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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Speaks at a Maine Rally on August 21st, 2021, to support and educate Healthcare workers during a Rally on vaccine mandates and history of the working class in America.
  • Dr.SHIVA discusses the real problem and the real solution to Public Health is in building better Infrastructure systems and boosting our Immune System with nutrition and building friendships.
  • Big Pharma’s real problem is that they are tanking and their only way out is recovering Billions of dollars in losses over the last decade, and the mandating of vaccines increases their profits, because they are exempt from liability with vaccines and now can circumvent R&D with Operation Warp Speed. 
  • Dr.SHIVA discusses the Vaccine Act 1962, and how the Big Pharma monopoly is profiting from vaccines. The solution to Immune Health is recognizing you have the gut brain axis, microbiome, and the interferon system. To have completely strong immune systems we need social interaction and building friendships.
  • The only way forward is through educating ourselves with Systems Science and by building a Bottoms-up movement for Truth Freedom Health, addressing the real problems with real solutions, and by organizing independently and recognizing our power is in uniting the working-class. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Rallying Workers in Maine for Truth Freedom Health®

Jerry: I’m from Texas. The Alamo – they drew a line in the sand and said, “Whos’ with me?” This is our line in the sand today guys. Are you with me or are you not? This is Dr. Robbin Frost from Maine, she’s going to talk a little bit and then we’re going to give it over to another guy, Dr.SHIVA.

Dr. Robbin Frost: I’m Dr. Robbin Frost and from Maine, I have the pleasure of introducing an MIT PhD, Scientist, Inventor that’s going to speak to you today about Truth Freedom Health. You have the right to choose, I would never tell my patients that they had to have one treatment and one treatment only, you are in charge of yourself, you are intelligent human beings and capable of making the decision for yourself. So, we need to stand up, we need to stand up for Truth, we need to stand up for Freedom. So, we can protect our Health. Now, we’re going to have…. Dr.SHIVA.

Dr.SHIVA: First of all, I want to thank the nurses here, the frontline Healthcare workers. You know, when I was 14 years old, I was a research fellow working in a hospital, but it is the nurses who do all the work. But nurses are the people who take care of patients. They’re the ones who touch the patients, handle them. Of course, doctors do good work, but the nurses always know what’s right for the patient. And where we are in the United States right now. It is at a point in history that working people need to unite. And working people need to unite against both of these political parties, Republicans and Democrats.

Two American Pies

It is both Republicans and Democrats who created this situation. They’ve created a situation the world of – WWF wrestling, and they want all of us to one day vote for Democrat, another day vote for Republican left and right. But they both have screwed the working people in this country. If you look at what’s going on, 25% of people are unemployed in this country today. There’s two American pies in this country, one for the 5%- 600 billionaires who doubled their wealth in the midst of the pandemic. And no news station talks about that. Neither Fox nor CNN.

And in the midst of that, the 95% of wages have gone down by nearly 50% over the last 50 years, nearly $50 trillion dollars that transferred upstream. Yeah, there is socialism for the wealthy. And what we need to realize today is this issue on vaccines, and masks, and all these mandates, actually have nothing to do with masks and vaccines. What it is about is that the establishment knows that the American working class is tired of this bullshit. And they’re going to be rising up. And they know that there is a movement coming up.

Only Working Class on the Planet With the First Amendment & Second Amendment

And this is a move to force repression of the working people. And what we need to remember is, the history of the American working class has been the history of the First Amendment. And armed with the Second Amendment. The American working class is the only working class on planet Earth, which has a First Amendment which has been eroded and the Second Amendment.

And so, what the global elites want to do, is they want to destroy the American working classes spirit and repress them. These masks and these vaccines have nothing to do with Public Health. They have nothing to do with Public Health. Because, if this damn governor Mill’s or Charlie Baker or anyone cared about Public Health, they would begin by fixing the infrastructure.

