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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, LIVE from Sardinia, Italy, shares how the global empire of US-NATO Imperialism has been exporting death to the Island of Sardinia, using the peaceful island as a weapons testing site, and poisoning the Sardinian population.

Transcript Below.

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It took memory primary mono la salida que nos through diritto in the Tokyo PMO de la nascita chillagoe Yoto urine nowadays so will your role I’ll go to Shiva gusto fantastico personaggio. Kavya Mondo, Nora, you whichever in question fantastic Isla de toda Marie fertile Carnegie’s gratitude three three rooty, but I’m gonna call it last three Vito that was a momento de grande crescita personality who to rally a political percale to Shiva punto voluntario momento del basso Alicia Casselton to movimento Ganesha del paso por veramente contrast sorry sistema, que movimento Ken national persona controllato in January secret no de partie politische Vivian impasto the last doe in control Laura incontra lorikeet Boyd is Troja colleague Asana UPTV aloo Ivana is automatic contractor when Electra la parola to Shiva a third row la sua parola what you meant when you went to check on the model papers to pick up Peter particularly Paula swindlers youngest Imperato por que Bella Italia know what instead of Dr. Shiva03:47translate yes so you you translate yes I can only pull you over here sure word yeah03:59tell me when you start unity is your monkey data streaming call me buddy social.

04:04No, we’re taping we’re taping the stream later04:09on the Remo to to the social who should represent the consumer. And the Toshiba major media already follows with Dr. Jani lane, Amalia Nichelle, shall we shall we? And our supplemental Mikami already follows me back a new mentor limitata analytical is that Sione enquanto una persona maltose como battery system when you can contrast that a system or there is a lot of Shiva to DeAndre Tucker Carlson for the Kennedy donor champion, Elon Musk, some two three Buratti uni view sistema Kelemen Agra perman manakala ligustrum NT FFA chiedere the boy and then I was not allowed to Shiva, Shiva Gracia05:00It’s my pleasure to be here.

Nikesh aesthetic one this is my first time to Sardinia it was05:08set up in Malta given with something Yeah, I’ve been to Italy many times so no they don’t and Italia Malta wanted.05:12So what I05:14want to do today why don’t we well you’re funny Oh gee,05:18I want to take a little bit of time05:20at Danville to share05:23to share my observations05:25that have been conducted raccoon boy let me let me know Sir What’s your05:30they? Yes they have Sardinia, Dania and interconnected05:39and kanessa05:41to the lives of the American people that05:44couldn’t be simpler Vita than COBOL Americano.05:46There are many parallels she so many more multiple alleles me many lessons to05:52learn, and monta lets you rename Karara05:56the purpose of life in my view,05:58but look at your pencil Salamis Jana de la vita is to fight evil, ecological matrimonial.

Video Dr. Shiva06:10it’s the only mission in life06:12eQUEST de la mia only commission and a la vida.06:15And the purpose of life is to fight evil to win truth freedom help,06:19and you’re combating the ammonium provincia de la vita lullaby06:24la saluted the question is how do we get there?06:27La domanda ekomi possiamo citizens Tato06:31many people think multiple some events that you elect politicians can it was it technically does you other people06:38think you simply hope for a messiah to06:42come out their persona present what is your most efficient Messiah? Yeah.

06:45But history actually teaches us not to I meant the law students in saying yeah, there is only one way that change real change is always concerned.06:53So Moldova can get really cozy. And that change has come from a fundamental DNA when everyday people that are suddenly due to the journey when ordinary people denarian collectively organized.

So needs any07:08CNN independently independent event07:11independently independent event that is07:15independently independent domain bottoms up it07:20we need a monumental capacitor that bustle07:21and you will see across history into de07:27la storia that anytime07:29can evolve that we as a people kept our Maputo Personen have won any gains, cannot share capital.07:38It has been from these independent bottoms up.07:41Movement independent independent independent T circuit provenant gotta cancel.

07:46And those in power, equal data.07:50Fear these independent movements. Yeah, the district you know, the pseudo quasi movement independent DC that speak forcefully equi jacada Without diplomacy08:01since a diplomat sia08:02and speak with the force of the oppressed people,08:06if we need to be among Quantico, nonpolar, California de la persona.

08:10So if you look at Sardinian history, typically what about the La sala de la said, Dania and American history? And let’s say that you said you need the or Indian history or law, certainly India,08:21you will find that the same forces,08:23the majority, dramatically saxophones, independent movements, a movement independent, independent these independently are what08:31has always put the fear of God into those in power.08:34So quickly going over to Bogra Putera. Say.

So, let me give you an example. Give me the WSJ MQ, and all of these08:45examples take place around the late 1800s to early 1900s.08:51It dutifully says AMD, that the chicken no one Danny I’m gonna give you an08:59example in India,09:00we don’t want to send you the LI India09:02in the United States that you said you need the ban in Sardinia and the law says Dania and you will see09:08that those in power whenever these independent movements came, can09:12you put down when you vote accusations gotta leave strategy, the vertical system movement independent independent system09:18reacted09:19and Arya jeeto with the not so obvious establishment because he did09:24not so obvious establishment culture and cholesterol Porter and non quasi ovo09:29they created false heroes.

09:31I’m not gonna do the fancier or to divert those movements, but these two gentlemen see movimenti so I’ll give you an example in09:38India so with our own is actually India09:40in 1920s. In a million election 20 Many Indians not Indian, everyday working Indians can no laboratory to the journey, not the elites. Normally not the politicians09:53know any politician wanted to throw the British09:57out for independence,09:58whatever, no independent Several Abdullah Graham Britannia10:02and those people organized independent movements all over India10:05into Turquesa persona and organizzata movie making independentist into Italy India10:10and they wanted a good revolution of kick all the British out10:14and like when you go to see on a per chiefing I will ever know this through Jericho Vernon Glaser10:18very much like the American Revolution is that the medical medicines10:21such as in the US that you need to call movimenti independently American10:26as those movements grew up in OC movimenti10:29perceive perceive movement independent DC are no10:31longer a shootie initially the British crushed them10:35Elora in India electron return electronic ledger disrupted10:40with guns Hong Kong, Gandhi with open army with fascism10:48and coming fascism.

But when that didn’t work, my boy needs Yato they created a false god10:55I’m not gonna add up and move on. Never I find so and that was Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, so11:04it was a transfer of power11:05can actually go to the prepregnancy paccheri.

From white men with crowns. We need to a11:11certain trust will mentor the younger Yankee cola Corona to brown men with white hats I Indiana Yankee Connie Capello Bianca quindi Hola, Lolita, Alonso Katya, Indiana11:22complainers.11:22Can we compete and say, see, oh, okay, well, then Gandhi was Gandhi is cartoon false idol and stuff.

Oh, neither of us. So false god, in fact, so11:34the but they build statues for him,11:37man. Okay, yeah, totally unaffordable, he11:39started deluded and made him a hero and DeLuna Roy,11:43but for 70 years, my besuchten Tani, India went into massive corruption.

11:49In Dr. Linda Hutto guna grandi, Seema co wrote siana never had any major change, and don’t have who don’t need some people to come down and who is a transfer of power. It’s like he has stepped up with atrocity mentally Patera12:00In fact, the Indian documents in fact the document Indian it’s not called the Declaration of Independence12:06indicator, no little advocate non political independence or the linear it’s called transfer of power Matsuyama trasferimento de Patera encumbrance capita.

12:16So Gandhi was brought in by the British12:18in lezzy. Gandhi esatto portato de la Khurana and Glaser to suppress12:23the natural movements of the people12:25that are so bright are so pre moray eel was among person of natural eye movement of water the letter Sona12:32and to ensure12:35security that no real change took place and as12:37soon rally cambiamento Sarabhai will have venuto12:42but they promoted some interesting ideas that are no promises12:45they’ll interessante there that was good to get beaten can12:50an amount of one okay personally when he12:52said that Indians were very calm people.12:55Indian is a person and motto tranquilla Indians will take a beating a queen in Indiana system but Epic Era13:01and that they liked readings and13:05so they did13:06echolocating complete bullshit.

13:08Okay, complete that matter.13:13All right. All right.

Second example secondaires AMPL in United States he started at13:23188613:24nine millimeter Trento tanta say13:26the American people were rising up,13:29you get to cittadini americani I’ve ever know Kratos governorship candidate is VRC and they wanted basic rights and quindi will ever know the territory Laura DDT, clean water LaQua pulita good food, cheap urbano children were working in factories. Eva Medialab Ronnie Lane was there women and men were working 20 hour days you will mean in a Daniela Gravano Ventura journal and they wanted a better life and we will ever have it Amelia. So those everyday working people a queen equals the laboratory t to t journey like in India coming in then started organizing independently.

14:04I know cercato the organisasi independent14:07no politician sends a politician no left and right since that there’s tracing is14:11strong, independent decentralized movements over United civil demand14:15traditionally data independent desta and in 1886 and then miniato chandrakanta say for American workers flythrough cittadini americani were hanged since the beginning in United States he studied at in Chicago and Chicago fighting for the eight hour workday14:34that can serve on a tunnelbear a very authority level Roger14:38on May 1 in primo my job all over the world to turn on the people workers all over laboratory Delta to tell Mondo14:48commemorated honored14:50como mana commemorate NO NO NO NO NO those workers I see it by callingDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:55it International Workers Day May Day14:57they camera no let’s let’s do nothing then that’s your Not in the laboratory15:01nada. It was not a communist holiday.

15:03Now I’m gonna face back on Easter.15:05So in order to those for America15:08has done the burner adequacy quatro laboratory americani15:10so every part of15:12the world in consente parte del mundo celebrates May Day.15:15Okay15:16shall libera no German up Mr.

Jones15:18except United States Agency on the list that you need the most Americans in St. Multisim americani don’t even know the middle son know, the origin of Mayday load Aegina del primo man job this is how the establishment questo and Coleman establishment in sistema15:34hides the histories of independent movements at the SUTA I15:37contralateral Astoria, the movement independentist15:40most Americans multi America Annie, not do not know this Nolan sandal they don’t study in high school, they came to school15:50in a law school, Donal University and the law student and an external party.15:53Now why did they hide this? And there are kind of15:56two questions because starting in 1886, all the way to the 1900s16:01and cleanly that military entered into say female energy then the laws independent movements remained independent.

