what I discovered, when I was doing my Fulbright work. This article came out on the front page of MIT, as I’ve shared before, MIT was very curious why I wanted to go back to India after all my degrees after all the companies that started to study Eastern medicine, because I wanted to discover this. So what I found was, this is what engineering school taught me. But what I found was that transport was Vata, conversion is Pitta and storage is Kapha. What are these terms? Well this would be the way the words are in the Eastern world, look at the world, and no one had ever made this interconnection. That became really the basis when I got back from India 2011 to start a whole new science, a whole new institution, I started called And those of you are interested, a lot of you have written to me, hey, I want to know about ‘System Health’. Well, very briefly, Systems Health is a whole educational program I did between 2010 all the way, you know, to recently, I still do it. But Systems Health, first of all, teaches you those Systems Principles and how you can apply them to your own body. So you can apply the concept of transport, conversion and storage to understand how do they manifest in your body, you can answer this tool that I created, call ‘Your Body, Your System’ that allows you to ask yourself a set of 30 questions, and you can figure out where your in this triangle of transport conversion storage, then you can figure out asking a different set of questions how your body has moved away from itself, this is where you want to be, that’s where your body is today. And then you can learn how the inputs of food supplements, exercise can bring you back to you, and will actually help you calculate the right foods, supplements that are right for you. It’s an educational tool to help you understand that you can manipulate the forces of transport, conversion storage, no different than how my grandmother can manipulate it with food, and massage and those techniques bought up at the office. So it’s a very, very powerful understanding.

All of our students who go through the Truth Freedom Health warrior training course, get access to this. So and then for those, again, who are just as System Health, there’s various certification programs, there’s a whole Master Certification Program, where you can This is great for medical professionals, people into yoga, people into health. It doesn’t demand that you have any prerequisites except some, you know, basic science. And you can take this course and you can get a certification, you get access to all the different books. And then you also get access to a tool that helps you help others Learn Teach Serve and you can get certified, but this concept of Transport, Conversion and Storage is fundamentally at the heart of this. And that concept is what is the basis of another course of the Foundations of Systems, which I’ve now put into every Truth Freedom Health warrior can get because what you will find is that there is an interrelationship between Truth Freedom Health. So just like I just shared, there’s a relationship between innovation, freedom and infrastructure, which is where the invention of Email came from. There is a relation between truth, which means our desire to want to find truth, the scientific method, freedom and health, and that is the foundation of our movement. So if Email was an invention of CytoSolve is an invention. The Truth Freedom Health platform at is also a in many ways a social innovation, it’s an innovation, to help all of you understand your body is a system, a computer is a system, how Glucosamine and joint health as a system, but also to understand how we can get Truth Freedom Health by first getting educated on the scientific principles. So as I always do, before I jump right in, as I always play the video, so those of you who’ve seen it, you may want to share it, hear it again, because repetition is another skill. So let me just play that for people. Go to the video, okay. So by the way, if everyone goes to and I want everyone as you’re listening to it, if you want it then we can go to and go right up to the main page, and you can see the video right off the main page. And we will play it for you.

Alright, everyone, so please take advantage of that. So that’s really the infrastructure training that really guides everything I do. And I want to impart that knowledge on you, because a Systems Approach is how we actually get out of any mess, and we get to the truth. So let’s go back to our slide set here. So you’ve been able to, by the way, the website is when you go there, you get access to all those tools that are up there. And specifically, people wanted me to cover because sometimes, if you go to you can get educated, you can build community, you can get activated, when you log in, you’ll get a login, there’s a whole bunch of tools that are being run in our data center, independent of Big Tech, independent of Amazon, this is on our infrastructure. The infrastructure that we have, I built many, many years, ago. I used to run and host for Email and consumer management, for the largest fortune 1000 companies in the world. So that’s the same infrastructure that you’re getting here. So to get educated, you can go find all the courses where you can understand what a system is, that’s up online. You can then use a tool, ‘Your Body, Your System’ that I just talked about, where you can understand how your body is a system that’s included. You get access to four different popular ebooks, ‘System and Revolution’, the science of everything, ‘Your Body, Your System’, ‘Your System Your Life’, you also get access to three research reports I share with you. And by the way, we have corporations to pay a lot of money for this, but we rolled that in so you can actually start understanding how CytoSolve as a system can be used to understand turmeric and ginger, as well as the fundamental science here. And then you can also make sure you don’t feel alone, you can build a community independent of Big Tech, independent of Facebook or Twitter, we have our own forums, there’s tonnes of forums out there. So please log in, here’s some screenshots. And there’s a Health Forum, people are signing in and they’re having all sorts of discussions are creating community. They’re having dialogue. There’s also a social media equivalent, right? That includes, like your Marie setup or page and you have people creating groups and people setting up their pages. And then you can get activated, we actually have flyers and cards and tools that you can use in your local community. So now you get educated, you build community. So for example, here’s the whole card on masks, right. So instead of, you can literally understand and you can print this card out, we have a couple 100,000 people printed out on their own, they print them out at the local Staples for a couple of pennies. The front of it has our branding, and it really says building awareness of the risks of masks to your child. And then on the back of it as a science of masks. And it gives them a page where they can go to so you can hand this to your local Starbucks person or your local coffee shop person who’s wearing this mask all day so you can educate them. It is the science of masks, it gives them the public health implications. There’s also a similar one on the issue of vaccines stuff but we want to take beyond the dialectic of beyond Vax or Anti-Vax. We want to talk about boosting immunity. Similarly there’s a whole page built on for that, where we have all the research and then it talks about personalized medicine and why we need to build a strong immune system. You can see all of this there and people are contributing, for those who contribute $100 or more they get access to all of these tools. Some people don’t want to commit to that education, other people just want basic education so that’s available, or you can just become a member. So please take advantage of this. Alright, so when we talk about Glucosamine, everything I’ve just shared with you is the same approach we take to understand Glucosamine, we take a Systems Approach. We don’t just take a part, well I just want to understand it in some random way. We take a Systems Approach to understand it using the technology of CytoSolve, which we’re fortunate to have.


