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Chondroitin is a Potent Anti-Oxidant and Chondroprotective Agent Based on CytoSolve Analysis of 27,903 Research Articles, Spanning 74 Years that Include 429 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational analysis for Chondroitin Sulfate
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach by distilling nearly 27,903 research articles, 429 clinical trials, spanning over 74 years of medical research on Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Chondroitin is a polysaccharide and enhances the shock absorbing properties of collagen in the cartilage, and has no known side effects or adverse reactions
  • The 3 biological effects of Chondroitin from bioinformatics review: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and chondropotective (meaning protects cartilage)
  • With funding from University Health Network of Canada, CytoSolve has created the human knee explorer for Osteoarthritis

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Welcome everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, we’re going to be having a discussion today on Chondroitin Sulfate, it’s part of our Joint Health Series. We had a number of people write in for me to talk about different kinds of ingredients related to joint health. By the way, those of you who may not know, we are also going to be having a series of meetings starting next week, that we want to have everyone’s involvement. It’s going to be a pledge, a petition, an activity of how we start getting clean elections in our local communities.

We’re going to be meeting with our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors this evening, and you’re going to be seeing a lot of news coming out. But with all the work that I’ve been involved in both as a Senate candidate, as a mathematician, as an inventor, and a scientist who got involved in this, I’ve come up with a practical way that everyone can become active. So they’re not just spectators, for those people want to do that. So we want to get everyone active and doing that. So that’s going to be coming up. You’re going to see a launch of that tomorrow. We’re having a meeting with our people, but it’s something practical that everyone can do nationally, do internationally, because these voting machines are everywhere. It’s the real issue that the Republicans and the Democrats and the left and the right, do not want to go after because it’s going to expose how we actually have selections. We don’t have elections, we actually have selections. Those people get elected, either they’re not a threat, or they’re elected because or those people are selected because they serve the establishment.

Today’s talk is going to be in our series of health talks, and this evening at 9pm, I’m going to give a talk on the gentlemen, Dr. Mike McDonald, who was involved in the Challenger disaster. He was the one who called it out and was vilified for doing that, so I’m going to honor him by giving a talk this evening.

Today’s talk is going to be about Chondroitin Sulfate and joint health, I’m going to take a molecular systems biology approach. Again, the intention here is to educate people on a systems approach to understanding the world. The science of systems is what I’m dedicated to teaching everyone. I’m dedicated to applying it and research I’m dedicated to teaching people how to get activated on it. But the science of systems is at the heart of all sciences. And I can educate people about the science of systems in literally about three hours, it’s taking an MIT education and distilling it in a very potent way. And I do that every Monday evening those of you who are interested can go to to learn more about it. So, we take that same systems approach to actually understand molecular systems at the deep level. Let’s go into this. I want to bring up the slide here, which is really going to talk about that. Over here, you will see that Chondroitin Sulfate is what we’re gonna be talking about.


We’re going to cover first of all the background. Those of you who are new to this, I’m going to discuss why we need to take a Systems Approach, what that is, how this ties into not only biology, but our Movement for Truth Freedom Health®. Then we’re gonna give a little bit of background on Chondroitin Sulfate, we’re going to discuss, describe in that context, how we use the technology I created, CytoSolve®, to actually do computational analysis, which means using the computer without killing animals to understand our copyright works, and then we’re going to go to look at understand joint health. Then we’re going to look at the effects of Chondroitin Sulfate on joint health and then we’re gonna look at the principle of synergy, and then we’ll talk about dosage.

Let’s jump right in. First of all, those of you who are new to the program here, my life has really been dedicated to taking a Systems Approach. If you go to, you’ll find out all the different kinds of inventions and engineering efforts I’ve been involved in, be it creating the first system for Email in the world, which was emails, really not the exchange of text messages as a system as we know it today. Next thing I want to talk about is that CytoSolve® is the other technology I created for my PhD work, which if email is the electronic version of the interoffice mail system, then CytoSolve® is the electronic version of the molecular communication system.

When we look at Chondroitin Sulfate, if you look at the articles here, this is quite well researched. Yesterday I did MSM, methylsulfonylmethane. Today, we’re going to look at Chondroitin Sulfate but there’s nearly 27,903 research articles, that’s a lot of research. Close to 20,000 articles written on Chondroitin, very well researched, nearly 429 clinical trials, over 74 years of medical research. So it’s a well researched therapeutic molecule. This is a little bit different than we talked about yesterday. Some of you may know, we talked about MSM, which had about 693 articles written on it, but chondroitin has close to 27,000 articles, nearly an order of magnitude or more, of 40 times more research has been done on Chondroitin Sulfate. But the issue is, how do you handle all of this research? Does anyone here actually have time to go through all of this? What we’re able to do with CytoSolve®, was we were able to look at all of that research, distil it, and do what we call a bioinformatics approach to that research.

First, we’re able to really understand what is in that research, get the relevant papers, and I’ll show you the process that we take inside to solve it. This is the technology capability I built. So we’re able to take in a field, all of those papers, from those papers, figure out the relevant studies. In this case, we’re looking at, let’s say humans, and then we’re able to extract from these little ball and stick diagrams called molecular pathways, build an architecture of it, and then integrate it to present the bioinformatics. And with CytoSolve®, we’re also able to do computational analysis, which means we’re actually going to understand what occurs at the molecular level. And I’ll talk more about that.

So CytoSolve® was a way without killing animals, we were able to take bodies of research and understand what’s going on at the molecular level, very different from how big pharma works. This is by the way, very different than what we call the reductionist approach that takes place in in the world of unfortunately reductionist science where, if the elephant for example represents the whole, let’s say the elephant represents a disease like Alzheimer’s or cancer, or how does Chondroitin Sulfate work. The problem is, in medical research today, biologists work on little pieces of the puzzle. You can win a Nobel prize just like the blind men touching the elephant here, just for studying the tail, or studying the foot or studying the side of the elephant or the tusk. So biological research incentivizes people to understand components, but it doesn’t incentivize people until 2003, to take a Systems Approach to understanding the body. So this is my field of research. But you can see this is the story of the blind men touching different parts of the elephant, and if they ever got together, this would be unfortunate. This is what you think the elephant looks like a snake connected to a fan connected to a house connected to a spear, connected with a rope connected to a bunch of tree trunks. But this is what happens when you take a non systems approach, you take a reductionist approach.

