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In this talk, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, shares profound insights on the future of science beyond the mechanistic descriptions of Nature from Newton & Einstein to a more truer representation of existence where small shifts — YOUR AWAKENING — can lead to massive changes & why, which enables that shift in you, is the most profound discovery, movement, innovation, community of our time.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


So what I wanted to discuss is I always like to give a little bit of any developments, any new observations that we’ve made. So a couple of things that’s going on, you’ll notice that those of you haven’t seen us. And while we’re back on Twitter, we got back on December 22, something like that.

After I hammered Elon Musk’s, I think they thought they let me on to pacify us. Our followers grew literally within two weeks from 50,000 followers, everyone knows we’re continuing with our larger thing against the government that’s going to be taking place around May we have to wait six months before we can file. The other pieces.

We also announced many of you know that we have always said and I want to be consistent with this and everyone clear on this that whenever you are posed with wanting to change the world, the establishment typically only offers you two modes of change. One is the electoral process. The other is the legalism process, the electoral process, without a movement typically leads to opportunism.

opportunism means you say whatever you need to say to get elected, because the goal is just to get elected. The legal process typically leads you into all sorts of mazes, and you just can spend a lifetime filing lawsuits all day, also without if you don’t have a movement. But we’ve always repeated that the goal is to build a movement and movement is about you decentralized building local communities to the extent that we participate in filing lawsuits, or we participate in doing legal approaches, it is always with the core goal of advancing a movement.

If you did them in isolation, they actually mean file lawsuits and do electronic, it really doesn’t mean anything you end up in the swamp. The movement always keeps you honest, because you’re building a movement, it just so happens that every two years in other countries, and I’m sure in the United States, typically two to four years have a cycle of things called running for office. And during that period, everyday people are distracted to go, oh my god, okay, let me get off my butt for nine hours, I’m gonna go vote.

And that’s it. And that’s their level of activism you follow. And what we want to do is use that opportunity to, like we did before to get our word out and to build this movement.

And there’s a big and here and all bold underscore all caps and bold underscore, is that and if you ever wanted to do something as powerful as winning an election, and you are true to the words that we live by, the only way you can ever win an election in their swamp is by building a movement, if you even have a shot at everything else will always lead to some type of opportunistic slobber. So we formally announced we’re gonna run for Senate because a lot of people’s had actually wanted to run for Senate, if you notice our position here that the aesthetics of the website is all black and white, because when we launched the site, we said, look, it’s clear, when you look at the two party system, the fraudulent system, and it’s black and white, they have to build an independent movement. So everything on the site is black and white.

That’s the aesthetics of the site. And you can go through we have a video that we had from it, things haven’t changed that much. And we’re going to update it.

These are our issues. We have a little shop up there. And we’ll just show you the aesthetic.

Sometimes we’re not into really promoting go to campaign gear. Some people really like to get this stuff, but we have these cool T shirts and bumper stickers. We had bumper stickers in 2020, which people were buying all over the world.

My attorney one time called me up, he said he was taking his vacation in Maui, and he saw people with these bumper stickers on so anyway, the site is launched. But it is not decoupled from our movement, we aesthetically what we did is you’ll see the t shirt and on the right side, it’s got true freedom and help. Okay, so this is powered by the operating system of truth, Freedom out the thing that I want her to discuss today.

What is truth, freedom, health, truth, freedom, health is many things. It’s a community. It’s a movement.

And it’s a system. But it’s also a core set of educational knowledge powers. And what is that educational knowledge that educational knowledge is the science of systems.

Now whenever I teach the course, and as you will go through the course there’s three parts to gaining an understanding of this is first you learn it, then we want you to teach it. And then we want you to serve, learn, teach and serve serve means you get on the ground, you help other people, etc. We actually do ground activities.

When the breakout occurs, people actually go and discuss what they’ve been doing and welcoming other people. People write articles, they go hand out flyers, we get people on the ground, and we have a whole bunch of tools to do that. So let’s talk about what is system science and what is probably the most important thing of our time.

The foundations of systems science began in the 20s but the real major Advances in it, which still aren’t out to the broad public really began 1960. You know, that’s when the core stuff of it. So what am I talking about? If you look at the world today, there’s lots and lots of information out there tons of information like more than than we had, or there’s been information, but your access to information as explosively grown.

Right on your iPhone, on your iPad, or your androids or on, you can pretty much get access to anything. But in the midst of all that information, or all the knowledge or the information you can get, do you actually have more wisdom? Do you actually have more truth and freedom and health? And the answer more than likely is no, because most of that information is put through the lens of a reductionist approach, that reductionism means you take all this information, and you focus on one parts, if you’re on the left wing, you will take the entire climate system, a very complex system, and you’ll reduce it to one variable, which is co2. If you’re on the right wing system, you’ll reduce everything to maybe just one issue about your right to guns, and that’s it, and so on.