This is somebody shooting explosively grew and solenoid sunken shooting model model16:12exponents. Women let those movements and LM don’t Nana without obviously movimenti 1920s Women16:21don’t adequacy movimenti16:22and ask for the right to vote and look analog data Perivale deleted the Watari.16:28Remember 1920 women could not vote because that if you can mill16:32innovation to ventilate donor non potable water in Afghanistan, women could vote in 19.

In Afghanistan, they’re gonna16:37vote I mean innovation 20 women could not vote Madonna and poteva Jota analysts that you need. So these movements grew 20 soekris shooty smoker shooting modus ponens CLM16:49and by 1930 and they mean innovation to try to achieve the establishment establishment left and right. This tri city strong Democratic Republican Democratic Republic Kenny was so afraid of these movements and don’t remain typical party the quasi movimenti that they gave them some cannot know that they gave them some concessions and another concession concessions and so conciencia any concession is for example, or there’s MPLDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:17they gave them the eight hour workday17:19and general data la giornata la Verratti video tour,17:21they started building infrastructure and we need to have tacos three different cities.17:25They ensure that people got proper food,17:28okay and on funding model collect personal infrastructure are very cheaper. They were until they17:32stopped the child labor.

I know if you need a different17:35lagorai bambini nella fabric and brothers17:37capital,17:38it was because of the fear of those independent movements.17:42Power adequacy movement independent dC by law in 195917:45Mill innovation touching17:47Clinton,17:49the Republicans in Republican led by a Senator McCarthy17:54and without the law McCarthy that Senator McCarthy,17:57he called all of these people.18:01Tech was a persona.

He said that they were all communists. The second was the persona community.18:06Okay.

And the left the democratic when the Democratic Party took over the union’s top down18:13if we knew I know. I know. Chuck Gatto the18:14these two gentlemen So RepublicansDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:17win the Republican scared people not to be part of these movements.18:22I know POTUS voluntarily persona, equivalent to impasto, the non participant Akwasi movement by saying Moscow18:28was running those movements that can be changed. Okay, most guy18:31Lucia Silva controlling the currency movement18:33and the left wing Democrats, a Democrat, he took over the movements from above18:39control Larranaga lithography movimenti18:41between 1900 to 1970, that18:45Milanovich enter Milanovich into Setanta, there were nearly General Chief gun 100 million people,18:51Trento milioni,18:52the persona in the United States nearly start dutyDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:55who participated in 11,000 demonstrations18:59cannot protect you but only she made it monster nazioni. And during that period and do not think was superior though as the American economy grew up Comella economy American angry shooter everyone’s wages grew and to 10 to telehealth ecosystem ratio. Compromise everyone’sDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 19:14because they fought on the streets and built these movements19:18that gay I’ve ever been with adequacy19:19movement. So therefore the Democrats and Republicans we need Democratic or Republican in left and right that they say law cities colluded together and no collusion in CML to crush those independent movement as he sued Generalissimo Vimentin dependencies, and they created false gods and look round today fancy meaty, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Kennedy’s Kennedy’s, and so on. And just above the multiversal19:47basil,19:48so by 1970, that mean innovation to Setanta? They were no more fuel movimenti in fact, from 1970 until today,19:57in fact, the Daniel innovations and Setanta oh geeDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 20:00There’s only been about 900 demonstrations in the United States20:03so Santander another trend to demonstrate to Nina is that you need 11,000 to 900 demo shares he doesn’t own the Fumina Novecento from 100 million people production Domi unity to. 2 million people20:14are saying Massimo Damiani person20:16into the East that unity, Democrat and Republican colluded Democratic Republican and no collusion to make sure these bottoms up movements20:24that in fact most of the cost of movement have prevented El20:27Paso. So they gave people false gods and say we say was the fancy meaty Yeah, they told them no, no, no, no need to organize the economy movement and take care of it20:39that can no intrapreneurial karate boy,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 20:42for Amplo when the for example, when the civil rights movement was growing in the United States or20:48even looking at mental clarity to civilian etcetera, Croatia, you start to look at20:51black and white people in Bianconeri. They wanted infrastructureDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 20:55in the inner cities.

voleva20:57no name for instance, a lot of cheetah. As those movements grew Cool man Quincy movimenti, Sunoco shooting,21:03they found a guy called Martin Luther King21:08Manos automatic, just like21:10Gandhi call me Gandhi.21:12They imposed him21:14an imposter Martin Martin Luther King.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 21:17They killed many of the other real civil rights leaders. I21:20know she’s a multi multi leader, very leader.

They didn’t really21:24Martin Luther King Martin Luther King was created a false god like fanatical and fatso Gandhi21:32call me Gandhi.21:33The Kennedys it Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Roberto, Sr.

Sr.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 21:39is the one who controlled Kennedy21:42a well known echolalia controller to21:44organize demonstrations for Martin Luther King21:47and organizzata, manifestazione Parramatta Luther King it was theater21:51political theater and of course I’m not theory a political and they made sure that these independent movements and see see so much that they have an operatic frequency movement independently for solve the real problems number of Roma resulted very pro blaming, which was infrastructure infrastructure, mental infrastructure, comparing this competing Okay, so we So, those in power, play sympathetic with sympathetic politician are very smart, sono molto, molto foobie22:21Very smart they22:22understand and it can’t be skirt on that if22:24you simply crush people22:26consistently which are meant to destroy your lead persona and22:28they will fight back with power lead to decisions.

So they have created false gods22:38they fancy they fancy leaderDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 22:40to make sure people sit on their ass22:42for a more local episode, the Minister of seduta and the LA CASADr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 22:46and just simply vote every tour22:49devil Danielle and you do help on you do well, but Rania22:52don’t build independent movement non Catholic because because22:56they will remain independent is22:57the result Queen Elizabeth Tato23:01is corruption and lack of routine and consolidation of power,23:05he considered a mental Putera greater power profit and control a because he then23:10elemental del parque del Putera they profited they control the particulates23:14in the United States right now nearly not nice that you need the journal gene.

The lifespan left us with antibody Vita of this generation. The costs are general toDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 23:24be less than the lifespan of the previous generation and monitor que23:27pasa de La Sportiva DeVita the lead gen Cioni precedenti.

23:31The Hollywood elite23:32Elite the only woman who go to Costa23:35Esmeralda23:36caveolin. Costas Miranda will not23:39talk about 19th amendment on parlano the fact that the lifespan can then factor Okay, La Sportiva uvita average American is going down due to many counties that Rolando they will come and play in Costa Esmeralda.23:51That no I see development in Costa Smeralda but not talk about the suffering my non violent people23:57de la palazzina.

23:59Yeah, these the same people,24:03let’s say the personDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 24:05will also not talk about the true plight of the24:09Sardinian people.24:10Boy, since I’m not equally gay, it’s only politician Saturday24:13since since the time of Carthage since the time of Carthage Roman times.

24:21CMPD Kartheiser in Sardinia has been some Dania has been very strategic and status Malta strategic for the entire world that lindero Mondo it sits right in the Mediterranean that gets you through my channel that Mediteranean between East and West I dressed and always been extremely strategic and there’s tremendous strategica24:42Si, si. So Sardinia has been invaded24:45lesser than yesterday Plaza and conquered it conquistadors, but the Sardinian people my Saturday, have a history I’m gonna study out of agriculture the agriculture to owning Communal Land idea The theoretical division and the letter used to own the land together can that goes on or convener later?25:06In the 1860s25:09nila Nila Nila Nila for Santa Santa when Italy tried to impose its will on Sardinia when only Italian should go the border is so particular Sardinia certain people rebel less and then25:22resisted and fought back and won25:23and resist the sterile and combative, personal solar25:27independent movement25:28or movement in the mid 90s SardinianDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 25:30people have a history of wanting to preserve their history.

He said in the culture,25:36he said the annual efforts or the combat retailerDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 25:42and in order to stop that resistance to stop that resistance25:46in February, Christine movimenti started25:50the Italians colluded with the United States25:55you Kalyani italiani Potter italiana and sistema reporter italiana Kaluza will you start unity26:01they sold Sardinia26:01Equiano windowless Albania as a military base for26:06Italian villa Camilla buzzy military Bella natto.26:09So you have these contradictions that take place Queenie, no Yamo26:13state contract it’s theoretical second, its unique aprender upasana la26:16vostra John India America and Sardinia if she’s some of the Grand dissimilatory26:21Ditra linea La La sub Dania hola you start unity26:25you have beautiful people chatter de la persona meravigliosa lots of resources I think they’ve Multisim results in lots of great food26:33again well vetted they cheaper bodies evil26:35but at the same time,26:36Melissa tempo you also have a winner grande consolidation grande consola mental of power profit and control26:46the crystal sistema component important is to regulate Aqua Zendo aim temporary majority pathetic controlling perfeito26:53so for example, if anything to ollie Ostra yesterday, the highest26:59per capita27:00kala regioni come to alto cola and collapse Malta27:05numeral the percentage of people living over 100 the persona can even alteration is number one in the world and numero uno en el mundo.

