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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, talks about how those in power manipulate conditions and events to create public spectacles to manipulate the masses, from Hollywood to Sports and WWE Wrestling and even to Politics, all of which is a grand spectacle meant to distract the masses from building a movement. Dr. Shiva highlights one individual who is a prime example of this type of show business in both entertainment and politics.

Transcript Below.

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First of all, I want to thank everyone, our core team, our leadership, core team, Suresh, John, and crystal. And then all the different leaders who are also on this call today are leaders and training Bob Smith at crelly. As I see, I see Kevin Smith, Larry sites, Lent halls, but we have a whole array of veterans who are in very Emily Krause, etc.

And then I want to thank there’s a number of people who have decided to be in the warrior scholar training program, we have a number of those people. But most importantly, I want to invite a lot of the guests who’ve come the warrior scholars who’ve come from all different backgrounds. And shortly we’re going to be asking each one of you to introduce yourselves, it’s an opportunity for us to really welcome you.

But most importantly, we get to hear a lot of great stories of where people come from how they came to find us. So that’s really exciting. So we’ll that’s the agenda we’ll be doing.

But before we start that I want to basically give typically, I give a discussion about a topic that’s going on, which I think it’s very relevant at to what’s going on in the world. This morning, I gave a talk on why it’s important that we educate leaders grow people’s consciousness, and why that’s central to the movement. All right, before we go on, I want to invite each of you to come to our next open house for truth, Freedom health, I personally host the open house every Thursday at 11am PST and then again at 8pm ESD.

You’ll learn about truth for health, which is a movement, a platform, as well as a community and much more. And we are dedicated to raising your consciousness through education theory and action practice, you will learn how to think beyond left and right Pro and anti so you may start to see things as they truly are and become a force for real and lasting change in your community. Again, to join us simply RSVP at V A shiva.

com/orientation, you’ll meet lots of great people from across the world. Again, it’s every Thursday at 11am PST and again at 8pm PST simply RSVP at VA be the light.

Now let’s go back to our program. I’ll touch a little bit about that. But I want to repeat that.

But I encourage everyone to see that it’s it really will give you an overview of why we need to grow a movement and and why the importance of leadership is needed and why we have a world now that we don’t really groom leaders, Charles Schwab, the W E. AF and those people actually do groom leaders and their leaders are groomed to essentially put forward a world where point oh 1% continue to control the vast majority of people. And in fact, if you listen to those people talk, they’re very, very open, they actually believe the point oh 1% should rule the world, okay.

And they’ve created in many ways, a framework that justifies what they’re doing, because they make sure the other 99.9% of the people are in dismay, don’t know what’s going on, they’re dealing with the day to day events of life, they create all these different foibles, weaknesses in their existence, right? Health issues, ability to see things as they are. So when you try to organize a movement, bottoms up, we have a much bigger challenge, it would be far easier for me to just say Screw this, you know, I’ve gotten all these degrees.

I know all these people. Let me just go work with the elites. And that’s what the elites do do because they have all this advantage.

You know, they get the best people. They get people who are, you know, quote, unquote, together, right. So if we want to build a bottoms up movement, we’re in a very, very different situation, we literally are going bottoms up, we have to get our hands dirty, we have to build infrastructure, we have to create our own understanding, we have to create our own language, we have to create our own knowledge, we have to create our own platforms.

And that’s what our movement has done. It’s truly a noble service that we do. And we do this because on my part I you can talk to others, I’m compelled to do it.

I did not want to support a system of power, profit and control, which is about exploiting people, it would be much much easier for me to live a life doing that, frankly, okay. But I’m compelled to do this. It comes from very, very deep conviction.

The other part is you have a set of people who have gone through experiences, some of them that are on the call here, that they have sort of battle scars, they had experiences you’ll see people were in the Bernie Sanders campaign, they realize he was full of shit. Then people follow Robert Kennedy realizing oh, this guy’s completely horseshit, you because he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times, and then he says I’m for vaccines, and then he says against vaccines. Then he says everyone who’s got to come to his home has got to be vaccinated.