So typically, a complex system gets reduced to one fundamental aspect of it, and everything else is forgotten. The interconnection is forgotten. And through that model of reductionism, which we call ignorance, only seeing the part, you can really manipulate people at a very deep level.

And that manipulation typically leads people to some type of slavery, either they get desperate, you know, want to just hurt themselves or hurt other people. They either just say, Well, I’m going to be like Voltaire said, I’m just going to manage my own little garden, I’m just going to have my little. And all these things are, you know, fine things to do, right? I’m gonna sit under a tree and meditate, but that’s all I’m going to do, I’m just going to check out, or I’m going to be on the left, or I’m going to be on the right.

And I’m going to, you know, I’m just going to compromise, you know, yeah, the left wing Yeah, we have, I’m going to choose the lesser of two evils. The alternatives, you start learning how to see the whole, beyond reductionism. And that is called systems thinking or system science.

And there is a physics to doing that. Those in power learn this. But what they are learning because of their reductionism, this is an interesting thing.

Their systems knowledge is actually limited. So they learn system knowledge to learn how to control you and to surveil you, controllability and observability. But what we have done, the work that I did over the last 50 years is taking that system science and expanding it much more deeper and broader to understand that this knowledge of systems science, which not only came from Western engineering fell, but also goes back, you know, 510 1000 years to Eastern medicine, and also intersects with political theory.

So we have a much more richer knowledge of system science. So I’ll give you sort of what I wanted to share with you today. And I’m going to try to cover this in 15 minutes.

But I think you’ll get it we have many of you have gone through the course we have a lot of sharp people here. But here’s what’s the profound understanding that’s really, really important for our time. And it goes like this.

Okay, I’m going to start with an analogy. If I took a big box, and imagine it was a big glass box, everyone can see in from all sides, and it was pumped with air, okay. And then I put in 100,000, white ping pong balls in there.

And I put in 100,000, Black ping pong balls, and they were just swirling. Can you guys imagine this? In this box? What color would your eyes see? They would probably see a gray, right? Because just the way the balls were swirling, or you may see a blurry of polka dotted colors right? Now that is called a random system in equilibrium. So what am I talking about? Well, the laws of thermodynamics, which came after the discovery of the laws of Newton said something profound, they said everything in the universe always goes to a state of equilibrium.

And to the highest randomness, entropy. Okay. I’ll repeat that again.

And this is a fundamental law of thermodynamics. Everything in the universe will go to a state of randomness. Equilibrium, that means everything just spreads out and it becomes an equilibrium.

And in that state, entropy is at the highest because everything wants to increase entropy, what is entropy? Entropy is randomness. All right. So if you looked in that, the swirling ball when everything goes to its equilibrium condition, you see gray right everything’s well mixed.

No different than the example of I think I may have given you take a beaker and you drop a little bit of very dark blue or black ink, the whole thing will be It comes sort of a light blue, right? Everything spreads. Now, this law basically said that time moves in a forward direction. Up until that law, the notion of time, which had always bothered philosophers and scientists was in the Einstein world of time, or in the Newton world of time, at any point in time you could predict was occurring in the future.

And you could also predict what was going on in the past. This is called classical mechanics. So in 1686, when Isaac Newton presented his famous Principia, he basically to the Royal Society, he had figured out the laws, what he thought of the universe, the laws of motion, so he could predict exactly where the Earth’s position would be around the sun, or the sun’s position would be etc.

Okay. And this was called classical mechanics. And it basically said, starting from that point on, so the 17th century 18th 19th, that the world is literally a clock, right? Every motion can be predicted to the exact location.

So we looked at planets, and then we started getting down into microscopic particles, quantum mechanics, but ultimately was all about predicting the location of an object, it could be very small, or very large. And with these laws of physics, we said, Oh, I know where that object is going to be. But if it’s going to be here, and if I’m here, I can, I can also say where it was in time, okay.

This was called determinism, a deterministic world where everything could be predicted. And that was classical mechanics. And that gave, so if you think about this, science, by the way, is over here, and societies here.

And we tend to think that science and society just came up on their own, but they didn’t. The scientists is a product of their times. So where was Newton growing up at the time, he was growing up at a time of what the British Empire, there were kings and lords and feudalism, right? Structured society wasn’t the information age.

And he was part of that he held the chair at Cambridge University, which was like the highest peak of becoming an academic. And so this concept of a very structured model, think about it fit in to the world, the way the world was, right is highly structured, the following. The world was not like random, it was like you had a king and the king goddess, supposedly his powers from God.

