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CytoSolve® reveals that QUERCETIN affects 3 molecular pathways involved in IMMUNE HEALTH. Short video above. Full analysis:

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Welcome, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, we’re going to be talking about a very important compound called quercetin you can see question is found in many, many fruits vegetables, quercetin is actually ionic four, it supports the increases the bioavailability of zinc.

But first of all, what’s important understand this question is a bioflavonoid. And when you study bioflavonoid, you find that these bioflavonoids are fresh fruits and vegetables, and all sorts of in all sorts of dosages. But bioflavonoids, when you can really focus on those extracts have very, very powerful effects.

So again, but has spared in his bioflavonoid, right. So bioflavonoids do not get the, I guess the respect they deserve. But they have a profound value to our body this way, when people say fruits and vegetables, we’re talking about actually consuming those bioflavonoids.

So let’s talk about that. So this is a structure of quercetin, you notice it’s got a bunch of helixes here 123. This one has two O H groups, again to a O H group.

So these are sort of mirrored over here. And then you have this other internal group here with the double bond O and an O H. But of course the 10 is actually found in more than 20 fruits and vegetables, 20 fruits and vegetables, this highest level is found in apples and onions, I just want you to focus on that some people consider a onion, the queen of the vegetable kingdom.

And you know, people say apple a day keeps the doctor away. But as you can see, quesiton appears in both of those it’s found at high levels, and apples and high level and onions. And as potential benefits to overall health and disease resistance.

And quercetin as grass, which means generally recognized as safe if someone says, Oh, is that vitamin or mineral grass, gra so there’s something important to learn in a lot of the supplements field people look if something is grass, which means generally recognized as safe. So it’s grass status and has no known side effects. So this is important to remember, because you may have people saying, Oh, be careful of that.

That’s dangerous, right? Well, remember, everything is all about dosages. But quercetin has grass status, generally recognized as safe, and it has no known side effects. So that’s the molecular structure of quercetin.

cytosol is really a technology platform. And what cytosol allows us to do is first of all, we can eliminate the need for animal testing, because we can literally mine all these papers, extract out the ones that have to do that are curated and are of high quality and a particular area of interest. And then from those, you can mathematically model the molecular functions behavior to understand what’s going on.

And that’s what cytosol allows us to do. And this is back in 2003 to seven I created as part of my PhD work. And that is known as cytosol.

But we can mined the known research, extract it and then we can understand the molecular pathways. And today we’re going to be focused on the immune system so we can look at it relative to the immune system. Now one of the things people need to understand that I keep hitting upon is that I was just talking to I was doing an interview today.

And I was saying to this guy, I said do you know that Big Pharma is having major problems? Because what do you mean, I go well take a company like Pfizer, how much revenue did they make in 2012? And I told him, they made around 65 billion. I said, How much revenue did they make last year? And he goes, Oh, they made trillions? I said no, I said they actually lost 25 billion. So Pfizer has lost nearly they’re down to 40 billion in revenue, they lost 25 billion in revenue.

Just think about that. So there’s been an incredible a loss in amount of revenue in one company like Pfizer. Because of this, it takes an incredible amount of money to produce a single drug to test in test tubes and labs and to tested on animals.

And they go to phase one, phase two, phase three, these are human trials, well, 13 years. And what’s happening is they spent a lot of money to take a product through this process, a lot of money, a lot of r&d. But guess what the FDA that’s a purple line is not approving their products because of the side effects.

So this is what’s going on. Right now. In the world, pharma companies are failing because of the inability of their innovation process really to be able to handle the fact that they’re with the products that they’re producing are not viable, because even the FDA is not allowing it.

That’s why that graph is important. So just sort of take a mental mind map of that graph. And you’ll see they spend more and more money, less and less products are coming out of this process.