Our goal at VA Shiva is to educate around 50,000 people this year, on a Systems Approach to understanding existence for that matter, understanding about how your body works, be it how your electronic voting machines work, be it how your political systems work. So there is a fundamental science that you can understand. That’s why at the bottom of this, you see it scrolling, “go to vashiva/join,” because my goal is to use this technology I’ve created to educate around 50,000 people. That’s the number we’re going to need to create a bottoms-up movement not relying on Democrats or Republicans, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump or all these guys, because ultimately, they always bring us back into the Republican, Democrat dialectic.

Systems Approach

So what is a Systems Approach? I talk more deeply about it in my Monday night courses, but for those of you who are new, this is what a Systems Approach is, and this is where it evolved from for me. I’ve always had a deep interest in Health and Science, and when I finished up MIT, this was the way we looked at the body. The bottom line is, when you look at this slide here, this is one way to look at the human body, which is genes and proteins, and and and metabolites and regulatory motifs, and functional modules and large scale organization. You get a PhD in biology for looking at the world like this, this is the western view of looking at the world.

There’s another way to look at the world. Another way to look at the world is to look at it from the way my grandmother or traditional systems of medicine looked at it. They looked at it as this world where you had the human body, which is composed of tissues, which had these energy forces called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Space, air, fire, water, sattva, rajas. This is the system of medicine known as Siddha and Ayurveda. This is the issue that I was very deeply interested in. I saw my grandmother use the system on the right to heal people, and I also recognized the power of Western medicine, because I’ve studied this as well as this. And the issue was, is there a connection between those both, because if we can understand the connection between East and West, my theory was, we could solve a lot of problems, because today, there’s some amazing formulations in the Eastern medicine, there’s amazing opportunities in western medicine. But each side has been looking at each side like this, and no one really looks at the whole.

So when I finished my PhD in 2007, I headed back to India to see if I could find the missing link between Eastern and Western medicine, and I had a big breakthrough. And the breakthrough was that what I discovered, and by the way, this was on the front page of MIT. So when I went back to MIT, the goal was, when I won the Fulbright award, to study the interconnection of Eastern and Western medicine. MIT featured this on the front page in 2007, saying, “Hey, we got a guy with four degrees at MIT. But he wants to go back to India, to understand the interconnection between Eastern and Western medicine.” To them, I think they said, “you should be starting your next company.”  But my intention in going back was could I find the interconnection between these two systems of medicine. And what I discovered was the following. We discuss this more in the course, but what I discovered was that all systems in the universe consist of transport, conversion and storage. This is what you would learn in general systems theory if you took a class at MIT. But I had learned this for many, many years across all those four engineering degrees. But I also had learned Eastern systems of medicine and, and the realization I came to was transport, conversion and storage, are directly related to Vata, Pitta, Kapha. This is how my grandmother looked at the world. Vata is transport; Pitta, is conversion; and storage is really Kapha. So this was a major breakthrough, because I was able to link, at a systems level, Eastern and Western medicine. When I got back to the United States, I created a course, a curriculum called Systems Health®.

And Systems Health® is a course I used to teach at MIT, I used to teach at the Chopra Center, would earn a lot of money doing this, but I made it very, very affordable for everyone now because I didn’t want to be in the lecture circuit, only giving this course to the few people who have disposable income. That’s the market that Deepak Chopra goes at. I could have made a ton of money doing that, but I actually wanted to reach a broader audience because I felt what I had found was something that everyone could use; a medical doctor could use it, or nurse could use it, a chiropractor, naturopath, housewife, anyone who’s interested in health, because with this approach, they start understanding the body from a Systems Approach and using a language that everyone could appreciate. So, that was really the birth of system self.

There’s a tool I created, called Your Body Your System® from this research, which helps you ask yourself a certain set of questions. Here, you can answer a set of questions, and you can figure out what kind of system you are, that’s the red dot, then you can figure out how you’re off course, that’s the black dot. And then you can figure out how particular foods can bring you back. I did a lot of mathematical analysis to figure this out, food, supplements, exercise, so everything is codifying here. Now, obviously, you can use this System’s Approach to understand your own health, but more importantly, you can answer a set of questions to understand your body as a system, and then you can then understand how your body is off course. And this is a tool, Your Body Your System®. And then you can understand how food, supplement, they bring you back on course. I spent about 15 years developing this tool to make it really, really easy. Now, you also can get certifications, you can get the Masters Certification, you can get many, many different programs extremely affordable for everyone. So I was doing this for years, Systems Health®, and then there’s a ton of courses you can take, you can actually get all the books included with it, it’s very generous what you get. And then you can actually have a tool that you can use to learn, teach and serve others, you can get certified.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement

More recently, I created a course for everyone to use called Foundations of Systems®, which is the core of our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Training Course. And in this course, you learn the Foundations of Systems®, you understand how your body is a system. But more importantly, not only do you understand the relation between transport, conversion and storage, which is the science of everything, but you also understand that Truth Freedom Health are directly related.

We give scholarships, we’ve made it very affordable to where your training program is only $100. I used to sell this for about $2500 bucks. The book, and the Your Body Your System® is $25. And if you just want to support the thing you can just get on as a member. But what we have done is we’ve shown that the same energies that control your body are also translated into truth, freedom and health, which is no different than transport, conversion and storage. So that became the basis of the Truth Freedom Health® Movement.

