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CytoSolve® reveals that RED SAGE affects 3 molecular pathways involved in LUNG CONGESTION. Short video above. Full analysis:

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:00 Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s having a good week. Today we’re going to continue our lung health series.

And we’re going to cover a very, very important herb called red sage. And that’s what we started off in the title. It’s called red sage.

And we’re going to look at red sage on lung congestion that’s we’re going to look at so red sage is known as salvia Milty, or Riza. It’s a deciduous perennial plant. And I have an example of it over here.

This is what it looks like. And it’s a medicinal herb. And that’s been using traditional Chinese medicine for 1000s of years.

And it’s used to treat a wide variety of disorders in Chinese medicine. Now, what you’re seeing here is a rhizome are the roots. That’s what this is a picture of.

It’s a dried rhizome. And roots, a rhizome is a little bit different than the roots. If you look at a plant, you pull out a plant you see the root structure, but hanging on the roots.

Sometimes these these nodules, and those are called rhizomes. Ginger is a rhizome turmeric is a rhizome. And here with red sage, it has the rhizome, but it also has the root.

So what you’re seeing here is a picture of the rhizome and the root. But the medicinal properties come from the rhizome and roots, different herbs and medicinal properties sometimes comes from the leaves, or the stem or the flower. Here, we’re looking at the rhizome and the roots.

And there’s different types of compounds in red sage, there’s flavonoids, there’s terpenoids, there’s polysaccharides, there’s saponins. And there’s vitamins. And we’ll go through this shortly.

But there’s really five different types of compounds in red sage. What I want to do now is that’s just a quick overview on what is lung congestion. If you look at the lungs here, obviously, every note when knows where your lungs are, they’re in your chest area, and you have essentially two lobes of the lungs.

And if we zoom in on the upper right here, you’ll see this is what a clean lung pathway looks like. Where you have the muscles, it’s you notice it’s clean, the airway walls are clean, and it’s a normal airway here, what you see is when the lung is under congestion is wider the right here, you notice that it’s thicker, the air widen, and obviously all this mucus in here, and it also gets scarred. The airway can also get scarred, right? So you have very different nice thin airway walls, thick airway walls, no mucus, mucus, and you have a widened airway.

So that’s what happens when you have congestion. Now, getting a little bit deeper into this. The reason this happens is there’s a result of an excess of blood in specific parts of the lungs.

Now a common symptom of respiratory tract infections when you have lung congestions. And mucous membranes, as you notice, become inflamed from here to here. There’s excessive mucus production that blocks the airways.

That’s why you feel awful. When you have lung congestion. It causes difficulty breathing.

And unfortunately, not only is the lung congestion bad at the mucus, but this also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria leading to secondary infections. So you get the mucus. And then unfortunately, you open yourself up to secondary infection, humanity’s we take all of that research, which no one person could do, but with our technology that’s been donated for public use, we analyze all that research, relative lung congestion.

That’s what scientists that’s what the power of cytosol is. And just briefly how to cytosol do that, well, cytosol takes all of this research, we extract out the relevant ones. In this case, doing lung congestion is a little bit hard to see here.

But we extract out the molecular mechanism, which means all the chemical reactions were read stage effects lung congestion, and then we understand systematically, what are all those molecular mechanisms, which I’m going to share with you, there’s five of them, and then how red sage affects those molecular mechanisms. And then we share that knowledge with you. Now, this is very, very different than how big pharma works.

Big Pharma is really about killing animals, spending tons of money, and the products that they produce really don’t work sight to solve. This approach is a more holistic approach to really finding truth. This approach pharma companies only handle a single compound, which means a single synthetic molecule, they spend anywhere between five to eight years figuring out if this even works, they do a lot of test tube testing, then they kill a bunch of animals, this takes me eight years.

And then if they don’t kill too many animals, they can then go to the FDA and get an allowance to start testing on humans. Phase one, phase two, phase three, again, 13 years 20% That they test on small sets of humans fail. And so this process is very, very wrote with error.

No mainstream media will talk about it. You’ll only hear this on our channel here exposing this. And we’ve been talking about it for a long time.

And I’ve been discussing this since 1986. And what’s happened over the all those years is pharma, which really should go out of business, they keep spending more and more money on r&d to support this very archaic medieval process. And this is why less and less drugs are even being allowed.

Even the FDA this white farmer needed thank you to Donald Trump Republicans and Democrats that were able to push the vaccines through and so fundamentally, their entire science is based on a reductionist approach. So if this represents lung congestion, or cancer, the whole elephant, the individual scientists work on different pieces of the puzzle, and they don’t collaborate. If they ever really wanted to look at the elephant, they think the elephant looked like this.