Then he writes books stealing our stuff that is against Fauci, so on so you have all these people major contradiction, then people were former Trump errs, and people who followed one wing of the establishment other wing. So those people that get awaken through those experiences, they’re very interesting, because they recognize it’s not about any one issue, that you actually have to build a movement. And they are cognizant of that and want to learn how to do that.

And then the third set of people we have as people are single issue driven, they said, Oh, my God, Dr. Shiva is running against that idiot, Elizabeth Warren, that fake Indian real Indian, I really liked that slogan, let me get on his campaign. Whoo.

I like the fact that Dr. Shiva did a lot of science exposing the masks, right, or, Oh, my God, He did all this great work on the election systems, right. So there’s a broad set of people who are never politicized, who come to our movement, and are engaged because they see the intelligence in our movement, the dedication, and they come because they’re driven by single issue.

And after that issue is resolved. Unfortunately, they go back to their lives, okay. But you fundamentally have these three sets of people, people come through conviction, sort of the nature versus nurture, they’re driven by something very deep.

This next set of people have had a, you know, on the nature versus nurture something in the environment that’s occurred to them, and they get awakened to want to lead. So number. So what we have created is a program for all three states of people, we have created an environment where we compel people into action activism, for various issues, we also have a leadership program, and then we have a core set of people are very, very dedicated, they work essentially 24/7, you know, and they all have full time jobs.

Okay, we’re not some NGO funded from above of. So that is what this movement is. And as a part of that, you know, this morning, the video that we have, which is called why the world needs leaders, and this is how, which isn’t another video, when this video comes out, we’ll have a link to that you should go read, it’s sort of a two part series.

But tonight, what I want to talk to you about is the fact that those in power, want to take working people all throughout the world, and make them be an audience member. They want you to be entertained, period, they do not want you to get off your butts, they don’t want you to go talk to your neighbors. They don’t want you to have conversations, they don’t want you to think they want you to be like in that movie gladiator sitting in the masses and getting all excited that you know, this one is fighting this one or this one’s fighting this one.

And meanwhile all those people fighting each other making millions and millions or billions of dollars. And meanwhile, you are giving them millions of dollars. And at every transaction that you give them money, you’re getting further and slaved and 2024 is going to be the epitome in my view of the illusion that’s taking place.

And what I’m going to share with you to make this so concrete is that this illusion is being controlled by very few people who actually understand this entertainment dynamic. And for far too long. These folks recognize out of the entire world, they have step by step by step subjugated large continents of people, the people of India, the people of China, the people of the United Kingdom, the people of Australia, people of Europe do not have something called the First Amendment.

They don’t Canada doesn’t have it. The only country on the planet, which has something called the First Amendment, which is the right to speak against your government. political speech, the highest form of protection is the United States.

Unfortunately, over the last 70 years, most Americans have forgotten this. And there’s been a devastating recurrent, mindless effort to entertain people to such a regard that they won’t do anything and think that entertainment is more important than doing something with their lives. And to make this very, very.

Now, the disc, the knowledge that I was exposed to was not only working with the elites and academia, working with the elites, in many, many government, but also, you know, I had an opportunity to actually live in I was in a relationship with someone in Hollywood for nearly, you know, three, four years. So I know this world of entertainment, I had an opportunity to stay there and become part of that Earth. De and the MIT academia.

But I was so because of this conviction that I have wherever that comes from, I was disgusted by all of it. And I get engaged to do what I think is right in this lifetime, which is to build a bottoms up movement to liberate ourselves. So let me just to make this point, dramatically clearer.

So you really understand it. Let me John, just make sure I can You can see the screen here, John. You should see this slide.

Do you guys see the slide? The WWE logo? Yes. So everyone knows what I’ve always referred to politics as WWE worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. If you see right now, in fact, you will know that I think in the last 48 hours, Trump has essentially made about 15 $20 million.