So, let’s look at what Glucosamine is. So here, I always begin with looking at the molecular structure of Glucosamine. And what do you see here? So first of all, as I mentioned over nearly 38,000 research articles, but this is what Glucosamine looks like. It’s got a bunch of you see this HO, OH, OH is a call hydroxyl groups. And it’s got this amino group so this is what’s called Glucosamine so part of the two structural Polysaccharides, Chitin which forms the exoskeletons of insects, fungi, cell wall shells in shellfish and Chitosan which forms the shells in shellfish. So, this molecule when connected forms the exoskeleton in insects. So it’s an infrastructure, it supports infrastructure, it’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief for joint pain and, and there’s no known supplement drug interactions. Alright, so it’s relatively safe from the research we’re sharing with you today. The Glucosamine sources, where does Glucosamine come from? Well, you can see it comes from shellfish shells, animal bones, bone marrow, fungi, okay, bone marrow. If you study some of the traditional systems of medicine, you’ll find that, in just a quick aside, the marrow of bones is called the Qi. And Chinese medicine is where they say the power comes from. So in many cultures, they would crack bones, and they do bone soup. But the marrows are literally where even in your own bodies where the stem cells are created. For red blood cells. So bone marrow is a very, very powerful nutrient. But as you can see here, it’s derived from bone marrow. The other piece here is what are the biological effects where there are three biological effects here. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and it’s Chondroprotective. What does that mean? Chondrocytes are Cartlidge, we’re going to shortly learn that there are different cells in the joint. So if you look at your knee joint, there are different kinds of cells there. Okay, there’s Synovial, there’s fat pad, Meniscus, but there’s also cartilage that is composed of what’s called Chondrocytes, just like red blood cells are a type of cell. It’s called Chondrocytes. The Chondrocytes, as you age as let’s say you’re, you do weights or you push hard, you’re an athlete, you know, you can tend to hurt your cartilage. Well, Glucosamine is a chondroprotective, okay? It’s Chondroprotective which means it protects cartilage. The health benefits from the analysis is it reduces cartilage degradation. It improves non arthritic knee injury, improves range of motion or reduces pains in joints, improves the skin health. And it accelerates wound healing for better skin, hydration, and reduces wrinkles. So there’s a lot of research out of those 38,000 papers pointing to all of these different benefits. Alright, cartilage degradation reduction, improving non arthritic knee injury, improving range of motion, reducing pain in joints, and improving skin health. And the other subset of this it accelerates wound healing, better skin hydration, which means it helps your body store water and it reduces wrinkles.


Now, having said that, I want to go a little bit deeper into CytoSolve. Because I want you to understand the power of this technology. So we have all those 38,000 papers. So with CytoSolve we’re able to do what’s called two types of analyses. The first analysis is called when we’re bringing it down the funnel, the bioinformatics analysis, imagine having to read all that and really trying to figure out what’s the distilled facts, then we can do another piece called a computational analysis, which means we understand the molecular mechanisms, then we can go deeper to understand mathematically using CytoSolve to model all those molecular reactions. That’s what’s really cool about CytoSolve and then saying, Okay, what happens when we drop Glucosamine into those molecular reactions. What will it actually do for that specific set of reactions? In this case the reactions we’re interested in are joint health. You can go to if you want to learn more about it, but it came out of my PhD work. And one of the problems I saw in the Pharmaceutical industry, which is really failing, and you’ll see why is the way they build drugs. By the way, drugs are not something that occurs in nature. They do test tube testings called in vitro, if you want to impress your friends, in vivo means in the animal, they do about seven years of this, they kill a bunch of animals, they test the compound, they say, okay, we think it’s doing something. So they’ll actually, you know, cause cartilage degeneration in animals, give the compound, see how it affects it. Then if they have gone through this, then they’ll apply to the FDA. And they’ll try to get the allowance to go do human trials, phase one, phase two, phase three. Anyway, this takes around 13 years, $5 billion. And less than 20% of the stuff entering phase one is even successful, very, very costly process. And this is why pharmaceutical companies are looking to a new avenue of making money. This is why and you’ll see right here, here’s the economics, they spend more and more and more money, there’s this yellow line to do this very antiquated process. And less and less drugs are coming out of this pipeline. Because this pipeline is frankly, quite very primitive. It doesn’t work and more of the drugs coming out of side effects, even the FDA is not allowing it. So you have to consider why Pharma companies are interested in vaccines. Well, vaccines are considered a biologic, they’re not a drug, they don’t need to go through that same regulatory process. And by the way, you cannot sue Pharma companies in court, you have to go to a Health and Human Services court. And more importantly, they don’t have to go through all those regulations. So Pharma companies, that’s why they’re moving towards vaccines, less, you know, less testing they have to do. And it’s a very, very different model.