In summary, what I’m trying to share with you here is that there is a science, there is a science to understanding every system in the world. And once you understand that science, you can figure out pretty much everything. But without that scientific understanding, you will always be, frankly, lost. Because you will not understand there is a foundational system that ties everything together in the universe, be it your body, your political system, your electronic voting machines, all of them. So that is what I’ve created for everyone. And it’s really a systems based approach to understand your body. It’s a systems based approach to understand how your health works. It’s a systems based health of your infrastructure, health of your political systems. So imagine learning one science that helps you figure out what the problem is in a political system, what the problem is in your body, what the problem is with your computer. So that’s what I’ve created. In literally, in about three hours, I teach every Monday evening. And then we also have it online. And I’ll show you some of those tools. Anyone can learn this. So before I go on, I’m just going to play the video that I normally do, because it really ties in what I’m talking about in a much more profound and succinct way.

Alright, so that gives you the background. We’ll come back to this, but the essence of life, you’ll understand particularly what occurred around 2003 when the Human Genome Project ended, was that we recognized that it’s not the number of parts in a system that make it complex. We went into the Human Genome Project thinking that the difference between us and a worm was a number of genes. And it turned out, we only have the same number of genes as a worm. So it’s not the number of parts. It’s the interconnections. So that’s really what systems are about. And without taking a Systems Approach, you’re, frankly, screwed in the modern world, because the modern world is a complex system of systems. And without that system’s knowledge, what’s going to happen, what is happening, it’s very easy for con men to fool people.

If you look at the eagle, the American Eagle, it’s got two shoulders, right, left; one is the Republicans and one is the Democrats. And it’s got the wings, which keep it aloft, which keep people embedded into the Republican and Democrat, elites. One is on the left, the not-so-obvious-establishment, people like Bernie Sanders and the AOC’s, who talk a good game that brings students and so-called radicals into them, but ultimately, they’re really not revolutionaries or radicals. They are wings of the establishment, because they ultimately bring people back back into the establishment. You can look at the recent election, you can see so-called revolutionaries, right radicals like AOC endorsing Biden, people like Bernie endorsing Biden and Hillary. So, these people aren’t revolutionaries. It’s all a myth. On the right, we’ve seen more recently, you have your talk show hosts like Tucker Carlson. He’s a complete scumbag in many ways. He’s a little white boy, rich white boy, that’s what he is. He’s not everyday working class people, white or black. He’s your rich man, who is a grifter, who will just say enough to make you, act like he’s concerned and smirk. That’s what he did for the last four years, and he’ll continue to do that. Now we have Trump, also. Trump does not want people to break from the Republican Party. Just like Bernie, he will attack the RNC, keep this dialectic going, but ultimately, to keep people attached to the establishment. This is a system’s approach. And without this System’s Approach, what will happen is you will think these two parties are different when they’re not.

So a Systems Approach will help you understand the difference between a Systems Approach, which is what we’re doing, and what they’re doing, which is to keep you as part of the WWF wrestling. So when I discuss at the biological systems level, I take a Systems Approach, when I discuss election fraud, I take a Systems Approach. And that’s what I want to teach you. Our goal is to educate you because this knowledge does not exist anywhere. The Systems Approach to understanding the world, interconnecting it, is what my life has been about. And we’ve consolidated into a program that anyone can afford, anyone can contribute to, anyone can be a part of, and we’ve put it in our own infrastructure. And so as a part of that, what I wanted to share with you is that infrastructure means that we don’t have to rely on Big Tech. This infrastructure is on our own platform, no one can pick us off, no one is going to kick us off.

So here on the platform, which is a technology platform for Truth Freedom Health®, you can get educated, you can build community, and you can get activated, and that’s at So when you log in, we give you, we’re very generous in the amount of capabilities and all of this is running in our, so we have featured videos and premium videos, these are things that we won’t get kicked off Facebook, but number one is to get educated. So there’s a Foundations of Systems Course Portal, when you log in, you’ll actually understand this diagram. This could take you two to three years at MIT to understand this diagram, but in one hour, I’ll teach this to you. But this is the science of everything. This is a science of systems. So I want everyone to learn this. Without this you basically don’t even have the scientific skills to understand how the universe or the system political systems work. Let me be very clear, you may be a good person, you may be passionate about politics, just like you may be a good person you may be passionate about flying doesn’t mean you know how to build an aeroplane. You may be passionate, you may love bridges doesn’t mean you know how to build a bridge. Building a bridge, building a movement, there is a nuclear physics, there is a science, and that is what I’m dedicated to teaching. Because without understanding that science, one day, you’re going to vote for Bernie, one day Obama, one day Trump, you’re going to fall into this nonsense. And it’s very easy to get caught into this nonsense.

But the issue first of all begins with us setting our goal, where is it we want to go. And this science is what you will learn literally in about an hour through the course. Then the next thing is you’ll actually get access to that tool I told you about Your Body Your System will help you understand your body as a system. Next, the other thing is you’ll actually get access to a whole bunch of ebooks. These are books that are out there. They sell for a lot more money than you can get here. But it’s the Systems Revolution book, you get three other books, where you understand how you can apply systems principles to your life, your body, it’s really the science of everything that I give you a whole bunch of research papers to which we used to sell to large organizations for 1000’s of dollars that’s included, and also the scientific basis.

Not only do you get all this education, but the other thing you get is, I want you to build community. So we have created our own forum. In the forum, people are writing articles, people are actually having discussions, these are different discussion forums, no one’s going to kick you off. This is on the Truth Freedom Health® Platform. And then finally, we’ve created our own social media. So here’s Marie creating her own account here, and then she can join groups, you can interact with people, bottom line, you can get, build community, and then you can get activated. Activated means we have tools, flyers, leaflets, for example, here’s something you can educate your neighbors about oral health, and how masks affect oral health. So you are not beholden to it. And you can print these cards out, this is the front, it says “Masks and Oral Health,”the back of it has the science.  We have about 200,000, our volunteers have printed this out. Our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. There’s one on how you can make people aware of the risks of masks, for example, and connected to oral health and well being. But it’s from a scientific approach, not from a left or right, pro mask, anti max mask approach. And then you can also look at the effective immune systems, right, it’s really not about pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, it’s about boosting immunity. So you can understand the science as well as the public health implications. And then you can use these.