Si en Ali Astra No Yes. But in quiera enquete wrap it all in quiera NATO, NATO and US government and government americano has been using uranium Sanjana Iranian burrito depleted, very depleted weapons. Son was27:33under army colonial COVID Ito27:38and 22,015 201927:39and then to meet at Isha Nova, they discovered another competitor, one in four kids when Supatra bambini born and quiera will not do Aquila in 1999, Milanovich Delmia innovations on one time toy had 25% I think that you were better Trento, cancer, we can grow right? And shepherds a story that 65% Cancer raising28:05that you could petition to send that person to the person in Manatee County because those28:09uranium cows are28:11the Iranian poverty to28:12missiles and they mean silly that they tested andDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 28:17put out thorium radio radiation dust28:19with Daniel Vittorio la Paul very good idea to an editorial and that thorium radiation dust and quince that I’ll get soon editorial is 3000 smaller and you have all that up color then a red blood cell Dylan knows the Nasi Gregory Rossi Cabrera is 3000 times more we need some training about take up color concept based upon the idea that there senatorial and criminal goals deputy cola then also globally Rossi28:44so those Hollywood elite to go to Costa28:47Esmeralda Lilly the holy book Ivanka says Miranda Have they ever talked about this? No, no, no my nine mine so Sardinia TodayDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 28:55nearly 40 50,000 square kilometers29:00Queenie, less than yojo chill catching quantum Isla kilo metric whether it is used by us, NATO, Rosati, the military, American American and the agriculture29:09in Saudi29:12Arabia it’s not a surprise. They’ve increased the cost of bringing in food from elsewhere Queenie Sonoma, and down the cost per barrel cultivar in productivity calling us and NATO like security Lonato want to repeat Well, you know the fact that the declining29:28lifespan in the US here29:29isn’t like the cleaner the economy because eco mechanic Academy soccer dandona you start unity United States is that unity imperialism? Imperialism model you start unity wants to export one exporter in short life here29:44la la vita corte che la La La La Sportiva Divyanka ParasaraDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 29:49instead of learning29:50in venture the Insignia ready for29:52Blue Zones, importing in29:56venture like Brooklyn parada de la BlueZone in Puerto Rico Mila Meet up work on mentality30:02exporting suffering. Let me start unity standards for tender sufferance. I know us politician and the Sunnah political America No, no Hollywood elite.

No Mendola domain only lead to the Hollywood your academic elite knee sunnah, sunnah universitario will talk about this biologic where’s the whyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 30:21then? Because they are not from the people that can30:25use sonar the Lipizzan were gonna let us on and they have sold out all the people I know they do tell a person for the last 60 years30:32but usually Mr. utilises sometimes30:33you just like the Sardinian politicians.

The politicians are just like the Indian politicians is that the30:40main takeaway politician Gianni30:41many of you know multidevice are no30:45in 2019 202030:47Do I mean additional when do I mean a30:49venti? I was the first scientist is some subtle promotion Seattle30:53to expose Fauci Can I count them and try to enter if31:00you can, you can go look on March31:03because look at they’ve got about a month so the31:06march 23 202131:09on March are they doing me like Master then do me Levante31:12I wrote a letter to President Trump Elon31:14Scalise, unilateral31:15President Trump, I said as a scientist commission, Seattle who’s an expert on the immune system, come and speak to the system comunitario you should fire Fauci, we debated this tweet and Fauci, we ran the fire, Fauci campaign, and Phytolacca companion 30 feet with a family member. This was March of 2020. When my children do Amelia vente,31:38Robert Kennedy,31:40Jr.

is a liar and31:43who John Doe, and is actually a devil, and tormenting them on you.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 31:48He presents himself as a fighter, si, si,31:51si.

Si presenter, comesa miam calluna Buratti.31:56Why do I say that?31:58In March of 2020, that can then monitor the gloomy LevanteDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:02Robert Kennedy Jr.

was supporting lockdowns32:05that can Robert Kennedy Jr. Saba super.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:08You can go look on Twitter March 30 2020. He said yes, lockdowns are good,32:13but that they were not in his tweet tweet, they’ll do a meal event over the second he looked down at Ronald giusti.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:18He waited until October of 2021. I32:22spent that two feet on top of that that would mean having to know to write a book that’s given really brown attacking Fauci now to clarify what she’sDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:29stealing most of my material.

32:31See a routine Xander Rubondo in materiality to the letter Shiva32:35because he is a he’s a false god like Gandhi32:38that can Louis finds a prophetic Ommegang32:40the deep state32:42is deep seated, realizes I realized32:45early dataDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:46that people are facing up and supporting the movement for truth freedom and health which is a movement I started in the United States32:53alone I lead Deep State compito cercato de su Jared movimento true freedom and alphabet Italian33:01auto they know a new independent movement is coming up we need33:05a new campaign okay normally meant to independent is the fact that33:08they are going back to their same old games if we33:11need some new TV dongle you stay civic caveman today,33:14they are creating new false gods don’t look around don’t do all the fancy promoting33:18false prophets.33:19Nobody’s going fancy.

Kennedy is a false prophet who made Robert KennedyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 33:23Donald Trump even though I supported him initially is also become a false god.33:29Okay, Donald Trump can use SuperData Lillet, Sione and get lots of profanity.

So do33:34why do I say that? Kentico questo.33:38Donald Trump didn’t, didn’t lock up Hillary Clinton33:42or Donald Trump or destroy Hillary Clinton.33:45He didn’t fire Fauci No, not no not destitute of Fauci.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 33:50He printed $6.2 trillion.

33:52Ask them Pato Samia Xavier got a $3 million.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 33:55He supported operation warp speed for Big Pharma33:59and super data to tell Oprah to name protect Avanti the Big PharmaDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 34:02farmers revenue was dropping Pfizer’s revenue had dropped from 65 billion to 40 billion. Dropping34:12the government they need to lay like as a pharmaceutical Savonarola called for Toronto,34:17they needed the vaccine or34:20they like bacino the reporter incrementally loratadine consoling ParliamentDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 34:25their revenue went from 40 billion if we need 80,000,000,020 21 equating the unknown to 100 billion in 2022.

Just Pfizer that current34:35Amelia the 20 million or 20 million in Dr. Nizoral a Pfizer Capitan34:41so Trump talked a good game he talked talked a good game34:46each omocha tanto para la Atlanta Bella parola and34:49then they had the stupid Q anon movement,34:51my AI movement you’re stupid or qn on movie.34:55Tall people wait one day center that34:58too much something’s gonna ask me What35:02happened? It has been handed over the money.

What has also said with a momento de que el de volta la it wasn’t any popcorn. It was35:10like saying it was like saying Jesus is gonna come tomorrow35:14zuba domani35:16so it was a35:18queenly was a propaganda35:20campaign35:21it’s not do not combine, you know, propaganda35:23to make sure people didn’t build an independent movement. Okay.

35:26Kayla paparazzi oh no Chris, can I say no35:29constitution everyone thought Trump was gonna do something to teach Ivana Trump35:33to foreign cars. And Trump did do something cn said on top of what goes on cap Fauci attainment of algae. He35:41printed 6.

2 trillion,35:42if it matters stamparatus $1,000,030 and35:46he locked down the United States and they say looked down and he said you need35:49$16 trillion in Lost 16 trillion,35:53and that’s only35:54$32 million during those two years. Do not take Quincy Duany, 600 billionaires, it’s a $10 million 600 billionairesDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 36:03increase their wealth point $3 trillion.

That’s a lot of Guarani. $3 million. Have you eaten 600 billionaires say Trento36:15million dollar increase their wealth by36:172.

3 trillion.36:18I know I went out doing a lot of Toronto doing million dollar well,36:22many small businesses. A typical activity36:26accuser and many people attended persona became slaves sitting in their homes suddenly event that they CTRs then to consulado but in 2020, I was the only scientists and give me an event to start a loony caution Seattle to call out Fauci the paddock, who’s Eric Fauci and I gave all of you a solution.

Add that to our to our popular theory soluzioni I said vitamin d3. And they told Brenda la vita Mina de train were certain, like was Tina Viva36:56la Vida Mina? And IDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 36:57did hundreds of videos37:01Trentino Yeah, the videographer said we’re gonna share the teaching people about Sony coming from China, memory stereo, and37:08those videos got nearly 400 million views all over the world we37:12see video on social media on individually that Sione into tomando I didn’t have a big studio.

Yeah, no, no Randy Simone studio,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 37:21own Potamia camera small. But I work I used to do two to three videos every day.

In37:29fact, the dual three video to the journey, just hard work. And when I’m setting up what I’m going to do wrong,37:34why that can because I knew where I came from that he even said that the way the angle I came I’m one of you and your counselor will know the void. I’m everyday people so normal good to teach.

37:47And in 19 79 million37:51veterans the Setanta is when my family left India cuando la familia la Chateau Linda to come37:57to America. I was seven years old38:01I’ve ever sat down knee38:02and in 197538:06and then made an allusion to Santa cheek when I went back to India to visit my grandmother so not in India visitor elmia Nona. Now when I left India in 1970 when the LA Chateau lindian and Villanova, Chantal Setanta, India has a caste system and they’ve um, sistema de Costa.

They’re the Brahmins on top Cheramie but Armenians don’t. And then different layers of people who were on the bottom, a queen nee chan on38:29the diversity Valley, the persona nueva mall, Anila party pew pew Basa casta, the38:33fact that my parents a queen immediately thought he came to the United States on a Saturday it was one in a trillion and quando one one and a trillion. Very, very improbable38:47event Okay, possibility and possibility.

So,38:52when I went back to India to visit when listen38:55tornato visitare. Linda, that’s what IDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 38:57realized that Oh, my grandparents had no39:01shoes.

Can you know,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 39:04a small house I noticed some differences. Hmm.

And I realized when I would return back to United States, I better work hard and clean39:15the bundle that you need your digital deliver RF solder because39:18of the opportunities that US offered that clearly set liberatory Tachyon from the start to unity and as a 12 year old and cuando Vivado the Chandni I made a promise on me so fatter and fatter. I promised that I would learn as much as I could. But I don’t want to pupil table to end this exploitation39:34of people39:35that if you need a persona, so when I came back to the United States39:40when this internet on the Saturday I studied very hard so you have to 20 SEMODr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 39:45I ended up I created the world’s phase first email system as a 14 year old kid39:49wanted to be challenged in their own regard to the audition nucleotide primo system my email.39:53Yes,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 39:54a 14 year old boy invented email, not the military.

I did it39:57yes Triple E O ConnectOne. Okay,40:00I’m entirely male. And then I went to MIT got four degrees40:03in policing on that all MIT is Oprah zapato.

Laura, what40:07every major award is it que40:09la la la, la Universidad de presented in Milan.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 40:12And roadmaps published many many scientific papers.