So as we see here, and so this was one of the reasons that I was interested inside itself, because I saw this whole process was really dumb. The other thing is, in 2003, when the genome project ended right here, we thought we had 100,000 genes. The whole theory of biology was if you have this gene, you’re going to get this disease, let’s say you have the gene for osteoarthritis, you’re going to get bad joints? Well, it turns out that we only have 20,000 genes, the same number of genes as a worm. So what does that mean? That means that you are not your genes. So biology for since 1950, since it discovered DNA was saying, if you have this gene, you’re going to get this disease. And so since 1950, all the way to 2003. We got to find that gene, what’s the gene? And the idea was, well, we must have more genes and a world where more complex, a worm at 20,000 genes, the irony, the revolution in biology in 2003 occurred because we found that we, as human beings, only have 20,000 genes, the same number of genes as a worm. So this meant it’s not the genes that are the issue, that we have to take what’s called a Systems Approach to say, the reductionist approach is always like the blind man, just thinking this one part is everything on climate change, oh, my God, co2, is everything, not looking at the whole system. So that same revolution occurred in biology? So, what occurred in biology that was fascinating here was a recognition that genes are not what makes us who we are, it is actually, the fact that if you want to understand the whole human being, you have to go from genes to proteins to cells and tissues, you have to go across this entire span of different genes and proteins. In fact, you have to start looking at the cell not as a nucleus as a command and control center, but a whole interaction, an ensemble of chemical reactions, a system, so it’s not so the genes may be a small part of what you eat, right? So what you eat may turn on certain genes, what you think, right, what exercises you do, and that’s what we’re finding. It’s not a one way street. It’s actually two ways, genes and proteins. And all these things are highly, highly interactive. So again, to me, the old model is I have this gene, I’m gonna get this disease, I’m screwed. No, the new model of biology is, let’s understand the molecular reactions. Well, when that’s in 2003, is when I returned back to MIT, my old advisor Forbes Dewey said, Shiva your you created Email, you’re into computing, you’ve done all this great stuff. You’ve always loved medicine. Now there’s a Systems Approach. You know, the field could use your skills to imagine creating a technology that can mathematically model all of those chemical reactions on the computer, we can completely revolutionize medicine. So that’s what I did between 2003 to 2007. I said, Okay, here are these little molecular pathways, I can make the mathematical models. But in order to do something this complicated, I would have to be able to integrate many, many systems of models. And that was a demonstration of CytoSolve, where it allowed us to create a whole technology where I could create small models, and integrate them on the fly, which means we can handle complexity. And that has resulted over the last 16 years in the development of CytoSolve as a company, but we are actually enabling Truth Freedom Health, because we’re doing all of this research in a decentralized inclusive, transparent, open, personalized systems based way. Where we’re mining the literature, we’re creating models, and we share, we’re not like hiding everything. When we find large science, and when we build our own products, obviously, you know, we, it’s a business thing, but when we find knowledge, we share it with everyone.