And by the way, the Warrior Program is accessible to everyone, for those who contribute, for those who want to just start at a lower level of education, and then those who want to be a member. So please take advantage of this. And I say this, because again, I can’t overemphasize without this Systems Approach, there’s literally a lack of understanding of what’s going on. And that’s where we’re at today, because without the Systems Approach, it’s very, very easy for the establishment to take advantage of good people. And that is, in fact, what they do, and the way they take advantage of people is to push the left right there.

So we need to take a Systems Approach. That’s the bottom line without a Systems Approach, we will be in this left right narrative. So when we look at any medicine or, or the effect of a particular ingredient on a large molecular system, we’re taking that same Systems Approach. And because ultimately, you’re going to realize this has a lot to do with what is called synergy. So let’s jump back in and go back to the application here.

Chondroitin Sulfate

So what we want to do is we want to talk about Chondroitin Sulfate now. So what is Chondroitin sulfate? Chondroitin sulfate is a supplement that you can buy at Whole Foods. You can buy it anywhere you want, in most supplement stores, Amazon etc. It’s a polysaccharide consisting of repeating disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid as well as N-Acetyl-Galactosamine. So here is the Chondroitin part and here is the sulfate part. The reason this is called chondroitin is that it has two points, two parts here. The S-OOO group is a sulfate portion over here, and this is the chondroitin part connected by this oxygen bridge over here. But it’s a polysaccharide, related to certain types of sugars, in some sense, and it enhances the sharp, shock absorbing properties of collagen in the cartilage. If you look at your cartilage in your shoulders and your knees, it really enhances shock absorbing properties, and it’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief of joint pain and to protect cartilage. And there’s no known side effects or adverse effects, and this is from the distillation of the research that we did through the bioinformatics review of CytoSolve®.

So you can see this is what the molecule looks like. What’s cool about these molecules is they actually have these wonderful structures. It’s fascinating studying them from a chemistry standpoint. So Chondroitin sulfate, what’s the source? There are three sources. First of all, 21 Daltons is the measure of the molecular weight, the trachea of bovine, which means literally the trachea, which means the throat. Second, you can get it from pig trachea. Notice it’s a little bit higher of a molecular weight. Third, you can get it from the chicken keel bones. Keel bones, also from chicken. So there’s three different sources of it. If you’re ever eating chicken bones, the ends of it, some cultures eat that, some cultures make soup out of that, great source of Chondroitin sulfate.

Now, the biological effects of chondroitin. There are three that we have found from the bioinformatics review: anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, free radical scavenging, and chondroprotective, which means it protects cartilage. Those are the three things that we found from distilling all of those 26,000 papers that I talked about. So when you look at all of those papers, we found out that at minimum, Chondroitin has been shown, when you really look at all those papers, it’s anti inflammatory, it’s antioxidant, which means it eats up those free radical scavengers, and is chondroprotective, which means it protects your cartilage very, very valuable, so you don’t get cartilage degeneration. We’ll come back to this, but this is the bioinformatics research we did before we did what we’ll call the computational work, and CytoSolve® has the capability to do both.

These are the biological benefits, these are the health benefits. It improves cartilage regeneration, improves physical function and reduces pain and joints. It promotes eye healing after cataract surgery, this was some very good research that was done. It prevents dry eyes, and it relieves gastritis. You can see it has a number of approaches here. And I think what’s interesting to note here is, you notice that these are all animal sources, and it’s an interesting nutrient, because I have yet to find a place where you can get this from non animal sources. So something interesting to look at.


Now CytoSolve® has the ability to literally revolutionize what we’re doing throughout the entire development process. For example, if you look at drugs, they’re made in a very dumb way. First of all, a pharmaceutical compound is something that does not occur in nature, it’s a synthetic compound. So pharmaceutical companies make up a compound, then they test it in a test tube, that’s called in vitro, then they kill a bunch of animals that’s called in vivo, this takes around six years, then they, if they got announced by the FDA goes through phase one, phase two, phase three, then the drug comes out $5,000,000,000, 13 years of investment. Now the problem is look what’s going on to pharma. They spend more and more and more on R&D, less and less of their drugs are actually being allowed by the FDA because of the side effects. So this entire business model is failing. And this is why I want to point people out to the fact that pharmaceutical companies, the reason they’re entering the new market of therapies, is because the old pharmaceutical market is going downhill, so they need the modern vaccine market as their new source of profit. It’s very, very important to understand so that’s what we can take away from this. So when we looked at this model, we realized this was a very dumb way to produce, aAnd when I looked in 2003, when we found out we have the same number of genes as a worm, it turns out that if we want to understand the whole body’s just not about the genes, we have to figure out a way to mathematically model the whole human cell. It’s not just the genes. It’s all these chemical reactions. So that was my invention where I could take these biological pathways and convert them to models. And with CytoSolve®, I figured out a way to glue them all together, to put it simply. So CytoSolve® is a way to eliminate a lot of the, PETA people will like this, CytoSolve® was a way to eliminate animal testing.

So that was in 2007 when I created it Between 2007 and the next five years, I wrote a lot of research papers in the major journals in the world validating it, and then we spent a ton of time trying to find out who would want to buy this. We thought the stupid pharma guys would want us to help eliminate animal testing, figure out all their problems long before they occur, but they actually move slow and they were afraid of CytoSolve®, and I didn’t really care for them. But those few companies that use this were able to validate the power. All of the organizations we work for today are nutraceutical companies, because they seem really intent on recognizing there’s a lot of snake oil, there’s a lot of snake oil, even in the nutraceutical market, and CytoSolve® can help figure out what that is.

So what CytoSolve® allows us to do is, we can actually use the engine of CytoSolve® to understand, computationally, what’s going on. And so it’s a whole platform we’ve created, we can mine the literature, we can mathematically model it, we bring in the research community, we published papers on this, but fundamentally CytoSolve® can help us take this entire new way of taking lots of compounds, natural compounds, testing it long before we do animal testing, much like how we build an airplane today, we don’t just throw the pilot in, we do all of it on the computer. So we take a systems view of joint health.