It was40:16clicked on Multisim me notizie Murthy coalition teacher liberty40:20and then got my PhD in Biological Engineering and appraisal40:22in the piano T in January of theological and went backDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 40:26to India. In India for two years and studied our Vedic consider Eastern medicine40:32also the ATOs yalla uwaydah que la Siddha so no Medina you ready to sit back so Nola, maybe Cina as the article Amelia Chinnery and Talia and I40:41found the interconnection Anthro battle interconnection between ancient medicine cannula Nikitina and piega, and engineering systems theory AC semi than ingenieria.

And what I discovered it was as compared to There are nine principles he said another Principe, that govern every system in the world governmental T system in El Mundo. And you could use those principles to pull us adequacy Principe, to become your own doctor kind of event that aims to honor the target persona, understand your body as a system that cannot be taken to a quatrefoil system and to get health, that sap in salute. And then IDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 41:13discovered those same nine principles41:15as compared to facing away free shipping can be used to win political freedom. So no boy said I would personally say that the Petrovitch principles, the Stasi Principe,41:26say, and then those same nine principles and he says in41:30a way Principe, you could discover what is truth, but the physical Priyanka Casa La Casa La vita, the principles are the same, it Principe Sonia Stacy,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 41:38these are called Principles of system science quesitons Yamani41:41principe de la de la Schanzer,41:43the elites, Lolita,41:45those politicians41:47and politics, your advisors,41:50we see loads of political Nottingham in the UK with Daniel competency per Laurie41:55about 20,000 of them, she’d come at me love her soul and the advisors like George Soros call me George Soros, they know system science.

Elections are the system they study system science students, Russian scientists,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 42:08and they use that knowledge to suppress and manipulate people42:11and who’s on a quest of authentic personal pre minute and mandibula persona.42:15So I have taken these principles your appraisal analyst data42:19to the Quincy Principe andDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 42:20made it accessible to every human being. And Queenie42:23Ceccato the MP currently Peroni parental to the system your money we’re gonna eventually see bncc42:32Yes, so I have made those42:33speakers on photo quest okay.42:36Now that I have explained to you that so you there was big42:40RV what the problem is when a problem who are the enemies42:44key enemy? Enemies are not the obvious establishment42:47Namie canonize not so obvious established? The enemies42:51are not the obvious system?42:53No, no.

Is not the obvious. not so obvious.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 42:57That No, no, the real enemies are not so obvious establishment component. Let’s see. Okay, clear.

43:04Is it the real enemy? Isn’t43:06the real enemy? Yes. Is not.43:10I see schools out there.

He’s very anemic. Well, not so obvious. Establish No43:13no, no, no, the real enemy is not the obvious system.

Okay,43:17not the obvious.43:19Fauci, Fauci. easy very easy.

Name veteran43:24me Fauci is easyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 43:26to understand son, Robert, martial art to see to43:30complain that either I’m into command competency comporta and Tony Fauci43:34Okay, so Anthony Fauci is easy to see he’s an evil43:38right if you see fit nicotinic butDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 43:42it’s very difficult to see for some people, Robert Kennedy,43:45not that not that person individually, like43:48that Kennedy name that goes on and normally they can manipulate people or manipulate another person, but the Kennedys are actually mafia.

Mike Kennedy Samila Max heresay chapter main,43:57they’ve killed people and no matter the persona,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 44:00but they do Hollywood to make them look better than they are just like Gandhi and just like Martin Luther King,44:06not only with the perfectly same brand and moto media.44:10The reason change doesn’t take place at queen d, but again,44:15the reason that it can be mnt or non branded posts, every microsecond that can you microsecond, Hollywood or Hollywood the news media media gives you these nano Vidin NorQuest celebrities, we don’t know recommendations and so you think they are better than you44:36and we need to buy up and Queenie Villa Lavon shirt Well Kim44:41Kardashian44:44Shabaab blah, right persona and theDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 44:46entire goal of Hollywood is to make sure44:49and you’ll44:49get people the only the IDSA sikura That you don’t have any self respect for yourself, get to44:55a nine so44:55respect to the test. So So you outsource44:58it we need to bring the It’s better to these45:00other people45:02personally to bring the law the channel to the important cyber sector so45:06the word a very important time. Queen equals important important because for the first time in history to get the la prima donna la storia a movement like truth freedom and how things45:16don’t go my true freedom and existenceDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 45:18that can expose the not so obvious establishment they45:21don’t shine and not solve your establishment.45:23So typically what they do is they attack people to become45:27integral Okay finally, when people rise up a candlelit persona chair can lead the defenders see I can move to the third pillar delete45:36then they flush something like45:40to keep like a monkey see occupied if we45:42need to consider on a personal recommended elliptical a shimmy and basically reframing45:48that’s not so obvious establishment45:50not obvious, but because we exist our movement equiniti comment45:56to train people to understand45:58this concept, the VR moisten Jana persona becauseDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 46:02whenever when enough people get trained change will occur like that46:05when the letter Sonica piano cambiamento venuto a lot of potremmo Camila courseDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 46:10changes comes from raising our consciousness46:13we come down into the Anaconda noi Amen Dr. Manasa consapevolezza.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 46:18And that consciousness is to recognize it is independent movements46:21equestre concept bobbleheads46:24always change the world46:25they certainly movement independent TCK consentono aqui Salah cushions are the Omen Tara Edie Cameron mon Sol so46:312020 When46:32I did those videos, then it would mean inventive on the photography video we expose Fauci again with Ellen shadow Fauci and it was in the United States we also exposed and then you said, you need to demo within shutter one can my own lawsuit in economia Casa that I filed, okay, okay, you’re better. SoDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 46:50I represented myself.

I’ve been told that the government of the United States,46:55I’ve been to schools, can we control the security?46:59Okay, that the government can go there47:00No. And big47:02tech companies and the company technology can have an alliance and someone said that mythicalDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 47:09holy Alliance, I discovered that only in 2020 as compared47:12to Nila Nila Nila Nila kowski47:16and Tucker Carlson47:18and tech ed Khan did not cover it.

47:20He concealed it.47:21I think it goes on and on. I47:22didn’t Chattarpur Kennedy concealed it.

Robert Kennedy not didn’t shut the Donald Trump didn’t talk about it47:28in Donald Trump and a lot of requests butDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 47:29our independent movement exposed that I47:32know I know some of you met indipendente style didn’t shut on agreement events.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 47:36We want a major lawsuit. No.47:39Major we want a lawsuit.

major lawsuit.47:42Major lesson. But yeah, Monaca Judy,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 47:47it was me against seven lawyers.47:50I’ve Yeah. Mobius who was up Uganda abbiano Vista contraceptive Alacati me again, seven lawyers.

Y’all all of Canada solo cinta baccata quattrocento County.48:00So so the important thing48:06is now called up important then it was our movement canDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:11those videos to educate you about Fauci we saved millions of people’s lives and Quini48:15of your muscle? Abbiamo parlato Gammadion Chateau Fauci abbiamo paper 2 million add independently independent demand weDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:22expose the government censorship infrastructure in the United States48:27of Yemen they don’t shut it system AmericaDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:30in my lawsuit is how we discovered that the United States election systems are fraudulent48:36I’ve done was confirmed Okay, sistema de Lille.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:39Those three things we did in 202048:42was that that goes out on a global event in the media48:44in media like Tucker48:46Carlson wait48:51to cover this but in a direct way still,48:53you understand a beat then?48:57It’s not true.48:59So no parlato truth is important to me underneath a paladin truth is49:04important. They’re very49:05important but there’s something more important than true check one goes up important the delivery down when you tell the truth when dodici like that all right when you tell the truth that all49:18these Bs not so obvious establishment people49:22will see because if there’s not a good thing or not so obvious establishment false gods is some fancy prophetic fancy day they waited two49:29years and that’s better to do I need to tell the truth I said in 2020 and vegan okay yo Daytona Jamila venti and they49:36the only reason they told the truth is they don’t want to view lose their views on social media, let49:41alone Ecomotive or require no data that goes back to that event.

There are no Burberry luxuries that Sony makes social media49:48right that’s the only reason please stay Looney gonna join but if49:51Tucker Carlson,49:54Robert Kennedy told the truth49:56message 2027 settled to vero Tucker Carlson The world would have been very different right Mondo Santa Fe Santa Monica differently grandmas competingDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 50:05so you cannot trust50:07you No no no no trust no no wait No no no better credit you have to stop the weather no carry trusting people50:15from above50:16you can add any letter so50:18no matter how good they sound in the50:21sense of unknown unknown important assembly not going50:24to come down from above50:27when moving on the length of our syllabus50:30to help the problems of everyday people that can50:33result in a problem in the layperson is the journey it is stupid thinking and modal stupidity pet sorry,50:39stupid, completely stupid, stupid. The good news is Lenova50:45the movement for truth freedom and health exists50:47and don’t true freedom have existed.

We’re teaching people how to think beyond left and right tamuning Send50:53yongala persona because up commitment cellular data, data data data sinistra we’re teachingDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 50:57people how to organize scientific scientifically a movement51:02someone’s singing I’m gonna personally Kollmorgen exerting a model Shan difficult.51:06Italy In Italy,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 51:09Italy is known as a place for Bernoulli DaVinci right Galileo,51:13Italia L by the studios you don’t merely Galileo, Leonardo,51:20these were great scientists.51:23On this imaginary action CRT they discovered on NASCO Barito scientific principles issues a distribution division, it was Bernoulli principle called they should be Bernoulli that allows us to build their plan51:37a plan if you want to build a51:39movement to do like a 3d movie man you have to have scientific principles you have already been sufficient to achieve it’s not going to come from a social media influence impossible have any influence of that social media it’s not gonna51:51come from51:53like politics. It’s gonna come from people like me, they’re gonna we need the science51:59accessible to you.

52:00And Marissa Lang research is similar toDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 52:03so that and no one else will do it52:06because assuming that I saw, so we52:10have a very important opportunity52:11again, one opportunity most importantly you cannot say you don’t know anymore. We didn’t put that idea that you can compete and then also non consumers.

We’ve we have the principles on how to build a movement. Now let me bring up the common cause 3d movie mental, we’re at a very crucial point, and they will put them onto a challenge. You cannot follow false gods anymore.