Anyway, this is a fundamental problem in science on which side to solve. We take a 23rd century approach where we’re able to really understand all these mechanisms have actually give you a very powerful example of the value of cytosol. Obviously, we’re going to go into discussing red stage and lung congestion.

But we’ve been helping many, many of the more companies who are really wanting to solve problems using our technology. One of the things I want to mention too, is if you were to go and you were to start looking at the scientific literature, and you want to say, Well, how many papers are written about lung congestion, what’s actually out there. And what you’ll find out is that if you look right now on PubMed, which is the science sort of search engine, you’ll find that there’s close to 4338 research articles, 160 clinical trials, which means I’ve tested a red sage on humans and reported the results and over the last 69 years, so that sort of gives you an idea of all the research that’s been done, I wanted to let you know that we use the technology here, we’ve helped many, many companies over the last 16 years, a lot of smart, innovative companies.

But we decided with all the mathematical models we’ve created, why don’t we try to use this to compute the best product we could think of from the science out there for reducing pain and inflammation, pain and discomfort, and that resulted in us Creating m v 25. Using cytosol. We’re going to have more products that are going to be coming.

But let me just show you what MB 25 is about for those of you who haven’t heard about it, but this is using cytosol in a beneficial way not to just do research, but find combination therapies.06:22I am barber and my hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet. We would go like that not have to use this.

When I played cards with my grandkids and I started taking that MV 25 After bed, I was able to bolt cards in my hand. Very, very little cramping hardly at all anymore. MV 2506:50Hi, my name is Sandy.

I’m a Taekwondo instructor, I tore my ACL during Taekwondo, I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV 25 for about six months. Now after the first week, I noticed the big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain.

07:10My name is Jeremy and I suffered from a lower back problem hurt my back at work years ago. And I can go to the chiropractor and do all kinds of different things. And nothing seems to help.

And I decided to try MV 25, I didn’t notice a difference immediately. But within a few days, that pain went away. And it’s stayed away, I’ve continued to take it.

And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do seems to go away a lot quicker than I ever did before.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 07:34It’s clean food certified, it’s made in the US, if you go to bhg.

com right on the shop, you’ll click there. Or you can go right to MB 25 dot life either way, and then from there, you can click on the bottle and you can order please take advantage of it because first of all is going to help you it’s going to help our movement and it really supports the fact that we want to take science based approaches to natural products. So what are the molecules in red sage and how many are there? Well, our research using cytosol has found 21 Key molecules in red sage and there are 11 Key phenolic acids remember that’s one of the kinds of compounds and here are those 11 phenolic acids you’ll see Cafe IQ acid, ISO folic acid connoisseur rose morainic acid, Saville dimethyl life, those permit Silva Nolleke acid, a solvent, folic acid, B, proto, to Tuuk acid and Shinan own one and tension and own to eight these are what are called phenolic acid, very powerful compounds.

So think about this, this is literally a pharmacy in here of these 11 phenolic acids. So those are the things in red states are also six terpenoids, milk to lactones, a milk to lactones, B, mes linic acid, Asiatic acid or below ik acid and oleanolic acid. So there are six terpenoids.

And again, these are another set of very powerful compounds. They’re also for other molecules polysaccharide SMP you one beta settle sterile and vitamin E. So for so when you add this all up, you have these 21 molecules, but just to give you the structures of some of the most more powerful ones that the literature really points out is you can see these are organic structures, organic structures are typically free of carbon associated with something else by the way, when you see this is called a a ring structure.

And the points of the ring always have carbon. So even though they didn’t put C that’s what so it’s C double bond O H that’s known as a acid. And then so you can see here, these are all these very cool structures, and the structures of these molecules determine how they get activated in your body.

So in summary, there’s 21 molecules in red sage are the ones that cytosol was able to uncover from looking at all that literature that have a lot of evidence based research on the other pieces. There are four biological effects of those chemical compounds and six health systems are affected too. What are those health systems red states has effects on your lungs, skin, heart, brain, liver and digestive system its effects on all Have these six systems lung skin, heart, brain, liver and digestion effects six subsystems of your body.

So we call those a health system but it has four biological effects. Biological Effects are at the molecular level. So antioxidant.

So red stage takes out these oxidizing components, which means it’s anti aging, anti inflammatory, right? You have inflammatory events taking place, red stage, red stage will calm them down, anti depressant, Anxi lotic. Right. It has effects on lowering depression for the means anti depressant and anti fibrotic fibrosis is where you have scarring of the lungs.

So this is anti fibrotic. pulmonary fibrosis is a horrible, horrible disease, you know, and someone had it, my mom had it, and she died. Within three months, she had worked in a factory when we first came to the United States and the particles in the factory over many, many years that essentially affected her lungs and scarred in touch with fibrosis.