Joint Health

I’ll show you an example of what we’ve done right here in joint health. So and by the way, I published a very important paper back in 2011, really showing all this, but fundamentally CytoSolve is not just taking a single compound like pharmaceutical companies. I can take complex compounds that occur in nature, run it through CytoSolve, long before we do test tube testing, by mining all the work. By the way, this is how we build airplanes, right, we don’t just throw a pilot and say, oh, let’s kill them, or maybe he dies or not, we do everything on the computer, then we go do different designs. This is the future of medicine. And that’s what CytoSolve is. Alright. So when we looked at joint health, what we did was we went through nearly 22,000 papers across the entire world. And we were funded by the Arthritis Foundation, as well as the University Health Network of Canada, I was giving a talk to a bunch of arthritis people and they said, Wow, you have something pretty incredible, we want to support you. And what we did was we took us back two to three years, we mapped out every molecular reaction involved in joint health, then we put all of that together and one of the biggest maps, it’s like imagining charting the galaxy. And then we have made that accessible to all of you, we didn’t put it in our own little cubby hole. We’ve created that we can share that with everyone, I’m going to share that with you. So we have the first molecular systems map of Osteoarthritis, okay. And with that map, you can then start understanding, you can start understanding joint health. So if you go to this is the paper that we wrote. I’m going to now I just have to bring up the actual site So I’m going to now take you into, we have an Open Science, I’m a big proponent of Citizen Science. Imagine I could share with you knowledge, you can contribute, science can evolve much faster rather than relying on five colleges that will get funded by Fauci and other people, you know, with a lot of political agenda that we’re finding. This is And here is so we have a whole research paper on it. By the way, if you want to go here and read, there’s a whole research paper, it’s free, you can download it. If we had published this in one of those journals, it would cost you hundreds of bucks behind a paywall, you can actually go read about this entire analysis that we did three years worth of effort that we did. But over here, you can literally use the visual graph like Google Maps, and you can literally This is the knee joint. And we’re looking at all the different tissues in the knee. I can go look at one of the tissues like Synovial; it gives me all the cells. I can perhaps look at cartilage, which is composed of as I mentioned, Chondrocytes, and within Chondrocytes, I can go look at different Ligands. What are ligands? Ligands are the particles that can land on the cells and cause a molecular reaction. Here are different kinds of ligands. There’s growth factors, okay, here’s different kinds of growth factors. But that’s not the only kind. There’s things called cytokines, which you’ve heard of, these are the ones that can create inflammation in your body. Here are different kinds of cytokines that land on the chondrocytes in cartilage. One of them is IL-1b, which I’ve shared. So you can look at all of these green molecules. If you have IL-1b in your body, all these other green molecules will get upregulated which means they’ll start showing up and the red ones are the ones that will start going down. So you can see there’s tons and tons of all of these molecules that start showing up. So for example, here’s TNF-a. TNF-a has an influx. Inventory effect, right? And then you can start seeing the ways that that works and I’ll get back to that. You can understand, for example, IL-1b and the one I want to talk about is Cartilage degenerations. MMP-13. And what can you do with this tool, you can say, Okay, let’s look at the catabolic effect. Well, what’s the catabolic effect? The catabolic effect is the ability to that’s where it degenerates cartilage. And here, you can actually look at the molecular pathways. So I hope everyone’s tracking here. Okay, what we’re doing here with CytoSolve is we have an incredible approach that we can map all the molecular reactions across all those 30-20,000 papers. And we’re looking at all the ways things interact to produce, in this case, Cartilage degeneration, and then we can look closely, almost like a microscope. And right here, I’m going to look at the fact that IL-1b causes MMP-13. But look, all these other nutrients that get in the way. So ginseng, for example, if I click on this, you’ll find ginseng is something that stops and here’s the paper. Here’s a research, there’s no you know, someone on, you know, YouTube or Google or Twitter says, Oh, I don’t believe Well, here’s the actual research. Here’s a chondroprotective effect of ginseng on Osteoarthritis. And similar, you can use this to find out well, what happens if I take, wogonin? This is another nutrient, as wogonin. You can also look at, for example, resveratrol, which comes in the skin of red grapes. But this is a very powerful tool that actually helps you explore all those pathways. Okay. So that’s what we were able to do with CytoSolve. We were able to map all that out.