What we’ve done is, just to repeat, we took every molecular pathway, every paper ever written about joint health in the universe up until the end of last year. And we took all of them. And from that we extracted every molecular pathway, this for Osteoarthritis, and we interconnected them together. And then what we did was instead of just giving it to a few labs, we published it in an open science model so everyone in the world can now use this research. It’s called Open Science. It’s a lot of work on us, we were funded by a foundation and the University Health Network of Canada to do it, but what I’m pleased to say is we have created a service that any scientist in the world, any citizen in the world can use this tool. So I’m very proud of it. Let me share this with you. And this is really what we call the human knee explorer of osteoarthritis.

So if you go to, everyone here can have access to this. If you look at the human knee from a systems approach, the human knee is composed of seven different tissues: osteophytes, immune cells, cartilage, synovial tissue, meniscus, fat pad, and subchondral bone. With our tool, you can find out all the different cells that are part of the synovial tissue, and then you can drill down and see the ligands in it, and you can go down that way. You can also go back and for example, since we’re interested in cartilage, cartilage is what gets destroyed so, by the way, I wrote all the code here, I still do a lot of engineering work, I love doing this. But cartilage is composed of chondrocytes. Chondrocytes contain ligands, those things that interact with the chondrocytes. And when you go here, the ligands, which are the particles that can land on the cell surface, can include many different things. You probably heard of cytokines and cytokine storms, here are different cytokines, one of them being IL-1b. When you look at IL-1b, what we’ve mapped out, this is just one molecule.

The green here is a cytokine, an inflammatory cytokine, and you can see all the different molecules that IL-1b upregulates. So for example, here’s a molecule which I looked at yesterday called MMP-13. MMP-13 causes cartilage degeneration, the catabolic effect. Then when you go into here, we can literally go right into this, and we can bring up the actual molecular reaction, say, when IL-1b interacts to cause MMP 13. We’ve then mapped out all the different ingredients, natural ingredients, which can stop this. For example, here’s ginseng. You can see here, when I clicked on this particular link, it brings up the actual paper. We’ve mapped out nearly 20,000 papers, and extracted out their molecular mechanisms. You can also see resveratrol, which appears in red wine, also inhibits IL-1b. So the bottom line is, we’ve created the first molecular systems architecture of human knee osteoarthritis in the world, but instead of keeping it to ourselves, and just trying to make money off of it all day long and screwing everyone else, we’ve made this accessible to the entire world. This is what we call open science, so that tool is available to everyone to use.

Joint Health

Using that tool, we identified the critical molecular mechanisms that are involved in joint health, and what we discovered was that there are a couple of major mechanisms: inflammation, oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration and cartilage regeneration, four different things. So if you’re looking for a supplement, and you want to supplement that really helps joint health, it should hit all of these. Now, the problem is that some of the ingredients only do a few of them. Yesterday, we talked about MSM, and the literature says it affects inflammation, oxidative stress. Our research shed is really good for oxidative stress, the computational work. So today, and by the way, there’s mechanisms for inflammation, there’s mechanisms for oxidative stress, there’s mechanisms for cartilage degeneration, and these are all these molecular pathways. We have integrated all of those and mathematically modeled them. And then for each one of these pathways, there are different biomarkers. So for example, PGE-2 is a biomarker of inflammation. If you have inflammation in your body, you’re gonna have a high level of this, if you have oxidative stress, you’re gonna have a high level of ROS. If you have cartilage degeneration, you’re gonna have a high level of MMP-13. And if you have cartilage regeneration, you want Collagen II. So let me just be clear. Molecular mechanisms in your body are directly related to biomarkers. This is why when you get a blood test done, they’re actually looking at particular molecules. Those molecules are indicative of whether a particular molecular machinery in your body is running right. So, with CytoSolve®, we’re able to identify them and interconnect them. So that’s what we’ve done here.

Effect of Chondroitin Sulfate on Joint Health

What we’re showing you here, is we’ve interconnected these molecular pathways, and we can now go and do a detailed computational analysis on them. So here we can take CytoSolve® and we can look at the effect of Chondroitin sulfate. So bioinformatically, which is when we look at the literature, what do we find? Chondroitin sulfate affects three things. It definitely, according to the literature analysis, affects oxidative stress, cartilage degeneration and cartilage regeneration. So here’s Chondroitin sulfate, here’s joint disease, you have cartilage regeneration. Look at this, Chondroitin sulfate, the green shows it positively affects it. The red with the hammer on it means it stops oxidative stress and stops cartilage degeneration. So in summary, it has the effect of stopping this, stopping this and supporting this. How does it do that? Well, the literature shows that Chondroitin sulfate on oxidative stress increases this molecule called Nrf-2. Nrf-2 is a molecule, Chondroitin activates this molecule. And look at this, this is very powerful, Nrf-2 promotes Glutathione Peroxidase, which is a powerful anti antioxidant, Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase. These three things destroy oxidative stress, which means block it, they inhibit it, which means the oxidative stress to reactive oxygen species isn’t going to eat up your cartilage. So that’s what’s important is that oxidative stress is what you don’t want to have going on in your body. There are these scavengers called reactive oxygen species. You’re basically rusting. So, what Chondroitin does, it blocks the major pathways from doing that. Very, very powerful.

So let’s go back. So that’s one very powerful use of Chondroitin sulfate. The next thing is, Chondroitin sulfate if you remember, we talked about IL-1b and MPP-13,  and I showed you in that beautiful diagram. Well, Chondroitin sulfate comes in and blocks it, so eat those chicken cartilage. But the cartilage which is one place where bone soup or these kinds of things that Chondroitin sulfate blocks IL-1b, which produces p38 MAPK. And p38 MAPK gives rise to MMP-13, and MMP-13 eats up your cartilage. So, what happens is Chondroitin sulfate blocks right here so this pathway doesn’t occur. So, in summary again just to be clear, Chondroitin sulfate is going to block the pathway between IL-1b to MMP-13, therefore your body doesn’t degrade cartilage. With MMP-13 your body literally starts eating up its own cartilage, in a simple way of saying it. So, MMP-13 is not a good molecule, but Chondroitin sulfate comes up and blocks it.