And then there were the Dukes and the Dutch, and you know, everything was very well organized, and the peasants, like in India, you have the caste system, etc. So in this milieu, the science that Newton discovers, says, yes, the world is also very structured, there’s a center things rotate around it, right? And we can predict those structures, etc. Everyone following me? All right.

That view of the universe, which is what we have is what allows us to send a rocket, one place that we can predict that rocket exactly that this would always airplanes, right, we know from when the airplane leaves in San Diego when it’s going to land exactly in Boston, plus or minus a few seconds or minutes, right? We’ve gotten very good at understanding physics, the movement of objects and determining them. Okay. Now, fast forward to a little bit later, hundreds of years later, the laws of thermodynamics come.

And they say that everything in the universe actually goes to this randomness. Now, this became a conundrum. Because when people actually look around, I mean, just look around, look at you, you’re not random, you’re organized.

You organize your room you built you write books, right? We create societies, you go look at an anthill, you see ants move, rather, organizing structures are not just random ants living on their own right, they’re organized structures. The laws of thermodynamics predict that everything should go to randomness. So this was a huge conundrum.

And what would happen is scientists would sort of just brush it off. People say, Well, wait a minute, if there’s randomness, why are there beautiful planets circling around each other? Why isn’t the universe Why does it have all these galaxies? Why do we have so much structure? Why isn’t everything just space with dust particles in it? Because that’s what the second law of thermodynamics says, just like putting those billiard balls in them running around random until you get this sort of smoothed out color, right? Or you open a perfume at the corner of an office and everything moves around, right. So this was a serious problem.

And the scientists who liked order, who liked predictions, they just said, Ah, well, that’s we don’t want to deal with that. And that still goes on today. However, in 1957, and 60, what we started recognizing was that the exception is ordered orderliness in the unit and the exception is these predictable, deterministic systems.

The truth is most of the universe is disorder. And out of disorder comes organized systems. And I repeat that.

It’s not like everything is beautifully ordered. And everything follows that second law of thermodynamics to equilibrium, the universe is actually in massive chaos. And somehow, so it’s pretty wild.

Out of this chaos, some fluctuation takes place and boom, you get order. So, if you want to follow the work of when people said, Well, how did life come to being out of nothing? Well, there’s a whole set of very interesting principles, which shows when you have enough amino acids, when you have enough chemicals, and then it gets hit with a charge amino acids form. And you need amino acids to start life.

Okay. So now, this caused a big rift between the metaphysical people, you know, the religious people, and the people believe in science. So we had these opposing forces.

So when people said, Wait a minute, the universe is very ordered, I can predict it. And, you know, I’m an atheist, because, you know, this whole thing is run in a very mechanistic way. And people took this very deterministic approach to the universe.

In opposition to that came that people said, no, no, no, no, that would mean that life means nothing, right? Because where does that lead life? If everything is perfectly organized, at the time, the Big Bang created every particle, you could measure its motion, that means you are part of that motion, and destinies, what’s running at fate? Right? Everyone in that model leads you to this position, well, everything is determined by fate. And I’m just a little particle in this massive soup of atoms. So my life too is determined.

In opposition to that, people said, We don’t like that. So they started saying, no, no, there’s a God. And this stuff is nonsense.

And you connect to God and God loves you, God moves you data. And then there’s all these religions versions of this. Okay? So you had science over here.

And this religion, which came in opposition to this deterministic view of the world, everyone following this? Yes. Okay. However, what was discovered in 1957, from the what was developing in the knowledge of system scientists, out of this chaos, and what you call equilibrium, sometimes non equilibrium conditions occur, and you actually get order out of what looks like disorder.

So in a very interesting experiment, which ended up winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, actually, when someone noticed was give it go back to that box that you can watch, with all these ping pong balls swirling black and white, suddenly, this guy noticed in certain conditions occurs with chemicals, suddenly, all of the the entire box would become black, on the outside, and suddenly, sometimes would become white. And it would occur in a very orderly manner, every one second, the surface would become black, and then boom, everything would become white, it was shifting, it was called a chemical clock. And what this showed is, it was the first physical example that we could prove in a lab, that out of chaos comes order.

So it makes sense. This is not supposed to happen. In fact, it turns out you see this all over nature.

So on the one hand, you find out that they are very classical systems, like where you can predict, you know, the earth going around, and so on, you can predict it perfectly. But the reality was most of the universe is actually randomness and disorder and probability, chance and luck. And things emerge out of this randomness.