Redstate is anti fibrotic. So let’s continue our discussion, we’re going to now get into the five main molecular systems in lung congestion. So what are they told here are the molecular mechanisms so we’re zooming in on what happens when you get lung congestion and I just want to you don’t have to know all this, you’re gonna obviously review this video.

But there are actually molecular mechanisms. molecular mechanisms are systems of molecular reaction. There’s Eric hedonic acid metabolism.

That’s one cytokine production via map K Titus kind production via NF Kappa Beta mucin, production and smooth muscle cell relaxation. These are the five pathways that you need to affect to affect lung congestion. So Eric hedonic metabolism again, you see that it involves a chemical called Eric canonic acid, which affects many other reactions, your body’s just one big chemical factory.

Another one is cytokine production via map K. As you may have heard, cytokines, you’ve heard of the cytokine storm cytokines here get produced via map K, that’s one mechanism. The other is cytokine production via NF Kappa Beta.

Nf Kappa Beta is a molecule that shows up in all sorts of things in inflammation. Also, with cancer, you have mucin production, it’s the actual reactions that actually your body starts producing mucus as we call mucin. And then finally, you want your muscles to relax when you want to eliminate congestion.

The smooth muscle relaxation pathways are involved here. And what I want to show you here is four of those pathways, you want to bring down certain parameters. And the first one Eric hedonic acid, as you see here, PG two needs to be brought down in cytokine production via map K, il one and IL IL eight need to be brought down in cytokine production with NF Kappa Beta, il six and il eight.

And for mucin production, you want to bring down mucin five, okay, so these are the four pathways, you’re trying to bring down these six variables, however, you want to do something positive, you want to increase MRCP, because that actually let your muscles relax your smooth muscles. And that’s what gets you all tight, and you get you feel horrible. So now we want to look at how red sage affects those pathways.

You can think about those pathways as molecular machines, the red sage has remembered different compounds. And some of those compounds can beneficially affect those four pathways to lower stuff, and the fifth one to increase. So let’s look at those pathways.

So there are three molecular systems that get affected by red sage. So red sage is shown to have effect it on anti fibrosis effect, which means it reduces scarring, I hyper secretion, right so make sure that your body doesn’t put out all this mucus and anti COPD effects. This is pretty cool.

So let’s look at it. Remember, these are the active components we talked about in red sage, these are out of those 21 These are the 21 that are seven that are apparently very active. So tension known to a is one of the compounds in red sage and look what it does one of the driving forces behind fibrosis which is where you have the scarring so red sage is an anti fibrosis effect is epithelial mesenchymal transition.

So when you have TGF beta, which is one of the cytokines that inhibits the expression of E category, and so if you have TGF beta when you have lung congestion that blocks the expression of E Catherine menten, and alpha smooth muscle actin so in TGF inhibits expression of the Catherine Vimentin leading to that leads to dehydration right here of the epithelial so this block cyst and you get dehydration and inflammation also occurs of the epithelium and this causes fibrosis. So dehydration and epithelium cause fibrosis and this is happening because TGF beta blocks e Catherine and momentan down and then downstream you get fibrosis now tragen known tragen onine to a which is in red sedge, guess what it does? It blocks TGF beta. So none of these pathways occurs here blocking fibrosis.

That’s what it does. That’s one of the effects. The other effect tension on one eye has it actually initiates an RF to now the reactive oxygen species these are oxidizing components.

They’re the ones who up regulate inflammation in the epithelium that leads to fibrosis what happens is trench unknown to a red stage regulates an RF antioxidant enzymes such as s OD and catalase. So the antioxidant enzymes scavenge eat up RLS and they prevent this. So what happens is when you get trench unknown to a, you get NRF two which leads to these antioxidant enzymes.

So D super oxide dismutase. That’s a shortened version of catalyst, which blocks RLS and that’s how you stop this inflammation. So two very powerful ways that trench unknown punch unknown ion to a works, it blocks TGF beta, and it initiates NRF two to have this antioxidant effect which basically blocks fibrosis.

The next thing is you can also see there’s another chemical in red sage, which stops fibrosis had I known about this years ago, I would have given this to my mom, but Tolvanen folic acid also affects if you look over here, there’s pro inflammatory cytokines, your il one beta and TNF alpha, which cause inflammation of the epithelium leading to fibrosis now Salvan folic acid B which is another component red sage, one of those molecules it prevents the pulmonary fibrosis by down regulating these two things. Now, over here there are coagulating factors such as TFV to a FX a and Pa I want right here and these promote the expression of thrombin and fibrin and these are things that lead to pulmonary fibrosis with my mom hat so these are fibrotic factors and solvent folic acid block see so you don’t get fibrosis so again, solvent like acid be like fee branch unknown to a which affected things two ways solvent oleic acid affects also fibrosis and two other ways. So think about it’s very powerful.