The next thing is chondroitin sulfate also helps cartilage regeneration. This is where you get into the anti ageing areas. So if you have Chondroitin sulfate, what we’re going to talk about is that you can actually boost up cartilage, which means you can increase cartilage in your body, regenerate it. So how does it do that? Let’s look at that. So the way chondroitin sulfate does that, according to the literature research, is the following way. Remember, we do two types of analysis, we look at the literature, we convert the pathways and we compute it. We’re doing the literature aspect now. So chondroitin sulfate helps to activate AKT, which is an enzyme and this enzyme promotes Collagen II. Increased Collagen II  leads to cartilage regeneration and amelioration of joint disease.

Someone says, “Dr. Shiva Live is better than 12 years of school.” Well, thank you for that. Listen, if you study with me, and you take the Truth Freedom Health® course, you’re contributing, first of all, to your own education. You’re also contributing to our platform, you’re contributing to building a movement. It’s many, many things. But the science of systems is the ultimate education. Without the science of systems, you can go studying math and physics and writing. But the science of systems is the science of anything. It is truly the science of everything. So go to, do it for yourself. But most importantly, learn that you’re not going to get this knowledge anywhere. You won’t get it at MIT, you won’t get it in Eastern systems of medicine. It’s the integration of east and west, it’s really the Engineering System Science Approach to understanding everything. So thank you very much for that lovely comment. I’ll use that occasion to make sure we keep pounding away, we want to hit 50,000 people, because I want to build a movement.

Chondroitin Sulfate Dosing

So, there are three things. That’s the bioinformatics piece. Now, let’s look at how Chondroitin sulfate affects computationally. So, ROS, if you remember here, ROS is the molecule that is a measure of oxidative stress. So what we’ve done now is we literally mathematically modelled all those molecular pathways with CytoSolve®. And what do we see here? As you increase Chondroitin sulfate — and by the way, we’re not killing animals, no animals were killed in this study. We’re using CytoSolve®, which eliminates animal testing —  you see more and more and more of ROS is decreased. So under control conditions, the ROS levels are 160 nanomolar, and ROS levels are reduced with the increase, and this is what you want. You almost get a 20% reduction with 200 milligrams of Chondroitin sulfate, and we’re proving that right here with CytoSolve®. So we’re backing up the research that Chondroitin sulfate is good for relieving oxidative stress.

But what we found out in our research that is going to be a little bit different than what the literature said was, no matter how much Chondroitin sulfate we get, it didn’t have that much effect on cartilage degradation. So we went from 50, 100, 200 milligrams over two days, under controlled conditions. We could experiment with more, but you notice that it doesn’t have any effect as we could see on reducing cartilage. The literature said otherwise. But when it came to cartilage regeneration, we found out that even if you give about 50 milligrams of Chondroitin sulfate you get a big boost from 1500 to nearly, wow, this is almost a 15% boost. So, Chondroitin sulfate under controlled conditions, we saw it helping to regenerate cartilage, but beyond 100 milligram dose, we didn’t see any significant help. So this is why more doesn’t mean better, right? The body can only absorb a certain amount, so if you’re going to go spend a lot of money on the supplements, you have to really rethink it. That’s the power of CytoSolve®.

Right now there’s a lot of snake oil in the supplements industry. People say it does this and you ask them, “how did you come up with your formulations,” they sort of make stuff up. In some ways, the supplements industry is getting bad as a pharmaceutical industry. But with CytoSolve® we can separate truth from lies. So what we found here, even though the literature said, as we showed here, that Chondroitin could be great, for cartilage degradation, we found out that’s not true. So in summary, our research concludes chondroitin sulfate is really good at lowering oxidative stress, and it’s good even at low dosages it really helps improve collagen II production. If you look at this heat map, when you look at all the pathways, inflammation, oxidative stress, cartilage degradation and cartilage regeneration, chondroitin sulfate, you get green over here, a little bit of green, if you can see it, the oxidative stress, but it’s good for really these two aspects.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

Now, one of the things I want to emphasise here is, if you’re looking for a joint supplement, it’s not just about inflammation, it’s not just about oxidative stress, it’s not just about reducing cartilage degradation or increasing cartilage regeneration, you need something that does all of it. This is why food is so powerful, because food has a synergistic effect. It doesn’t just hit one molecular pathway. So we’ve seen Chondroitin hit, the literature said three pathways, we’ve shown it actually hits two pathways in an effective way. Food is like that. In the Indian system of food to intake, you don’t just take one thing, you take a lot of things. Curry powder, for example, is not just one ingredient, turmeric. It’s that, plus cumin and cloves. It’s a whole bunch of ingredients that you mixed together. And it’s a medicine. It’s anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, so on. So that’s why traditional systems medicine over 10,000 years, they always every village has its own curry powder, because those particular nutrients are very valuable to health. So CytoSolve® has the ability to actually determine that value.

I’m very excited to share with you some very cool new research that relates to this, particularly in the inflammation world. Synergy, as I teach in our course, is also a principle of systems. For example, in the Indian tradition, these yogi’s, these holistic practitioners, would mix a bunch of stuff together. Sometimes they may put some curcumin together or they may put the skin of red grapes, but if you asked them, “How do you combine, how much, how did you figure that out,”  they can’t explain it to the western mind, so the western mind thinks this guy’s just full of Hocus Pocus, right? But what we’re able to do with CytoSolve®, I can take the ingredient of curcumin, which is the active ingredient turmeric. I can map all the molecular pathways. All the red lines are showing me where curcumin interacts. Then I can look at resveratrol, and map that. Then I can look at the synergy. And then mathematically on the computer, without killing animals, I can model. The right column is how much cytokines are there. In this case, we have .15 units of cytokine, which means you have inflammation. So I’m simulating inflammation in this slide here. That’s what I’m showing here. So no curcumin, no resveratrol, high inflammation. Then I just give curcumin five units, no resveratrol, the inflammation drops. That’s what CytoSolve® predicts which is validated by clinical studies.Then we just put in resveratrol, that too drops from .15 to .06. But watch what happens when I reduce the amount of curcumin from five to three by 40% and reduce the amount of resveratrol from five to two by 60%. It goes down even lower from .05, .06 to .03. This is called the synergistic effect. This is why food is medicine. This is why you need to take a systems approach.