Public Health Comes From Infrastructure

Dr.SHIVA: Because history shows in the 1900s in 1963, when the measles vaccine came; 18 years before that in 1945, 98.5% of measles mortality was gone. Let me repeat that again. 18 years before the measles vaccine was created; 18 years before that 98% of measles deaths were gone. How do we get rid of that? Was it through the vaccine? No, was it? It was the infrastructure. It was Infrastructure, because during 1900 to 1940s, we built bridges. We built roads. We eliminated child labor. We gave nutrition.

It was a sanitation worker, the nurses, and the plumbers, which did more for Public Health, than the Doctor or the Pharmacist. And how did we get that infrastructure? Well, in the late 1800s, and 1900s, women. Women lead the working-class movement, it started in Lowell, Massachusetts here. And those working-class movements scared the shit out of the establishment. They put the fear of God into them. In 1886, four American workers were hanged in Haymarket Square in Chicago, for fighting for the eight-hour workday, and in commemoration of those workers, every worker throughout the world called it International Workers Day.

And an American public school, for all of our kids they’ve wiped away the history of the American working people fighting for their rights. We got Public Health through infrastructure. Massachusetts, for example, has an F minus, minus in infrastructure. I’m sure Maine ain’t that far behind. These fools do not want to address infrastructure. They want us to divert our attention with masks and vaccinations. And as a Systems Biologist at MIT, who’s considered one of the leading guys in Immune System. This vaccine. The mRNA vaccine is an absolute experimental bullshit. It has nothing to do with Health.

Dr.SHIVA: It is about pharmaceutical companies who are tanking. And it is a last “hurrah” to make a Trillion dollars in a world where the pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer, they have lost $20 billion in the last 10 years. Did you guys know that? Pfizer has lost money, because pharmaceutical drugs are regulated, it costs them a lot of money. Vaccines do not need any testing. Thank you to the Kennedys. They made sure that vaccine companies are not liable.

How Do We Win

So, where we are at today is, how do we win? So, let me finish up on that. We can curse at the darkness? Which, we all know how dark it is. How do we win? There’s only one way to win, as history shows. That is when working people unite. It is working people! Forget Trump, forget Bernie Sanders. Forget Republicans, forget Democrats. They all sold us out. Trump supported Operation Warp Speed. Biden is executing it. I voted for Trump; Many of you did, but it’s time to let go of the bullshit. They do WWF wrestling and they use the working people in this country.

They make money off talking about shit, but they never solve anything. The only people who will solve it, is us. And it’s time we stop begging to them, saying, oh my God, you’re gonna fire me? No. Let me tell you something. If all the nurses struck tomorrow, what are they gonna do? What happens if the truck drivers, 85% of them are independent truckers, strike tomorrow? What happens if IT workers don’t show up to work? What happens if plumbers and electricians don’t serve the liberal elites? We have the power and what they do every day, using Hollywood and TV, Fox and CNN is to brainwash you to make you think we need them, and they are better than us.

Dr.SHIVA: It is time we recognized the Nurses are the frontline workers. You can’t do this with lawsuits, don’t give money to these lawyers. The courts are owned. They’re not gonna do shit. You’re not gonna win through the legislature. Don’t vote for these politicians. The only way to win is a Bottoms-up movement. It’s the only way. There are Lawyers who say, I’m going to come help you. They’re not going to do shit. Don’t believe them, they’re gonna waste your time. The only way to win is a Bottoms-up movement by people organizing and defying them. We will not comply.

Crowd: We will not comply! We will not comply! We will not comply! Repeated….

Dr.SHIVA: That is what we need. We need working people to build our own independent unions. That is what we need to happen. We need to get ready now. Otherwise, they will be starting to pick people off, one by one by one. Before they do that, we need to stand in solidarity. That’s what needs to happen. And part of what I want to let you know is we have created a way for all of you, because the history books don’t teach it. The school systems don’t teach you history. Every Monday night, go to

I want to educate all of you how we win. There is a physics to building a movement. There’s a physics of building a bridge. There’s a physics to building an airplane. There is a science to beating these guys. And it’s not coming through lawyers; it’s not going to come through politicians, left or right; it’s gonna come from us, period. Are you ready to take your power back? That’s what the question is. That you are all here, says it all. And there’s more of us than them. There’s more of us than them. Never forget that.