And that we call a fluctuation, or what we would call invention, or revolution, or an artistic glimmer, you know, where you’re sitting and you get this aha moment. No different than that. So what had happened for centuries was over here, you had, people were becoming more and more mechanistic, and they could predict the motion of particles.

But over here, you had the social sciences, right? Like the arts, like biology, and these other things where you see constantly I mean, an artist puts a painting together, how does he do that? Right, or a musician puts orders, sounds and puts music together or life itself. And there’s always this big dichotomy between this world of physics and this world of the natural world, which you call philosophy or biology whatever you want to call sociology, etc. So this concept of system science helps us bridge these worlds.

We don’t have to be in this world of Uh, oh, I’m a religious fanatic, and I hate science, or I’m a scientist and I hate religion, both can actually coexist. That’s what’s phenomenal. Because when you look at the universe, there are parts of the universe, which are closed systems.

And that’s where the entropy phenomenon does work. That’s what was discovered. When you have highly ordered controlled closed systems.

There’s no interaction in a bottle with anything else. But whenever you have interactions with system one and system, two people interacting, anything is possible. Okay, anything, and one individual’s idea can have a huge effect on transitioning a system from one mode of operation, either chaos or certain form of equilibrium to another form.

In fact, this starts if you look at the works of Karl Marx, objectively, Karl Marx, 90% 99% of his work, or even the work of Adam Smith, was all based on retrospectively looking at the world and making observations, only one or 2% of Adam Smith or Karl Marx work was no future. But one of the things Marx observed very profound ways, he noticed that there were times when we had hunter gatherer societies. And there were times we had feudal societies.

And there were times we have capitalist societies. And that’s what he was observing in the 1800s. And he was looking at the 1800s.

And he was looking back, and I don’t think he even understood what he was actually doing, because he didn’t have access to system science. This is me, giving some framework to what he actually did had, he had knowledge to system science, he would probably have made better predictions, okay. But he did make some very good observations.

So there was a time when we as humans lived as hunter gatherers. And in that world, all of us were, if you’re typically you were you hunted and you gathered, but most importantly, you moved you were nomadic, right. And in that world, that was a system of operation.

And in that world, our consciousness was affected by how we produced and got food in that system. And in that system of existence, there was no ownership of property because you’re constantly moving around, right? You were, you didn’t own anything, because you’re constantly moving. So the way people thought consciousness was literally affected by what you did.

So there was a theory that basically said, Oh, consciousness just exist in your brain independent of what you do. And what was profound in the observation here was that what you do affects your consciousness. So when you as a collective society are running around, you’re nomadic, you don’t have the ownership of property.

In fact, the social relation between men and women were very different. It was a polygamous society, women had many husbands in many of these societies, or they didn’t even call them husbands mates. There was no ownership of property, there was a division of labor.

And then when what I could now you can understand when when a fluctuation took place, and what was that fluctuation? It was an idea. It was an invention. It’s really powerful.

It’s pretty cool. Someone we don’t know when decided, Oh, why don’t I take a plow and attach it to the sink called a cow and farm my land? Why am I running around, you know, fighting saber toothed tigers, and potentially getting killed. Let me stay in this land farm it domesticate some chickens domesticate some cow’s goat’s milk, right? This may have occurred at different points all over the world.

And some people call this the communication of particles. If you ever hear that 100 Monkey thing where one monkey starts learning how to do something and something else learns. They don’t understand how this works, but no different than those ping pong balls.

Something happens where the ping pong balls communicate. And you get these beautiful patterns. So this is this occurs in nature.

Interesting enough. Someone in one part of the world learn something and mysteriously enough, someone halfway around the world learns the same thing. So at some point, society, this fluctuation takes place when people start farming domesticating animals, and you don’t run around anymore.

You say, Okay, I’m going to own this piece of land. Okay. By the way, we talked about this in our course and the course module we have but the Insight I’m offering is really the merger of systems science, understanding this notion of fluctuations.

It’s been bugging me for many, many years, probably about 40 years of my life. How did these societies suddenly transform? And what you see is they were operating in one state and there was a fluctuation that fluctuation was an innovation. This is what the power of innovation is.

That innovation completely transformed these hunter gatherer societies, to these much more structured societies. I owned a piece of land. I said it’s my land or Bob said, It’s my land.

And then he said, Okay, I need a wife, because I’m going to have my kids, not, you know, kids, my kids. And because I’m the big guy, all of you guys will work for me on my land, I will protect the land and you guys give me something 3040 60% of what you make. And that transformed the, the world into what we call the world of kings and queens.

Quite amazing feudal society. But it came from someone figured out how to domesticate an animal, some ingenious idea and how to create the plow. And those societies ran on for another four, 300 500 years, whatever you want to look at it.