No nowhere to say we have fancy prophetic and we have to speak out against these false Ballari controversy fancy prophetic. This is whyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 52:40I expose people like Kennedy as an education.

52:43But literally when your dental Choteau persona coming Kennedy52:48Kennedy in his own home,52:51Kennedy in the La sua52:53made everyone at his own house party,52:56a facto party in his own home the la sua casa in December nearly 10 by 2021 Then do a million in 2022. So I don’t mean to do it. Everyone had to be vaccinated53:07to tell53:08a persona do have an interesting cancer vaccine and then the last one cars53:13with mRNA vaccine can vecino and matter and therefore they could come in, but you might be interested.

You know that Then something happened? Yes. Go read it.53:23When people found out he blamed his wife53:26and cuando cuando la personas competitor obbligato Rama yesterday.

Okay. Maria,53:33again one example says one thing53:36does another tweet Nichelle Nichols and founder Ultra.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 53:39He has said he’s for full vaccination of all Americans,53:43and they do okay to get out of control. So, yes, controller butDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 53:49then he says that the government is corrupt.

And they took a Governor Roy curato and then he says a corrupt government53:56and then okay, Governor Kurata gun toting Governor curato should make safe vaccines and better Oh, but she needs a training complete screwball and complete amateur Pantsu54:08don’t All right. See, so you want the government54:11will vote okay, go when you say is corrupt to create54:14a vaccine.54:15Can you check a karate karate vaccine is standing two sides of his mouth.

And I think I meant a lot of your punch. Okay.54:24He was for lockdowns and I forgot it.

I54:26look down and then54:28he switches his position.54:30Oh yeah, come get on. I54:30suppose it’s Yan.

He’s for the climate carbon tax54:33and for voting they like they like carbon tax. Very clever.54:37So the question is on Monday when I expose this, when do you they don’t shatter questo some people get it.

I couldn’t persona Illinois capital, but some people are gonna persona defend him. Lando defies like idiots commonly deity why?54:53Because they want to look to a false god.54:56Then kill him persona.

machina. One, two. I know.

I know. Love idea that your55:02most crucial question I want you to learn tonight Hey, you’re gonna make a very balanced stand out. WeDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:09have to look from below to one of us when55:12we are the movement No, you see,55:14I’m a movie mentor.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:15It is stupid to look to any one of them from above55:18and there’ll be only that stupid a word thatDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:20acute doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter their words how good it sounds,55:24it doesn’t impart upon to somebody what their name is hit no matter.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:28What matters is their entire55:30history to get me to give them one last storyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:33do their words match their deeds name55:37is Ania praticamente confronta la parola que de Quran Coco Luca funnel55:41as I earn tonight, as I am tonight, coming Phoenix goes oh gee,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:47on May 1 Michelle and I landed here55:50in Israel and primo Ma Jun commission interface.

55:53You’re right.55:54It’ll be Sunday. Feasel St.

officios words literally last Baladi Sunday physio matched his deeds, if not to the pseudoDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 56:04St. officios words matched his deeds56:07I literally sent the physio wallet upwards to the wall56:13walked the walk.

See, he walked the walk he what he he did what he said he was going to do56:20Sunday physio photocall again.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 56:23Why if how many people like saying to physio Yes.

56:26When the person is an accommodative vizier,56:29well, okay. So if you like st a physio and his56:33principles say believe it actually brings up the Sunday physio, how manyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 56:37people like Jesus Christ? Okay, good.

If you like the principles of56:44Jesus Christ, everything should be the Jesu, why do weDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 56:47allow people who say one thing and do another56:51persona, good economic wasn’t a phenomenon? Not really there.56:55You have to ask why do we compromise?57:11He said again, even Jesus Christ as a as an apostle, traitor,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 57:17you’re talking about? But the bottom line is this right? If we have these great leaders57:25submit a demo question.57:28What they say is what they do. And when you57:32look at what they say and what they did.

Or look at economical, like, we should be uncompromising, and we need some more compelling by some model is very, very important. And most importantly,57:43we should not defend these people who say they don’t57:46defend electronic medical records and if unknown Ultra, because in the United States right now, again, that you thank God the oncology and for the last for the last 60 years pollute the utility system. publicans and Democrats and Republicans and Democrats have created policies.

I’m not gonna call it politicalDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:03that has made the lifespan of United States people the lowest in the industrialized world cannot58:08attend model que La Sportiva de vida de la American facilities. Pasa Mondo, you tellDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:15those same policies are being exported to Italy, India, Sardinia, everywhere,58:21acquisti as you say, Cipollini dishes Thanos Putana la Martha in Sardinia in India into the party del mundo. Okay. So quickly.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:32In closing, let me just say that I’m it’s been a very, very, very wonderful experience for me to come to Sardinia.58:42In fact, immediate bellissime experience I’ve been here in Sylvania.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:46Thank you. And Sardinia? Dania has much to offer the world58:54most of them Frieden Mondo58:56it’s rich history.

And let’s see what we can study it history of58:59struggle against imperialist imperialism,59:02back control imperialism, its health, Nila patella saluted, but you have to fight for Madonna teletherapy and you have to build these independent movements I think Radek was the movement to dependencies are extremely important, and mountain59:15for content.59:17And the American people and the devil filling in cittadini American Indian people in India, Annie, all these people have the same enemy59:26to tell a persona analysts testing image,59:28and the enemy is teaching about 600 global elites59:32similar to Trento, globality, when I leave the compositor section, the person in59:36El Mundo, who think they’re better than you can get to the settlement editor. And they have an what what did you think about Biden?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 59:47Nothing. I mean, it’s stupid. Because the important thing is it’s not what we think about Biden59:57because it’s important and don’t worry1:00:00You might think about you might go look into pain.

It hurts about what we think of you and you know that weDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:00:06have to stop saying what do you think about Trump? What do you think? These people are not1:00:10going to do anything? And then you need at the bedside.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:00:14What do I think about Rita? What do I think about Michelle? What do I think about Francesca? What do I think about bolo companies need to1:00:23refresh she did on Monday.1:00:25So anyway, we have a huge1:00:26opportunity now. I’m gonna grab the opportunity and that opportunities to build some followings on independent movement you can add a movie mentor that boss we have to raise our consciousness the demo momentarily nanoseconds of regulator andDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:00:39so what one of the gifts we have is that any child between the age of 13 through 181:00:46and quickly know them on regular tutti bambini that no 101:00:50or 20 reduction we have made all of our materials free again went down to two toys materiality studio grant is very bambini we have to train children to think approach but get to gamma1:01:00in Scenario i bambini the botanical model cc model systemic on conditions that the system and weDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:01:06don’t need every and the worst thing we should do is we should not try to convince anyone1:01:10and no no gamma check it the convention and sooner. There are three kinds of people that get you some pretty big persona 30% of people you can adapt versions of the persona will never change.

No cambia mindDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:01:2330% They will dress up or change if you if they were to bask there were three masks they’ll get 10 synthetic1:01:32fun not to zero say No Come get my1:01:3430 to 20% of people1:01:38venti passion to the Olympics. Like you can move on or change agents citizenship cannot become deadly causingDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:01:4450% of people watch which way the ball goes three now the problem many people do when they want to change the world1:01:53program I get multiple Sonic mobile internet electronic if animals the person who can get in mando the 20%1:01:58over here to kill 20% Don’t make a big mistake Fang random is narrower and they go and try to convince the 30%1:02:08of the convention equestrian strategy and stuff they just buy yeah if someone is wearing two masks similar personas that are trying to do a mask arena1:02:16give them another mapDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:02:23what we should do is that the 20% here should get1:02:28organized can make people change1:02:31like a magnet told the otherDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:02:3720% here need to understand systems principles you think Teresa their consciousness1:02:45to Dr.

Rachel Kelly, the former elementary la consapevolezza developer so we need to1:02:50get strong the 20% need to be a Miranda cue for their child like a magnet the 50% will1:02:57accommodate magnetic Winnipeg quanta presented in the cheesy era.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:03:01It is better to light a candle and1:03:03Khomeini La La Lucia de la Candela then to curse the darkness can Vaughn isn’t a BuddhaDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:03:09compromise it is better to light the candle in the darkness. So don’t waste your time on the 30% of1:03:17the non kinetic or slow tempo trend aperture channel if they want to get 20 vaccines simple you know five antivaccine let them do itDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:03:28Don’t waste your time is a very very important principle1:03:36because you still have a pretty shoot the most important thingDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:03:38because the 20% will pull over the 50% or like in a soccer game they like to watch football1:03:47which opportunity they use better to regional perfect and so that is a movement question movimento comprimise capitaDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:03:55so that’s why we’re at a very important moment. So we’re still moonbow make the most important Yeah, thank you very much for having me.

1:04:01You’re not see it but I think thank you. I would like to ask you one thing. You are again you’re fighting against the system since 2020.

Now since 1980 90 Like I guess the the association where because we we all we meet together because we fight against the validation that the manufacturing man mandates so but if you scared that someone will kill you could kill you. What do you think about it?1:04:29I don’t even think about that. The issue is the issue is this or thisDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:04:34church? Yes. It’s okay. This is a this is a not a good question to ask because the issue is why are we here comparing this1:04:44in1:04:45the real perkiness Yamakawa.

1:04:48The real question is why are we here now question event I1:04:52think it’s what is the purpose of life when a motivo de la vita,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:04:56right? That’s the question was whether the issue is not Whether you live 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years,1:05:02100 years this if you’ve been given the chance to vent the transaction done,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:05:06the issue is Are you here to learn teach?1:05:10Bharara is an era so that’s the question questionDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:05:15because the lives of great teachers like Jesus Christ1:05:19Illa Geeta Hutto Grandin, Zenyatta, kombucha1:05:21zucchini stone like Buddha, Buddha many of the great teachers with the society their grandson yeah theirDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:05:28purpose in life was to raise consciousness of people1:05:31we need loveDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:05:35and if you believe there is something beyond all1:05:37this it’s really been said that good yesterday no she said Perkasa Ultra then whatDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:05:41is there to fear there’s nothing the only thing to fear is do you not do your mission while you’re here1:05:48but can you Anika because we could say whatever it Barbuda let me see on a Catholic will you1:05:55be a parasite monitor is a parasite parasite choices, will you be a parasite density per city or will you serve life?1:06:03I’ll put everyone into a yard three.1:06:05That’s that’s the real issue.1:06:06Quite so I love it.