Now the second mechanism of action that sage affects is anti mucus hypersecretion effect again, the salmonella ik acid B blocks il 115. Il 115 leads to five AC and mucus five A B, mucus five A and these are the things that lead to mucus production mucus hypersecretion in the lung epithelial cells solenoid SNB blocks aisle 13 I’m sorry, not 15 aisle 13, which in the NACA, so I don’t 13 is a not a good cytokine because it leads to hypersecretion and solvent like acid stops that so the second effect is anti mucus and then finally anti COPD. People who have smoking have COPD right now cigarette smoking leads to COPD via chronic inflammation induced by TNF alpha, il six il one beta and MCP one to cigarette smoke right here you can see leads to these four cytokines, which leads to inflammation of the epithelium, which leads to the cell death of your lungs, which leads to COPD.

So cigarette smoking, this is what it does, it leads to these four cytokines being upregulated inflammation of the epithelium and you get lung cell death and you get Salvan, folic acid boom blocks all of those cytokines. Now, Salva Novick acid B over here also supports VEGF signaling, which is responsible for supporting the growth of lung cells. And when you get lung cell proliferation that stops cod, so it’s really a left hook, right hook.

So Salvan, folic acid, on one hand blocks, these four cytokines, which cause inflammation with epithelium, but solvent acid also increases VEGF signaling, which leads to lung cell proliferation. What we’ve just reviewed here is for all of you is the molecular machinery that red say just molecules effect and three very powerful effects, anti fibrotic, anti COPD, and anti mucus secretion. I hope that helps everyone really understand this.

So now let’s go back to red states. What is the current science say about how much you should take right people always ask, what is the current science say what red states for lung health you can by the way, you can look for these products online pick people seduction, why don’t you start selling products, we have MB 20. If that’s the only one we do, because we produced it, we may do this because we produce so much content people want have a lot of faith in what we do.

So we may do that. But anyway, if you want to go look into it, there’s an methanolic extract and you want to take about 250 milligrams per gram that’s for asthma that’s comes from Luo at all in 2019 research paper so that means you can get the extract of these things in various ways like this is methanolic Extract 150 milligrams per kilogram. That means if you’re one kilogram you need 250 milligrams for one kilogram red sage for hypertension, 10 milligrams per kilogram daily rights from Yang and son that’s if you have heart health issues hypertension for chronic heart disease already the 80 milligrams per day trench unknown to a from red states that set very particular molecule we found out where people are doing extracts of that and that’s Jow at all in 2021.

Now the three issues we want to consider remember one of the things we do in everything we do remember we’re not here take pro red sage, anti red sage, just like we don’t in our movement, we don’t take a pro or anti position we don’t take support the left or the right and this is a problem we’re in because everyone wants to I find a quick fix. But so when I talk about red sage, there are also some issues you should consider. So you don’t think this is some panacea for everything.

So the issues are that if you have skin issues or itching or you have stomach discomfort or if you’re prone to getting drowsy or some type of sleep issues where you get drowsy, very easy, you need to recognize that red stage for some people cause itchiness or drowsiness, or some stomach discomfort. Again, this is things you have to be aware of what version should you take organic obviously is preferred over conventional because conventional farming has used a lot of pesticides, you can get lung, liver, kidney and thyroid toxicity, and it’s also Christian eugenic, which means it causes cancer and organic farming obviously produces healthier plants free of pesticides, many of you know years ago as a labor of love cytosol I’ve worked with the biggest people in the natural products movement and we created to seal certified clean and certified raw which really goes way beyond organic way beyond GMO non GMO, but it says is a product produced safely is it minimally processed and bioavailability to We also recommend you keep an eye for the seals. So in summary, red sage has several health benefits to lung health.

It prevents fibrosis, which is a scarring of the lung tissue by inhibiting TGF beta signaling downregulating oxidative stress, red sage, also downregulates mucin five production thereby controlling excess mucus production and lung congestion. And then finally red sage ameliorates COPD by down regulating inflammation and upregulating VEGF signaling, thereby reducing destruction of the lung tissue. That’s what happens when you have COPD.

Anyway, today’s talk was read sage on lung congestion. I hope this is valuable bear with your friends share it widely. Remember since I’ve been back on social media, heavily via Google via Youtube, Facebook, they’re controlling and suppressing and shadow banning our knowledge because we’ve been also exposing the fact that all of these social media companies work with government and it was our movement.

That was the first expose that the government works with social media companies social media is government controlled media. So we’re going to shortly be moving more and more of our content to our own website because you can see that they are extremely afraid of someone like me and our movement because we always expose the truth forcefully. We always do it first unlike the Grifters out there come two to three years later.

So anyway, support this movement and keep an eye out be well be the light. Thank you

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