And then suddenly, another innovation took place, people figured out the steam engine, they figured out how to do manufacturing lines and organized labor. And people started moving around, they weren’t confined to their agricultural little being a serf. And that fluctuation, which was again, innovation, completely transformed society of the modern capitalist society, where Bob now stopped being a king.

And one of his serfs, let’s say it was Glenn left to surf and he hooked up with Remy and Nick, and they created a business, a factory. And they hired us as workers. And I did, I made the bottle, someone put the bottle caps on and we created these manufacturing lines, okay? This very mechanistic model of development, you were given a wage, you could get promotions, right, all this stuff develops.

So when you look at the work of Marx, he was actually insane with Adam Smith, they were looking at it at that point. And they were looking at this world that was coming at the time of capitalism, they weren’t looking at the time of feudalism, but they did go back and look at these worlds. So they were then trying to make predictions what the world would become.

Well, they didn’t have the knowledge of system science, you say, so they were doing it sort of on a you know, sort of hanging on some a few threads. Okay. And many of the political movements that came up, oh, also came up without understanding system science.

So, when the Founding Fathers created America, the notion was still from the old world of they were just transitioned from the old words of kings and queens, but they needed to give the peasants some, some things where they would fight for them against the Kings. Okay, so he said, Okay, we’re gonna give you the bill of rights fight with us, we’ll give you the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, because we got to overthrow Britain, and only those people were like, Why should I fight for you? You guys are like the merchants. But they said, Look, when you fight with us, we’re going to give you these Bill of Rights.

And that resulted in something profound, a transformation took place. The people who created the Constitution, these were innovators, in a sense. And, and that society today, where we’re at, is what you would call, each one of these societies goes through their own transformation.

And where we are right now is the advanced capitalist society. Some people would call it imperialists. What is the basis of capitalism maximize profit.

That’s it. Now, the the wonderful aspects of capitalism, where everyone should be creative, right? Everyone does their own businesses, we all contribute. However, the flip side of capitalism is you have to maximize profit.

So we have 62 people on the call. So we’re all supposed to be maximizing profit. And let’s say we’re all in the business of making iPhones, all of us.

And there’s a market of 8 billion people. Six, there can’t be 62 iPhone manufacturers, when you’re trying to maximize profit. So what happens in this model is, instead of 62 people, maybe I’ll end up with 30 people over time, because the other people weren’t able to produce an iPhone that was cheap enough for people to buy, the other 32 people were and then those people will compete among each other.

What are they competing for? They’re trying to achieve profit, what is profit, revenue? Sales minus expenses. So how do you achieve profit? Either you lower revenue, I mean, you increase revenue, or you reduce expenses. All right.

How do you reduce expenses? Well, one of the biggest costs and expenses is labor. You can do automation, you can pay pay people less. So some of the 30 people raining some of you may go to Vietnam to make your iPhones other people if you stay here, you’re not going to succeed.

So the notion of this profit motive forces people to go to wherever there’s cheaper labor and forces, monopolization, so 30 people we end up with 10 people eventually you end up with three people. Right? Today we have how many iPhone manufacturer then you have Motorola, you have Intel, maybe two or three Chip companies, everything’s consolidated. And this has occurred in every field right now.

And in order for people to grow revenue, you have to expand your markets. So then you create what’s called globalization, aka imperialism. And that’s where we’re at today.

But all of these events, these orderings, these structures, from the hunter gatherer society, to the feudal society, to the society, of capitalism, now, imperialism, and imperialism now is in a state where it’s becoming highly, highly controlled and ordered. Going back to what Isaac Newton did a beautiful structure, we can predict everything. And that is where we’re at right now, those in power actually want a very predictable equilibrium situation.

So those equilibrium or mistakes, structures do exist exist in nature, but they only exist when there is a closed controlled system. When there is randomness and systems are interacting with each other, you actually get much more profound change, diversity, culture are vibrant vibrancy, okay, which is what nature is, if it was a highly closest, and we weren’t, we shouldn’t exist. So it’s in the soup of all this chaos, that life actually came to be.

So real life comes from chaos, and this diversity. So what’s happened is, right now we’re at a very critical point in existence, because those in power, have fully mastered the Newtonian mechanics aspect of the world. So today, massive amounts of data are being collected on you and me.

And we know how to predict. I mean, there’s enough algorithms I can predict, with the algorithms have enough data, I can tell you, when Krystal goes to the store, which he’s going to buy, I can predict if Nick bought this, what he’ll buy next. And this is how advertisers know that when you buy this, you will get an email campaign to buy this.