Effect of Glucosamine on Joint Health

Now, when it comes to understanding the Glucosamine effect we took out of all those molecular mechanisms, we started looking at what were the real things that can affect joint health. And what we’re going to share with you here is those particular pathways, okay. So, here are the four mechanisms that are involved in joint health. Okay, inflammation, oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration, cartilage regeneration. We went over this and talked about how MSM really helps oxidative stress reduction. We talked about hyaluronic acid yesterday, to help improve cartilage regeneration, we talked about how chondroitin can lower cartilage degeneration, right. We talked about this, but what does Glucosamine do? And by the way, these are all pathways like inflammation has a whole bunch of pathways, oxidative stress has hit a whole bunch of molecular reactions. Cartilage has its reactions, and cartilage degeneration. So all of these mechanisms were able to analyse bioinformatics early but also computationally, and by the way, each one of these mechanisms has a particular variable. So inflammation we want to bring down, oxidative stress we want to bring down, cartilage degeneration we want to bring down, cartilage regeneration we want to bring up. That’s denoted by the green so each of these phenomena have different biological markers or biological components which are indicative of that. So, PG-2 is indicative of inflammation. Reactive oxygen species is indicative of oxidative stress. MMP-13 is indicative of cartilage degeneration. Cartilage regeneration and Collagen II we spoke about yesterday, how hyaluronic acid increases this. So when we look at Glucosamine’s effect on joint health. What this is what we’re finding from the bioinformatics analysis. So just to be clear, I want to just make this clear. CytoSolve does two kinds of analysis. One is looking at all the papers and seeing what they say. And then one is we extract out the molecular pathways mathematically model that’s called the computational so the first part now is we’re gonna look at the bioinformatics analysis of how Glucosamine works. Remember, we’re taking a Systems Approach, Glucosamine has a multiplicative effect and doesn’t just do one thing. Okay, so I like the blind man in nature, it does many things. So you have to be careful when you start playing with nature because you can have offsetting effects so here we’re seeing here is that Glucosamine affects three of the joint health mechanisms: oxidative stress, inflammation, cartilage degeneration. Glucosamine lowers oxidative stress. You see that that’s what the hammer means: the red hammer. This is in biology, lowers oxidative stress, it lowers inflammation, it lowers cartilage degeneration. By doing this, it makes sure you don’t get joint disease, right? You get joint health actually. Okay. So, these are the three mechanisms that we’re going to explore: how does Glucosamine reduce PG-2? How does it reduce ROS and how does it reduce MMP-13. So just to be clear, the research shows a Glucosamine doesn’t help you increase cartilage regeneration. It looks right now from the bioinformatics this helps you lower this. Okay, helps you lower this, let’s go a little bit deeper. So how does Glucosamine affect inflammation? Well, remember that IL-1b that I showed you that cytokine is what creates inflammation. And it does it in two ways, Glucosamine shows IL-1b uses this pathway NF-kB. So, IL-1b proinflammatory cytokines such as, activate p38 MAPK, right here on the left, and it also activates NF-kB. Okay? You don’t want these in your body okay. Meaning at high levels, and this will produce IL-8, and this produces NF-kB which produces COX-2 which gives PGE2. By the way, these are also to be clear, these are pathways related to cancer, okay, high inflammation, these variables are high in your body. Alright, so you want to be aware of that. So IL-1b produces this, this gives you inflammation, NF-kB then COX-2 PGE2 that gives you inflammation and you get joint disease.

What is Glucosamine, what comes in and blocks IL-1b. So, it stops the expression of p38. And it stops the expression of NF-kB and IL-8 and PGE2, both of these COX-2 is an enzyme they increase inflammation so boom, Glucosamine stops it right up front. Okay, it stops IL-1b This is how it reduces inflammation. Second thing is how does Glucosamine reduce oxidative stress? So, what is oxidative stress? Well, if you have oxidative stress is basically your body’s rusting. You know, its ageing, and oxidative stress is exhibited by a molecule called ROS reactive oxygen species. There’s a variety of reactive oxygen species not only one molecule, there’s a whole bunch of but what we can see here what Glucosamine does, it’s there are two things which create oxidative or reactive oxygen species. So under disease conditions, ROS is produced from NADPH Oxidase that’s an enzyme that produces it, (and whenever you see ‘ase’, that’s an enzyme) and electron transport chain in mitochondria. So your mitochondria are doing metabolism. Well, one of the aspects of running your engine just like you get, you know, smoke coming out, right out of the back or exhaust is reactive oxygen species. So excess ROS if it’s not cleaned up, will cause oxidative stress. And chronic oxidative stress leads to joint disease. So if you don’t have proper cleanup mechanisms in your body, you’re gonna get oxidative stress. What does Glucosamine do? It stops ROS so it stops from you getting joint disease. Alright, so that’s the second way that Glucosamine works right here, Glucosamine, stops the production of reactive oxygen species. So we’ve covered inflammation, oxidative stress, and let’s finish up with cartilage degeneration. We have seen from the research that we’ve done across all those papers, the inflammatory cytokine IL-1b, this is a hallmark of joint disease. Let me explain what that means. If you have IL-1b in your body, it’s, it’s like the indicator of joint disease. So, you can go to your doctor and you can talk to him about IL-1b, maybe even educate them. IL-1b is a big indicator of joint disease. So what you’re seeing is IL-1b gives rise to this p38 MAPK, but p38 just like it produces inflammation also produces MMP-13 and MMP-13 is what eats away your cartilage. This causes a catabolic effect. The good news is there are nutrients, Glucosamine is one of them, which stops IL-1b going to p38 and it and remember at MMP-13 degrades collagen, that’s the way this works in cartilage thereby promoting joint disease via loss of cartilage. And Glucosamine inhibits this activation leading to downregulation of MMP-13. Right. So I hope that helps. So that’s so right now, what we’re covering to everyone joining new is we’ve just covered using CytoSolve. We looked at all the literature and are finding that out of the four things that affect joint health, three of them, by informatics shows that the literature shows that glucosamine can lower inflammation, it can lower oxidative stress and can lowered lower cartilage degradation. Okay, now we’re going to move to using CytoSolve’s other capability, where we do all the rocket science of modelling all the molecular reactions of these mechanisms, and right now, we believe that Glucosamine affects these three things. Now we’re going to go deeper. By the way, all of this education is brought to you by CytoSolve’s analysis. I created CytoSolve, we help a lot of companies, or the last 16 years, I thought pharma would want to use this look at that eliminate animal testing, they could create less toxic products, they move very, very slow. I worked with a couple of them. We actually use CytoSolve to discover a 2 combination drug for pancreatic cancer, which we haven’t got FDA allowance, but my interest really is nutraceutical stuff that occurs in nature. So over the last 10 years, we’ve helped 100% are all the nutritional companies. But I’ll have some exciting news where we’ve actually used CytoSolve now because we have all these mathematical models, I have 10s of 1000s of mathematical models. We’ve done so much research, we said hey, instead of waiting for these new nutraceutical companies to fund us, and we got to get their business, why don’t I just fund our own development. And we have some very exciting news, a new product called mV25, mass times velocity mV for momentum, mV25. It’s the first time we’re unveiling this, the product is in manufacturing, so you can pre-order but I’ll get to it shortly.