Okay. being the victim of suppose being by him versus this da brag, but we’ll get to that. But this is what WWE looks like for those of you who are not in the United States.

It’s really a worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, you know, people getting a little the ring and they fight each other. And by the way, it’s all fake. When I was a kid growing up, and I was 10, I used to think it was real.

By the time I was 11, I realized it was all stupid, okay. But this is meant for a very, very childish audience. But you have these people fighting.

You have big events, people pay, you know, hundreds 1000s of dollars to attend these events, right. But this is WWE entertainment. They make one person the villain, the other person, the good guy, and sometimes a good guy suddenly is about to be destroyed.

And then, but it’s all you know, this kind of stuff. Okay. The other thing you need to know.

So that’s for the lowest common denominator of people in some ways, okay. There’s another thing called UFC, which is they have boxers little more legitimate, okay? But if you really study sports, you realize all of its rigged, okay? And you have this kind of fighting, right? Or this kind of bloody fighting, and you’ll have this character Joe Rogan, which came from that world. Okay.

And he now, I mean, he used to do all sorts of wacky stuff, eating maggots, and all this kind of stuff. And suddenly he’s become the biggest podcaster. Okay, but this is a world that he comes from, okay, this is his credentials.

All right. And then you have Hollywood, you know, and if you look over the last five years, Hollywood has all become about this fighting, right? They’ve created these heroes, Marvel Studios, right? You’ve seen this Iron Man and The Hulk and, and you know, it’s become a multi billion dollar industry, Disney just bought all of them. And if you study this carefully, you’ll find out there is an organization called endeavour.

Okay. Let me explain this a little bit. To those of you who’ve, you know, many years ago, you know, I had to get a Hollywood agent, and she got me a big book deal with HarperCollins for doing a major book called A connection, but you don’t get major book deals.

Major movie deals unless you have a Hollywood agent. All right, and then you have to be handled by them. All right, because they have a network of connections, you become essentially a bitch to your agent.

No one tells you about this. Otherwise you don’t get anywhere. So andeavor was formerly known as a William Morris Agency, W Emmy goes read about them.

There’s two major agencies in Hollywood W MA and CAA. In the book world is called Trident Trident was my agent at one time, okay. So, w m e became an endeavor run by a guy called Ari Emmanuelle Emmanuelle.

Does that name ring a bell anywhere? Rahm Emanuel is brother who was Obama’s chief of staff who then became the mayor of Chicago. Got it? All right. And if you go to Hollywood, and you go to one restaurant called Nobu, everyone knows Ari and all the actors are ultimately beholden to Ari Emanuel and some form of of the other Okay.

William Morris Agency changed their name to become endeavour. Okay. And so, and definitely go back to the slide.

Just want to check in John. You can see it right. John? Yep.

Okay. And Deborah is run by there’s a picture of Ari Emanuel. And are you manual? Well, I just saw this two days ago and no one even reported on this.

Okay. I mean, it was a quick report. It says endeavor.

$7.5 billion pound acquisition of WWE will be huge, huge for live sports and entertainment, but who are endeavour and what does the merger mean for this newly formed company? So andeavor actually owned UFC. And they own all the pretty much most of the top Hollywood actors but so andeavor is Hollywood.

Well handover Just bought WWE and they own UFC. So they have essentially owned the platform of entertainment, they control all these people. Let me repeat this, when I say control these people, they actually control these people.

You want to have a job in Hollywood, your agent is the one who negotiates those contracts, they typically take 15 to 30% of your income, okay? And but you do what they say, or you will not get your next movie gig. Is that clear? So when you see all of these actors, they’re all they have a big golden handcuff or golden chain around their neck to ultimately the endeavor or CIA. Just let that sink in.

Okay, these people are high paid slaves, the actors. So you look at most of those actors, Joe Rogan is just a bitch to Ari Emanuel. Okay.

Are you manuelle is really the brain trust. He’s thinking. Okay, the broad the big picture, big strategy.

All right. Well, if you then go into really looking at Hollywood, so you WWL these stupid wrestlers are now going to be controlled by endeavour. Hollywood’s already controlling UFC.