They can predict the motion of particles, which is us now. And they want this entire world to become very, very deterministic. Where you don’t have truth, freedom and health, you have power, profit and control.

So how do we get out of this? So the only way to get out of this is learning what I just said. Learning this, these concepts will lead you your own consciousness raising no different than those people starting to learn how to plow, oh, wait a minute, let me make a plow. And let me let me domesticate animals, you see the innovation, we’re in a world now the innovation has to come from within you.

And that is why truth. Freedom health is such a profound movement. Because we have figured this out.

Not only we figured it out, but we have, it’s not in some ivory tower, by the way, what I just shared this concepts, 10,000 people, no system science, what I just shared with you, maybe 15 to 50 people in the world know this. And one of them was a guy called prigioni. Okay, he won the Nobel Prize, and his work has been very hidden.

Because his work is radical, he won the Nobel Prize for this. And what it fundamentally shows is that it merges both these worlds, we don’t have to be left or right, we don’t have to be pro or anti, we don’t have to be all the world that is without a god or it is with a god. Right, you can actually have both they can interact together.

And this is hard for people to comprehend. But that is the way the world is in its natural state. So what we had, so I’ve gotten to the depths of what we want to do a truth for to help we begin by letting you understand that when you really take the knowledge of system science.

And in our case, we have taken three disciplines, political systems, when I existed in the when I was part of the Indian caste system, when you look at engineering systems, the whole MIT work. And then when you look at ancient systems of medicine, these are three very disparate systems. But in system and revolution, what I uncovered was that all of those big systems all share the same nine principles.

In fact, the whole universe is composed of these nine principles. But more importantly, instead of leaving it in these hallowed halls of ivory tower, academics, like Prometheus bringing the fire we bought the fire to you, you can learn this. So we begin there.

Now, why is this important to white? Why is this important to big tech censorship? Why is this important to election systems? Why is this important to anything? It is important because if you’re going to say, well, I’m going to go build a movement we heard we had a number of people saying oh yeah, we got a lot of people said yeah, I voted for this person. There’s a woman on the call this morning. You know, now we realize Dr.

Shiva Yeah, you We got to build a bottoms up movement, like you’ve been saying, Great. What are you going to do now? Well, we have all these groups were part of Oh, yeah, what are they going to do? What are they gonna? Do? You figure it out? You need a bottoms up movement. But what does that mean? And how, what are the mechanics of building that bottoms up movement? So you’re gonna see in the next year, we’re always three 510 years ahead.

Yes, we need to be independent. Tulsi Gabbard in the United States will run as an independent probably with Trump, watch the circus are going to do because they’re collecting data on our movement. I’m telling you.

The reason I think they keep me on Facebook and Twitter, they’re watching us they’re collecting dynamics, because they get saying shit, there’s some phenomenon going on here. So they’re going to try to inject words like yeah, bottoms up. Yeah, grassroots.

Yeah, not out, out, out up. But all those words will mean shit will do nothing except the words and all these groups sort of starting to organize, are not going to go anywhere, because the elites are watching this behavior. And they also know how to input their things.

Because remember, they love closed systems, the only way out is you have to understand the science. And I feel this more strongly today than I’ve ever felt. The old model of a scientist was a guy who got his PhD and then got tenure.

And he went to Harvard or MIT, and he got a big fellowship. And he hung out with other scientists, and they hung out together and these little cliques, and they wrote profound papers, etc. I would argue now, and I had to look at my own personal life, like, I had a great, I learned the stuff.

But I had a great disdain for just hanging around with those people, it seemed like a caste system you follow, I really rebelled against that didn’t feel right in my bones. So I have the total opinion, our real scientists must be a freedom fighter must take care of their health. A real person who wants to fight for freedom, must study system science.

And also better take care of their health and someone who really wants to be healthy. They better fight for freedom, and they better really learn system science. So the great scientists are going to be you guys.

Thinking about what I’m saying, because the science of the old emerged from people hanging around in their little cubes. Yeah, they figured some shit out. But they they cannot figure out the hole, because they’re not living in the dirt.

in the trenches. They’re limited in what they can observe and see, they’re not true scientists. They’re living outside and observing in, they’re not among the people to sort of say, you see what I’m saying? They’re not in the trenches.

So when we say truth, freedom and health, we’re saying, in order to pursue truth science, in order to pursue freedom, if you want to be a freedom fighter, or revolution, or whatever, you want to call it a radical rebel, in order to be in great shape, and health and vibrant, and etc, you got to be able to meld all these, everything affects the other. And this profound understanding, which is where the only people have sort of figured this out, organize it put into a course training people at a fundamental level, you don’t have to go to MIT, and spend 50 years of your life winning all these awards and winning this and then being accessed. We’re making this accessible to everyone.

