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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, System Scientist, engineer, educator – discusses his analysis of the Pima County Arizona data from 2020 election and the anomalies he discovered by taking an engineering Systems Approach. 
  • In precincts with below average return rate, at 86.7%, Trump’s performance was steady at 3% plus, and Biden’s performance was steady at 3% minus. As precincts with return rates went above average, Trump’s performance begins to decrease, and Biden’s performance begins to increase. 
  • At precincts with return rates between 92 to 97%, Trump decreases 1% with each 1% increase in return rate, and Biden increases 1% with each 1% increase in return rate.
  • The public owns the public data, unelected election officials believe they own public data. We have a serious issue with opacity, where there’s no transparency, and no dialogue. 
  • Those who do not want to shed light on Election Integrity will use organizations which claim that they’re news organizations, but are actually funded by billion dollar hedge funds out of New York which are very partisan, to do hit jobs and try to discredit people.
  • These are complex engineering Systems, and if we want to solve them in the modern world, we have to listen to criticism. And instead of embracing criticism, the issue has always been to say, “nothing here,” move along, and to attack people. And that culture has got to change and that’s what citizens of this country need to demand, whether you’re left or right.

OAN: Pima County. It’s a county Joe Biden allegedly won in 2020 at 58.6% by a margin of over 97,000 ballots. Well, in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the same county at 54.2% by a margin of over 48,000.

So, why the surge in votes of early ballots in 2020? Well, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai has some ideas and the facts bear him out. Take a look at what went on with unsolicited mail-in ballots.

Dr.SHIVA: Pima County’s mail-in ballot return rates are 86.7%. That’s what their mail-in ballot return rates are across Pima. So when we hit that, what I call, that sort of interesting wall, we start seeing Trump’s performance come down, and Biden’s performance go up.

And in fact, at 90%, so these are precincts which had the 90% return rate, you see them near the same, which means there’s no difference. And this is where it gets interesting. At around 92%, we’re going on 93%, you start seeing Biden starts overtaking Trump in these precincts which have greater than 90% mail-in return rates. And they start growing, and growing, and growing.

As you go up to 95%, between around 93%, you start seeing this very interesting slope. It almost looks like for every 1% increase in mail-in ballot return rates, Trump is losing 1% and Biden is gaining 1%. That’s the slope of that line. And this is what I call this fishtail. In fact as we’re getting close to 99%, it becomes so.

OAN: If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then that fishtail has got to be worth a few thousand ballots. Here’s another way of looking at it.

Dr.SHIVA: At precincts below average return rate, that 86.7%, Trump’s performance was steady at 3% plus, and Biden’s performance was steady at 3% minus. As precincts with return rates went above average, what did you see?

Trump’s performance begins to decrease, and Biden’s performance begins to increase. And then at precincts with return rates between 92 to 97%, what do we see? Trump decreases 1% with each 1% increase in return rate, and Biden increases 1% with each 1% increase in return rate.

OAN: Unbelievable. Yet quite believable, considering the shenanigans we’ve all witnessed coming out of Arizona, specifically Maricopa County. And now we’re only just starting to talk about Pima. As President Trump wrote in a statement, “A new analysis of mail-in ballots in Pima County, Arizona, means the election was rigged and stolen from the Republican Party in 2020. And in particular, its presidential candidate.”

Joining us now with more on what happened and what should happen next, Dr.SHIVA. Dr.SHIVA, this analysis that you’ve actually put together, everyone’s been so busy talking about Maricopa County, and I know you really helped in the audit there, no one’s talked about Pima County. Do you see Pima as a bigger offender than Maricopa?

Dr.SHIVA: Well, I think it’s hard to put bigger or less, because they’re so different. Pima is primarily democratic, and Trump “lost” there by about 96,000 votes. But it’s definitely a much more democratic place, it probably is likely that he lost in Pima County.

But the interesting thing that this analysis shows is that when you start looking at this very, very high turnout rate, his performance, as you saw on that graph, is stable. And as you hit these very, very high turnout precincts, it starts switching. And that’s what we would call in science an anomaly. And no one’s making an accusation here about anyone.

What we are saying here is that this is an anomaly that needs to be explored. Same with the anomalies we saw in Maricopa. Now, what’s unfortunate, and what’s common among Maricopa and Pima is that you have election officials who are not open to criticism, who are not open to looking at these anomalies.

If the Pima officials want to explain this, they can probably just sit down with us and we’ll go over it from an engineering standpoint, but that’s not the reaction you typically get. What you get is a lot of vitriol by the media proxies that are being used. So the commonality is you don’t have dialogue. What you have is this lack of wanting to essentially move along, nothing to see here. That’s what the commonality is here.