Now again, for those of you who we know right now on unfortunately, some of these social media sites, you have to validate everything and you have to prove everything or they are arbitrary or they’re arbitrary anyway, even if you can validate it, but an important thing to understand is when we look at quercetin we’re looking at the actual if you go to PubMed which is the National Library of Medicines site where they store every research paper was most of them that are done in medicine. And what you can see here is when you go and type in quercetin, you will find there nearly 20,971 research articles referring to worse to 275 clinical trials and it’s been studied for over 73 years of scientific research are out there. 73 years of scientific research this little graph, I don’t know if you can notice, you can see in the last 30 years, just an explosive research and quercetin again, it’s a bioflavonoid.

And quite a number of research 20,000 21,000 articles. So how would you go through 21,000 research articles? So that’s why one of the capabilities that I did for my PhD work coming out of my MIT work was the ability to really look at those research papers, mind them, figure out what are the valuable ones. So you can build a much more systems based understanding, I wanted to let you know that we use the technology here, we’ve helped many, many companies over the last 16 years, a lot of smart, innovative companies.

But we decided with all the mathematical models we’ve created, why don’t we try to use this to compute the best product we could think of from the science out there for reducing pain and inflammation, pain and discomfort, and that resulted in us Creating m v 25. Using cytosol. We’re going to have more products that are going to be coming.

Let me just show you what MV 25 is about for those of you who haven’t heard about it, but this is using psilocybin a beneficial way not to just do research but find combination therapies.06:20I am firebrand, my hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet, we would go like that, not have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids and I started taking that MV 25 efter betta was able to old cards in my hand. Very, very little cramping hardly at all anymore. mV-25

 Hi, my name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor, I tore my ACL during Taekwondo, I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV 25 for about six months now after the first week, I noticed the big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain.

My name is Jeremy and I suffered from a lower back problem hurt my back at work years ago. And I can go to the chiropractor and do all kinds of different things. And nothing seems to help.

And I decided to try MV 25, I didn’t notice a difference immediately. But within a few days of pain went away. And it’s stayed away, I’ve continued to take it.

And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do seems to go away a lot quicker than I ever did before.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai

It’s clean food certified, it’s made in the US, if you go to Bac va.

com Right on the shop, you’ll click there or you can go right to MB 25 dot life either way, and then from there, you can click on the bottle and you can order please take advantage of it because first of all, it’s gonna help you it’s going to help our movement and it really supports the fact that we want to take science based approaches to natural products. So quercetin quercetin is a phenolic compound also, that’s what these bioflavonoids are and the richest. It’s the richest component of dietary phenolic compounds, okay, and it exerts its medicinal benefits from two very important ways that it works.

One is through its antioxidant properties as anti inflammatory properties and quesiton. And its derivative derivatives represent 90% of the phenolic compounds in onions. I did a whole talk on onions.

You know why onion makes didn’t cry that was called but the key thing to understand is that 90% of onions have a quercetin and its derivatives. So it’s a very, very important takeaway from this in terms of understanding one of the big sources of quercetin but the other thing is it has antioxidant properties and anti inflammatories. What does antioxidant mean as you age your body rusts right as you’re under stress, you’re exposed to pollution your body produces what’s called reactive oxygen species, oxidizing agents and quercetin goes up and eats all that up anti oxidizing agents are it’s like cleaning up the rest of us that’s antioxidant anti inflammatory look if you accidentally your hand with a hammer God forbid that happens but you get swelling and your body will release and turn on inflammation to go support it so you want a certain level of inflammation but you don’t want inflammation continuing when you don’t need it so it has an also an anti inflammatory effect.

Okay, so that’s the other piece of Burstyn The next aspect is let’s look at the biological aspect. The top two are antioxidant and anti inflammatory, but that’s not only it’s anti carcinogenic, and by the way, all of this is in the known science people have done spent a lot of their lives on it, figuring this out. It is anti mutagenic it’s anti proliferative.

So those three things are the things that make sure if you have cancer, it doesn’t proliferate cardio protective hepato protective so protects the heart protects the liver, hepatic protective protects your brain, neuro protective and this anti obesity, so just look at that. So this is a cyst stems medicine in some ways, a systems medicine means it’s not only affects one system, it affects many, many sub systems in your body part brain as well as liver. In Chinese medicine, for example, liver is considered the wood element, which fuels fire element, which is heart cardio protective.