But it is this profound understanding of system science. And that is where we’re at. So when you learn this knowledge at a very deep level, you really become a scientist, I’m telling you, I can’t overemphasize I don’t have enough words to impress on you, you become a real freedom fighter, you become truly on the path to true health.

Because you see that out of this complete chaos, order can come through a fluctuation and you are that fluctuation. That makes sense you are that change in your change in consciousness from here to here, actually sends a wave out to the entire universe. That’s how profound This is.

And that’s why we’re on a mission here. But our mission is not to just be sitting around with our smokey pipes and scratching our goatees and sitting back in Ireland having conversations. That’s what they do.

We’re in the trenches. We talk about this than we get on the ground. We hand out flyers.

we mobilize people, Chris Bradley, who works full time spent some of his time helping us get our development work. Suresh who works full time spent some of his time helping our movement come together, Bob comes into the office and he says, Hey, let me help you clean up and organize. Heather goes and organizes social media people.

You see we’re starting to work together because the increase in consciousness tells you Oh, I got to work together now. And that transformation is powerful. And more importantly, we’re doing it independent of their book.

Well, should deterministic structures have left and right Pro and anti. You see, as long as in that world, you’re fucked. You’re screwed because they know exactly.

Okay today, Tucker Carlson, he’s going to wait two years. And then he’s going to talk about the big tech censors of infrastructure. And then he’s going to drop this news.

Now we’re going to talk about Fauci, we’re going to manipulate all these morons around all day long. But when Dr. Shiva and the movement talked about big tech censorship two years ago, Holy shit, that was innovation, we figured shit out, Oh, my God, we better suppress that, when we figured out that the portal was in place, oh, my God, we can suppress that, we got to suppress that.

They do not want those fluctuations, those independent bubbling is coming up, they have to suppress that. It’s pretty amazing because they need their order, and their control, they need left and right. They need Pro and anti.

And when you get this, you realize why they have the not so obvious establishment, why they create a Robert F Kennedy to manipulate people why they create a Tucker Carlson why they create AOC, why they have Elon Musk, they need Elon Musk to control people, it all becomes very clear. And the only way out of this control is you, you have to raise your consciousness to understand this. We have to build community.

And we have to constantly be calling this stuff out, way ahead of time, way ahead. And that’s what we do. And that is why our movement, our movement.

Everything we put together is as profound as a discovery of fire. But it’s not like you have a physical thing. It’s the educational knowledge that’s gonna help you raise your consciousness.

And this is something you have to really take the course wants TAKE IT community, people come to these orientations because it’s deep stuff, but it transforms you. And that transformation is what is necessary. And one person getting this I’m telling you, I used to think it was one to a million it was one to 10 billion now.

Think about what one Isaac Newton did. Think about what what Einstein did now think about if we had 10,000, Einsteins, and Newton’s of our times, and that’s what I want to catalyze. And that’s what we’re doing that each one of you becomes great scientists, great healers, great freedom fighters are all interconnected.

And you can because and you can occur much faster than saying, Okay, I’m going to spend 30 years of my life working with a guru, and he’s going to teach me this, this unless I’m going to learn this, and I’m gonna learn this, you’re gonna learn shit. By the way, yoga and meditate. Meditation can be taught in 10 seconds, most of the great meditation gurus would make you work for 10 years.

And they would teach you that you have now people saying, Oh, I’m gonna go get my meditation degree, I’m gonna go off to a, it’s like fucked up. That’s not how the old schools were. In fact, even going and studying science for 3040 years doesn’t make sense.

Most of the work I learned was on my own, I got those degrees, because I wanted to use them against the establishment, frankly, but you learn when you do when you’re on the ground, and everyday people. Email was not created by the military industrial complex was created by me, because I was there as a kid solving a problem with every day working people, secretaries. So we have a huge luxury right now, because we have this community of people.

And we have to work together. And I don’t give a damn what other movements out there. They’re nowhere near this understanding.

And if people want to talk about those movements, they’re not going to do shit, I’ll tell you right now, what they are going to do is drain you of your time, and take away this profound opportunity for you to advance yourself and being a community of other people who can bring over massive numbers of people. And in the last three years alone, we’ve affected probably close to 300 million people’s lives, who’ve seen our content. We’ve put all these not so obvious establishment people on the run.

And we will continue exposing them. And if people have a problem with exposing them, then they need to reflect on themselves. Because these people are dangerous people, they’re part of creating that controlled opposition.

It’s a good word control and they want keep to keep people in this very deterministic world. So that’s what I wanted to share with you. It’s it’s a lot of So in summary, you know, when you really look at from a system standpoint, you realize, yes, there is these exceptions where you have very controlled deterministic systems like the Earth, rotating around the sun, you can predict it.