Now, if you look at this, this what I found interesting. I just saw this today getting ready for this. Are you manuals briefly considered for the Trump White House? Okay.

The other interesting thing is this is what I want you to read this because it says Trump also has history with our Emanuel’s brother Rahm Emanuel. I remember Rahm Emanuel is on the other side. He’s a pretty, pretty horrible human being if you study his background, Rahm Emanuel, one of the agents olders brothers, which is Ari Emanuel, was President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff and as a current Mayor of Chicago.

He’s also this is before it’s a couple years ago, he’s also a Democrat, according to The Washington Post, Trump K $50,000, to Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign in 2010, in spite of their political differences, now, why would he do that? Okay. And listen to what Trump says because I like ROM. I mean, this guy is the theoretician for Barack Obama.

I’ve always liked him as a person. And more importantly, Ari. His brother is my agent.

Okay. So our Emmanuel was Trump’s agent. So I did make a contribution.

And frankly, I don’t think they had any Republican running. He told Rush Limbaugh in 2011. I’m very loyal to people that supersedes, frankly, party lines.

But I’m very, very loyal to people. I’m also very loyal to people that I think are good for the country. Okay.

So let that sink in. So you have Trump whose agent was wrong. And remember, Trump wanted to go into Hollywood and he wanted to be an actor or producer on time.

And that’s why he did the apprentice, and he always was getting on little sitcoms and shows, etc. When you put this together, this is even more interesting. Ari Emanuel acquired a stake in Elon Musk’s Twitter.

All right. And then more interestingly, Elon was going to be put on the board of endeavor group, also in the UFC and Miss Universe contest. And you will if you saw a couple of months ago, there’s a picture of Elon looking completely pale.

He looked like a buffalo. Okay. You know, it hadn’t gotten any sun and he’s on are you manuals? Yeah.

Okay. So what you really look at it, and never really under Ari Emanuel not only understands wrestling, not only since Hollywood, not only UFC, but they also understand politics. Okay, political theater, boxing theater, actual theater, and worldwide wrestling theater.

I hope this sinks in this diagram. You’re talking about a world controlled by a set of people who are intelligence operatives. That’s what they are.

And you can look at the manual family they go to Mossad and Israel etc. Just go study them a little bit. So the young people, everyday people who think they’re fighting for Trump or fighting for Biden wherever they’re being entertained political theater, boxing theater, and you see these interconnections Joe Rogan is like Ari, Ari Manuel Joe Rogan’s agent Elon Musk hangs out with Ari Mannion wanted to put them on the board of endeavor, does this make any sense? People are being made an audience.

Once they’re here, then they’re here. And I remember being 10 years old, you’d see this wrestling match and suddenly the guy would get hit and you thought he was dead. And then he’d rise up.

Have you noticed Trump never really nothing ever really happens to him? Have you noticed that? Is that fascinating? and all these idiots oh my god Trump this happened to him that up and did you see what that black guy is doing to him? It’s, you know, it’s awful. This woke person attacking our president. All these people over there fighting for Trump giving him their hard earned money.

It’s entertainment, and it is well oiled machine. You are being used and exploited. When I got back on Twitter, must thought I’d be his bitch.

So grateful to be back on Twitter. The day I got back on I did a sarcastic thing. I said, Hey, why don’t I become your CEO? He thought I was serious.

It went viral and got 20 million views. And then I started hammering him. Are you going to shut down the backdoor portal? Are you going to shut down the backdoor portal? Well, my viewership from a half a million impressions a day went to 300,000.

And then went to 50,000 out of 10,000. And then I went on. Steve Bannon has his own self interest, but he knows that I have a lot of good information.

So he put me on his show again today. And we exposed Elon Musk card. And some of you may have heard that and may be here for that.

But this is not about entertainment. This is about our lives. So please don’t be entertained by me.

Please use what I do to get inspired to become a leader and get educated. You cannot stay on the sidelines. Particularly if you’re an American, you have a huge historic duty.