It’s not the Republicans or the Democrats that are going to do anything. It’s not just tweaking one little thing. We need to build a bottoms-up movement to affect many aspects of change, but it can only happen when we have a lot of things going on decentralized. Thinking that Bernie is going to do something or Trump is going to do something or Biden’s going to do something is complete nonsense. That’s called centralization. The system’s approach is against centralization of anything. The body is not a centralized system, we actually have 6 trillion cells in our body, we’re not just one big cell. We have 60 trillion bacteria, we have around 80 trillion viruses. We are a system of systems of systems. And this is why when it comes to political systems, you have to understand that we need truth, and we need freedom, and we need health, just like we need all these different ingredients. We can’t just have the right wingers fighting for 1A and 2A, or the left wingers doing earthy, crunchy granola stuff, just wanting health, or the nerds just wanting truth. You need all three because Truth Freedom Health is directly related, when you take the course you’ll find out, to transport, conversion, and storage. So there is a fundamental principle. And so what I just shared with you with turmeric and resveratrol, show you that it’s about synergy, and when you take a synergistic approach, you get explosive positive effects. So if I go back to that slide again, you’ll see what happens when we apply synergy. If you just use curcumin, just use truth, you get so much effect; just use resveratrol freedom, something; but when you combine truth and freedom, I could have added a health thing here. But curcumin and resveratrol, you get a massive reduction at 200% reduction.

Someone said we have been taught what to learn not how to learn it, you nailed it, Artesia, you nailed it. So that’s what we have. And I’m pleased to announce that, for nearly 16 years of CytoSolve®, I’ve been helping the major brands in the world, figure out if their products work or not. But over those 16 years, we have created a whole repository of amazing mathematical models. And we literally recently went through a whole bunch of ingredients, we went through trillions of mathematical computations, and we found two amazing ingredients to natural products. When you combine them together, they have a very powerful effect on inflammation on pain and discomfort. And this is the first product in 16 years that we’ve put together, and we’re bringing it out to market, I think we’re going to be sold out very fast. So the production cycle will be in about, I think, the end of March. So we are launching it on our shop site, you can go pre order, but let me just tell you, it takes Cytosolve®, and it is a scientific systems approach to discovery. It’s not just saying believe some new age guy, it’s not saying believe pharmaceutical companies will just use a single drug. These are two natural ingredients that, when combined, have an amazing effect on five molecular pathways, and it’s called mV25. If you look at the label, which we just created, it’s got our branding on it so people know it’s coming not from some schlock area, it’s a scientist systems biologist. We’re calling it mV, because M times V if you take physics means momentum, that’s momentum. So mV25 Momentum to Move. And it’s a dietary supplement, we have a patent pending on it. But what you notice here is the way that we’ve created it. It says, “mV25, was formulated using CytoSolve®, a computational systems biology engine, a platform, a technology for precision, personalized health, invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation results from integrating,” this is the key point, “1000’s of peer reviewed scientific papers.” So we’re not cherry picking, right? A lot of these guys like to cherry pick what they want. “We went through every paper written in the area across four decades, in 68 research institutions,” and then we computed trillions of potential combinations and biomolecular interactions to discover an optimal synergistic compound that down-regulates biomarkers of discomfort in normal swelling. So CytoSolve® optimize means that this formula has been optimized to maximize benefits, and bioavailability while minimizing toxicity. And the promise that we want to make is that we know the science is going to change as the science advances. That means we’re not saying this is the only formula. As new science comes we’re going to be continually evolving that formula but we’re not going to cherry pick, we’re not just going to take one paper. This is made in the United States, it’s certified clean, and it supports the Truth Freedom Health® Movement. By the way, I think those people who joined as Warriors, there’s some discount we offer people, because we want to support our community, but if you go to, and then you click on shop, preorder, and you can add it to your cart. It’s right here. And proceeds of this go to support our whole movement. So this is really cool for me, because it’s an opportunity for me to use our scientific platform to build something that we know is very powerful coming from a Systems Approach to help you so you can help our systems movement, our Movement for Truth Freedom Health®. So I hope you take advantage of this, and I’m very excited about it because it’s our first product that we’re doing.

We’ll wrap things up to take some questions. So, that is mV25. Again, mV25 is coming out. You can preorder on but it’s a synergistic blend. Now, Chondroitin sulfate, what’s the right dosage? This is not a medical show, you should go talk to your doctor. This is really a science analysis using a Systems Approach but according to Sue Keek in 2020 et al., this just came out a maintenance dose, if you have stuff going on with oxidative stress, or with wanting to cartilage degeneration about 400 milligrams for pain; Florentin et. al., in their 2019 paper said about 400 milligrams, so we went and got the latest research and for osteoarthritis,1200 milligrams per day. There you go, and you can look back at this video.


So in summary, the bioinformatics analysis shows a controlling cell face, if you just look at the literature, it says it’s good for oxidative stress, cartilage degradation, cartilage regeneration, and it’s also been clinically proven to improve joint health, eye health and gastritis. But our computational analysis was a little more conservative. Our effort shows that it’s good for oxidative stress, as well as cartilage regeneration, not all three. And self aid is not as effective as improving cartilage degradation. So there you go, you just learned everything you needed to know about Chondroitin sulfate, you’ve learned a Systems Approach. But more importantly, if you notice, in this talk, I’ve been pounding away at this very important issue, that there’s an integration between understanding the systems, the Foundations of Systems, the same science, that you can understand why molecules in their body interact together, have a synergistic principle. those principles are the same principles you can use to understand why we need to take a Systems Approach to politics, why we need truth, freedom and health in synergy, why we need to build a bottoms up movement, and more importantly, why as a course, will teach you why we need to be very, very concerned with the not so obvious establishment, because they always want us fighting against each other left and right, right and left Trump and Bernie, Trumpers and non Trumpers, Republicans and Democrats, they do not want us to build a bottoms up movement.