1:06:08I choose to serve life1:06:10you also choose to fight he1:06:11is yeah, he sent me the Yazidi ethical matters demonio so1:06:15when we realize that the issue is how do we do it that we need one another ElysiumDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:06:20how do we fight evil not over 100 layers but in 20 years or five years, we want to reduce1:06:25the amount of time needed to get money due to tempo. We want to reduce the time so we reduce the suffering and we want to do less suffering so they they want to prolong the suffering a lot of what you know prolonged Airlangga suffer and so that’s why they have these false gods questions you’ve been going on with your team distracting us that the strategyDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:06:46okay so it is our mission to learn how to accelerate1:06:50in Yara Quindio cehlarik was approaches truth freedom and health through freedom the hand for very timely but I salute we can take some questions Yes cpcm unfrequented Oh man like you got a father. Hello you can stop we still get to vicina they require people for another one see1:07:19how can we fight the notto we suspend the new renew renewal How can I how can we fight military USA military1:07:31so the question is how do we fight NATO NATO wants to get a photo Michelle wants a photo Dr. Shiva see see1:07:52the human powers you want to tell this in England? The human power will never block be blocked because he is the art of the people.

So what did you think? What do you think about bricks Dr. Shiva? Can you tell us something about okay we are fighting we are fighting. Why fine.

Like don’t be shorter. Okay, yeah. Okay.

Do you want you to stop Dr. Shiva? No, we can go ahead. Oh, you asked me for the bricks Gianluca?1:08:42Yes, they want to know about these bricks, what do you think about bricks?1:08:46What do I think about1:08:48the question but at the DLA domanda Gianluca telescreen,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:08:52okay bricks. Do you know who started who created bricks? Bricks. Bricks was created by JP Morgan.

1:09:04JP Morgan.1:09:05Okay. So the issue is, let’s say you1:09:10have a towel, simply do not shut down.

1:09:12You have one mafia guy here.1:09:15I think they will love your zone and another mafia guy here. Throw my fields around.

1:09:19That is breaks as a new mafia guy coming up. It’s no difference.1:09:27The old mafia guy1:09:28was the United States you should we’ll get to the mafia.

He’s gonna use that you need at he controlled the currency and controlling Allah monitor. So the smaller mafia guys, he puts a piccola mafia.1:09:39They don’t like that1:09:40don’t see cash on the chain.

So they’re going to be organizing when you see some organic Zando to try to create their own currency. A lot of monitor, okay. WhenDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:09:50but that does not mean with a nonsignificant that is going to help the working people1:09:55are you personally Lebra lavorato brothers have eaten so it’s very easy. A year in Italy a lot of people think that BRICS is very good thing because this is trillion dollar power1:10:07Yes. But it may do that they may1:10:10do thisDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:10:11but it’s not going to help them it may help temporarily but it is not solving the fundamental issues1:10:20known result dynamic programming because JP Morgan is the one JP Morgan who created the idea of bricks bricks1:10:29you say you have to when we say we want to the channel no we say it’ll help us Are1:10:35we one addition with the gamma you touch of each end there are two ways she’s gonna do it weDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:10:42two weeks right so there’s the we have the elites and the wave everyday people1:10:47knowing the Lolita and knowing the la persona and the two T journey1:10:52as your to understand right my1:10:53stuff well look at visa Vera. So queen, it may seem as a temporary win.

When you send Mara ona Victoria, Victoria tempura now for China1:11:02in1:11:04our economies, right but1:11:06then I call it the quest economy but a large economy, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to help us to build1:11:12an independent, mental independent you cannot think bricks is going to save the world cleaning on the weather Pennsatucky bricks, we know that independent movement, Freedom Movement principle is semi extensively in shapingDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:11:26again, if you think bricks is going to save the world,1:11:29when you step inside the brick saga, el mundo that’s being lazy. The quest is to be no Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

You have to build an independent movement. Movement like a mantra, Mantra,1:11:45Mantra okay1:11:53so monument indipendente says he goes Risha, Graziella piata former Dr. Shiva la piattaforma they go to Shiva she’s on a Sarkodie she1:12:06really want to get Michelle get another photo, can you get the life that way?1:12:18The Toshiba, the Toshiba, do you want to answer the other two other questions or do you want to finish? Yes, you can.

Okay Gianluca will tell you yes. Yes take a photo with Dr. Shiva yes1:12:36stay Everyone okay1:12:37okay1:12:46she’s gonna1:12:54say true the freedom health in Italian1:12:56very Da Li Bandai salud.

Okay, we have to say very Italy but I saluted Italian true freedom and very tightly Berta Salute. Salute greetings from Italy from salary.1:13:21Okay, great.

1:13:26Should we take some more questions see Gianluca?1:13:31Or finish?1:13:32Oh, no. How many questions do you want to go? Do you want to go?1:13:38I don’t know. We can keep going.

Yes, yes,1:13:39it is Gianluca.1:13:45Latina domanda. What do you think about poutine question is what do I think about Putin? I think Putin actually has some values1:14:12so, I think, okay.

So the question is, what do I think about1:14:19what do you think about gluten?1:14:21Okay. Russia has massive amounts of oil.1:14:27On the continent, the petroleum titanium, minerals, match natural gas does not do rally and can be completely independent.

Instead of completely independent then the,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:14:38but just like I said, there’s different mafias1:14:41not Comilla mafia differente you know, the US mafia, Mafia, America andDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:14:47the British mafia.

considers Putin a major competition.1:14:53Come see there are Putin ilaro majority competitor1:14:57in 2014. Then do1:14:59we mean a quarter She’s 2013 And do me like that I did she1:15:02Condoleezza Rice,1:15:04Condoleezza Rice, who is a war monger can when I when I when I went to1:15:09war war monger1:15:12the war monger1:15:18she gave a speech1:15:20I thought on this course saying thatDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:15:22we must destroy Russia1:15:24can okay I’m on camera. Lisa, do you need to do to1:15:28destroy Europe’s dependence on Russia or1:15:32are these through general collegamenti Ultra la ropa de La Russa dependence of the petroleum we1:15:37must make Europe dependent on us.1:15:39Event Data lifelong party back then that petroleum americano that was a plan when stealing Gano1:15:47of Condoleezza Rice, Condoleezza Rice the next year in 2014.

1:15:52And didn’t yet but thought it did. She1:15:53the United States is not uniquely created, I know1:15:58craft or disturbance will not know now typically these two are both1:16:03in Ukraine and replaced and Libyan replaced a president president was pro1:16:10Putin cannot have already booty Pro. President I’ve already voted1:16:16pro us1:16:17Obama did that abdominal fat, they created a disturbance and they replaced1:16:22Atlanta endocranial.

President1:16:30and the reason why the United States wanted1:16:36to start you need to make sure your op ed model1:16:40would fall in line with the United States see collagen cell is not unity. Technology, the eastern part of Ukraine1:16:49law is the law but you need the law, the1:16:51Ukraine, Donetsk, those regions, notDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:16:55they were very upset in eastern part of Ukraine, because the United States played a leader.

So the eastern part of Ukraine started fighting1:17:11if we need law passed in the Ukraine, the Ukraine andDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:17:17the United States created this disturbance1:17:20that you need to know prior to construction at this tool. And out of this disturbance,1:17:24if we come in1:17:27they step by step.

1:17:28And OkeanosDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:17:30made sure Germany and all of these countries, depending on US oil and1:17:35gas facility at the same time Elesa Somoto.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:17:42They got other countries to follow the fall become part of NATO, Finland, Sweden1:17:51to Atlanta in 2008.1:17:56I’m sorry, in 2000 2000. There was an agreement made1:18:02just it’s unfortunate to meDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:18:05that you the United States would never go east of Germany, NATO. NATO would never go east of Germany1:18:12and Czech and Germany,1:18:15but they lied my novamente the goal has begged us around Russia1:18:20if we need obiettivo Aquila DVDs configuredDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:18:23ultimate, ultimately United States and Britain, Britain and NATO1:18:28if we need a dramatic amendment is that unique and1:18:31Lonato have a plan and then on1:18:33pianoDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:18:34to destroy Russia 44 for individual countries1:18:39give up their illusion Puerto Rico in Kuranda Patran insanely diverse they want1:18:43to do to Russia. Well you know funny Monaca Lucien work British colonialism did to Africa1:18:50on a colonial comment on particular African Britain cameDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:18:52in and basically they drew all these random nations and then they had everyone fighting against each1:18:58other, but the model nazioni combined.

1:19:02And they raped Africa.1:19:04It was ya know, the visual Africa1:19:06they stole Africa’s minerals by1:19:10economic mineralogy. Again,1:19:12it comes down to independence, a full year level1:19:16for democracy nazioni the Bavarian Naropa tutor Dementors1:19:19realism global level imperialism1:19:23imperialism Olivella1:19:26does not like any independent nation.

1:19:29No one in Israel, not Santa Vironment independent.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:19:31So in that sense, Putin is trying to determine his own independence for his own country1:19:36if we need Butina cercato the data independenceDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:19:39so it is the United States. So when you start unity and NATO and who are the criminals here,1:19:47it’s only criminally Western Canada.1:19:48Yeah.

They, they and NATO1:19:54Lonato.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:19:55If I were elected President, I would pull the United States out of NATO.

NATO is1:19:59I’d like to President about the role as you start unity for it.1:20:03There is no reason for NATO. Vedo exists1:20:10not to exist for its own existence.

So tanto Paula swasta says he stands, period. So he needs to think1:20:29Oh, Fabio is a great friend of mine. The question is, do you think do you have a chance to became you know,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:20:39so the question is, let’s, let’s look at your question. Fabio was very fat phobia is a very important question.1:20:48Most important question I quite get chance to the diventare parameter coincidentally,1:20:55Unity Okay, so here’s a here’s a Let’s analyze this question.