And obviously, a brain is part of the fire element. So you can see it has powerful effects on both if you’re looking from a Chinese medicine standpoint on wood, as well as a fire element. So there we go.

So it has many different biological effects. Let’s look at the health benefits. Well, the health benefits are many areas of your body, skin health, brain now joint health, liver health, cardiovascular health, immune health, which we’ll focus on today, reproductive health and metabolism.

That’s why it’s anti obesity because it supports metabolism. So what is how does the immune system work? Well, quick education for some of you maybe review, but the immune system is a very complex system of systems. It’s not just any one thing the immune system has the innate immune system, it has the adaptive immune system, it’s got many other systems.

Unfortunately, the conventional medicine only focus on two of those the innate and the adaptive, and the Innate System is the stuff that goes gobbles up viruses, these are called macrophages. So a virus enters your lungs, the macrophages which are in your eyes, your nose, your throat, the back of your, in your gut those things to macrophages, and they’re in your lung linings, they’re the things that go first try to take out that virus by gobbling it up and put it in sort of non scientific terms. But after they gobble up the virus, then in this simplistic model of the innate and the adaptive, then the thing that’s gobbled up kicks in your T cells and your B cells, which create antibodies, and then your CD eight T cells would try to kill the infected cell.

But it’s a second part. But in this model, first you have the innate and then you have the adaptive. And if you get anybody’s while on your own, the reality is this is actually not true.

It’s not the whole picture. The reality is your body’s immune system is far more complex and involves the interferon system it involves a microbiome involves a virome. It involves a neural system, the gut brain axis.

In fact, this is what I presented at the National Science Foundation was asked to give a one of the procedure lectures couple of years ago, so you can see that the immune system is far more complex, and it involves things like interferons, which stand between the innate and the adaptive, and the interferons look like these chemical structures. On the left, for example, there’s many interferons, interferon alpha and beta, the virtually present in every cell in your body. And they’re the first defense and they are the things that create the antiviral environments.

So the point being that independent of antibodies related to a dove independent, the interferon system kicks in long time before far long before then the antibody system and no one talks about this. But if your interferon system is working properly, guess what your body will automatically go activate the natural killer cells. And that’s why there are people who will be asymptomatic, they won’t have antibodies, they got infected by something, they’re absolutely fine because their interferon system was strong and healthy, and it took it out.

But the bottom line is the immune system is not just to boxes that unfortunately, is what medical doctors aren’t, it’s all of this system. It’s an orchestra. So when you look at quercetin on immune health, it has four important things versus and does first of all it up regulates which means it supports the innate immune system immune cell proliferation, which means it makes sure you get strong immune cell response.

Second, it modulates inflammatory cytokines, so you don’t have the cytokine storm. Third question is very good for lowering allergy responses, and quercetin also acts as an Ayana for for zyk. Again, all of this is recorded in the scientific evidence.

So let’s look at it modulates the innate immune system. So quesiton, for example, you have things called natural killer cells, NK cells, natural killer cells are the things that take out microbes, bacteria and viruses and fungi and quercetin support your innate immune system to promote the proliferation of innate immune cells such as anti infection, CD 16, natural killer cells, and that supports a proliferation sorry, innate immune cell leads to antimicrobial effect antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. So the key takeaway here is that quercetin supports the upregulation of these natural killer cells and those natural killer cells have a multi part effect antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.

So please consider that verse 10 downstream I mean, questions affect your downstream has all these effects because it up regulates these natural killer cells. That’s first number two modulates the inflammatory cytokines, as many of you know as any scientist knows who really knows the immune system is that is that the virus that comes in eats your body up it’s the fact that the virus are different viruses go into different parts of your body. And if your body is weak, your body can overreact, which means it doesn’t have the right shock absorbers and your body literally starts eating itself up and we’re looking at module this is through inflammation.