But, the bioinformatics analysis we’ve done points to us that Glucosamine affects inflammation, oxidative stress and cartilage degradation, which means it lowers it. Now we’re going to do the computational analysis. And what does CytoSolve say of that? Okay, so here is looking at inflammation, remember PGE-2, on the y axis is. a marker of inflammation. Okay, so the literature said, Oh, PGE-2 a lower inflammation. So what we did is we said, okay, let’s give 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams over two days, and we’re doing this on the computer. Remember, we’re not killing animals here, we’re not doing dissections, we’re modelling those molecular pathways of inflammation, and we’re putting in Glucosamine, and we’re seeing what it does. And we were very conservative here. So what we’re saying is, if you have 14, you have a certain amount of nM of, of PGE-2 here, you can see as we get greater dosage of PGE-2, it doesn’t really seem to have that much effect on inflammation. So while the literature says that, our computational analysis says Glucosamine did not have a lot of effect on reducing inflammation, right. When we look at oxidative stress, we see something very different. So when we give that same dosage, 0 to 500 milligrams and we’re dosing it over two days, under controlled conditions, Glucosamine looks like it has a very powerful effect from 160 nM, we’re down to almost less than 150, let’s say 145 or something like that. So it’s almost as a 20% reduction right by 20%. in bringing down our 20% and bringing down the level of oxidative stress, and that’s only with about 20 250 to 500 milligrams over two days, we want it to be conservative. Okay, that’s what we see here. So, our research says glucosamine is a very powerful effect. Again, I hope everyone’s tracking, we did the bioinformatics research, but we don’t just want to believe the literature because we can model the molecular reactions, we can do our own powerful research here. Okay. Next, we’re looking at the effect of Glucosamine on cartilage degradation. Again, we do the same thing. So here we have a very high level of cartilage degradation 456, and we see as we dosage from 50 to 100, 200, milligrams and so on over two days, it also has an effect from 456 down to 450. So it’s not as profound as what happens with oxidative stress, it’s moderate. So we found it has low to moderate effect and cartilage degradation, okay. So in summary, it affects all these three but we did a little if you can see this we have, we do these little heat maps You can see there’s really no effect on inflammation. It has no effect on cartilage regeneration and has some moderate effect and card cartilage degradation, but it really helps reduce the oxidative stress. That’s what CytoSolve research shows. So if you were to look at this, it doesn’t do much for inflammation or analysis. It does a lot for oxidative stress. And okay for cartilage degeneration. Alright, so I hope that teaches you, right? And by the way, CytoSolve, we’re constantly adding new research. It’s like, it’s like your iOS operating system. So in the joint health space, we get new literature, we rerun molecular pathways. So when we determine something, we’re not like these guys saying, Oh, yeah, that’s it, the story’s over co2 produces co2 is bad, or this is the only way. As a science improves. So will CytoSolve.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So now I want to talk about a very powerful principle, a Systems Principle. Remember, I want all of you to become systems scientists, I want all of you to become political physicists. That’s why I want all of you to support our movement for Truth Freedom Health, go to vashiva/join. But you’ll find out that if we’re going to get what we want in life, it’s not just going to be just focusing on health, right? That’s what you know, one group of people, let’s say the earthy, crunchy granola people want to be healthy, they do yoga, that’s ‘Health’. Then over here are the 1A and 2A people, some people may call them conservatives who believe in a First Amendment, Second Amendment there for ‘Freedom’. And then over here you have the nerds, a scientist doing research and innovation, looking for ‘Truth’. And each one of those groups have typically been working on their own. Our movement for Truth Freedom Health says we got to bring it together, we got to have the Synergistic Principle. Because what synergy is, you understand Wow, I got to fight for freedom. I need the First Amendment, Second Amendment, because then I can do science to get to truth, and with truth, I can find out what really works, not just cherry pick. What we just did here with CytoSolve is really a scientific source of truth. And then we can find out what really is good for our health. So we’re finding here is Glucosamine, it’s not that great for inflammation, but it really helps with oxidative stress. That’s important to know. So if you’re trying to figure out what supplements to take, you’d say wow, hyaluronic acid that helps me regenerate cartilage. That’s what we found out yesterday. Oh, you know, Glucosamine, it helps attack the oxidative stress, right? MSM, it helps attack let’s say inflammation and I and then you know, the chondroitin helps block Cartilage degradation, well, maybe I need a bunch of these. You see? And so as a part of that, I want to end with showing you and I know you guys are writing and what about mV25, we are going to get to that.