The Canadians Glenn halls will tell you they’re being just totally suffocated. But if you are an American on this call, you have a freaking huge responsibility to the rest of the world. And if you think Robert Kennedy that scumbag is your leader, ah, if you think Donald Trump is your leader, they all hang out together, guys.

They’re all friends. They’re like one half a degree of freedom away from each other. They all bang the same people.

They really do. They’re not your friends. So what do we what do we do? Well, the first thing we do is we start having dignity for ourselves.

And we recognize that you’re being played. You are literally being played. And by not 20 people, but in this case, one individual.

Our Emmanuel has so much power. Everyone wants to be a star. Elon Musk, go read his oh, I want to be on the front page of Rolling Stone.

This guy is an idiot. I don’t think you know how much of an idiot Elon Musk actually is. He’s not some genius.

Pay Pal. He almost destroyed it. Everything he was doing nothing was working.

Tesla is basically made on carbon credits. He didn’t do anything. He weaseled his way to get his name on the founders documents was done created by two other people.

And do you think this guy actually builds rocket ships? No, come on. It’s a brand that’s created brought to you I’m sure Ari and him have talked. I don’t have all the data.

These guys build brands, they build images. That’s what they do. That is their lives to take an idiot and make him look like a great person to take a fool and overnight make him look intelligent.

It is deep. They want you to think Elon Musk is some genius. And he’s fighting for free speech.

No, it’s the actual opposite. It’s a direct opposite. They want you to make you think that Trump is thinking about all this caring for America.

No freakin way. He’s caring about your ching ching ching. If you cared about people, when you’re in the frickin White House, you would have got rid of that.

Oh, well, he had to do to get rid of the swamp. He said, Oh, well, you had to do that. This would have had, okay, well be willing to give up your life.

Get ready for it. Man up. That’s not what he did.

He went in there, MIT, under his leadership was all the stuff took place. All the Conservatives were waiting for him. You know, month over month, year over year, and then they had this queue and on entertainment is all entertainment.

It is organized diversion to manipulate you and is done by a few people. So our movement is the only movement on the planet that you will hear this analysis from that. After doing all my other stuff.

I’ll take time to put these slides together to educate you. You’re not going to get this anywhere else. So those of you have come to our meeting over and over and over again.

Please get off your butts. And if you really want to do change, go through the leadership program. Stop being picky uni airy, and get off your butts, and own this and become leaders, you have a duty, you can’t just be sitting on the sidelines and doing these little critiques now you need to jump in.

And if you don’t then be on the outside, and just sort of dawdle along, those of you who are new, and we’re excited, we’re really happy to have you because we surely want fresh blood. Because the people in the world and this country are looking to you, and you have an opportunity to be out forced of reckoning and a force of incredible change. Because of this infrastructure we put together.

It has never existed before in history, I keep giving the example of this iPhone, this iPhone did not just magically appear, it took physics, engineering, sweat blood to make this appear. It’s an innovation. Similarly, our movement and the infrastructure we’ve created, has taken millennia to come to this point, really has.

And we’re at a very, very critical point, the fact that our movement exists, and the fact all this garbage is going on in the world is not coincidence. It is a meeting of history. And you have to take it very seriously.

And again, I repeat again, if you’re an American, you have more rights than others. So you can’t be like dawdling along. And I know because I came from a country where there is no First Amendment, I came from a country where we were considered, you know, inferior.

And people like Elon Musk, he comes from a world called South Africa, where it is genetics. Yes, there’s a two tier system. And as we discovered recently, he has 35 people on Twitter, he actively pushes and promotes unshadowed banned zone, and people like me.

He shadow bands and puts in a digital cage. So a two tier system, it’s modern apartheid. However, what these people bank on, is they’re banking on a mechanistic view of the world.

They bank on, oh, we’re gonna collect all this data. And we’re so smart, we’re gonna have all this computing, we know exactly what Chivas followers are, they’re gonna do this, we’re going to do this, and we’re gonna cage and we’re going to track them. That’s what they’re doing.