A lot1:21:00analytic domanda very important to analyze his question what’s important analizar Aqua domanda okay, we typically Hit the commentDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:21:09whenever people come to a point in their lives and1:21:13there’s so many men don’t get even a lot of it everyone comes to a point in their life on you know, the vanilla Vita1:21:20they can choose to decisions or do they choose1:21:23any different than either1:21:25they say I accept the way the world it is. I accept the world as it is.

1:21:31Oh, you are chattel manga was the command. I accept the evil you are cheaters demonia1:21:36I accept oppression your channel of1:21:39choice persona shows thatDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:21:41the other choice Natasha, I want to change the world.

Okay, so you make a choice so if you choose this1:21:50decision you want to1:21:52change the world boy did she that didn’t come here in London.1:21:55The question is how do you change the1:21:56world? Monday call me come Yeah. All right.

So typically you become inDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:22:02that the establishment gives you two choices to establish the establishment gives you two ways to change the world1:22:10without dwelling on the solid1:22:12one you run for political office1:22:14when I go to the Parana Poltrona political process no bore1:22:21you file lawsuits1:22:22are poorer the poorer lawsuit1:22:28for a cause1:22:29right so either two choices1:22:30she’s gonna do it shall you run for office? Oh okay. Both of those1:22:38systems1:22:40by the establishmentDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:22:42establishment okay. So we there is a third option the third option is you build a movement1:22:50and he goes through the movement and independent movement and movement independent with the right principles for any juicy PrincipeDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:23:01bio with the right principles you need the right science it’s like if you’re going to sinko Israel movement that1:23:11was a movie man1:23:11certain tactics were correct certain tactics they did1:23:18but but their political theory was bankrupt1:23:22my liberal political they didn’t have the right1:23:25theory but we could learn okay1:23:33so it’s very important to number one build a movement1:23:37without a movement and someone who doesn’t1:23:39if you run for office or you run this1:23:44political becauseDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:23:45because you will be an opportunist if you’re just running for office1:23:48that can simply simply Sherman decorated very simply then you’re going to reach1:23:53your goal is to get the seat not to build1:23:58momentumDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:23:59it will always lead to a bad end we need that’s what happened with the Five Star Movement okay,1:24:05we need to change so one more1:24:07winning seats that building the move No,1:24:09no, no. You draw them because through the movie mental1:24:16so the reason that companies1:24:20you run for office to build the movement you don’t build the1:24:23movement running for office, okay.

1:24:27You don’t you don’t you run for office seems1:24:33to have the platform to expose the opposition1:24:37will not get that phone matter. They don’t charge a university so you got to see me.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:24:42So you will see and that’s what the elites do not want they don’t want someone like me1:24:46no more than they don’t channel to talk Western sistema.1:24:52But this movement has to be global. It’s1:24:56no voice that is sold on the east that you need to diversify into the North.

So how many country are in your 95 countries? 95 How many people follow you in your movement?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:25:07We have about 400 million people have heard but we have about 360 400,0001:25:14I’ve been with the course they’re learning bottom1:25:20but it’s all bottoms up we did two top movements1:25:25we didn’t build a leadership top down again McWhinney1:25:27constitute on que una casa para Liddell now we are finding leaders bottoms up Queenie no1:25:33this is your motion Canada leader that goes through the customer we went into the moment1:25:38we have to educate people beyond left and right1:25:41to kinda1:25:42like persona Lila de la okay the other two questions within Shiva tomorrow okay.1:25:57Goes on dependency we talk and intelligence have to be challenged What do you think about the war theDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:26:07good good good question. So for 30 years I did research on artificial intelligence1:26:13your better and Daniel fatto richer Castle intelligence and TV channel1:26:16I have the three earliest United States patents1:26:19Yahoo toilet Philippine a loughrea in China I think1:26:26Okay, so first of all we have to define what is1:26:29AI pretty much agree on what they feel like because they own intelligence artificial1:26:33what is AI because they only1:26:35have to be challenged.1:26:36So what is AI so if you go back to1:26:38India through1:26:411900s when they were building cars1:26:43Nealon anvil and so the minute they let you know that you don’t have a trend the one on1:26:48one day when they made a car1:26:49in my opinion someone over here made the tire and looked at but so many tires on the assembly line on the assembly line1:27:02assembly on the Betsy1:27:04someone just making the tires1:27:11on someone made the axle1:27:19right someone else spentDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:27:27Okay, so if you looked at the cars, they had different people just doing one thing1:27:36that they called my Bucha on and mocking Alenia in production1:27:44assembly line channel, non1:27:45Lena DSM Brahma and Toka human being a human and they1:27:49decide to keep doing the same task1:27:51over and over again.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:27:55So that is artificial intelligence.

Intelligence of a human being just did twisted something every day, right?1:28:03It was almost like a five minute walk goes up to the god wall. AndDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:28:07then in 1960s 70s, when the computer came1:28:12Bundanon meaning the veterans of the Sunday song it’s not I said1:28:15they realized the1:28:16computer I know compete, okay.

1:28:18Also do certain tasks. Let’s move on to the electrodes.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:28:22Okay. So for example, in in 1978, I built the first email system meeting a veteran1:28:27to sit on the throne, Fatima Loveman LeMay. So 1970, the 1993 I mean, innovation is a symptom that we didn’t have a chance to train email was used in the office, is that those out and then you feed? It was not a consumer application.

And no, no, no, there’s no subtlety, the data they consume at1:28:4519931:28:47I mean, innovation, the web God created world1:28:49wide web, and it’s sort of battle worthy Mondo1:28:54and the e mail became a consumer application1:28:57quickly mail it even top down applicants snail mail to teach Italy,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:29:01right. And in 1993, Bill Clinton1:29:05and human innovation don’t want Patrick clean the President of the1:29:09United States1:29:10president today you start unityDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:29:12that’s when email volume started growing1:29:15volume of mail.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:29:17He was getting 5000 emails per day.

1:29:20Now there’s I should mention Quinella and it was it was doubling1:29:23every day.1:29:24And we need to teach on a subdomain rather piano to to John. So the US government did on that he kind of did a contest to contestDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:29:33to discover where their artificial intelligence techniques to automatically read Bill Clinton’s email1:29:40we nanogram tune system and intelligence artificial Ledger in the mail1:29:45from the from the citizens1:29:47they cittadini1:29:48sorted, they have any controller and1:29:51there are 147 different categories. Check1:29:54out your extra entry so I know if you go to chapter one per second.1:29:57Anyway, I won that contest.

to query your query counters, so I created the AI technologyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:30:03to automatically read a new1:30:08email to my email, and then I created a company1:30:13now could have done a company called Echo mail at Gmail thatDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:30:17worked for many of the big companies to for customer service1:30:22to granny Lucia, for example,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:30:25Tiscali may be getting 100,000 emails1:30:28every say we do Scalia Chitika and chin Giotto Mila he made to teach1:30:33our technology would read the email,1:30:35Queenie lenticular today take a look around the use of technology to email acqualina controlling,1:30:41so it could make it1:30:42easier for customer service or otherwise one. So instead of rendering to several customers, otherwise,1:30:47one human being would have to read all these emails1:30:51coming for1:30:54me, so we so AI1:30:58intelligence activity challenge1:31:00is basically the ability to take a human1:31:03and tell us so that meant that you could be Rashida like because they could funnel you money. For example, when you answer an email, and they think you’re gonna have to respond to an email, you read it knowledge,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:31:13you figure out the attitude of the email and sentiment of the email the sentiment of the email to the respondent,1:31:19when you figureDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:31:20out the issues in the email,1:31:24the email and then you respond and quickly respond then and so so so I created the technology to do this1:31:31technology and foreign law cycles actually responding automatic identical intelligence artificial Utara is basically anti money issueDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:31:40is it is not whether artificial intelligence is good or bad.

1:31:45Problem anomic actually wrestle intelligence1:31:49who is controlling this technology today? My keys tackled Orlando we’re setting1:31:52right. Right, the whenever. So for example, that is a you know, whenever new technology1:31:59comes when you gotta get know about technology arriva1:32:02people always get very excited.

As soon as someone monitoring this is going to make us1:32:06more freer with this unit. And then I like1:32:09to save the show. For example, when the printing press came when the event that is on funded printing press, the Gutenberg Printing Press and see ifDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:32:19everyone could start publishing,1:32:22I learned how to turn on each other public, relatively new technology, technology. SoDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:32:26everyone is very excited.

I can publish a book, you can publish your book,1:32:29everyone can publish your book.1:32:33But what ended up happening was1:32:35my quando1:32:37for major publishing companies, they1:32:41control the distribution of1:32:44delivery. When TV came people thought, Oh, we could all watch TV many, many shows.

1:32:49A TiVo like personal content.1:32:54For major companies control TV,1:32:55quatro, bucannon, inducer controller, News Corp,1:32:59Disney.1:33:00So on these when the internet came fundamental to the internet, we were all building our own individual1:33:05websites.

1993, slow1:33:08website and then mean animations.1:33:10And then three major social media companies got1:33:14on Google, YouTube, Twitter,1:33:16and Laura Quattrocchi, grandi, Sucheta, Google, Twitter,1:33:25Facebook, Facebook, and they all consolidated and consolidated right.1:33:30So the issue is not technology, they throw blame and Anela technology will control it my Keila controller soDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:33:35one of the policies that I have is so for example, if you1:33:41let’s say you are a1:33:43carpenter, right, it’s the same kind of thing. Yeah. And you’re an electrician, let’s say you are aDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:33:49let’s say a radiologist a doctor. So, what what these AI systems are doing,1:33:56he sees them on intelligence artificial, because1:33:59they observe human behavior, how the1:34:04data controller learns from the human to empower the humanity1:34:09and it puts the technology to the computer1:34:13up there, right we need to nominate you see today tomorrow.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:34:16So I believe that training data that is given to the AI machines,1:34:20cleaning utensil clean senior mean to customer Gungahlin, market intelligence will be owned by1:34:25the working people never said1:34:27it possible to deliver. So1:34:28knowledge is transferred to1:34:30a machine that can sell to a trusted retailer mark, you know, you should get1:34:34a royalty1:34:35to the royalty for that knowledge.1:34:41It’s a new model.