So, the Synergy Principles, what I also teach in our classes is like, when I grew up, I used to see now my grandmother would not just put one in if she saw you had an ailment, she doesn’t just give you turmeric, okay to eat turmeric, okay. In traditional cultures, we learn food was medicine, food is medicine, because you’re not just getting one thing. You’re not getting a lot of one thing getting a lot of little pieces of many things. Curry powder, when you put curry powder, curry powder isn’t just one spice. It’s a bunch of spices. So let me give you this example. Suppose we’ve heard that resveratrol, which is a skin of red grapes, which the Italians drink a lot of wine that keeps them healthy and anti-inflammatory. Indians eat a lot of curry which is one of the main ingredients there’s turmeric, you know, studies have been done, which show that Indians get 1/3 to 1/3 less liver cancer than all of Asia because of the amount of turmeric they can consume. So we wanted to simulate. What about if you’re having a meal, you’re having some curry, Indian meal, eating lots of turmeric and you’re having some red wine. What will that do inside the body, the Synergy Principle so I can share that with you right here. So what we can do here is we can literally model that with CytoSolve. So I’ve taken curcumin, which is the active component and curcumin, the outer circle is a cell wall, the inner circles a nuclear wall. All these little balls and lines are all those chemical reactions. And then I’ve thrown in curcumin into the soup of what’s going on in your body which causes inflammation, the simulated inflammation you can see how curcumin stopped some of these pathways that I do the same thing with resveratrol. Then I say what happens if I have my curry and my red wine and then using CytoSolve I can mathematically model that the far right column is a variable. It’s a cytokine. You don’t want this, this high, but when it’s the side point when five you have inflammation, no curcumin, no resveratrol, okay, see that row. Then I just give curcumin by the way I’m doing this on the computer. No animals were hurt in this experiment. 5 units of curcumin, I lower inflammation .15 to .05. I give 5 units of resveratroI lower inflammation .05 to .06 it’s not as good as curcumin, but pretty good. And then look what happens when I do the synergy. I reduce curcumin from 5 to 3 By 40%, and I reduce resveratrol by 60%. And bang, it goes down by another 200%. This is called the synergy Synergistic Principle, very powerful. This is why food is medicine. This is why in traditional cultures, the art of culture was over 1000s of years, they said, Oh, you know, let’s always add curry, to fish and meats, and etc, it became a medicine. And by the way, curry is turmeric, and coriander and ginger and cumin. It’s a lot of different herbs, and every village will tweak their combination, because, you know, everyone has genetic differences, right? Very, very powerful. So what I want to share with you is, what we’ve done is over the last several years, we have all these algorithms, we’ve created computer models of diseases, inflammation and pain and joint, we said, Why don’t we look at all the different things that are out there for reducing pain and inflammation and soreness and discomfort. And we applied CytoSolve. And we have discovered, I’m pleased to let you know, we’ve discovered two ingredients. And we went through trillions of molecular reaction combinations, to find the right combination, which will reduce, you know, the effects of soreness, discomfort, etc. And, and that we put into our first product, which is going to come out very soon. I think last time I did this, I think tons of orders came in. So it’s the we Luckily, we’re ordering a lot of it based on your feedback, but it’s called mV25. And let me share that with you. So here’s mV25. So mV25 is the first product we’re creating out of CytoSolve systems while you approach by the way, that’s a front label of the product. You notice we’re not taking some new age view, we’re not taking a pharmaceutically view, we’re taking a Systems Biology view, says Dr. Shiva, system scientist, systems biologist, mV In physics, mass times velocity means momentum, momentum to move. And it’s CytoSolve optimized. Okay, what does that mean? So on the back of the label, it says that it says Dr. Shiva, mV25 was formulated using the CytoSolve computational Systems Biology platform. (All of you are now experts on this) technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating 1000s of peer reviewed scientific paper, just like we just did with a joint health, 4 decades, across 4 decades in 68 research institutions and computing trillions of potential trillions of potential combinations of bio molecular interactions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling. CytoSolve, optimized,  that’s what we have on the front. What does that mean? That means this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits, and bioavailability, while minimizing toxicity based on current research, as science advances so will, this formulation, this is our promise. So what do I mean by that? What I mean by that is that we want to take a very honest approach, science is constantly changing, new science will come what we are doing. And by the way, if you go to the health food store, so you see all these products, you go to them. Oh, how did you come up with that formulation? Well, I read a paper, you know, and that’s they don’t, technology like CytoSolve did not exist. So we have an unfair advantage here, unfair advantage against pharma, unfair advantage against a lot of the nutraceutical companies. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of guys who get together marketing weenies, and they just put stuff together and they just market it and they just market out of it here. We’re not taking the marketing approach, we’re starting Bottoms-up. Like we want to build a bottoms-up movement, and the issue is, let’s really look at all the science put together the molecular interactions, and we’re telling you that tomorrow with new science comes, we may reformulate and that’s what we want to do, we don’t want to be stuck in the 15th century like Fauci is telling everyone to do, you know, particular, you know, a protocol, which is based on 100 year old science. Here, we know science is constantly changing, we want to use that. So mV25. That’s what we mean by that promise that we have, and we can make that promise because science is changing. And on the other side of the bottle, it’s you know, it’s a, the capsule is, you know, hemicellulose vegetarian, it’s clean food certified. And what we do is, you know, my goal is, I want to support people and this goes to support the movement for Truth Freedom Health, which is your movement. We have to build a bottoms-up movement. So that’s mV25.