Pima is interesting because you see very high turnout rates with mail-in ballots, and then you see this interesting switch. So, that anomaly is what we’ve been exploring. In fact, we’re going to be doing a video tomorrow where we’ve done some more analysis on showing the distribution of Republicans and Democrats and how you find even more things that are very, very hard to frankly understand.

OAN: Wow. Is that gonna also be on your YouTube page? What time will that be airing?

Dr.SHIVA: We’re probably going to be doing it tomorrow afternoon around 4pm. I wish the election officials just contacted us because this is just science.

But what we found was during that early part, you have a distribution of Democrats and Republicans, which is what the polls were predicting. Meaning they were saying about  90% of the Democrats voted for Biden, or I think like 96%, 3% voted for Trump. And then among the Republicans they said 6% voted for Biden, and the 94% for Trump.

But when you go into those high turnout areas, you find something really quite incredible, and we did this modeling. It turns out that you have almost 60% of Republicans voting for Trump, and only 40% voting for Biden.

So none of it makes sense in those high turnout areas. So, if there’s anything that needs to be explained is, first of all, why does this vote switching start taking place, or this performance switching start taking place in those high Pima County precincts?

OAN: Have you also done a trend analysis for Maricopa County in terms of the Democrat Republican turnout? Because we need to see this in a lot of different counties across the country at this point.

Even when you look at Fulton County, it doesn’t have to be a red county that “flipped” blue, and flipped in quotes, because they can hide a lot of different ballots in these turnout areas and just claim high voter turnout, when in reality, it was just high ballot turnout.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, you’re bringing up an important point. We did Fulton. I remember I did an analysis for some of the stuff that was submitted to the Supreme Court. I think what we saw was high Republican, low Trump. So that means as the precincts got more and more higher Republican, it looks like Trump was actually losing votes in the high Republican precincts.

And so if you want to think about it, if you’re going to do anything funky, obviously you’re going to try to sort of camouflage it. So you would do it in essentially these high Republican precincts. So we saw that in Fulton, it’s in one of the affidavits I did for the Supreme Court, it’s in there. But I think the key thing with the Pima analysis was we were actually able to get the data of how many mail-in ballots were requested by precinct, and how many were returned.

Now, if we could get that in Maricopa, we could do a very, very similar analysis. The hard thing here is getting data. All of this data is owned by the public. And all of this data should be published, it should be open sourced, so anyone can do analysis.

And that’s one of the interesting things I think that needs to be addressed from a transparency standpoint. Why is the data so hard to get? What we noticed in Maricopa was we published a series of anomalies, and instead of the Maricopa officials contacting us, they used sort of these fake news organizations which claim that they’re news organizations, but they’re actually funded by billion dollar hedge funds out of New York which are very partisan.

And they act like they’re news organizations, and they essentially do hit jobs and they try to discredit people and your credibility. But the reality is, they have a problem here. We’ve taken an engineering Systems Approach, we’ve been open, we’re inviting people to participate.

We held a four hour forum last week, none of these guys showed up, but a lot of citizens did. And the only way to resolve this is we go open and we are transparent and we invite people to discourse.

OAN: Real quick, where are you sourcing your information that you’re able to get publicly available? And then where would you get it if they actually cooperated with the information? What else would be added to your reporting?

Dr.SHIVA: So in the case of Maricopa, the Senate, through a series of discussions, I don’t understand all the legal stuff, but the county was forced to give, for example, we got the envelopes. We actually have images of the envelopes.

That came through a series of legal negotiations. The ballot images, for example, when you put your ballot through, that should all be transparent and public information. It doesn’t have any private information.

The data we got from Pima came through the recorder’s office through Mark Finchem who was able to acquire it, a state rep. But the reality is you have to know somebody, right? It shouldn’t be like this. You should be able to get this. You should be able to get the data, I should be able to get the data, everyone should be able to have access.

But for some reason, election officials believe they own data. These are unelected people. They’re not elected. The reality is we have a serious issue with opacity, there’s not transparency, there’s not dialogue.

These are complex Engineering Systems, and if you want to solve it in the modern world, you have to listen to criticism. You should embrace criticism. And instead of that, the issue has always been to say nothing here, move along, and to attack people. And that culture has got to change and that’s what citizens of this country need to demand, whether you’re left or right.

OAN: Dr.SHIVA, I wish we weren’t coming up against a hard break, we want to have you back on soon. We’ll definitely be watching tomorrow. Keep us posted and God bless you and your efforts.

Dr.SHIVA: God bless you too. Be well.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator shares Shares Anomalies From Pima County Arizona with OAN. 

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