So where’s the 10? Puts out like oxygenase, il eight and il six, so I’m sorry, quercetin when you have like oxygenase right here that creates inflammation sorry about that, like oxygenase creates inflammation and quercetin inhibits lipoxygenase but there are two other cytokines il eight and six which also lead to inflammation and quercetin stops all that’s in this case, where sittin has an inhibitory effect and inhibits lipid oxygenase and it also inhibits il six il a next thing is third thing is quercetin modulates allergies, allergic response, those of you who were looking at what’s going on now you want to talk to your medical professional, but it’s in the Northeast it’s policies and save a lot of pollen.

And when you get a allergic reaction what happens is your body is releasing something called histamines and histamines are released through the cells called the basal fill. So basil fill put out this little purple thing called histamines.

And that’s the thing that gets the allergic response and histamines are implicated in nuts and shellfish and pollen. And guess what quercetin comes in? And it suppresses those histamines that’s the other thing. Next, you see that the fourth thing is, this is really, really important.

I want everyone to listen to this hundreds and 1000s of papers written showing zinc help stop viral replication. Lots and lots of clinical studies done on this. Well, the problem is you want to make sure zinc goes into your cell, it’s bioavailable.

Well. What’s fascinating is look at this look what of course it didn’t does. Quercetin is an Ayano for everyone I want I want everyone to listen to it’s an ionic four, and that increases the ion transport into the cell across the cell membrane.

So this is the membrane of a cell. Here’s the outside of the cell. Here’s the inside well quercetin acts as an ionic four, which means taking quercetin combination with zinc quercetin increases zincs cellular uptake and increases antiviral activity.

We know that zinc has a powerful effect in stopping viral replication, but because of quercetin, the pores, the ion pores in the cell membrane open up and boom, zinc can squeeze through and the other examples of iontophoresis are Chloroquine. EGCG from green tea or sverrir tal ivermectin which is an anti parasite. So zinc is the key, but you got to get zinc into the cells to stop to have an antiviral activity.

And guess what, quercetin is an ionic for hydroxychloroquine is an ionic for quercetin is an ionic for it. Let’s zinc get in there. Another very, very powerful piece.

So when you really look at all these capabilities of zinc, right, I mean, for 10, you’re seeing it has a multiplicity of effects. It’s not only doing this one thing, it’s having a multiplicity of effects. Now, of course, the 10 What does it do? Let’s say this is your body to quesiton stabilizes motions, if someone’s erratic, it calms you down, it increases conversion or what we call in the Indian system pitha, which means it supports digestion.

And it also increases Kapha storage strength in Britain bring builds your infrastructure, your bones and tissues and all those kinds of things. So quercetin calms you down, supports digestion, increases digestive activity, and lowers. So what should the dosage invade? Again, this is not a medical show, you should talk to your doctor.

But what I’m going to share with you is what the science says about dosage. And so what is the science secretary say? Well, the science says a maintenance dose is around 500 milligrams, by the way, if you look at most of the pills are about 500 milligrams quercetin for hypertension, which means high blood pressure, according to Edwards at all about 750 milligrams, and the dose for exercise performance is again that maintenance dose about 500. So 500 is a good maintenance dose, but it also support exercise performance.

All right. So what do we have in summary, we have quesiton activates the cells of the innate immune system. So that means the cells that are the early in a early system, but quercetin also inhibits inflammatory enzymes, such as like oxygenase and inflammatory cytokines involved in the cytokine storm.

And then quercetin mitigates allergic reaction. So you want to think about this as pollen season comes and then quercetin acts as an Ayana for for zinc, thereby enhancing the antiviral activity. So again, I just want to quickly have everyone look at that.

So you can see that for certain has some very multipart effect. It supports your innate immune system, it makes sure you modulate the cytokine storm and it mitigates allergic reactions, and it also acts as an iontophoresis. Zinc comes in and zinc can stop viral replication.

So there we go. There’s personhood. So anyway, I hope this is valuable everyone be well be the light and God bless you all.

Thank you.

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