And that’s what the elites want. They want that science to dominate. They don’t want the fullness of science to dominate, which is a world where order comes out of chaos.

There’s non equilibrium systems and an individual raising their consciousness. Man, it is profound. One individual Adding these concepts can literally change the world 62 individuals coming with its game set match.

But you have once you get these concepts clear, you will realize why in our course one of the things we talk about is a disturbance of the not so obvious establishment. And whenever I hear people saying, well, you know, they said some good things, big F, you get an F because you didn’t get it. The establishment has a whole array now of an inventory of not so obvious establishment people coming.

So we are kept in that box, Elon Musk. I mean, when my backup back on Twitter, the first thing was I hit Elon Musk, all these concerns are Why are you attacking Elon Musk? Well, dadadada da, we lost 20% of them. That’s fine.

Leave. Tulsi Gabbard, a friend of mine just invited me to meet with her to sit with her and talk to her. He’s bringing him over with Ted Cruz.

I said, Carlos, why are you fucking wasting my time and your time, you’ve given away so much money to these people do you know she is being groomed to be the next, quote unquote, Trump because Trump, they’ve used his half life has gone. And they have all these people in alignment to keep people in the structure. And after they use her, they’ll have the next one, and the next one and the next one.

But none of them are about building an independent movement. Tulsi is party came out of the CFR, she’s using the word independent, because she’s now the tip of the spear of their movement to say Holy shit, we got to go independent, because people are breaking with the left and the right. And that is where this is all headed.

But the difference is our movement exists. And we’re calling out these people which has not existed before, historically. And that is the powerful event that is occurring at this point in history.

That has not occurred at other points in history before. Typically, over the last 400 years, they’ve kept the dialectic going right, left and right, left and right keeping their ship beautifully stable. They need the lesser of two evils argument to keep this ship stable.

But when you have true innovation coming up an individual saying I’m going to build an independent movement. I guarantee none of these people will cover us. Tucker, Carlson Tulsi Gabbard, AOC all these guys, because they’re part of that infrastructure.

And you have to get this. And once you get it from the system science approach, you’ll say Holy shit, the epiphany will come. And the epiphany will come why you are so important to this, you’re raising your consciousness.

It’s critical. Now we have the science here, we’ve done the work, we’ve made it accessible. And it’s it’s a profound gift.

So please take advantage of it. We’ve put this infrastructure together, but I just want to end there. But every time I do this, and for me if I weren’t to do this course, guys, and if I were to just live in my ivory tower, okay, I built the course I’m Dr.

Shiva dadada. It’d be bullshit, I wouldn’t even be able to articulate these things, I wouldn’t be able to learn because I have to sit back every time I do these sessions to go back and reflect it I communicate that right? What is the real essential issue, and I go deeper. And when you learn the course, and you get on the ground, you go deeper.

And you see why it’s really about you. Understanding that and you collectively connecting with people, we’re really, truly that tip of that spear of knowledge that’s going to change the world we have. They’re all running and they watch everything we do guys, everything.

And we’re doing it with not $44 billion, Elon Musk CAD, or the Kennedy name, or the Republican infrastructure, the Democrat infrastructure, we’re doing it because I started understanding these concepts. And you’re understanding these concepts. And it’s unstoppable because it’s pure, distilled truth.

You have a lightsaber in your hands when you’re learning this stuff. And you have to pay, you have to honor yourselves, guys. You really, really have to honor yourselves.

You have to start having respect for yourselves and realize that you raising your consciousness is the most profound thing you can do for your families, for the future for yourself, not fucking sucking up to these dickheads and I use that profound language because it is the most abrasive language that must be used to describe these people because what they do is so profoundly dickhead ish to fuck people up to keep people in that prison of this determinism because they’re slaves. Robert Kennedy is a slave. Tulsi Gabbard is a slave.

Talk. Tucker Carlson is a slave. You know, they’re all slaves.

Joe Rogan is a slave. He’s owned by his masters, you know, and they have to stay in this confines and they Let them be radical once in a while, they get they give them a little leash because they needed to sucker you back into them. There you go.

So our movement is here. It’s so I’ve given you sort of a deep theoretical talk, but then we are very practical. Everyday we get up in the morning, from 8am to 10am.

We have a meeting, we build our infrastructure. Everything we do is in our physical data center. We are of our own version of sort of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which we use for ourselves.

So anyway, it’s a ton of stuff we put together but you notice it’s the theory and the actual tools. So you have everything so please take advantage of it. Thanks, everyone.

Have a good night.

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