Our goal is I’ll continue to do these public service, science talks and analysis. But my goal is that you support this movement, you can contribute to the platform, whatever you want, you can take advantage by committing to a course. And when you do that, I give you lots of information. And then those people become Truth Freedom Health warriors. My goal is for all of you to not only learn this knowledge, but join a community that’s independent of Big Tech, and we’re putting this in our own data center, then I want you to get activated. When you go into the site, you can get flyers and cards that you can go get activated in your local communities on. So we’re going to be running the biggest Clean Elections campaign, a bottoms-up campaign, a decentralized campaign, keep an eye out for this, that we’re going to teach you what you can do in your local communities.

So I want to teach you how to take care of your health from a Systems Approach. I want us to regain our democracy because right now with these electronic voting machines, we do not have democracy, we don’t have ‘One Person, One Vote’, and both left and right have been cheating us on this, both of them, we need to build a bottoms-up movement, because working people like you and I are the ones who’ve been getting screwed for the last 40 years since 1971. both left and right are squeezing, squeezing us. So our health is getting destroyed. Truth is getting lost. And obviously freedom is being violated. So Truth Freedom Health is the only movement on the planet. It’s not going to happen from a third party, it’s going to happen from you, number one getting educated otherwise, you’re going to be enslaved. Number two, getting activated number three building community. So everything I do here, while I teach the site, you notice I’m always continually pounding away, why you need to take a Systems Approach and there’s a reason for that.

Let’s see if we have any questions here. Glucosamine? Yes. So what we just went over glucosamine chondroitin, and that’s what we just went over.

I can order the mV25 stuff off of his website. Exactly. Now, this is a first run we’re doing so it’s going to go very, very fast. So we have a video coming out. We have some amazing testimonials. In the Beta trial, we did just people raving about the effects that it had. Yes. So if you go to, you have my blog there. People are asking, “Where do we go to the medical community? What does mV25 actually do?” Yeah, so I’ll do a whole talk about it if you want. mV25 effects on pain, inflammation pathways, it affects inflammation, affects oxygen, it affects five pathways. And both of these are coming from two natural ingredients in the right combination. So by the way, you can’t just discover this overnight by hand waving. We ran through trillions of molecular reactions, all different combinations to discover this.

What is ROS? Someone’s asking. ROS is reactive oxygen species, reactive oxygen species or this species during, when chemical reactions occur, your body gives off waste products. They’re called reactive oxygen species. They’re the things that oxidize your body, like rust, they eat away at your body. So when you take an antioxidant, it stops that rusting.

Someone says, “what is in the COVID?” Well, there’s many things, I did a talk on this, I’ll come back to that. AKA free radicals. Thank you, Al 3x King, and we 22nd say for someone with stage five kidney failure, you should definitely consult your doctor, right? I’m not here to give medical advice. But from everything we know, it’s very, very safe, but you should talk to your medical doctor.

All right, everyone, I want to see a lot of people becoming Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. Before we sign off, if you go to, that’s really the main website I want to drive everyone to. We don’t have a lot of slick marketing here. Everything I do is done, as you see, by ourselves here. We’re literally building our own hardware, we have our own data center, so it’s not hosted by anyone else, by Amazon. You can join the community, you can commit to becoming a Warrior when you contribute $100. That means you’re committed to being a Warrior, you get all of these tools and more importantly, you get to become part of a community. The Warrior toolset gives you the MIT style education here, you get access to a whole bunch of online videos, you get access to the portal, you get access to the tool, Your Body Your System, you get access to four books, you get access to the science tool, you get access to to scientific reports. But that’s just the first beginning of it. When you log in using your username and password, which is unique to each person, you also get access to all of these other tools, which I’ve shared with you before, videos and cards that you can flyers that you can print out educate people on masks and immunity, forums, here’s a live forum here, people are communicating on this live forum where you can actually see that there’s lots and lots of communication going on. This is independent of big tech, independent of YouTube, independent of Facebook, independent of any of those big tech platforms, you can see all of this look at this 121 conversation taking place here. And this is just within a few weeks of this being launched. So this is in a safe environment where you can talk to other people, you can communicate, you can build your own pages.

Go to Remember, we want to create people who are smart or politically conscious, but you’re not going to get there without a Systems Approach without the science of systems. And you’re not going to learn it anywhere else because no one’s put it together. So this is a 50 year commitment. So become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.  I do the science videos, it takes me almost two days of preparation. And then we spent another probably 10 weeks getting all that information together. We want you to support our research, we want you to support this because it’s not going to come out of MIT and Harvard because those people cherry pick research. Truth Freedom Health, this movement, we have our own scientific research institution here. We have our own legal infrastructure, we have our own media infrastructure. And this is all for us. Because it’s got to be bottoms-up. And that’s really the gift that we’re doing. In many ways. It’s not a gift that I’m giving to you. It was because of the gift that was given to me, by my grandparents, by all the working class people I grew up in New Jersey by all of you. Without this country, I would have never been able to get all those degrees. I came from India as a low caste untouchable. My parents were very fortunate to come here. So to me Truth Freedom Health is the centerpiece of existence, and they’re directly related to a Systems Approach to life.

So please join me and become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior so we can win together and we have to go bottoms up, forget the political parties, forget all these nonsense, you’re just wasting your time and it’s just entertainment. Don’t get involved in the Royals, don’t get involved in Hollywood Don’t get involved in any of these clowns. They just want to distract you. We’re not going to get anywhere. It’s going to be Trump and Bernie. Trump fighting the RNC. He’s raking in a lot of money. I’m telling you right now, Jared Kushner make made a ton of money, they’re buying their nice condo, Ivanka, and Jared, next to Tom Brady, you’re not

a lot of American businesses got hurt. Forget the billionaires, forget Hollywood, let’s build our own movement for Truth Freedom Health, we have the science, we have the community, and we have the direction. So it’s basically up to you to join this movement.

So let me finish up as I usually do, playing our great video, I love this video, it pretty much says it all. Share it with your friends, go to and join the movement. It’s time we win. And we’re not going to win doing it their way we’re going to win it our way, which is science, a bottoms up movement. It’s the only way. So let me finish up with the video. Enjoy everyone, have a good night.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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