Oh, how do you get it hold on. I always forget to do this, but let me show you where you get it. So if you want to go to Let me go here go to Go to our website. And you’ll notice by the way, I want people to sign up to become a warrior. If you go to, there’s a whole facility for you to support our movement. We’re building our own hardware infrastructure network, your contributions, help support our research. And when you support us, you know, those of you, you don’t have to contribute anything, you get access to some basic tools. But if you can contribute $100 or more, I want to support you to get access to all the entire Truth Freedom Health warrior training program, please do that. That’s for you. And if you want to just be a supporter, you can do that just get the book and the tool. But if you want to get mvV25, right on the top, there’s this little button called shop. And we should really expand this you guys have asked us to do that. We’ll put more products up here. But here’s mV25, right here in the shop, and you click on mV25. And it’ll take you where you can add it to your cart, and you can shop. So preorder now it’s going to go pretty quickly. But this is mV25. It’s got all the stuff here on it, you can research it, it’s got the different the back of the bottle, the front of the bottle, everything’s right here for you to enjoy. So anyway, I wanted to share that with you. It’s very exciting because for years I’ve helped others and people said, Shiva “Why don’t you do your own stuff instead of waiting for the other guys” always teaching others what to do. So that’s what we’ve done it we really took your feedback, but our movement for Truth Freedom Health, we have the technology infrastructure, so you can build community, we have the educational infrastructure, and then we’re going to support you and one of the things we’re gonna do is when people become Truth Freedom Health warriors, as our products are coming out, people also get discounts. We also people have said, Hey, I want to be able to promote and resell your products. And we’re thinking that through. But the bottom line is we’re creating our own movement for Truth Freedom Health. Va Shiva provides that infrastructure. It is a technology scientific, educational, community, infrastructure, and it’s yours. The only way we’re going to defeat Election Fraud, the only way we’re going to win Medical Freedom, the only way we’re going to get Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food is not by politicians. It’s by us building a bottoms-up movement, finding technologies like CytoSolve using tools like System Health. And that’s what this is about. So I hope you all take advantage of it. Someone says you know we know how to treat illnesses without going to the doctor because many of us don’t have money to pay for that. But we count on natural remedies. Exactly. My grandmother was a local healer. She worked 16 hours in the field. People couldn’t afford, you know, to go to a doctor and etc. in that small village. She would observe your face and she would figure out what was right for you. Right medicine, for the right person, at the right time.

So remember, here’s your homework assignment for everyone. Support this movement for Truth Freedom Health and become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Every Monday evening, I run the course. It’s not like a video thing. You’re listening to this video. I run it. You get to have a chat. We have interaction sessions, you know through chat. But it’s a three hour course all of you will learn the science of systems. That is how you figure out what’s right for your body. That’s what you figure out how we build political movements all interrelated. The science of systems can help you How to Win Truth Freedom Health, it can help you figure out how your body is a system. And this knowledge took me 40-50 years to develop. And it’s here you can’t get it anywhere else. And we want to build a community around this. We want to train people to Learn, Teach and Serve. So please join the movement for Truth Freedom Health. Now I expect a lot of you to see you in class on Monday, by the way, dude every Monday evening, but sign up become a Truth Freedom Health warrior, and those of you who are interested in mV25 go to the shop or the shop and order it okay. I want to do something later tonight. On another topic of this whole thing with Andrew Cuomo tomorrow, I wanted to do it yesterday, but we still didn’t finish it. But tomorrow, we’re gonna have a big day tomorrow to talk about in the evening, afternoon evening about how we get Clean Elections and keep an eye on anyway, support the movement for Truth Freedom Health it’s your movement, get educated or be enslaved. And let me finish with our great video. And I wish everyone well. And by the way to go here you just go to You click on join Dr. Shiva right up on top and the videos right there share this with your friends.

A SYSTEMS approach provides a comprehensive method to understand connections among the parts of any system to elicit the scientific truth across ALL systems.

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