So we’ll talk about this because I’ve actually seen1:34:47a political Palla declared stone1:34:49because this is what should be done. You say1:34:51of course, they’re going to get over by certain factor.1:34:53So the idea in the ideal world if we didn’t1:34:57learn the lesson, then manga delete delete that At Teledensity, we1:35:01could transfer certain knowledge to a machine1:35:03no epcm or no Cosimo transformer that’s very requested for so called machines and then we could do more creative work.

And no, it was somewhat crowded. Mondo multimedia,1:35:13but those machines machina should be owned by the people1:35:17and when I say people no problem Good question. Last question.

Let’s question where are the other two do you think do you think out what do you think about the pandemic? Do you think there really is a truth have evolved over the phoneDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:35:49here’s the issue. Okay.

So what’s the real issue is not a whether there’s a pandemic or not a pandemic issues whether it’s not vaccine pro or anti Vax,1:36:02no problem and honestly, the shooting the real issue1:36:05is the immune system,1:36:07federal program mind system and monetaryDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:36:09okay, it’s very important. Most important, we have to ask the right questions.

The issue is over the last 60 years,1:36:15I think I meant de la guerra, la barra domanda quest traditionally the food Ichiba1:36:22pesticides EPC Qi the fast food1:36:25fast food that1:36:26is destroying the immune1:36:28system agenda system and1:36:30if you just look at the vaccine in the last seven years1:36:38they usually say Tang Tang. Tang Tang in1:36:42pandemic can be a cover up for looking at the overall system1:36:45in the la pandemia setup. Do that and get better at NASSCOM there are two tools that monitor1:36:51the real system.

I’ll give you an example of Okinawa, Japan1:36:54GRP now and another blue zone when asked1:36:57about Blue Zone,1:36:58people are living 200 510 years old, ancient Duany, but now those people are eating McDonald’s1:37:05on its own,1:37:09and they’re going the other way. Okay.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:37:13The issue is for the last 60 years,1:37:15my computer goes the switches on the UTV. Sometimes they’ll go ameliorated by1:37:19the immune system of people’s1:37:22system. And when you tell you the left persona is such a destructor.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:37:25So whenever you get a quote unquote pandemic of flu1:37:29clinic on the two brilliant influenza de la pandemiaDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:37:32people aren’t ready and then their health goes down very quickly.

1:37:35If we did a persona system, I’m going to tell you about some of the call influenza1:37:40that’s why the key is to strengthen the immune system. We need lucky1:37:44for the loss of system and return your question elven obiettivo Albero problem. Okay, thank you.

The last one question that the Shiva Yes. Final1:37:55question. Actually the origin economic challenge.

How do1:38:01you think to make a society which has degrees that people need better education?1:38:10So the question is, how do we make a better society? Yes. History shows that it is when you raise the consciousness of people1:38:24it’s the only way1:38:27it’s the society reflects1:38:29the law mental, mental incremental, the La consapevolezza de la Personen.1:38:36There’s the state of consciousness of people and clean you1:38:39know, Saturday conservatives are the persona.

1:38:41If people keep electing bad leaders, when you sell1:38:44a persona continue another ledger, they leave their1:38:48TV if people do not build an independent movement1:38:51and no form of event1:38:54reflects the fact that they are well obviously reflected1:38:57in the last shutdown that they have notDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:38:58understood. At least what I just shared with you today.

1:39:03Well, okay, it was reduced.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:39:04So the issue is once people raise it each individual reasons are1:39:09so now my dancila propria consulted Wolitzer1:39:13to think beyond left and right if we do depends on alila della della sinistra to actually look at a problem and we need more than ever Aquila.

It’s only very pro blaming and see things as they are and we’re gonna cause a commitment that Sona not how we want them to be known was a young rebel rebel going on for SEMA. That is how change occurs when still to come here. Alekos so that is about raising consciousness.

I saw a commentDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:39:38when you raise consciousness, everything will come after that.1:39:45Oh, see? Yes.

Hello. Kenosha multi data game format teaching. Okay.

And I think I’m at a no no. And as soon as I start to need to insert JSON or the data key format eg sub sappiamo and K K Indian so not immediately Armando. Okay, informality, ci coming from RT CI.

You will just stop at a of your mentor to Surya Takato. Okay. Committed demo Jatoba appunto vulnerable software.

Linda, the protege that a Sony or of course1:40:32popular Yes. Can you we know that the electoral system electors you say is fraud, fraud, fraud in the election? And Fabula is asking if Indiana which is a very clever are able to defeat you to protect you or how do you think do you think the next generation will be fraud again? Or how can you protect yourself from these kinds of attack? Because there is a lecture lecture.1:41:06So the election systems1:41:09system on the left Sione Americana so the big fraud let grande throw them here’s a big fraud check something like Grand Theft fraud analytics in America they do not want Lynam Galliano independent minded people numbers do not personick make independent voting they don’t want to vote you know, this is1:41:29a real fraud.

Let me give you an example.1:41:31That for me1:41:32Darian is empty. In the state of Massachusetts, Nila started in Massachusetts, 7 million population setting milioni the persona roughly cheered.

6 million people say me the only the1:41:43person can vote, but some are eligible to vote. So no personal personal data.1:41:51Out of those 6 million people, the Quincy1:41:53seminary persona,1:41:55only 4.

5 million people even registered to vote, so don’t quote me on some of the little revenue strata. And out of those 4.5 million people the plastic went through 3.

2 million people vote somebody milioni vote.1:42:09Okay, so out of 6 million people who can’t vote, only 21:42:13million people vote personick milioni1:42:17so in Massachusetts and Massachusetts1:42:2010% are Republicans the attention to those 2,000,010% 35%1:42:30Someone Democrat teaching and the rest are independent, a total racism1:42:33independent of thoseDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:42:342 million people.

There’s some so when a politician runs for office1:42:39on the left, there’s so Nikodem open lead character political parties, give them money, let do a boy a Party politician Daniel Anderson is saldi.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:42:47And when they market when they do marketing and fun, no1:42:51fun, no marketing.

They only sell market to those 2 million people. See vanno praticamente cercana Sultana KC to immediately the persona will evolve1:43:02of those 2 million people. Yeah, 30 toDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:43:0640% will go Democrat.1:43:08funnel, ILA winning, chances are 40%1:43:11will go Republican.1:43:16Which way they want?1:43:17Okay.

Thank you. The Department of1:43:22real issues, they don’t mark it to the 4 million everyone voted. This is a real1:43:30one yet.

Okay. So since that meant that for some of our data, we need de facto purpose, the persona view an embedded possibility in Kenosha, because you still come down to independence.1:43:39I don’t know what the voting numbers are here in Sardinia.

So once1:43:42the voltage is on inside,1:43:44but they make sureDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:43:47the rest of the people the four never have a proper candidate. They don’t have a good candidate.

They only ever Republican or Democrat.1:43:56Oh, see? No, no, no. No, no.

1:43:59No choices. Right. So they just give one idea or another idea.

1:44:04Okay. See? Five 50%. Yes, it’s unity in southern Karnataka chant1:44:1560.

Tonto, okay. 40% and 60%.1:44:21But so the funding 40% was1:44:23involved when I ran for office.

But, of course, for us,1:44:31America, northern Massachusetts.1:44:3260% of the people who voted for me, this isn’t the question1:44:35that they voted before. No comment on my vote.

Otto prima.1:44:39You see, so we brought out all these new people on Puerto Rico.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:44:45So whether I knew they stole the election from me it was clear they sold1:44:52me on it, but we1:44:53brought we 60% of the1:44:58Movement said Okay, so setting in victory and1:45:05those people saw was a person and1:45:08will be still how the government was corrupt fun to go when they raise their consciousness it1:45:16was so it was a sentence.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:45:19issue is not to win on their battleground win on our battleground1:45:25seat system.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:45:27Yeah, so when an AR battleground Okay, so every one individual who raises their consciousness on1:45:34your persona they lose luckily1:45:48Thank you. Thank you1:45:56Brian1:46:02Trius bankline there’s no need to cry1:46:11Genki manca a lot see altering drugs out of your mind.

Did you know about Dr. Shiva and Michelle? apart in America, continued Mr. la spesa persona when you start over No, no no that’s electrical noise yup person I’m making my pencil get ready to TiVo ringrazio but I make franchise stuff1:46:57go to Shiva and Michelle1:47:10any mental and university physical she said a university Physica Allah Salah Bosco lo que la la MAN Yeah, and she started notation that she quanta posse Yes, Suzanne.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:47:23So if you want to learn more go to truth. Freedom health.

com Truth freedom tr U and you’ll see everything we’ve set up there. Okay.

Truth freedom Can you mentioned see? See it so tomorrow? See domani Allah facultad he feels he can schita de la reverse Italia demon Serato. Allah already shall set a trend in Professor Pena can we on the studios of the Nikola Tesla in La sala contention does she want her persona? Clara Paralia experimental profits the Nikola Tesla Interborough Toshiba SATA considerado in Tesla, they know three journeys for a miracle at prossimo and soul states human addition of a trenta phone develop socialseo That makes you different Laura and so when the she Sarah also sees you Patek Dandara a Salomon abilities recovered was Vera de voluto, and Associates Euro Michigan flora and so the Queen control data Manjari altra Cinquecento persona totalmente dewata nt you so cesium, Allah fina the VIP Gary Allatheena Divya did an article in el barco Quinnipiac generally portare British Inquirer officer under the gluteal Associazione Dragonling grind so I’ll put every dilemma for my foreign body if you don’t know viewing at Yamabe 782 DeQuan that can start over Amenti remotes you’re over there everyone can get ya know, Shannon Shannon has gotten into the mandalas camper.

Let’s jump on a journey sharing your Audi from a Synology space but cannot power the noise shoot shoot up on fire today.

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