Get Educated or Be Enslaved

Dr.SHIVA: So, what I am telling all of you is take time, Get Educated or Be Enslaved. Because we’re at a moment in history right now. We cannot afford to waste time. As many of you know, I worked on a lawsuit. Some of you may have heard, we figured out the infrastructure for censorship, since June of 2020 the government was surveilling me. We figured out the infrastructure that they used to steal our election in Massachusetts. That is what they do. They do not want legitimate people talking about legitimate things. So, what they’ll do is they do disinformation. And they spend enough amount of money to suppress the infrastructure. The courts, the judge simply wanted to put me back on Twitter. They did not want me to go after the government officials. I said no way, I could have sold you all out. I didn’t do that.

We have to recognize that the Court Systems are owned. Politicians are owned. Lawyers are owned. It was after I brought in the lawyer, our lawsuit went the other way. Do not waste your time even though they seem good to pay these lawyers. Don’t do it. I’m telling you from experience. We need to have more of these movements, like this. And we need to get organized as working people to defy them. That’s what we need to do.

During 1940 to 1970. There were 11,000 strikes in the United States, nearly 100 million people and during that period is when the economy in the United States grew. Starting in 1970, Democrats and Republicans, told working people not to strike and not to fight. Both parties did this. The Republicans said any time working people said, “Working People Unite”, you must be a communist or a Marxist. And the left wing took over that. And they did top-down unions. That’s what they did. Run by the mob and others.

So, There has been no movement in this country. Again since 1970 until today, there have been only 900 strikes, two million people and during that period is when the American economy split into two. During 1940-1980 is when the American economy grew for all of us. That’s when we fought. And when we stopped fighting is when the economy split into two. We need to organize ourselves. The police need to organize and defy forced vaccinations. The Nurses need to organize, Trucking people need to organize, Doctors need to organize, Engineers need to organize; otherwise, they’re going to pick us off one by one by one. We cannot allow that. There are more of us than them.

CROWD: More of us than them! More of us than them! More of us than them!

Dr.SHIVA: Pediatric Statistics shows at least 50% of people are against forced vaccinations. The estimates I got show nearly 70%. The News media doesn’t want to tell you that at least 50% of people are against forced vaccinations. My estimate says 70%. That is why they are running around crazy right now trying to get codes for mandated vaccinations. It is a marketing play by Big Pharma. Big pharmaceutical companies need vaccinations to save their tanking industry. That’s what’s going on.

We have to support the nurses to independently get organized. Independent unions. Most of these unions are sell out unions. They are selling out the workers. Working people, fine, take their benefits, but organize fierce, revolutionary, political unions. Bottoms-up. That is the only way to win. History shows us that. It is not going to come begging politicians. Truth Freedom Health. I’ll close this. Robbin’s got a T-shirt over here it says, Truth Freedom Health.

We gotta all Get Educated, guys. For the last 50 years, we’ve been fat, dumb, and happy. The First Amendment is being removed. Without Freedom, you cannot do science to get to Truth; you get scientific consensus. You have morons like Fauci, and others that tell you antibodies are the only way.

We know the Immune System is a complex system. You have the interferon system, you have the gut microbiome, you have many subsystems. No one talks about vitamin D3, no one talks about boosting the Immune System. Nobody talks about the fact that when we gather like this, we boost interferons. It’s through friendships, relationships, social connections, which are the number one way to boost antimicrobials in your body.

Yet, they put us inside. Particularly, if you’re black or brown, like me, we need to be in more sunlight. So, if Black Lives Matter. I call Bullshit, Black Lives do not matter to these people. What matters to them is subjugation to people. The back of Robbin’s T-shirt says, “Get Educated or Be Enslaved!” Get Educated or Be Enslaved! Go to

I’ve created a program that anyone can start learning about how we win! The way we win is us! Let go of all these F***ing politicians. Let go of that. Sorry, for the language, it just came out; but that’s what they are. Thank you! Let’s build a Movement! Thank you!

JERRY: Thank you Dr.SHIVA. Service announcement from our guys in Blue, over here. The Parade is gonna be coming down on the sidewalk this way.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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