But what they don’t know is that the human will, and the ability for human beings to interact and go offline. As long as we’re online, we’re going to be in digital cages. But when we go offline, and we start talking to other human beings, and we start building human interactions with a common analysis and a common science, they cannot predict that the artificial intelligence, the AI is only as smart as its training data.

Okay. It cannot understand fluctuations, which create completely different systems. And we talk about that in system science.

So there’s a huge opportunity. That is where the will, and your connection to spirit is the thing that they cannot model. It’s unpredictable.

And that’s what they do not bank on their hubris doesn’t let them see that. But once you understand this, you realize why it’s important to understand these principles, and why you need to be a leader in the movement for truth for the mouth, if you’re serious, and that you’ve had a huge God given opportunity to come to this point, on April 6, Thursday at 9:05pm, frankly, you know, two days from now, or I think Sunday, it’s going to be Easter. If you look at the life of Christ.

99% of Christ’s life was not attacking the obvious establishment, but the Pharisees and the Sadducees the not so obvious establishment, people spoke about God and wore these great robes and talked about God, God, God, they are the people who stabbed him in the back. That’s who he fought. And the fight has not changed.

The Robert Kennedy’s that Donald Trump’s the Bernie Sanders on the left, you know, the so called Christian evangelists who talk Christ, these are our enemies, because they don’t walk the walk. They talk the talk, and they make a shitload of money doing that. So what is our program? Our program is number one.

The movement for truth, Freedom health has an educational program, which has taken all these amazing concepts and congealed it to 50 years into a three hour set of courses that anyone can understand this dynamics. And you the knowledge you will learn will be that of a PhD at MIT, that of a traditional medicine healer because it integrates that concepts and that of a political theorist seriously. You’re not going to learn it anywhere else.

And you will know it better than these guys seriously. I had Jason Valera, who’s a welder who was educating a economics guy at University of Chicago, on the immune system, okay, dad is a kind of graduates we get out of here. That’s powerful knowledge.

So we have this amazing knowledge base, then we have this incredible community of people. So you can’t say why I feel so alone. I’m the only one who gets it.

No, there’s a lot of other people get it, we have nearly 360,000 people globally in 95 countries who have touched our movement. And over 250 million people have seen our videos, and they know it. And most importantly, we’re independent of either party.

And that’s what scares them more. That’s why they have to attempt to make us invisible, but the cats out of the bag, so they’re sort of screwed on that. The other thing is we have our own technology platform.

With, you know, donated our data center to this movement, we run our computing on that. And then we have our own events. We’re not waiting to be on some TV show.

We have this twice a day, on Thursdays, it’s an orientation, we then have our communities who get on the ground and we get encouraged them to do activities, hand out flyers, write social media stuff, you know, write articles. So we have we give people activities to do we make people accountable, it’s not just come hear me and go on No, you gotta get be accountable. So we have ground activity.

The other thing we do is we on a regular basis, every two months, we do a special analysis of some major system, or we teach something new, we taught people how to meditate. A couple of weekends ago, before that we taught people what is the real source of gun violence, and we should probably do that video, you know, probably do that series again. So we do ongoing to, you know, events.

But, and then more recently, we recognize we have a lot of people on who’ve come in New, and we’re creating, we have created our leadership program. And our goal is in every state in the United States, there will be several leaders, every country. And that’s our goal in 2023.

Because these leaders who get it are going to be the catalysts for all those people come from single point issues, they’ll mobilize them, and they’ll keep inspiring them. But hopefully they’ll go from single point issues to the systems issues. And our goal was to break people from this world of being entertained and becoming the agent of change.

That is what we’re doing. And the important thing is just like this iPhone exists today, which are your Android, none of us can do without this. The movement for truth, freedom and health is something that people will not be able to do with that if they’re serious about changing the world.

That’s what we’ve created. And so I welcome all of you to join and those of you join, participate and be agents of change. And everything we do in this movement is built bottoms up.

Thank you

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